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Dear Sirs, My name is Lloyd Mcmillan. I was wondering if you would... by LLOYD MCMILLAN 12/12/03 Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It
     I stil hate you. by G dog 3/31/2006  
I what to know if a child born to muslim parents dose that make that child a muslim ''to''... by maryam 4/2/04 Islam FAQ (Part 1/15): Welcome & Index
     All of us are born muslims,because we are born from Allah, worshipping Allah, and it is... by Munira5/9/04  
     what do muslims do with the afterbirth when it comes out? by jalynn 6/18/2006  
     I would like to know that when a child is born, is it true that there partner is made for... by hijaabi 1/8/2007  
I need to see a photo of a home for sale in Puerto Rico by Kristina  9/25/03 SOC.CULTURE.PUERTO-RICO: Introduction and FAQ
what do you feelwhen you doing that by 00 1/10/04 soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Jewish Childrearing Related Questions (12/12)
maurice joseph micklewhite, an english actor with a lengthy career, is better known to... by kayla 4/22/04 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     Michael Caine by JackN 8/14/05  
     michael caine by marco 2/18/2007  
What can you tell me about the Chicken Pox vaccine? Any info. will be helpful. Thanks. by Mama Mia 8/12/03 FAQ on Childhood Vaccinations, Part 1/4
I have a module that i want to submit to CPAN and I am a first time donar. I have a module... by Kit DeKat 8/12/03 comp.lang.perl.modules The Perl 5 Module List (Reusable Software)
is it true that serifs originate from a period when words were chiseled onto rock?... by evo 1/12/04 comp.fonts FAQ: General Info (6/6)
     While this is certainly a possibility, I think it more likely to come from imitation of... by Sherwood Botsford 1/5/2006  
I'm looking for a shih tzu puppy, can you help me? by Janice Johnson 1/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     I have a friend whose shih tzu just had pups a couple of weeks ago. We live in MI. She... by shortstuff 1/18/04  
     My female just had puppies last night, September 17, on into the 18th. She had eight. WOW!... by Wild Orchid ~ Christy Gayle 9/18/04  
     I have one by Ashley carlick 4/12/2007  
Does any one know the words to The Braes o Bonhill please by Susan Colquhoun 11/22/03 soc.culture.scottish FAQ
     I was at Auchtermuchty folk festival and sang a song known to me as the Old Whinhill a... by Lisa 8/16/04  
I have Vax-3300 running on VMS. It was working properly but now on starting the system it... by Khaleeq 9/22/03 OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/5
My son and daughter in law are expecting their first in about 4 weeks. She goes to the... by granny1 8/11/03 Group B Strep FAQ
     12 only means the battery was disconected recently by bill5/15/04  
     possible kick down linkage ceased by rocky 2/28/05  
I want to use PPP calls from my code that will run on an embedded Linux device. Is there a... by Ruchika 8/11/03 comp.protocols.ppp part1 of 8 of frequently wanted information
How do I disassemble a wieser doorlock, without a working key? by ace 10/14/03 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I can think of three types - The a series with the cylinder retained by a double D on... by dl 2/6/04  
     go to and click on breeder referral and pick your state.... by Sandy 9/9/04  
     Go on and push in pomeranians and your zip and you will find some closest to... by immortal4ever 11/20/04  
     I know of a breeder in Washington state. I have talked to her over the phone and visited... by Oak Hill Poms 10/8/05  
Temps fell below 0 last night and this morning my 1996 Plymouth Neon 2.0l SOHC would not... by Sasha 1/11/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     what is this by berrysweetncgurl 1/20/05  
     Your battery probably doesn't have enough cold cranking amps to start at such a cold... by MoparMan 3/21/05  
     on them cold nights try putting an elec planket over the motor to keep it worm....I know... by Mike 5/17/05  
i have a 9 month old female pug whos very playful and friendly. im considering buying a... by gaby 11/21/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     the best way to make sure you get a compatible chi is to take the pug with you to visit... by chimama12/1/03  
     Chi's do very well with other Chi's on average. But when it comes to other breeds, it all... by Shayna 3/14/05  
WHY IS THE OZONE LAYER BEING DEPLEATED by JOSH 3/29/04 Ozone Depletion FAQ Part I: Introduction to the Ozone Layer
     cause yuh having all canda ting ( yuh no!!) datz why k!!! yuh doncee!! by kikee 1/19/05  
I just saw Love Actually and can't figure out who the black haired actress is who played... by Marcia 11/21/03 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     Heike Makatsch, german actress in her first non-german movie (I believe) by d00t 12/21/03  
Dear Sirs, I downloaded Eudora version 6 for Mac (Mac OS 9.2), selected the free... by JC Le Sage 9/21/03 Eudora for Macintosh: Finding the FAQs
why do we buy coffee as granules rather than a solid lump by lee 2/24/04 Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
     JSFjEAuNNbMPTP vrcOQaNrnvyi CBwuAicNYSp26 by Kl9YfCOL45 2/23/2006  
My Bichon keeps rubbing his bottom on the floor or grass. We had him checked for worms... by Benny 6/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Bichon Frise Breed-FAQ
     He might be trying to clean himself off. Try trimming the hair around his bottom. ... by Jay6/25/04  
     They have blocked anal ducts. The vet needs to release them because they can't do it... by Anne 10/10/04  
     I once had a similar problem, whereby I kept rubbing my younger brother's bottom. I also... by Richie Clarke 11/21/04  
     Trimming around their backside will sometimes help with this problem but, if they continue... by CW 12/28/05  
     It's because his ass itches! by Robin 1/8/2006  
information on masm commands and function. by toyint 2/29/04 x86 Assembly Language FAQ - General Part 1/3
     malini by malini 9/2/2006  
What software I need to open a picture mac? by Joseph 8/19/03 Macintosh application software frequently asked questions (FAQ)
write a c programming language that converts numeric number into binary number by amo 3/11/04 comp.lang.c Answers (Abridged) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     # include <stdio.h> void bin (int); /* this uses recursion */ int main (void) ... by harish4/9/04  
