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What is the set list for the Give Me Ed...2003 Tour? by Mary Jo8/11/03 FAQ: IRON MAIDEN Frequently Asked Questions, part 1/2 (monthly post)
who is on the 10.00, 20.00, and 50.00 dollor bill by shortie5/21/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..$10 Alexander Hamiliton $20 Andrew Jackson and on the $50 Ulysses S. Grant. Pete by Pete5/28/04  
     iou by iou 1/22/2006  
     Thomas Jefferson by josie 3/22/2006  
What does "open ground" mean? I am guessing it means the outlet is NOT grounded. I... by brown10/7/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     you're right by tools4/29/04  
     As above I'm getting an open ground. I made the mistake of not checking before remodeling... by Bill 1/24/2007  
My dog is in heat and I was told not to bath her while she is in heat. Is this true. A... by shortstuff1/16/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     my lhasa apso is also in heat and somebody told me not to bathe her until she gets... by kraig 10/28/04  
     i have a <a href=" php?q=dog&v=56"><a... by this is a question 2/3/05  
     You can bath the dog! There is no medical reason for not bathing her! I bath mine quite... by Melissa 3/19/2006  
What countries are best known for their chocolate? by Relly8/26/03 Chocolate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Switzerland, Germany, France by tym2/9/04  
     Lauren by Laura3/9/04  
     Poland, Germany, France, Belgium Switzerland by caca 11/15/2006  
Why wont my rca direct tv dish pick up any Bell expressvu signals. Are the frequencies... by Sanamagun5/4/04 Satellite TV Frequently Asked Questions List
     I don't know , I'm wondering the same thing . by RackHunter 9/4/04  
     hjkyuiyufify by xdgerg 9/8/05  
     They are identical 18 inch dishes and will work for both Direct & Bell 100% guaranteed.... by ritzen 10/1/05  
     Yes different frequency, the dish is liekly pointed in a different direction than BEV... by wolfpackmu 6/13/2006  
how do you open a .mpa file on the Mac? by tom10/10/03 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
     .mpa files a usually movies. To view them, run QuickTime. Then use file/open and choose... by curt 12/16/04  
How do I transfer my addresses from my old email account to my new email account? by gc11/11/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     my old screen name was fiftycuzimhot and i wanted to retrieve my old messages . how can i... by nate4/13/04  
     Walter by 8/6/04  
     just to find my old one by quinton sexton 8/10/04  
     i want to tranfer my old email address to my new email address by alfred v. johnson 12/31/04  
     I would like to get my old email sent to my new account by rdalnite 1/24/05  
     find an old account by maylyn 8/4/05  
     how back my old mail by mary77ro2002 10/27/05  
     how can i transfer my old e-mail from my other screenname to my new one by sandy 11/7/05  
     to retrieve my old mail from by 11/20/05  
     I have changed internet carryers not my choice. I was with com-pair but I am in an... by Anna Baron 11/20/05  
     i can not get into my old screen name i made up a new account but want my old one back by paver1955 2/20/2006  
     wish to transfer old e-mail to cox cable by Adele Linden 2/27/2006  
     wish to transfer old e-mail to cox cable by Adele Linden 2/27/2006  
     wish to transfer old e-mail to cox cable by Adele Linden 2/27/2006  
     transfer my mail and address book to new aol.acct by 3/19/2006  
     show me how by Babygirl 4/4/2006  
     i need to access my e-mail from my previous e-mail account by ia 8/26/2006  
     Jessica by 10/23/2006  
     i just want my old screen back on here by stormygirl1956 11/28/2006  
     forward them dude by kimberly 5/1/2007  
     need my addresses from this account to be moved to fiscusfiscusmar by fiscusmar 6/9/2007  
     i would like to tranfer my old aol email to my new aol account by lenda  lilly 7/9/2007  
How many speeding tickets in CA within one-year will cause me to lose my drivers license? ... by How Many Tickets Will I Lose My License12/4/03 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
     There are a lot of reasons that your drivers license can be suspended. I am assuming that... by lwpat12/6/03  
     how many speeding tickets can i have on my record before i lose my d/l i live in ms? by pb 10/12/04  
     I've been living in Europe for apx 5yrs since my last stay in the US. I was stopped there... by Mr in Europe 3/22/2006  
     how many tickets can you get in one year by rani 9/8/2006  
should I find a breeder or get a guinea pig from petco or petsmart? If anyone could help... by AO1/4/04 Guinea Pig FAQ, Version 1.2.2
     It doesn't really matter. But my experience has been great with Petco. I got all 3 of my... by Kimberly5/9/04  
     PLEASE do not get a piggy from Petco or Petsmart. There has been a lot of controversy on... by chirpyboy6/8/04  
     you should probly get a guinea pig from a shelter because each year many guinea pigs are... by julia6/21/04  
     Never ever get a guinea pig from Petco! Yes they look cute but i got one yesterday and it... by Emma7/4/04  
     i dont agree with the last person because maybe it was just her guinea pig. the same thing... by carebear 8/28/04  
     Where is the best place to get a guinea pig? Because you are all saying that I should not... by Nick 1/26/05  
     I got my guinea pig from petco and its 2 years old by allicam 2/20/05  
     no, mine killed itself by sarie 4/24/05  
     Eather, you could get one from a breeder or what ever you choose, but be careful with the... by I luv guinea pigs 5/2/05  
     Yup...I'm off to petco to buy 2 guinea pigs... by Rob G. 7/5/05  
     i think that if you got a guinea pig, that its just fine do get it where ever you want. ... by Jackie 9/1/05  
     I really depends on the store that is around you and the age you want. Some Petcos are... by HappyCavyOwner 10/5/05  
     uh oh... i was planning on getting one at petco... in fact im lookin tomorrow... its... by tricia 10/13/05  
     I think you should get a pet from Petco be cause it is a lot better than guppies to... by Kelsey  11/12/05  
     Hey fagget julia, how could you say that if people would adopt from shelters then maybe... by Amber 11/16/05  
     I got my guinea pig at a pet store and she is GREAT! if you are considering getting a... by lexie 12/25/05  
     I'll never get one from Petco from what I hear! Dying the next day what a ripoff! And... by Somer 3/6/2006  
     Well I got a hamster from Petco and after I went to Armenia and came back its bones were... by Anna 3/18/2006  
     You can get a piggie from eather one , it really doesn't matter. I got my gp from petco... by cici 4/26/2006  
     Petsmart is a good place but i agree and i say adopt one. by the way... "Say NO to Petco" by Bob 5/4/2006  
     Petco'guinea pigs are more open, friendly, and excited. Though Pets-mart'guinea pigs are... by Thing 2 5/7/2006  
     fgdgggfg ya ya ya ya yaa yaa yaaaa yyyya yyyya by bobfdg 5/25/2006  
     I wouldn't get a guinea pig from petco because it is a chain store and they don't treat... by Helen 6/22/2006  
     Actually i work at PetSmart and we treat our guinea pigs very well. And on occasion we... by Lilknickee 6/26/2006  
     can a guinea pig get sick from humans by dud 7/1/2006  
     I just got a piggie from petco for 30$. There are cages that come with everything you need... by 1 friendly piggie 8/2/2006  
     If anyone wants a guinea pig you should get one at petco by Ashley 8/17/2006  
     i love my two guniea pigs from petco i didnt even no that they had breeders for this... by boobb 8/29/2006  
     I agree with Emma! I got one on Thursday and it died Saturday! by lissy 11/19/2006  
     Get a guinea pig from Petco! They are adorable and great pets by Kelly 1/13/2007  
     How to build cages for your gunny pigs?Should the cage be 2 stories or just 1?by the way... by bay 1/21/2007  
     i think that petco is great and to think i was going to go to petsmart hahahahaha. by kevin 2/8/2007  
     Just because it your piggie died in one day doesn't mean that is ALWAYS the case. I have a... by Emley 2/25/2007  
     never get a pet from a pet store. they are mistreated, and you may end up buying a ill... by ryan 3/12/2007  
     I DONT KNOW!!! by greg 4/20/2007  
     I want a guinea pig too and my dad said to go to petsmart or pet co and I would choose one... by Monika 6/18/2007  
     Should I get a guinea pig from Petco or a pig breeder? Help Me!!!! ... by Emma 6/19/2007  
     i want to know what age was that guinea pig that died? lol ! it was probably old! anyway... by danielle 7/7/2007  
what is the name of the song the SNL band plays at the end of the show? by derrick11/6/03 Saturday Night Live FAQ: General Questions
     Barry White by alex5/25/04  
     thats it? did the band make it up? is barry white the original artist? and if so, what is... by bill  8/27/05  
are hedgehogs legal in america by spiny11/20/03 Hedgehog FAQ [1/7] - About the Hedgehog FAQ
What is the key to testing in a radically changing environment? by nazma9/17/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     In radically changing environment, the key for testing is to follow the CMM level V... by lokesh 10/12/04  
     In a radically changing environment the QA team should be alert with the New functionaliti... by satish 9/10/05  
What are the role (function) of the following ingredients in chocolate making. Sugar,... by Kums8/18/03 Chocolate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     they are all good by purplepeeper 3/14/05  
help me on sending at commands to gsm mob with a 8051 microcontroller by pi izaac3/17/04 8051 microcontroller FAQ
     I play football sadf by zaec  10/4/05  
     no answer by mamdouh951 7/13/2006  
     You must see following links in detail: by Sadi 7/2/2007  
I'm a J1 visa holder and i want to extend my presence in USA. What Should I do and what... by Lucas9/4/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     fdgdfg by rromo4ka 8/6/05  
     You, Must Go back home, then you must apply for it once agian . by Tommy 3/6/2006  
My 91/2 yr. old female Dachshound is totally paper trained, I thought. In one week ... by lily7/22/03 rec.pets.dogs: Behavior: Understanding and Modifying FAQ
     my doxie, molly is seven months old and making me crazy i love her to death but she will... by betty8/4/03  
     My female dachshound is Suki. I bought her because she has short legs and I didn't want... by Joy 2/17/04  
     Lily, Your doxie may be trying to train you. Our Heidi (almost 7)has begun to "spite... by Pat P6/4/04  
what is fire wall in linux? by saeed4/22/04 Firewalls FAQ
     what is fire wall ?i want tofind that what is the linux and what is the fire wall in linux... by esi khatar 1/5/05  
     what is fire wall ?i want tofind that what is the linux and what is the fire wall in linux... by esi khatar 1/5/05  
     what is fire wall in linux by esi  1/7/05  
     hi people, i think that it is when highdrigin and carbin dioxside mix together by Alex 7/25/2006  
Want to find pictures of small tattoo by Cara12/12/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 9A--Resource List
     i want to find a small but nice cute tattoo by lola 3/1/2006  
     boyfriends name by Laura 3/29/2006  
     whats uppp by Shannon 5/22/2006  
My brother (from Oregon) bought my old car (with expired registration and insurance). He... by Scared&Confused8/17/03 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
     What is going on in CA? In NY if you do not transfer title, you can not sell the car. The... by JanusNY10/11/03  
     you are responsible to have made sure it was legal before you gave it to him kick his butt... by chiefump10/20/03  
     with brothers like him you never need an enemy. by kalito11/14/03  
     make him pay it by pandanut 1/20/2006  
When I run in the morning should I eat before or after? by honeybee2/21/04 rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 2 of 2
     I spoke with the nutritionist and trainer at the gym about this and she said that you... by Brigette4/13/04  
     You can see a great explanation on this topic in this Runner's World article (found the... by Forbin 9/7/04  
     i too run in the morning and find when running for three hours. Its better to have a... by lynn 8/28/05  
     I prefer to run on an empty stomach so I'm burning just fat and not carbs.Then I eat a... by Blackstar 1/28/2006  
     eat after.. i'veread in couple places that you burn your fat when you run before you eat..... by aaron 5/17/2006  
     7am wake up and drink 1 scoop protein powder in water,grab mp3 player, running gear, check... by mushino 5/12/2007  
What is the role of communication in business? by Ella Granderson1/21/04 comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3)
     communication by Suresh2/16/04  
     To reach the organization's goal. Communication must be effective. by Sherry4/8/04  
     myself by skinner4/19/04  
     What is communication ? by nicolas6/14/04  
     widening the area of business by deepak                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                deepak                                                                            7/5/04  
     the key to success specially in the business industry. by Jah 12/5/05  
     business is all about making money! we all perform communication process but what is... by saurabh 2/27/2006  
     Through effective communication, business people can increase the likelihood of a... by Rajdeep Sangha 4/10/2006  
     TO UNITE by CASIPONG 7/17/2007  
where can i get a siberian husky around the ages of 2-9months in washington dc, or areas... by Shawn5/23/04 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     I did a search online for Huskies for sale in MA but didn't find much. Try putting a... by Tanisha5/24/04  
     Definatley, definately contact a Rescue...perhaps even more than one. They never know... by Meeka's Mom 6/7/04  
     I have one I would like to sell. I am highly allergic to her and would like to see her go... by onelmichele5 6/25/04  
     If you still have that dog in Glen Burnie Please contact me at by wardept 11/14/04  
     Does anyone know anyone who wants a AKC Siberian Husky 14 month old male for $300 this... by huskyforsale 12/3/04  
     I have a 4 month old siberian husky with papers i am located in ohio if you are interested... by Hot2trott 1/20/05  
     I have an 8 month old female husky that I need to sell. Needs a good home with lots of... by 11/20/2006  
Where was Gilligans Island filmed? by Carmon9/10/03 Gilligan's Island FAQ: Episode Guide
     Fanning Islands by Gary T.9/24/03  
     The actual island they showed for the island scenes was off the coast of Florida. However,... by Wrong Way Feldman  10/20/03  
     From looking at the opening intro footage my guess is the scene with the S.S. Minnow... by pcat12/26/03  
     Actually the real "Gilligan's Island" is in the middle of Kaneohe Bay, located off the... by Andy12/31/03  
     The Island shown, is indeed off Oahu, is called coconut island. As for the scene in... by paul1/6/04  
     The actual footage was shot on location on the Island of the damned which was shot on the... by Jack Spratt1/9/04  
     On an island very near Nassau, New Providence. It could have been on the north end of... by Betty Yake1/14/04  
     The pilot episode was filmed on a real island - island of Kauai.The actual series was... by dave mogensen1/22/04  
     in texas on the east coast by u kno3/29/04  
     According to Sherwood Schwartz on the comments from the 1st disk of the Season 1 DVD, the... by Maffu5/13/04  
     I too was told when I was in the Bahamas that it was an island off the coast of Paradise... by Bear5/17/04  
     The island in the opening shot is indeed coconut island in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu HI. I'm... by Jimbo5/26/04  
     The season 1 DVD "special features" does indeed state it is Coconut Island. I've seen it,... by simtim5/31/04  
     When I lived in Hawaii, I was told the bay was a private one not far from the town of... by Paul S6/13/04  
     On an island in the Bahamas outside of Nassau! by kellyjo6/21/04  
     It was filmed in South Beach in IRAQ, before the war. by LILICO6/30/04  
     The opening shot was filmed at the exit/entrance of NewportHarbor/Bay in Newport Beach, CA... by Rochelle 8/12/04  
     The island you see at the beginning theme of the second and third season is an actual... by Carol 8/31/04  
     GILLIGAN'S ISLAND was shot on CBS'sStudio City lot in the Valley, four or five miles away... by Lynn 8/31/04  
     Lake George by Sebastian 9/20/04  
     It is in the Bahamas...I lived in Nassau for three and a half years. And for all you... by poohbear4u2 11/2/04  
     Closing credit island is Napali Beach on Fanning Island, part of the Republic of Kiribati.... by Joe Boy 12/8/04  
     It was filmed in Widen, West Virgina. There is actually a large ocean there but no one... by iknoweverythingbutyoudont 12/15/04  
     I believe Giligan'sIsland was filmed on a small island in Puerto rico. by morena45 1/4/05  
     Why was Gilligans Island called Gilligans Island? Why not Mary Ann Island? by lucylu 1/30/05  
     it was filmed on an island in hawaii for the first pilot season then filmed in studio the... by jiml 5/15/05  
     The island is in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, near my home at Pohakea Point. It is now a Marine... by Bill Russell 7/12/05  
     The island is in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, near my home at Pohakea Point. It is now a Marine... by Bill Russell 7/12/05  
     It never existed by Little Buddy 9/6/05  
     The pilot for the series was filmed on the island of Kauai in Hawaii at Moloaa Bay. Actual... by The Truth 9/9/05  
     The opening scene which shows a very small island in the distance is in fact a small... by jimy 10/19/05  
     It actually not a real island at all it was made on a lite-brite and gilligan was actually... by Vindog4047 10/19/05  
     Gilligan's Island was taped at a private secluded island off of Nassau, Bahamas called... by Tracey 11/3/05  
     If you want the right answers about Gilligan's Island go to the following web site. Bob... by Big Head 12/5/05  
     I saw the island during New Years holiday cruise, it is an island not far from paradise... by Bullman 1/5/2006  
     I recently took a cruise to the Florida Keys and Nassau,Bahamas. While in the Bahamas we... by Belinda 4/4/2006  
     the ss minnow leaving the port at the start of the show was shot on location in hawaii.... by fasteride 4/24/2006  
     I was told it was filmed in the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, and Catalina Island. by andimonkey2002 6/5/2006  
     The opening scene of Gilligan's island was originally shot from the City Island Bridge,... by louiebulbs 6/27/2006  
     Was filmed in the Antarctic during a very warm spell by C-man 11/21/2006  
     The island you see in the distance at the beginning theme of the second and third season... by PinkyNC 1/10/2007  
     My brother and I just got back from Oahu. We actually stayed on Ala Moana Blvd and saw the... by Jeremy 3/15/2007  
     The 1964 pilot of the original Gilligan, which was shot on Oahu before moving to an L.A.... by Sunnie55 5/29/2007  
please give me details of V1 and v2 visa by mian7/25/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
How do I know which wire is Hot, Nuetral and Ground when the wire colors are not the usual... by Robin5/29/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Touch all the wires and you will coem to know which is hot and which is cold! Nice Idea by someone 9/21/04  
     you need to use a current tester, voltage meter that can be found in any hardware store.... by geyes  12/15/04  
     One word. Multimeter. by Tyrone 1/13/05  
     I can tell you how to distinguish between the ground and the nuetral. Connect... by kulu 1/27/05  
     red-hot, blue neutral, yellow-earth by saledunk 2/8/05  
     luckily I've just done a physics exam ;), lol anyway the live wire is the one connect to... by finalz 5/12/05  
     Red is live (hot) Blue is Neutral and Yellow is Earth (Ground) Hope that helps by ken 6/12/05  
     Grab a stray cat or the neighbor's kid (entice them in with candy) or something and make... by Koschei 6/27/05  
     Ground should be connected to chassis, this can be easily checked with multimeter. ... by movzx 9/3/05  
     This one's easy. When you get shocked. by andy tenery 1/13/2006  
     You get into tha choppa then you live and find out by arnold 1/14/2006  
     If you have a volt meter, touch the black meter wire to the stove chassis and the red to... by Ed 3/10/2006  
     Well.. The only way you'll find out if you can't find the schematics is if you read it out... by lindsey 8/4/2006  
     maybe u could touch them. The ground will do nothing, and when u touch the hot and neutral... by gillman 10/22/2006  
     Guess! That's what makes it fun. by Jess is an idiot 2/22/2007  
     get a multi metre, separate the cables, turn on the power and put the metre across until... by damienoh 4/12/2007  
     neutral is blue or black live is red or brown earth is green or green and yellow. by S. 6/25/2007  
my dog has white worms with it looks like horns on its head by kari9/29/03 rec.pets.dogs: Australian Shepherds Breed-FAQ
     that sucks? A good idea would be to get some dewormer, Genius. by Amanda 11/26/2006  
what is the money called that Algeria people use? by kass1/21/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     they're called dinars - 1 US dollar is worth about 71 dinars right now. by kells3/25/04  
     what do they call algerian people by blizzard  8/8/05  
     They Are Called MONEY "WHOOP WHOOP,MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY I WANT SOME MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by Shadow_7373 3/21/2006  
     the money algeria use by oshane 6/4/2006  
     Algerian money's called Dinar. 1 USD = 73 DZD (right now) by Me, Myself & I 8/12/2006  
     what is the algeria currency in africa by giiigiiigiiigiiigiiigiii 5/18/2007  
I want to know whether or not the police departments or the military can use pitt bulls... by Jess6/27/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     a few police depts. do use them,but there sense of smell is not as good as some other... by kline6/28/04  
     Yes both some police and military have used pitbulls, but they are not the breed of choice... by kline6/28/04  
     Kline, you've got the right idea about Popsicle, but some of your facts are wrong. First,... by Iggy7/3/04  
     whatever, you got the point ,right? by kline 7/6/04  
     I already knew, so there was no point for me to get. by Iggy 7/6/04  
     To whoever said that the military doesn't use pitbulls any more, there is a white apbt... by CH7/7/04  
     CH- yeah. i know what you mean, mine can find my weed, remotes, and car keys!!!!now im... by kline7/7/04  
     it's not that it isn't good it's just that it isnt as good as other breeds, and it isnt as... by macker 7/12/04  
     i have two big rots that i think I'm gonna train to find my weed i think that would be... by paully 2/2/05  
     Some of you are right. My pit bull is the best of the best. He went into my old... by koji 3/3/05  
     Please use Pitbull again in all Police Department, because it has completely all character... by trigon 4/11/05  
     Our Staffordshire terrier (pit bull) Molly is training to be a service dog. She is ... by firehoser15 8/6/05  
     u guys dnt no any ting i got 2 pits who rip a part a rott and staff der other day pits can... by jabs 9/2/05  
     umm well police dogs are very nice and sweet but i dont know where they come from by holly 4/10/2007  
where did quakers come from by lucy11/14/03 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
     This one comes from Sunderland. UK. by Mystical Ranter12/26/03  
     There was a mummy Quaker, and a daddy Quaker... by Spud6/19/04  
     lol...ya there was a mommy and a daddy...but anyways I don'tknow where they came from. I... by Dayna 3/21/2007  
Where did the name Paris come from??? by chook`8/5/03 [] Paris Transport FAQ
     Paris was the son of the king of Troy. He fell in love with Helen and brought her back to... by Spartacus9/13/03  
     You didn't even answer the question. I don't know the answer but you were not even on... by Platipreterigoquadrateprocess10/25/03  
     how did Paris get its name? by lilally_lmao561/29/04  
     my daughter's nick name by eminem5/12/04  
     Where did the city of Paris get it's name from? by AlysunWunderland5/12/04  
     Gauls of the Parisii tribe settled in the area that became Paris between 250 and 200 BC... by eyelanz5/28/04  
     Yes eyelanz is right Gauls of the Parisii tribe settled in the area that became Paris... by Morgan 8/31/04  
     Paris can not come from a Troy-an, believe from a tribe, now where did the name come... by al 10/14/04  
     hehehe..i seen that infor. on the net..hahha..actually I need help too..;) by lovecherry 1/7/05  
     i dont know wer did it came from so im asking you by mars 3/4/05  
     Paris was named by some old guy that called a flat piece of land paris. tonberry by Martin is the best 3/9/05  
     My lovely daughter's name. by KHALED 3/25/05  
     Paris got it's name from Jesus Christ everyone, preech Jesus christ my children and you... by Jesus My Master My Whole My love  5/13/05  
     paris is from parisii, which is a tribe. PLEASE DON'T KILL WILDLIFE!!! by screw u 8/14/05  
     becoz dats what dey called it by Jazmine 9/15/05  
     omg lyk i don't no i mean who realy cares unless u really need to no. anyway it was named... by poo 9/15/05  
     Paris as a name comes from ancient Egyptians goddess Isis well, her name originally in... by adel mokhtar ashour 1/16/2006  
     paris got it's name from a gay lord. by Booby 2/10/2006  
     Spartacus' answer was really interesting but a sounds a little more like a myth than the... by CherylBeloved 2/27/2006  
     its your mum by dude 4/18/2006  
     I don't know can u tell me i am doing a assignment or sumthin like dat by CoRnFlAkE221 5/1/2006  
     I have no idea but im in french at the minute and were meant to be doing it now but i dont... by Kirbie 6/21/2006  
     f#$k u by jimmy 7/10/2006  
