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In 1998 I came to the US as a J-1 student (I was a subject to a two-year home stay), After... by alenabowers12/29/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     hi dude i am navinkumar. i am J1 visa holder. 212(e) does apply to me to. i wanna help... by navinkum3/23/04  
     tbggthbnhj by p 4/19/2006  
     hi i really want a pen-pal so i could write to them or you. This is my email address:... by kristin   7/17/2006  
     xMpyIuG3vtHVya UpLHpStg5MP T6bazkPcjb by gzlelKMvmo 2/22/2006  
What are the two essential parts of testing? by kedar_dravid10/31/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     The two most essential parts of Testing are Verification and Validation. by Mohana Janam2/17/04  
     Static Testing through Reviews(Verification) Dynamic Testing - blackbox by nammu 10/26/04  
What does PID and PPID columns mean when you use the "ps -a" after using the "ps -f"... by Guicho9/30/03 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (Contents) [Frequent posting]
     Process ID and Parent Process ID by Ravi12/11/03  
     what does p.s mean by Dee 4/3/2006  
If a person who entered illegally to this country, can be a cittizen by getting marry to... by Piquita12/29/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     i don't know by juliety123 2/20/04  
     i don't know because i had that same question in mind. by woody 10/27/05  
     the answer is yes but after a few years like my husband is doing and i have been asking... by nena 5/30/2006  
does all the old twenty dollar bills have watermarks? by J3/12/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ, watermarks on small size twenties started with the 1996 series. Pete by Pete3/13/04  
     my sons name by donna 4/25/2006  
     nope 1995. by ian 1/8/2007  
Are pugs good in apartments, and are good with people and do not bite? by alli6/26/04 rec.pets.dogs: Pug Dog Breed-FAQ
     A pug would be ok in an apartment but you will need easy access to outside since they are... by Rosalie Christopher7/7/04  
     My pug loves living in my 1000 sq foot apartment! But she is sensitive to sounds and other... by PugRock 10/4/04  
     Apartments are just as good as a house. Just get into a good routine and they'll wait for... by Justin Huguelet 11/11/04  
     Yes, of course pugs are great for apartments. I don't agree with Rosalie, pugs are very... by go for the silver  8/2/05  
     My pub loves to bit fingers, hands, clothes. How do I get her not to bit? by Pam 8/7/05  
     My black pug is the meanest dog I have ever had. He has bitten almost every kid in the... by UgzMamma 1/5/2006  
     im going to get a pug :) by ebunny 9/23/2006  
I want to install a new ceiling light fixture, but it warns to be sure the temperature... by DD7/6/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Your home was wired with 60 degree rated wire. In most cases, you can safely install the... by Mark7/24/03  
     this is c not f you should be fine as long as you dont put 100w bulbs the light sockets... by r310/16/03  
can you list all of the jumps and spins , and tell us how to do them? and a miniclip of... by Cookies12/7/03 Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Questions and Answers
     can you tell me how to do jumps and spins in figure skating because i am taking lessons... by Jumping Shrimp  10/12/05  
     magnesia by toophpent 12/14/2006  
My cat is 15 years old. Looks very healthy..eyes are bright and coat is healthy, however... by annie7/31/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
Is there a value, besides face value, to a 1934 $20.00 bill with one vertical fold and... by V7/20/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..your note sounds like it grades fine which for this note doesn't have any value above... by Pete7/20/03  
Can you tell me all the e-mail address for males named Kenny? by nelle7/22/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     i want e-mail addresses by satiya1/23/04  
My starter will not disengage from the flywheel when I release the ignition key. by Jim Janc 4/29/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     u have to either replace the starter or rebuild the starter by brian 2/22/05  
     wats ur name by daboyu978 12/16/05  
     wat planet r u on??? m8, look i hav no idea wat u r talkin abowt. if u made it into bimbo... by polly 7/19/2006  
     Check for a sticking solenoid. Try a new one before changing the starter. This is if the... by CONTROLLERMAN 11/8/2006  
     daughter by chrhockey 5/30/2007  
where is lady venus after you see her in the subway? by lugio5/22/04* Frequently Asked Questions (part 1 of 3)
     where is lady venus after you see her in the subway. by ben 9/21/05  
     she is away play the game until you can go in the realgam tower by pelle 2/1/2006  
     LadyVenus goes to the Relgumdome with the other Admins. by Connor P. English 12/16/2006  
     If you mean in colosseum, you won't be seeing her till after you beat Ein the great. Go... by Lilyishh 3/1/2007  
Unixware 7.1.1 is giving warning warning:arp:IP moved from Mac_address to Mac_address by nat9/24/03 UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (General)
     It is 2005 and we are also getting this message, C'mon people give us some help. by mario 5/20/05  
i need fact on caricinogens such as tobacco, tar, and alcohol by step11/25/03 Cancer - Online Information Sources FAQ
My 2 year old Cocker Spaniel has severe allergies and has most recently broken out on her... by Melody8/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     We had the same problem , We found that if we keep her hair cut 1/8 cut and because she... by tg12/23/03  
I have a 1994 VW Jetta CL. When I lock the driver's door-autolock for all the car- the... by Gemi5/12/04 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     Chances are that one of the vacuum lines are not connected properly they run through the... by Sid 8/18/04  
     I have the same car and have had the same problems.. the problem is that the door locks... by Rick 9/21/04  
     i have a 1995 vw jetta gl it says in the manuel to put the key in and turn it until the... by joe 6/4/05  
     check the hoses that run thru the back of the pump that lead to the doors the rubber boots... by roy 8/19/05  
     Leak in your vacuum line by kingomaley 9/1/2006  
     I have the same problem with my 1994 jetta, and from looking online it appears the problem... by fogcity 12/4/2006  
my 12 week old yorikie is so hard to brush, i brush him every day, but i find his hair... by emj12/10/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Yorkie'shair are very hard to keep from getting naughty,i think that u should by special... by teddy3/14/04  
my father is a US citizen.he filed petition for us but unfortunately he died last august... by enrico almorado flores9/4/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
Can you find out what you call all the Terminators in THE TERMINATOR Films kingsalemz@ao... by kingsalemz7/19/03 The Terminator/T2 Judgment Day/T2 3-D Battle Across Time
diff between the stress & performance testing by sachin3/25/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Stress and Performance are more or less same. Stress means putting some execessive load... by Vinod7/7/04  
     Stress testing is to know the capacity of the server. Performence testing is to know the... by veena 9/20/04  
     PerormanceTesting is nothing but to test the application for graceful behavior esp User... by sindu 9/1/2006  
What does load, line and slave mean? I have a X-10 dimmer switch that has red(slave),... by jason8/6/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     load is i don't know black is ground and slave is output by ass4/22/04  
where do i find a manual for a alpine cdm-7854 cd receiver by michael6/19/04 N/A
     http://iweb.alpine-usa. com/pls/admn/item_info?p_item_name=CDM- 7854&p_category=10&p_subcate... by Pipo 12/2/04  
     Manuela by jose 3/18/05  
     I just recently bought a car that had an Alpine Cd Reciver CDM-7854. I can not figure out... by Christina 10/2/05  
     I need one as well. by ccwtrainer 11/25/05  
I have a 3 phase 220 50 amp circuit in my office we use for testing 220 30 amp European... by Buzz9/15/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     there is only single phase and three phase no such thing as two phase you need to call an... by tattoo 2/9/2007  
Will I need to have any injections or take any medication (eg for malaria) before visiting... by Mary8/4/03 Sri Lanka FAQ - Monthly posting to soc.culture.sri-lanka
     we are going to negombo in sri lanka do we need malaria tablets if so which ones thank... by chris stocks 4/19/2007  
What is the difference between american and english bred labs? by Rich10/6/03 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     This link should answer the question for you. amer... by Laura 1/4/05  
     have you gotten an answer yet????????? by vanessa 10/18/2006  
what date is it safe for a pug to give birth i know the normal gestation period is 63... by froggie2/3/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     Anything out of the range of 58-68 days should be taken to the vet. Watch your dog for... by Tanisha2/15/04  
     I would like to know what I need to do to get ready, I got two pugs from my niece, the... by Fran 7/10/04  
     Help! I don't know if my dog is in labor, it is day 58 and now every little thing i think... by confusedhotmama! 5/3/2007  
Where can I find JPEG Compression Components for Delphi? by Schwilling8/5/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     Search google by mzbcracker 1/28/2007  
Besides spaying is there anything else i can do to prevent my inside cat from going into... by Juanita7/21/03 rec.pets.cats: Problem Behaviors in Cats FAQ
     Is there a reason why you won't get the surgery done? There are plenty of benefits of... by Kristen8/8/03  
I would like to get a list of 20 Indian song stars by sharon9/11/03 SF-references-in-music List
     i would like to look what is inside by pandit 6/2/2006  
whats going to happen to the jewish people? will the jews be destroyed by the antichris... by Hardball4/17/04 Prophecies of Nostradamus: part 8/8, "Grab bag"
     No the Jews won't be slaughtered, but the Pharisees and High Priests that's another... by Tet4/27/04  
     No,their survivors like the cockroach. by George Botchadingo 8/6/04  
     forget about Jews,arabs,muslim,christien. we are all the creation of GOD and from one... by joseph 12/29/04  
     The answer depends on your belief-based reference and sources; Jews believe one thing and... by Yonatan 10/1/05  
I would like to know if charm will be put on cd for purchase? by DD7/28/03 FAQ
     ya, i'vebeen looking for it in stores and stuff. keep us posted! by Jen3/16/04  
     charmed is out on cd like for music. just go to like any radio store im sure its there. by alyssa6/11/04  
I have a 1935D silver certificate in excellent condition and would like to know what it is... by queeniev511/22/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ see a scan of your note front and back.Some block letters and back plate check... by Pete1/22/04  
     Silver Certificate 1935d good condition...few folds blue stamp John Synder ... by goodhobbit 2/26/04  
     I have a 1935 one dollar bill, silver certificate#'s located (in black) left bottom, rt... by kelly 6/6/05  
     i have a 1935D silver cetificate in not so good condition. pretty dirty, not very crisp.... by dc070 3/15/2006  
What do I have to do to immigrate to the USA by hugh2/3/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     What do I need to immigrate to the USA? by joragoro 10/14/04  
     i love to live in the usa, and i determined to go there even if at the risk of my life, is... by marleymoon 12/9/05  
     kittenrainbowtaurus by Kola 2/1/2006  
     I and two sisters are with albinism. we have difficulties to live in Mongolia. because we... by TSOOGII 6/22/2007  
Would dieting reduce or increase the time it takes THC to get out of your system? by need2know9/24/03 alt.hemp CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ
     well, THC likes to hold onto fat cells, so if you lose weight, you'll have less fat...ther... by I know what i'm talking about 1/22/2007  
