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AMC: FAQ: (All My Children Frequently Asked Questions) 2 of 4

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Here's the second of four sections of the AMC FAQ.  You might want to
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If you know any of the unknown answers below, or have any additional 
questions & answers to add, please email me (

(part 2 of 4)

questions about the actors:
        Q:  Which actors have played look-alike characters?
        Q:  Who are the only original actors left on the show?
	Q:  What happened to Mary Fickett, the orginal Ruth?
        Q:  How many actors have played the character of Charlie
	Q:  How many actors have played the character of Trevor
	Q:  Isn't Robin Mattson (Janet Green) Cher's sister?
	Q:  What else have the actors done (non-soap careers)?
	    (current (and a few recent) contract actors ONLY,
	     in order to cut down on space)

Q:  Which actors have played look-alike characters?

A:  2 sets of twins, 2 sets of sisters, and 3 sets of unrelated

	Kitty/Kelly (twins, Francesca James)
	Adam/Stuart (twins, David Canary)
	Cindy/Karen (sisters, Ellen Wheeler)
	Natalie/Janet (sisters, Kate Collins)
	Tad/Ted (unrelated, Michael Knight)
	Jenny/Sheila (unrelated, Kim Delaney & Cynthia Sullivan)
	Will/Justin (unrelated, James Patrick Stuart & James Garde).

    James Patrick Stuart shared "Justin Carrier" duty with James Garde;
    whenever the character Justin donned his "Will" make-up, J.P. Stuart
    would portray the role.

Q:  Who are the only original actors left on the show?
A:  Susan Lucci (Erica); Ruth Warrick (Phoebe); and Ray MacDonnell (Joe).
    Frances Heflin (Mona) died in June 1994.  We will miss her.
    Another long-running character, Mary Fickett played Ruth from 1970-1996,
    took a hiatus, and was back for Christmas 1998.

Q:  What happened with Mary Fickett, the orginal Ruth?

A:  Mary Fickett retired briefly from All My Children (1996-1998).  
    According to soap industry sources, Ms. Fickett asked to be let out 
    of her contract.  During 1995 and 1996 Fickett's Ruth made few 
    appearances.  Dr.  Joe, however, often mentioned that she was in the 
    garden or taking care of Aunt Clara in Iowa.   Lee Meriwether was 
    hired to play Ruth Martin in 1996-98 and Ruth was again a constant 
    presence in Pine Valley.  Then in mid 1998 (? - anyone have a
    more accurate date?), something happened between Meriwether and 
    the producers that had her either going off contract or leaving 
    the show. Whatever it was has never really been clarified and it 
    looks like Meriwether has left for good, with Fickett returning 
    for the Christmas 1998 episode.  Ruth's absence between
    Meriwether leaving and Fickett returning was explained by
    having her go to Mexico to lend her nursing expertise to the 
    medical folks down there. 

    In a related sub-question...
   Q:  Who, or what, is  CatRuth?  Did Lee Meriwether play her?

    A:	When Lee Meriwether assumed the role of Ruth Martin, 
	R.A.T.S.A.-AMC fans of Mary Fickett needed a quick way 
	to differentiate between the two actresses.  Ms.  Fickett's 
	character became Original Ruth, while Ms. Meriwether was
	nicknamed CatRuth, in homage to her role as Catwoman on TV's
	"Batman." CatRuth is slightly younger than Original Ruth, and 
	is suspected of being the reason behind Dr. Joe's constant smile.

Q:   How many actors have played the character of Charlie Brent?

A:   Six: Ian Washam (1972-76); Brian Lima (1976-80); Josh Hamilton (1985);
     Robert Duncan McNeill (1985-90); Charles Van Eman (1991); and
     Christopher Lawford (1992-96, who, incidentally, is the son
     of Pat Kennedy [sister of JFK & Ted] & Peter Lawford).

Q:  How many actors have played the character of Trevor Dillon?

A:  Two.  Yes, that's right - two, not one.  Alert RATSer, Frances 
    Yasprica, found a July 25, 1989 issue of SOAP OPERA DIGEST, which

	Who's Coming: ALL MY CHILDREN: James Kiberd (Trevor)

	James Kiberd took over the role from DAVID JORDAN.  Viewers will
	recognize the actor from his stint as LOVING's Mike Donovan
	(photo of Kiberd underneath).

    Frances also notes that another poster mentioned seeing LES MIZ 
    and noticing a bio of an actor playing Javert mentioning he had 
    been Trevor on AMC.  THEATRE WORLD 1989-90, p. 110 has cast list 
    for touring company with David Jordan listed as Javert (includes 
    photo of him in costume)

Q:  Isn't Robin Mattson (Janet Green) Cher's sister?

