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Maurice Ravel wrote his very famous orchestral masterpiece - Bolero - , which was... by RavelAdmirer8/7/03 Copyright Law FAQ (1/6): Introduction
     Copyright for an individual composer (not a company) lasts for 70 years after his death.... by claes honig 3/24/04  
     Careful! In France 8 years and 120 days are added to the 70 years of any pieces published... by Bluenote 5/30/2006  
I have a $10 bill that is a star note and is printed wrong. What if anything is this bill... by carolyn10/27/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..need to really see your note can you send me a scan front and back.Email at marlofan@a... by Pete10/27/03  
     I know this is kind of late, but just don't let anybody cheat you out of what you are owed... by Sari1/23/04  
     I called on the star note and I was told that they were replaced by the government for... by Carol 10/16/05  
why does "C-c" behave like "C-g"? It is impossible for me to exit emacs using "C-x C-c".... by bang_zippy11/26/03 GNU Emacs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), part 1/5
     This fixes it: export CYGWIN="binmode ntsec tty" by Jon 4/21/05  
     The default cygwin console does odd things with control-C. Try setting the environment ... by Anonymous Coward 5/14/2006  
     Edit your cygwin.bat file (for example, c:\cygwin\cygwin.bat) and add: set cygwin=tty ... by tony 2/27/2007  
i have a cat who is clearly pregnant and i have no idea how far along she is and i need... by charlotte6/16/04 rec.pets.cats: Getting A Cat FAQ
     they are pregnant for 60-63 days or more depending on the litter. the normal cats have at... by mickey 2/3/05  
     it takes about 58-62 days for a cat to give birth by ali_steph_bbbff...2 5/22/05  
     9 weeks by Randa 6/29/2006  
     it is hard to tell exactly how far along the cat is with her babies unless you know about... by Brandy 9/20/2006  
     just feel along her belly but be careful if your cat is a little snippy! by jenelle 9/28/2006  
     I would like to know how to differ male and female discus fish.and at what age does it get... by Prashant 4/29/05  
     bayley by petrob3 11/9/05  
     take your male out until the baby's have grown and then put the male back in with the... by oscar 1/10/2006  
     Depending on how many times they have laid eggs, one parent can easily raise the fry. They... by Discus 2/21/2006  
How can I do to make the Ppower4 post-processor works with the MikTeX 2.2 or higher (for... by ps1co7/5/03 TeX, LaTeX, etc.: Frequently Asked Questions with Answers [Monthly]
     I also want the answer yet! by laosb2/8/04  
     how I can use the ppower 4 thanks by alias_tex 3/3/2007  
At What age can the young male German Shepard's start breeding? by lynyrdskynyrd11/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: German Shepherd Dogs Breed-FAQ
     Dogs (males) are sexually mature at 6 months of age. by Tanisha1/6/04  
     why is my dog barfing by carly 10/2/05  
     why is my dog barfing by carly 10/2/05  
     at what age is a female sexualy mature by punisher 4/27/2007  
what were the responses of various groups to Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war? by percy the historian9/24/03 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
     thats what i want to know. by child 5/10/2006  
     sum supported n sum opposed by 998 chic 7/20/2006  
define all characters i/o functions with example? by usra10/6/03 comp.lang.c Answers (Abridged) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     What 10BaseFI means? by Tuan Anh 6/4/04  
unemployment assistance and college Hello, I have been unemployed since January 2003 and... by Daniel8/22/03 FAQ: Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Fellowships [Monthly posting]
     I have no job and I'm trying to go to school at JCJC in Mississippi and i would like some... by Kellie11/10/03  
     I feel the same way. I want to attand jcjc but I have no job and am trying to get... by Scarlet Kelly 12/29/05  
is there anyway to turn off the daytime runing lights 2001 toyota tundra ivan stewart by dave11/12/03 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     There is a gray square plug on the driver side fender behind the battery. Just unplug it.... by Ron Hetche 2/27/2006  
I have a Volkswagen golf gti, mk2,1988 model and i need to know how to take the ignition... by Jay1231/12/04 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     the best thing to do for anything like this is: A) "play" until you find how to do it B)... by Neil4/27/04  
     Don't just play around with it if you don't know what your doing! Go out and buy the... by Dan 4/7/05  
     remove the plastic cover from the steering column. remove the steering wheel, there is a... by ken 4/17/05  
     remove steering wheel,cowling surround(two phillips screws),indicator and wiper switches.i... by dave vw 10/23/05  
     Haynes Manual dude,its worthi, Ive stopped going to Mech shops and save thousands.... by Cape Town GTI 3/5/2007  
what is the email of Evelin Vasquez by hugo 11/20/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     i need Evelin Vasquez email address by michael 11/29/04  
     Which Ms Vasquez? If u can mail me her pic, I'll see if she matches someone in my address... by victor04 12/8/04  
error checking & control information ensure that a__________ arrives without any problems.... by pmakjr11/11/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     protocol by boo 9/1/04  
how old do you have to be to get your navel pierced in West Virginia? by monkey_babe_29/21/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     u have to be 16 with parent and 18 with out one duh u are so stupid to even ask. by jennie 4/17/2007  
     you have to be sixteen with a parent or legal guardian. by christina 7/9/2007  
IEEE802.3 standard is based on the original Ethernet standard. There's however, one... by Subu7/11/03 comp.dcom.lans.ethernet FAQ
     password by dungpt84 10/18/05  
How to get the filter coefficients out of a given IIR filter transfer function? by pratap8/1/03 comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3) by b 10/23/2006  
     i don't know by blah 7/17/2007  
what kind of anti freeze should i put in my 1998 plymouth breeze i thought there was only... by lady461_1701311/9/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     That someone dont know what there talking about the easiest is the 50/50 anti freeze no... by Sanguine47 4/6/05  
what was the culture of midievil ireland like? by shannon12/2/03 Irish FAQ: Glossary [10/10]
     published for anyone to see and rate by katie betts  9/19/04  
     It was centered around the celtic culture by Dan 11/14/05  
where do I get my Golf TDi 90 bhp increased by 30k? by carlos7/22/03 [W] PERFORMANCE, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     phone me on this number 07910106158 07875249580 by aisha  5/9/05  
what adaptations does it have for survival by bj9/16/03 Dolphin FAQ (1/3)
can anyone help me take out an alternator & replace one? by kerry10/1/03 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     how to take out an alternater by mirn 3/2/05  
I was wondering if anyone knows how to find a Siberian husky baby for sale anywhere in... by Emily7/22/03 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     Yes, I can tell you that there is a breeder in Lexington,Oh. My Daughter bought one there.... by Carla8/19/03  
     Please consider animal shelters or rescues. by Mrs. Roth12/20/03  
     I went online and did a search. I found the names of some breeders. 1. Deborah Brady... by Tanisha12/28/03  
     yes, go to they have a great selection of puppies and i found my siberian... by Lindsey 4/30/2006  
How do a cacao bean taste by India2/24/04 Chocolate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I'm assuming that you're talking about fermented, then slow roasted, then cracked cacao... by Genghis6/2/04  
     yo yo yo it taste like the hizzy for shizzy yo by cacao bean  12/13/04  
     I would say that the cocao been has a slightly bitter taste and a wonderful addiction by tom 12/1/05  
     I don't know by clone 1/9/2007  
     srthrthtghhhy by Brandene 2/12/2007  
how much does a padiatrician earn an hour by wendy6/11/04 FAQ-Potential Pediatrician Questions
     2000/- by kissh30 4/12/05  
     2000/- by kissh30 4/12/05  
     I would think a pediatrician would mack close to $33 dollers an hour if not more in a big... by shah 11/17/05  
     i really want to be a pediatrician when i get older im only 13 years old my email address... by dj 9/7/2006  
     they get paid anywhere between 100 000 and 400 000 a year by burger king 10/6/2006  
how do you get rid of the tequila 1 VIRUS? by archknight77/14/03 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     how do you get rid of a computer virus called isass by eggy 4/12/05  
do german marks from world war 2 nazi germany have any collectors value by bob6/1/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Totally, dude!! by cool 11/1/04  
     i need an info on the Nazis from world war 2 by dangerous d 1/28/05  
     I think they do because they show the honor of them that was shown to people by cooldog 5/9/05  
