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...voice lessons did Mariah Carey have?

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Question by Cat
Submitted on 7/12/2003
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What kind of voice lessons did Mariah Carey have?

Answer by Coach Yvonne
Submitted on 11/21/2003
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Mariah Carey's mother was a voice teacher and was certainly significant in being a guide as Mariah learned to sing.  While I don't know the specifics of Mariah'straining I would imagine she received training - every day.  That type of discipline and practice routine is what initiates such development.

If you want to learn to sing, you may want to look for a vocal coach that can help you realize your potential as a singer.

You can find a vocal coach in your area by searching a free database at http://vocal-coaches.com.

If there is not a coach in your area or you cannot afford one, perhaps you should consider a home study program.  The A2Z Educational Network works with a number of vocal experts to promote vocal education.  You can learn more about the products these educators created and many different methods of singing instruction at http://A2ZSingingVoiceLessons.com.

Good luck in your singing endeavors.  Don't forget to join other singers and vocal teachers at The Singing Spot's free messageboard at http://singingisez.proboards.com.


Coach Yvonne


Answer by babii boo
Submitted on 11/29/2004
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Hey.........i can see were you are coming from were u want your voice like Mariah'sbut you should notice that it will be hard work because Mariah has bine doing this 4 a very long time since..........she was a little girl so0o i no it wont come easy for a person who hasn't sung be for!!!!


Answer by TIESHA
Submitted on 3/31/2005
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Answer by Eleonor England, instructor, vocalist
Submitted on 7/22/2005
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I do not know much about Mariah Carey's background but if her mother was a voice instructor, she undoubtedly received a lot of information about vocal physiology and had a LOT of feedback from a live person.  

It is much easier for instructors to have an income source if they put out these learning cd'sand such but I disagree with the other respondent and feel that these products can cause harm to a beginning student as they have no way of knowing if their technique is good with no one to give them feedback the way Mariah Carey, according to the other respondent, did.  As a voice instructor myself, I have seen people come into the studio with COMPLETELY REVERSED ideas of breathing and such which I felt put them in great danger if they ended up trying to use these tools for singing for long periods of time.

My suggestion is the same as the other respondent with the exception that I do NOT recommend that you get an audio course or book but that you do find an in-person voice coach who is of good quality.  These are not always expensive depending upon your location.  If you cannot afford a voice instructor, I suggest you start out in a community college at a class called "class voice" which is a big class full of people and they get you started in a series of group lessons.  Make sure you ask the instructor if they think you are doing OK with the techniques taught.  Sometimes students get messed up in class voice but I do not think nearly as often as an audio course.  And at least with the class voice you have an ability to control that somewhat by being pro-active with the teacher and getting feedback from them.

Also, I checked out the site that the other respondent listed and there are some coaches and instructors in several locations there.  However, if you find it hard to find someone in your loaction, you may wish to try these other services - some of which I use myself and some of which I don't but they have a LOT of listings on them:

http://www.privatelessons.com/ run by a heck of a nice guy and a great music educator himself


http://www.nats.org/ - these guys are more intense since it is a long-standing professional organization for singing teachers.

I really hope this helps people get some other ideas they might find useful.

Eleonor England


Answer by John
Submitted on 11/10/2005
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Speech level singing.


Answer by Kiki
Submitted on 1/16/2006
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How many octives does/can Mariah Sing in?


Answer by ebony
Submitted on 2/10/2006
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i would like to be a singer


Answer by ELADITSA
Submitted on 5/21/2006
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Answer by Cara Dolch
Submitted on 12/1/2006
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