     i think as long as you use fat .... but if your still dieting while you take the test your... by rerad 6/11/2007  
How can I find out how to sell old war money and to get the top dollor for what it is... by Trish4/3/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..well ebay is one place.If you don't want to do that check someone who deals in... by Pete4/4/04  
     I HAVE OLD WORLD PAPER MONEY by bane 9/24/04  
     I AGREE by LIL JUVE    AKA JAMAR 2/14/05  
     i have an old German old money i want to sell it that is my tel no +380679260923 ... by issa 5/4/2006  
     i have many of old money i want to sell its by mohamed ibrahem 9/20/2006  
     I'm kind of looking to sell money that is paper not coins... by U$ DOLLAS (KILL NEGERS) 4/18/2007  
What does Puerto Rico stand for? by Kris11/21/03 SOC.CULTURE.PUERTO-RICO: Introduction and FAQ
     Puerto Rico is the first given name to San Juan which is now the capital city of Puerto... by Alexsandra12/18/03  
     my dog by Jessica 4/6/2006  
     Puerto Rico literally translates to "Rich Port" and as far as I know it was named PR... by Boricua Encojona'o... ñeta! 1/7/2007  
     what is the meaning of Puerto Rico is a to the untied States. by Cornelius  1/16/2007  
My chi is now almost 9 months old and looks very much like a min pin--I thought chis were... by tenkeyer@charter.net8/12/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Your puppy is likely still a full chihuahua, 9 pounds is still OK, although between 3 and... by chimama8/13/03  
     ok i have a chi and she looks a lot like a min. pin. she has long legs and a long neck her... by april 7/28/05  
When will you update this website and give info on the 11th Wheel of time book? The 10th... by Andrew7/22/03 rec.arts.sf.written. robert-jordan FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
     There's a prologue coming out, New Spring (novel), some time in Jan 2004. by Sapphira 11/15/03  
I get headache or pain in my lower back of my head, from ear to hear, can anyone relate... by Pain in Neck1/31/04 Natural Migraine Treatment FAQ
     I had the same pain. I went to the doctor and he told me my problem was because of the... by km 1/24/2006  
     i dunno by you you 5/23/2006  
     hey ive got the same exact thing if youve found out any information about it email me at... by wrobel 2/19/2007  
     most probably that's tension headache, though a migraine can start off that way. by liee 4/24/2007  
I AM LOOKING TO BUY A DIGITAL CAMERA I WANT GREAT PICTURES OF MY GRANDCHILDREN THAT I CAN... by madcat1/19/04 [comp.publish.cdrom] CD-Recordable FAQ, Part 1/4
     You might try this online store: good deals and low... by matrix114 12/12/04  
     Nothing beats the satisfaction of saving a few bucks. I usualy start with the list of... by LinuxGuy 7/25/05  
I have a mix of a Huskie and Lab is that a good breed for my three boys? by Sheba1/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     I don't know what the temperament of a lab is but huskies are known for having a great... by Tanisha1/30/04  
     I work in a dog daycare with up to 90 dogs some days. I am also a husky owner. I find... by jkarnish 3/25/04  
     Labs are great, especially with kids...huskieys are sure it will be a great... by Lauren 8/12/05  
     We had a Female Siberian/Lab mix for 9 years. She was the most wonderful dog. Eager to... by Kiana's Mom 2/6/2007  
I'm looking for the passenger flight list from Kenya airways flight 431 departing from... by Dawnie5/25/04 FAQ: Air Traveler's Handbook 1/4 [Monthly posting]
     so whats the anwser by tammy lemonds 8/20/04  
     by mike 8/21/04  
     Wills Klingston by earl klingston 2/28/05  
     <a href="www.crimes-of-persuasion. com/Nigerian/names_E.htm">Check this out</a>... by Michael 6/6/05  
     YEs that's great by sugartails00 10/13/2006  
     http://allafrica. com/stories/200705060040.html by Hengye 5/8/2007  
I want information on a necchi sewing machine the name on the sewing machine is Vittorio... by karen12/25/03 Textiles FAQ Part 2 of 2
     how do I get a new part for my 35-0196568 supernova machine I need a plug in for it. by liz 7/9/05  
     can you tell me about the sewing & serge machine that is for sale at discount store? It is... by Kitty 6/19/2006  
     i dont know, i also want the same details if u get the info please let me know by sharmi 3/24/2007  
I am looking for w website that would show actual comercial flight routes, (ie over the... by Scott12/24/03 Airline information on-line on the Internet FAQ
     Scott, You need to state your question more clearly. Where do you live and what's... by Vamsi 2/5/2006  
how old does a cat have to be before it can get spayed or neutered? by Ann11/13/03 rec.pets.cats: Getting A Cat FAQ
     password can be a new thing to think a bout \ by katie 12/20/05  
I keep getting notices from my Norton anti-virus software. It says that it tried to clean... by parkj820003/28/04 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     The file bdl14026 is from: BETTERINTERNET, INC. P.O. Box... by AnswerGal5/4/04  
     I have the same problem although it only happens to me when I connect up to the internet... by Desperado 5/6/04  
     My problem with this file is a bit different but it might help you. I run getright and... by grunt 5/10/04  
     I have the same problem as grunt. This is becoming really annoying. Is there no one that... by Raz 5/13/04  
     I have a problem with Norton. I have tried everyhting i can think of but everytime i try... by Jimmy 11/4/05  
How much do smart cards cost? Either an individual or grand total will do. by Noreen11/13/03 smartcards FAQ
     Hi, i want to now how much smart cards cost, e.g. the smart card readers, the smart card... by Alia 11/15/05  
     1000 for £10 by ray 11/22/05  
     what would a wolf axwilder cost yu gi oh card by e 7/10/2007  
I Have a Golf II 87 model. Once or twice a day or week the oil light came on and activate... by Nick2/3/04 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     Nick, There are a couple possibilities. I'll start my saying, you should be using VW,... by MDVDuber2/26/04  
     check your fuse box top left relay, this triggers the oil light intermittently. by jagjit rana5/16/04  
     Hi i was wondering something. I just changed the whole motor of my golf gti -87 and now... by keller 4/5/05  
     Upv6BQTkFC5A lvVAYJ6FLhZ Z6xBgEun6jdVe by MJuOAlkMwY 2/21/2006  
     The problem may be due to the strainer on the bottom of the oil pump. these oftern become... by mattg 10/2/2006  
     my lights, c-d player and heater does not work, i have checked all the fuses and they are... by christina 11/2/2006  
how to create a library in c/c++ by vsriramakrishna1/9/04 comp.lang.c Answers (Abridged) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     u can create either dynamic or static library i will tell u how to create dynamic... by DonBradman1/16/04  
     How to see my answer by toytoy 9/29/2006  
how much do javenese cats cost by raelynn2/6/04 rec.pets.cats: Balinese/Javanese Breed-FAQ
     how much are javanese kittens? by lmbell2005 3/6/05  
     you are a sick pet but no by walker 4/3/2006  
I work five days a week and would be gone for eight hours each of those days. I also live... by Casey8/18/03 rec.pets.dogs: Bulldogs Breed-FAQ
     Please, please, please: DON'T GET A DOG. ~It will sleep the eight hours away and... by Think twice. 3/22/2006  
where is the battery on a 1997 Plymouth breeze by kariff4/8/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Under the hood. by SGT_Long4/30/04  
     look under the airfilter on the drivers side.there is an access panel that you need to... by kirk5/11/04  
     look at the drivers side front tire when you turn the tires right. there is an access... by boyblue323 11/30/04  
     the battery on your breeze is behind an access panel in front of the driver side front... by Jeremy 12/10/04  
     This help me out for the day. by 0ne last time 11/27/2006  
how we can read frames from the mpeg file using visual c++? by mohsin4/8/04 MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [0/9]
     I want to know to by burinnarin4/17/04  
     hellow i am waleed ahmed. i am an engineer and studying master degree from ain shams... by waleed 5/4/04  
     i don't know by name or nickname 10/13/04  
     Am also interested in knowing this. My issue is I need to forward MPEG video in the speed... by Ashok 1/24/05  
What kind of symptoms do you get a couple of days before labor? by Paula7/7/03 General Pregnancy FAQ - Part 1 of 2
     it is 'extreme' hornyness, my ex and I went at it 3 hours before labor with our 2nd. by I think 10/6/04  
Can taking prednisone for an entire month effect ones sperm motility two months later? by shane10/20/03 Infertility FAQ (part 4/4)
     Yes it can it is a steroid. by Code Red 2/12/04  
     QmFxcQg5w7Kvi YaRIQGN4brCzGH QWiDvkguaqlb by RVXtlNCCEv 2/20/2006  
     zWAQGXetJQ heWabtYEbHM lv6iY2FE5a by eRfC71Qgdc 8/9/2006  
My 12 yr old shih tzu is doing more than snorting its almost gagging but not quite. Its... by kevinbb11/28/03 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     As with any type of behavior that you feel is unusual, see a vet first. If there seem... by Kel11/28/03  
     my shih tzu does the same thing when he gets excited and the vet told me that some small... by sasha 9/18/05  
     well i`m not sure but its relay weird to do that.. by Nicole 12/25/2006  
My mother's birthday is coming up and her favorite food item was at Dairy Queen in the... by Danibell8/12/03 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS LIST (FAQ)
     I have the answer to this question if I knew how to get into an account by sharon 8/30/2006  
when is the passover in 2004? by Jenny10/5/03 Judaism Reading List: Introduction and General (Pt. I)
     passover begins at sundown on April 5th, 2004 by Lisa R Hanshaw12/30/03  
     actually, the 1st month begins on the 20th at sundown, so that makes passover this year on... by kish3/12/04  
I have a One dollar Silver Certificate 1957A E714 bill and a British Ten Shilling note and... by Jack2/3/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..the only information I can give you is on 1957B Silver Certificate.In average... by Pete2/5/04  
     I have a ten dollar bill 1934A with a yellow seal and seeking the price of it.Can you help... by Alex6/24/04  
     how to take care of them when they are born by jam 6/22/05  
     i think we need to look that up more i have 2 silver notes and there damn near mint by melvis 8/20/05  
     I have a bill that is yellow on one side, black on the other. Is it an error? by powersolo 1/27/2007  
Who played James Bond? by Ash2/18/04 FAQ - Version 6.07
     asddsad by asddsa3/19/04  
     Sean Connery George Lazenby Roger Moore Timothy Dalton & Pearce Brosnan by Damomma 11/27/04  
     Sean Connery Roger Moore Timothy Dalton George Lazenby Pierce Brosnan there ya go... by Nate 11/27/04  
     2 people who did are Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. by japrad27 8/27/05  
     how played James bond? by simonshaw 5/19/2006  
who really sang the song that had the "Go With Him" in it? by csm3/12/04 Married... With Children FAQ []
     That song is actually a Beatles tune! I have no idea if The Beatles were the first ones to... by Oh yeah4/22/04  
     Arthur Alexander wrote it and recorded it before The Beatles. by MrMagoo5/20/04  
     The song is: Anna(Go With Him) and sang by The Beatles by CUBSFAN077/6/04  
     arthur alexander sang it in 1962 on the dot record studio's dot 16387 anna/ i hang... by CADMAN 8/28/04  
     Arthur Alexander-1962 by ronrow2 4/18/05  
     It was actually sung by Chris DeBourgh. It was his first hit which was later followed by... by Conky 8/23/05  
     This was sung by John Lennon by Frank 6/16/2006  
Does anyone know where I can download the Saturday Night Live Commercial Parodies? by facquat12/29/03 Saturday Night Live FAQ: Commercial Parodies
     sldfjlskv;so'pjcsvnsdafkasf by flofla 11/3/04  
     Does anyone know where I can download the Saturday Night Live by bballben716 2/1/05  
     I search myself to, Did you find something? Here is my e-mail|: by kiki 11/12/05  