     int main() { int i,n; printf("Enter the number:"); scanf("%d",&n); ... by l.gnanasekar 1/29/05  
I am incharge of a global web based application. To conduct testing, i need to hire few... by Trilochan 2/21/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I have been interviewing a lot of candidates and have earned a reputation of being good at... by Gomes 3/15/04  
     I have been interviewing a lot of candidates and have earned a reputation of being good at... by Gomes 3/15/04  
     for hiring or preparing to face interviews by nammu 10/26/04  
I have W98 2ed with a 15 inch Sony Trinaton Monitor: I need to enlarge this print to ... by 8/10/03 comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3)
ich möchte eine mehrzeilige Formel schreiben (in eqnarray-Umgebung), in der mehrzeilige... by kristina 4/30/04 TeX, LaTeX, DANTE e.V.: FAQ - Fragen und Antworten (Part 9 of 11)
     So eine alte Frage und keine Antworten? Auf was für'ner Seite bin ich hier gelandet? ;) ... by helper 11/23/04  
     Die Klammer in der oberen Zeile mit \right. abschließen und in der unteren Zeile mit... by Doominik 3/19/2006  
     Ich sende als Vorschlag html by thara 9/12/2006  
     du must in jeder Zeile die "fehlende" Klammer mit "\left." bzw. "\right." simulieren ... by ansgar 9/27/2006  
I am a license cosmetologist and I'd like to start applying henna tattoos. I need to know... by Pam 5/10/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     I'm not an expert on henna but i have seen some truly angry looking infections caused by... by alkin6/4/04  
     there is no such thing as "black henna" if a product is labeled that way it is a lie, not... by snail6/19/04  
     Pam, for information on how to get started, as well as a well documented set of risks... by CatMean 5/6/2006  
     don't know by ne-ne 5/12/2006  
Where are the spark plugs located on the 2000 Toyota tundra? by Butch 9/3/03 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     They are located under each coil boot...Instead of one ignition coil like in older... by Mike1/8/04  
email of rich mans by shahram 5/28/04 FAQ: How do spammers get people's email addresses ?
     i need u'rhelp..please help me Sir.i need u'rhelp to save my life in the world..i need... by andri tamzil 4/28/2006  
     How can i get people's email by ominyi linus 6/7/2007  
what are the occupational hazards of colour blindness by b 4/23/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/5
     Well, I'm colour blind and I cannot be a aircraft pilot, an electrician or join the State... by Riley K 9/6/04  
I was supposed to find a marker tone in a mp3 file. I get the pcm data from libmad. But... by shiming 8/10/03 Welcome to news.newusers. questions! (weekly posting)
SHOW ME HOW TO PERFORM TWISTING ABDOMINAL CRUNCHERS by taffa 3/3/04 Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions Posting Part 1/5
Please help me;-) When was the first concert of the Stones? Thanks! Sandro by Sandro 8/15/03 Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]
how can i project managent course help me to enhance my job as a project accounting... by mary 2/20/04 Project Management Programs - Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
     i think if u are bussiness minded u can change those projects in to application. by mih 10/26/2006  
I am loooking for madge 16/4 ISA TOKEN RING CARD driver for Sco openserver 3.x by suresh 11/19/03 SCO FTP sites FAQ (95/12/03)
     I have several cards. You can contact me at by djk53 5/10/05  
If anyone has the episode from 10-31-2003 with Dante Hall, PLEASE send it to me! He is a... by Alena 11/24/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     if anyone has any footage of Dante Hall returning it for a touchdown put it on the... by carson(real name) 12/21/04  
Does anyone have a copy of the 10/8/03 episode with Amy Sedaris? In desperate need. by Cliff 10/9/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3) at the bottom of the page there is a collector's disc... by ben 1/29/04  
I need to obtain a dewpoint device for normal room temperatures. Optimally it would... by w.p.dean 8/9/03 Temp, Humidity & Dew Point ONA
I'm a US citizen, but am engaged to an Irish citizen who is living in the US with me. He... by Finvola8/9/03 Irish FAQ: Glossary [10/10]
with a existing bathroom light-fan switch.what is the best way to make it a light-receptac... by audie 1/9/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     yes you can still have it all. cut another hole in the wall beside the one that has the... by electrician 3/13/2006  
where is the electric fuel pump located in a 1997 Chrysler Sebring JX convertible? by m67shark 2/29/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank by ride4me79 2/4/05  
     Inside the gas tank. by Johnt55 6/23/05  
     The electric fuel pump is located on the back of the car on the top of the gas tank you... by bora 10/23/05  
can i have the phone number of the mount prospect employment center~ i need to make a... by KOMAL 12/8/03 Social Security Number FAQ
I know the mother of my dog is a rottweiler, but I don't know what the father dog is. The... by Vader the Siberian Rottweiler7/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     the father might be a husky but u could check with ur vet 2 make sure by shar 4/6/05  
     I have a similar looking dog. He looks like a rottweiler but has blue eyes and white on... by Shannon 12/24/05  
     i dont know but my rottweiler had a rottweiler mother but he has the little bit of white... by jaggjr 10/6/2006  
     It's mixed with a Huskey by Selina 12/5/2006  
     hello i have a huge great Dane black white and tan her name is soso wish means baby it is... by keke 3/3/2007  
     yes by lexy  5/15/2007  
i used to receive a periodical email with text and photos. after my hard drive went bad i... by norvik3 9/28/03 comp.mail.mime meta-FAQ: Help for MIME problems
I'm a UNIX Admin at Nalco Chemical. I need a copy of AIX 3.2 media for an old application... by RobSJones 9/18/03 comp.unix.aix Frequently Asked Questions (Part 5 of 5)
what is your name by mark 1/26/04 List of Active Newsgroups (Part 1)
our retriever is constantly after the xmas tree what would you suggest? by brenda 12/8/03 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
I'm just trying to get started and struggling to do so. All I want to be able to do is... by Rookie Reifers 8/8/03 The Mac Programming FAQ Answer sheet. [READ ME!]