     ya mums name by ya mum 7/23/2006  
     its a great name but it came from a tribe called parisii by lil mama/creesean's gurl 8/31/2006  
     This tonka is great by thepope555 9/7/2006  
     Paris is named after the Egyptian (Kemetian) goddess Isis, due to the Romans who occupied... by Osiris 9/18/2006  
     You werent even in the topic by Karla 9/27/2006  
     ok im doing a very important project and i want to no where did Paris get its name from... by flo_mo 10/9/2006  
     Paris name came from a word of the ancient illyrian tribe which they originaly were cave... by tonnyy 12/13/2006  
     i dent no do i i came on ere 2 Ce were Paris got its name from god sake by lou/selina 5/3/2007  
How do you breed a dog to create a minature breed of that dog. by goodfella7/11/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     Alright, well it depends what dog you want in mini style... Say it was a doberman if you... by rainthedivadog5/14/04  
     you could take the two smallest dogs of the same breed and breed them by karyn 4/12/2006  
     when is it the right time to breed a female dog? by redneckgirl6904 8/13/2006  
     hey whats up by aubrey   3/24/2007  
WHAT ARE THE EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS OF A CLIMATOLOGIST? by Steph9/7/03 Meteorology FAQ Part 7/7: List of US State Climatologists
     dfgdsfhbgsdfhbsdgnbdsfbadfbg by fgzdfbgZAB 8/28/05  
what are the ways one can transfer large files from place to place? in this context,... by anu10/2/03 How to find the right place to post (FAQ)
     I want to create a new account. by Venkat10/29/03 by Dmitry 4/26/05  
     Try The Dynamic FTP System - it's very easy to use. by TBtechguy 1/6/2006  
what are the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasound? by ss3/29/04 FAQ on Ultrasound
     dis- bad news adv- good news by loser 10/20/04  
     you are gay by AAron 11/14/04  
     i have no idea by Frankinbob 2/27/05  
     thanks by titoto 3/3/05  
     by anatomy 8/29/05  
     its cheap by hello 9/9/05  
     advantages of ultra sound is to see inside the body and to get things through sound... by j.heading 9/15/05  
     0031540 by yucky bueno 10/4/05  
     advantage of this is that there is alot of diseases that can be cure by this gadget or... by mj09 10/26/05  
     ahygehwdf by aha 11/5/05  
     the advantages of ultrasound are clear and so are the disadvantages. by Herrera 11/8/05  
     what is the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasound by audrey 1/30/2006  
     Physicians use ultrasonic means to obtain internal visuals of biological material (i.e.... by A.P 2/3/2006  
     there is definatly a advantage but i am not goin to tell you lol by sare:> 2/18/2006  
     Disadvantages of Ultrasound Inability to penetrate gas and bone Highly operator... by nikki 3/12/2006  
     u suck by uhhuh 3/18/2006  
     iullllllllll,uv qwerthosidvnuhjv jedosfiou shchchi uhuchhfdnc uudfhdyenw uizxcvsdbvf by hkmhgk 3/20/2006  
     do do dee do do do do dee da do dee do da do do do do by well i have always wanted bob but it got nicked 4/25/2006  
     Advantages: Slow propogation Simpler Inexpensive Disadvantages: Range is very... by Pramod PJ 12/27/2006  
     i love s singh by estoot 2/21/2007  
     sdasdadsdsadsadasasdsdadas by sdsad 6/4/2007  
What kind of voice lessons did Mariah Carey have? by Cat7/12/03 N/A
     Mariah Carey's mother was a voice teacher and was certainly significant in being a guide... by Coach Yvonne11/21/03  
     Hey.........i can see were you are coming from were u want your voice like Mariah'sbut you... by babii boo 11/29/04  
     CAN I SING WITH YOU by TIESHA  3/31/05  
     I do not know much about Mariah Carey's background but if her mother was a voice instructo... by Eleonor England, instructor, vocalist 7/22/05  
     Speech level singing. by John 11/10/05  
     How many octives does/can Mariah Sing in? by Kiki 1/16/2006  
     i would like to be a singer by ebony 2/10/2006  
     I'd like to create an account. Thanks. by Cara Dolch 12/1/2006  
how long do cocker spaniels live by dia3/6/04 rec.pets.dogs: English Cocker Spaniels Breed-FAQ
     Between 14 to 16 years. by C Stout4/21/04  
     The age a Cocker will live completely depends on its health and lifestyle. My Sweetie... by Catherine 10/22/04  
     10 to 12 years by Marker 2/17/05  
     they are the second longest lived dog at an average of 18 years by daniellesdogs 3/3/05  
     Mine live till she was 14. She would have lived longer but we had to put her down, because... by Kevin Crowell 6/14/05  
     i think they live between 15 to 26 years . by junior 10/21/05  
     Mine is 15 1/2 years old, and still going strong. by moe 8/31/2006  
How did world war 2 start? by Elias5/25/04 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     super man rocks spiderman more by locorabioso 1/31/05  
     Because Hitler was a Jew hating bastered. this is because he once had a relationship with... by Nat 3/6/05  
     PENOS KNOCKER by Doodles 3/28/05  
     eat my shorts man by spoiler 4/21/05  
     go suck my balls by gf 5/6/05  
     yo mammas!!!!! by Ben fox  5/22/05  
     because i am fat by i am fat  12/4/05  
     World War 2 started because of what happened to Germany in World War 1. Everything in... by middle1 1/12/2006  
     people believe World War 2 started in 1939. On August 31, 1939, Hitler and the Nazis... by hahaha 9/9/2006  
     i think it started it 1914?? not sure! by Boo-Loo 12/3/2006  
what are 2 types of dieabetes and how are they different and alike?(2 pages please) by cayte4/26/04 diabetes FAQ: general (part 1 of 5)
     i need to now adout dieabetes by sammy 8/11/04  
     How do you get Dieabets by Victoria Heaton 10/7/04  
     I don,t know by kima 1/13/05  
     how does everyone get dieabetes im doin this for a school project and i need answers... by shay 1/25/05  
     Type 1 type 2 they are different because type 2 of diabetes is more serious than type 1... by Abj 8/1/05  
     Currently I am unemployment and I am having some trouble with my eyes. They are being... by Ms,Annie 9/3/2006  
     UFO couple detesting by lesly 1/29/2007  
I would like to know if Malamutes really do eat a lot, run away and eat cats. by Sakura Shimo4/6/04 rec.pets.dogs: Alaskan Malamutes Breed-FAQ
     When i first adopted my malamute, he ate everything on site. Once he learned that he is... by Maricar4/28/04  
     Question- I have a two year old female spayed Alaskan Malamute, as well as a older family... by steph 1/10/05  
     I want to know what alaskan malamutes eat. by MADISON 1/29/05  
     will WWI ` by pamela  3/3/05  
     yes, mine eats cats and every other small i shouldn't say she eats them .but she... by naobud 7/19/05  
     A Mal will eat just about anything you give them, at about anytime, You must remember that... by mtnman 10/19/05  
     \0\05{they have a very slow metabolism. This makes them need a lot less food than most... by maggie 1/16/2006  
     well we got our malamut at a young age. She gets along with our two cats. She has only ran... by smarty_jo 4/21/2006  
     shut , up your wasting your life with this question! by devin 4/25/2006  
     i need to know how much to feed your malamute each day like from puppy to adult PLEASE by ema_94 2/27/2007  
what does skeet mean? by mike3/6/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     Mike, I'm not sure either. Did you hear that on the Chappelle Show? by Dawn3/10/04  
     It means to ejaculate. by Mullins3/10/04  
     It's funny, I've heard it for a while but only once asked--it was a elementary school... by daveg3/14/04  
     Yes, skeet means to cum...skeet skeet means to cum on a girl. by JimBob3/14/04  
     skeet has been used in parts of eastern canada to talk about wiggers who's dads are... by ian3/14/04  
     skeet is to cum, it says it on the song.... to the windows.. to the walls... by lizi3/17/04  
     it also means after you do a line of coke you are "skeeted" by jonpinto3/20/04  
     yea ,your all wrong it means to mathematicly divide your words into one way by takein' a... by mcx3/26/04  
     skeet means to cum on girls named Michelle Langford by Tyler McDonald3/30/04  
     yeah your dad by your dad4/3/04  
     Skeet skeet skeet, when white people find out what this means they are not going to now... by B Dizzy 5/4/04  
     Skeet means to jizz all over a girl. I dont think white boys r supposed to use this... by DDS5/31/04  
     I thought that skeet was like in that game skeet shooting, but now that I know I think... by bored6/15/04  
     Jejeje, I feel like a total loser 'cuz I had to look up the meaning on the Internet. Makes... by Haitashi6/19/04  
     Don't feel bad Haitashi I'm here for the same-lol by Mustangman65_79 9/9/04  
     your all 100% wrong.. here in chicago skeet means to take a sock and fill it with rocks... by j dawg 9/28/04  
     look you all have it wrong it is actually when you take the y coordinate, divide it by... by Me bones are saucy 10/22/04  
     Yes skeet, skeet, skeet means to nut on a Chick. Its southern slang ya know. This is what... by CripLocLeftBlue 11/16/04  
     damn i gotta stop skeeting over all you people!! it's killing me!! but if you wanna buy... by d-dawg 11/29/04  
     HAHA, don't feel bad, Haitashi.. I was just talkin' to this guy and I said it and he was... by Shady Character 11/29/04  
     Skeet! What a wonderful thing... Don't you all agree? by Dynasty 12/12/04  
     Skeet mean to shoot your load on a girl by Madcuban5 1/11/05  
     Skeet mean to shoot your load on a girl by Madcuban5 1/11/05  
     It means to let your kids out by german super model 1/27/05  
     exactly what he said: "I feel like a total loser ' I had to look up the meaning on the... by duh 2/11/05  
     it means to come all up in a girls pussie by playa 2/12/05  
     no no no ya'll rong see... it thems damn bugs. u kno when ya out sittin in yo lawn chair... by bezzel 2/20/05  
     awww skeet skeet god damn by lindz 2/25/05  
     To blow a wad on Adrian Duscharm by Fisher 4/13/05  
     You guys are all stupid now that u tellin every dam person wut it means, all the white ppl... by Jumpin Junky Jim 4/16/05  
     Skeet(according to Lil' Jon & Dave Chappelle) means to cum or cum on a gurl, which doesn't... by Becca 4/19/05  
     O.k. so now I'm confused, I was looking up what to cum means, and i get that it has... by Skoint is confused 4/23/05  
     yea, a skeet skeet skeet by Lion 4/24/05  
     well Chappell was right he said "when white people find out what that word means they will... by Blanket 5/6/05  
     hehe...........i cant believe u actualy looked up this word. i mean cmon y dont u ask one... by jjking 5/7/05  
     it means you aren't up on slang by skeeter 6/2/05  
     If u black u should already know what "skeet" means...if you dont then thats a shame.But... by Mzno_itall 6/14/05  
     when i found out what skeet meant it made me think of the tv cartoon doug and his buddy... by skeetskeetskeetskeet 6/17/05  
     skeet skeet get wiggle with it EH! lol by Emceeness 6/20/05  
     skeet skeet get wiggle with it EH! lol by Emceeness 6/20/05  
     Skeet: A form of trapshooting in which clay targets are thrown from traps to simulate... by TheGuru 6/23/05  
     to lick cum by bmm 7/3/05  
     it means nut in ur gurls mouth by skeetmaster 7/19/05  
     that was interesting, i was wondering what skeet ment, haha thats awsome skeet skeet skeet... by Dylan 7/20/05  
     skeet means to my ass cause i like it like that...oooo yeah i like it in... by Mike Muminovic 7/23/05  
     skeet skeet skeet skeet by me 8/4/05  
     As a white soccer mom I had no clue. I too had to look it up on the web. I never fail to... by a mom 8/23/05  
     skeet also means to rip you off when buying marijuana by a ramdom stoner 9/6/05  
     omgosh i feel so stupid my friends alsays say that and im all like ok??? and now i know... by stupid blonde 10/6/05  
     skeet means to pump other guys in the ass. by homosexual 10/15/05  
     I skeeted on a girl today. But as a white boy, I'll be happy to never use the word again.... by Mr. Skeet 11/14/05  
     No it means to "Blow your load" they say it in the song laffy taffy just listen to it when... by NateDogg 12/29/05  
     NO I heard skeet on the Laffy Taffy song"YOU MADE IT SKEET SKEET SKEET LIKE A WATER HOEZ"... by LIL 1/8/2006  
     Itmean I am in trouble because I'm looking this up on a school computer that I should have... by chris guilliams 1/9/2006  
     Skeet skeet skeet means to " hey Biznitch, imz is gonna facking Sploodge alls over dem der... by Mr Bigalo 1/14/2006  
     skeet skeet on your pooh hole by jea 2/15/2006  
     now we know what it means my husband wont sing that song to my son. by claire 3/12/2006  
     now we know what it means my husband wont sing that song to my son. were in the uk and... by claire 3/12/2006  
     skeet is a word that Anthony wade made up and sent it to Dave chepelle he announced it on... by harlemkid 4/8/2006  
     lol skeet.. um... gee its when valon starts skeetin all over the place without noticing by jazzyfizzle 6/10/2006  
     it means to look and yell out loud "penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis... by penis 7/2/2006  
     skeet skeet means to cumm on a girl's face by lee 7/24/2006  
     skeet=cum on a girls face. it's that simple. :D add me on myspace. www.myspace... by kaatye. 10/20/2006  
     hey i dont know but what does it mean when a guy sends you a email saying youve just been... by countrygrlnmbr1 11/6/2006  
     skeet –verb (used with object) Southern U.S. and British Dialect 1. to spit (saliva or... by 11/18/2006  
     skeet means when your spraying the water hoses at something or somoebody duh! by eve 3/9/2007  
     you really should skeet in your mouth or your mom's mom by skeet master 5/15/2007  
     Oh my god, what have I done?! haha! -peace by Confused White Dude 6/2/2007  
     skeet means to skeet by nickname 7/11/2007  
I have a 4 year old cat who vomits after eating. We have changed her diet several times.... by Debbie10/1/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     2/13/04 My cat has the same exact thing. So I tried to do this.It works for my cat. ... by Zoya Jouravska2/13/04  
     my cat did this and died by poopy 9/23/04  
     You're not feeding her enough. She doesn't know you're going to feed her. Free-feed her... by Erin 2/5/05  
     My cat is doing the same thing. I feed her Science Diet Senior Hairball Formula (it does... by Tamiko 5/26/05  
     Our 2 cats have always been weird about food. I'm not sure what it is, but the food bowl... by Tamiko 8/16/05  
     This worked for me. dont feed them for a while. they will eat a penutbutter and jelly... by jo mama 9/13/05  
     This worked for me. dont feed them for a while. they will eat a penutbutter and jelly... by jo mama 9/13/05  
     Debbie I have a vomiting cat with the exact same symptoms. Please let me know if you... by danette 6/2/2007  
I have heard that Prince is an excellent basketball player, in fact I heard that was... by Iven4/4/04 General Prince/O(+> Frequently-Asked Questions
     No, The fact of the matter is that although Prince is a musical genius, he is small ... by J. Piles5/4/04  
     On the Dave Chappelle Show (Comedy Central) they did a skit about how Prince kicked a** on... by Jennifer5/12/04  
     Actually the story is true, but the isnt about them wearing their stage stuff isnt. I read... by Curtis 9/23/04  
     that was funny and I think its true that he can play b ball by lillou 9/29/04  
     I will slam Prince back to his former name. Stick to singing and dancing. by fley91362 5/17/05  
     ok this is a proposition. someone actually go find out how good prince is at basketball. i... by agnocentric 2/5/2006  
     Kevin Smith, ( dogma, Jay and silent bob, Clerks), did a biography on prince. It is true,... by sam 3/20/2006  
     Yes he was recruited by several colleges to play basketball but end up going into music... by Murdock 3/27/2006  
     I heard that he was a good high school basketball player that was recruited to play... by patrick 8/9/2006  
     Piles, so, ever hear of Spud Webb? by Don Hersey 11/28/2006  
     I've heard reports from lawyers that work closely with First Avenue, a famous concert... by Mike 7/8/2007  
how much does a puppy cost? by suzie9/30/03 rec.pets.dogs: Italian Greyhound Breed-FAQ
     You HAVE to give more information than that. A dog can range from free to several... by tanisha1/2/04  
     I want a puppy that is brown and cuit by Azizul 4/1/2006  
     Where is my puppy by Azizul 4/18/2006  
     fghgfhfghghfghfghfghghfhffghfhf by mnmbnm 7/6/2006  
     you fast at that. by cookie 5/3/2007  
Is it possible for someone to dream something then have it become real in real life? Like... by Rayne7/12/03 Dreams FAQ Pt.1/4: General Information, dream interpretation
     It is only because people always dream of their future's to see what will... by rubberts7/25/03  
     Yes; it's a natural human ability as are sight, hearing, etc. by yyy8/1/03  
     Yes I belive it is true that you can have a dream nd then find out that what you dremt... by Tullip 11/23/04  
     I had a friend whom I havent seen in three year's, one night i had a dream that he had... by amanda k. 1/27/05  
     yeah well whatever i don't know about that but i had a question. I heard about this thing... by blahblahblah 3/20/05  
     yes i think that it is possible for ppl to read there dreams i do it all of the tiem by ppl 7/5/05  
     I believe it is possible, because my ex used to tell me that he dreamed about me when he... by Luna 1/13/2007  
i want the model jordan real name katie price personal e mail address by onnie1/11/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     Go to by Jimmy1/27/04  
     do you like men by bambino2/4/04  
     I would like to become a model for Jordan I a Senior at Benton Harbor high School. by rita2/6/04  
     i´luv wonderful katie you must to ´be know that i´m sitting in the suitcase but ............. by sukram2/10/04  
     how are you by debo2/10/04  
     do you have any tips on being a topless model what are the bad and good points? by smithy2/13/04  
     I would really luv to become a topless model!! What is the main thing you need? by Hunny Bunny2/17/04  
     A good rack and a smile. by GQ Delux2/26/04  
     hi! im 14 and was just wondering how i could start modeling! im always being told i have... by mely3/4/04  
     I would really love to be a topless model i think katie is so great i would love to be... by CHICK 8/25/04  
     would anyone like to buy me boobs like jordon? by goddess fantasia 12/4/04  
     Who are you people talking to? do you think Jordan is going to read these comments? you... by KappaTau05 12/13/04  
     i want to be jordan.a luv her to bits a wanna do glamour and topless modelling so wot do a... by niks 12/15/04  
     i have been told i look like jordan 2 i have big boobs 34E so do u think i have any chance... by holly 12/21/04  
     i want 2 b a topless model I'm bus tie they are natural 2 please help or contact me.... by ness 1/17/05  
     hi i was just 2 know how i can get me and my 2 sons in 2 modeling i am 20 fem and mt... by michelle 1/25/05  
     Hiya, i really wanna get into modelling, id like 2 b like jordan and do glamour nd... by Summer 2/8/05  
     i reeeeeeeeeeeelly wanna be a glamour model since i was 10 and i av bn told i av potential... by nikki aka pornstar 2/14/05  
     jordan how do u get into modilling for children im 10 and i love to do that for a living... by lauren 2/27/05  
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     i would like to be a pornstar and i have the best body n love modeling im not afraid to... by Hooters 2/27/2006  
     My name is Sarah and I am a real...let me reiterate..REAL industry model scout. I have... by IndustrySct 3/1/2006  
     i am a huge katie price fan and would just luv to recieve an email from her just to say hi... by Laura 3/21/2006  
     i would love to be a topless modle but i just don't no where to start ? would you be able... by jemm 7/6/2006  
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     i'm lookin for young models 18+ but under 20 with a curved body and nice and full figure.... by model scout 4/24/2007  
     enlargment by dgenforcer13/16/04  
     I not only have had the surgery, I work at the clinic. I am very satisfied, and am happy... by Greg3/22/04  
     Greg, where can I contact you with Tony by BamBamCA4/12/04  
     what is the price range for this by balla4/13/04  
     my boyfriend want penis enlargement and needs to know what is going rate for penis... by terri5/22/04  
     Dont take the plunge!!! Surgery is NOT the answer. by Shinobi5/27/04  
     I would like the price range and any side effects that could occur. by porkchop 10/4/04  
     i too have had the surgery and am very please, i wanted to go as big as possible, after... by holymoly 3/12/05  
     how much mor can you make it longer and wider and does the female enjoy it by jiame 12/7/05  
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     how much it cost? Does it work? How long it heal up? by quang 2/25/2006  
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     Find products for penis enlargement like penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement... by Penis Enlargement 3/17/2006  
     dos enybody knows any surgeon for penis enlargement surgery in texas ??? please imailme at... by Gino 11/25/2006  
     Penis enlargement pills are supplements designed to improve every aspect of a man's sexual... by savicevici 12/18/2006  
     is fatter better than longer? by pipi 3/6/2007  
     can someone anwser this question already? by bk 7/20/2007  
What is the price range for a French Bulldog puppy? by Pat8/1/03 rec.pets.dogs: French Bulldogs Breed-FAQ
     fifteen hundred dollars by paula8/7/03  
     Go to a shelter. Get another type of dog. Mutts have much fewer health problems. Save a... by Mrs. Roth12/20/03  
     25 hundred dollars. They are makeing the big bucks by sweetie1/25/04  
     Frenchies are amazing dogs. Well worth the expense. It costs the same to feed somebody... by frenchie2/1/04  
     dogs are alot by dog person66655556794/25/04  
     Cheeper than an un-aborted baby. by PuppiesNotPeople5/10/04  
     £800 odd pound back in england but if their something u want its worth the money. But they... by dannik 7/25/2006  
     French Bulldogs have a price range of $1500 to $2500 if they're a purebred.But French Pugs... by dilereous 1/1/2007  
     does it matter? your helping a puppy have a good life by bnk922 7/4/2007  
what is a reasonable price for a female full bread chihuahua? by Ashley4/19/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     A pure bred chihuahua female can run anywhere from $200 to over $500. A show-quality dog... by chimama4/19/04  
     you have gottab crazy!!!!! good dogs but not rich sorry!!!!!!! by SaBrInA  8/3/04  
     Once again... a chihuahua shouldn't be purchased for that low of an amount... do now trust... by Liz01 1/17/2006  
     I have a 1 1/2 year old female teacup chihuahua and wanted to know if she could mate with... by christina 5/16/2006  
     The smaller the puppy, i have noticed the higher the price....I honestly feel it shouldn't... by dichihuahua 7/17/2006  
     How much does a chihuahua puppy cost each month including: eating, insurance, etc. by Michelle 8/7/2006  
     if i were to buy a short haired teacup chihuahua how much would it cost me? by baby cakes 12/2/2006  
     I am buying a Chihuahuas i was wondering how long the breeding process takes. The dog... by K.LA 2/20/2007  
     $500-$1000 by mike 6/5/2007  
     if your buying from a pet store they usually are all about 1,00 dollers. female are more... by desparate for a chihuahua 6/7/2007  
where do quakers worship? by yo yo7/8/03 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
     In their heart. by Mystical Ranter12/26/03  
     Where ever thee finds thee. by Hutcher4/15/04  
     Don't they worship in plain hardly decorated halls or buildings, with just a table wit a... by F.R.I.E.N.D.S rules 11/1/04  
     Quakers worship in houses called meeting houses by hghk 11/30/04  
     deep down in them some where they find love by sxc han 9/17/2006  
Where can i get a teacup yorkie for $500 or less by Twizzler5/23/04 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     I wouldn't want one that was 500... that's way below the going rate by sasha5/24/04  
     Considering buying a pup from (Jeff Dane)? Consider the facts... by Ben6/10/04  
     We bought a dog a year ago from Jeff. My daughters yorkie pup died last year from another... by lbear6/19/04  
     Well maybe the reason she wants to buy one for 500 or less is becuz SHE CANT AFFORD IT!!!!... by MrsBrown0912@aol.com6/29/04  
     Jeff Dane was busted by the AKC , yes he is a hay seed mill breeder, and the AKC is not... by mitchell3131@htomail.com7/1/04  
     i wouldnt want a yorkie that costs 500 dollars or less because that means its a bad puppy ... by animalover7/21/04  
     "Well maybe the reason she wants to buy one for 500 or less is becuz SHE CANT AFFORD... by saxmfone1 8/9/04  
     I purchased a yorkie from Jeff and have been nothing less than happy with the way he has... by 8/10/04  
     you guys are all crazy LOL...except for Mrs Brown, you actually have a head on your... by Darla 8/15/04  
     Please understand that there is no such thing as a teacup Yorkie. The ideal weight for a... by yorkieowner 8/26/04  
     I'm looking to purchase a Yorkie and have been doing research on-line. I wouldn't... by York Town 9/2/04  
     You really can't find a healthy yorkie for $500, it's difficult to find a healthy pup for... by Yorkie Mom 9/25/04  
     There is no such thing as "teacups." It's just a marketing ploy by some "breeders" to mark... by Jenna 9/27/04  
     I work with a dog breeder, and the problem is simple- Dog pricing goes by the simple rules... by Wantayorkie 9/27/04  
     home | pay | register | sign out | services | site map Advanced Search ... by Ben 10/3/04  
     I just received an email from Jeff. Take a look! Is this somebody YOU want to take a... by Ben 10/3/04  
     I couldn't agree with the comments about JefF Dane more!!! Anyone that calls for just... by luvmy dog 10/10/04  
     I purchased a puppy from Jeff and he arrived on Sunday very sick. I have already had to... by Bonnie 10/11/04  