     husfnsinfjsnkj by issa 11/4/2006  
My cat is 2 years old and he has a parasite on his ears and under his arms they look... by carol7/27/03 rec.pets.*: Fleas, Ticks, and Your Pet FAQ
     it's sounds like you may have pet lice. but you can't get it. it is not the same as head... by laura10/19/03  
     laura you might want to check out transfer factor feline complete. go to my website at... by ALICE 5/29/04  
what is software testing? (in detail) by anup1/23/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     very nice by kande2/5/04  
     Testing a software product to make it free from bugs. by lav2/16/04  
     Software testing is the process of executing a software with the intention of finding bugs... by Sandhya4/22/04  
     The competitive environment has created every companies to release their product prior to... by Mr. know all 12/20/04  
Do you have hints on housebreaking a 5 month old miniature? by Sigmund9/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: Dachshund Breed-FAQ
     first of all you should feed your dog a good quality dog food to have proprer digestion... by too cool1/12/04  
     You should feed your dog quality food good for digestion. Keep a strict schelude of... by sico 4/7/04  
     I have a 3 and a half month old mini dashound named Kaeli and we are having a very hard... by Megan 1/12/05  
Where can I find a indoor roller skating center for children? by Cindy Wang3/6/04 Skating Book FAQ / Bibliography, part 1 of 2
     ugh, gogli apparatus? You can find some in rhode island! by gonna abuse myself5/9/04  
     Please give the city and state. by Jan in Texas 2/11/05  
     mi chung chinnese by tommy 7/18/05  
     Thanks!!! auto site insurance. [URL=http://www.insur... by insurance auto 6/16/2006  
     Hi! auto site insurance. auto insurance, insurance... by insurance auto 6/16/2006  
How do I get my radio out of safemode by VW DAWN3/1/04 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     I recently replaced the battery in my '92 gti and the stereo says "safe" when I turn it... by jellybell 8/13/04  
     you should have a code in your radio book there is a certain button that you have to push... by marcus 8/25/04  
     i am in safe mode and every icon is large also windows are extra large. ... by ehig2002 1/31/05  
     Every dealer should be fix this problem with no cost. by Leszek 5/12/05  
     i don't know i'mtrying to find the same thing out by panda bear 8/25/05  
I am planning to purchase a digital piano for my 8 yo son but in the hope that I can use... by AAA1/22/04 FAQ-Digital Pianos
     I have a AL 150R Casio. It is a great digital piano. At this time I am interested in... by GP 8/2/04  
     I've checked out the Casio. It's a great piano, expecially if your son is learning, it... by Vicky 9/28/04  
     I've got an AL 150R and am very happy with lighted key teaching system. I've learned to... by mmm 10/26/05  
     Casio makes a fine instrument, that you and your son can enjoy immensely--they didn't... by pbergonzi 11/6/05  
     Definitely go with Yamaha. You may have to save longer, but the quality of the sound is... by mereaves 1/24/2006  
Where can I find a free download of windows 95 version 1212? if anybody can help me it... by Damien Gibson1/21/04 sed FAQ, version 014
     Rua Dona Ana Chaves, 190 Brazópolis,Minas Gerais. CEP(Zip Code) 37530-000 Brasil by Agenor 12/23/04  
     were i find windows 95 free? by orlando 10/2/05  
     dude you out of luck and if you fine it tell me at by Benjamin 7/17/2006  
     windows 95 by papa 8/25/2006  
     Britney by RobertoBritney 9/4/2006  
     The system as it stands today will arrest, persecute, and condemn, anyone, despite their... by norseman3/4/04  
i need to find out how you treat a chihuahua after she has had puppies. Do you need to... by Cynthia 6/29/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Your female will need extra food and water, as she is busy producing milk. She will do as... by chimama7/3/03  
What is meant by MIME type of a file by TheKnowledgeSeeker7/4/03 comp.mail.mime meta-FAQ: Help for MIME problems
     go here: by tkd8/20/03  
What licenses do I need to begin Locksmith in Georgia by tilo8/8/03 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Locksmiths receive their training either through informal, on-the-job training or through... by Safecracker9/10/03  
     So what your saying is none, other than perhaps a business license. by Kellas 4/11/05  
i am currently in my third year of internal medicine residency on a ji visa.i would like... by dgp9/10/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
My greyhound has a Lyme-type bullseye rash on the skin near his penis where it's easily... by Terry5/9/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Tick Diseases FAQ
     nar dear i love dogs just take him to da vets and say he is ill even though hes not to get... by doggie7/4/04  
     A second opinion can never hurt. Take your animal to a different vet, with no professiona... by Hush7/11/04  
     My dog has the same rash in the same spot, she is a rat terrier who has had her lymes'... by jackie 11/18/04  
     i think that this dog needs to go to ANOTHER vet to get checked out because then its... by ? 10/23/05  
     WYYLrOmFyFgX WuKu1zyQKzEYQB E13hR9Mbij9 by gGp1tAlyIE 2/18/2006  
     hi andrew koster is gay he has sex with jake every night ok by lol 9/20/2006  
     Yes, dogs absolutely can get a bulls-eye rash from Lyme. You need to find a vet who knows... by Karen Shanley 11/2/2006  
     Yes! My dog has the same thing but seems to be perfectly healthy right now.I just noticed... by timplatinum 5/18/2007  
what is your personality based on your lipstick imprint? by beth8/2/03 alt.romance "FAQ" (part 1 of 3) [posted monthly]
i was wondering if it was possible for a child to die of sudden infant death syndrome at... by von9/26/03 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     it depends on if your child was a premature baby or a sickly baby at birth. Any of the... by Jen 12/27/03  
     Per statistics SIDS is most likely to occur between the ages of birth to six months with... by Corrine5/13/04  
When does a Ridgeback become fully grown,(how many months of growth) by sonia4/4/04 rec.pets.dogs: Rhodesian Ridgebacks Breed-FAQ
     Three to four years. by Dave 9/27/04  
     I used to have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and if I remember correctly, he was about 3 years old... by Jan in Texas 2/11/05  
     my large dog wasnt fully grown until about 2 years...but your rodesian should be fully... by dan 11/27/05  
     a norwegian ridgeback?:D by Bonnie 12/14/05  
     I have the same question about my pug-at what age will she be fully grown? by becky 7/2/2006  
     A male will be fully grown at 3 years old. by Back Stabbath 6/25/2007  
My Yorkie has a perfect coat, with the exception of her spine area. She has no hair on her... by Kristie7/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     We just moved to Germany and bought a 3 month old Yorkie, and for some odd reason he has... by nikki 5/23/2006  
     My yorkie has a gap on the top of his head, I guess it would be a part, but I was... by Jordan 6/7/2006  
what would cause a silky terrier shed, even if they as i have read are non-shedding dogs? by sarah7/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: Rhodesian Ridgebacks Breed-FAQ
I have a 1-1/2 yr old shih-tzu who is in heat. I was told by a friend that she heard that... by shortstuff1/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     I'm not sure if this is dangerous or not but it's better to be safe than sorry so just... by Tanisha1/31/04  
     Do you take a bath when you are on your period? Does it hurt you? And isn't waiting one... by Jokweesha 10/10/04  
     ok i had a pom that was in heat and i bath her and nothing happen you can ask your vet to... by taz 1/3/05  
     On the contrary, shih tzus must be bathed more often than other dogs because they have... by tzumomma 4/26/05  
     Hello, I think my male shihtzu is gay? He is 7 months old and my female that is 2 years... by plmswt2u 6/3/05  
what is your pet name by debasis3/2/04 comp.dcom.cell-relay FAQ: ATM and related technologies (part 1/8)
     boodle by frog 7/28/05  
     i want to cat.where is want to cat? by ahmad 7/22/2006  
     prashant by prashu 8/8/2006  
Where can I go get a Henna Tattoo in Kansas City Missouri. by Annie11/16/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     I heard that A-1 does henna tats by Jeremy12/4/03  
     where is A-1? by Verna 5/17/04  
     dude where do you go to get a henna tattoo in Kansas City Bc my best friend got one and i... by JeN JeN LiZzIE7/7/04  
     I would like to get one too! so if anyone knows of a place in St Louis, let me know will... by Lars 11/17/04  
what material do we need for computer graphics by prithula10/15/03 algorithms Frequently Asked Questions
     material which will be in the form of papers,which can be easily understandable. by juju3/10/04  
How can I find email addresses in Argentina? by dimontoya6/24/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     grows in my birth town by Puma1 8/7/04  
     i am looking for the address of miguel grinberg in brazil. he is a well known writer. i... by henry eilbirt 8/6/05  
     i would like to find somewho in Argetina by nimiz 1/20/2006  
     search by name by issam.mattar 12/30/2006  
     ukraine by blashkiv 2/5/2007  
     AF Bondon husbandry SBA Hi gasbags Bengt magnum Hedvig codex CDC r t HQ khaki Jay was... by ppppia 3/2/2007  
     i need email address in Argentina by jane 5/5/2007  
     A quien estas buscando??? by mastergambler 6/9/2007  
How do we stop recursive find? i.e, if i put in a find command, it should search for files... by VJ7/25/03 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (Contents) [Frequent posting]
     With GNU find: find . -maxdepth 1 .... by tony8/20/03  
     cd to the directory in question so that you can use . in the find command, then, for... by Perderabo9/23/03  
     # pwd / # find . -depth -name <pattern> -print For example : # pwd / #... by yogi10/20/03  
     find . -type d | awk -F/ '{print $2}'|sort -u by Nishant 1/24/2006  
what actual qualifications do i need top be a tattooist? please list even the not so... by lora1/29/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     lets see.....Certifications in First Aid/Blood-Born Pathogens & CPR...also at least 6... by Jeffmezzanotte@imneverwrong.com5/8/04  
     pie by mdaw7/15/04  
     Hey I'm doing a project in school and i want to become a tattoo artist/body piercer, It is... by P-P-Page 10/26/04  
     i wanna b a tattooist so thanks as well I'm only 13 but really am facinated by tattoos... by Xoxbabygurlxox 5/3/2006  
     when i grow up i would like to be a tattoist when i grow up because i like tattoos by seth 7/9/2007  
What machine was the first programming language developed by jesisca8/26/03 Comp.Lang.ML FAQ [Monthly Posting]
     it was the lisp machine. by joe 11/3/05  
     louoisuiodau by your mother 2/23/2007  
My son has a 5 dollar bill that is from 1928E and has red lettering. The serial is... by jrsine9/1/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..unless your note has these small numbers on the back lower right side of 629 or 637... by Pete9/2/03  
     hey if you still have it i will buy it. email me if you do have it. downhere1357@netscape.... by james 2/9/05  
     nothing really paige by paige 4/4/05  
     i dont know by queen 3/14/2006  
how do you get epilepsy? by Kathy5/17/04 Epilepsy FAQ
     Are there conditions that render an epileptic particularly vulnerable to a seizure? by Antonio Montana 3/6/05  
     how do you get epilepsy by highwire12 3/7/05  
     AAAAAAAAAAAA u get it form ur parents!!!!!!!!!! by Christina  3/6/2006  
     In about 70% off all cases of Epilepsy there is no known causes. I no this because... by Jods 11/22/2006  
     In the majority of cases no cause for epilepsy can actually be found. In rare cases it is... by ShesElectric 4/26/2007  
I have mice problems and a cat that only watches them and sometimes plays with them to... by Lynn S1/28/04 rec.pets.cats: Basic Health Care FAQ
     I've got this mouse friend who's been staying with a cat he knows. Lately they've been... by Gerbil3/14/04  