Why are there so many different boot styles? by Cait 8/16/03 Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Questions and Answers
I have song which i edited using cool edit pro. I then copied it to cd using .au format.... by recorder 12/8/03 MP3 Binaries FAQ - alt.binaries.sounds.mp3. * (05/01/04)
     If you used a CD/RW it will not work in any cd player - when burning a sound file disk... by me 12/17/04  
     hola by chino 10/5/2006  
I know that tinnitus can be caused by different things - I want to know the best treatment... by Lynda 9/18/03 Tinnitus Frequently Answered Questions v2.7
I work for a company that has just really started networking in the last year. Our main... by BRYAN 8/13/03 TCP/IP Resources List
is a C programming is a top to bottom approch or bottom to top approach?why it is? by sharath 12/28/03 comp.lang.c Answers (Abridged) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     c programming is certainly a top-down approach because it supports structured programming.... by naidu_trk12/29/03  
     C is top down approach where C++ in bottom up approach by shilpa 10/24/2006  
have 97 concord cyclinder 5 was diagnosed as misfiring i replaced the wires and plugs... by brian 2/17/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I have had the same problem and i just had a friend of mine smoke it and it has a bad... by Randy 2/24/05  
I'm in a strenuous Physical training program for a job. Finishing the program is a... by Lillie 8/7/03 rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
I have a spreadsheet I use daily. Never created any Macros. Today it says that this... by melissa 8/7/03 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
what are the precaution one take to prevent attacks.Are there any home remedies for this... by manish 9/27/03 FAQ: Asthma -- General Information
PLEASE HELP ME To someone who has experience in Machine Translation (AI) Dear Sir/ Madam: ... by Thara 8/12/03 FAQ: Expert System Shells 1/1 [Monthly posting]
Anyone, Can anyone tell me how should I write following Prolog DCG in Flex can you convert... by Thara 8/12/03 FAQ: Expert System Shells 1/1 [Monthly posting]
I have an 89 Omni 2.2--I replaced the water pump--didn't mark timing belt well enough--... by K.W. Harmon 10/27/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Well,guess I'm not the only one who gotta learn the hard way. 1. Remove #1 spark plug.... by telecaster1/2/04  
Are there any jam sessions in South Philadelphia? by Tim 8/10/03 Listing of open musical jam sessions
I recently was given a 6-string Rickenbacker and the serial number is GF 2921. According... by Karl Valois 8/7/03 alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
Opened an email that appeared to be from a pharmacy. Link said "Goodbye". I clicked and... by alaskahutch 9/17/03 Viruses and the Mac FAQ
My dog acted aggressively when trying to get him out the back of my car when taking him... by lee 11/17/03 rec.pets.dogs: Behavior: Understanding and Modifying FAQ
     The only advice I can give is contact a trainer in your area for advice. by Catherine 10/22/04  
I HAVE A 9 MONTH JACK TERRIOR SHE IS ON HER FIRST PERIOD ITS BEEN ABOUT 2 WEEKS I... by SHSUNSTAR 3/16/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     OMG do NOT breed this dog yet!! she is way way way to young. you should wait until she is... by Wake up and smell the puppies5/16/04  
     You can't or shouldn't breed any dog during their first heat. They are too young, it will... by Kiersten6/10/04  
     I have a 9 month old pug she is a good dog and she just got her period today even though... by lucy 7/24/05  
How can I transfer data from FileMaker Pro 3.0 for Mac to PC? my email paulafl@wizzards.n... by Paula 8/6/03 [FAQ] FileMaker Pro - database for Macintosh and Windows
Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could answer a couple of questions for me? My wife... by Dave and Heidi 12/6/03 rec.pets.dogs: Australian Shepherds Breed-FAQ
     I have no idea by mustik 12/3/04  
     I am a professor at Oxford University. I don't think she would be hard to train, but might... by Professor Clare Pauling 7/19/2006  
I recently went to Italy and drank the local wines. I had about 3 glasses a night and I... by Adrienne 10/6/03 rec.crafts.winemaking FAQ
     The difference was you were in I T A L Y! How could anyone wake up with a headache in such... by Vince 10/10/03  
     I have had 3 miscarriage'sin the past year. I already have one healthy girl age 4 Why can... by sady 4/8/05  
     If I'm five weeks when did I supposedly get pregnant, the doctor said I'm five week... by xxara 12/21/05  
     i went thru the same thing,iam sorry to say that you will have a miscarriage because the... by pakaki 5/4/2007  
How much is cab fare from mid-town to Kennedy Air-port. by woodhow much 9/19/03 nyc.transit FAQ v.8
Who have work in the mathematicians section by Mary 11/19/03 Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
     who have spent time in the grammar section? well obviosly not you, fag by froad 2/15/2006  
i want a code in c++ for linked deques. is there any site where i can get that codes? by kriti 12/6/03 Available C++ Libraries FAQ
What software do you need to be able to access USENET? by Janet Fairweather 10/9/03 List of Periodic Informational Postings, Part 1/20
     What software do you need to be able to access Usenet? by SHARMAINE 12/8/04  
I have stress fractures in both of my shins. I have had them for almost a year, and they... by ashley 2/15/04 rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 2 of 2
     Hello, Ashley How did you get your shin splints? If you got them through sports,... by Anna 10/25/04  
     I have multiple stress fractures in both my shins too and something called a "dreaded... by I have stress fractures too 3/3/05  