     do german marks from world war 2 nazi germany have any collectors value? by paul 10/5/05  
     Would like to know if German marks have any value especially the higher notes i.e. 100000... by Regis 5/21/2006  
I have a 1963 series Five dollar bill with red seal and serial numbers....How do I find... by Melee3/30/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..value will depend on grade.Send me a scan front and back.I can estimate value.Email me... by Pete3/31/04  
     its a 1963 five dollar bill. Its in a moderate condition (got it from grandma). It says... by stevo 8/18/05  
     I also have a 1963 series Five dollar bill with red seal and serial numbers that is in... by neolij 11/1/05  
     I also have a 2 dollar 1928 fair condition, and 2 1 dollar bill silver certificates, also... by neolij 11/1/05  
     I went to a dealer of such items just a minute ago and was told the 1963 red seal five... by Toast 3/14/2006  
     I have a $5 dollar red seal bill with serial # A1295912A in good condition is it worth... by nita 6/22/2006  
     I found a site that said they are Worth around 15 dollars by Dude 12/23/2006  
how can you mate a pit bull? by sheri6/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     You don't. You spay/neuter your pit bull before they are sexually mature. by Iggy7/3/04  
     boy, that could be dangerous!!!I wouldn't want to mate with a pitbull!!! by kline7/7/04  
     dadadad by akira 2/4/2006  
     people who know pits should be on this site not uneducated media reading people who dont... by hello genuine 2/13/2006  
     The best way for YOU to "mate" your dog would be to give it to an educated breeder and let... by PresaMama 5/20/2006  
     Before you mate any dog he/she has to be properly socialized. Meaning that it has to have... by owner of a pit 6/11/2007  
i just bought a pug from a lady who says her dogs are AKC qualified, however i sent the... by brandy10/9/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Kennel Club FAQ
     Let this be a sign to all of you registering your dog. DO NOT register it with AKC! They... by Tanisha1/18/04  
     i am ali khokher i am from muzaffarabad azad kashmir i want visa and i come u contry... by alikhokher7/22/04  
     You need to call AKC, they will let you know if their is a problem, I would take care of a... by diddle 10/1/05  
What are the postal codes for the city of Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia? by Barmielad7/29/03 Mongolia Frequently Asked Questions Version 7 (July 7th, 2000)
     Postal code for Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia: 210646 by Santac 11/22/04  
     210100 - 211213 (from DHL records) by Similas 11/23/2006  
How do you relate to the role of the Individual in Society? by jenny8/31/03 Conservatism Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     thats a good question I'm pondering that myself by m3/8/04  
     If you understand them both as pointed toward what's good there's no problem. by Jim Kalb 7/28/05  
     any one know firsty what the role of the indivisual in society? by ??? 10/25/05  
i just bred my dog and i was wondering how do i know when my dog is ready to have her... by lisa4/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     She should have them on or about the 60th day from the last time she was bred, or when the... by mike4/29/04  
     I AM waiting on my shihtzu to have her second litter and i still dont know .last time she... by jodie 6/28/04  
     From what I know is that a dog will start acting very excited and laying down a lot within... by trackboy334 2/9/05  
     My pug is in heat now. The vet told me to have her checked in 55 day's an they would x ray... by Puglover31 4/8/2006  
     i have a shsh tzu that was bred five days ago, will her nipples swell already? by daw 7/23/2006  
     it usualy has them on the 64-67 day and she is having contractions(her tummy is tightening... by me 6/5/2007  
can i use "bmp" or image file in cpp plz send me an example on myemail <desaipankaj007@... by pankaj desai10/17/03 LEARN C/C++ TODAY (A list of resources/tutorials)
     first you should be aware of the .bmp file format. thereafter you can open that image file... by pankaj4/9/04  
My pug goes into these fits and starts to lick everything insite (not herself). She acts... by Char8/26/03 rec.pets.dogs: Pug Dog Breed-FAQ
     She is just excited! Mine does the same thing. She rips out the grass and chews it up... by L11/21/03  
     My dog does the same thing! She does it all the time though, for no reason. And she gets... by Puggo 10/26/04  
     my pug does the exact same thing, they are so silly sometimes. I'm glad to hear its not... by mitsy2 10/25/2006  
what is the reason that OpenGL uses RGB color model? by nicky7/8/03 OpenGL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [1/3]
     for a change by marlon 7/27/05  
What should do for my dog when she is limping and there aren't any vets open at night? by mary11/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: German Shepherd Dogs Breed-FAQ
     Put socks on her by Bob1/13/04  
     Punch it by Fun-e 3/7/05  
     My dog is limping because i accidentally stepped on her what should i do? by Page 3/20/2007  
     I would not sweat ...even if you love your puppy 100% it is most likely its leg did not... by Matt 4/6/2007  
how do you work the monster truck by tommy9/23/03 The Monster Truck FAQ
Where can I find schematics of programmers for Intel 8051, 8044, 8344 etc.? by Nick Zlatanov10/25/03 8051 microcontroller FAQ
     i want a circuit diagram of 8051 by khurshid hassan1/28/04  
     Have sex with a pig, then you will know by Sex On Toast 10/4/04 by liew kian boon 10/16/05  
     i like to make copy of a 89c51ac2 which is for some machine,how can i do that ,if is... by capinorita 3/17/2006  
What is the value of paper money dated 1953,1957 and 1935. If any? by MzTa Ta4/24/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..any collector value will depend on whether it is a star note and most importantly the... by Pete4/25/04  
     New email address is Pete by Pete 3/19/05  
     What year was I born in?? by lisita 3/20/05  
     Anybody knows the value of a very good condition US 5 dollars bill with serial number: ... by apb 4/24/05  
     I have a 1935D Series Silver Certificate Dollar does it have any value by Mlckyldyc 12/13/2006  
     what is the value of 1957 one dollar bill s3U52896715a by henry  7/11/2007  
Is there specific categories of proxy servers that you can use to distinguish among... by almack2/24/04 comp.protocols.snmp SNMP FAQ Part 1 of 2
     charlie by agg 5/25/2006  
     p;;uyui by 333333335 7/20/2006  
     um gajo by borntobewild 8/16/2006  
     111111 by alireza 11/16/2006  
     james brown by jpa1989 1/27/2007  
     wat it do by i 3/15/2007  
I have a 1929 20 dollar bill from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. It has a red seal... by doglady4/3/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..send me a scan front and back.Email me at Pete by Pete4/6/04  
     I have the same 20 dollar bill. Did you guys figure out what it is worth? by Stacey 1/5/05  
     i also have a 1929 20 dollar bill from chicogo, in fine whats it worth by roger8244 3/4/05  
     I have a 1778 Four dollar note it is also number. Is it worth anything? by Patsy 2/1/2006  
     20 dollars by Captain Obvious 3/26/2006  
     I have a 1929 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco California $20 bill with the seral... by Ruth 12/4/2006  
How to convert .bmp file to .rgbtxt file. by Chandra7/1/03 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
     konvertor by jack 5/23/04  
whats are the different versions of c and which version of c is used in which platform... by shakti9/22/03 comp.lang.c Answers (Abridged) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     by t  yij hth 10/27/05  
how emotions affects our culture by ottie9/19/03 A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
I've read about the electrolysis of dilute and concentrated hydrochloric and sulfuric... by pops8/11/03 Sci.chem FAQ - Part 1 of 7
     I think that monkeys sometimes don't understand the severity of artillery shells in sugar.... by Wallop5/4/04  
     The best way to do it is legs over head. by Demi 6/21/2006  
If a immigrant uses a 90 day visa, to come to the usa, do they have to go back, or can... by wezzy8/21/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     I want to get visa to USA for a visit. So can you assist me in getting the visa for my... by kwelen12/14/03  
     I want to stay permenent in USA so, how can i get 100%PR in USA. Reply me by vishal kamleshkumar doshi 1/24/04  
     If a immigrant uses a 90 day visa, to come to the usa, do they have to go back, or can... by Jonny 11/6/2006  
what is the name of thurston howell polo pony by map8/28/03 Gilligan's Island FAQ: Episode Guide
     seabiscuit by keith9/9/03  
i came to USA participating in a exchange cultural program (j1-q visa). But i want to... by vervise208/10/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     hi , i wonder, i have the same problem as yours. make sure u start early for the... by navinkumar 2/4/04  