A:  No.  The confusion comes because Robin Mattson played the
    character of Heather Webber on GH.  However, the first portrayer
    of H.W. was Georgette (or Georgianne?) LaPierre, who *is* Cher's sister.  

Q:  What else have the actors done (non-AMC careers)?
	    (current (and a few recent) contract actors ONLY,
	     in order to cut down on space)

    PLEASE NOTE:  the information below has been compiled from
    a variety of sources:  The Internet Movie Database
    (, and various r.a.t.s.a.ers'
    memories.  It is by no means a complete list, and may well 
    be inaccurate.  If you notice mistakes, email
    Any new submissions should be current, contract actors. 

Julia Barr (Brooke):  Ryan's Hope; "Gathering of One", "The Adams
	Chronicles"; "I, the Jury" (1982) [Norma Childs].
John Callahan (Edmund): stand-up comedian; infomercial for Deni 
	vacuum sealer (one of those plastic bag things with a heat 
	sealer); Santa Barbara (Craig Hunt,1989-1992); Konica 
	camera commercial; Black's Photography tv commercials; 
	GH (masseur Leo Russell); infomercial for an expresso 
	machine; Falcon Crest (Eric Stavros, 1986-1988); guest 
	spots on "Murder She Wrote", "Three's Company", "Seven
	Brides for Seven Brothers", "Fantasy Island", and "Hotel"; 
	"Our Family Honor" (recurring role); "M.A.D.D." (TV movie);
	"When She Says No" (TV movie); "Marvin's Room" (1995).
David Canary (Stuart/Adam):  Bonanza (Candy) (1967-70, 1972-73); 
	Peyton Place (Dr.Russ Gehring,1965-66); Stephen Frame 
	on AW; "The St.Valentine's Day Massacre" (1967); "Hombre" (1967);
  	"Incident on a Dark Street" (1972 TV); Melvin Purvis: G-Man 
	(1974 TV); Johnny Firecloud (1975); Sharks's Treasure (1975);
  	Posse (1975); The Daine Curse (1978 (mini)); "In a Pig's Eye;"
	regional-theater productions of such musicals as "Man of 
	La Mancha" and "The Fantasticks"; "Sweeney Todd" (1994 musical).
+ Ari Celi (2nd Racquel): extra on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (TV) (1997).
William Christian (Derek): off-Broadway production of "The Boys in the
	Band" (1996); "January Man" (1989) (Tim); guest roles on "The Cosby
	Show", "Matlock", and "Tattinger's"; AW (1989) [Dr.Marshall 
Mark Consuelos (Mateo): guest spots on "Fortune Hunter" and
Marj Dusay (Vanessa): Pamela Capwell on SB; Alexandra Spaulding 
 	on GL.
David Forsyth (2nd Jim Thomasen): AW (Dr. John Hudson)
Eileen Herlie (Myrtle):  starred opposite Sir Laurence Olivier in his 
	famous movie version of Hamlet!, as well as starring opposite
	Richard Burton in a movie of the same name.  EH also had a 
	very successful Broadway career in the 50's and 60's and 
	starred in musicals such as All American and Take Me Along; 
	"The Sea Gull" (1968) (Polina); "Freud" (1962) (Ida Koertner); 
	"For Better, For Worse" (1954) (Anne's Mother); "The Great 
	Gilbert and Sullivan" (1953) (Helen D'Oyly Carte); "The Angel 
	with the Trumpet" (1950)(Henrietta Stein).
+ Finola Hughes (Alexandra Devane): GH (Anna Devane) 1985-92, "Blossom"
+	1994-95; "Pacific Palisades" 1997, "Cats" on Broadway
+	(original white cat); "Staying Alive".
Ben Jorgensen (Kevin Sheffield): "The Break"; "The Basketball Diaries"
James Kiberd (Trevor): Loving (Mike Donovan) (also was in the original 
	movie, 1983).
Michael E. Knight (Tad):  "Date With an Angel" (1987); Off-Broadway 
	plays (ie in California & NC); "Hexed" (1993); had a small role 
	in "Baby It's You" with Rosanna Arquette and Vincent Spano; 
	guest roles in "Murder She Wrote", "Dear John", and "Grapevine"; 
	"Tailhook" (1995 TV Movie); guest on OLTL.  
Alla Korot (Allie):  ex-Jenna on AW; guest on "Diagnosis Murder."
Jill Larson (Current Opal): guest appearance on "Golden Girls"; 