     cats and mice can only be friends in secrete just like interracial relationships used to... by robin 8/2/04  
     If watching "Tom and Jerry" has taught me anything at all, it would be that any interactio... by sumguy100 10/13/04  
     I wake up and there are mice on my bed, floor. Everywhere I go there are mice..... I... by CHUCK  11/1/04  
     I have a fat cat but it would be able to get up and run after the mouce but insted it... by mouce women need problem sloveing 1/1/05  
     your not alone by usratonkashi 4/2/05  
How can i get the new worm virus from microsoft out of my computer.It like get's me off... by Camille8/18/03 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     my computer has a virus by kathy2/26/04  
     yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! by jp 10/24/2006  
How long do you have to live in the United States before you can become a citizen?? by Dawny_dawn11/7/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     20 years by Tabitha 6/21/05  
     how long do i have to live by Anthony Sunta 5/6/2006  
     i love Shane Ward by kayla 11/24/2006  
     yes! now i am sure! it is 5 years. by anonomus 12/5/2006  
my hedgehog is three months old. we have him for a week and he will not eat his food out... by julie7/3/03 Hedgehog FAQ [1/7] - About the Hedgehog FAQ
What should be youngest age that the owner of a APBT be? by mike8/24/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     the child should be mature enough to handle the task of dog ownership, not only that the... by dogofwar11/12/03  
     I am 15 and I own a pit. Of course I know alot about animals and dogs in general, I also... by Archie's_ mom11/27/03  
     about 8yrs if the child is intelligent and patient i gave my nieces a pit-rotweiller mix... by moondog2/6/04  
     there is no set age. it depends on the person who wants to own one. these dogs need a... by garrett4/20/04  
     i am thirteen and i own a pit bull and i have been around them for the past year or so i... by big dogg6/26/04  
     I think that if you are responsible you can own a pit. My brother and I have two and he's... by doglover 11/24/04  
     i am only 13. i have owned 3 pitts so far, i got my first at age 9. id say 8 yrs, if they... by matt 2/1/05  
how can i find luca carbone dog breeder in sanger ca. he sold me a sick puppy and now he's... by danny maes1/9/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Kennel Club FAQ
     try calling 1 559 291 0175 by bill 3/25/04  
     What was the problem? by Kim 8/22/04  
     Is he a bad breeder? by Cakes 8/3/2006  
What should i feed my 10 week old female? when i got her i started giving her Eukanuba wet... by Rmanduh4/14/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     I personally feed only dry kibble. Chihuahuas have tiny stomachs and large energy needs,... by chimama4/19/04  
     thanx for the advice regarding the dry food. i assume when i run out of the wet food i... by Rmanduh4/20/04  
     It is true that chihuahuas can become overweight. My experience is that this is usually... by chimama4/21/04  
     Hi, I have just bought a 10 week old puppy and am unsure on what breed of food to give... by Katie 12/4/04  
     I have a question, is it a bad idea to potty train on wee-wee pads and out door? Any... by New Owner 2/7/05  
     "I highly recommend against moist (packet) foods, as they are kept moist by adding a lot... by FreeZeFreQ 1/18/2006  
     I HAVE A QUESTION. how much do you feed a chihuahua on a day. how many times? my female... by bambina 1/22/2007  
     should i leave water for my 11 wk old puppy when i leave for work? by Rach C. 3/13/2007  
     how old should a puppy be before beginning to feed puppy food? by ladybluejeans 4/3/2007  
     Raisins and grapes are toxic to dogs. by bri 6/15/2007  
I have been diagonosed bipolar and was previously diagnosed with depression and adhd how... by soconfused8/3/03 Bipolar Disorder FAQ v 1.1 (1 of 4)
     Check out the DSM-IV, which is the manual used by mental health professionals to determine... by lyghtningrod 12/24/03  
     It is important to acknowledge that doctors, and people everywhere, do not have a good... by Benji 1/29/2006  
I have an internal virus called: w32.hllw.nebiwo and I have ran a program to... by sheryl8/2/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.hllw.nebiwo. removal.tool.html by Hank9/9/03  
     I have an internal virus called: w32.hllw.nebiwo and I have ran a program... by venkatesh11/17/03  
where can I find someone who can restore some epsilon rims. the black center of rims are... by kev7/21/03 [W] PERFORMANCE, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     sell me one of those ok? just one. by Stu 1/2/05  
this isnt really a question its my thoughts and yes what do you think about it. all my... by keeping an open mind 1/1/04 Prophecies of Nostradamus: part 8/8, "Grab bag"
     i think that there is much more to the picture than what we realize. the whole fact that... by 8/22/05  
     i think your life passes before your eyes because its almost as if your body's doing... by matt 11/22/05  
     i first thought that i was Schick but then my mum said these are things that u think... by martyn 5/26/2006  
I have a 4 year old pit bull, and have had her since she was a puppy. However, she keeps... by Dee2/18/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     First, you cannot chase her. That would make it a game and she will never learn. Obviously... by Tanisha 2/20/04  
     Take a plastic bucket fill it with marbles or stones just enough to make a loud noise,... by Ponygirl2/28/04  
     I have horses and my Pits leave them alone, you might try a retactable leash to put the... by Ponygirl 2/29/04  
     yeah i think pony girls idea is good nois scares dogs just enough to let them no thay did... by pitlover4ever 2/27/05  
     My pit doesn't chase my horse, but I DO use a shock collar. I have one and it has a 1000... by Janette 7/28/2006  
     i would try using a long training line and out a simple half hitch around the gods belly... by robert dougless 1/31/2007  
May I change my B2 visa for any other student visa if I am in USA and if I have the I-94... by andrea8/7/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     I have a student visa and i want to change it in student\work visa by Talibanu12/5/03  
     From tashia I have some questions about VISA. I've already sent to e-mails to some... by 11/28/2006  
     as long as you dont have any criminal records, there is no reason for you not to be given... by victor 4/7/2007  
I have a 5 year old Shih-tzu that seems to "shiver" off and on for no reason. She is... by Ron2/14/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     My 12 year old female does the same thing on occassion by Diane2/23/04  
     hi maybe she's nervous or cold try not to let little things scare her that effects them... by intel100 5/1/04  
     I have a 2 year old dachshund that does exactly that. He will be sitting down or standing... by Tray 11/4/04  
     Ron, have you heard anything? Our 11 month old Shih Tzu also just started having the same... by Dani 11/20/05  
     are you sure your dog is shivering because she is cold? my brother had a small dog and it... by jb 2/7/2006  
     Our 7 yr old Shih Tzu has always done this as well. We've found that he know it will get... by John & Sandie 6/18/2006  
what causes inflammation of the gall bladder and what food can someone eat that is... by pakla@aol.com1/18/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/5
     don't know by crash48 5/30/2006  
     M.R.Core by debbie 6/14/2006  
     Amanda by bett 4/11/2007  
HOW CA A B1/B2 VISA HOLDER ACQUIRE A SOCIAL USA SECURITY NUMBER by DANIEL 8/18/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     raggie by raggie1/27/04  
Hi, My wife is on F2 visa right now. She got admission in a community college and her... by parth7/4/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     hi parth, can u tell me what happened to your wife visa stamping in canada. by mmmmm8/12/03  
     I have a F1 visa and my husband has F2 visa, he accepted to the university, for change the... by saeideh 8/28/2006  
what is the most applicable unit to measure the software project's duration. by nicknamee9/23/03 FAQ (Part 3): readings
     u will use the time constraints by lesh 9/17/2006  
how old can a siberian huskie be before it should have a litter? by mombutterfly_19999/26/03 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     the husky should at least be 2 years old.I had asked my vet. She said it gives the female... by april10/15/03  
     Most dogs have to wait a few years to be bred so that they're ready but you have the... by Tanisha1/1/04  
     I love all kinds of dogs.I will take any dog that needs a home,or help.So please contact... by Nathaniel Bruce7/7/04  
     I have just recently brought a Siberian husky pup and is there any special requirements... by Stevie 9/6/05  
a word ending in gnt? by rlinca6/21/04 rec.puzzles Archive (language), part 17 of 35
     Sovereignty by Manu 4/26/05  
     sovereignty? by Emily 4/26/05  
     sovereignty by mourirdefaim 4/26/05  
     The only word in the English language that ends in gnt is soveirgnty. by Danny 5/4/05  
     knight by ab 5/5/05  
     asdfgnt by asfsaf 10/5/05  
i am looking for a woman that goes by the name unicorn5935 or something similar to that at... by jackie4/3/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     hi i would like to meat u at the cinema (woden) by jordy bates 12/13/04  
     i am single i am looking for a woman by reebo 2/12/05  
     i am omar by omar 5/2/05  
     I am looking a woman for carriage all over the world. My Email is by Mossmzjones. 1/27/2006  
Hi, I would like to know how do we control a 16 input keypad with a 89C51 Micro controller... by Shaik9/1/03 8051 microcontroller FAQ
     uses 2 ports p1 and p2 in matrix, p1- input, p2- output by phan nhat giang4/17/04  
     micron by Mehran5/3/04  
     micron by Mehran5/3/04  
     micron by Mehran5/3/04  
Our male Jack Russell is 9 months old. A few months ago he started getting viciously... by Chandler11/21/03 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Try "grounding" your dog for awhile. He gets absolutely NO attention until he earns it.... by Olson 11/22/03  
     u should take a poop and let your dog sniff it until he can sniff no more then he will... by bumcheek 3/9/05  
     The reason he hasn't bitten, is because he knows better. He's not being vicious, he's... by Schwartz's Mom 11/14/05  
     Our Jack Russell is 7 years old and he is very social and loving, but as soon as he sees a... by Kokilin 5/17/2007  
where in europe are ampb banned by alan7/28/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
is there a white mastiff? i found a white one with a brown spot on neck his parents are... by fadiga10/8/03 rec.pets.dogs: Mastiffs Breed-FAQ
     I had two Mastiffs that were recently killed by a disgruntled neighbor. They had a litter... by skelly 10/13/04  
     yes i have one by wynd37 9/5/05  
How to delete the contents in the address bar? So minors could not access the porno site... by mel7/8/04 ebay FAQ
     delete address bar by bill sizemore 10/2/04  
     so my nephews won,t see where i have been. by curly 11/29/04  
     how to delete the contents in the search web box? by lee 12/2/04  
     to delete bad sites of my son by james 2/4/05  
     i like to delete the yahoo messeger by latha 10/29/05  
     how do u delete the address bar by lil amn 2/11/2006  
     my dog by fria  7/12/2006  
     me by lmpanthers  2/1/2007  
     dont know by mahesh 6/10/2007  
I have four lights in parallel on two 3 way switches that have dimmers in them. the 3 way... by Jeff12/8/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     You are right, you can only use one 3-way dimmer on a circuit, you need to put the dimer... by sparky 3/30/05  
     you could put two dimmers on the same circut but with different amps or voltages, yo do... by chris  4/22/05  
     three way dimmers will not operate unless you by dimmers specific to that application.... by rizzo 9/28/05  
     in a three way configuration it only requires one three way dimmer switch and one three... by tim 6/11/2006  