     I had that too. Mine went away in four months, but my doctor had me use a bone stimulator.... by High School Runner 4/28/05  
I couldn't connect to irc.. i wonder isit my com got firewall and how to configure that? by Min 8/5/03 Firewalls FAQ
I would like to know if there are the following Bank Notes available for sale of World War... by Stan The Man 9/5/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..I checked the dealer that I usually deal with and they have none with the serial... by Pete9/8/03  
Hi... The American Staffordshire terrier I am purchasing has a small kink in his tail. ... by Jeff 4/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     They are right about it only being a fault for showing purposes. It will not matter with... by CH4/17/04  
     Jeff; You don't have to worry about the puppy's health. The kink in it's tail is a... by Blue13 11/23/05  
     LOL, i agree that we don't need to mix the gene pools of dogs. Another great dog is an... by ryan 4/16/2006  
     It's nothing to worry about, my American staffe Tyson has ears that are way too big for... by Amy 5/7/2007  
I was trying to play Blackjack and when I clicked onto "play now" I received a notice that... by Duke 12/5/03 Firewalls FAQ
     hold ctrl while clicking by jcarter 4/1/04  
     by Rowling 7/2/2007  
Does anyone have any idea when/if we will see Northern Exposure on cable again? by Harold 9/25/03 Frequently Asked Questions
     Harold, NX isn't airing on any cable channel that i know of, but i have over the past... by Scarlett10/23/03  
i have a 1990 Plymouth horizon and i need to know how to take off the front seats i got... by nbdysbuisness 12/25/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Use two adjustable wrenches. This is what I did to titan my driver'sside set,because it... by Joey 3/1/04  
     The square bolts that you see are actually the bolt heads. The actual nuts that hold the... by Roofy4/27/04  
does running out in the cold be bad for your health? by robdawg 1/8/04 rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 2 of 2
     runnin naked in the col be bad fo yo healf. you aint not gonna wanna be runnin out in the... by mery an 2/15/2006  
I have just replaced my wall switch with one that is a combo switch/plug-in outlet. The... by rjohn00 11/15/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     make sure the neutral is connected to the plug or that the splice in the box is done... by skydawg1/18/04  
     You may not be able to use this combination switch/outlet since you may only have a switch... by AWG1/29/04  
     How do you hook up wall plugs with a light switch? by Curly 8/7/05  
basset hound pup wanted in mersyside lancshire area no older than 4months old for... by jay 2/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Basset Hounds Breed-FAQ
     I have a 5 month old basset hound i am selling. She is micro chipped, fully vaccinated,... by Joanne 2/20/05  
whatis 500 euros in pounds by courtney harvey2/23/04 Euro Currency Mini-FAQ
     what is 170,000.00 euros in pounds by blu babe5/31/04  
are there any caribbean sounds/ soundsystems located in Tenneesse that are good at jugglin... by jerseygoodas 9/25/03 Frequently Asked Questions (1/3)
I would like to know, for what particular piece of audiometric equipment is a distortion... by lita1740 10/5/03 Acoustics FAQ
     A distortion meter/analyzer can normally found in loudspeakers manufacturers laboratory... by Jimmy Wong 3/19/04  
Hi All I have postscipt document to be printed in Gestetner printer. Page No 1 of the... by nihal 8/5/03 PostScript monthly FAQ v2.4 07-18-95 [01-04 of 11]
what ever happened to 1930-1940's actor george brent? He was married to ann sheridan at... by mary6/24/04 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     i ate him by booboo 2/14/05  
     Born George Brendan Nolan in Shannonbridge, County Offaly, Ireland to a family with a... by elliebell 8/4/05  
     JOsh is gay up the butt and he is a stupid skankadank by Brandi 1/10/2006  
     its OK by mustang 2/28/2007  
     I don't known?????????????????????????? Do you like a guy named Jake? by mhgjkcjg7899 3/7/2007  
I have just changed a light fitting, however come across two extra wires when doing so.... by David P 2/14/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     I'm having the same problem! by richardyork 1/1/05  
     I had exactly the same situation at the weekend - However two red two black wires. Im not... by T 5/2/2006  
     Also having this problem. Please help! by Paul 4/18/2007  
I am a Myanmar citizen with permenent residency in Japan. Do I need to apply for tourist... by myo khin 9/14/03 soc.culture.thai Travel FAQ
tempest. i cannot get my monitor to work. can anyone help? please email me at lindab@rcn.c... by eddie b. 11/24/03 Frequently Asked Questions
     first of all you have to ask your boss i he let you get monitor to work. then take monitor... by bingo 12/15/05  
is there another web site for this list? i cannot access that web location. Luc Cuvier... by luc cuvier 9/24/03 Book Catalogues and Book Clubs List (rec.arts.books)
i am doing a project for my biology class and i cant find any information on who discoverd... by kari 1/4/04 Epilepsy FAQ
     yeah hear is a good websites html its got alot... by weak 10/25/05  
what do you have to do to be a piercer? by kittie 1/12/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 3--Getting a New Piercing
     stab people, dumbass by how 2/15/2006  
how do the INSURANCE company have somthing to do with a pit bull by angel 12/24/03 rec.pets.dogs: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed-FAQ
     Not entirely sure what you're asking here - again, depends on where you are! If you're... by eviledna423/8/04  