	OLTL (Ursula); bit part in "White Squall" (1996) (Peggy 
	Beaumont); Wise Guys (1986) (Mrs. Fixer); SB (1984) (Garnett);
	many regional theatre productions; guest spots on "Kate &
	Allie," and "The Equalizer"; "Over the Limit" (ABC Afterschool
	Special); "Gibbs Garden" (documentary film).
Eva LaRue (Maria):  The Barbarians (1987); non-speaking part in
	"The Rookie"; guest spots in "Married with Children,"
	"Nurses," "Perfect Strangers," "Perfect", "Dallas," 
	"Charles in Charge," "Freddy's Nightmares;" co-hostess of 
	"The New Candid Camera" and "The World's Funniest Videos;" 
	"Robocop III" (1993) (bit part - Debbie Dix); "Body of Influence" 
	(1993) (bit part - Fourth Woman); "Mirror Images II (1994); SB 
	(1988, Margo Collins - waitress at TJ's Lair); star of "A Dream 
	Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story" (1995);
	"Crash and Burn" (1990)(Parice); "Dangerous Curves" (1988) 
	(Leslie Cruz); "Heart Condition" (1990)(Peisha); Ghoulies 3
	(1991) (Erin Riddle); "Remembrance" (1996,TV); "Out of 
	Nowhere" (1997,TV); "Head Over Heels" (1998, TV Series).
Norm Lewis (Keith McLean): Broadway productions.
Michael Lowry (2nd Joey Martin/Jake): guest spots on "The Larry Sanders 
	Show," "Married with Children", "Diagnosis Murder" and more.
Susan Lucci (Erica):  Dallas (guest appearances - Sheila Foley &
	Hillary Taylor, 1990-1991); Lady Mobster (1988,TV); 
	infomercial; "Double Edge (1992,TV); "The Woman
	Who Sinned" (1991,TV); "Haunted by her Past" (1987,TV);
	Invitation to Hell (1984,TV), Mafia Princess (1986,TV); 
	French Silk (1994,TV); "The Bride in Black" (1990,TV); 
	"Between Love and Hate" (1993,TV); "Seduced and Betrayed" 
	(1995,TV); "Secret Passions" (1978,TV); Wendy's commercial; 
	sugar substitute "Sweet One" commercial; series of commercials
	for Ford; guest host on Saturday Night Live; "Anastasia: 
	The Mystery of Anna" (1986,TV) (Darya Romanoff); guest 
	spot on "Fantasy Island"; starred in "Ebbie" (Scrooge) 
	(1995,TV); "Young Doctors in Love," "Blood on Her Hands" 
Ray MacDonnell (Joe Martin):  An older Dick Tracy film (as Dick!)
	(can anyone confirm the above??);
	Phil Capice on "Edge of Night"; was on "Studio One" and
	"Armstrong Circle Theatre;" starred in "Mame" on Broadway;
	had a role in "No Time For Sergeants", a film starring Andy
	Griffith with Don Knotts before the Andy Griffith show.
Larkin Malloy (Travis): LOV (Clay Alden); Edge of Night (Skye
	Whitney), and GL (Kyle Sampson)
Alexis Manta (Amanda): Ford car commercial
Amelia Marshall (2nd Belinda Keefer): Gilly on GL.
Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery): "54" (1998); "F/X - The Series" (TV);
 	"Any Mother's Son" (TV Movie).
Robin Mattson (current Janet): Hope Bauer (GL); Delia Ryan..etc. 
	(Ryan's Hope); Heather Webber (GH); Gina Timmons (SB);
	"In Between" (1991); "Are You Alone in the House?" (TV) (1978);
	"Barnaby Jones", appears in cooking segments on Lifetime's
	"Our Home";  guest chef and substitute host on Robin Leach's
	"Talking Food"; "The Main Ingredient" (1996-); Green Dolphin 
	Beat (1994) (TV) [Rose]; Menu for Murder (1990) (TV) aka 
	Murder at the P.T.A. Luncheon; False Witness (1989) (TV) 
	[Jody]; Take Two (1988); Bonnie's Kids (1982); Fantasies 
	(1982) (TV)[April]; The Murder That Wouldn't Die (1980) (TV); 
	Captain America (1979) (TV); Hot Rod (1979) (TV); Mirror, 
	Mirror (1979) (TV) [Pamela Gorman]; Doctors' Private Lives 
	(1978) (TV); Superdome (1978) (TV)[Gail]; Wolf Lake (1978) aka 
	The Honor Guard [Linda]; Return to Macon County (1975) [Junelle];
 	The Secret Night Caller (1975) (TV)[Jan Durant]; Candy 