     You only need one dimmer by RC 11/20/2006  
I received a parking violation for a CVC 22502(A), parking over 18 IN from the curb. I am... by Skippy83993/5/04 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
     i just got the same ticket let me know if you know anything about it by whoops 3/9/04  
     I just received a parking ticket cvc22502(a) parallel parking not within 18" of cirb. I... by hdballers 3/20/05  
     We are fighting the ticket...We were in Hollywood off of melrose ....Did you get towed? ... by Johson 3/31/05  
     Oh and technically if the code is defined as parking 18 inches away from the curb it... by Brenden 10/20/05  
     I got the same ticket, and Iam sure to say that I was parked the opposite direction that I... by DAve 8/2/2006  
     I received the same charge. It was titled RIGHT WHEEL OVER 18" FROM CURB. However, I was... by COPMAG 10/2/2006  
     Happened to me, too, and I looked it up. Seems legit but it doesn't seem like it is always... by Sara 4/1/2007  
What is the ignition temperature of gasoline? by pfeiffer, richard3/12/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     Gasoline does not ignite. The fumes from gasoline ignite. by pwtgb 10/13/04  
     ask me tomorrow then i know answer okay probly i know :) by Chaboga Mogo 10/13/04  
     i dont know dont ask me these questions go somewhere else to find it like by no 1/23/05  
     The flash point is -45f... Thats when it can vaporize and therefore able to burn. by royal 2/9/05  
     The auto-ignition temp. is 495* F. Now the flash point is lower at -45* F. by hyoctane95 3/23/05  
     493 degrees farenheit 232 centegrade(aka celsius) by KCdaman 8/30/05  
WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE FILM PATRICK MC/GOOWAN AND STANLEY BAKER STARRED IN AS LORRY... by rock10/12/03 rec.arts.movies.past- films Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     slw chony tka ya walam bdarawa by hardy80g3/25/04  
My daughter has a 98 Neon that has developed what I think is shudder? Serious side to... by Rick C.8/25/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Go ahead with changing the oil if you never had before, but it wont fix the problem. ... by jmiller1262/7/04  
     same thing happened to me....needed a rebuilt tranny by nmfdjr1813/10/04  
     You may also want to check the wheel bearings by sportsmom 1/31/05  
     I have a 98 Neon that is lowered... I recently started getting this shutter on the left... by Nemesis 3/16/2006  
Tell me about Zaboor and the book of Psalms by Tamur9/16/03 Islam FAQ (Part 1/15): Welcome & Index
     I don't know. by gu gu 9/10/05  
     I don't know. by gu gu 9/10/05  
     we cant find n e info by 2A868+529f8r+a89k6h35kjsfdgj5dgfc65gfwe85hfg8djftduhgdjgfjfd8a9 9 12/25/2006  
We went on vacation and left our black lab with good friends. Upon our return, the worst... by weaver8/26/03 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Yes this can happen and it does happen with the dog jumping out of boats off docks and any... by Kenneth1/2/04  
     Its Limber Tail Syndrom,,,and can be caused by swiming alone. For more info, "google" it.... by Brett Haywood 1/28/04  
     I have a chocolate labrador who recently sprained his tail as a result of swimming in the... by chockie 11/6/05  
     Hello! Our dog fits the above limber tail syndrome - however, we believe she got it by... by lisacarl 6/19/2006  
i am a canadian citizen, enagaged to be married to a usa green card holder. my fiance will... by vivian 11/26/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     hi how are you. my mail adress... by memo 9/1/05  
     you will be have laiber visa around two years then you will get a green card and then... by abood 6/29/2006  
     mohamed fathall by mezo73 2/27/2007  
my 97 dodge caravan starts but only runs for 5 seconds and stops some time after 1 hour... by hellen9/15/03 FAQ (Part 5/5)
     the problem is the cpu also known as the main computer. by john b 12/26/03  
     NO,you need to replace the crank sensor we did and now works great. Good Luck. by sandra 6/21/2006  
My tongue is yellow and I just got my piercing about 5 days ago. Is it infected? What do I... by sexibutsweet6/23/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 5--Care of New Piercings
     you watch what you eat... never eat onions with a tongue piercing! my friends tonguw... by razzell 8/17/04  
     my tongue has a lump on the top of it and it is pussing and hurts. i got mine 3 days ago.... by whoechild 1/18/05  
     yeh same here plz som1 tell me wat it is or if u got ne advice by Tiffski 7/3/05  
     so is mine! i got mine done 4 days ago, mayb its normal???? by alice 11/3/05  
     u have to give it 3-4 weeks before it heals compleatly, dont worry and enjoy. by 11/7/05  
     OMG mines yellow too and ive had mine dun for a week. i think its the mouthwash. id say... by random person 12/3/05  
     Stay calm lol, first you take scope mouthwash it has to be scope when i got mine done it... by Cassie 5/24/2006  
     Yeah me too, i think its normal..ish by Jamie 7/25/2006  
     Hi. Dont freak out. I got my tongue pierced a week ago. And the same thing happened.... by Michelle Picolo 2/18/2007  
what are the differences between tasks and threads? by gops9/26/03 comp.os.vxworks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [LONG]
     A Task is the VxWorks equivalent of a Unix thread-- the distinction is minor in this... by Mark 10/29/04  
     Tasks and thread are same, I mean termed differently in different OSes. by Alok Raj 5/3/2007  
are thicker rubber bands stronger by dw2/19/04 Conventional Fusion FAQ Section 1/11 (Fusion Physics)
     no i`m gayer by lance 12/22/04  
     jkblk?:4510.23030 by gabrilla 3/16/2006  
     Yes. Yes they are. by Neal Clark 11/10/2006  
     why are thicker rubberbands stronger by jazz 2/5/2007  
how can we use quantum properties in cryptography ? by kanchan7/14/03 Cryptography FAQ (01/10: Overview)
     Try reading the description of a system of quantum cryptography i Simon Singh'sThe "Code... by Brain_Storm40612/2/03  
     See the question in the "somewhat related to this category" on quantum cryptography. by Regie 12/16/03  
What is straight edge crack? And what is with kids who wear there belts backwards? by LollyPoPGoddess11/20/03 alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
     if you check the quiestion about the bandanas it will be the same answer for the belt and... by xunscruzx 10/4/04  
     sXe crack? never heard of it. The whole belt thing- i dont know how that started but i... by Gretel 5/14/05  
     having your belt backwards has nothing to do with sXe. by cool kid 3/13/2006  
     maybe there's a reason no one has replied to this yet... by XeiaieX 3/14/2006  
     I happen to wear my belt backwards. Its not for any particular reason, at least not for... by Tie 6/3/2006  
I want some thoughts on what other people think about the CKC because I have always had... by Gyp3/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     What does CKC stand for (the initials I mean)? If it promotes gameness thats good!!! Also... by johntrout 4/12/04  
     CKC stands for the Canadian Kennel Club. by Navy girl4/18/04  
     i thought it was Continental kennel club by macker6/1/04  
     I raise CKC registered Dachshunds and Border Collies. CKC's"bad rap" is slowly going by... by macthetracker7/1/04  
     The ADBA doesn't recognize CKC, and I personally don't recognize AKC, UKC, CKC, or... by CH 10/3/04  
     I have found through the years that the no longer interested in maintaining... by Debbie 10/14/04  
     CKC stands for Canadian Kennel Club & Continental kennel club. The Canadian Kennel Club is... by Jennifer 2/8/2006  
     it's easy to register a dog with ckc ,just send picture & $35 to them by bradlocsta 3/15/2006  
     CKC (Continental Kennel Club) NKC ( National Kennel Club) ADBA ( American Dog Breeders... by suzqzzoo 9/30/2006  
     Go to your add/remove programs and see if there is anything there that doesn't belong. I... by Donna5/19/04  
     speakoutloud by wild mad ones 10/6/04  
     i just got the trojan virus how can i get ride of it by scott 1/28/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/15/2006  
     Thanks!!! auto site insurance. [URL=http://www.insur... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     Hi! auto site insurance. auto insurance, insurance... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
how islam got to the caribbean by scaffy9/10/03 Intro to Soc.Religion.Islam FAQ
     islam in the caribbean by Kristina 11/10/05  
what is phasing? by mat9/9/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Phasing is an ability that some Mirage block cards possessed, that give it an ability that... by Halfelf2/26/04  
     How the hell should i know what freakin phasing is when i want to know wtf it is my... by Magnus 10/23/04  
     you need a 4-way switch in between the two 3-way switches... by Brandon12/9/03  
     light .-----. .----. hot ----------o---. .------ ... by twig1/5/04  
     how was 3 way 3 location wired before 4 way switch was mfgr'ed by BILL HAMRE 12/3/04  
how much dose it cost, to connect to internet using dial up access by jboy8/11/03 Baha'i Resources on the Internet
     how much doese the inertnet cost by james braveb 2/29/04  
What is the gestation for the heat period in labs? At what age do they stop? How long does... by judith cramer9/30/03 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Like I've said before you can't put a time frame on it. Dogs go into heat every 4-14(avera... by Tanisha1/1/04  
     They sell belts of numerous sizes and designs at any pet store. The belts will accomodate... by Tim1/1/04  
     I would just like to respond to Judith Cramer's question up above. When our lab is in... by DustysMom 1/19/05  
     I have a female labrador retriever and have found that buying training pants (they sell... by Labadaba 2/1/05  
     I buy depends undergarments, or training pants for toddlers and cut a hole big enough for... by Mackie and Sable 9/2/2006  
     yo g you gangster? by yo dawgage 4/18/2007  
WHAT WOULD A 20,000 DOLLAR BOND BE WORTH IN ABOUT 30 YEARS? by MOUNTAIN MAN10/1/03 The Investment FAQ (part 1 of 20)
     40,000 by Adam 8/25/05  
     50,000 by Adam Lipitz 9/12/05  
I owned a VW Golf 1999 automatic 1.6 ltr. The car has done about 81000km. The problem is... by vwgolflee11/27/03 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     I have some problem (VW GOLF 1.8L 1999) but I don't know how to fix it:), sorry. by Yurik 12/5/03  
     I have a 1996 Volkswagen Golf, and have noticed the same thing, but I suspect that this is... by Lily 12/6/03  
     For the first person, you will need a brand new gear box if you want it fixed. by bob1/12/04  
     I've just bought a Golf 1.4 S. In the morning it takes 2/3 attempts to start and I've also... by vivian 2/5/05  
     I have the same problem with my VW auto 1999.Also while driving the gear power loose.Somet... by George 5/4/2007  
why isnt matijiwanna leagle in the usa by butsy5/13/04 alt.hemp CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ
     its not legal for medical reason's because its cheaper to grow weed than to make THC in a... by pot god 420 6/10/04  
     marijuana isnt legal because the USA is "fighting a war on drugs" and pot though... by pipsyluv 6/29/05  
     I would have to say that if you can't spell Marijuana or Legal thats a pretty damn fine... by Ree 9/28/05  
     because people would be typing like you all the time by crazyboi 9/1/2006  
     i want to search leagel job in USA by Rekha verma 11/27/2006  
     Because the Government has not found a way to profit with it. It doesn't take a rocket... by Chaos 5/23/2007  
how many days in jail for a traffic ticket by digital8/7/03 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
     Depends on how severe the ticket. For reckless driving, up to 30 days I believe. Depends... by mustangsroxxors 7/21/2006  
I enjoy punk and while I do not consider myself a straight edger I highly support the... by jabele1/29/04 alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
     Punk is one of my favorites, although I'm not a sXe i respect all who are. sXe or straight... by Jo2/4/04  