     May I please get your mailing company please cause I been watching dogs all my life on... by beans 5/3/05  
Using an xcerta 18/36 drive, ESA/VSE OS. When submitting batch jobs that required multiple... by Selbia 8/4/03 FAQ 1/2
I have a golf III VR6 1993 full automatic AAA engine four doors. The car used to run on... by basim2/14/04 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     thermostat's you need to change by did 10/30/05  
     it also could be your oil cooler isn't working sufficiently, its a cheap fix. Located next... by shazz 2/10/2007  
     hey .. ive got the same car .. and same problem.. i live in the UAE .. here the deal .. i... by hani 3/17/2007  
Why don't we get 5 vertical spaces when we use '\v'. what is form feed'\f'? by shalu 11/4/03 comp.lang.c FAQ list Table of Contents
     A. We don't get 5 horizontal spaces when we use \t; the amount of horizontal movement is... by Daniel3/30/04  
     how many of u guys av a 40 inch vertical by go get it 3/13/2006  
is the same actor still playing bulldog?he looks different. by sadiecat 1/6/04 FAQ
     Yes Dan Butler still plays Bulldog he's just older by Frasier Nut 9/9/05  
Does anyone know of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi available for adoption? by precious913 8/3/03 rec.pets.dogs: Pembroke Welsh Corgis Breed-FAQ
how can I search with context lines from above/below? I'm trying to mimic the old DEC VMS... by kissedsmiley 12/18/03 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (Contents) [Frequent posting]
     from 'man grep' (GNU Project edition, other versions may be different; SunOS 5.9 grep... by juicycat12/22/03  
     to check my account by falodun david olokuntoye 4/20/2007  
I HAVE A FEMALE YORKIE WITH AKC AND I HAVE FOUND A MALE WITH ACA. CAN WE GET PAPERS FOR... by RITA LAPOINTE 3/23/04 rec.pets.dogs: Organizations: American Canine Association FAQ
     You would have to dual register the AKC dog to AKC. AKC will not accept any dogs but AKC... by mdm5/7/04  
     I have an ACA female Bicho Frise which had puppies in August from an AKC male Bichon... by karen 11/22/05  
what are the ergonimic requirements for childrens games, the age group is 6 - 10 year... by ul 12/3/03 Designing Games: FAQ [monthly]
Can there be two different things on a death certificate besides sids? by jenny_gordon_24 10/3/03 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     Yes, Death Certificates can have a secondary cause of death. For example, in cases of... by Office of Child Fatlaity Review 10/9/03  
i would like to know the state law for california on how many access in and out of a... by Terry  12/3/03 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
How do I display files open to UnixWare processes by test 9/16/03 UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (Developer)
What was the name of the game show that was almost a precursor to "Who Wants to Be a... by Greg 10/3/03 List of U.S. Game Shows
     Sounds a lot like the game show "Greed" by The Wall 11/17/03  
What is the best way to terminate lactation after SIDS? by Bara 1/6/04 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     I hate that I have to say this........ I wore very tight undergarments on my breasts... by Francine 2/8/04  
     After my daughter Lara died of SIDS on March 22, 2004, I put cabbage leaves in my bra at... by Keri  5/28/04  
     I on the other hand did the oppisite.. by Monique 9/28/05  
I am using a Bash shell, Trying to copy all found readme.txt file in the system to a... by k0300983 12/3/03 [gnu.bash.bug] BASH Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ version 3.36)
     Assuming you have the (very common) find-utils, you can simply: cp $( locate readme.txt... by Evan "JabberWokky" E. 5/24/04  
     Can you please first define a naming scheme for the readmes when they are dumped in that... by Knight of St John of the Cross 10/8/2006  
Hi, I would like to know more about Fortran debugging mechanisms. I am currently... by Jenny Edmondson 11/13/03 Fortran FAQ
     Try using the Compaq Visual Fortran 90/95 compiler. It comes with a debug function. The... by kar hao 6/10/04  
how can I download more newsgroups? I know ther are hundreds of thousands out there and... by Ty Moore 9/22/03 List of Active Newsgroups (Part 1)
Why is Stan Limmiatis listed as a Libertarian party officer? He has not been a member of... by Stan L. 10/2/03 Libertarian Party FAQ: Directory of Local LP Officials
     This list is obviously out of date, Its dated 1995. It lists an e-,ail address of mine... by Mark Heil 9/2/04  
When are the first switching system software and support software introduced? by Suzie 10/2/03 Usenet Software: History and Sources
     I thing was in January 1967. software procdut was support by ICP. Late many companies,... by Isabel10/22/03  
Find a sequence of square root extensions that contain: x+y(sqrt(b)) with x,y & b having a... by Mera 9/12/03 rec.puzzles Archive (probability), part 31 of 35
On my 3 mile speed workout sometimes after 2+ miles I feel like vomiting. It starts in my... by Dan 11/12/03 rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
     maybe try another sport!! by john does 2/22/05  
How can I do a performance report containing more than ten lines? by paiva 8/5/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What can I do for my dog when he is dragging his leg? by Sherry 8/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
Taking into account the uncharted, (ultimately unchartable?) nature of quantum mechanics,... by Kane S. Latranz 8/2/03 Nonlinear Science FAQ
hi i have a star wars wooden pencil case its in good condition from 1975 0r 1979 i was... by amz 2/17/04 [rec.arts.sf.starwars. *] The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing Part 1/4
     hey man Uri gay i hate u star wars is for poofs go to hell only lego star warsis... by gowler 10/4/2006  