i wanted to know if anyone remebers the songs the spartans cheerleaders did there "perfect... by kristin10/29/03 Saturday Night Live FAQ: Recurring Characters
     i have no clue, but i wanna know too, especially the chess tournament one by lindsey 7/24/05  
Do female dogs come in heat six months after having their puppies or is it six months from... by jadelle4/18/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     6 months from when they had their last season. by Maggie 10/19/04  
     yes they do i seen it happen before by champy wampy 1/27/2006  
     wen a female dog is in heat does the uteras stick out of ther baby hole? by lori 3/23/2006  
     I am trying to ask the same question? by Linda 4/28/2006  
     it isn't always 6 mnts from anything. my dogs first heat was age 8 mnts old. and she had... by kellbell 4/29/2006  
     7808cfe by akamscluso 12/13/2006  
     I was wondering about this also. We have a Boxer that had puppies when we got her, they... by krixtajc 3/26/2007  
How do I get good virus protection cheap?¿ My computer has a virus, it doesn't hurt the... by Ky Jo7/18/03 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     What's the virus like? by Sci-fi fan 3/26/2006  
     i found a great site to get cheap software the link to it is by Ronnie 4/24/2007  
How many American lives were lost in Occupied Japan (post WWII)? by Jim Bo7/21/03 American misconceptions about Japan FAQ
     um I am asking you by tweety 4/3/2006  
i want to know about parents and childhood of field medalist jesse douglas by none8/28/03 sci.math FAQ: Fields' Medals
how much do boston terriers usually cost? by tt2/25/04 rec.pets.dogs: Boston Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Usually around $500 by Ash 6/19/05  
     250.00-450.00 by mac 7/23/05  
     In our area, northern California they can range from $750-$950 akc, of course, I have... by Sheila 12/6/05  
     100 by chelly 12/9/2006  
Who do you report to about someone using 2 social security numbers? and What could happen... by teeny7/17/03 Social Security Number FAQ
     If the purpose is to defraud the SSA, then he or she will be prosecuted. by joseph 11/26/04  
     Try website. <a href=" com/main.html">Homepag... by Bridgestone 8/14/05  
How can I extract the date & time from a JPEG? I noticed that my Casio and Canon cameras... by holgerjakobs8/17/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     Date and time from your camera have nothing to do with the jpeg format and everything to... by bene12/1/03  
     The date and time stamp in camera pictures is not specified in the JFIF format (and even... by Patrick12/2/03  
     In addition to Patricks answer: I found it difficult to find or write libraries to... by Maarschalk6/13/04  
     thats a nice script works great! but is an error inside line 15 see: MsgBox("Renamed "... by dmc 9/28/05  
     GOOD WORK! Very very useful. I've just given it some extra tweak, to make it more... by Lightwave 4/2/2007  
Are Rottweilers excessive diggers? by dennis gibbs2/13/04 rec.pets.dogs: Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
     We have a 9-month-old male Rot. He has never had a digging problem. The only time he... by Pepsi2/17/04  
     We live on 18 acres, mostly hillside. Our two Rotties LOVE to dig. There are moles that... by Tosca2/24/04  
     Usually dogs dig out of boredom. Get them a chew toy. My dog has been digging alot... by Tanisha 3/6/04  
     rotts like any other dog will dig out of boredom,why contribute to the problem why... by n2rotts 11/1/04  
     My Rottie turned two today and we have holes in various places around the yard. He is also... by Alexis 11/7/05  
     my rottweiler dug for the longest time till i got her a sand box and now she knows thats... by shyseyes 2/25/2006  
     rotties also dig a shallow pit to lie in when it is very hot out, if you can, get a kiddie... by yello 7/14/2007  
How about a big 7-segment LED display used in scoreboards, something like a numbers... by Gio12/25/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     The seven segment LED display is composed of 7 segments which is from segment a to segment... by Peachy3/6/04  
     The seven segment display on Score board uses an array of LCD per segment, some display... by Ronald Vector4/4/04  
     umm, thats easy, go2 by duaney 11/22/04  
     what is 7-segment usually used for? by navender 5/20/2006  
     Dear Sir; This is Doris at Shenzhen June Lead technologies Co., Ltd. Our company is... by Ms Doris Wong 3/18/2007  
What's the cost of gas in Germany today? by Elona4/21/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     today? well, from your question from a year ago, and today being sept. 8th, 2005, the... by demo 9/8/05  
     about $3 per litre by mg 9/14/05  
     the answer is 20 nazis by gjhgfjgf 11/24/05  
     As of May 8, 2006: $5.57 - Frankfurt, Germany $6.48 - Amsterdam, Netherlands $5.54 -... by M. Weiss 5/8/2006  
     1.31 Euro per Liter by Mke 6/2/2006  
     How much are the taxes on gas in Germany per U.S. Gallon? by Bob 6/19/2006  
     7 dollars per gallon by bob 3/6/2007  
I forgot the password of the administrative account on my Windows NT, which I took over... by Pippi8/13/03 Windows NT Internet FAQ, Part 2/2
     Look Here....http://home.eunet. no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/ by sTeve2/22/04  
     sh-complex by icm 3/19/04  
     It only took about 2 minutes to fix this and I have been trying all day long. by chubbynub2000 6/9/2006  
My compiler(VC++ 6) never accepts cin >> str1 if str1 is declared as a string . the... by meena8/3/03 C++ FAQ (part 1 of 10)
     Change "#include <iostream.h>" to "#include <iostream>". You should use the... by Mason Deaver8/8/03  
     Depending on the compiler you are using you don't need the "using namespace std". Visual... by DString 1/14/2006  
     To further elaborate: cin and cout are based on character arrays (char *) rather than... by Rob Fries 11/3/2006  
Does anyone know where I can get a LDG, I live alone in the back of 10 acres close to... by Judy ODonnell8/22/03 N/A
     I have a 1 yr old Female German Shepard. I rescued her from the street after being hit by... by Hope Davis 9/4/03  
     I have found a pitbull mix. He looks like my friends dog who is 100 percent boxer. He was... by tree 2/24/2006  
I have a 1994 Jeep grand cherokee limited v.8 5.2 l that will start up normally and after... by Jeepy'945/2/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     If your check engine light stays on try turning the key switch on and off 3 times leave it... by davespcrepair5/9/04  
     Its your fuel pump by reometro 9/11/05  
     Crank position sensor - it is notorious by motahrun 1/29/2006  
     When I open my 94 Jeep the alarm sounds even if the doors are locked. What could be the... by Ryan 10/13/2006  
     my jeep cherokee 5.2 liter v8 will shake and rumble when it is in idol, i replaced the... by sky 11/9/2006  
     it could be a fuel pump... i fried my fuel pump a few months ago and it wasnt pretty... by JeepLver89 12/12/2006  
     what do you do if the code is 55 for 1994 Grand Cherokee? by Janko 1/2/2007  
     check fuel pump it's going out on you. by ciro11 2/17/2007  
How many pups are in a usual litter for this breed? by Jodi3/14/04 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     My Huskies first litter had 7 pups which is an average. I've heard of others having 6 or... by Tanisha3/15/04  
     They usually have 8 pups at a time. by sami4/21/04  
     My husky had 10 puppies today... 4 girls and 6 boys but one of the boys were still born..... by Tammy 9/8/05  
     My dog tried to go out and have it, she wouldn't give it up, So we had to get her nudered,... by Cradle of Filth Rocks! 10/3/05  
     thanks for your help... (/O\) (/"\) (/O\) by husky dude 5/9/2006  
     my dog just had 4 puppies how many do they usually have by claudia 6/4/2006  
how to convert the # in the terminal window to $? by santosh8/4/03 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (Contents) [Frequent posting]
     type: PS1="$" U can put whatever string U want to apear. U can also put some codes, for... by tpcvasco1/11/04  
where is the next rolling stone fan convention? by san antonio katie11/14/03 Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]
     the cavern-liverpool .england 19-08-06 by gary 10/4/05  
     Monday August 21st sees Stones.Con - The Rolling Stones Fan Convention at the Bonnington... by sohomusic 8/14/2006  
1) Write a program in 'c' language to merge the contents of two binary search trees into... by Raju Das4/1/04 Binary Space Partitioning Trees FAQ
     1) Write a program in 'c' language to merge the contents of two binary search trees into... by kunal4/6/04  
     Don't Know by udvk0094/8/04  
     dont know by priya_rajanga4/9/04  
     don't know by Priyanka4/12/04  
     Visit: For the solution. by vinit4/15/04 uk/~rjp/Coursewww/Cwww/tree.html by sharad 9/28/04  
     dont know by anupam 4/13/2007  
     not known by NANDITHA S.N 4/14/2007  
i have had 3 miscarrages since x-mas and have been told that contraception does not stop... by nicole6/10/04 FAQ on Miscarriage, Part 1/3
     I'm scared. My periods are so irregular - 20 - 35 days. After a micariage I'm desperate!... by Jools 7/31/05  