     hey, sXe is about being "pure" or "clean".injuring your self a little is nothing.the thing... by Straight Edge boi 5/19/04  
     hi, hardcore dancing is not all about injuring people. its all about the art of the dance.... by sXeJunk 7/6/04  
     i live in a town where punk and hardcore kids are pretty well segragated, i hang out on... by Cerebralinfection 2/17/05  
     Straight edge is a very dedicated way of life that involves for the most part the choice... by Frin 5/10/05  
     Ooops, I didn't answer your question and I also missed some stuff out. Basically Minor... by Frin 5/10/05  
     Hardcore Dancing is more about show and not so much about hitting people. It sort of is an... by imsohxcevenmycarbreaksdown 1/3/2006  
Where can I play $1 and $2 Blackjack? In Vegas 9/5 - 9/l3.. staying at the New Frontier... by Linda B.8/27/03 rec.gambling.misc FAQ: General
     don't know but i'dlike to by andy4/2/04  
     gold spike and el cortez have $2 durring the week. not sure about weekend by Jim 1/17/2007  
     Sahara, Slots-A-Fun and Casino Royale all have $3 Blackjack tables. I dont know of any $1... by Sykes 5/26/2007  
     by Matt 7/2/2007  
I heard the story of the story of the bride but but at disney world's Haunted mansion... by Tigger Crosby6/27/03 Disney's Haunted Mansion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/1
     The bride lived with the groom by Jerica 4/18/04  
     how can i fnd pictues ofdisney world when it was a swamp and ictues of i duringconstructio... by stuart scheer 5/12/04  
     The story of the bride is that Gracey fell in love with her. At first he hired a gypsy to... by lassitude_17 10/25/04  
Name the libraries offering free membership for downloading or by post. by rajubhai9/14/03 Libraries FAQ, v. 2.1, part 5/10
     wherever l searched in the web , in the name of free on line library membership, they... by sabyasachi chatterjee5/20/04  
     I have never found any library which offers free membership by Raja jee 10/13/04  
     i do not know by bob 4/26/05  
     jdsjkfkldsjjflkkkkkdfssdfasdfsadfsadfsdf by nafees 12/4/05  
I am allergic to some dogs. I would like to get a dog but I don't know what kind. What... by John Timms  age: 119/24/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     you should get a soft coated wheaten terrier they are very nice pets i have one and her... by kiki6/24/04  
     My husband has been allergic to dogs all his life - and we got a Miniature Schnauzer last... by Julie 6/24/04  
     I think that you should get a havanese. They are incredibly loving dogs who actually DO... by Bball QT 3/6/05  
     I am allergic to dogs. What kind of dog should i get? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! by Jackie mcGuire 11/25/05  
     We wanted a small dog that does not shed. We went to the vet and called 3 other vet's all... by Cindy  8/14/2006  
i would like to have detailed algorithm for jpeg image compression using matlab by khalod8511/8/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     i want fingerprint compression software algorithm in details by doaa3/18/04  
     I am also interested in this field. Also i want to know how to capture fingreprints... by achyut 1/27/05  
     is it going in Rogers mama by hairy  1/10/2006  
i had a dream about a tornado chasing me, then i found a hard lump on my body, that could... by jewels9/6/03 Dreams FAQ Pt.1/4: General Information, dream interpretation
     A tornado can be somthing negative, yet it can also be positive. It may represent the... by Talithe10/10/03  
     fcdxcvzcb cvz bfdz sd fhgfnh vdsagd dgsae dgukg sf grdsg rtrsfdugvxs by oagskfadjmdfifgn2/23/04  
     have you ever had a dream about this before? by nichole353 1/18/2006  
     your momma is stupiddufysedp8oifyseo8fwsfoiyuiousfyisud y by your momma 5/13/2006  
i have a chihuahua pup born with hydrocephalus , what is the effects of this and will... by pamInKy12/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Epilepsy FAQ
     I also have a chi with Hydrocephalus. He is about 19 months old now. He had his first... by SMartin2/24/04  
     SMarting...I would love for you to send me an email, or anyone else that has experience... by Amanda 11/27/04  
     When i read articles from people like you i think you must be really stupid: have you ever... by vanessa 3/10/05  
     My Chi puppy has a soft spot. She ran into a table leg and her head swelled HUGH it was... by Deb L 6/6/2007  
     My Chi puppy has a soft spot. She ran into a table leg and her head swelled HUGH it was... by Deb 6/6/2007  
what are the differences between male and female rhodesian ridgebacks other then the size... by pam7/24/03 rec.pets.dogs: Rhodesian Ridgebacks Breed-FAQ
     ive noticed they are smaller, their muzzles arent as strong and their bodys not as... by bob7/31/03  
     WHAT THE IS THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN???????????????????????????????????? ???... by DrDyme492/4/04  
HOW TO COMPRESSE THE IMAGE? by SEKAR9/2/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     explain the compression technique of jpg images in detail. by MTG10/31/03  
     i donot know by kartik 5/24/05  
I have a 7 month old, 98 lb., Rottweiler. He has a swollen right leg and has been limping... by Tara 10/10/03 rec.pets.dogs: Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
     why in gods name is his leg swollen?? by Layne10/13/03  
     u idiot..he grew too fast and u gave him too much activity..maybe next time u should do ... by rick3/14/04 7 month old female rottie weighs about 65 pounds already and she has never been... by mandy6/17/04  
     i have a ten month old rott who weighs 85 pounds is this average? by gregorio08 4/3/05  
     personaly i think ur all a bunch of gaysss and my dog will eat u..... by ramone 1/27/2006  
     I'm afraid you are probably going to need surgery for your dog. He should not be 98 lbs.... by justme 1/22/2007  
I have had a red tail boa for over a year now and just built him a new cage I would like... by Hodin2/19/04 rec.pets.herp Frequently Asked Questions (1 of 3)
     Mostly all plantlife that's safe for people is safe for boas, but more importantly is the... by J-boy 10/17/04  
     is it safe to feed my snake live pray? and if not why?? by daisy 11/22/04  
     worst by dennis fdjdd 12/7/04  
     It has been my experience that live plants are very difficult to take care of in an... by reflections80 3/1/05  
     go to a pet store that you got him (if it was a pet store)annd ask them about it by Kristen  10/6/05  
     not that i know of but canabis is very well like by all snakes by jeff 11/4/05  
     I was looking for the answer to this question myself. I have a 5 ft long Red Tail and... by reptileluvr 7/7/2007  
where can i buy a charmed calendar with good pictures by unknown12/21/03 FAQ
     theres plenty of places to get charmed calenders i know cause i have one. i dont know... by lyssieguel00166/11/04  
     Goto , if your quick enough you can get it for £6.99 delivered! its great! by Dr_feelgood15 12/11/05  
     is there actually a episode were prue dies by jaymin 3/11/2006  
     If you want a charmed calender try by phobefreebie 6/13/2006  
I have a 1935A series Hawaii dollar bill in good to excellent shape. Can you please tell... by Tammy4/16/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..the value will depend on certain serial numbers and grade/condition.The history of... by Pete 4/18/04  
     i have a 10 dollar bill stamped in red also stamped hawaii, its also in red is it worth... by april 4/27/04  
     i have a 10 dollar bill stamped hawaii, its also in red is it worth anything. by april 4/27/04  
     i also have a 10 dollar bill stamped hawaii, its also in red is it worth anything please... by Taina 4/27/04  
     i also have a 1935A series Hawaii dollar bill in good to excellent shape.please if yuo... by Iris 4/27/04  
     I am looking for a $10.00 Hawaiian dollar bill, If any of you folks would like to sell one... by Dan Freyhof 11/15/05  
     i have a 1935a hawaii in copper is it worth anything by mike  gorman 4/26/2006  
     I also have a Hawaii dollar stamped on the back in black this is a 1935 A series by jack 2/10/2007  
how do I know if I am behind a firewall? by sharron9/7/03 Firewalls FAQ
     'cause the heat? by manu5/17/04  
     Go to Start....Programs....Accessories..... MSDOS/ Command Prompt. At the prompt, type in... by Rob 5/2/05  
     my net behind a firewall by master_aslam1952 11/28/2006  
     Have you downloaded any firewalls? if so load up the program and see if it is working, i... by DONKEYKONG 1/5/2007  
My JPEG images open up in Internet Explorer. When I highlight some to open (14 for... by Alan8/3/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     It seems that jpeg decoding engine in Internet Explorer has a bug. It manifests itself as... by dpavlin 12/23/03  
     secret by yusuf 8/24/05  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/15/2006  
     Hi! auto site insurance. The autos insurance... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
Hello fellow chihuahua owners! I have owned a few dogs in the past, all of which have been... by Asia11/25/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     I personally recommend against getting a dog from a breeder who will ship the dog to you. ... by chimama12/1/03  
     email me if in new york and looking for a chi...i might be able to help ada anieves91... by ada4/19/04  
     Well, I was also planning on getting a Chi shipped to me. I too did not think I could... by tinychilover 8/19/04  
     About 2 years ago I purchased my first chihuahua ever at the local pet store and he was... by chiluvr4er 8/20/04  
     Well, my mom says that I shouldn't get one out of state. She really doesn't want to give... by Ali 3/15/05  
     I'd advise against shipping the dog, too. I know of a breeder in Florida -- and would like... by bda 8/10/05  
     i bought a chi that had to be shipped from the us to canada. Stitch is a beautiful dog... by danielle 9/27/05  
     I sincerely hope you do not buy a chi that needs to be shipped to you. Chi's are prone to... by shaybeau 4/8/2006  
all about patch cables and structured cabling system by tintin11/12/03 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
     my wife's birthplace by ed4206 4/25/04  
     SXCGASBC by 12 8/24/05  
     new account by Aman 12/1/05  
I really want to own a Pomeranian puppy.However if I do get one I can only spend 2 weeks... by Lilia2/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shetland Sheepdogs Breed-FAQ
     i don't think this is a good idea due to your time with the puppy. your puppy may start to... by puppieslovablemom 12/19/04  
     To answer your question I'd say no, in less you get him over the summer. The reason is... by AJkate 7/8/05  
     Hello Lilia, I am a recent owner of a 12 week old Pomeranian. I understand the desire... by Samantha 7/12/05  
     hi as the puppy will be on its own for such a long time i dont think it is fair or right... by sam 8/13/05  
     i think in my view thats it s a bad idea.... u only have 2 weeks with the dog... being... by ljsmilf19 10/24/05  
     Ricky is right in some matter. You could still get a puppy, but dont leave it in a pen... by Mea 8/7/2006  
     I want a pomeranian 2 but my parents don't aprove. anyway you should buy one in the... by iwannnapuppy2 3/20/2007  
In Rhode Island with parent can a tattoo still be done under 18 years of age? by gay11/13/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     yes you can i had my first one done at 15 second one at 16 and third one at 17. my first... by steve 11/26/03  
     The law is you can't but as long as you go to the right places it can be done. I am 17 and... by joe4/14/04  
     In rhode island where did you get your tat's done at under the age of 18.. thank you by kyle 7/12/04  
     im 15 and where would i go in rhode island to get a tattoo by nate  8/3/04  
     it sucks by ksajbefdiksfksfhksdf 4/7/05  
     you can get a tattoo if you have a parent or guardian or if you know someone by vickio20155 12/7/05  
     you can get a tattoo if you have a parent or guardian or if you know someone by vickio20155 12/7/05  