I have found three notes, a $1, a $20 and a $50 from 1864 "confederate" money - Is this... by Valerie 10/2/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi...yes it can be worth something.First you have to be sure they are real and not fake.A... by Pete 10/3/03  
I am looking for a videotape where Dave talks about the RAT that appeared in Wendy's Chili... by AJZ 9/12/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
what are the future development for the email? by tina 1/5/04 Electronic Mail: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     future developments for email by jet 8/17/04  
Hi, I live in Barcelona and it is impossible to get any information on the Chrysler... by Angi 10/2/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I would like to Live in Barcelona, so can you help me get some answers: Peace: by faye 10/4/2006  
What is a force? In equations on motion lesson {9std.} how to solve the equations and of... by rhea 10/2/03 Nonlinear Science FAQ
     a forc is a thing you can not see but you can see the things it dose to somting a force... by barbie 9/12/04  
info on mating papillon's by alex2525 1/19/04 rec.pets.dogs: United Kennel Club FAQ
What does you got hoed mean? by Kelly 10/19/03 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     it means you have been disrespected or dissed. Treated like a ho (prostitute, but not... by scrumpmami12/14/03  
     It means you got played. by Jordan3/4/04  
What business was Dustin Hoffman told to go into after college graduation in "The... by gollygee 7/31/03 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     plastics by birdog8/1/03  
i have a friend from Humberg and i lost contact with him i wanna know his address and his... by eminodynem 12/31/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     my existing account by williams Ayuk 3/23/2007  
How much money the ticked of the Iron Maiden concert in London, in 12. december 2003,... by Szabó Gyula  (Gyuszkó or Gyulám) 9/11/03 FAQ: IRON MAIDEN Frequently Asked Questions, part 1/2 (monthly post)
where do sign up by wentworth thomas 1/19/04 rec.arts.sf.written Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
If I am a foreign national with visitor's visa and I give birth while in Australia will my... by kele 9/10/03 soc.culture.australian FAQ (Part 4 of 6) (monthly posting)
a composer of music sat looking out a window hoping for inspiration. Suddenly something... by howdy 11/20/03 [FAQ] rec.puzzles Frequently Asked Questions [weekly]
     his reflection by lnechita 2/8/2006  
I'd like information on the origins of bodyart and piercing by rach 11/13/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Welcome & Netiquette FAQ
     Go to and take a look at the book "IS YOUR HEART HARDENED?" --in... by historical facts 11/17/03  
what is the difference between Fortran and modula-2? by alken 11/23/03 Fortran FAQ
     They are different languages ... like english and chineese, that is the main difference. by terry 11/29/05  
I have a km 266 pro matx that was working fine then out of nowhere. all I get is cmos... by lenspano 9/9/03 N/A
how do I take the smoke away or stop smoking product if I can't take BURDOCK ROOT by Jennifer 3/29/04 smoking FAQ (2/5)
     There are quite a few Smoke Away products that are sold that do not contain that ingredien... by Okeedokee 5/17/04  
     If i were a smoker, how would i stop by monkey 5/10/2006  
I have received the following e-mail. Apparently it has been around the net for a couple... by Ginny 11/24/03 Government Information on the Internet (1/4, Gumprecht) This is untrue. The average congressional... by Linda12/21/03  
     As far as Social Security goes, all members of Congress have Social Security taxes... by meiamone1/20/04  
     Question...does a politician, such as a Senator or Congressman received a pension from... by nick 5/13/2006  
i have a 1950 e 100 bill is it worth anything by laura 4/17/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ may have some collector value.Like to see a scan front and back.Send it to... by Pete 4/18/04  
     Yes, lucky duck, it's work two 2005 $50 bills. Word. by peacemoneylove 4/22/2006  
We have a 1999 Dodge Durango. For the past 2 winters there is a chirping noise at 1,000... by larry 12/29/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Did you check the belts? by jwkixars4/7/04  
     Check the chickadees as they don't go south for the winter. by Dan 11/13/04  
     its the clutch fan. by markrosey 1/11/05  
I have a puppy about 9 months old I had to take to the vet I noticed his snout and around... by Scott Wiernik 10/29/03 rec.pets.dogs: Informational Dog-Related Web Sites
     this sounds like puppy strangles. he probably needs an antibiotic. by dogpro7/15/04  
     I'm not sure but i want to see the answer to this question because i want to do the same... by stubs 12/29/05  
i have a yorkshire terrier cleo who is a little darling and is coming up to eleven yrs to... by mel 4/9/04 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     you see the dog has probably not have discipline in a not that she is getting... by baby joker 2/18/2006  
     hello Mel, all u have to do is stick her nose in it and spank her and put her outside... by ashely 4/26/2007  
How soon can i give my 2 month old shih tzu a bath? by mdc797 5/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     Hey, my shih tzu is 7 weeks old and I have given her a bath. She does fine with them. She... by Amiller012803 12/30/04  
     We have had to bath our 6 week old Shih Tzu, she actually likes it alot. Problem is... by Rach 1/29/05  
     hey! its not really hard! have you had any dogs before? Well i have a shih tzu who is... by luana 7/12/05  