     i have had similar problems. excessive bleeding two weeks after i was due that lasts weeks... by fifi 8/28/05  
     i have had 6 miscarriages since xmas and its really getting me down i have been for tests... by kerri  9/18/05  
     I have had four miscarriages, but i don't know if I should call these pregnancy Consecutiv... by xarago 5/16/2006  
     Well I Am Apparently Going Through A Miscarriage Right Now And I Haven't Had Any Bleeding... by Rayna 8/25/2006  
     I have had three losses with in the past 18 months. one 6wks,25wks,9wks, I am so lost at... by heart broken 9/28/2006  
What is Al's full name? by Azza8/17/03 Married... With Children FAQ []
     AL'sfull name is Allen by sergio 12/12/03  
     Alphonse Hercules Bundy. He's called that by the spirit of the woman who used to take... by Da8 10/25/05  
While walking my dog, he can be walking along quite nicely and obediently in the heel... by liz9/8/03 rec.pets.dogs: Behavior: Understanding and Modifying FAQ
     How many times a day do I need to walk my dog to keep her healthy, and how long (time... by Bap 10/2/04  
     I think your dog just wants to have some fun. He may like the response he gets when he... by Catherine 10/22/04  
     shdfbgnherdbh by tom 4/22/05  
WHAT IS THE ROLE OF COMMUNICATION (BUSINESS) IN ISO ? by ASAD8/1/03 comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3)
     what is communication by charith5/9/04  
Do you have an emaill address for triumph corselettes by ann robertson1/21/04 Clothing for Big Folks: U.S. (FAQ)
     laurence by sally 3/26/05  
     ce faci ,esti bine by too bad 9/25/05  
     look at E-bay sites........... by Theo 3/29/2006 by billa 9/9/2006  
     kas as is lietuva by mkop 11/20/2006  
What can you do about Chihuahua's who seem to have allergies besides administering... by Stacie3/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Hi! Well our little 6 month old chi just developed a bad allergy. We've taken her to our... by Kelli 8/5/04  
     my puppy pulls out her hair..looks awful..what can i do for her by lucy 8/9/04  
     Try feeding the little dear Avoderm food. It really helps! by Chi-Mama 1/7/2006  
     itiching sneezing, runny eyes. draging self on carpet to scatch. by max 4/19/2006  
     We have a deerhead chihuahua, approx 4 yrs old. We have had him for one year. My question... by Evie 6/19/2006  
     My Daughter's dog seems to have an allergy to grass. She always chews her feet so we wash... by janice 8/10/2006  
where do i get the interleaf sample files so that i convert it to framemaker? by anitha7/7/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 7/7
what was the price of the first issue of playboy. by betty12/19/03 Playboy Enterprises, Inc. FAQ
     ...betty i guess it was 50 cents. saw it on ebay for 1623$ till now!!! CRAZY by Kid_Trash 1/28/04  
     nipples are hard boobies are red give me head and then take me to bed by big willy nelson 11/29/05  
what are the advantages of molecular(nano-mechanical)bearing over traditional bearing. by raj8/16/03 Artificial Intelligence FAQ:1/6 General Questions & Answers [Monthly posting]
what is advertising management ? what are the different steps of personnel selling ? what... by abdul malik9/6/03 Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It
     yes i would like to create a new account.. by ng.v.c 5/25/05  
we have an old round floor safe at my workplace that hasnt been opened for 30 years or... by byrdman3/25/04 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Is there a manufacturer's name / address on it , anywhere? Write to them...they'll know!... by whitevette 8/3/04  
     i dont know of any way to find out the combination. what i would do is break the lock open... by tinker_bell 2/18/05  
     I can open it for you but the top will be damaged. you can buy a brand new top for about... by peter 1/24/2006  
     no you'll have to get a hack saw and cut it sorry by jenabob 2/27/2006  
     just call a1-locksmith 877-321-7233 toll free with the serial # on the safe and we can... by safe & vault tech 3/19/2007  
     You can use any stethoscope and place it near the dile and turn slowly to the right until... by big boy  5/9/2007  
if a creature is targeted by a spell and it reaches like -1-1 does it die or just can't do... by audragon10/5/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     If a creature ever has a toughness (the second number) of zero, then the creature is dead... by robertoguy11/3/03  
     yes it is dead by pacho 4/26/04  
I am on my 4th week of having my ear pierce and my right ear began to swell and have a... by Altetter10/25/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     I am wonderin how topierce my ear without a piercin gun? ne1 know how! by Raj4/4/04  
     well use surgical spirits on it 5 times a day and if it continues to ache and bleed then... by tomno1 1/23/05  
     Take a safty pin, gold earing, an apple slice, a paper towel (to catch the blood, if there... by Banana 6/7/05  
     I just peirced my ears two days ago. 2 on top, two on bottom (left ear) and one on top,... by Alex 5/17/2006  
I HAVE 4- 100 DOLLAR BILLS FROM THE 1928'S PRETTY GOOD COND.., ONE IS FROM NY,NY.,CHICAGO... by marquetia3/9/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     u suck by 100 dollar man 5/18/05  
     i have no dollar bills by u.s.a girl 6/12/05  
     hdeifyhewide by Laquan 6/11/2006  
     i want to get 400 dollars from my wallet by dylan  bylan 3/31/2007  
I have a Bassett that I want to get bred and am having trouble finding a male that isn't... by Chloe'9/2/03 rec.pets.dogs: Basset Hounds Breed-FAQ
     You should try advertising in papers and online. Tell how good your dog is, what requireme... by Tanisha 1/18/04  
     I have a male Bassett Hound named Bubba. He is AKC registered and an excellent dog. He is... by Tammy 12/1/04  
     I have a male basset hound that is three years old and he happens to be looking for a... by brandi 8/28/05  
I am wanting to breed my pug. I have heard that pugs have a hard time with having puppies... by Rachael1/22/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     Small breed dogs do have more complications in birth. If you do breed her do all the... by Tanisha1/31/04  
     Pugs do have a lot of whelping problems. I show and occasionally breed my pugs and have... by pug person2/1/04  
     I agree with both of the answers above. Also she may have a large litter and sometimes... by Rachel6/30/04  
     I think my pug is already pregnate, but how do I tell. She has laid around and her... by Gracie May 1/14/05  
     My pug just had her first litter of puppies a week ago. We thought she would be a great... by krista 6/12/05  
     I am considering all the things that could happen if a Pug is bred , but I also heard the... by Hollie 12/13/05  
     yes i agree with them all. i have brought a rare type of pug and i want to breed him with... by Skye 9/20/2006  
     How old should pugs be when you breed them, and or how many heats should they go through... by HLMW 5/23/2007  
me and my partner are very interested in joining a group or discussing more about poly ,... by jennifer7/6/03 alt.polyamory: How (Some) Poly People Meet Each Other
whats the basic of working of scanning tunneling microscopy(stm)? by parviz9/3/03 sci.physics Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 4)
     what is meaing by accounting rolls? by muthu 2/11/2006  
What is nonlinear cryptography? by antony57/7/03 Cryptography FAQ (01/10: Overview)
     I think that nonlinear cryptography is probably cryptography that relies on the encryption... by Kiriana2/18/04  
     making the coding act in a erratic/unstable behavior thus making the machine or program... by christian 2/23/05  
What color is Oxide? What does it look like? by Ayon7/2/03 Stagecraft Frequently Asked Questions
     I don't know. I thought you were going to give me the answer. that's why I came here. by KCork123 11/17/2006  
     Depends on what is the oxide. by Bill Wang 12/6/2006  
who was the father of the modern primatives? who brought body modification to the united... by chaosrlz3/18/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     negroes? by jew6/7/04  
     Falir Musafar, is generaly considered the father of 'Modern Primatives' He has a web site... by flealess 9/16/04  
     Fakir Musafar is often considered the father of the modern primitive movement. You can't... by Kim 9/7/05  
     fakir musifar was the first. by tekktribe 9/28/05  
     YOUR MOM by freeman 12/2/05  
does any one know how big a title wave can get? by Clover1/21/04 FAQ: HURRICANES, TYPHOONS AND TROPICAL CYCLONES (Part 1 of 2)
     Hey No i dun no but i wanna find out so sum1 tell me plz tell me by Ruby6/10/04  
     i don't know how big a title wave can get, but if u ask how big a TIDAL WAVE can get u... by graduatedfirstgrade 12/30/04  
     like tsunamis well if they are super tsunamis they can get up to as tall as the empire... by kay 1/19/05  
     no by hi 3/3/05  
Hoe many breeds are actually used in legal dog fights in japan? by macker5/30/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     hoes are on the street corner.dumb-ass smacker! by neal6/9/04  
     neal .....i really don't care what your mom, wife, and dog are up to. Thats your business by macker 6/20/04  