     Is there any place in Newport RI that you can get tattooed under 18? I already have a... by Danielle 9/21/2006  
What are signs of early pregnancy in a rottweiler? by Katrina4/5/04 rec.pets.dogs: Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
     i have a female rottweiler she was given to me they said she was pregant here titts are a... by dee4/30/04  
     is peeing alot a sign by ms.x 8/23/04  
     i have a question i have not had a in about a month and all i have seen was a pinkish... by miss pinky 10/1/04  
     my female is pregnant and what you described is that she is mid way threw her <a... by lynne mcphee 10/6/04  
     dont know by andyc 12/4/04  
     new account by Dolly 5/14/05  
     I have a question, My boyfriend owns a Rottie and he thinks she might be pregnant, what... by lukielady2003 5/25/05  
     if you don't know your dog is in heat then the first sign is a small amount of weight lose... by April 3/13/2006  
     My dog was in heat in january and now near the end of march she is started lactating.. is... by Hera 3/26/2007  
can fish die from lead poisoning? by dave12/9/03 Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
     Yes. You should never use lead fishing weights to secure things in the aquarium. Lead... by catcov 11/30/04  
     yes just like humans by luckt 7/7/05  
     How do fish die. by Missy 8/7/05  
     yes fish can die from lead. It took a lot of reasearch but i found pleanty of answears... by Aley 10/30/05  
Is it true that if you get a tattoo you cannot donate blood ever again? by Renee8/27/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     Not true. The min. wait time is 12 months by illustratedman1148/31/03  
     Glad you cleared that up , but do you base this answer on anything else besides your... by spoonkris10/6/03  
     You must wait a minimum of 12 months. I tried to give blood and was asked when I had my... by dazednconfused0123410/25/03  
     dazednconfused is right, i volunteer at blood drives all the time and you have to wait 12... by blah blah3/22/04  
     Yes, you definitely have to wait at least 12 months since last time of tattooing before... by frances4/19/04  
     It's definitely 12 months cos my b/f does tats and i had 1 done without even thinking to... by tingles 6/23/05  
     NO you can't because ink goes into your blood. by Ben 10/9/2006  
where is tim west the artist from carbondale il at siu by cora west8/19/03 the alt.satanism FAQ
     I don't know, but I had the same question pop up in my mind today. I used to rent a room... by Educatedangel2 8/16/2006  
     I last saw Tim in Arkansas at his Dad's cabin in the mid 70s. He was living in a cabin... by Bob Presley 11/1/2006  
has anyone ever tried to remove their tattoos with dermasal? if so tell all! by hooligan6/10/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     Yes, I have been using Dermasal for about 2 months, and it seems to be working. I have... by Melanie 3/17/05  
     I am trying it right now. I am actually seeing some results but it's way too soon to... by Me 4/25/05  
     I just bought it a few weeks ago. It does appear (maybe 2%) to be fading but I would... by Me 4/26/05  
     It doesn't work, it'll kill your skin. by Raven 9/4/05  
     I have tried to remove a tattoo with Dermasal and it has had no effect at all. I have... by Danny 10/18/05  
     i recently bought a 4 month supply of dermasal from I was scheptical of... by mike 12/22/05  
     no by jones 12/16/2006  
     I will try to have you done? by vir 12/24/2006  
If you have braces, can you still get your labret pierced?? by vomit11/5/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 9A--Resource List
     I'm wondering the same thing. There isn't any info on the internet!! Could SOMEONE PLEASE... by LarsBars 3/18/05  
     I've been wondering exactly the same thing, and I don't think it would be a very good... by Xanadu Aeternatenebrae 4/19/05  
     me too.. by Erica 5/10/05  
     hey people i really wanna get my la-beret done but i have braces and i am not sure if... by lady6t9 8/8/05  
     yes you can, lol i got mine done if you want to see a pic add me to msn or email me at... by bmxchick4lyfe 10/6/05  
     i hope soooo i really really want mine you don't understand how bad i want it haha by mon 11/6/05  
How can i develop a mouse/keyboard driver in C which book i should consult its very... by Arifbrain8/7/03 [alt.comp.lang.learn.c- c++] - FAQ list
     prabhu by prabhu`5/2/04  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/13/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. auto insurance, insurance... by insurance auto 6/13/2006  
     ringtones free by 6/13/2006  
Explain how the price of new security issue is determined. by kelw7/9/03 The Investment FAQ (part 1 of 20)
     Searching by Isaac Esparza2/19/04  
     New securities are priced carefully. Initially, the managing investment banker will do an... by D. Thomas 9/18/05  
     What is the answer? by DougMR 12/3/05  
     explain how the price of the new security issued is determined. by lyn 1/25/2007  
our dog is having major ear problems. Every morning she is flapping her ears violently... by Lisa7/21/03 rec.pets.dogs: German Shepherd Dogs Breed-FAQ
     Yeast Infection. Try Half Vinegar And Half Water.DVM Terry. by Terrytheten2/14/04  
     It is a yeast infection I have a 5 year old shephard who has the same constant problem.... by crystal 11/14/05  
     Get educated. Check out web site for solutions to ear problems. basic... by Bobby C 3/26/2007  
can some one tell me how 2 find gps car tracking divies on my car and best ways 2 find... by thay wont stop9/26/03 GROUPS: Anti War-on-Drugs Activists' List
     new account by overitincharlotte 10/1/05  
     can you track some one on the computer if you are trying to look for some in with a gps... by chino23 7/24/2006  
     me too by mromero77002 1/6/2007  
give me some information about radical feminism that is to say, it's origin, it's... by Dre7/5/03 soc.feminism Terminologies
     bring the left offs into the frontline of living.This is not applied in the lives of... by bodhraj pant8/25/03  
     Well umm i don't really have an answer to anything at this point, because I'm am a 13 year... by Samantha 11/15/03  
how can a restraining order be dropped in the state of california. by kris7/20/03 alt.mens-rights Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 5/6
     My friend is 15 years old and she is dating a guy that is 18 years old. Her step dad... by chicken legs b 10/24/05  
     how to get a restraining order dropped in california by nini 5/29/2007  
my tongue looks torn, will it heal? and what should i do to keep it from tearing anymore? by Lee12/8/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     I would like to know to by curious 11/25/05  
     Ya Mine Does 2..Just Like Dont Pull It Forward Anymore i guess by B 12/19/05  
     your tongue will heal in time. just swill your mouth out with warm salt water to help it... by sum1 9/11/2006  
what are the four formula for compound interest? by Carrie7/27/03 sci.math FAQ: Formula for Compound Interest
     formula for compound interest by sajeev1/6/04  
     what is process for make a sodiumlignosulphonate by pankaj 2/5/05  
     I love them. by Jacky 4/16/05  
what temp does beer freeze? by tc1/31/04 faq 940725 revision
     to avoid this issue, always consume beers immediately after purchasing. by Jimbo 12/24/04  
     24 degrees F by kacogi 2/17/05  
     Well, I'm not sure exactly what temperature but i accidently left 6 cans in my freezer... by bk 10/23/05  
     -40 deg. It's always -40, don't ask why, just realize the truth! by The Dude 7/31/2006  
     15 degrees by pwnani 11/15/2006  
     -100,000,000o by Tagy 3/18/2007  
How is a working circuit breaker tested? I believe I have a weak breaker to a sub-panel,... by Will8/13/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     I want to know the answer to his question. by Leroy Smith1/1/04  
     Substitution is the best method of testing. No circuit breaker in the sub-panel should... by D.Tiwari2/12/04  
     Add up the current being drawn by all the smaller breakers and see if they exceed the... by Jafro 8/2/04  
     i don,t know by kush 11/25/05  
     load if you have a 50amp main in your sub panel it will trip at about 40 amp (all breaker... by tattoo 2/9/2007  
     Common small non-full function circuit breakers are commonly tested using a primary... by jchris 4/7/2007  
what is ska? Who is Fred perry? How many waves are in ska? How many ranking are there? ... by nurfatinsg3/11/04 FAQ: Ska ( Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     the black and white stands for racial unity...two-tone.. by blink5/6/04  
     Fred Perry is a brand of a Polo T-Shirt by SkaCraze5/19/04  
     Ska is a Jamaican dance music...Fred Perry is shirt design for Skinheads, Rudy's,Scooter's... by Simply Rude!5/30/04  
     ska is a form of jamaican music in the early sixties..fred perry is a brand of a polo... by wanna b rudie 11/4/04  
     fred perry is actuali a tenis player.. n he owned the fred perry polo shirt company.. fred... by ah yul 12/7/04  
     I thought that there is 101 skank?Correct me... by SkaFan 10/12/05  
     hey, fred perry is the only englishman to have won wimbledon. he was a northerner like me,... by steve 1/5/2006  
     why 5 ranking? by zul 1/14/2006  
     wHy u need tO aL thish ?? aRe yOu a one wHo waNNaa be a rUDegirL oR smth?? weLL hERe's... by rUdegiRL 3/13/2006  
     Actually Fred Perry was an English tennis player, and the last Englishmen to win Wimbledon... by andi 1/20/2007  
what is the timing setting as we have change the head and now the timing is out and it... by kim6/29/03 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     we have remove head and it want start by tommy 12/17/05  
     we have remove head and it want start ,firing order and setting . by tommy 12/17/05  
when is the best time for chihuahua dos to mate? by Lucy5/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     There are several breeders on this board, I hope one of them answers also. I don't... by chimama6/23/04  
     instead of always hearing DONT BREED CHIHUAHUAS it would be nice to hear something good... by star000fairy 10/1/05  
     How long should my dog stay in season? She first showed signs of bleeding on Nov. 24th. ... by Betty delaporte 11/30/05  
     Honestly, I do not think that the above is really any good advice. If a chihuahua is to... by Nikki 2/7/2006  
     I don't think chihuahuas should breed with other dogs, except chi-chis because then... by Cole 7/6/2006  
     I think that the mother shouldn't mate until it is completely grown and perfectly healthy,... by cvnxkjhcjh 1/12/2007  
     I would like to know when it's the best time to mate a chihuahua? she is now 12 months &... by Angie 2/1/2007  
     Hi, I just bought a female chihuahua. She is 3 months old,and around 2 lbs. I also own a... by Janet 6/27/2007  
     I am so tired the so called experts telling everyone how and what to do. There are... by sickofdogexperts 7/12/2007  
how do you deal and control hot spots on golden retrievers during the hot summer months? by hunter7/19/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     Give them baths in the early AM, when you know they will dry during the day, don't let... by Rick C.8/25/03  
     A lot of hot spots are reactions to food. Make suer your dog is eating a properly balanced... by JL11/3/03  
     My golden has had problems since puppy days during our hot, humid southern summers. It's a... by mssolidgold@yahoo.com5/31/04  
     I have noticed that since I started giving my Golden Nutro Rice & Lamb food - it's been... by 8/6/04  
     My Golden Retriever also suffers from hot spots. I find that there is a correlation... by jsz 9/29/04  
     I have a 1998 ford contour and i need to know where the 02 sensor, bank 2 sensor 1 is... by bob c. 4/4/2006  
     whee is the 02 Sensor located on the 2004 Montero Sport/Mitsubishi by Angelice Dollson  3/15/2007  
what is the name of the landlord in ace ventura pet detective? by Low11/5/03 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     MR SHICADANCE by SIA 1/9/2006  
     Mr. Shiggadance by Rob 3/15/2006  
     Mr. Shickadance by bigmikey128 9/14/2006  