	Stripe Nurses (1974); Phantom of the Paradise (1974)[Groupie];
 	Island of the Lost (1967); Namu, the Whale Killer (1966);
	guest roles on "Daniel Boone" and "The John Forsyth Show"
	(pre-1966); appeared in "Gentle Ben," "Flipper," "The Six
	Million Dollar Man"[princess from another planet]; "Island 
	of the Lost" (post-1966); "Charlie's Angels" (guest spot - 
	she was about 19 then); "Happy Days" (guest); "Dukes of 
	Hazzard" (guest); "In and Out"; Silk Stalkings (guest spot, 1995).
Lee Meriwether (2nd Ruth): Miss America 1955; "Today" (TV, Series,
	1952); "4D Man (1959) [Linda Davis]; "The Clear Horizon" (TV
	Series, 1960);  guest on Star Trek; "The Doctors" (TV Series 
	1963); "Namu, the Killer Whale" (1966) [Kate Rand]; CatWoman 
	on "Batman" (1966); "Time Tunnel" (TV Series 1966) [Dr. Ann 
	MacGregor]; "The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968); "The Undefeated" 
	(1969) [Margaret]; "Angel in My Pocket (1969) [Mary Whitehead];
	"The New Andy Griffith Show" (1971,TV Series) [Lee Sawyer];
	"The Brothers O'Toole" (1973); Betty in "Barnaby Jones" (TV
	Series 1973); "Having Babies II" (1977,TV); "True Grit"
	(1978,TV); "Curise Into Terror (1978,TV); "Mirror, Mirror" 
	(1979,TV) [Vanessa Wagner]; "Tourist" (1980,TV); "The New
	Munsters" (1988, TV Series) [Lily Munster]; bit part in
	"The Producers" (Bialystock & Bloom's secretary).
Tommy J. Michaels (Timmy):  breakfast commercial; Hot Wheels
	commercial; played Gavroche in Les Miserables on Broadway; 
	"Kids With Heart" (1996, theatre); parts in "The Littlest 
	Victims," "They're Only Human" and ATWT.
	Ratsters w/ small kids might help on this: There's a video 
	called "Busy People" -- it's a town where all these animals 
	like owls and bears and rabbits, etc. are "busy when the sun 
	comes up, busy when the sun goes down." It's animated, and I 
	could swear to whoever that the voice of one of the kids (I 
	think the one who wants to be a baker when he grows up) is Timmy. 
James Mitchell (Palmer): had quite a career on Broadway as a dancer.  
	Played Paul Byrd in "The Band Wagon" (1953, Musical); and 
	the choreographer (Michael) in "The Turning Point" (1977);
	and Curly in the dream sequence/ballet in "Oklahoma!" (1955), 
	as well as being in the Broadway musicals "Carnival" (he 
	played opposite Kay Ballard, who was on AMC in late 1993 
	as the fortune teller Tad and Dixie ran into at the 
	restaurant) and "Mack and Mabel" (with Robert Preston and 
	Bernadette Peters); the mute slave in the movie of "The 
	Prodigal Son" (1955).  Other films include:  What Waits 
	Below (1984) aka Secrets of the Phantom Caverns (1984) 
	[Lemurian]; Laura (1979) aka Laura, les Ombres de l'Ete 
	(1979) aka Shattered Innocence (1979) [Paul Thomas Wyler]; 
	The Silence (1975) (TV Movie); Femme de Jean, La (1973)
        aka John's Wife (1973) [David]; The Spook Who Sat By the 
	Door" (1973); The Peacemaker (1956); Deep in My Heart (1954); 
	Toast of New Orleans, The (1950) [Pierre]; Devil's Doorway 
	(1950) [Red Rock]; Border Incident (1949) [Juan Garcia]; 
	Colorado Territory (1949); The House Across the Street (1949) 
	[Martz Bremer]; "Where the Heart Is" (TV series, 1969-1973); 
	appeared in "Charlie's Angels."
Michael Nader (Dimitri):  bit part in series of beach movies starring 
	Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, including "Bikini
	Beach" (1964); semi-regular with Sally Field on the series 
	"Gidget;" appeared in several off-Broadway plays; ATWT 
	(Kevin Thompson, 1976-78); Dex Dexter on Dynasty (1983-89); 
	Lady Mobster (bit part); played a gangster in "Lucky Chances"
 	(1990, mini)[Enzio Bonnatti]; "The Great Escape" (1988,mini); 