     nobody here knows, they mostly go by that toryukai website, which isnt even a real site!!!... by me 7/14/04  
     Then what is it smart ass?I suppose all the videos, contest, awards(millions),and... by not you 7/16/04  
     Tourykai is real and they have some good tosas, a few associates n Canada and the USA... by Gamedogs 1/19/05  
     Tourykai is real and they have some good tosas, a few associates n Canada and the USA... by Gamedogs 1/19/05  
     1-tosa 1 chow 1 sharpa 1 akita =4 by rcschaan 8/12/05  
     That is why it happens. by joker 9/22/05  
how much does a golf club set cost by huy hoang12/15/03 Golf FAQ
     cost of golf set i6 piece by jatender 9/21/05  
     $800-$1,000 by babyjones 11/20/05  
I am getting a connection refused message when attempting to login from anywhere but the... by Danny8/7/03 UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (Miscellaneous Troubleshooting)
     sucks to be you by fgsfd 9/29/04  
     Here , try this. Do a search using Windows and use the word "hosts" as the search name in... by clinktone 7/15/05  
How do I find the name of the current shell that I am working on(Whether csh or ksh or... by mulla10/27/03 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (1/7) [Frequent posting]
     Just type in the ps command. That should do it!! :o) by Thierry11/12/03  
     ps | grep `echo $$` | awk '{ print $4 }' This would do as ps will list all the shell,... by Jayakhanna12/4/03  
     echo $SHELL by Thayir12/8/03  
     echo $SHELL will only tell the initial shell when you do ksh/csh after that it will still... by Jayakhanna12/12/03  
     if i want to put this in aliases file how can it be done? lets say: alias sh `ps |... by cong1/1/04  
     If I were to do this, I'd use: ps $$ And to alias it, as suggested above, I'd use: ... by Robert Hunter3/16/04  
     ps | grep "$$" by Ravikumar R 8/18/04  
     In solaris you would say: ps -o comm= -p $$ The space after comm= is necessary to... by Jay Padmanathan 12/9/05  
     echo $0 by ParseANull 5/16/2006  
     Please ask him. by searching 9/20/05  
     don't listen he will just leave you guys again.But if he tells his brother's wife he is... by maryiam 11/19/05  
     Well I think that maybe he is maybe embarrassed or ashamed to tell his wife personally... by Brenda 7/15/2006  
     Because men who leave women who are pregnant with their child are cowardly little boys. ... by Budzie 9/6/2006  
     i think that he cant tell her because......................... by Bill 10/17/2006  
I was interested in finding out about French Bull dogs. Breeding problems, health... by Sherry Morrison1/31/04 rec.pets.dogs: French Bulldogs Breed-FAQ
     how much does it cost to feed a pet each day by ajay 10/27/04  
     analisa Badillo by ana 12/12/04  
     how much does a french bull dog cost by nelly 4/11/05  
     I own a french bull dog, they are very expensive, mine is a male. I looked into breeding... by Lucy 1/13/2007  
     check out best site in the world by frenchie 2/10/2007  
     If you are interested in a high-quality pair of mature French bulldog breeders, you should... by daisuke 2/27/2007  
i got i-20 form U.S , How can i get the successful F1 VISA. could you please tell me... by gagan deep joshi1/11/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     be cool by dinesh3/8/04  
     create newaccount by rashi3/9/04  
     how do i know what questions they ask in the US counsalate when i go there for to seek a... by honey_hp2002 9/7/04  
     just give the questions that visa officers may ask with full confidence and dont try to... by anup 2/27/05  
I'm a fat woman looking for some clothing from your catalog by liz5/4/04 [ acceptance, big-folks] Clothing for big folks in Europe
     i'm looking for a woman to marriage her by Emmanuel      Oti 8/28/04  
     SEX LOVE by KEENT 10/10/04  
     see pictur by nazmiateh 3/5/05  
     please connect with by blackyoung 8/24/05  
     dfsdfg by mohammad 12/8/05  
     why do people get fat i know because there is a lot of sugar in the world and how to lose... by Tbizie 12/13/05  
     Bosomy Limited is Fashion Clothing exclusively designed for plus size real Ladies who are... by Bosomy Limited 8/7/2006  
is charmed gonna keep going for along time? I dont think i could handel the end of... by adam5/4/04 FAQ
     shannen didn't really quit the show. it had to do with the constant fight between alyssa... by alyssa6/11/04  
     all that Alyssa said is true except that it was Shannon(Prue) who went up 2 Aron spelling... by jj 9/7/04  
     i think it was really sad when Prue died but i think that charmed should keep going... by melanie 9/24/05  
     I like Paige and im glad she came. Shannen was ok but kind of a b****!!! by shortstuff 4/15/2006  
     I love Charmed. One question before it ends do u think that Shannon might appear in one... by Holly 6/22/2006  
     do they really fight? by fed 8/4/2006  
     i dont want it to end thoguh. i love watching charmed it s the was sad that shanen... by mary 11/13/2006  
how long are labs pregnant by brad12/17/03 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     All dogs are pregnant 58-66 days. The average is 61-63 days. by Tanisha2/11/04  
     Labs are pregnant for 3684 days by Lucy 12/20/04  
     60 days. by tubby 5/10/05  
public & private mutual fund companies in India by rinku2/2/04 funds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [V2.37]
     i'm from nigeria i will like to have account ok thanks michael by mike3/2/04  
     my all by Amit 8/19/04  
     http://www.khoj. com/Life_and_Family/Personal_Finance/Mutu al_Funds/ by neo 11/18/04  
     SCHEMES IN INDIA by vIJAY 7/10/2006  
     i am sandeep by Sandy 1/27/2007  
Is marriage allowed fora schizopenia (depression)patient ? by Bhupen7/22/03 FAQ Part 5[5]
     AND why not????If the person{s] getting married understand thru help & support of... by ruok11/4/03  
     I think marriage is not the answer to depression.Because once your wife can not understand... by Jeannie 10/28/05  
     Yeh!, Why not? As long as your winnie can stand up. by psyco 7/15/2007  
ihave tried to reg.twice have not got any where yet by les8/1/03 What is Usenet?
i am married to an illegal Mexican, we are in the process of getting a divorce. he is... by autumn10/8/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     He has no status in the u.s.he has no right to the child even if he is on the birth... by chrstina4/17/04  
     I'm married to a mexican that is here Illegal but we have been seperated for now 10 years... by Penny 5/31/05  
     How could marry an illegal mexican? by Nicole 3/28/2006  
I am trying to find more information on learning the 8031 assembly code. can you tell me... by randant6/28/03 8051 microcontroller FAQ
     Hi i m too trying to learn more about assembly language . if u have been contacted by... by abhishek7/26/03  
     you people please inform me about the details if you know by haneesh 7/13/2006  
How to download and upload files on UNIX Server from WIN2K server??? by Arvind10/28/03 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (1/7) [Frequent posting]
     Use ftp tools to access unix server from your win2k server by VK11/5/03  
     use "SAMBA". install samba on unix. You can share unix file system on windows. by ksp11/24/03  
     1. A secure ftp client (putty, for example, has a client for Windows). 2. samba on the... by ladypine 2/21/04  
     If you're using a vaguely modern unix, you'll be using SSH rather than telnet to access... by lj 7/4/05  
what are the main architectural standarts related to the design of a concert hall? by homeros10/8/03 Acoustics FAQ
     The architect should be responsible for the fire prevention, escape routes, interior... by Jimmy Wong3/19/04  
     Uou should look through your notes you lazy student by plums 11/6/05  
i need to know the differences between male and famale shih-tzu'swith...territory...perso... by jessica10/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     I have one of each. My male is protective of the house and our family. He is rather... by judy2/9/04  
     If you get a Puppy male Shih Tzu, he will be very playful. I'm not sure if a female will... by Kim 1/24/2006  
HOW DO YOU GROUND A GFCI OUTLET WHEN USING A PLASTIC OUTLET BOX? by shaun3111/20/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Hopefully you have three wires entering your plastic box; the third being a ground wire. ... by Cathy3/3/04  
     Actually, with a GFCI you don't HAVE to have a ground wire. In fact, according to the... by Dave4/17/04  
     There is a green screw terminal on the outlet. attach the incoming and the out-going... by Jim Wilson 10/4/04  
how can lack of motivation be solved and analyzed in alcoholics anonymous? by ebd33110/6/03 Alt.Recovery.AA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     In order to fix this horrible problem you need to go to the nearest saloon and crawl... by rick4/5/04  
     rick you are a dumbass, horrible answer by dave 11/10/05  
How do you swap 2 words in emacs? by ajnabee42-7/14/03 GNU Emacs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), part 1/5