     that's not true..i bought a dog for $1500 and it died 2 weeks later from problems. i dont... by pinklorine 10/20/04  
     Ben & lbear & anyone else who has had a bad experience with Jeff Dane of,... by 10/28/04  
     I disagree with some of you, just because something is cheap does NOT mean it is of low... by Kathleen 11/10/04  
     I know it has been a while since anyone has responded, you may have bought a yorkie by... by YorkieLove 11/13/04  
     I think that some people think that you have to pay a lot to get something good. And I am... by Audra 12/27/04  
     Jeff Dane is everything bad and nothing good. Crook comes to mind when I hear his name. ... by Dee Dee 12/30/04  
     Buyer beware! I have gotten many emails asking for help with a breeder named Jan... by Ben 1/13/05  
     Jeff, Just when you think you have heard it all, something as amazing as the tiny... by Dee Dee 1/30/05  
     Media Release Mi Kim Feldman & Getz, LLP 155 NW 167th Street (305) 770-0003 ... by Media Release 1/30/05  
     Jeff Dane was not busted by the AKC, he still sells AKC pups on his web sites! by glen 1/31/05  
     listen Mrs brown if u cant afford expensive things ..dont waste ppls time. u made yourself... by yorkielover 2/3/05  
     I have researched "teacup" pups and I have found that they have a higher risk for medical... by D 2/8/05  
     I am also looking for a teacup yorkie around that price range. If you had any luck finding... by Brittney 2/8/05  
     Thanks for the head's up..I was planning to buy a yorkie from Jeff. But after reading... by nono 3/15/05  
     There are MANY good breeders out there. I don't personally know of anyone who sells any... by Yorkie Lover 3/17/05  
     Just because you actually pay a resonable price for one doesn't mean its a "bad puppy".... by hateretardedpeople 3/24/05  
     I know paying more for a yorkie puppy is insuring you get a quality dog free of sickness... by Chris 3/24/05  
     Jeff Dane is everything these people say and more...all bad! Do not buy anything,... by DEE DEE 3/29/05  
     animalover, are you saying that all dogs that are inexpensive or free are, as you put it,... by doglover 3/29/05  
     My boyfriend called Jeff and we were going to buy Bart but the guy was rude. by Carissa 4/2/05  
     The reason that the smaller Yorkies are so much money is it cost alot to breed them. They... by Yorkies 4me 4/3/05  
     please if anyone want a yorkie puppy and see a add about a woman name lilian in camerron i... by yaumara 4/4/05  
     how does the price of a dog tell me if the breeder is a good one or not. maby there are... by bikemech77 4/11/05  
     shut up by pop 4/25/05  
     You are a retart by R'2D'2 5/8/05  
     i dont think it nesseslary a bad yorkie if it cost $500 a yorkie has its own personality... by brianna 5/16/05  
     people think that buying a puppy at a pet shop is going to be less expensive, as long as... by Jax 5/16/05  
     It is sad that this Jeff guy thought that he could turn his farm into a much more... by DeDe 5/17/05  
     Well personally I have found an excellent breeder here in IL that charges only $500 for a... by tru2myart 6/5/05  
     if i get a dog this will be my first ever! the onley dog my mom wants is a teacup yorkie!... by animalluv 6/8/05  
     I can't believe people don't get over the breed and the purity and go to a local shelter... by none 6/13/05  
     I believe the private breeders think they are gods gift to yorkies and they aren't lining... by yorkie mom 6/17/05  
     I want the same as the other girl. I'm a complete pet lover and these pets are like my... by Angela 6/17/05  
     who is this Jeff guy??? is he the one from fabulous puppies and kittens in Boca RAton???..... by gaby 6/26/05  
     i would want a yorkie for $500 and less so i can afford it by teacup_yorkie_luver<3 7/5/05  
     The above responses and comments are over a year old. Check out his web site now. I have... by DEE DEE 7/31/05  
     Jeff Dane is a crook! After the sale, he cares not about you, or your puppy; especially... by Dee Dee 8/7/05  
     I am also looking for a teacup yorkie, I am able to provide a loving home and care for a... by Doglover4ever10 8/11/05  
     Please do your research, ask plenty of questions go and see parents when ever you go and... by Goldie 8/16/05  
     Go to and you can find some pups there for under $500. It is funny how... by bridun 8/17/05  
     Go to and you can find some pups there for under $500. It is funny how... by bridun 8/17/05  
     I think the people who post that a $500 yorkie is a bad yorkie must be breeders that want... by Yorkie Lover  8/23/05  
     You don't have to get a pure breed with papers. You can get a really adorable pure breed... by Kanoe 9/4/05  
     Its hard to find an "it" puppy for cheap, due to some breeders being extremely greedy and... by snobby 9/8/05  
     I have read all these statements. I too purchased a puppy from (Jeff)... by Nikki 9/18/05  
     sorry animalover! but a dogs goodness is not based on its' price, one of the best cattle... by farm girl 9/26/05  
     Most people are very uneducated when it comes to the topic of teacup breeds. First off,... by UNknown 10/4/05  
     i think you guys{some of you}deserve your money back.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !... by tinkerbell 10/10/05  
     okay wow. . .if you get a puppy for under 500 dollars it doesnt not mean it is a bad puppy... by Lovesthepups 10/12/05  
     um mm! Well you have to treat your dogs with good care at all times they will be sad if... by Soccergirl01 10/15/05  
     I am looking for a reasonable priced Teacup Yorky. I would like to find a female for less... by BarbieFly821 10/23/05  
     iughiltugiu;iu g'bbboiug bhd folkuyiugoufuyf fuyiugiugiuggiu 2089... by ljhgljggvu 10/25/05  
     Oh well, all I have to say is that if a Yorkie puppy costs over $1,000 then it's been well... by Ms. Keri 10/26/05  
     your all crazy! so freaking crazy! by crazy 11/11/05  
     how do I know when I'm potentially talking to a bad breeder? by Dee 11/11/05  
     I think it is sad the price of these puppies. Seriously - a single mom can only do so... by littlemama 11/17/05  
     Just because you pay a lower price DOES NOT mean you are getting a bad puppy. I paid $350... by yorKeytoHappiness 11/22/05  
     if anyone knows where i can get a teacup yorkie with shipping for less than $500 please... by fi0312 11/23/05  
     guys guys guys.... puppys are puppys.. its peope who put prices on them... u can take a... by libbs 11/23/05  
     wow, do u people not have anything better to do than sit and argue over dogs??? by bella 11/24/05  
     I know where to find a yorkshire terrier (male, I'm not sure about female costs) that cost... by Kari_Hoffman 11/24/05  
     I know where to find a yorkie (male, I'm not sure about female costs) that cost $500, here... by Kari_Hoffman 11/24/05  
     I just stumbled on to this site and I must say that I can appreciate everyone's opinion... by Macy123 11/26/05  
     Basically about 9 years ago i got a Yorkie for free. it was from a family friend and a... by RIP Tawney 12/5/05  
     I would love to have a yorkie puppy too and just because a puppy doesnt cost 1000 dollars... by chelsee 12/18/05  
     I too bought a puppy from jeff dane, she was 5 months old, I ask how much she weighed he... by karen 12/19/05  
     I am interested in buying a teacup yorkie and willing to pay the fee, but i am from NY and... by melissa 12/21/05  
     Almost 2 years ago my family and I purchased a little yorkie baby (8 weeks) from the... by Ikesgal 12/30/05  
     If you live in America, you can get a good deal by buying a yorkie from Canada. The... by krissy 1/1/2006  
     I totally agree with by shotti06 1/4/2006  
     erghrtswrtbh by dfgdrtgh 1/5/2006  
     Well i know i have wanted a yorkie since i was little and today i still haven't got one... by jamie 1/11/2006  
     No puppy is a bad puppy....if that's how you ppl think then maybe you guys aren't cut out... by Jess 1/17/2006  
     Just because a puppy doesn't cost you your first born, does not mean it isn't a good... by Heather 1/19/2006  
     You people that say if it not expensive then it is NOT a good dog? Are you completely... by animal lover 2/8/2006  
     why doesn't someone stop this jeff dane guy if he's selling unhealthy puppies? isn't that... by Tizzy 2/14/2006  
     I'd try a cheap Chinese restaurant. by noodlecake 2/20/2006  
     My mother bought a little yorkie girl from Jeff Dane back in October 2005 for me. The... by kkdamery 2/26/2006  
     If it costs less than $500 dollars it's a bad puppy???!!!!!!! Are you kidding? The best... by k.l. 3/2/2006  
     Hya can any one tell me were a cute minature,teacup i live in britian and i can only seem... by Yorkie-Luver 3/5/2006  
     I wish I could afford a Teacup Yorkie for my wife. But like some people I am disabled, and... by Pops 3/6/2006  
     Jeff loves his money. He getsroyalties from a transfer case that he invented for those... by Red 3/9/2006  
     500 is too cheap...maybe 900 at least and that would be an awesome sure to... by crissy 3/15/2006  
     wow great info I was going to buy one from him they look so gorgeous but i will think... by Theresa 3/18/2006  
     I think not everyone is not looking to bread but would like to give a loving home and it... by kody 3/28/2006  
     Hello my name is Monica and i have a young daughter named Cassandra who is in need of a... by monica 4/9/2006  
     there is a breeder by the name of wood sand, he has a thick foreign accent. he stole... by rn reen 4/11/2006  
     i think even if they are under 500 dollars they are good.they are best if they are 100... by hotcourt 4/22/2006  
     i think even if they are under 500 dollars they are good.they are best if they are 100... by 4/22/2006  
     i think even if they are under 500 dollars they are good.they are best if they are 100... by 4/22/2006  
     if any one finds a cheap place for puppies please let me know at mommey01 at by anime83 4/25/2006  
     a dog under 500 dollars does that mean that it's a bad dog. some of the best dogs might... by doggie lover 5/10/2006  
     i was amazed to read all the feedback on the breeder that sells sick puppies. I thank you... by liz 5/15/2006  
     Don't trust anyone from the internet with a teacup yorkie costing less than 3000. Most are... by Jen~doggie~ 5/19/2006  
     Have any of you people ever thought about going through a rescue group or anything like... by chelsea 5/21/2006  
     hsgdlsjfasdfjkl;asdfjknl by shak 5/23/2006  
     Being a senior citizen I cannot afford an expensive dog but would like the companionship... by Fixed Income 5/28/2006  
     i wanted a teacup yorkie too.. and i would like one that's cheap.. any one find out any... by starviolet 6/3/2006  
     I had an aunt that raised high quality dogs. Sometimes she had a puppy that had a flaw, it... by ouBrat 6/8/2006  
     omg animallover what a cruel thing to say ! just because a puppy costs less doesn`t mean... by missxlush 6/9/2006  
     Just because a puppy is not expensive dosent mean that it is a bad puppy maby some one... by Ash 6/9/2006  
     I have wanted a teacup yorkie for a little over a year now and just cant seem to find the... by Kayla 6/9/2006  
     No reputable breeder would specify their puppies as "teacups" and he priced them 1000 to... by blah 6/15/2006  
     I have to totally agree w/mrsbrown0912. I have a family, I work and pay my bills and put... by mrsreason 6/17/2006  
     Yorkies aren't all expensive. These Puppies and dogs are now really popular and more... by allyteacup 6/19/2006  
     are you seriouse.....yourkies are like 1,500 and if you get one 500 or less then something... by Jasmine 6/25/2006  
     I came across Jeffs site a few days ago, I have been looking at his teacup yorkies and... by yorkie 6/30/2006  
     well yes it might be a bad pup but it might not, and u have to admit the puppy prices... by sittboy777 7/4/2006  
     i want a teacup yorkie in the worst way. my friend had one that i dog-sat for, and... by foxy 7/11/2006  
     I myself is looking for a yorkie pup for the lowest price possible (below 500 too.) I... by Brenda 7/15/2006  
     i went to next day and bought a so called tea cup from barbara moffit and found... by goldngyrl7 7/18/2006  
     I wish I knew where to get a Yorkie that cheap and healthy. I could provide a loving home... by 7/19/2006  
     I am just a 11 year old and understand most of this already but i have a question that i... by 7/26/2006  
     I think that if the breeders truly cared about the dogs, they wouldn't feel the need to... by esaejan 7/28/2006  
     If you can't afford to pay for your puppy, then you CANT afford one. It's not just the... by spaztik2 7/31/2006  
     we got our yorkie for 450 dollars. She is perfect. No helth problems and everything is... by yorkielover 7/31/2006  
     we got our yorkie for 450 dollars. She is perfect. No helth problems and everything is... by gucci2 7/31/2006  
     My Yorkie was under 500 dollars and is smarter, cuter and more well behaved than any other... by justie 8/5/2006  
     "animalover: i wouldnt want a yorkie that costs 500 dollars or less because that means its... by 8/9/2006  
     he is the worst breeder in me ... my yorkie died in less then 1 year and i miss... by nvnn 8/10/2006  
     where can i find a yorkie under 300$? by Melissa 8/28/2006  
     Puppy mills are a bad idea if you want an intelligent, healthy animal. Those animals are... by Over50AndStillLearning 8/29/2006  
     lol.u guys act as if all dogs are Shi* unless they are above 500$, thats not true. by yorkie 9/2/2006  
     I would like to comment on the pricing also. I do think it is ridiculous that people... by catwtsn 9/14/2006  
     I have poodle breeding experience.. and toy poodles too! Normally a pup that inexpensive... by Savanna 9/21/2006  
     Just because you pay less for a puppy doesn't make it a bad dog. it makes it a cheap dog.... by dani 9/28/2006  
     First of all a yorkie at 500 can be just as healthy as a yorkie at 1500. Another fact... by lillianna 10/9/2006  
     The reason reputable breeders don't sell their yorkie pups for $500 ..... teacup or... by PNPP 10/16/2006  
     i dont know if i want a puppy for $500 or less because it might not be as cute or what im... by Shauna 10/16/2006  
     Just cause it cost 500 dollars, does not mean its a bad puppy. These dogs cost a lot and... by Miss Pretty 10/17/2006  
     omg i was just at his site, and my mom said that we should get one off there but thank god... by Lime 10/18/2006  
     If you find an answer would you please let me know? by Dee Dee 10/20/2006  
     If your selling puppies then take pictures of them when they are just being puppies not... by shut-up2006 10/27/2006  
     If you want a dog for 500$ or less, than don't get a yorkie. A 500 yorkie is probably bad... by Huh? 10/28/2006  
     Jeff is a meanie!! by alex 11/5/2006  
     I would like to get one for my daughter but too much $$$$$ by bobbi6887 11/6/2006  
     I am so glad I stumble onto this page.... I was just about to get a puppy from Jeff... by stormg 11/14/2006  
     Mrs. Brown, you are very right. My family can not afford a $1,000 dog!!! I want a GOOD... by Allie 11/16/2006  
At what age do Golden puppies loose their baby teeth please? by Sheila11/6/03 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     my golden is 6 months and she has lost all of her teeth, and her new ones are completely... by courtney2/11/04  
     Not soon enough. They are like razors, scars to prove it. Hang in there, I kept her last... by Kelsey Ann's Mom2/21/04  
     my chocolate lab is 5 months and just lost her bottom canine tooth.the canine teeth are... by lauren4/4/04  
     i just had 3 chihuahua pups last night!! she was well bred & i just wanted to share my... by thechooch 2/9/2006  
     My dog is 3 months old is that to young for him to start to lose his teeth? by Tara 4/13/2006  
     My little yorkie mix is 4 1/2 months old and is already loosing her baby teeth. by sherry 7/23/2006  
     i think that they do by lilbug 9/10/2006  
     my dog like puuuuuuuusy by poopsy 3/1/2007  
     my chocolate lab is 4 months this tuesday and she has all ready lost 4 or 5 front teeth.... by narf90 5/12/2007  
     my 10 week old retriever has teeth like razors- can't wait meanwhile I am giving him... by sally 5/29/2007  
what is the cause of CANCER by mj331920037/17/03 Cancer - Online Information Sources FAQ
     cancer causes diffrent things it can be the person's lifestyle, smoking and transfer of... by khan10/28/03  
     Cancer is caused by an uncontrollable cell growth. If scientists knew the exact cause of... by Biochemist1011/20/04  
     Cancer is caused by the consistent exposure of the body to unnatural substances or when... by robin2/12/04  
     Dont listen to the last one about meat.its not worth its.....the key is EVERYTHING IN... by I hate Vegans6/17/04  
     If you want to prevent cancer there is no use in becoming an organic vegetarian because... by mer 8/4/05  
     I think cancer may be caused by smoking or unhealthy eating. I also have heard that... by Zamiesha 5/6/2006  
     Getting kicked in the nuts to many times. by jacknut 10/18/2006  
     smocking cause cancer believe it or not. dont do it hust say noooo! by la kiya 12/8/2006  
The 1990 chrysler fifth avenue new yorker engine shuts down without any symptoms. All... by yoin9/17/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     i had same problem engine would just shut off,it turned out to be the pick up is... by tom9519/18/03  
     I had same problem and it was the in-tank fuel pump. by xx11/6/03  
     I have had that problem also and it was the pick-up coil. I also had to replace the... by Lisa12/21/03  
     my car did this and the problem was the crank case censor by Steve1/7/04  
     I forced my Grandma in 1985 to buy a 1995 New Yorker Turbo FULLY LOADED. The car has every... by Sauby261/16/04  
     From experience, I say #1 - fuel pump, #2 electronic pickup. If the car is 3 years old,... by happylada2/13/04  
     my car is a 1990 chrysler new yorker 5th car was showing on the gages check... by kate 12/16/04  
     Mine was the in-tank fuel pump. by DJA 12/22/04  
     First analyze the problem by starting the engine, and wiggle the wiring loom that goes... by ddk-cls 2/19/05  
     I bought a 1990 fifth ave from my dad's friend. It runs great and all but i was wondering... by centurykid 10/4/05  
     My bright and dime headlamps will begin to intermittantly flash on and off when the high... by Brian Frame 10/13/05  
     i had the same/similar problem while i was driving from houston to cali.mine is equipped... by CarGuy22 7/1/2006  
how long is a jack russell pregnant for? by denise1/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     All dogs are pregnant for 63 days. by MJ1/16/04  
     Actually they are pregnant from 58-66 days. 63 is the average. any thing over that time... by Tanisha1/18/04  
     all dogs are pregnant for 1 million years by liam 2/6/04  
     My Jack Russell just had 2 puppies. She delivered her pups on the 59th day. It was here... by GiGi4/13/04  
     all dogs are pregnant for 13 years 9 months 5 days 17 minutes and 35 seconds by Bronwen6/2/04  
     this isnt really a answer its more of a question, my Jack Russell female is 7months old... by Lollipop6/10/04  
     hi, my jack russell is 9 months old and she is on her 54th day. will she have trouble... by camel 8/20/04  
     yeah go ahead I am breeding my Jack and she is 2 years old. She has already had pups and... by cbizzel 4/27/05  
     My Jack russell had puppies 2 weeks ago and they were all born dead. Do dogs go through... by Lee 6/3/05  
     mine was pregnant for 2 weeks and gave birth to 8 puppies,,they all died but!,,,but i saw... by jack 7/27/05  
     my dog is pregnant i think she has like 9 days left, but i dunno.... by Kristi 8/24/05  
     my dogs gone dead fat and lazy but i dont know if she is pregnant can you give me some... by ryan 11/11/05  
     you can never get a pure breed jack russell. They are all mungrels and thats why you can... by kay 1/5/2006  
     Dogs have lots of sex!!!!!!! And they are Horny! They get pregnant and pop out babies... by JoJo 4/10/2006  
     All dogs are pregnant for thirty four years, 8 months, 4 days, 52 hours and 81 seconds by Viv 4/13/2006  
     I have a 6 month old female jack Russell and I would like to know how can I tell if she's... by morena 8/4/2006  
     my jack Russell terrier is acting very strange i think she is preg but i am not sure can... by honey 10/2/2006  
     My jack russell is nearly 3 and has just got pregnant, this is her first litter and i am... by SAZ 1/8/2007  
     we just bred our jack Russell with another both purebred unregistered and I can sell them... by sandi420 2/24/2007  
     my female jack russell is on heat right now she his a short legged russell by my male jack... by mart 3/7/2007  
     My Jack Russel was pregnant for 64 days, then she had 5 puppies but the first 1 died, its... by steven 5/26/2007  
I have a horizontal hood piercing and I am 8 1/2 months pregnant. The docs tell me I... by hoodie7/21/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     If it's a horizontal piercing I'm assuming you have a captive ring (a hoop going into to... by Crash8/10/03  
     It is much more easy to remove it than using a tool. If you have the hoop that goes into... by Venus9/18/03  
     you don't need a tool... hold the ring.. and pull the ball out.... it may hurt your hood a... by Jenna10/21/03  
     ask your doctor why they feel it is so necesary to remove the piercing--it is usually for... by hoodie girl too11/11/03  
     I dont think that you need to remove it for birth, i have had my'nfor 2 1/2 years and... by pink bits12/30/03  
     not from my experience, but from my moms... when she gave birth to me, she said i tore her... by milkchokolate-shawty6/25/04  
     I gave birth to my daughter on July 8th 2003. The whole time I was pregnant the ob/gyn'ske... by Jenni 9/9/04  
     hi i have had my piercing for almost a year now.. and i need to go and get an x-ray done... by shellystar69 1/6/05  
     I don't know how you could ever tear up to your clit considering there is so much other... by pierced chick 8/26/05  
     I just had my baby 4 weeks ago and i tore my clitoris and labia, so i think it would be... by tlc 2/4/2006  
     milkchokolate-shawty your mum is pulling your leg. you dont rip upwards as your urethra is... by Elle 6/1/2006  
Around how much does a laser tattoo removal cost? by traviesa2/2/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     It varies from doctor to doctor, but it generally ranges somewhere between $125-$200 PER... by anon2/11/04  
     It really depends on the type of the laser and each clinic varies as well. I found $300... by Roxy3/23/04  
     well i have 6 tattoos being removed and i go every 6 weeks. i pay 200 a docter visit and... by ryan3/25/04  
     I have one large tattoo about 4 inches in length and 4 inches in width on my back. It cost... by Susan5/13/04  
     I have a tattoo that I would like to have removed. Does anyone know of a good clinical in... by Jill6/7/04  
     There's a little old place right on the west side of the Purchase, it's called "GETTHO... by TAT MAN7/15/04  
     I have a question for Ryan. I was wondering if you know how much it would cost to have a... by Amamda 9/15/04  
     You people are getting raped. Here in South Florida the prices are light years better. I... by marccram 10/19/04  
     I have a small tattoo on my hip (about 1-1 1/2 inch) and I was wondering how much it would... by Mo 6/19/05  
     i have a tattoo about an inch by and inch. I was told it would be around $300 a session... by AnS2005 7/11/05  
     I recently heard of TCA (trichloroacetic acid) its a skin peel used to reduce fine lines... by abby 7/12/05  
     I have singlehandedly pioneered the newest and most effective form of permanent tattoo... by Doctor Jekyll 7/30/05  
     I have a tat that i would like to get ride of. I'm from nyc and I dont want to pay a lot... by bunnyrabbit 8/12/05  
     I live in Port Saint Lucie, FL. I need a tatto removed from my earlobe. Two tiny flowers,... by Christine 8/17/05  
     I just went in for my first tattoo removal treatment yesterday, it cost me 150.00 to have... by vernautica 10/5/05  
     Look in the phone book, LASERDERM. in baton rouge. by k bye 10/9/05  
     Hey I have three tattoos, one small on the shoulder and one medium on the stomach and one... by aheadon 11/25/05  
     Does anyone know a good tattoo removal place in Michigan? Also, has anyone had a tattoo... by Jillian 11/28/05  
     I have a tribal tattoo on my forearm thats all blue with black outline, its about 6 inches... by afieverknown 12/4/05  
     I have been having 3 tats removed - 1 is home-made, 1 is half home-made half professional,... by sean 12/28/05  
     I live in Las Vegas, NV. Does any body know of a very good clinical here. I'm looking to... by cheza 1/8/2006  
     My tattoo's as small as a dice, the ink is black, and it's already a little faded cause... by Lorie 1/30/2006  
     hi i live in Thailand and i have a huge tattoo (Length: 12inch Width: 4inch) on my arm... by tt 2/26/2006  
     i have two tattoos on my hands that are gang related. is there any free removals for... by Ruthie 3/14/2006  
     i think people are dumb that have tattoos why do it?? by jenn 4/10/2006  
     I have a tattoo that's circluar in shape, kinda tribal, all black less than a year old,... by Lindsey 4/16/2006  
     how much would it cost for me to get my NOR CAL on my 2 for arms removed and each letter... by Raymond 4/27/2006  
     I'm currently having a tattoo removed and have been through 3 sessions. I go every 6 wks... by Steph 5/12/2006  
     Does anyone know if this tattoo cream "Dermasal" really works? It claims to remove... by cbc1980 7/10/2006  
     I just got my very first tattoo and my boyfriend despises it. Its of a bird with a really... by birdiebigtail 7/13/2006  
     One question, why would you ever want to get a tattoo? It costs so flipping much to... by Mike Bartholemeu 9/25/2006  
     Can anyone tell me where in Louisiana is Ghetto Tattoo Removal located? by Q 9/27/2006  