     As soon as you get your pup you can bathe him. The earlier the better, so he does not... by Natalia 1/23/2006  
How do you Determine the % cobalt in Hexamine Coblat Chloride by E11/12/03 Sci.chem FAQ - Part 1 of 7
     complex + .1 normal sod.hydroxide heat to complet ppt. ppt. dissolve in 1:1 hydrochloric... by kashid Ajay 11/11/2006  
I'm trying to locate a website that tells me what actors are featured on game shows shown... by Ed Crean Jr. 9/9/03 List of U.S. Game Shows
My recent query (7 Sept.) SHOULD have read: "I am seeking a videotape..." by Tom Pautler 9/9/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
what are the vital informations about cancer? by jp 3/7/04 Cancer - Online Information Sources FAQ
     055749767 by GHASSAN  MULLA 8/2/04  
     Dear Jp, How are you ! I'm a girl from China. And my parents found a medicine which have... by Joanna 12/14/04  
I'd like to know if there is a really useful book in composing, as Hal Crook's "How to... by Manel 2/14/04 Music composition Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
     <a href=' com'></a> <a... by car insurance 6/19/2006 car site insurance. [URL= by insurance auto 6/19/2006 car site insurance. car site insurance, The autos... by insurance auto 6/19/2006  
Hello, I badly need your help. Im trying to run my motif program(it's already an... by Tina 9/8/03 Catalog of compilers, interpreters, and other language tools [p5of5]
Where can I get a copy of letterman interviewing Dustin Hoffman by Nicki 11/11/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     There's a clip of it here: com/latenight/lateshow/dave_tv/ls_dtv_big _show_h... by F 12/10/03  
Your client has been spoofing earthlink to get credit card numbers.... by Fraud Alert 11/8/03 alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 20040104 - ASFAQ.txt (1/1)
     i have a transport by mamadou yacine diouf 1/25/05  
What treats do Hedgehogs enjoy most? Veggies, fruits, protein? And are there things that... by Milo 3/28/04 Hedgehog FAQ [1/7] - About the Hedgehog FAQ
     I was wondering the same thing...if you find out, please e-mail me at:,... by ~Tina~ 5/31/04  
     well yes they love bug especially snails and worn but i found that they love cat food not... by fredz6/23/04  
     My hedgehog loves carrots! by aries-ariel 3/5/2006  
     i need help????????/ by kiki 7/26/2006  
     i want to no if u are allowed to have woodchips in the cage by nick 9/12/2006  
My family has just recently had a new addition to the family, by that I mean we have a new... by Keri 9/8/03 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
A friend of mine recently asked me if I would do her a favor and take a look at a ship... by Walter 9/8/03 Where to find the Ship Modeling FAQ
In 1971 I was delighted to find out that I was pregnant. About 4 to 6 weeks later I... by carole 9/8/03 FAQ on Miscarriage, Part 1/3
how do we allow servers to recognize the client? by BeBe 12/1/03 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
what are 2 of the key principles of faith for Jews? by sami 9/21/03 soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Reform Judaism (10/12)
Why we have to keep the pc in a cool place? by xxxx 8/5/03 FAQ: How do spammers get people's email addresses ?
     STFU KAY, YUO CAN'T YOOSE CAPEETALS KAY ROFLOLOL LOL !!1!~1#1~ KAY by coldplasma 1/8/05  
     wordword by Drain 3/14/04  
Does any one know how to program the alarm system in a 2000 Tundra. Everytime the door is... by Alex  4/6/04 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     You must have the RS3000 Vehicle Intrusion Protection system that I have on my 02 Tundra. ... by noyb24/9/04  
     I am working on getting the instructions on the web site under the Tacoma section. Check... by 8/11/04  
     Try depressing or pressing the valet button near your left knee. by bobbyrocks 1/7/05  
     I want to ask a related question. I have a 2001 Tundra with original Vehicle Intrusion... by mohave_tx 1/20/2007  
I would like to know how to join the Elk Chapter in my area by LLoyd 9/9/03 misc Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I was wondering why at certain times the moon looks so large. I was also wondering if you... by Tiffany 9/6/03 [sci.astro,sci.astro. seti] Contents (Astronomy Frequently Asked Questions) (0/9)
where in Canada, if not all, are dermal punches legal? by candylanddreamer 11/18/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     i don't know??? by lala 8/3/05  
What two countries declared war on the U.S in 1941 by Cmoney 6/8/04 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     You mom and your mamas mom no what they are contines!! by someone 11/2/04  
     Actually, there were six: Japan, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. by Steve 12/8/04  
     Germany, Italy by rodie 11/23/05  
     Germany and Japan. by Dragon077 6/8/2006  
     Germany & Japan by Me 7/13/2006  
what was all the places world war 2 was in europe by abel suchil 2/8/04 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     i want to find out what is the history of world war 2 in europe by peter 5/12/05  
write a program in COBOL that sorts the values in a vector(single dimensional array), the... by KAMALA 10/25/03 COBOL FAQ
i just bought a set of pipes, and when i was asibaling them the bag would not stay... by andy 12/24/03 bagpipe Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ), Part1/2
     A Manufacturing Unit of African Black Wood Highland Scottish Bag Pipes & Full Size,Half... by Ehtisham 4/2/04  
Where can I obtain the device that prevents an airline seat from reclining by Kkelley 11/4/03 FAQ: Air Traveler's Handbook 1/4 [Monthly posting]
     See the following website for your answer-- by Jack 8/19/05  
problems with connect to the Internet through email by m.cossey 10/27/03 Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