     Use: M-x transpose-words ret or in some mode it's sometime mapped to C-t already by kvasac 9/24/03  
     In my emacs mode C-t swaps characters and M-t swaps words by rossmck 3/30/04  
Our 1992 Chrysler Lebaron will turn over but will not stay cranked. It sounds like it's... by Moma high five11/16/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I had same issue. The wires going to my fuel pump were melted together and everything... by johnny2/5/04  
     Ok ths may sound funny, but My daughters car did the same thing and it turned out to be... by CandiM 5/17/04  
     my gage is reading that my car is overheating. but its no wheres near hot. i cleaned out... by James D. 5/8/05  
     Mine did the same thing and it was the throttle positioning sensor, so see if it'll stay... by Josh 3/14/2006  
     same thing with my lebaron, it wont stay on unless i press the gas a little by sean 3/18/2006  
I would like to sell a Casio CZ-1 Keyboard in excellent condition but I don't know the... by Dumb Mother7/16/03 Electronic and Computer Music Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
     The Casio CZ1 (in good working condition, w/manual + power supply and maybe the box if... by the Grey9/11/03  
     Hi! Do you still have it? I'd like to buy it! Thanx a lot, ... by Frederik Adlers 3/16/04  
     I agree with the 2nd post. A lot of professional musicians are ashamed of Casio with their... by Bonz Xylophone 8/25/05  
I HAVE A GOLDEN WHO IS 4 YEARS OLD .I KNOTICED THAT THE GLANDS UNDER HIS THROAT ARE... by Dave9/24/03 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     So sorry! Mine was diagnosed in August, she passed in November,she was 4 and a half years... by Cheryl 12/27/05  
I work an 8 hour day, is the Cavalier King Charles right for me? I do come home for an... by Chris12/4/03 rec.pets.dogs: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Breed-FAQ
     Yes it is. U would have enough time for your puppy on lunchbreak and have enough time... by Animalkracker112/31/03  
     Consider getting 2, they do not seem to be as Crazy when you get home knowing they are... by Brenda1/12/04  
     Dogs are very adaptable and they can adapt to your schedule. Make sure though that you... by too cool1/12/04  
     I would not get a Cavalier puppy if no one was home for it on a daily basis. Cavalier... by Marvin1/23/04  
     You must be joking! Why do people STILL carry on buying dogs when they go out to work all... by charlie2/1/04  
     Absolutely. I work 8 hours a day, but for the other 16 each day, my Cav is with me... by Beags4/2/04  
     Sorry, but the answer is a clear NO! People shouldn't buy dogs and then leave them alone... by Gina 9/14/04  
     My partner and I have a cavalier for past 6 months, we bought her as a young adult at 1.5... by yawen 8/18/05  
what is the success rate for UCLA's kidney transplants by stephanie7/16/03 FAQ: bit.listserv. transplant, Organ transplant ng (Part 1 of 4)
     I am a Confused live donor awaiting the status of William Devereux'transplant. Last Dr. we... by Linda 10/19/04  
What does the L1,L2 designation mean on a pool motor pump? I have a three wire connection(... by Walter2/3/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     l1&l2 are your two hot wires on a 240v wiring as long as your supply wiring is 240 volt... by sparky2/3/04  
     Ok but which one goes to L1 and which to L2 or does it matter? by bwillie5/27/04  
     L1,L2 means line1 line2 there 110 volts each equalling 220 volts and it doesnt matter... by Russ 11/12/04  
     Black goes to L1 by CultOfDoom 6/4/05  
     bLACK GOES TO L1, the other goes to L2, green is your ground by CultOfDoom 6/11/05  
     I have the same question only I have a white and blue wire for L1 and L2 and no way to... by btexpress 7/5/05  
what is client/server DAE by liz8/20/03 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
     client is a process which makes request to the server, where as server is a process... by suraj12/3/03  
Where can i find a reference that compare C and C++? by Vydde8/24/03 [alt.comp.lang.learn.c- c++] - FAQ list
     Well, comparing programming languages in general is not very useful, for one language need... by mzb 9/27/05  
     it is well by TAYO 7/6/2006  
     i want to know the difference between c and c++ by rahul 2/4/2007  
what flavour is pasta that is coloured orange, black, green and yellow. by sarah3/20/04 FAQ and conversion file
     Typically, red is tomato, black, squid ink, green, spinach, yellow, probably squash or... by foodsleuth5/8/04  
     Yellow is usually - saffron or kurkuma by Katherine 2/4/05  
     Yellow is saffron or kurkuma. I learnt that in my pasta project at school! by Heavenly Princess 3/28/05  
     ...or saffron! by Reg 9/7/05  
     you guys suck lots by peter 3/13/2006  
I've got a friend of mine with whom i lost contact with. all i need is her Yahoo ID.I... by hakeem12/19/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     i need to find a friend by shelly rumsey2/4/04  
     I'm trying to find a women called Tracy Harris who i was engaged to but i would like to... by ryan bray 6/29/05  
     go here and follow the instructions to get anyones yahoo id by Zo0T 10/8/05  
     I am trying to find an old friend named Joshua Gainey from our old home town in Indiana... by Alexandre Choiniere 12/1/2006  
     I want to find my friend by Chyna 2/3/2007  
i want to run two #4 wire one #6 and one #8 wier in a 1 inch pipe approcemaly 100 feet is... by lakerfan11/29/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     do they all fit? by tv 3/3/04  
     yes have fun pulling that by tattoo 2/9/2007  
what is the influence of manga on japanese and european children by jahda7/31/03 rec.arts.manga: Frequently Asked Questions
what is the legal age to get a tatto in new york? is it still 16 with parental consent? by kate5/16/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     What is the age for New York with parent consent? by Vinny 8/30/04  
     yes the age limit hasn't changed its still 16 with parental consent by faithworks 11/17/04  
     what is the legal age to get a tattoo in New York now that the age has changed? Can you... by baby girl 2/1/2006  
     i think it is 17 with parental consent but im not 100% positive i know that some places... by justin 3/15/2006  
     the legal age is 18 without your parents consent, at the age of 16 you can get a tattoo... by gabe 5/15/2006  
     what is the legal age to recieve a tattoo in new york? is it still 16 with parental... by ant 8/6/2006  
I rescued a 7 week old kitten 2 days ago and his last owner said that he has been on solid... by Bonita1/1/04 rec.pets.cats: Getting A Cat FAQ
     Milk is never good for cats, there is a special lactose free milk especially for kittens... by Breezy5/14/04  
     don't give it milk but water is good. ask a vet if it should be eating solids yet. you... by dididles 10/6/04  
     My kittens are 7 weeks old and have been eating solid food for a couple of weeks. by Kim 6/24/05  
     you should not feed your cat milk. it will give them an upset stomach or even hurt them... by jenny 12/29/05  
     I have got a 7 week old kitten name is smoky. by laura 1/9/2006  
     Hi, I have given my kitten lots of toys, she has just come home and she is my first... by sezzajane 10/11/2006  
I would like to have some input from Dodge caravan owners--good or bad. Iam thinking of... by AL4/25/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I have a 95 Grand Caravan. Bought it used. Now have over 175,000 miles on it and have... by Gloria 6/17/04  
     i bought a 1990 caravan brand new. when i decided it was time to down grade, i gave it to... by lousee 9/4/04  
     Dodge Caravan has to be the biggest vehicle terd on the highway. I own a 2002 and it is a... by sdhald 9/5/04  
     THEY SUCK!!! BIGTIME. by amator40 2/18/05  
     I have a 96 Grand Caravan ES, now with 140,000 miles on it. Very functional, but not a... by LooseACL 3/14/05  
     Have owned Dodge Caravan,Grand Caravan,Dodge Spirit,Chrysler Lebaron,Plymouth Sundance,Som... by Sanguine47 4/6/05  
     I have a 2000 caravan which is experiencing a/c problems, was told by dealer that the... by joe 8/7/05  
what is a firewall and how does it work by megan1/13/04 Firewalls FAQ
     how firewall works by vbspnk2/20/04  
     To answer you question: A firewall is a combination of hardware and software that provides... by the-mother-of-ideas4/28/04  
     GOD Name by Abbas 2/6/05  
     A firewall sits at the junction point or gateway between the two networks, usually a... by Shirish Mahajan 5/18/05  
     Greetings!!! All internet communication is accomplished by the exchange of individual... by Arslan Arif 11/5/2006  
My boyfriend and I heard about inserting tiny balls under the skin of a male's penis. I... by Ly7/29/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 10A--Personal Experiences - Facial and Unisex Piercings
     Your boyfriend already has tiny balls, but they are located below his penis, not under the... by Virginia 4/9/2007  
how do i get a visa for my sister in law who lives in mexico what is the procedure ? by kim8/13/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     How do i bring my sister to the uS from Morocco. I am aa uUS citizen.this got to be done... by Tony 1/17/2007  