     The tattoo I want to have removed is 2in wide and 1 1/2 tall on my wrist....all in black... by Teppy 9/27/2006  
     I got 95% of my body tattood and to get them all off it took 7 years and $14,000,000... by Bill 10/1/2006  
     How much do you think it would cost to remove a tattoo that is 3 inches in length and an... by Lauren 10/19/2006  
     i got mine last week.. and i regret it... already... does the time span from when u got it... by rose 11/4/2006  
     Does anyone know of a Tattoo removal place in or around Sacramento? Thanks for you help. by TAT go AWAY 11/17/2006  
     I want to get a small 1" tattoo removed. i was wondering if the bottle tattoo removals... by kay 11/21/2006  
     does any1 know a good tattoo removal clinic in new york. by lostgirl22 1/13/2007  
     I began treatment to remove a tattoo on my back about two weeks ago and have seen a... by joli 1/18/2007  
     I have a star tattoo on my wrist i want gone, i read things about getting it removed like... by Eric 3/8/2007  
     I found a place on Long Island NY called Advanced Dermatology my tattoo is about 2" by 4"... by Joey 3/14/2007  
     I have a entire sleeve on my right arm don't want it completely removed just lightened... by G.L.R. 3/24/2007  
     I'mfrom Rochester new york, and i have a tear on the side of my face how much would you... by durell 4/25/2007  
     i need a tat in the eastern shore area...where should i go? by axe 5/9/2007  
     I work for a laser clinic in NC. We don't charge for consultations, even with our MD or... by hjh_clc 5/18/2007  
     I got a tatoo removed from my neck it was black and red..the red came out with in 5... by Stacey 6/18/2007  
     yeah I live In Cape Girardeau, Missouri does anyone know of anywhere I can get my Tattoo... by Liz 7/15/2007  
I have been in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship for 11 years and am now... by blueyes4311/18/03 Emotional Support on the Internet
     i was in a verbul and phical marrage for 6 years my advice to you is go out as much as... by Lena  1/25/04  
     This isn't really an answer but also a plea for help. My boyfriend and I have been dating... by crazzyinlovewithapsycho3/30/04  
     I have been exactly there. Do you have a friend you can talk to? Someone that is on your... by Beentherebefore!4/18/04  
     The last thing the abuser would admit to, is his refusal to even accept responsibility for... by Neptune 8/16/04  
     The advice I can give you girls out there is to let go off the relationship. You have no... by Milly 9/9/04  
     Help me, I am 29 with 3 kids living with a man who is horrible. We have lived together... by scared2go 9/23/04  
     I'm in a verbally abusive relationship. I saw the signs after living with him the first 6... by Deep Pain 2/21/2006  
     im not sure if it is me..or what i am... by ana 4/17/2006  
     im not sure if it is me..or what i am... by ana 4/17/2006  
     well this is actually a question my aunt is in a relationship that is very abusive in the... by sweetlilangel_6 4/21/2006  
     I read the above posts & seems like everyone is trying to get out of a relationship which... by girl15 6/22/2006  
     I thought i was the one being abused emotionally but it seem like i'm to blame after... by Linki 7/5/2006  
     I was only in an emotionally abusive relationship where he would make promises to me and... by How can I heal? 1/7/2007  
Do Tidus &Yuna ever end up being soul mates??? by Justin2/20/04 FAQ (Part 1 of 3)
     ff10 no but in 10-2 u can at the end off the game yuna and the flowers keep pressing .O. by Fly2/26/04  
     That is something you have to find out in Final Fantasy X-2, but if you must know the... by terra2/27/04  
     yes ithink they will make a lovley couple but dont all girls like tidus cause his cute so... by juls4/10/04  
     yes I need to know by jon5/3/04  
     will Yuna and Tidus will end up together at the end of final fantasy x-2 or at the end of... by Iris 8/8/04  
     hi i want to chat with somebody so can i by bunny2242 10/31/04  
     Duh they are totally ment for each other. Who would not love Tidus he's totally hot. I... by Aaliyah 12/28/04  
     u guys are pathetic?i meen tidus is sweet and everything but seriously,obsessing over a... by youguysarepathetic 1/17/05  
     Yeah. But you must first complete alot of side missions too, besides pressing .o. at the... by Lacy 5/14/05  
     yes they would have if at the end of the game tidus....... well finniest the game and find... by eric 5/16/05  
     Like everybody else said,yes they do become soul mates but you have to beat FFX-2 for the... by Sir Auron 10/5/05  
     yes they do well to me i think so well and everyone else thinks too by shadygirl 4/27/2006  
     yes, tidus and yuna do in the end of ffx-2 get back togther by wakka 17 7/13/2006  
     yes, tidus and yuna do in the end of ffx-2 get back togther tidus would beat anyone and go... by wakka 17 7/13/2006  
     at the end of ff10 when ur at the end screen how do you save ! by bah 5/30/2007  
can anyone tell me how much they paid for their Russian Blue cat? by chris9/23/03 rec.pets.cats: Russian Blue Breed-FAQ
     My daughter paid $5 at an animal shelter. by mark10/27/03  
     Here in New England they seem to be a pretty constant $600 for a pet kitten. by chris2/16/04  
     I got mine for free I was so shocked the lady just wanted to get rid of her,I am not a cat... by missystakes4/20/04  
     We got our Russian Blue free because her owner passed away and the family did not want... by Melissa Psencik5/6/04  
     I found both of mine in my backyard! They are the most beautiful cats I have ever had. by Melissa Rosolia5/30/04  
     I got my kitten for $35 at a shelter she is the prettiest princess I have ever seen!!! by summer7/6/04  
     i got my russian blue for free because they were going to kill it. by holly 12/27/05  
     i paid 1$ for my russian blue and see is so cute and nice by holly 1/3/2006  
     i pade 1,ooo $ for my russian blue and i love her so much. they are relly nice . by holly schuh 1/16/2006  
     I bought 2 Russian blues from a breeder.. $ 550 each. by BILLY 9/30/2006  
     pedigree pet quality excellent bloodlines: 1,250-1500 show quality 1500-2500+ USD by klh 2/1/2007  
     I would like to know where in England can i get a short haired British russian blue from? by Andrea 5/26/2007  
     I looking for Russian blue blue kitty...But i cant find it,all kittens on-line are mix! If... by Marina 5/28/2007  
Does anyone know the history of G.P. Telemann's Viola Concerto in G Major? by Adel8/12/03 FAQ:
     oh my gosh!!! thats exactly what I'mlooking for right this second. i don't know but if u... by violagirl12/30/03  
     hey its me again! i found out a little bit about it: Telemann Concerto in G for Two violas... by violagirl12/30/03  
     do you know anywhere that i can listen to the concerto in G by telemann? i have to do it... by viola_tenor1/31/04  
     You could always ask your private teacher(if you have one) to get a copy for you(I guess).... by viola_boy22/13/04  
     I'm also looking where maybe online I'd be able to listen to the Concerto in G major. Are... by vivaviola063/5/04  
     I found it! by violist3/17/04  
     go to to listen to this music and much more. by teachergirl 9/30/04  
     Hey, I just switched to the viola about a week ago and I'm currently working on the Handel... by Kenji 3/28/05  
     check out link to adam and then the telemann page by craneclassical 4/2/05  
     I might sound dumb but who exactly is this guy and what did he do that was so great?? by help 4/14/05  
     I found some info on telemann. go to This sight even... by ViolaKook 6/17/05  
     i love the viola!!!!!! violas are ace go go go viola!!! xxx by violas are ace!!! 9/13/2006  
     violas are ace by kattheviola 9/27/2006  
I have a old e-mail address with aol and would like to have the e-mail sent to my new... by Robin3/18/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     I'm not familiar with AOL's email policies. You ought to try asking them. If you still... by RandomAngel4/18/04  
     I have an old address with aol and I want to access my address book. How do I do that? by mssonny4/20/04  
     I need my old account back. by YUMABOY4U4/27/04  
     savannah by savannah4/30/04  
     I NEED TO KNOW by ELLBUBB5/2/04  
     would like to access my old account. thank you by deeskidrowe5/15/04  
     Hey I Just recently got married.June 4, 2004!!!! I just want to say...I love you Jul!!!... by Valstylez047/1/04  
     chocolate by Barbara r @aol.com7/15/04  
     I need my old account back! Please by delta 8/6/04  
     I need to find out how to create another email address.Please email me! by Britt 8/12/04  
     i need my address book by willadson87 8/30/04  
     please can I open an aol account by max 9/1/04  
     i need my old e-mail back by belcolette 9/20/04  
     morris by dc 9/20/04  
     I have an old email adress with aol and would like to received mail to my new email... by jeishyelka 10/19/04  
     its good by joe 10/29/04  
     My AOL account was on my estranged husbands account. I would like to make my own account.... by Winyouckton 11/2/04  
     i want to get into my old account,but i can't by nina 12/23/04  
     would like my old aol addresses from my aol address book by Linda 12/26/04  
     need to reactivate e-mail address by jeffrey c cressman sr 1/1/05  
     retrive my email by ainscoe 1/6/05  
     I want to create an additional address for this account. by carmar5127@aol 1/11/05  
     Husband changed my passward to this and I think it is wrong. I was gon for awhile without... by Michelle 1/30/05  
     this is my old address and my new on is by angie 2/8/05  
     i need my old account back by strmparis 3/8/05  
     WHY BOTHER, KEEP THE OLD ONE BE HAPPY by jaime 4/6/05  
     i still have an account & it's still acctive. i want too have my mail transfered to my new... by ray 4/13/05  
     I want my addresses and emails holding transferred from my old aol acct to this new one. by Vicki 5/3/05  
     I would like to add a second e-mail address. The new one is Je2MER. by Jerry 6/25/05  
     old address book by willd1105 7/4/05  
     Can I retrieve my old e-mail from this address? by gstallion36 8/7/05  
     kellyt by Todd Kelly 8/9/05  
     i don know by cesar lozano 8/13/05  
     I would like to have my old e-mail address back it was by cindy 9/5/05  
     day of our live by 9/22/05  
     May I have my old e-mail address presses. by marissa 10/4/05  
     just go to any search -aol email then give your email name,password,even they can retrieve... by carnorm 10/30/05  
     I would like for the "Create an Account or access your existing account" message to not... by John Hemphill 11/18/05  
     I am at my sons and want to put this account on his computer how so I do it? by woodsplitterpal6 11/20/05  
     I cannot access AOL using my screen name anymore. Why was it changed. I can only access it... by Alvin Pollard 12/11/05  
     need too get my e-mail by regina 12/27/05  
     I just cancelled by existing account but need to install a new account as per the 12 month... by Angela Fernicola 12/31/05  
     i would like my old address book and mail by inezbonner 2/20/2006  
     Can I have more than one aol mailing address for members in my family? How do I get er... by STARGATE3217@AOL.COM 3/25/2006  
     move e-mail to by 4/13/2006  
     i have an old account and would like 2 get it back by kernohanm 4/16/2006  
     I want my e-mail address to be by Adrian Blackmon 4/21/2006  
     cool man by Alex 9/29/2006  
     i would like my old mail sent 2 my new mail by 10/14/2006  
     yes i would like to access my old account by marquanna 2/14/2007  
     I have old email account and wish to see if an email is still being sent there by passinghamandrea 7/1/2007  
I HAVE A 1000$ BILL DATED 1840 PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I HAVE by CC8/31/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..your note most likely has serial number 8894 dated Dec. 15 1840 and labeled Bank of... by Pete9/1/03  
     Bring it in the bank but first photocopy it for values. At the bank you can talk to them... by Jane4/10/04  
     I need help also..i have a 1000 dollar can i find out the value by pj 8/17/04  
     what is the value of this 1000 bill dated 1840 by 5/8/05  
     Hi, If the 1000 Dollar bill is rough looking, you should at least travel to a US Mint to... by Bronson 1/7/2006  
     I also have a $1000.00 Confederate Bill. I know that it is authenic (not reproduced) as... by chris1 2/7/2006  
     Thats Cool by Drake 2/17/2006  
     i was told that it was from a cereal box campain/promo in the 50's does any one know... by me 7/26/2006  
     hi ppl by mr hsv 11/13/2006  
i want the procedures to configure a switch by boni6/25/04 Solaris 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1.74
     want the procedures to configure a switch by bijay 6/26/05  
     I have create an account by binnu 2/1/2006  
     vvdgbxcb by gopi 2/5/2006  
     creat new account by superman 2/7/2006  
     121212 by ruk 3/2/2006  
     desecrate by Hardeep 3/15/2006  
     diversify by hardeep 3/15/2006  
     bony first of all u need to get console cable and configure hyper terminal by Raj 3/22/2006  
     Escalana by brando 5/17/2006  
     procedure of switch configuration by chris 9/8/2006  
     yes ok by jitu 1/3/2007  
     create a new account by ima 1/25/2007  
     123456 by glenn 1/27/2007  
     don't know by nabil 2/24/2007  
what parts of the body does running help to firm? If any. by beck7/4/03 rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 2 of 2
     It HAS to firm from the hips down - hip flexors (gives you that V of the groin), glutes,... by Gryphn10/17/03  
     Running actually helps you tone almost every muscle in the body. It firms your stomach and... by lilrunner6/16/04  
     I am a soccer player and based on my experience, running helps to tone up the lower part... by carlos 1/5/05  
     i am in track and we'll i would say that it helps your abs and your thighs the most... by sun 1/31/05  
     running by Cleopatra 2/23/05  
     Running helps from the waist down in my opinion. As a female who just started running it... by Butterfly 1/10/2006  
     Thanks!!! car site insurance. [URL=http://www.insura... by insurance auto 6/17/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. The autos insurance company,... by insurance auto 6/17/2006  
     YOU GUYS SUCK IT'S SO ABVIOUSE it helps all of the body it also enhances your respatory... by DUH 6/18/2006  
     running kills your mama yesterday-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ah ah ah ha ha ha ha ha... by this site is wac 10/19/2006  
     I used to do a lot of running which helped keep all areas of my body firm. I noticed in... by Exrunner 4/23/2007  
     Running in fact helps everything, it helps even your brain!! You wouldnt believe it but it... by truerunner 7/4/2007  
I'm trying to open a JPEG file and it's telling me windows can't find .exe. Program not... by rick10/22/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     this is not a big problem. first single click on your jpeg file. then hold down the... by anoop3/19/04  
     This doesn't seem to work with Win XP home edition any suggestions?.... doesn't pull down... by grampz 2/15/05  
What is a normal reading for blood glucose?Every where I look it is different. by uma7/4/03 diabetes FAQ: general (part 1 of 5)
     80 to 120. Believe me I am type one diabetic for 15 yrs. Any doctor should agree. by tiki7/7/03  
     Whoa hold on a sec. Sure that's a safe range to go by, but i strongly suggest to ask an... by Eloise7/9/03  
     Hey Hold on a sec......Yes I agree that Blood - Glucose range differ for different people... by Venky7/11/03  
     Yup, that's why I say "it's a safe range to go by." But if one can, they should consult... by Eloise7/14/03  
     This is a 12 hr fasting "range" for normal, right? by Davey8/25/03  
     IDONT KNOW WHAT IS IT ? by MAKE2/5/04  
     According to labtest online http://www.labtestsonline. org/understanding/analytes/glucose/t... by Siamak2/6/04  
     what is the condition where the glucose hb1ac test not accurate? by rose4/21/04  
     My doctor advises me that a normal, non-diabetic person has blood sugar of about 85,... by Al Toth5/30/04  
     That's incorrect, Al Toth. The plasma glucose concentration is lowered by the secretion... by Andy7/1/04  
     I've been diagnosed with insulin resistance, which the doctor who diagnosed said meant I'd... by Jeff7/16/04  
     A non Diabetic person should have a fasting reading between 70-99 mg/dl (previously 70... by Matt 11/17/04  
     My daughter is 9 yrs old..she has been diabetic since the age of 5! I am told the... by Sharon 12/14/04  
     I am 28 weeks pregnant and just found out I am diabetic. Does anyone here know what a... by nancy 1/6/05  
     my aunt just had her blood drawn and her glucose level was 500. Is she in any immediate... by jaime 2/12/05  
     Wow, so my blood glucose is 156, and I'm 18. I weigh 115 lb, and I'm 5'4.... is that bad?... by xokandykyssesox 4/22/05  
     I was told up to 120 for a fasting reading, and 2 hrs. after you have eaten should be up... by Rosie 4/26/05  
     Any reading above 198 is abnormal, whether you've eaten or not. 2 hours after a meal, the... by Spooky - From Cape Town 5/16/05  
     I am 15 and have a level of 64 is this considered dangerously low then? by Steph 5/16/05  
     I hear sugar is bad be you hypo- or hyper-hypoglycemic. A friend, who is a nurse, has... by Ashley 5/27/05  
     The secret ingredient for anyone with Type II or high glucose, is EXERCISE ! At least 1/2... by Tom 7/11/05  
     For low bloodsugar you should not eat chocolate because it is absorbed too slowly for what... by verse 7/21/05  
     Ummmm...... I have a fasting blood sugar of 46-52 every day. I test every morning,... by Steph 8/10/05  
     Jeff, you could be having another complication called hypoglycemia. I am insulin resistant... by Jen 8/29/05  
     Jeff, I'm brand new to this board, but I've had type 1 diabetes for just about 18 years... by leslieg 8/30/05  
     well i recall the shaking happened to me few times after i felt i ate too much sugar. i... by ema 9/3/05  
     Levels fluctuate obviously, so I would think that you did the right thing. I'm a novice on... by cat 10/11/05  
     If you are approxomatly 115-120lbs, what would a safe glucose level be? and is there a... by keeping it real 10/15/05  
     I have been diagnosed as type 2 in the last 6 months- based on a blood test where I had... by iavagabond 12/12/05  
     I wond3er if you could advise me what to do,I am digomised that I contracted diabetic 2... by workneh Jima 12/20/05  
     I wond3er if you could advise me what to do,I am digomised that I contracted diabetic 2... by workneh Jima 12/20/05  
     To put my 2 cents worth in, a normal range for a diabetic person where perhaps they aren't... by John 12/22/05  
     I tested mine it is 35 is this to low? by Stacy 12/26/05  
     ok if im hypoglycemic...what is my risk of becoming diabetic?? by well 1/18/2006  
     I had 2 brothers that passed away due ultra-high (1000.0) the old one was 41 and the... by prigbar37 1/27/2006  
     I've always heard that a normal diabetic reading should be between 80 and 120. I recently... by Glojean 2/7/2006  
     Quick Question - I had gestational diabetes with all three of my kids that required... by Sage 3/9/2006  
     It is 90-120 mg/ is universally accepted. by Raj 3/11/2006  
     whats the normal blood glucose level? i cant find it anywhere by gemy  3/17/2006  
     I am having the same confussion of normal level. I was recently diangonised with typ 2... by Torry 4/8/2006  
     Is 125 high for a read blood sugar? I didn,t eat anything till around 2.00 yesterday . I... by Nancy Chavez 4/12/2006  
     My doctor did a test today and told me, that I should cut down on Starbucks (Americana ... by Milan 4/14/2006  
     what is the normal reading for a pre-diabetic. by ARLENE MISSLER 6/12/2006  
     and yes, tiki is right... 80-120 is your BASIC target range, but all differ. by Sandra 6/19/2006  
     this is a question, what is the differnce between type 2 and a high tolrance to insulin? i... by cathy 6/25/2006  
     I think all these answers are just proving the point of the person who started this all --... by JimH 6/30/2006  
     To who I'm concern my sugar level when i fast is 131 but after eating and in had a cup a... by rosie 7/8/2006  
     Dear Jeff, I've had problems with hypoglycemia over the years. Blood glucose drops into... by shale 7/14/2006  
     I don't have an answer, but I do have a question about the ranges. I have seen ranges... by REV 7/25/2006  
     I would like to know at what number does high blood sugar become dangerous ? by Mel 7/25/2006  
     Fasting blood glucose normal values are from 70-100 pg/ml. 100-126 is pre-diabetic. Above... by Nicole 8/2/2006  
     It is a Possibility that you have Diabetes with Hypoglycemia...Sugar Rises Rapidly and... by Lisa 8/20/2006  
     Jeff, When one begins to feel shaky etc. or any symptoms of low blood sugar such as... by lauren 8/26/2006  
     My doctor told me that my level was high and in around 2 years I'll probably have... by sweat-init-out 8/30/2006  
     People without diabetes typically run between 60-100 mg/dl. Because of the 20 points a... by JellyBeans 9/20/2006  
     Jeff, this answer comes over two years too late, but you would be helped greatly by some... by John 10/3/2006  
     I just took my blood sugar with my moms thingy(shes diabetic'i used a clean thing and... by CameronM 10/27/2006  
     I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance and have been put on Metformin.I watch what... by sassy 10/31/2006  
     Jeff, I am currently a med student, your symptoms seem to be of Hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia... by Zach 12/2/2006  
     My wife's DR said her glucose level was 6.6 !!! Is this a new measurement??? by bud 1/24/2007  
     Have 103 rate after fasting 12 hour is this normal by Mickey 1/27/2007  
     It's entirely possible to feel these symptoms at a level of 76 - many people experience... by Rae 2/2/2007  
     i am a 22 yr sugar read 144,,,,,,is that normal when i eat ??? by simon 2/15/2007  
     Regarding insulin resistance, I doubt you have that. A normal non diabetic FBS is... by ilex 3/16/2007  
     don't have an answer, however do have a question here. I am type 2. My son is 29 yrs of... by Jo 3/17/2007  
     Sometimes you can feel like you have a low blood sugar when in fact it reads as if it's... by Nursey 3/26/2007  
     I didn't answer your question as to what to do. You can increase your protein intake,... by Nursey 3/26/2007  
     Jeff, What did your doctor tell you about diabetes? My understanding of diabetes is... by Gnat 5/19/2007  
     There seems to be a big difference of opinion among doctors as to what blood sugar should... by Bob 5/20/2007  
     when to get a right hb1ac reading(i mean after how many days 30,60,90,6months) by rauf 5/26/2007  
     It all depends whether you're referring to fasting blood glucose or not, and there appear... by Max 5/31/2007  
     I would just like someone to explain to me how it is, that my previous doctor saw blood... by JJK 6/22/2007  
     I have type II diabetes and my doctor tells me I should keep my fasting level below 100. by Mali 7/5/2007  
what is the diffrens brtween syberan and alasken hyskies? by lill'doggy9/15/03 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     Alaskan Huskies are smaller than Siberian's. Picture a grey hound and a siberian mix. ... by BriteSparx10/15/03  
     The alaskan huskies is not an official breed with the AKC. It is used for sled racing. and... by Jason11/6/03  
     I had my Siberian Husky registered in AKC so I don't think they are unrecognized. Also... by Tanisha1/2/04  
     One thing I forgot to add is that Alaskan and Siberian huskies are the same thing. Those... by Tanisha4/1/04  
     Alaskan huskies are Siberian huskies bred with other breeds of dogs to make the racing dog... by loup_du_nord4/2/04  
     Siberian huskies are better than alasken huskies there stronger and faster. by BOBO5/5/04  
     alaskan is a giant in size while siberian is medium size.. by angel5/20/04  
     Poodles are quite easily trained but it's actually the dogs that are harder to train that... by Tanisha6/14/04  
     The siberian husky normally lives longer then the alasken because my siberean is 19. the... by lil'rach 1/2/05  
     Tanisha should not speak anymore. Alaskan Huskies and Siberian Huskies are different... by Anubis 2/1/05  
     Jeesh, you people are stupid. by Shin Okami 3/13/05  
     Wow most of you guys are really uneducated. Don't give answers if you don't know the... by Rock 4/25/05  
     Siberian huskies are a purebred developed as one of the oldest breeds of dog. The Alaskan... by SHvar 9/6/2006  
     A Alasken Huskies is usually larger and leaner that a siberian. and offten have brown eyes... by chevygirl 9/15/2006  
     I have had the great misfortune of having our Husky take down the family rabbit. I know... by Patrick 12/18/2006  
what are those words called that are spelled the same way backwards as forwards by jezebel8/27/03 Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
     palindrome. A palindrome can be a word, such as "Otto" or many words: "A man, a plan, a... by John Nowakowski10/1/03  
     A word or phrase such as: MADAM I'M ADAM, RACE CAR, MOM, DAD, WAS IT A BAT I SAW, by lizzy 9/21/04  
     palindrome such as kayak by meme 5/12/05  
     palindromic by chrissy 12/4/05  
     thanks i needed that answer by banana 7/7/2006  
     thanks i was looking for the name of that word for hours. by n8ive angel 9/4/2006  
     Race Car by Abby 9/29/2006  
     it is called a palindrome. here r a few palindromes: racecar, otto, (a man, a plan, a... by bob the chicken 1/18/2007  
     what is a word that can be spelt the same backwards and forwards by deejay 2/21/2007  
     you people are dumb by whydothis 3/7/2007  
     Dese words are called palindromes. Here are some examples: sees racecar mom dad ... by J'Torhi St.James 4/23/2007  
     Words that can be spelled the same backwards and forwards like Hannah or eve by redrosegirl 5/1/2007  