I want to scan a large family photo library into digital form picture by picture, for... by Wes 9/14/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     It's depend on what you will do with this photos. If you gonna just view/store/share - the... by protoss9/27/03  
seminars schooling piercing instruction where could one find this out by jade 2/4/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     death to the government by cr4sh1n4c1dburn 3/11/05  
I am a 39 yr old male in south central pa in search of a mature woman in the age range... by Tantricshiva 9/3/03 alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can I please have a discription of caffine? by tezza 8/1/03 List of medical FAQ postings (1/2)
My daughter has a HP Tower and a Gateway monitor and we can not find a driver and sound... by vanessa 9/3/03 alt.sys.pc-clone. gateway2000 FAQ Part 0 of 3
what was it like to be in the middle of war? by katie 1/1/04 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     very very harsh by pebbles 5/21/2006  
When maintenance is working on electrical panels what is the required method of guarding... by Allam 11/13/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     can you use a 400amp service for a 3flat 5bedroom apartment building? by danny montley 3/30/04  
what is a computer virus? by p 1/21/04 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     khjhfmvjvjkff by bjkgb3/6/04  
I have a laptop I need to load dos on. Is there a way to add pcmcia to dos so I can add a... by dvdljns 9/3/03 comp.dcom.lans.ethernet FAQ
i replaced my system with a larger hard drive and didn't format the old one before... by Equan 9/13/03 Enhanced IDE/Fast-ATA/ATA-2 FAQ [1 of 2]
My pitt bull terrier has a type of hives on her body and there not just dots there is... by kelly 2/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed-FAQ
     Hi, My pitt bull also has been suffering from a type of hives all over her skin, they are... by nicloe 10/29/05  
     my dog had red bumps with red lines under the skin to, my vet said it was either a alergic... by blue,pit 12/20/05  
     JlHEQuPhwt lE7QyBzl30 1P0jUS0TTkQDz by CzUSQrxWMN 2/25/2006  
Whats Is Chris Boyd's E-mail? by sam 3/20/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     where does this chris boyd come from??? by chris4/28/04  
     If I wanted you to have my email address, you'd have it, Sammie. by Chris Boyd 9/7/04  
     what state is he from by i know chris boyd 12/30/04  
     just tell a firend if he/she knows or check the internet!!! DUH!! by angie 6/13/2006  
If the distance between us and a star is doubled, with everything else remaining the same,... by sarah 2/2/04 [sci.astro,sci.astro. seti] Contents (Astronomy Frequently Asked Questions) (0/9)
     sfsfds by asdvd 2/13/2006  
     i don't know by someone who doesnt know 2/14/2006  
     ethjtrhjt by ehyert5h 3/20/2007  
where is the fluid tank for the rear winshield wiper? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW! by ronnie 2/17/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     On our 99 Town and Country it shares the tank under the hood for both front and rear... by SSG 12/18/04  
     In the Chrysler Minivans (most of them) the tank is located on the left side of the van. ... by Pete Jackson 12/29/04  
     Depending on the make and model . on my 93 caravan the fill is on the left side of the... by Lobo 7/7/2006  
I saw this in Readers Digest many years ago and it goes something like this: The sun... by jvz 2/2/04 alt.quotations FAQ
     Around 1950 USAF Aviation Cadet program by Ron 2/12/05  
     I saw an Article about the history behind the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. by Ted L. Pflueger 4/26/05  
     Story about the Star Spangled Banner, our National Anthem by teepee;954pg 7/15/05  
I'm using Win 98 SE and when playing certain MP3s on windows media player 9.1, sound... by ekasi 10/22/03 Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions
where can i find a pair of old EDO simms for a gateway 2000 pc to make it 128mbs by windy 10/22/03 PC-Clone Hardware Newsgroup Pointer
What are all the different possible types of glissades are there? For example, Gissade en... by Samantha 7/31/03 alt.arts.ballet FAQ 1: General Information
my question is in regards to grooming - i keep reading that cairn's don't shed - mine... by jess 11/16/03 rec.pets.dogs: Cairn Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Cains need to have their coats stripped every six to eight months. This is done by... by lou 4/21/04  
This a legal question. I am a veteran who had a house foreclosed in 1994, bought with a VA... by DonaldM 7/31/03 Law-Related Resources on the Internet and Elsewhere (01 of 12)
hello everybody my name is Leyni Williams and i am extremely interested in purchasing the... by leyni williams 10/21/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
I would like information on the Scottish pre-marriage rite called "handfest" or "handfist"... by DrPopi 9/1/03 soc.culture.scottish FAQ
Where can I find the solutions to the Application Assignments in the Problem Set 1-At the... by Joy 9/1/03 Z-shell (zsh) Frequently-Asked Questions
hi there, i want to know something about image histogram. If i take a picture of a ball in... by yakumi 9/11/03 N/A
please can you tell me the exact points break up for canandian immigration by aftab ahmed khan 2/1/04 N/A
     1)je veux savoir qelles sont les demarches à suivre pour immigrer à ottawa. 2) les... by abmeziem 3/5/04  
Wieso habt ihr hier kein linkverzeichnis zu nützlichen internetseiten, wie z.B. http://www... by Flo 9/1/03 <2002-12-25> FAQ fuer
What are the main transmission? by Nikki 8/19/03 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00

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