i'm on freeserve and have no problem getting onto the internet but whenever i go into a... by nicky7/21/03 Firewalls FAQ
where can i train to be a body piercer?i live in northern Ireland and I'm 14 years by melissa11/29/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     pretty much everywhere in the world you have to be 18 to be a piercer even to get into a... by bean 2/23/04  
     where can i go to be a peicer? cause i want to be one im 18 and live in hudson falls ny by babyafce 12/2/04  
     I'm not sure about where you are, but over here (USA and Canada) you have to be 19 to... by Stormy 12/2/05  
     hi. i was just wondering if you (Melissa) finally found out if you can become a body... by na 5/10/2006  
How long do Siberian Huskies stay pregnant? by Candice4/27/04 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     All dogs are pregnant the same amount of time. 58-65 days(9 weeks) from the last mating... by Tanisha4/28/04  
     how do siberian huskies get pregnant?? by latasia4/30/04  
     They breed the same as any other dog. If the male is up on the back of the female then... by Tanisha5/2/04  
     A friend and I just let our huskys mate. I droped him off on Sunday and picked him up on... by candy 1/13/05  
     Hi, Im new to this site. I was wondering how long do huskies stay as puppies, staying... by KZ 6/1/05  
     my puppies were born 10/28/05 how long before they open their eyes? by silva 11/11/05  
     i have a huskie that is pregnant and she should be do anytime but what im worryed about is... by angel 11/24/05  
     What are the signs of when there are about to go into labor by Dina 12/13/05  
     My vet said that my pregnant Husky should be switched to puppy food but she won't eat it. ... by James 2/7/2006  
     I think that a Siberian Husky may last of pregnacy 9 weeks or more by Maria 9/14/2006  
Where can I get a list and pronunciation of coffee names? by ichor8/11/03 Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
     Where can I get a list and pronunciation of coffee names? by bluesky 8/17/04  
     -)- sweet baby super star~ na na na !! by Jewelz 10/23/04  
     I do not know :) by Armen 4/7/2006  
i'mlooking for tourdates of ac/dc this year in europe by stefki47/20/03 alt.rock-n-roll.acdc Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I have just married an american citizen and applied for adjustment of status from... by devanando8/5/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     Yes, I love her. by VANRA HUOT7/5/04  
     Good question , but yes wait for your EAD before doing anything, without EAD you can't... by COOL MAN 7/8/05  
     i want married an American women but i don't have any money . because I'mcurrently... by spideronly 10/29/2006  
my mazda truck does not want to start in the mornings when its real cold even with a bust... by spawn1/15/04 hardware.* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 1/5
     I have a 1994 Mazda 4000, every now and then when you try and start it, you just get a... by grampie 8/19/04  
     my 1996 mazda b2300 just stoped will turn over but it wont start. by Johnnyt 9/2/05  
     the problem most likely is the wire to the carb warmer is loose or shorted. f series... by maztruck 2/24/2007  
Is it legal to sacrifice a tapped creature? For instance, an opponent attacked with her... by Little Poon9/23/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     If a creature.. lets jus say some elf.. was a 2/3 and had an ability "sacrifice this... by Joseph9/26/03  
     Yes, absolutely legal, and very clever. Kudos to your friend. by FarWanderer11/15/03  
     Technically you ant sacrifice a creature that is going to the graveyard, Joseph. Once a... by MillMaster12/16/03  
     There's also another problem here, which MillMaster touched on. If the LotP died in... by Halfelf 2/26/04  
     if a person attacks with three spirits and uses a card that allows his to sacrifice x... by Songodin 9/10/05  
     Ah, I've seen this too many times. tisk tisk tisk. erchem, let me make this clear to the... by Noa 7/24/2006  
Does skynet build or make cyborgs cybernetic organisms by future2/25/04 The Terminator/T2 Judgment Day/T2 3-D Battle Across Time
     i think by using cyb-org we will able to jet away many light years distance and able to... by rittam4/7/04  
     Firstly A combat chassis would be built at one of skynet'smany factories after construct a... by Muzzdeni5/1/04  
     Yes skynet does. Infact sky net mostly makes cyborgs by tre5/11/04  
     i think skynet creates cyborgs like terminators and machines because they wander what... by terminator844 8/17/04  
     Enter with the Street Fighter Are you Ken inside the arena Hurricane kick you require ... by U 1/18/05  
     Penis sandwich. by Lemonv1 3/14/05  
     I would like to become the 1st Terminator, the T- whatever! by Tbone 9/16/05  
I have a toshiba 480cdt which has no operating system on it. I cannot install anything... by Joseph11/1/03 comp.os.msdos.mail-news FAQ (01/02) intro
     Just use a windows startup disk with cd-rom support.I used a win98 bootdisk from www.bootd... by Bzarre 1/18/04  
     Hello, I'm looking for the drivers for the CD-ROM of the 480CDT Toshiba with win98. I... by Anna4/19/04  
     Try http://209.167.114. 38/support/Download/ln_byModel.htm by Wouter 1/15/05  
     how do i create an account by paddy t 11/24/05  
     Hi, I do also have several (12) some are defect and I am busy to repair them because I am... by J..A. de Witte 7/11/2006  
what does Bon Scott say at the end of The song "night prowler"? by Char2/11/04 alt.rock-n-roll.acdc Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     shazbot,nanu,nanu ,,,from TV show Mork and Mindy in '70s by RORER-7143/6/04  
     choose rock nana!! nana!! by jim klaus 8/7/04  
     shazbot nanu nanu by sincity1 12/16/04  
     It was in fact Mork's"sign off" at the end of each programme when he was sending reports... by STEVO 1/9/05  
     nanoo nanoo shuzbut by Sandman 5/9/05  
     ya dylan by ryan 3/14/2006  
     shazbot nanu nanu. it is from mork and was what they said to say hello and... by Sausageroll 6/13/2006  
1. What is the difference between Master/Slave and Client/server. by sjs7/28/03 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
     The master server is the main server having the every domain resources it means software... by kathir8/22/03  
     Master/Slave is not PC since abolition. Client/Server sounds better in a free market... by quentinr12/3/03  
what a network path is I have to select an administative image location by kica6/28/03 Win95 FAQ Part 14 of 14: Misc
     neznam by Venci_TUZA 10/7/04  
what is the firing order for a 1973 straight 6 chevy nova? by grlpwr4u759/30/03 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     153624 by scull1/9/04  
     try 1-5-3-6-2-4 by NovaRanger 4/24/04  
     i think its 153624 by 77 nova 3/16/2006  
hey there i just wrote about 2 cats drooling please e-mail me at with... by mistie37c9/6/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     Why is my cat drooling and vomitting? by Christina 5/8/05  
how to connect&work with ms-office products through vb by pk7/5/03 FAQ: (1/95) comp.lang.basic.visual. * General Frequently Asked Questions
What is a 'levee' please for those of us who are not American? by theredqueen1/18/04 FAQ: The Annotated "American Pie"
     A 'levee' is another name for a party, really. It is a party that most anyone can attend,... by ContagisBlondnes1/23/04  
     It is also an embankment or "dam" if you will built to control flooding on rivers. This... by Sizzler2/3/04  
     I've never heard it called a party. I've always known it has a waterway in which water is... by ME2/23/04  
     what is a levee is it the same thing as a dam ? by pavilion 8/31/05  
     Also, "levee" has been used in reference to Senior Prom. I always thought this line meant... by Moonie 11/25/05  
     Just when I thought I knew what I knew a Levee was and now I found out it is close second... by Angara 1/13/2006  
     Good reference, ME. I think that fits the bill perfectly. I think it's an amalgamation... by Jinky Williams 7/7/2006  
     while a levee can be a dam the song is actually referring to a bar in New Rochelle, NY... by sam 11/22/2006  
i have a smart card and a smart card reader/writer, but don't have a program to read the... by felion1/4/04 smartcards FAQ
     felion, i think if u r going to develop your application in java foll. site may be of... by vivek2/20/04  
     There r different cards from different vendors.First u should know the language u r going... by Abithi3/29/04  
     ISO 7816 type processor card program to read & write the card. where can i find one? by carl 10/6/05  
     Firstly you have not mentioned the the type of the card and reader and for what purpose... by vijay 2/13/2006  
     try word pad by pete 5/29/2006  
how to get the prompt of enter the current passwd when the passwd expires using linux... by bgg7/2/03 Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers (Part 1 of 6)