how long are dog pregnancies? by maria9/16/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     how long do pitbulls carry puppies? by tinytimmy2454012/28/03  
     Hi! Pregnancy in dogs lasts 58-66 days(average 63 days)from the first day of mating. by Tanisha1/1/04  
     How can I tell if my dog is pregnant or if she is having a false pregnancy? by jessica4/6/04  
     how long do collie's carry puppies for? by millie6/11/04  
     How long do Boston Terrier's carry puppies for?? by Alex 8/4/04  
     Dog's carry their puppies for approximately 9 and a half weeks from the time they mated to... by Missy 8/26/04  
     if the dog is due and she doesn't go in labor by Nancy  1/18/05  
     how can you tell if a dog is pregnant? by wiggly 3/28/05  
     how many pitbull puppies are in litter? by kittle 4/8/05  
     i want to know how do you know if your dog is pregnant or if it is a false pregnancy? by sami 6/15/05  
     i have a pregnent dog she don't look it at all but she i leeking milk by rolinda 6/28/05  
     *how long before you can tell that the girl dog is pregnant? *how do you know its not a... by tipzy 7/8/05  
     how old should a dog be to have puppies? by jenny 9/10/05  
     how long are pitbulls pregnant for please answer. our asia has mated 3 weeks ago how many... by juju 10/15/05  
     collies carry their puppies for 66 days. THERE'S YOUR ANSWER. by tayler creech 11/23/05  
     How long do chihuahuas carry their puppies? My teacup applehead chihuahua accidently got... by Lizzie.p0p 12/3/05  
     1-24 hours by beana 2/5/2006  
     How long does it take for a dog to have puppies? by DD 2/22/2006  
     no thank you by Linda 4/9/2006  
     How long do Cocker Spaniels carry puppies for? by HAYLEY_120 4/23/2006  
     How soon after delivery can a dog get pregnant again, I'm concerned about my dog who had... by sweety 5/27/2006  
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     how long do pregnancy of dogs take place how many days from meeting and how many days from... by dark codex 8/3/2006  
     How do I know if my toy poodle female is pregnant. She has total access to a male poodle... by Melinda 8/25/2006  
     Most dogs all carry about the same length of time... about 55-65 day from when the heat... by Breeder of dogs 9/21/2006  
     how long does a min.dachshund carry puppies? by terizazzoff 10/3/2006  
     hi there got a pickness dog and got a girl puppy for mother day this yr,she old 8 mo... by foxie43076 11/6/2006  
     how do i know if my dog is pregnant? by sam 12/13/2006  
     how long do jack Russel terriors carry puppies for? by Zeke 12/13/2006  
     All dogs carry pups for about 9 weeks by Jesser08 1/24/2007  
     how long is a dog's pregnancy? by jovnat 2/11/2007  
     Small dogs usually carry puppies for 9 weeks!! by Spice 3/18/2007  
     On an average of 60-65 days (collies) by Kim 3/18/2007  
     hey how long do dogs pregnantcies last? How many months? by mary beth  3/21/2007  
     how long is a pregnancy in small dogs by codered642 4/4/2007  
     Dogs are pregnant for about 66 days by MishL 5/3/2007  
     after a lab has puppies, how long until she can get pregnant? by sarah 5/14/2007  
     How long does it take a dog to have puppies or babies? by paige 5/24/2007  
     my dog just had her first periode. i have two dogs , a girl and a boy and there not fixed... by danielle 7/17/2007  
is there a such thing as paper fleas by trish10/20/03 rec.pets.*: Fleas, Ticks, and Your Pet FAQ
     they are paper mites not paper fleas by troi12/27/03  
     Paper Mites & Cable Mites "Fictitious Pests". It could be dust mites or animal mites,... by ladybug621 1/27/05  
     There is no such critter. Working with old paper can cause dust, paper, and ink particles... by mkw 6/13/2006  
     corn skis piuj lift's furn dud survey Day by knhty 7/15/2006  
     There is no such thing as paper fleas, or paper mites. The "bites" are skin irritation... by Bill 9/9/2006  
     There is no such thing as paper mites they are book lice and they do not bite. by peep 3/23/2007  
     There is no such thing as paper mites. cfm by Jen 4/11/2007  
Forced inhalation of how much amount of chloroform for what estimate of time can make a... by lom2/17/04 Sci.chem FAQ - Part 1 of 7
     Just soak a cloth in chloroform and hold it in someones face for about 2-5 secs. It should... by Hundetod 9/6/04  
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     unknown by donnie 10/8/05  
     qripfgX2oQIr2 d03wc39Nsa fQVITEcTxw by gDSj4inYKw 2/21/2006  
     just wait for the poor girl to pass out,you don't want to kill her just rape her because... by grimnocturnal 3/17/2006  
     How do I find the answer to this question? by ralston 6/29/2006  
     c2678998 by curious 9/28/2006  
     enough to soak 6 folds of cloth for about 3 minutes, for insomnia, in my experience. A... by PyroDice 2/21/2007  
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     You can go on certain websites on start a new membership for approximately 50 dollars a... by McKenna 6/10/2007  
I have a H1B Visa for USA and want to travel to Mexico as a tourist. Travelling on a... by KK2/11/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
What is the actual increase in gasoline consumption in the world (and also in the United... by Kent5/20/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     2004 increased 15% over 2003 by bat 5/1/2006  
I found an unbroken bird egg on my deck, it looks like a dove egg, can it be hatched, if i... by nanna4/22/04 rec.birds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Part 1/2)
     i guess you can if you find out what kinda egg it is and find out how warm it needs to be... by sarah5/30/04  
     how do you warm egg? by ty6/1/04  
     You warm an egg by either getting an incubator (which is the easiest way) or you can just... by Rachel6/30/04  
     I found a dove egg yesterday.It was abandoned because i saw the mother lying dead under... by Gaby7/1/04  
     well after a few weeks if you can see 2 black dots and the shape of the bird then it is... by Bailey7/2/04  
     I think you should just keep them in a warm place, preferably a heat-pad of some sort, but... by starryeyed 8/7/04  
     put the eggs on a heating pad turn once daily by Sarah   8/29/04  
     i found a egg on the ground and i don't know if its dead or not and i don't know what kind... by mary 9/6/04  
     I found a Carolina Wren egg in a dride up river.I warmed it and 2weeks later I had a bird... by Chad 1/4/05  
     i found a blue bird egg and i dont know what bird it came from? by chris 3/31/05  
     umm i found a dove egg and there is a dark spot at the end. is it alive? If it is alive... by Q-T-PIE 4/6/05  
     how do u warm a egg by meve 4/11/05  
     Every year Robins come and lay eggs i dont want that so i looked into it this year...when... by tom 4/21/05  
     i don't know the answer, by jennifer 4/25/05  
     hatch them by keeping them not to hot and not to cold. It also matters when you found it... by Matisse 5/8/05  
     please help me. i found a white small bird egg in my back yard, i know its abandoned cuz... by Meg 5/8/05  
     I found an egg in my front yard. It is a really lite pink. what bird will it come to be? ... by Jade 5/12/05  
     Well this isn't an answer but I have a green egg I live in Canada (might make that easier... by 99kayla99 5/17/05  
     hello i have 3 different kind of bird eggs and 7 eggs in all.i have them incubator.6 of... by vic 5/21/05  
     Im Not Sure But I Took A Red Wing Black Bird Egg Out Of A Nest To Try And Hatch It I Have... by Emily 5/22/05  
     Im Not Sure But I Took A Red Wing Black Bird Egg Out Of A Nest To Try And Hatch It I Have... by Emily 5/22/05  
     I'm Not Really Sure. Sorry! But When I Went To Park Long I Wanted To Find An Egg, So I... by Emilie 5/22/05  
     i found two bird egg out by my steep. the eggs were warm so i but them in a basket with... by binji 5/30/05  
     Yes there is a good chance! i hope that it will live! Please help me i found a Robbin... by Jessica 6/5/05  
     i have a question! in my garage there is a box with unfrozen ice pops in it and some birds... by Christin 6/5/05  
     i dont know by hannah 6/10/05  
     I think a hotpad will work. I also found an egg in a nest the mother has been gone... by nikki 6/13/05  
     I found a pale blue egg with many brown spots on my walkway this morning. I took it inside... by allie hunt 6/26/05  
     I found a baby bird in my backyard two days ago, and it has two legs but it is not... by roshan 6/28/05  
     Put the eggs under an incubator. by Daniella 7/10/05  
     Put the eggs under an incubator. I found an egg on the ground because a windstorm made... by Daniella 7/10/05  
     i found a bird egg in my garden it was warm at the time because of the sun and i have now... by leish 7/14/05  
     I found a bird egg thats white and as big as the top part of a thumb. Its really white... by magazine 8/1/05  
     please help!!! I have a nest in a tree and the mother seems to have gone. The eggs are... by julz 10/16/05  
     im using a heatlamp for a bird egg i found and i dont know if im heating it right or what... by Austin 11/3/05  
     i found an egg yesterday in my garden and i don't know what bird it is so my mum wont let... by stephanie 12/10/05  
     i have found an egg and i don't know what it is.I'm going to find out how or when it will... by amster 12/12/05  
     I have a ring neck dove that has mated with a pigeon and i think she will lay what can i... by christina 3/20/2006  
     What is the temperature for incubating robin eggs? We found one in the backyard. ... by jess 4/4/2006  
     I found an egg in my garden its just white i dont know what type of egg it is does any one... by JamyF48 4/22/2006  
     help! i found a baby dove egg, and i am trying to keep it warm. i keep a hot wrap (for my... by Danii 4/26/2006  
     i found a blue egg in my neighborhood. also in this tree i like to climb there was a nest.... by brian 4/30/2006  
     i would just keep them warm with an incubator, or put them on one of those heating pads ... by jenna 5/2/2006  
     i have found a birds nest in my back yard with 4 eggs, it is abondened cause there was the... by Amy 5/16/2006  
     question: i found an egg in the parking lot of my apartment...its not cracked and im... by kori 5/28/2006  
     i found a light blue egg with a few brown spots do you know what kind it is? by mouse 5/28/2006  
     First you must make sure there is no mother...if you are positive there is no mother, you... by Eggs Rock 5/28/2006  
     how would you feed a egg than was abounded that just hatched please help me i don't want... by scottie 5/28/2006  
     please help me !! found an egg on the ground in my garden i really want to make it... by ali 6/6/2006  
     I found a white egg with brown spots on the ground in my yard. I put it back in the nest... by princesslovedalot 6/10/2006  
     Uuhhhh how should i know? This is stupid I am going to go get another pair of crocs. That... by Josh Butts 6/11/2006  
     you could keep it under a light. by skittles 6/20/2006  
     ok its me again how do i know if the bird is dead or not? by age 6/25/2006  
     i found an egg with a whole in it the bird hatch in a nest we made and now we dont now... by buddy 6/26/2006  
     hi i found a crested dove egg on my lawn and dont know how long it will take to hatch it.... by devyn 7/8/2006  
     I found an egg near a tree and i think its still alive how do i warm it??? by annie 7/16/2006  
     I found a blue egg in my front yard. I don't know what to do or anything. I don't know if... by Dee 7/25/2006  
     i found a tan bird egg with spots can you please tell me what kind of bird it is? by mmm 7/28/2006  
     i found a small white with brown spotted egg on the ground it was still warm. i have put... by lizard liker 11/14/2006  
     ??? ??? ??? ??? by mark  1/6/2007  
     well i found a unbroken egg in the grass when i went for a walk could i hatch it even... by Steph 1/13/2007  
     i found a robins egg on the ground! how do i warm it up? help! by bell 1/21/2007  
     I found two pigeon eggs. the mother was eaten by a cat. What degrees celcius would i keep... by wdjhvbgrewu 1/24/2007  
     the eggs i have found looks like this on the ends of the eggs they fade into the center... by monkey 3/4/2007  
     i fund an egg under my pine tree but no nest and I'm worried that it wont hatch and i... by krisy 3/15/2007  
     I found a bird egg in my front yard on the ground that wasn't broken and I think it's a... by big c 3/19/2007  
     how can I find out what kind of bird egg that is my front yard by Alyssa 3/22/2007  
     please help!i found a white egg with black speckles,is it alive?how can i tell?what are... by debser5 3/29/2007  
     i just found one today and it is all white but it is smaller than a chicken egg. to keep... by Sara 4/3/2007  
     what to do if i found an unbroken egg it looks like a dove egg but not sure.... If i keep... by Amanda and Kailey 4/7/2007  
     i found an abandoned egg yesterday.i could see something moving inside the egg.there were... by emma 4/9/2007  
     I found an egg and wanted 2 know is there anyway 2 tell if its still alive? by hya 4/11/2007  
     We found an egg on the ground in my backyard and it had a little hole in it. We put it... by Kailey + Jenna 4/14/2007  
     i found a egg that is about the size of an ice cube how do i keep it warm i don't have an... by winnie 4/15/2007  
     I found a very small light blue and black speckled egg at the park today. It was unbroken... by Hill Family 4/16/2007  
     i found a egg at my school. its a small white egg. i have it under a light and in some... by natalie 4/18/2007  
     i have dove eggs on my balconny theyve been there a while and for some reason the mom went... by mellisa  4/20/2007  
     well i have no clue what to do with an egg but i need egg help. i found an egg and need... by cool cat 4/23/2007  
     Sarah, the eggs you found are Cardinal eggs. I have a cardinal nest in my backyard. One of... by lane 4/25/2007  
     Me and my friend were on our way home from school and we found an egg and we don't know... by Tessa 4/30/2007  
     Um.. i found on egg out side and i couldn't find its nest I'm trying to find out what type... by Payton 5/6/2007  
     Um I need some help, I found an egg at the park int eh wood chips today, it was unbroken... by Kado 5/8/2007  
     Yeah, i found a blue-ish green-ish bird egg that could fit in the palm of my hand- 'twas... by Alayha 5/9/2007  
     hey Sarah, i no what kind of bird egg that is. it is a common grackle. the birds that are... by Girl 5/10/2007  
     I found an egg it has brown spots all over it. what kind is it? by mckaylee 5/11/2007  
     yes but you must check on the computer that what you could feed it! by sara_bear 5/16/2007  
     you should keep it warm!! by moo 5/17/2007  
     I think you can keep them warm and make sure the habitat is full of food and other things by Cass Cass 5/18/2007  
     I have a question, i found a bird egg, the bird that it came from was medium sized, black... by cbmaster 5/22/2007  
     take them out of a shoe and put in on a hot pad at like medium rotate it 3 times a day. by nicole 5/26/2007  
     i have some pictures of the eggs i have so is there n e way i can put the pics on? by jamsta123 5/30/2007  
     can you hatch an egg by Autie 6/10/2007  
     My friend and i found two different eggs in a tree in her yard. We think they are... by Squirt 6/20/2007  
     you should hatch them in an incubator. I found an abandoned small pink egg, and i want... by Sydney 6/21/2007  
     i just found a really small white bird egg what should I do? by ashley 6/22/2007  
     i found a robin egg and i don't have an incubater. how would i keep it alive. i need to... by josh 6/22/2007  
     i found an egg and i want to no what kinda bird it is going to be! by Nelly 6/22/2007  
     i found a blubird egg the other day i have a nest inside a small fishbowl and a desk lamp... by Sammy 6/25/2007  
     I have a bit of a problem. You see, I found a birds egg in my garage a few days ago and... by Katie 6/28/2007  
     Well I have the same problem. Except its kinda weird... I found an egg at the end of my... by Jessica 7/3/2007  
     All you have to do is place the eggs in a secluded box, most likley with a cover. You... by Jessica 7/8/2007  
     me to but it fell out of a tree and i coat it by Ben  7/16/2007  
Where is the blower motor relay they hide on 96 dodge grand caravan 3.3 engine with AC,... by Lacky4/8/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Hi Lacky, Do you got the answer? and could you please tell me location? by yazid@gis.net5/10/04  
     behind the fuse/relay panel on the firewall. by salty5/20/04  
     on the left side bumper its called solid state .your fan stays on all the time that what... by the macanic 7/6/2007  
Is Italian gold marked 926? by leona3/25/04 Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
     Leona... I would LOVE to know if you received a response about this. I found a ring in... by Glenn 12/9/04  
How do I create fonts?. by nagaraj7/10/03 comp.fonts FAQ: General Info (6/6)
     I'd recommend Softy if you're on a budget and using Windows. by Dragon Dave8/25/03  
     I recommend Macromedia's Fontographer. by hdevogt3/25/04  
     You should definitely try the Font Creator Program. Hope... by J Watson 8/11/04  
     i'dsay you should all go and study some geography or maths, fonts can't change your life--... by ale** 9/11/04  
     I recommend the Font Creator Program (High-Logic). by Adamastor 9/29/04  
     Ok i highly recommend you use Font creator!!!!! it's best-rated by JC 11/10/2006  
     Um is there any FREE programs? by Help 6/25/2007  
Where can a person buy wholesale canning jars,jelly jars, in volume in B.C. or Alberta? by Ruth11/28/03 Rec.Food.Preserving FAQ (v.7.08) Part1
     Ruth, We are scanning the web for the same answer. We are trying to raise money for the... by LuAnn and Vince VanBuskirk1/25/04  
     I am another person looking for the same. I need jelly jars and cannot afford to pay much... by Camy3/7/04  
     new account by terre3/16/04  
     The best buy I have found so far on canning jars is at Dollar General Store, they sell the... by Sherie4/1/04  
     Hello Sherie, I want to start my own salsa business and wanted to ask you for some help. I... by kanek4/16/04  
     You can get them at a where house in PA CDM Wholesale. They are also on the web but you do... by tammy4/26/04  
     I have found that the mason jars are cheaper at the dollar stores but be aware...I... by Lee 8/4/04  
     Im looking also any one find a answer?? by charity 9/5/04  
     Do you have the web address for PA CDM Wholesale? I could not find it, searching? by Yar 9/20/04  
     Do you have the telephone number or web site for CDM? by sandy 9/27/04  
     Tammy, email me I would like more info on CDM by sandy 9/27/04  
     I am looking for pint size smooth side canning jars. I found quart size. Does anyone know... by Dawn 9/27/04  
     Try Big Lots or Odd Lots I just picked up 10 case's @ 4.99 per Case 8oz. by Farm Mom 10/18/04  
     you can buy 8oz jelly jars on line from a company called candles and supplies for $3.50 a... by John Sizemore 11/8/04 This site has bottles and jars in many sizes shapes and colors.... by EJT 11/14/04  
     We are looking for good deals on jars too. We love making all kinds of things and giving... by Robbie 11/18/04  
     Hi Tammy, What is the email address for the CDM Wholesale place or phone number you... by kim 12/27/04  
     Hi sherry I am not sure if you ever visit this site I read you have a salsa business, what... by Deneen 2/2/05  
     Hey Ladies, I was looking for jelly jars on the net for wedding favors and the best I... by Weddinggirl 3/16/05  
     I'm also looking for canning jars of different sizes. But I don't need them for business.... by Ivonne 8/16/05  
     Try Big Lots. by Heather 9/15/05  
     Ruth, try out hope it helps... Good Luck by Laurel 44 11/4/05  
     I have found a pretty good site that you can buy jars and bottles in all sizes. Just put... by Captain62386 12/17/05  
     I have also found the jars at Big Lots. They are approximately $5.49 for the pint size... by NITA 12/27/05  
     Looking for cheap Jars suitable for Pickles. Any ideas? by David 1/13/2006  
     If you go through a lot of jars you can buy them (Kerr) direct from the mfr. There is a... by Bob 4/3/2006  
     i am also looking for wholesale canning jars for our family buisness...i've been trying... by amina 5/9/2006  
     Richards Packaging has good prices on jelly jars and lids. Located in US & Canada.... by Cynthia  5/31/2006  
     If you are in the Los Angeles Area, Monarch on Alameda Street is the place to go! by Lisa 6/1/2006 by katie 8/5/2006  
     Go here it is great! Go to: by Amy 8/10/2006  
     Hi - looks like the salsa making business is a hot one! I too am looking into starting my... by Ilana 8/20/2006  
     I am in Pennsylvania. I have a large quantity of Atlas and Ball Mason canning jars. They... by JD 8/29/2006  
     We are a wholesale Soy wax & candle supply company. We're new, but we have the contacts. ... by GoodScents Soy 9/13/2006  
     If you have a grocery warehouse in your area - they always carry them and pectin. by Dorien Garcia 11/15/2006  
     Contact the company who makes the jars and ask for their wholesale prices. You will have... by CKW 12/6/2006  
     I would like to sale some canning jars. I have 100 or more jars, some with lids some with... by Jen 2/20/2007  
     i am not a robot nor do i represent these companies. i'm looking to sell my own product... by perry patricks 2/24/2007  
     friday by ro 2/28/2007  
     i make home made apple butter and salsa and hot musturd.... and i need cheep jars ...pints... by dale koon 3/13/2007  
     the cheapest jars I have seen are at good luck by smart 5/30/2007  
How can I compress or reduce the image size of a jpeg file to e-mail it easily to others? by Naresh3/14/04 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     I dont know by marioma 7/14/05  
     sdfsdafsa by sanduks 10/28/05  
Why should the smoking age be lowered from 18, back to 16 in Australia by ***''lil sullo6/8/04 alt.smokers FAQ (1/2)
     I think that they should lower the age because teenagers are still going to get smoke one... by peaches 11/12/04  
     Because I smoke by Mr. Jonhgston 12/8/04  
     yes the smoking age should be lowerd because even thought the law states that you must be... by John 1/26/05  
     I think kids should be lowered to 15 because a hole bunch of kids smoke and there not 18... by Ashley 3/2/05  
     i think it should be lowered because its their body they are messing up not anyone... by Marie 3/11/05  
     The Smoking age should be lowered to 16! People 16 or older don't care anymore about... by Knight925 3/15/05  
     because people under 18 can have people over 18 to buy the cigs and things for them by jayson 3/23/05  
     when you are old enough to get the money to buy them you should be able to smoke them by aleoc 3/28/05  
     everyone does it and there is no way to stop them from smoking by coolio 4/14/05  
     The age for smoking should be 16 because no matter what the law dose they can't stop us... by Brita Pedrino 4/15/05  
     Yes, lower it by smokepheney 6/15/05  
     Because people who are younger then the age of 18 want to be able to smoke legally instead... by Ed  9/13/05  
     because people buy there kids smokes anyway it really doesnt make a difrence it wil just... by atarangi 10/18/05  
     Yes because if people want to smoke they should have a free right by Syborg7000 11/1/05  
     yes in think the age to smoke should beacome legal be 16 again. why, because if the... by butt-butt 11/8/05  
     I believe that if you are old enough to drive and even think about having sex than you... by tasha 11/9/05  
     YES!!!!! IT SHOULD, IN MY OPINION, BE LOWERED TO 14. I IN 4 PEOPLE SMOKE AND 25% ARE... by bobakanoosh 11/21/05  
     NO SMOKING! you guys are stupid! you shouldnt smoke. have fun getting lung cancer. by blah 12/2/05  
     In my opinion, if any thing, the smoking age should be highered.I live in Canada and we... by lil_meyes_7 12/11/05  
     because most underage people i know smoke anyway! by crazy_stuff 1/2/2006  
     smoking age should be 18 and over because lots of kids are failing out of their schools... by *.::smoking age?::.* 1/5/2006  
     They sould lower the age because most teens 16 and older smoke anyway who cares if they do... by Bethanie 1/27/2006  
     i think it should be lowered back to 16 because if your a teen and its illegal to smoke at... by Axl Rose 1/30/2006  
     I think that any one at the age of 15 is old enough to make thier own desicions and that... by Lynn-Marie 2/19/2006  
     because were all going to die some day why not any time soon by Beezi 2/21/2006  
     the legal smoking age should be lowered to 16 because it is the persons own choice to... by gus 3/1/2006  
     smoking should be legal at ANY age> there's no any use of smoking age laws! muah! by goth.emo.punk. 3/28/2006  
     Because all the people who need a cigarette, manage to get it. So increasing the age will... by Raiman 7/20/2006  
     Smokin is a major thing in the UK and many young people do it, speaking from expirience. I... by Danni 8/31/2006  
     Cuz we aint even yo got them cigrates for the kids boguht em for us. by bob 9/7/2006  
     because most 16 year olds smoke any ways regardless of what anyone or anything says. by kk 9/27/2006  
     because alot of childern smoke to rebel against the laws. if they wernt there less people... by RANDOMER  10/12/2006  
     the smoking age should be 19 in every Provance not 16. at 16 your are way to young to... by Gary   10/31/2006  
     The legal smoking age doesn't really have an effect on society. People under the age of 18... by kris 11/6/2006  
     i think it should be changed so that no one will get in trouble and the government wont... by jake 11/8/2006  
     Ok why does some people want the smoking age to be 21 but teens at the age 18 can go to... by Jimmy 11/10/2006  
     there is none... it shouldn't... kids should have to struggle just as hard to get... by macguyver 12/13/2006  
     I agree that the smoking age should be lowered, but only to a certian extent. The age... by lemonhead 1/24/2007  
     i like cheese by trisha 2/5/2007  