	guest starred in the two-hour premiere of "The Flash" (1990,
	TV) [Pike]; "Nick Night" (1989,TV) [Lacroix]; "The Finishing 
	Touch" (1992) [Stone]; "Perry Mason: The Case of the Maligned 
	Mobster (1991,TV) [Johnny Sorrento]; Cuban drug lord in "Fled" 
	(1996); "Bare Essence" (TV Series) [Alexi Theodopolous].
Kelly Ripa (Hayley):  Infomercial; hosts Music Scoupe (video show);
	was a regular on "Dance Party USA"; "Marvin's Room" (1995).
Socorro Santiago (Isabella Santos): "Law & Order" guest spot; 
	"Matt Waters" guest spot; "Heaven's Prisoner" bit part;
	"The Associate" bit part.
Esta Terblanche (Gillian): South African TV soap, "Egoli-Place of Gold,"
	many theater productions; South African film, "Three
	Thieves and a Wedding;" was the 1991 Miss Teen South Africa.
Marcy Walker (Liza Colby): Tangie Hill on GL; B&B; Eden Capwell 
	Castillo on SB (1984-91); "Bar Girls" (TV Movie);
	"Terror in the Shadows" (1995,TV); "Talking About Sex"
	(1994) [Rachel Parsons]; "Midnight's Child" (1992,TV);
	"Overexposed" (1992,TV) [Ann Demski]; "Palace Guard"
	(1991, Series) [Christy Cooper]; "Babies" (1990,TV)
	[Cindy]; "Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception"
	(1990, TV) [Marie Ramsey]; "The Return of the Desperado"
	(1988,TV) [Caitlin Jones]; "Hot Resort" (1985) [Franny];
	"Sudden Terror: The Hijacking of School Bus #17" (1996,TV).
T.C. Warner (Kelsey Jefferson): guest spots on "On Our Own", "L.A.Law,"
	KL, "Eerie, Indiana" and "Blossom"; recurring roles on 
	BH90210 and "Married with Children;" "Lies of the Heart: 
	The Story of Laurie Kellogg" (1994,TV) [Nicole Pappas]; 
	"Moment of Truth: Cradle of Conspiracy" (1994,TV) [Sara Bishop]; 
	"Breaking the Silence" (1992,TV) [Shirley]; "Overkill: The 
	Aileen Wuornos Story" (1992,TV) [Amy]; "The Art of Dying" (1991);
	"Recollected Memories" (1996,TV); "Snide and Prejudice" (1997)
	[Eva Braun]; "The Best of Families"(TV).
Ruth Warrick (Phoebe):  Ruth Warrick played Orson Wells' first wife 
	in Citizen Kane (1941).  She also was in the Broadway musical 
	Irene (with Debbie Reynolds) in the early 70's (about 1973?); 
	The Corsican Brothers (1941), "Obliging Young Lady" (1941); 
	Journey Into Fear (1942), "Petty Larceny" (1943); The Iron 
	Major (1943), "Forever and a Day" (1943); "Secret Command"
	(1944); Mr. Winkle Goes to War (1944), "Guest in the House"
	(1944); "China Sky" (1945); Song of the South (1946), 
	"Perilous Holiday" (1946);  "Swell Guy" (1947); "Driftwood"
	(1947); "Daisy Kenyon" (1947); "The Great Dan Patch" (1949); 
	"Let's Dance" (1950); Peyton Place [Hannah Cord - both in
	the original series and the 1985 TV movie]; "Ride Beyond 
	Vengeance" (1966); "How to Steal the World" (1968); "The 
	Great Bank Robbery" (1969); "Deathmask" (1984); ATWT
	(does anyone know what role she played there?) for 5 years;
	"Father of the Bride" (TV Series).
Walt Willey (Jack):  stand-up comedian; cartoonist; Ryan's Hope (Joe
	Novak); Konica camera commercial; did numerous un-named bit
	parts on AMC before he got the part of Jack; guest on CITY;
	guest on Sesame Street; in a short-lived cable show called
	"The Group", right before showing up as Jack on AMC.

I'm sure there are more - let me know and I'll add them to the list.
Also, I may have duplicated a few, due to getting some names vs, some
descriptions of movies I've never seen - if you think a description
and a name match up, please let me know.

Copyright 1995-1999 Margaret Gibbs.  Use and copying of this information
are permitted as long as (1) no fees or compensation are charged for
use, copies or access to this information, and (2) this copyright
notice is included intact.

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