     Shikadance by cacaguy 11/15/2006  
     Mr Shickadance by Shneak 1/8/2007  
Well I was just wondering if there was anyone who has bred their terrior be-4 that could... by kitten8/20/03 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     im sorry i dont have an answer. ive jt found this place myself.i can see its dated awhile... by reva dragani9/12/03  
     you have 2 find the right type of dog. like same hight and temperment. you dog might not... by tiger 9/29/03  
     There was’t anyone at home by Ignácio 11/9/03  
     There was’t anyone at home by Ignácio 11/9/03  
     I don't know about the breeding part but Jacks can be timid at times, usually when people... by DeLaine 3/27/04  
     My JRT female had her 1st litter last year at 3 years old. We found someone who had a... by lillymayanne 4/22/04  
Who sang the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Season 8, Episode Title: On the Beach? by Alice7/3/03 ER FAQ 5.00, Section 7: The Music Of "ER" (7/8)
     That cover of "Over the Rainbow" was performed by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole who sadly... by elmpro7/21/03  
     Israel Kamamawiwo'ole-Somewhere over the Rainbow... This is Mark's song whe he dies on... by FraN=^..^=10/1/03  
     Try this link: http://www.weltentummler. de/blog/archives/000132.html. by aardvark11/18/03  
     Yes it's spelled Kamakawiwo'ole or Kamakawiwoole. First name "Israel" or "IZ" for short.... by michaelangeloh 11/22/04  
     yes, it was Israel Kamamawiwo'ole with his remarkable mix of two of the most wonderful... by juampi 6/5/05  
     who sang over the rainbow by toni 6/18/2006  
     If you are interested in finding out more on Israel Kamamawiwo'oleI welcome you to visit... by fanaddicts 10/2/2006  
I am 36 and have three healthy children, I have now since my last child had three... by lili1/30/04 FAQ on Miscarriage, Part 1/3
     It's very normal. Sometimes you get miscarriages and that's that. Though, pretty soon... by Sam 1/11/05  
     u should drop the idea of conceiving by pixie 2/8/05  
     Your genes and your age have a huge bearing on this. by Jan in Texas 2/11/05  
     it definitely has to do with age, and unfortunately you could be done having children. i... by tinker_bell 2/18/05  
     there could be a problem with your ovaries... i had the same trouble after my third... it... by helpful 12/1/05  
     OH MY GOODNESS! by clueless/mysterious 1/15/2006  
     i might be the only one who aactually goes to this website and posts some stuff in the... by ??? 2/14/2006  
     Doctors give diagnoses I don't, this is just from a medical students opinion. This... by hark 12/3/2006  
     im19andhavethreehealthychildren by rame 3/5/2007  
I am applying for Canadian Citizenship, do I have to give up my British passport for a... by Catherine9/20/03 N/A
     No you do not. You may maintain dual UK and Canadian citizenship. by IainK1/4/04  
     Dear Sir. i am Applying to Canada Citizenship and tell me what i do i have... by Ali 9/9/04  
     how long does it take to get the oath papers after writing the test? by mona 1/4/05  
     how long does it take to get the oath papers after writing the test? by mona 1/4/05  
     How do I apply Canadian cityzenship? Where do I make some information? by Anna 1/13/05  
     all the time by Abs 1/17/05  
     all the time by Abs 1/17/05  
i have a prestolock 4 dial combination lock model# 2620, it has a feature to change the... by joel7/12/04 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I have a prestolock 4 dial combination lock model# 2620,I got this lock in a lot of locks... by Charlie 12/19/04  
     If you still have the lock, it can easily be opened but it takes practice. I own a... by bmarsh 12/27/04  
     they cost about $10. Just buy a new one by just a guy 5/13/05  
     Any 4 dial lock can eventually be unlocked by trying up to all (10,000) combinations. At... by Wesley 12/12/05  
     The last paragraph on the card says: "Record your combination in a safe and accessible... by Gene 3/6/2006  
     I have the same problem with my #2620 Prestolock. How do you open it if you forget the... by Larry K 4/5/2006  
     PRESTOLOCK Operating Instructions This PRESTOLOCK product is the latest development... by bb 4/21/2006  
     PRESTOLOCK Operating Instructions This PRESTOLOCK product is the latest development... by bb 4/21/2006  
     Prestolock 2621 Forgot combination is there a back door for this lock. by 7/25/2006  
     i dont know by pelon 7/14/2007  
how many coffee beans does it take to make one cup of coffee by crazycin59/14/03 Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
     your a bit stupid ain't you AHAHAHAHAHA by Mr Anonymous 10/18/05  
     you watttttttttttttttttt by jack loves sharon 6/27/2006  
     u will need 2 cucharaditas mija by locochon 1/10/2007  
     Beethoven had 60 beans by tt 5/8/2007  
i need questions and answers to study for citizenship in Canada. by sharon7/20/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     what the capital of Canada by desree2/24/04  
     ottawa by shazia 4/29/04  
     i want two now why we study citizenship in a country by bishop 10/1/04  
     Ottawa by shafia 7/22/05  
     new york citizen answer and question by diana 6/5/2007  
I've recently got a Lhasa puppy but she's already 3mo. old and I'm having a hard time... by mrscopa12/2/03 rec.pets.dogs: Lhasa Apsos Breed-FAQ
     I also have a 3 month old Lhasa and have found them difficult to train. We are on day two... by Heidi Horton1/7/04  
     I've found the Lhasa's to be very easy to train. Usually, I have them house-broken by age... by R Howard1/21/04  
     Our Lhasa took approximately 9 months to be totally housebroken. He is now almost 2 and... by Terri2/5/04  
     I have two Lhasa Apsos. My first is Phoebe, she's 8 months old. It took me 2 1/2 months to... by Lenzzi3/24/04  
     I had a Lhasa several years ago and found her to be the hardest dog ever to train. We had... by cjf 10/20/04  
     I bought a lhasa (male) puppy who was 4 mos. old. Took me about 2 weeks to train him.... by Kris 1/14/05  
     I have 2 male Lhasa's I got about 6 months apart. One was 6 weeks when we picked him up,... by Cheaven 3/29/05  
     I just got my puppy dog home yesterday. He's got a training mat and woke in the night and... by Jo 1/1/2006  
     Does anybody know any good sites on training a Lhaso about 4-5 yrs old? Thanks in advance!... by DC 1/29/2006  
     i am 5 and still pee in the house at same spots, even though i am walked 4 times a... by harvey 11/12/2006  
How are Fractals made?? by Christine1/14/04 sci.fractals FAQ
     how are fractals made by geo5/3/04  
     Here is a simple way to make your own fractal. 1) Draw a line. ______ 2) divide... by John Nowakowski5/3/04  
     If your doing a project on fractals, i suggest you fart by Shniggenogger 1/3/05  
     To make a fractals you may do almost anything a fractals can be as easy as a giant lego... by Alison  4/19/05  
     YAZMIN -N- GERARDO by min 5/19/05  
     just do it by carter 6/12/05  
     I do not know!! by squeaker 4/5/2006  
     i don't get the answer...can u explain it again in an easier way...? by mobtony 5/24/2006  
     i dont get the answer...can u explain it again in an easier way...? by mobtony 5/24/2006  
     You draw a line like this _______ Then go poop on it. by Mike Hunt 5/15/2007  
Windows Cryptography Problem Am using RSA Key Exchange algorithm(CALG_RSA_KEYX ) with... by vedprakash7/1/03 Cryptography FAQ (01/10: Overview)
     I do have the exact same problem. Have you found the solution since? by Pascal 8/19/03  
     What OS? Ran into the same problem in W2K It turns out that there was a registry entry... by tkd 8/20/03  
     Did anybody find the answer to the above problem? If so please e-mail me at sumitcelly@yah... by sumit 10/29/03  
     Hi there, I have question, Describe all actions and messages sent for the RSA key... by fofo 12/25/04  
     Windows NT and Windows Me/98/95: The Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider is not... by claudiu 8/25/05  
what is a riptide ? by jack8/18/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 5)
     Riptides are rapidly moving river like currents of water where it returns to sea after... by Kevin Haddock10/13/03  
     bunghole bungwipe by bunghole 3/18/05  
     A riptide is where one current crosses or enters another current of a different direction... by Beavertown 6/21/05  
     A riptide is a movment of water with very powerful force upon the human body due to our... by Kiwi head 11/27/05  
     Thanks by George 5/15/2006  
What happened to Tiny Toons on Nickelodeon? by TinyTooner9/18/03 Frequently Asked Questions (read before posting)
     still on Saturday and Sunday morning at 6:00 AM by anon1/13/04  
     It was canceled by Metalface 1/17/05  
     The Tiny Toons was Nickelodeon watch on Saturday and Sunday the tiny to-ons heading ... by christopher  wesley 5/14/2006  
     When Tiny Toons was on Nickelodeon Tiny Toons are coming back on Nickelodeon on July 1 at... by christopher  wesley 5/14/2006  
     Tiny Toons is coming on Nickelodeon on July 3 2006 at 2:00 AM put it on the commercial on... by christopher  wesley 5/24/2006  
     Tiny Toons is coming on Nickelodeon Tomorrow at 2:00 AM. by Christopher 5/24/2006  
     Tiny Toons is back on Nickelodeon on June 27 at 3:00pm. by christopher  wesley 6/22/2006  
     jl,ljk, by kevin_702 2/24/2007  
My pug has minor allergies and licks her paws alot. Is there some kind of salve or... by P Terry2/18/04 rec.pets.dogs: Pug Dog Breed-FAQ
     bag balm,or similar products for diaper rash,its safe for babys. by mitch 8/22/04  
     Dogs often do funny things such as licking paws. If,at any time you are worried talk to a... by jill 1/29/05  
     When a dog licks their paws a lot, it is usually caused from neglect (like if you go off... by Jan in Texas 2/11/05  
     my pug and my chihuahua have the same exact problem. theirs is because they are allergic... by tinker_bell 2/18/05  
     Try a spray called Bitter Apple and is sold at Pet-co and you spray it on them (Not in... by Jon 9/24/05  
     My pug did the same thing. I use baby wipes on his paws 1-2 times a day and he is fine... by Sherry 11/11/05  
     Mu3mgWi9THG5bX JzzRCeGsGavhM KqfCF72pIZ by qSA3IVDZbW 2/24/2006  
     my pug scratches itself a lot and has some scabs. how can i prevent its scratching and... by kris 5/2/2006  
     spank it by cindy 11/4/2006  
     You can try two products, one is called Grannick'sBitter apple spray. I accidentally got... by daisuke 2/27/2007  
I am researching information on Cardigan Welsh Corgis and cannot find any information... by Kimberly8/17/03 rec.pets.dogs: Cardigan Welsh Corgis Breed-FAQ
     The only health related issue that this breed is prone to is hip displasia. That is... by Beth9/20/03  
     I owned two cardigans for 14 years and they were both extremely healthy. I have a degree... by Debbie10/11/03  
     I have a Cardigan Corgi who is the best dog I've ever had - but he is blind, from PRA... by Cedar 11/8/03  
     Here's a question. I have a six month old male cardi who is showing signs of social... by Blue Sky Country2/10/04  
     Any corgi is prone to back or hip related problems. This is a major problem because of... by mm 7/8/04  
     I had a Cardigan, who, unfortunately, had epilepsy. She had grand mal seizures repeatedly... by Murph 9/9/04  
     My first cardigan had epilepsy, and had severe, uncontrollable seizures. You should make... by Dee 1/4/05  
     My mother and I have raised Corgis for a long time,and we never had any trouble.But they... by Bubu  5/8/05  
chronic gastroenteritis bloody stool chronic need an alternative treatment: antibiotics... by wallace8/17/03 rec.pets.dogs: Boston Terriers Breed-FAQ
     I had the same issues and have taken him to several vets thinking that there was... by elduke23 9/12/05  
     Hi -- I'm not a vet. doctor or medically trained professional of any sort. I bred... by emhance 12/3/05  
     2cc08YT1OoljxQ 3XewtxUzOWRC GtkOD7KcFTgTnJ by Gm6OFzsIqA 2/24/2006  
     Did you ever find out what was wrong? Did your dog recover? My 8 yr female Boston has... by daylilydreaming 3/14/2006  

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