     because we are going to keep doing it no matter what age you have the legal age for... by cass 3/21/2007  
     I think less people will get smoking tickets, and most people will not have to bribe older... by smok-a-holic 4/16/2007  
     16 year old's are smoking now so now we need to lower the age because 16 year old's are... by cas 4/24/2007  
     NO NO the smoking age should be 18 by jfftjfgjfiyfiykigukgtyiygiygitygik 5/2/2007  
     i think it should be lowered back to 16 for a few reasons. like if it was lowered less ppl... by dustin 5/15/2007  
     put it back down to 16 by toni 6/27/2007  
How long does it take to detect pregnancy from any kind of pregnancy test. Including ones... by T11/5/03 FAQ on Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy Tests
     Less than three minutes by CareBear4/7/04  
     one month by nikik4/14/04  
     2 weeks from when u last had sex for it to show up. the test themselves take a few... by Mem4/26/04  
     a doctor takes blood and the labs take less than a week to give back results...pregnancy... by cm 11/7/04  
     6 years by jie 5/15/05  
     From the last tome you had unprotected sex how long does it take to get pregnant?? by teresa 3/4/2006  
     4 days before expected period by chanda 3/9/2006  
     can a pregnacy test show up you pregnet if your not by annette markovich 7/16/2006  
     can you tell bye been pregnant just by feeling tired by Nicola 10/4/2006  
     5 seconds by elsalchichon 10/24/2006  
     just read a box frm the super market by mandy 11/16/2006  
     generally you can but test that can detect pregnancy from the first day of your missed... by baby bumpz 5/22/2007  
Let G=(V,E) be an undirected graph. Use depth-first search to develop a program using 'C'... by jagan3/13/04 comp.lang.c Answers (Abridged) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     i want login Id for to access your site. Please send me User Id and password to on... by narendra4/1/04  
     Let G=(V,E) be an undirected graph. Use depth-first search to develop a program using 'C'... by Gaurav4/13/04  
     this is not possible as there are only one node and we cannot do the search with only one... by jagan 9/13/2006  
When is the next Vampire Game Manga coming out? by Mang girl3/13/04 rec.arts.manga: Frequently Asked Questions
     I don't know which volume you are talking about but if you to to they... by Serendipity7/17/04  
     Hey! The new Vampire game came out this week! If you like the others this one is twice as... by Magic Girl7/21/04  
     Um, hi, I'm new... Anyway, I think has a list of release dates. Just... by Ki-chan 2/12/05  
     Do you know where I could see some REAL pictures of Judal? by China 2/14/2006  
     It just came out by LAAAAA 4/27/2006  
what is Esta Terblanche doing now? by isha6/23/04 AMC: FAQ: (All My Children Frequently Asked Questions) 2 of 4
     She just presented a show in South Africa called Supermodel 2004 and also guest starred in... by Lols6/26/04  
     Why is mustard yello and why is Cetchup tomato coler? by Ruvels Bernard Johnson Mustard the 3rd 1/24/2006  
     does any one know where I can find Esta's web mistress of thanks ... by tory 3/10/2006  
     wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat wat?? by polly 7/19/2006  
     apna id dado mara id par sent kardo ma tum ko id par gavab do ga mara id ha don_muzammal@y... by muzammil 7/2/2007  
Please help me to open an attached file from my email account. AOL told me to go to... by Nat1/20/04 comp.mail.mime meta-FAQ: Help for MIME problems
     my file is not opening please advise me how to open by upendra 2/11/05  
     I want to use new password. by 7/18/05  
     I do not know how to get my email. how do I get my email.I am new and need help. can you... by gregg 7/20/05  
     I have received an e-mail with 12 photos attached using MIME. Please give information on... by ZORA 10/4/05  
     i would like to know why i cant cant cheak my attached files from my E mails. by laura 1/26/2006  
     i hope u will help me now. thanks u so much by imama 2/13/2006  
     i hope u will help me now. thanks u so much by imama 2/13/2006  
     No, I already have an account by Jane Whelan 3/5/2006  
     attached files by dushyant 7/10/2006  
     access to existing account by tinku 11/24/2006  
     Please help me open an email by clval 12/6/2006  
What does it mean when my ferret's vulva is bleeding? by Kelzey1/13/04 Ferret FAQ [3/5] - Training and Behavior
     stop shagging it by mac 4/9/04  
     it means that you must breed her or get her to the vet now or she could (50%) or better... by joseph tyree4/12/04  
     dude. ur a sick bastard. Stop playin wiv it! by todge 12/21/04  
     my ferrets vulva has not been bleeding yet and its not a kit when will it start bleeding... by james 9/8/2006  
how do i use smiley central in my emails so others can see it. I have picked out my... by shannon6/25/04 N/A
     I want to access my existing account, as somehow it was deleted from my toolbar. by Margaret Cowell-Plain 9/21/04  
     how do you use smiley central? by Becca 11/20/04  
     the problems as I can not get it so easy repeat many many times by 1/19/05  
     how do i get smiley central on my e-mails so everybody can see it? by Cindy 2/3/05  
     immortal by Whit 8/16/05  
     How can I use smiley central in my e-mails and in chat rooms? by PEA 8/22/05  
     I need to know how to get smiley's on my e-mails.ASAP!!!! by Jamie 10/19/05  
     yes,i would like to use by nandan 11/5/05  
     How do I get smiley central for my comcast email? by christie 1/26/2006  
     why is it everytime i use smiley central it never works the figures never show up on the... by nat 1/28/2006  
     It is displayed in my toolbar but cannot transfer it to my emails? by Alfred R. DeCarlo 5/24/2006  
     i want that my msns people can see my smiley . by gurmeet 8/2/2006  
     Smiley Central is pack to bursting point with spyware. They may give good smilies, but it... by martinyelland 12/2/2006  
     i love dog&cats by deanna 1/11/2007  
what kind of questions are asked for an f2 interview? what are the chances of getting an... by deeps9/22/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
I suffer from pancretitis. I'm 18 months old. The vet has put me on WD. This doesn't... by Rocky8/23/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     be sure your Yorkie does not get any human food and an eye dropper of pepto bismol(diluted... by irish1/20/04  
How is it transmitted? Is it contagious? by mightycpa7/25/03 Rosacea Frequently Asked Questions v1.16
     Rosacea is not transmitted or contagious but there is some evidence that it is inherited. by Cina1/10/04  
Does Lyme disease affect thyroid function? I've been having muscle twitches for several... by MrE11/20/03 [] Lyme Disease Newsgroup FAQ
     I was wondering that also. I am a 16 yr old female, I had Lyme Disease, and have an... by NM 12/30/04  
     I am also having problems with my thyroid. I am going for a test this week. I had an... by Linda 2/12/2006  
My dog keeps shaking his head and licks everything and starts biting in the air like... by boxer5/16/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     These can be signs of a seizure. by totosnotinkansas 10/2/04  
     hes crazy by jim 12/26/05  
     youngest dog by mickiesq 3/10/2006  
     my dog....8month black lab does this all the time and is just wanting to play. she will... by tina 9/17/2006  
     My dog does that too...i thought she was acting so strange sometimes. Does your dog have... by missyukp 12/20/2006  
how do i get free programing on expressview tv? where do i start by nationalca1/7/04 Satellite TV Frequently Asked Questions List
     how maak ik dvb free by omar4/19/04  
     want to get free cable or satellite signal up north on an island in parrysound by mack the night 6/22/04  
How can i detect the tcp/ip address of a particular computer from which i receive a mail by jassee4/6/04 TCP/IP FAQ; Frequently Asked Questions (1999-09) Part 1 of 2
     to know the ip address from a received e mail...if it is in yahoo. that mail ... by jyothi5/28/04  
     View -> Options -> Internet headers in outlook by anoopdotk 8/19/05  
     Lastnameku by ulurapa 12/27/05  
     to know the ip address from yahoo chatting by abdulmalik 6/25/2006  
     prashant by anilbhai 1/7/2007  
are mice bites harmful? by bobbin3/1/04 FAQ: bit.listserv. transplant, Organ transplant ng (Part 1 of 4)
     Are mice harmful? by muir lake 11/2/05  
     yes, they can be vey harmful by roshea4u 6/19/2006  
what do lighting bugs eat? how can you tell if the lighting bug is a girl or a boy? do... by brionnamassey6/18/04 rec.pets.herp Frequently Asked Questions (1 of 3)
     i don`t know by drew 6/13/05  
     I think lighting bugs eat grass. I heard that they eat the insides of their body"s though.... by toe 6/18/05  
     I think that lighting bugs eat lots of leaves. by Dominique Watson 6/20/05  
     how do i no about the lighting bugs mine is having babies and I'm not sure if i have to... by rosie   6/26/05  
     grass and flowers by lauren 6/27/05  
     i would really like 2 no that myself!!! by tinkerbell 8/6/05  
     lighting bugs eat smallar bugs and you know them by the flashing light on they head . ... by shala 8/27/05  
     leavs its intena 2 babbys thay come out at 9:00 by cool 3/8/2006  
     They eat plants by Zach 4/28/2006  
     how can you tell the different between a girl and boy lighting bugs by Tre 4/28/2006  
     P.O. Box by tamster63 5/15/2006  
     What do lighting bugs eat? by Nadine 6/2/2006  
     What do lighting bugs eat? by Trevor Hunt 6/3/2006  
     i see them at around 8:00 and later by kenzie 6/21/2006  
     I think they eat leaves because they live in trees. by ttp 6/22/2006  
     What makes them light up? by chrina 6/22/2006  
     What makes them light up? What do they eat? by chrina 6/22/2006  
     What makes them light up? What do they eat? Where do they live? How many babies do they... by chrina 6/22/2006  
     What makes them light up? What do they eat? Where do they live? How many babies do they... by chrina 6/22/2006  
     What makes them light up? What do they eat? Where do they live? How many babies do they... by chrina 6/22/2006  
     What do they eat? by Baybay 6/22/2006  
     this is a dumb web site by ed 6/27/2006  
     They eat grass. You can tell what sex they are by the way they light up. they Do have... by Emily 6/27/2006  
     lighting-bugs eat can tell if a lighting is a girl or a boy by the shape and... by bloom 7/8/2006  
     what do lighting bugs eat? by dssss 7/10/2006  
     i dont know by kitty 9/29/2006  
     How to do lighting by Paul 2/14/2007  
     thumper by thumper 2/26/2007  
     what do eat-grass sex-? babies-100 come out at dust by crowleys 5/13/2007  
     yest i founded two of them and and put leaves in there and twigs so they can eat it by keke 6/10/2007  
     Lighting bugs are kind of a mystery baby lighting however eat small larva sometimes even... by Olivia Rode 6/10/2007  
     i don't know what they eat, im trying to find that out my self.but the diffrence betwen a... by tara  6/15/2007  
     i wont to know to that is a good question by day 6/17/2007  
     girl ones are on ground dudes fly by monkeynes 6/26/2007  
     what do lighting bugs eat by bannana 7/10/2007  
a short description on the proverb"All that glitters is not gold" by pheba1/5/04 N/A
     Surely the proverb is 'All that glisters is not gold'. by Reg3/9/04  
     Things that look good on the outside, may not be as good as they look. by Chica 1/10/2006  
     rabbit by ernest768 6/1/2006  
how can I tell if I have a virus, and how can I get rid of it in plain language please by jan4/13/04 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     You can tell you have a virus if your pc starts behaving "weird" or is REAL slow. TO... by Anon7/4/04  
     your computer doesn't have a virus so therefore you can not get rid of it. by oh la la ; *  2/23/2006  
     You can tell if your computer has a virus when it's all weird and freezes a lot. It also... by Luke 9/22/2006  
     oh just shutup by Pam 9/23/2006  
     weeeeee by coolchickabc 10/19/2006  
I was unable to read an e-mail with a .mim extension and was unable to find a link to... by George12/12/03 comp.mail.mime meta-FAQ: Help for MIME problems
     I use AOL 9 and I just received an e-mail as follows: Sender: an unknown hotmail account... by iwnit 3/2/05  
     i would like to create a new account by badha 1/29/2006  
     Please answer me by sina14 1/30/2006  
What is PEM format? by Albrecht3/4/04 What's New in the MH FAQ
     PEM is an abbreviation for Privacy Enhanced Mail (RFC 1421 - RFC 1424), an early standard... by  9/18/04  
     PEM stands for Privacy Enhanced Mail. It is a file format used to hold digital certifica... by Dave Tong 5/4/05  
     PEM format is a refinement of base64 encoding. It is defined in RFC1421 for use in Privacy... by Frappyjohn 8/7/05  
     PEM format is simply base64 encoded data surrounded by header/footer lines. by spamsucks72 10/6/05  
     PEM is a set of standards for adding a security overlay to Internet e-mail providing ... by Dharmesh Bajpai 6/29/2006  
How can I improve my HDL Cholestrol ??? by Rashid9/27/03 diabetes FAQ: general (part 1 of 5)
     All I know about is exercise. by Henry2/2/04  
     Eat a lot of Salmon fish by Shibu6/16/04  
     Aerobic Exercises at least 30 minutes every other day (or everyday if you can). Avoid... by Khalifa7/1/04  
     Eat at least an oatmeal a day by roxy7/13/04  
     I used to have high LDL but after taking Mannatech supplements for a few months my good... by daniel 10/6/04  
     I used to have high LDL but after taking Mannatech supplements for a few months my good... by daniel 10/6/04  
     Eat flaxseed (ground or oil), soy (tofu) and excersise. by Magui 1/31/05  
     HDL is supposed to be high. It's the LDL that should be low. by boysname 5/6/05  
     Khalifa: your answer relates more to how to lower your LDL and not on how to increase your... by Joe 6/13/05  
     by doing exercise and reducing the intake of saturated fats. by nitasha 6/16/05  
     be born with the right genes by dca2020 7/7/05  
     Eat less, exercise more,walk as much as you can if you can not do exercises. Cut the... by sean 649 7/25/05  
     I had angioplasty recently; I am 60 , I walk 40 minutes a day everyday 4 to 4.5 kms , eat... by Sarath 8/24/05  
     you may consider taking fish oil soft tablets. these tablets contain fish oil and fish oil... by dennis_m 9/1/05  
     Quit smoking, brisk walk for minimum 45 minutes and Avoid saturated fat. by Micky 9/13/05  
     take mix of honey,lime& hot water early morning by kpjoy 10/30/05  
     I ate oatmeal everyday and lowered my cholesterol from 216 to 187 to 100 in two months. ... by Bucky 11/21/05  
     half hour brisk walk every day(you should sweat)and eat dry fruits,less of fat containing... by haresh 12/20/05  
     The right amount dietary fat and adequate exercise can increase HDL Cholestrol by Kishore 2/2/2006  
     Eat 2 tablespoons of ground Flaxseed every day. by Charlie 2/2/2006  
     1. Be a vegetarian. Solve a lot of your health problems. 2. Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi or... by Desmond 4/19/2006  
     Oatmeal and Cinamon each morning with raisens...Can't beat it. by Muscleo 6/20/2006  
     avoid eating red meat. Do exercise... walking in the morning is the best exercise... by well wisher 7/29/2006  
     eat vegetables and fruits with many different colour (red pepper, green pepper, yellow... by qualitylife 8/11/2006  
     Try a natural remedy that is FDA approved in addition to diet. There's a couple of good... by Tony 8/12/2006  
     By eating low fat foods exercising at least 30 minutes or more at least 3times a week.... by Rita Berry 9/1/2006  
     I have found some useful info about hdl cholestrol in this site: <a href=" by Nicky 10/25/2006  
     It is important to exercise regularly and make dietary choices which include more fruits... by Daryl 11/19/2006  
     Low Fat and timely food, exercise. by Sushil Kumar Saggar- baddowalia 12/28/2006  
     Eat more nuts and grains by Robey 1/10/2007  
     Fishoil - 2gms per day by Dutchman 1/19/2007  
     Eat more of whole what products and grains. by Gaurav 2/20/2007  
     Exercises.exercises.exercises.and then improve your healthy food by fara7 2/26/2007  
     drink juice prepared with 10 nos kothamara;(cheenimarakya) every day by sudhakaran 3/2/2007  
     How can I improve my HDL Cholesterol ??? by neelam 4/4/2007  
     Fasting twice a week by Bronson 4/9/2007  
     Eat dietary fibres from fruits and vegetables which should form at least 25% of your daily... by Maddy 4/24/2007  
Can anyone give a definitive answer on what foods/protiens GSDs are allergic to and what... by coda5/28/04 rec.pets.dogs: German Shepherd Dogs Breed-FAQ
     What foods is protiens to eat to lose weight? by ET 1/21/05  
     what is your name? my name is amith by AMITH 3/8/05  
     waan idin salaamay dhamaan dadka ku jira meeshaan by abdi 6/18/05  
     this is gay. by juli 9/19/05  
     Proteins are foods which help our body grow build our muscles and repair our damaged... by babygirl 9/20/05  
     protiens are by kobe 10/14/05  
Does anyone out there know how to make WILD GRAPE JAM OR JELLY? THey have those tiny seeds... by Deb9/14/03 Rec.Food.Preserving FAQ (v.7.08) Part1
     Spicy Wild Grape Jelly Ingredients 3 lbs partially ripened grapes 2 lbs fully ripened... by Tammy10/4/03  
     I use the wild grape juice concentrate. I boil 12 lbs of plucked grapes and 3 cups of... by fluff2/25/04  
     P0iXqAgpKHeng7 bio89mpIlmEZ KDqJALZ83lkC2 by RqAdHSxIyC 2/25/2006  
     I make grape jelly using Welches juice and follow the directions on the pectin box. I... by honeybee 7/11/2006  
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN .COM AND .EXE? by NOXITAILE10/3/03 comp.os.msdos. programmer FAQ part 5/5
     Following are the major differences b/w an EXE file and a COM file : 1.EXE file contains... by M S RAM1/4/04  
     The very first two bytes of .exe file will be either MZ or ZM. DOS recognizes the command... by Ravindranath 10/14/04  
I have a daisy chain tattoo on my upper right arm, afterwards as always there was a lot of... by bernie2/19/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     may I see a pic of your daisy chain tattoo? I'm am looking for one to have done, but... by maria 9/16/05  
     ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cho by bob101 11/30/05  
     the tattoo was put in too deep and exploded in the fatty tisue of your skin by uncle pucker 4/19/2006  
     The subsurface infiltration of black pigment can , and does happen to clients of even the... by Headlight 4/25/2006  
what is router, web server, database, e-commerce server by ray3/14/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     router is a layer2 dyes by durga 8/20/2006  
     What is router by Mainul 9/5/2006  
     A device that determines the next network point to which a data packet should be forwarded... by Gopal 9/7/2006  
     What is the configuration of router ? by Sonji 1/6/2007  
I would like to clear my NVRAM on my Dell Desktop 8300. I have gone into system setup but... by Turner8/19/03 hardware.* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 1/5
     To clear the NVRAM, perform the following steps: Restart your computer. At the first... by good-guy10/31/03  
     To clear the NVRAM, perform the following steps: Restart your computer. At the... by Tech-Support2/13/04  
     hi,i clear nvram on my dell 150,its can only upgrade from a10 to a11 but i want to perform... by iftikhar 12/24/2006  
     yuttyu by tfyu 4/27/2007  
What Stevie Nicks Song did Destiny's Child sample in Bootylicious? by Robbin9/30/03 Music composition Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Edge Of Seventeen. Although I always thought this was a Fleetwood Mac song. Who knows? by vandu11/24/03  
     Edge of Seventeen is a Stevie Nicks song off her album 'Bella Donna'. by motownjunk 3/24/2006  
     The song is "Edge of Seventeen" and it's A Stevie Nicks song not a Fleetwood Mac song.... by Luke 6/9/2006  
     it is edge of seventeen, and it is a Stevie Nicks song by inca 10/25/2006  
     Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) solo album song ;) by topcat the wise 4/24/2007  
My house was built in 1965, and does not have grounding on some circuits, particularly in... by Red-z9/18/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     is your wiring in the kitchen installed in armored cable? I suspect that it is, which... by joe r b 5/16/04  
     A GFI HAS to be grounded or it won't work. by arcus58 6/22/05  
     no, you need three wires, a hot, common, and ground, the ground goes to the electrical... by six 6/3/2007  
Which are Canadian typical foods? Please answer!!! by Thia4/17/04 World Guide to Vegetarianism - Canada1
     -pancakes and maple syrup -peanut butter -maccaroni and cheese -quiche -corn on the... by Jenica4/27/04  
     how can i be fails. I'm11 years old and i love to sing by hailey6/1/04  
     Poutine is a Quebec (Canada) classic. It's fries with cheese, either raped or in chunks,... by Ti-Rouge 7/26/05  
     look you ninny, Canadians are humans, just like you. We eat what you can buy in any north... by mvisinski 10/15/05  
     wat the heck does that haf to do with this question? iknow im probably the only one in... by 51cents 2/14/2006  
     poopy bumssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss by poop 6/12/2006  
     well you have really bad grammar so... by Liz 6/17/2006  
     pleas I am from basque county and I´got english homework and my homework is write a... by goizalde 10/5/2006  
     Well, defining what is Canadian food depends on what part of Canada you're from! The... by Randolfo Fermin 3/23/2007  
how do you play magic the gathering. by Raistlin1/25/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Beats me! by Coco-- nut3/22/04 asp?x=magic/rules/tourneyplayer by MillMaster4/20/04  
     ur gay an so is the world..i like teletubies and so should u..every1 should like teletubie... by imnottafruitcake6/1/04  
     biatch by gbregre7/20/04  
     this game is wierd gay and demoinic but how do u play it. its gay answer me. atog is the... by hells_soldier&deathwillcome2u 6/21/05  
     im in love w/ the teletubies! my bro loves tinkywinky by xoGothicRosexo 5/25/2006  
     The point is to get the opponent down to 0 life and both players start at 20. You play one... by Thief Shado 7/27/2006  
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo? by harry12/21/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     18 years old by rose2/8/04  
     18 on your own (in most states), or 16 with parental consent and their attendance of the... by Shants3/13/04  
     i want A tattoo by smilez4/6/04  
     No you don't. by Iced T5/12/04  
     Does it have to be a parent? Or can you have a friend who's of age just sign for you? by Jen6/4/04  
     bell ends r nice by gregory6/21/04  
     i am goin down to texas and i mite get a tattoo. of course im only 13. but my friend down... by nikeesha7/14/04  
     I think you should be 13 to get a tattoo because it is your own body and if you fell like... by big p7/20/04  
     I want a tatoo and i'monley 12 I alredy did my own with a nedle and ink, I want one... by bobo 8/11/04  
     I know that you have to be 18 to get a tattoo. Can you get a tattoo if your parents sign a... by Meghan 8/12/04  
     I just got a tattoo the other day and I'm 16!! A parent had to go with me...but I'mtelling... by Prettyface 8/18/04  
     You shouldn't get a tattoo until you are 16 because there are certin lines in your body... by meme 9/15/04  
     Hi i am noddy.. i am 15 yrs old and want a n my mate dorian hav an obsession... by Noddy 12/13/04  
     If you feel that getting a tattoo at thirteen is right, then go ahead. Even though I'll be... by jessica 1/19/05  
     well am 17 and i have 6 tattoos so far all i have to say is if you know the risks and know... by mezzy 1/24/05  
     13 is too young. 17-18 is fine. if i got a tattoo at 13 it would probably be of a... by hollywoodrose 1/31/05  
     don't no? by vonni 2/12/05  
     i want to get a tattoo but i am only 13 but my sisters boyfreind is 20 and he is geting... by pokey jo 2/20/05  
     I think people should be able to get a tattoo if they want it..Mostly, you have to be... by Sara Beth 3/7/05  
     it doesn't have to be a parent it can be anyone 18 or older by *rockchick* 3/24/05  
     ok well 13 is way to young to have a tattoo they wouldnt make it through the session trust... by hoss 4/11/05  
     i think u shud be 13 2 get a tatoo because if you want 1 then u want 1 theres nowt rong... by matty 5/28/05  
     nikeesha..I live in Texas and today i went around to 3 diff tattoo places and they say you... by Michelle 6/4/05  
     well i think its fine at 18 and the reason it is 18 is for lawsuite issues im sure if i... by xmattx 6/15/05  
     actually where i am at you can be 13 or older with your parents permission by kaykay 7/1/05  
     what if you get a tatoo anyways? by michael 7/7/05  
     i want a rose tattoo im just gonna go into the shop that does it and try and get away with... by danielle 8/2/05  
     you don't want one because that at the time you think that it is a nice of art but by the... by bob  8/20/05  
     what about in mn, how old do you have to be? by CArolyn 8/21/05  
     i got drunk and got a tattoo from a friend and its my best friends middle name and that is... by pooh 10/25/05  
     I think you should be 15 or older, because i am getting one for my birthday on Sat. Nov... by Roxanne M 10/28/05  
     Nikeesha, your idea is pretty gay. by James 11/15/05  
     if you have your parents permission you can get a tattoo at almost any age by soljurboy45 12/3/05  
     Damn are you right mr xXx, i got kicked too and i still cant get the tattoo. ?? like what... by [{,.-'-.,]}   12/18/05  
     I really want to get a tattoo, I know how to do it myself, but i don't want to get an... by green say lover 1/9/2006  
     what if your 17 and emancipated and it is only 5 months untill your 18th birthday but dont... by jade 2/2/2006  
     how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Ontario? by stick 2/25/2006  
     i want a tattoo im 13 and my mom says i can get one when i come of age on my birthday i... by Bradrjman 3/18/2006  
     Why do you not like tattoo's? by ABrokenMind 3/23/2006  
     tattoos are awsome and my friend has one and shes only 15 so us under 18 should be able... by ali 4/13/2006  
     i doe get it iv got mi belly dun so y cant i get a tatoo at 14 it ay fair lol by *+_+*amy*+_+* 4/19/2006  
     i suck penis by ff 5/31/2006  
     I agree with you. But what if you have some medical history that you don't know have and... by Princess Ashley 7/19/2006  
     i think people should be able to get tattoos because it lets them express themselves... by cowboy33 7/20/2006  
     i completely agree with big p!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its just not fair by big cheese 8/10/2006  
     16 with a parent 18 on your own by Shellie 8/15/2006  
     anyone know about the law in california. my mom will let me get one but even with her im... by matt 10/2/2006  
     i think it should matter what age. A tattoo is a form of expression and individuality and... by chelle 10/9/2006  
     how old do you have to be to get a tattoo living in Canada? by Abby 10/14/2006  
     I'm 16 in the UK so can i get one with my mums consent. by hayles 10/26/2006  
     I live in kansas, it you only have to be 16 without consent to get a tattoo by Pshxemily 11/5/2006  
     i think you should be 15 to get a real one but i mean you can always get a fake one but... by babygirl 12/20/2006  
     if you get one when your too young your dumb because you still have puberty and they will... by ... 1/25/2007  
     in most cases u have to be 18 but if ur 16 u can get on with an parent with u? by mandy  2/27/2007  
     fuk noes but i wanna no mateee by Nikki 2/28/2007  
     i disagree thirteen is way to young, and waiting is the best way to save the regret of... by what ev 3/5/2007  
     "Big P" STFU. by Whatever. 3/31/2007  
     Im 15 and im going to Vegas, can i get a tatoo with parent consent form?? Email me plz if... by Aaron 4/23/2007  
     i think that if u are a teenager than u should be able to get a tattoo because like... by alyssa 5/27/2007  
     It wouldn't be too smart to get a tattoo at 13 because you're still growing and if you get... by Osvaldinho 6/16/2007  
     You guys are lame. that 13 year old with the heart tatoo you're gunna regret it. by You guys 6/19/2007  
     i want a tattoo bad! by icey 7/14/2007  
     your 13 and your getting a tatto about relation ships!?! you should be outside running... by Rockzor 7/16/2007  
I have a 1908 silver dime. I am wondering how much this is worth. Can you find out for me?... by William1/25/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     10 cents by krock5/1/04  
     about two bucks by joe 8/25/04  
     I will buy it from you. if you still have it email me at by james 2/9/05  
     how much is a 1908 dime worth by kevin 5/16/2006  
     2 dollars by hhh 10/3/2006  
     slightly over $4.00 by Jimbo 10/6/2006  
     krock is incorrect. A silver dime at the present time (Feb. 2007) is worth about $1.10 for... by C.W.Holeman III 2/23/2007  
i need to find a list of famous people who have phobias by ney ney6/22/04 FAQ Part 5[5]
     1333 by Sam 11/16/04  
     steve martin is deathly afraid of going to a party and being the only one there that was... by tinker_bell 2/18/05  
     Jonny Depp is scared of clowns by tiffo 3/8/05  
     i need a list of famous people with phobias by ghgxg 3/30/05  
     This site features a list of phobias suffered by celebrities and famous people from... by Makin Bacon 4/8/05  
     Who are people with phobias? by Tom 5/4/05  
     Could you please tell me famous people who have phobias? by Jean Neumann 11/18/05  
     well, i dont know very many but i can tell you that i know many celebrities who have... by chelpot 11/29/05  
     monkey by pjh 12/5/05  
     people in history that had phobia by normie 10/18/2006  
     i need to find a list of famous people who have phobias by kerr69 12/13/2006  
     Micheal Jackson marlin Monroe billy bob Thornton johnny cash by tonitto 3/21/2007  
     I dont know by Cece 5/11/2007  
how do i set up the atari gameing console 2600 series to my television? by vinman7/26/03 Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions
     All you really need is a standard switchbox - from either an Atari 8-Bit system, or any of... by Ilmarinen5/9/04  
     All you gotta do is kill your self!!! by power man 700 6/30/2006  
Why does my 11 week old doxie want to eat her feces? by Sherri9/8/03 rec.pets.dogs: Dachshund Breed-FAQ
     We have a 5-month old male dachshund, and he does the same thing, also if he vomits. I... by Marie Hoyt-Pariury9/19/03  
     Hi! Well Sherri I am a Dachshund breeder, and as Marie said dogs eating dog poop is a... by sirwack111/6/03  
     Hi! Well Sherri I am a Dachshund breeder, and as Marie said dogs eating dog poop is a... by sirwack111/6/03  
     dogs eat their own excrement because they are disgusting animals by rump weasel12/31/03  
     my 8 month year old dog likes to eat the leaves and branches of my (real) Christmas tree,... by star12/31/03  
     My three year old dog,Abby eats the cat's poop out of the literbox. It's pretty disgusting... by Cassie 1/16/04  
     Star: When I was a kid I lived in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. One of the many... by John1/19/04  
     My puppy is a Cocker Spaniel and he does the same thing. He is 4 months and I catch him... by Dee1/23/04  
     These dogs eat faeces because the alternative ain't much better by fool3/5/04  
     Dogs may eat their own poop during paper or house training in order to cover up their... by Dr. Big Dawg3/12/04  
     Sherri: My dog Lilly eats her excretion also. At first I was worried it could be some... by Dog Owner 3/13/04  
     I have an English Springer Spaniel. She is a champion show dog now retired. She eats her... by Cathy4/8/04  
     Don't worry, it's not quite as bad as it looks. Our dog, Izzy, likes to eat our cat's... by Tater4/13/04  
     whflkajflsaja by michelle jeanquart5/3/04  
     I'm glad I found this place, because I'm taking care of a friends dog and just saw the... by Totally grossed out6/7/04  
     hey, i know this problem all too well! i work in a pet store, and see it all the time. I... by lucy h7/3/04  
     It's perfectly normal. I eat my poop too, good source of protein. =) by Nex 8/30/04  
     why does my cocker spaniel eat leaves,paper,crayons(non toxic),and her own hair? by leo 9/9/04  
     I realise now after reading through this website what I have done wrong as a dog owner -... by Sarah 9/13/04  
     I have a 12 week old female doxie as well. If she happens to go in the house and I am not... by Daisysmom 9/26/04  
     Just be patient...go to the vet and get something to put in their food so they won't like... by me 9/27/04  
     Your dog is attempting suicide because you are his owner and he cannot reach the door... by Mine Ran Away 10/23/04  
     I am glad I found this now I have a better understanding of why our dog eats from the cat... by lailie 11/2/04  
     I am glad I found the answer to the poop problem. But if they do eat it what can I do to... by Debby 11/14/04  
     my puppy ate his poop this morning,i saw him! im still gagging thinking about it. i dont... by nikki 12/3/04  
     I have an 11 week old shih-poo (shih-tzu/poodle cross)and we have caught her eating her... by Chloe  12/20/04  
     a lot of these answerer's are correct. Its finding out witch on fits. I can tell you I... by magnum 12/22/04  
     this is a normal thing for dogs of all breeds,not only dogs, rabbits and other animals,it... by barbara 1/7/05  
     I really don't have an answer but, I would like to say that my 10 year-old toy poodle does... by Coco 1/14/05  
     It's funny you mentioned the pineapple juice. I just noticed a couple of days ago that my... by puppy's mom 2/10/05  
     i am so glad that i found this page. i have a 11 month old toy poodle. she was the only... by Kimberly 3/10/05  
     I have read through all of your answers here and am really surprised the breeder did not... by Connie 3/28/05  
     dogs eat their own poop because they have no taste buds except when we put drugs in to... by virg 4/17/05  
     I have tried everything to train my dogs to not eat poop, but they are still very... by Sheltie friend 5/23/05  
     Anyone have advice on how long it takes for the pineapple juice to work?? I started it... by Teresa 6/1/05  
     My 9 month old Dachshund eats CAT POOP ALSO! Ive caught her more than a couple of times.... by teelo2816 6/9/05  
     It looks as if Prince, the poop-eating Cavalier Spaniel, really does like it. But nobody... by Prince the Pooper 7/8/05  
     i like to eat poop also by hello 7/21/05  
     The trick that I found to detour your dog from consuming its fescus is to go outside where... by brian  7/21/05  
     Hello my dog is not even 1 year old but its pregnant does that mean it will die during... by beth 8/23/05  
     my dog by abrooke29 9/11/05  
     Take a break from reading about dog poop, and check out ... by VidPile 9/26/05  
     my dog does that too by morgan 10/26/05  
     Dogs eat their own poop because they are disgusting, revolting beings. Get a cat instead. by me 11/10/05  
     My four month old Shih Tzu eats not only her poop but my other dog's poop also and any... by Marie 11/15/05  
     Just FYI Certain types of litter can be harmful to dogs if ingested. It would be a great... by tanya 11/29/05  
     I like feces by fece_eater23 12/7/05  
     because she does rocks by wing nut 12/13/05  
     Question for lucy h. If I try the pinapple juice to stop my dog from eating her own poop,... by baspencer 12/15/05  
     My English Bull Terrior has just this second licked my daughters face just after she... by lozza 12/18/05  
     are dog got up stairs when we went out all the bedrooms were trashed by tango 12/26/05  
     leslelalalsmakjxlxjaskal;slaksaksaklsaksl kakslmx,m,m mxkzjslskdjkdjksadkldjkdjdkjlkjdkldsa... by cozy 1/16/2006  
     wtfwtfwtfwtwftwftwftwftfwtfwftwftwftwftfw twffwftwfwftfw ttwfwtwffwtfwtwfwtwfwwwt ... by fuzzball 1/16/2006  
     My husband is eating the dogs poop. How do i make him stop? I put tabasco sauce on it.... by gatekeepeR 2/4/2006  
     I would like to know if my puppy's bad breath is because I have caught her trying to eat... by 2/16/2006  
     I kinda have a question........ how do u know when a dog is about to have puppies? by Puppy 2/21/2006  
     WHat the phuck are you talking about? pineapple juice??? Dogs have a keen sense of taste... by gfhfgh 2/23/2006  
     My 2 month old dachshund also eat his own poop and vomit it's a normal reaction especially... by Demi 5/3/2006  
     Eating poop is the least of my worries. My dachshund had a litter of puppies and just... by Allen Possibility 6/16/2006  
     My 7 week doxie eats his own feces as well. I just watch him closely to catch him before... by kat44 9/13/2006  
     Dogs eat their own poop because they are not getting the right or not enough of one... by Nicki 10/22/2006  
     Some puppies will eat poop, but this is not because they are trying to hide a naughty act.... by Ted 10/29/2006  
     read this article from this web sight I found. It has alot of good reasons for eating poop... by Maura 11/29/2006  
     Dogs will eat cats poop because it is high in protein, sometimes cats will eat dog food... by B Fitzroy 1/9/2007  
     I just bought a 8 week old chiwawa-papillon mix, and i learned that my dog likes to eat... by allison 2/25/2007  
     luv my dog by paris hilton 3/27/2007  
     I`ve been chasing cars lately and I hope I don`t start eating my own poop. by datguy 6/19/2007  
     When I was a child we had a Brittany Spaniel who did this gross thing, too. Someone told... by jacey 6/25/2007  
     I have a Dachshund and she has just started to eat her poop she is 10 almost 11 years old... by My  doggie 7/10/2007  
What is the purpose of firewall software? by Dwight Drage11/25/03 Firewalls FAQ
     Name a firewall by pancho5/4/04  
     A firewall is an application that helps protect your computer from hackers on the... by JH5/19/04  
     a firewall is a wall of fire that burns you when you walk through it by jesus christ 8/29/2006  
     I don't have an answer but I'd like to thank JH for providing a decent answer for me to... by Joshi 10/26/2006  
     A firewall can be considered as a special type of router that is located between the... by altaf hussain 11/20/2006  
     it is a program that protect your computer from hackers. by Ronie Pabon 11/28/2006  
     The purpose of a firewall is to protect you the user,and,your computer from people who try... by LIL,K 2/13/2007  
I have a fuel injected 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It used to start without using gas pedal,... by Glenda1/18/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Try cleaning the idle air motor, a little device on the intake that admits air to the... by t frost1/28/04  
     I had a similar problem with my 97 Grand Cherokee. The problem was a bad bypass valve on... by Todd2/11/04  
     Hi i was wondering if you know if a 95 and 96 fuel pumps are the same ? by summerofsam44 8/23/04  
     I have Grand Jeep Cherokee, i brought 8 month ago but for valentine's day the tire come... by madleni 2/23/05  
     I am having the same problem right now w/ my 97 Jeep Grand Cheroke. It's in the shop as we... by Jamie 5/23/05  
     Simple solutions are often over-looked. Gas filter, dirty fuel clogging injectors, air... by icyfx 1/20/2006  
     My 97 Grand Cherokee stalled while on the highway. We were able to get it started and got... by john 5/22/2006  
     I have starting problem with my 1995 grand cherooke. when crank it attempted to start,... by mark 11/14/2006  
     sounds like the same problem i had. swapped out the fuel pump and now its running fine... by kyle 3/19/2007  
can i use satellite receiver without dish ? or use indoor small antenna ? what is... by noname11/22/03 Satellite TV Frequently Asked Questions List
     I like to know if I can use satellite receiver without dish or how bout a small antenna? ... by jackscalia12/23/03  
     Me too looking for indoor satellite antenna .I found on net for euoropean indoor antennas... by alex3/13/04  
     For those of you who are inquiring about indoor units because your landlord doesn't allow... by Chuck4/25/04  
     I lived in an apartment complex and asked about satellite. They did not come out and say... by kcross576/6/04  
     I'm sorry guys but there is no way to have a satellite system installed indoor. Do not... by silkson 8/26/04  
     Go to They have a dish in a briefcase by teflon_mikes 4/21/05  
     kcross57 -- They can't do that 'cause that's "unreasonably delay or prevent installation,... by facetoface203 7/7/05  
     I checked with my property manager and she is demanding a satellite insurance coverage of... by jas 10/4/05  
     In the USA FCC rule 207 prohibits restrictions on personal antennas in areas exclusively... by George 12/22/05  
     i am also looking for indoor small antena , by esi 1/1/2006  
     Hi Guys For those of you wanting to install satellite dishes that work within the... by busterthedog 3/20/2006  
     FCC Rules directly prohibit any association, landlord, or owner of an apartment bld, condo... by Don 8/14/2006  
     Just heard about a new thechnology from South Korea that the receiver itself is very tiny... by Moshe 9/3/2006  
     If you take a look at the FCC regulations, your apartment complex cannot charge you an... by JasonR 9/17/2006  
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how do you write a bibliography for a website? by BoB6/10/04 FrameMaker FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 1/2
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     Author's last name, Authors First name "title"/ URL by Behbhe 1/28/2007  
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how do i sign my rights away to a child where the mother will not let me see it. by bobby8/7/03 alt.mens-rights Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 5/6
     The mother will not let me or my husband see his son and now she said she wants him to... by beppy3/31/04  
     I think anyone should be able to sign away the rights to other parent when the other... by metaluvers 12/13/05  
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how long is a ferret in season and how long is it pregnant. by jodi2/29/04 Ferret FAQ [3/5] - Training and Behavior
     how long is a ferret pregnant for? by jodie7/6/04  
     how log is a ferrit preganent for by vinceny 6/14/05  
     ferrets are in season from spring to september and they are pregnant for six weeks. by lozzy 8/2/2006  
     A female ferret will remain in season until she is either bred (can be done with a... by Jane 10/7/2006  
     ferrets are pregnant for 41 days by simiukas 11/24/2006  
     How tall is a ferret? by Wingleo 11/28/2006  
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how much does it cost to open an arcade room by outlaw10/22/03 Frequently Asked Questions
     millions by d4/13/04  
     It will cost you approximately $5,000 a unit if you have a good mix of new and used games.... by Watson 9/29/04  
     actually it varies depending on what you stock it with and how you go about doing it if... by shadow mouse 12/19/2006  
     It depends on what games you want to put in it. If you put in 5 old games that you... by bigboybry 2/17/2007  
At what age does the female mini dachshunds usually go into heat and how often after the... by S2FREEMAN@aol.com2/29/04 rec.pets.dogs: Dachshund Breed-FAQ
     She can go into heat as young as 6 months, as old as 1 year or outside of this range! The... by Tanisha3/1/04  
     How do I get into my E-mail by Shauna 11/2/04  
     yes, she will probably fall into heat at an average of 6-10 months. and are in heat for 3... by dachshund breeding 101 2/14/05  
     i have been told that mini dachshunds are aggressive to new people if this is true can i... by emma allen 6/8/05  
     If i want to bred a 1 year old male Dachshund with a 4 year old female Dachshund is that... by Jessie 8/17/05  
     I just bought a 9 week old black/tan long difficult will it be to housebreak... by Melody 1/18/2006  
     My mini doxie puppy went into heat today. She is 9 months and 2 days. Her sister, from... by Lauren 3/27/2006  
     mine went into heat her first time at 4 months and the vet said it was perfectly healthy by gygygy 10/18/2006  
     when breeding a dachshund, how do you help her when she is pregnant and conceive the ... by Riss 6/11/2007  
     when breeding a dachshund, how do you help her when she is pregnant and conceives the ... by Riss 6/11/2007  
     My mini Dachshund just turned one year old. Can she have puppies now? by Katrose 6/12/2007  
HOW CAN I GO ABOUT FINDING OUT A AOL PASSWORD, THAT IS NOT MINE? by STINGRAY6/11/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
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How to wire 240V outlet Start from fuse box to outlet by Mike2/14/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     first turn off power at main fuse box the main breaker will only be labled as "MAIN: now... by Tyler 10/22/05  
What day/days of the heat cycle is best for breeding my female chocolate. She first... by Tim1/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Hi! You can't know for sure unless a male is around to try her. There are two stages in... by Tanisha1/3/04  
     I have a 1 year old black lab I think is going into heat. how long is this cycle by crockett 3/21/04  
     my 8 month old chocolate lab just went through her heat cycle so i found this out!!! they... by angie4/29/04  
     my jack russell is nasty to other dogs do u know why? by leanne 10/31/04  
     this is a question how do you breed your dog if there is no male dog in the house but you... by paster holy 11/12/04  
     Can dogs be bred at thier first heat? I have a lab, but I don't wan tot breed her too... by bev 11/13/04  
     My almost 2 year old lab is in heat and I have a male with her rite now, but I was... by Ashley 1/29/05  
     my lab has gone threw the first days of bleeding then stoped.The male has been trying to... by james  bailey 2/6/05  
     My 9 month old yellow lab is swollen and acting very agressive, very unlike her I.E. ... by Honey R 8/23/2006  
     Why are you even considering breeding when there's so many dogs already in rescue, and... by Shintoga 9/19/2006  
     I know I am answering nearly 2 years after the fact, but if you have to ask that question:... by jbn 10/26/2006  
I'm trying to wire a electric stove in a house that had a gas range instead of an electric... by chief1/26/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     well first of all its probably not a good idea to wire it directly to the fuse box. you... by Tim3/28/04  
     If you can't figure this out you shouldn't be doing it yourself. Requires 50 amp double... by Rich4/5/04  
     Do not mess with your electrical wiring at home it is very dangerous and could be deadly... by electroguy 11/20/04  
     Rich is right but a 50 ampere range requires 6 gauge wire not 8. by Randy 1/11/05  
     if using a 50 amp breaker you can NOT use 8 gauge wire. you must use 6 by semi 5/17/05  
     Rich is right on. The wire is very heavy duty, different than the white 12/2 or 14/2 romex... by DaveRH 2/6/2006  
     Umm, that would be a 3 conductor with a ground, not 4. Only current carrying wires are... by Veritas 5/6/2006  
     you need the 4 wire range recepticol. A 40 amp breaker (only come in double pole). And... by Tony 6/16/2006  
     Actually, it's 8 ga. for a 40 amp double pole breaker and 6 ga. if using a 50 amp breaker.... by Jason 10/10/2006  
     Nobody asked about installing breakers, just an outlet. by Thom 3/12/2007  
I have a Social Sercuity number and a name, how can I find this person without paying... by Susan6/24/04 Social Security Number FAQ
     swimming in pond by daffy 10/17/04  
     frank lewis whedbee 11-22-46 223-60-4994 by jodi  1/15/05  
     Not familiar with this web site ...has anyone answered the questions by vinny 4/25/05  
     i would like to know my aunt and uncles address by roseann 7/18/05  
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     I will turn 65 next year 07, will their be a limit on want I can earn. by George 9/12/2006  
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     i have a social sercuity number and name,how can I fine this person without paying someone... by becky dee 4/11/2007  
     If I start working part time and work 8 hours a day does my employer have to keep me on... by patricia  lesniewski 5/19/2007  
Where can I get a complete and free FORTRAN 90 or 95 compiler? I will be teaching a... by reno7/7/03 Fortran FAQ
     Go to this site and download putty.exe: uk/~sgtatham/putty... by Friend9/21/03  
     Thanks for your helps by Taheri 4/15/04  
     321313 by ewrw 4/21/04  
     Studien of biophyscis by David 3/24/2006  
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     thanks for the details.... really informative.. by vimlanshu 1/5/2007  
     I NEED FREE SOFTWARE OF FORTRAN90 by joody 2/28/2007  
where can i get blue staffordshire bull terriers? by tara4/4/04 rec.pets.dogs: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed-FAQ
     Look in exchange and mart and loot but be careful the gene that dilutes the black... by Acer4/30/04  
     isnt a blue staff usually the offspring of a brindle dog and a red dog these colours deffo... by bobby6/11/04  
     Blue is the best! I have a blue (ace blue) and the father of my dog won best dog at the... by Rocko7/5/04  
     I breed blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers. None of our pups have ever had any skin... by gerid 8/8/04  
     i have a blue staff pup she's 4 months old she has a white chest and a white stripe down... by nicky 8/17/04  
     look in the ad trader they have got loads of blue staffs for sale and are quite cheap by debs 9/30/04  
     i don't have a answer but i have a question i want one of those dogs so bad cause its the... by nicki wants dog 11/16/04  
     I don't know but if you find out where i can get one. thanks Pam x x x by pam 3/18/05  
     I have a blue and she is the best dog in the world her mother was red and her father was... by i love lola 3/22/05  
     I brought a blue and white pied Staffordshire bull terrier puppy about 6 month ago I... by staffymad 7/23/05  
     my boyfriend has a irish blue staff which is THE BEST and all his pups better than rockos ... by dani 7/31/05  
     blue staffs are brapssssssssssssss i would love to get one can anyone tell me where i can... by jay 9/3/05  
     i think the best staffy is brindle what do u lot think by staff 9/12/05  
     Yes i would like a blue but cant only see irish staffords can anyone point in me in... by pleco 10/11/05  
     blue staffordshire dog are so soft my one is white and blue pied had no proplems. do have... by robert marshall 4/15/2006  
     Hi ive bin lookin on the internet and have just found a good respectable breeder that has... by lors 5/22/2006  
     I have 2 staffys one is a male hes ace blue and his mother was brindle. also my female... by Leon 6/30/2006  
     Don't bother getting a blue staffie, they are usually not a good example of the breed and... by baby1 7/5/2006  
     Blue is the blue staffy comes from 5 generations of blue staffordshires and... by jay 7/20/2006  
     Hello! I search for long time a blue staffordshire bull terrier shows classpuppy. Could... by Justyna 7/27/2006  
     ive blue staffs and the are the best staffs ive seen by ally 7/31/2006  
     @ ACER where do you get your info from ? like most people your very far from the truth,... by bluestaffy 9/29/2006  
     i sell puppies got some due November not blue but blue father, you can only get blues if... by damo 10/8/2006  
     theres plenty of em about in essex mate i paid 500 4 my little boy only a few days ago try... by snoop 11/13/2006  
     i have a blue stud dog with pups due soon contact us by using this link http:/www.bluestaf... by bluestafford 1/28/2007  
     how can u produce a blood lines of blues!!!!!!how did this colour vary by sshankz 4/28/2007  
     how do you train a dog to fight by hark 6/8/2007  
A puzzle was presented to me to draw a rectangle using only 3 lines. What is the solution... by BOB J3/8/04 rec.puzzles Archive (geometry), part 13 of 35
     Do not know the answer by puja3/21/04  
     Draw a rectangular and put 3 line inside it. by Mkamran6/23/04  
     Draw 2 squares, join the corners with 3 lines. You then get a rectangle in 3D. by Sisi  11/25/04  
     using another piece of paper we can draw a rectangle with one STROKE by Rakesh 5/5/05  
     asdfasfaSFDASDASDA by sd 6/10/05  
     does anyone know this>? by does anyone know this 12/22/05  
     how? by someone 1/18/2006  
     yes,right...draw a rectangle,,and then draw 3 lines a rectangle with... by Ray 3/1/2006  
     | | |________________________| | ... by Jeff Passofaro 3/2/2006  
     Draw a rectangle,then draw 3 lines inside it. by Kyrt 4/3/2006  
     2-equal-degree latitudes and one full longitude on a sphere make a rectangle with 3 lines.... by saurabhaditya 4/18/2006  
     dont know by hi 7/28/2006  
     Draw a rectangle and draw 3 lines inside it by ysr 11/29/2006  
My pit bull is in heat. I also do not know what the signs are for pregnancy. We watch... by Christine1/20/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     If she got out there is a good chance she is bred. A stuck out vagina just means that she... by Tanisha2/1/04  
     go to the vet,nipples will develope first i sugesst getting her fixed average litters are... by moondog2/6/04  
     Never use that name PIT BULL You have a PIT BULL if you fight your dog. If you don't... by illy4/5/04  
     okay, I so did not get that last post. what is so horrible about calling your dog a PIT... by Julie4/19/04  
     I know for a fact that my PIT BULL is in fact a PIT BULL and not a amstaff or any other... by Goodell's Piper5/21/04  
     actually "pitbull" is a term that refers to a few breeds including the ones listed above... by jump5/22/04  
     just to let u know... a pit bull is called a Staffordshire terrier. by calling it that is... by trish5/29/04  
     Um.. first off PitBulls are not called Staffordshire Terriers .. they are American PitBull... by melissa7979796/1/04  
     Society has not picked the name pit bull. It is a slang word for the breed known as the... by jadedpitgirl6/23/04  
     i am writing in response to all the people who find it insulting to call a pit bull, pit... by mydogdolly6/25/04  
     Hi everyone, i just rescued a red nose pit bull today named tucker hes aprox.1year hes a... by Lexy6/29/04  
     enough already a pit bull is a pit bull . by rubix7/9/04  
     HUSBANDS NAME by JEWL7/13/04  
     a pitbull is a pitbull u dont even know what u are talking about id worry about the crap... by jenni 8/2/04  
     A pit bull is a pit bull and that is what they are!!!! if you think it is sooo bad to call... by Miranda 8/14/04  
     Wow. I call my APBT a pit, red nose (due to her color, for all you uninformed), bullydog,... by Nuriel 8/15/04  
     OKAY NOW!!!! If you call it "pit bull" it is not racist! And the Staffordshire Terriers is... by Skye 8/27/04  
     Look people all the lady wanted to Know Was how can she tell if her (AMERICAN PITBULL)has... by Mr Pitbull 9/5/04  
     Look people all the lady wanted to Know Was how can she tell if her (AMERICAN PITBULL)has... by Mr Pitbull 9/5/04  
     HEY Lexy am just tellin' you that you should put your pit bull and LAB together.When i got... by poisonANDprincess 9/7/04  
     Reguarging Illy- posted 4/5/04 American Pit Bull Terrier is the correct name, but Pit... by Ash 9/19/04  
     about the red nose pit bull i would have to say the best thing for the moment is treating... by charlie 9/30/04  
     i bought a pit bull in south carolina from some guy yet i didnt get to see the parents. i... by flipboi 10/9/04  
     quote melissa797979: ----------------------------------------- -- Um.. first off PitBulls... by Jason Lester 10/18/04  
     pit bulls can be very loving animals if people did not do such stupid things to them and... by shorty23 10/22/04  
     Hi Chris I have a female my self and am trying to find info on what to expect when my male... by Chyna 11/27/04  
     i have a girl pitbull she is 11 mths and in her first heat what should i expect? also if i... by dazjah 11/27/04  
     Pit bulls are pit bulls by christy 12/2/04  
     I am going through the same thing with my pit bull being in heat, she was making a mess,... by Ashleigh 12/17/04  
     i own a pitbull and most of my friends own pitbulls. i dont know where you are from but im... by bexz c.g. 1/9/05  
     this is for lilly , they are pitbulls , i have 2 pits, and thats what they are. and i dont... by jen 1/9/05  
     some good info thats easy to read: html by Kat 1/10/05  
     christine, by this time i believe u have it figured out if pit is pregnant or not, if she... by julianna_on_top 1/17/05  
     i have two pit bulls they are the best dos. they love us to death and are the most loyal... by maryjane 1/23/05  
     I have a question what is the normal age for a APBT to go into heat. Is it six months for... by Shaonnalove 1/24/05  
     i cant believe how stupid these people are calling pits am-staffs . do you know anything... by krisgaud 2/1/05  
     I am an owner of a Pitbull and have had many others, breed them, loved them,taught them.... by Badgal 2/2/05  
     when is the first heat 4 a female pit by blue pit 2/13/05  
     If you call your loving, sweet, friendly, good natured pet a Pitt Bull, and they are a... by KingMushroom 2/28/05  
     i have brought a staff she is 2 year old we think she might be pregnant her nipples are... by don 3/12/05  
     Our newest canine family member is mostly Pit Bull. Her name is Storm, because we... by Storm's Mom 3/14/05  
     I am a proud owner of two American Pitbull Terriers. My husband and I have raised many of... by Mrs. Berry 3/17/05  
     I am a proud owner of 2 American Pitbull Terriers.My husband and I have been raising these... by Mrs. Berry 3/21/05  
     i thought the question was about pit bulls and pregnancy. if you are educated on this... by none 3/27/05  
     balloon yo mom by yo mom 3/28/05  
     In regards to Lexy's question,I have a red nose pitbull and she is very protective of me... by Uriel 3/30/05  
     i have two red-nose american pits. there is nothing wrong with the breed just the people... by Angel 3/31/05  
     my pitbulls vagina looks as if it stuck out too much. It's hanging out like a ball. is she... by bobby rodriguez 4/5/05  
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     can i breed my dog while she is still bleeding. by ktown 4/26/05  
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     rescued red nose . if your rescued dog is agressive to your outher dog.securely place them... by patrick 6/1/05  
     my neighbors were fighting dogs sick creeps. i cleared the place out. then the whole... by POSSY 6/1/05  
     you guys are all losers by best 6/13/05  
     How did this get so twisted around? Someone wrote in about their dog being in heat and it... by emma 6/20/05  
     I just would like to let everyone know that no it's not an insult to call this breed pits,... by brandon 7/3/05  
     your all stupid, pitbulls were around before bulldogs and they were not created by... by irish 7/6/05  
     Hi... HELP... my beautiful pit/amstaff whatever you guys want to call her that won't cause... by DWood 7/7/05  
     About the Pitbull name... there are different types of American Staffordshire's terriers..... by chopper mommy 7/26/05  
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     Thats it i own a girl stafordbll terrior there real names are staffordbull teriiors and... by anoyed_owner 8/13/05  
     well i have a pitbull and i bred her today and well she is going to stay a week with the... by terri 8/15/05  
     this is not to the question person ,its to the people that answer.whats the difference... by jcamsgrl 8/20/05  
     pitt bulls should be called staff cauz when u say pit bull people think bad things and... by wite boy 8/25/05  
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     I am in heat nearly everyday. I work through it though, just as these dogs would, pit... by bob 9/10/05  
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     how long are dogs in heat for? by joyce 9/25/05  
     I believe pitbulls are loving and VERY beautiful dogs. I've been around pitbulls all my... by nelle 10/24/05  
     Just want to say my pittbull is the BEST dog I have ever had an the sweetest and I get so... by Jessie 10/24/05  
     lets get back to the original question! What do I do now that my pit is pregnant? by jennbop 10/29/05  
     My Pit Bull is the family's best friend. She is like a daughter to me...she is ready to... by melbo 10/30/05  
     dont be IGNORANT my people , the dog is an A.P.B.T AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER. KEY WORD "... by Kevin  11/7/05  
     I think that that is ridiculous, if you have a pit bull, then don't be ashamed to tell... by Lisa 11/22/05  
     i have a pitbull but she will not mate with my friends dog.. when is the best time to mate... by tayababe 11/25/05  
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     I own a PIT BULL and I love the name PIT BULL and there is nothing wrong with the name... by Brenard [BT]  Bill 12/11/05  
     Ok, i have a PIT BULL!!! not a staffordshire terrior! And my PIT BULL is not a fighter!... by Ashely 12/24/05  
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     I've been breeding for 7 years. All the symptoms you have described are common when a... by laura 1/5/2006  
     I've been breeding for 7 years. All the symptoms you have described are common when a... by laura 1/5/2006  
     I have 2 pit bulls. A male and a female, the female is 1 1/2 years old and the male is 1... by Da Jaysta 1/6/2006  
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     are you going to answer the original question or are u going to sit back and argue on this... by blazone 3/14/2006  
     Pitt Bulls Are Loving I own 2 And I have 3 children and they are great with children by Rltjr1 3/18/2006  
     wow, this chick asked how she can tell if her PITBULL is pregnant, not the history of... by Tara 3/25/2006  
     So we all have the greatest, most loyal animals on earth.i have a 5yr.old blue fawn... by 4theluvofourpits 4/24/2006  
     UMMMM......if I'm not mistaken, this person, as did I, came here for advice on their dog.... by napoleons_lover07 4/24/2006  
     i forgot to put in the other one...mainly in response to TRISH...i have 2 pit bulls..a boy... by christy lynne 5/2/2006  
     My question is really simple I hope. There has been an female pit that has found her way... by Suga 5/21/2006  
     Never use that name PIT BULL You have a PIT BULL if you fight your dog. If you don't... by Red Chrome 5/23/2006  
     a pit bull is a pitbull. origanly cross beetween staffordshire bull terrier and bulldog.... by raul 5/24/2006  
     Let's all agree that TRISH is an idiot. I'm Irish. Does that mean I'm a Violent, drunk,... by Sully 5/26/2006  
     I understand the thinking of not saying PIT BULL. It is not right not to call them by... by Lis 6/30/2006  
     I have two dogs one is an American pit bull the other is an American Staffordshire bull... by machel 7/3/2006  
     I think that it is very funny when people argue about dogs. I have rescued 2 Pit Bulls,... by BullyFriend 7/14/2006  
     i would want to knw at waht age is it good to breed your pit and is it good to clip their... by carlos 7/26/2006  
     Ok to Lexy...I also own a red nose pit..Her name is BabyGirl plus i have a yellow lab and... by Jezabell 8/6/2006  
     i have a staffordshire bull terrier who also doesnt like other dogs, but is the perfect... by cheryl 8/16/2006  
     Well, I breed these wonderful dogs for pet and show purposes, so to clear the record: the... by haley 8/19/2006  
     ************So i don't know how to make a new question but i do have one...i have a blue... by kinsey 8/21/2006  
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     I have an American bulldog that is 110 lbs and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that is 60... by kelley 9/18/2006  
     who cares what they're called. It's all on how you raise them. If you raise them to fight,... by melissac1230 9/18/2006  
     i have two pit bulls my female is a german pitbull and my male is a american pitbull we... by angie 10/3/2006  
     Hi everybody i just got a red nose pit bull he's around 12 weeks old,my question is when i... by reina 10/5/2006  
     Pit Bulls ( The American Pit Bull Terrier ) was the first dog brought to America. How can... by Pit Mob Kennel 10/10/2006  
     this is for christine your dog is in heat it will will go way in about 2weeks tops / when... by man 10/17/2006  
     So, in the time we've all argued about what anyone should call their dogs... or whether... by luvmypetiepit 10/27/2006  
     My pitbull is 30 days pregnant.This is my first time as a breeder.Is there anything I need... by Koda 11/10/2006  
     dis is how u noe so is not in heat no more she trow up and wont eat has much and wen she... by pit breder 11/10/2006  
     do dogs vomit when they are in labour ? my female is pregnant and she puked not from... by angus 11/24/2006  
     when people say the name pitbull they talk about them as if they are not even a dog but a... by dazza 12/14/2006  
     The history of these dogs goes back as far as 800 B.C. when traders brought a strain of... by Drawn 2u 1/3/2007  
     i have two pit bulls. i dont like the term either, but thats what they are. They are not... by stef 2/18/2007  
     omg wat is all this just answer the question, take your dog to the vets and see what they... by dog luver 2/21/2007  
     well pit bulls are very different an loving.They are special an they give love an care to... by Dana 2/24/2007  
     Yea,some pit bulls are mean,but,some other breeds are just as mean.And my the way,there is... by lisa 2/28/2007  
     I have a pit bull. She is the sweetest dog. When my husband decided he had to have one, I... by Nichelle 3/6/2007  
     I agree, pit bulls have been given a bad rap. I am a proud owner of a brindle pit bull. ... by Whiskey 3/9/2007  
     a pitbull is not called a amstaff. an AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER is infact that. an... by wayne1 3/12/2007  
     if you go back to the beginning this was a question about dog pregnancy not if a pit is a... by new guy 3/13/2007  
     First, of all a PIT BULL is the reg. name of the breed. If you wre 2 buy one of these dogs... by Shiz15 4/10/2007  
     a pit-bull is know more agrresive than poodles, pugs or taco bell dogs so quit with the... by ateam202 4/15/2007  
     I am reading the views of people who know nothing about what they are talking about nor... by mholla 4/19/2007  
     hey if any one of you mess with me my pit bull will attack you if you hit me from behind... by trevor langston 5/15/2007  
     hello i also have a pit bull terrier and she is a sweetie she loves everyone she is my 5... by electricfrog 5/19/2007  
     my dog in heat to but she has all the suff you say she has by pam 5/21/2007  
     My 17 month old girl APBT is pregnant and even though it was accidental i am extremely... by Fat head 5/21/2007  
     My 17 month old girl APBT is pregnant and even though it was accidental i am extremely... by Fat head 5/21/2007  
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     Lexy, first it will be helpful if your first dog is a female because having dogs of the... by gunner888 7/5/2007  
     I rescued a stray red nose PIT BULL from the street about two months ago. She was very... by SG 7/10/2007  
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     my e-mail is by Chris Dallas 11/4/05  
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     iam new at adopting by amber 11/19/05  
     I need to be adopted!!! please send me the papers a.s.a.p. by MadelineLee 11/27/05  
     i think if you don't like your family now, you should find someone who wants you and ask... by cutey 1/3/2006  
     i need to be adopted because my mom doesn't care by kieran 1/12/2006  
     Try this site. by Misty 1/14/2006  
     my e-mail is e-mail me if u can help... by jebeni 2/1/2006  
     i waNt tO be adOpted sO bad i juSt dOnt knOw whatt tOO do by Cee Marie 2/7/2006  
     i really need help. i always get beaten up by a stronger man than my mother but she never... by shariya white 3/23/2006  
     My name is Cynthia, I am 12 years old, a mexican, and a good student. I need to be adopted... by Scared Of My Mom 4/16/2006  
     i hate living here i would like to get adobted by my best friend mom. My mom just always... by Shay 4/18/2006  
     i am looking for legal adoption papers so my step-father can adopt me because my biologica... by Kristen 4/27/2006  
     I need to be adopted!!!! my parents are really mean to me and one of my aunties will be... by Darshy 5/13/2006  
     Someone needs to get me some adoption papers bad, my parents are both verbally abusive my... by Alexanderoflostsoul 5/18/2006  
     Please I would like someone to adopt me. My family is terrible, I'm mentally abused, being... by Wayne 6/5/2006  
     Please, I need some adoption papers. My family is terrible, I am constantly being mentally... by Wayne 6/5/2006  
     i need adoption papers for my ant can adopt me by isaac smith 6/7/2006  
     My step-father would like to adopt me, but i do not know how to get the legal papers or go... by Nessa 6/12/2006  
     I HATE MY MOM AND MY LIFE I WANT TO BE ADOPTED by Vanessa 6/12/2006  
     sean and I would Love to adopt a child. I Love Sean. sean and I Love Ether other. we... by Nicole 6/23/2006  
     l wish some one will help by jonesy 6/24/2006  
     I would love to have a set of adoption papers emailed to me for a private adoption. by J 6/30/2006  
     I have someone that wants to adopt me but i have no papers and i have no idea how i'm... by sammy123 7/9/2006  
     hey my life is screwed up and i hate! my family treats me like crap. i almost committed... by S.O.S 7/10/2006  
     cURIOUS... i understand exactly how you feel...last night my mom hit me so much..that i... by NEED2BELOVED 7/13/2006  
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     wow. I came on here to find out about forms for a school project. I hope everyone can get... by decibels 10/25/2006  
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     I am adopted. by fuzzybunny 4/17/2007  
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What is the lifespan of a siberian husky? by Caroline12/17/03 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     The life Span is 12-14 years. Of course thats not written in stone. by Tanisha12/29/03  
     I recently put my eldest Siberian Husky down, whom I loved with all my heart, he was my... by Deborah3/27/04  
     With regard to Deborah's note. I too had to heart brokenly put my loyal best friend to... by charla4/12/04  
     I hate my Siberian husky and want it to die i didn't even want it in the first place but... by Nicolette5/24/04  
     Nicolette- It seems as though people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.... by Tiffany6/18/04  
     a 100% husky dog dies at around year 12 of life by kmanx6/27/04  
     I completely agree with Tiffany. You should be thankful that you have a dog and that it... by Rachel7/3/04  
     Nicolette you should be Happy that you even have a dog.Many people would be... by Jhon7/9/04  
     Nicolette I cannot believe that a person can hate a husky... I wish YOU were dead and died... by Jana 8/4/04  
     Nicolette is an idiot who shouldn't be allowed to have ANY dog! What a low-life, mean... by LEU 8/11/04  
     To the girl that hates huskies.You are the most spoiled brat I have ever seen in my life.I... by kenneth 9/3/04  
     nicolette you are soooooooooooooooo mean u r not cool i would do anything 4 a huskie!!!!!!... by jd4u 9/14/04  
     booooo by jd4u 9/15/04  
     hello everyone, i am the proud owner of a howler.....he is definitly more like a man than... by zonjia 9/16/04  
     waaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa by jose 9/21/04  
     nicolette ,i've never seen a pomeranian with blue eyes!you ought to apperciate the rare... by mr.ward 9/27/04  
     I am so happy to hear how all of you loved your siberians. I myself have one, I was doing... by akopec157 10/2/04  
     This is for all the dog lovers out here. I have a 14 year old Pomeranian and a 3 Year old... by A proud owner of a Pom. and a Huskey 10/4/04  
     i love my husky, he will be two in January. he is my baby. his name is rebel and that is... by cowboy 11/2/04  
     our husky KJ died at 10 years age last nite unexpectedly. we had dogs die from disease... by nick 11/21/04  
     nicolette i think you are a selfish uncaring spoilt little brat, you say ur rich controlli... by kayleigh 12/2/04  
     Nicolet you shouldent be cruel to a pet that has been given to you it can be a great... by Sarah 12/13/04  
     This is in response to Nicolette. You must be about 12 years of age considering your lack... by Dee 12/21/04  
     I just bought my wife a Siberian Husky for Christmas and she is the most adorable thing in... by Tim 12/29/04  
     It has just been four days that my Siberian Husky, Nakita passed away. It was approximatel... by Terry 1/5/05  
     I love Siberian Huskys even though I don't have one I want to get one when I am grown and... by Alex 1/5/05  
     I lost my female Husky last fall at the age of 10. She didn't die of old age that's for... by rick 1/7/05  
     IT seems to me that girl, what if God thought of never having here put on earth I bet she... by Brenda 2/16/05  
     Nicolette, You shouldn't,t treat other living things like that. that husky doesn'tdes... by Johnny 2/17/05  
     hi there i am a new husky owner and would like any information on them as i can if that is... by angels 2/20/05  
     I also agree with Rachel and Tiffany. I have a total of six dogs, including my 3 year old... by Tammy 2/22/05  
     Nicolette I'd have to say that you should be thankful for what you have, so many people do... by gidget 2/24/05  
     I think that you are a selfish rich and spoiled brat who doesn't know how to be thankful... by Nayeli 3/1/05  
     I have only had my Husky for a week and I love him to death. He had a previous owner that... by stubbe76 3/25/05  
     Nicolette, I was wondering if you would like to find a home for the Siberian Husky you... by Belle 3/27/05  
     i love siberian huskys.they are one of the nices kinds of dogs. by pd 5/3/05  
     That's funny because my husband just bought me the cutest pomeranian in the world and I... by Masx 5/6/05  
     Nicolette, you obviously do not realize what kind of a great breed you have! My advice to... by katie jo 5/7/05  
     to tiffany I think that ur a spoiled little rich kid and doesnt know a thing about... by crusher 5/9/05  
     For Nicolette (or whoever you are really) - You and your response appear to be a ruse!... by Austin 5/23/05  
     I highly doubt "Nicolette" is even a real person. If it is, then she's probably a spoiled... by Krysia 6/3/05  
     Nicolette, I must say,you deserve NO dog at all!!! If you are wishing death on the great... by Katie Jo 6/4/05  
     Nicolette, you are heartless.....and you should be ashamed of yourself. I just buried my... by SLalonde 7/3/05  
     Yeah, I agree with Tiffany and the others. In my eyes, Siberian Husky's are the most... by Alia 7/9/05  
     I had a siberian husky once, my very 1st dog ever... his name was wolfie and he was big... by Lucky 7/11/05  
     woww lots of drama..but i have a pomeranian and i love it soo effing much!! its name is... by sammy 7/11/05  
     I agree with Jhon, i would be overjoyed to get a Siberian Husky. My brother had one named... by Joel 7/20/05  
     Nicolette, you are obviously seeking some sort of attention, which, of course you are... by Sue 8/9/05  
     A dog, any dog is what you make of it. Your best friend or your worst ... by Gary 8/26/05  
     Nicolette, You make me sick...wanting a dog to die b/c it isn't the dog you wanted. You... by courtoneil 9/6/05  
     Can someone please advise me my pet husky HUSKA who is now 2 years old has always been a... by sammy 9/8/05  
     I have a great Husky (red). He will turn 16 in 3 months with no signs of illness. Sure... by Melissa 9/20/05  
     For Charla and Deborah, The love you guys had for your huskies speak for itself. You... by Laura 9/28/05  
     nocolet, i have a pomerainian , and an old english sheep dog. [jacky boy and toulouse]i... by atlantis 10/1/05  
     I acquired a siberian husky by accident. he had been in several homes before we got him... by polly 10/21/05  
     Nicolette, if your passion does not lie with a Husky then give the dog to me I will gladly... by Kashmeera  11/12/05  
     I have a 12 year old pomeranian named casper whome i love alot but sometimes he is a... by ~Casper~ 11/23/05  
     Our Husky Merlin,just had to be put down, he was 13 years and 7 months, he was an amazing... by Merlin 11/26/05  
     My husky is currently 12 years old and seems to be on his way to the same things as the... by Stacey 12/2/05  
     as for the person who wrote and said that a 100% siberian husky lives to be around 12... by cmsovich 12/14/05  
     We live in Australia (and no, it doesn't seem too hot for our huskies, though we do take... by Vicki 1/10/2006  
     That was so mean Nicollette! How old are you? 8 years? I'm sure the adjectives you used to... by Pom lover 01 1/30/2006  
     Nicollette, YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY UR parents bought u a husky their not cheap. thier... by MY_DOG_SKEEBO 2/9/2006  
     You should be happy that you have a dog. Dogs will love you unconditionally if you love... by Alysia 2/17/2006  
     Nicolette you need to get a life. you need to open your mind and see what they are really... by billy bob 2/21/2006  
     I want a Siberian husky so bad i think they are the best dogs in the whole world i love... by Jacob 2/25/2006  
     Nicolette You should be grateful I wish every day I could get a dog of any sort but i... by Joe 3/9/2006  
     I'm actually getting a 100% siberian husky in weeks it'll be 5 weeks old then and I will... by Devoni 3/12/2006  
     huskies live to be 12-15 years old by ashley 3/26/2006  
     I just happened across this site to factually answer my 12 year old'sconcern about the... by jeff 4/5/2006 &nb