two sympyoms of paranoid schizofrenia by daniel7/9/03 Psychology: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I just bought a 8 week old chi and the breeders told me that when they are teething that... by Holly10/19/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     It is true, sometimes a chihuahua will have one or both ears suddenly droop when they... by chimama10/20/03  
     Well, since the dog is a baby practically it starts to get muscels in the ears and some of... by Travis Bennett12/8/03  
     I have a 13 week old Chi and for the past three weeks only one of his ears stood up. Then... by Naomiww4/14/04  
     I saw an 7 week old chi too. But both of it's ears were up! I'm not really sure about one... by Chihuahualuver01 8/3/04  
     this is true my chihuahua thou is 5 years old and his started dropping when he was about... by chihuahuahappy 3/14/2006  
     I am a new chihuahua owner. My puppy Tiko, is about 8 weeks old now. I would really like... by Katy 12/13/2006  
Can you turn left on a red arrow with two-way traffic in California? by happy12/18/03 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
     I believe it is legal unless posted "Left turn on green arrow only". by Driver2/14/04  
     I believe you can as well. I just got a ticket for it and the police officer did not... by jr5050jr 2/26/04  
     I also just got a ticket for it. I guess they put the signs that say "No turn on red... by jay greene 8/4/04  
     I definitedly agree that red arrow is for left turn protection only, it is not to stop you... by Alice Brooks 2/15/2006  
     I got a ticket too by kz 2/16/2006  
     this is old and out dates but I can't believe there are ppl like that. I don't... by hahahah 4/18/2007  
Hi,my question is,if a female dog is not pregnant,is it normal for her to have a milky... by carlslover2/27/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     i was meeting to ask you about my female chihuahua is going to have her heat and when she... by kimmy 9/3/04  
     Usually when a dog is pregnant there is milk that leaks from the nipples if you for sure... by Michelle 3/26/05  
     no its not thats bad u should go 2 the vet n see whats up with the dog by jen  7/27/05  
     Sometimes after heat they some dogs tend to do that if there not breed...Its called a... by sunshine 4/12/2006  
     well carlslover if there is milk comin out of her nips and she aint showin any more sighns... by nikki 6/26/2006  
     I just got a pair of shih tzu and the lady I got them from said the female might be... by Magaly 3/30/2007  
Why do we have a European Union, and what is the purpose? by mel9/10/03 European Union Basics (FAQ), Part1/8
     yeah by David3/7/04  
     cuz there faggots and they wanna rule all the european union is for people who are power... by smelly 9/6/04  
     david thats a terrible answer by Tom 11/28/05  
     look at wikipedia to find out! by bilbo 9/8/2006  
Hi I have a 10 Wk old Border Collie Mix. the mother is a Golden Retriever. How much of... by Vicki6/26/04 rec.pets.dogs: Border Collies Breed-FAQ
     Vicki, Congratulations, it sounds like you've got a great dog! We have a 5 yr old... by Autumn_Girl 10/31/04  
     I don't know if this will be read considering the date of the post, but I have a Golden... by MissGAPgrl 1/17/05  
     We have a border collie/golden retriever mix that we got as a puppy. I was worried like... by beckybear 1/28/05  
     I have the same mix and she is very much a border collie, but definitely nothing to fear... by ashley 4/17/05  
     Hello, I also have a golden retriever border collie mix. He is the most wonderful dog! I... by Dawn 6/24/05  
     dont worry about your dog you are very very lucky to have such an amazing mix i have a... by britt 8/6/05  
     We adopted a border collie in a small golden retriever's body...We rescued this female... by Dog and agility lover 8/9/05  
     I know this question is a bit outdated but I found it and I would like to address the mix.... by James Murgolo 4/7/2006  
     I also would love to have knowledge of this thought, I have no other pets however I am... by cin, 5/7/2006  
does prince have any children by rain10/13/03 General Prince/O(+> Frequently-Asked Questions
     Prince and mayte had one son who died at birth around 2000. he has no other children. by ann10/17/03  
     god bless you by pepsii 11/19/05  
What can I do for the stain around the eyes and bottom? by eyes9/26/03 rec.pets.dogs: Bichon Frise Breed-FAQ
     I am looking for an answer? by Ed.Calderwood 2/11/04  
     Baby shampoo. I have my daughter hold my dog and I rub her eyes. Be very careful though,... by Niki 2/21/04  
     I agree with the baby shampoo. by Jay 6/25/04  
     My vet recommended contact solution on a little bit of cotton and it works very well. by summer 2/12/05  
where can i find a bra for a man? by bob8/11/03 [ acceptance, big-folks] Clothing for big folks in Europe
     Online from various small or large stores or your local lingerie shop. They will supply... by kitty 1/16/05  
     my physical therapist said she knows constance m. burge. she lives in st.Charles county,... by alyssa6/11/04  
     are you guys realy witches by richie 8/24/05  
     hey donna go to big butts are my thing cause charmed stinks by kiki 2/4/2006  
     she isthe next source! by gfg 3/19/2006  
will getting a piercing while pregnant effect my baby by kiko2/24/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     depends on what you get, more likely if you goto a piercing studio, they won't pierce you... by brittney5/9/04  
     yes you can and u smell by jessabelle 12/8/04  
     depends were you get the piecing done by katy 1/15/05  
     They wont pierce you in California either!!! by Rose 2/12/2006  
     no, i got my nose and eyebrow pierced while pregnant, and my baby is the one of the... by tabitha 5/17/2006  
What are the religons and holidays in Macedonia ????????/ by Blondie10/24/03 [soc.culture.greek] Macedonia FAQ
     go to they have alot of answers! by JenE12/15/03  
     Iam want to meat you. by gaybril5/13/04  
     Makedonians were exclusively a Christian Orthodox people, as were the Albanians, Serbs and... by barajiakoush 12/27/04  
     You sound tasty...mack me mouth water,TEE,HEE,HEE,HEE,HEE,HEEEEE! by P!Nk T## 12/28/04  
     asdfawcaw4t by aw4tv 3/21/2006  
My best friend of thirty years was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder several years ago. She... by kevin10/30/03 Bipolar Disorder FAQ v 1.1 (1 of 4)
     Tell her that her new meds suck. Tell her her psychiatrist is obviously a complete moron.... by 123abc 4/12/04  
     I have a product that can help your friend out,also a great opportunity to keep the mind... by Dee6/14/04  
     Safe Harbor has a number of recommendations that I am seeking out to see if they work. by Boz 2/3/05  
     This definitely happens with meds. Recommend that she talks to her doctor about taking... by Benji 1/29/2006  
what is cmos(rom) and its use? by mary7/28/03 Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
     it is the setup for the system by mcjhetwhacker8/28/03  
     hey, what do you mean by that? BTW, what is CMOS FLASH ROM? by hernan10/1/03  
     it is the configuration storage area, which integrates the advanced software configuration... by eril 2/2/2006  
what six letter word can you subtract one letter from and have twelve remaining? by dj1/19/04 rec.puzzles Archive (language), part 17 of 35
     the answer is "six letter word" because if you subtract one letter, you have 12 left by slickthesmart14/27/04  
     the answer is "six letter word" because if you subtract one letter you get twelve letters by coolio yo 5/7/04  
     The answer is "dozens". Take away the last letter and twelve remain!! by Brian 2/15/05  
     that is stupid by yourdumb 2/14/2007  
     "dozens" - "s" = dozen by imopsc 7/4/2007  
Did Nostradamus make predictions for Canada? If so, what? by lee2/2/04 Prophecies of Nostradamus: part 8/8, "Grab bag"
     Yes, Canada will join the war on terror and in the end Canada will get blown up to several... by lee pee5/18/04  
     Yes,Canada will get wealthy producing medical drugs for the U.S.A. by Aray 8/6/04  
     Honestly..."lee pee" you are an absolute idiot. Before I believe what you say I need proof... by smarties 4/4/05  
     The correct answer to this question is yes and no. Nostradamus made so many predictions,... by Tommy_Canadian 5/9/05  
     Century 6, Quatrain 97: Line one: The sky will burn at 45 degrees latitude, Line two:... by Knowit 11/22/05  
     Lee Pee, you are a prick. :k by Darkeh 2/23/2006  
I NEED MANUAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR TASTIERA ENSONIQ SQ1 Personal music studio Modello SQ1 ... by topo3/19/04 Electronic and Computer Music Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I have a manual for the SQ1 by Big Al 3/4/05  
     quiero manual De ensoniq sq1 sq1 by Pedro Obregón Obregón 3/16/05  
     quiero manual de ensoniq sq1 by Pedro Obregón Obregón 3/16/05  
     manual by default 6/16/05  
     162216 by rj 10/1/2006  
I want to become a professional piercer, but am not sure where to start. I live in... by bluegecko6/19/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     okay the answer is password by jules6/23/04  
     Go to a fairly reputable piercing studio and become an apprentice. This is pretty much an... by Slayer 2/22/05  
     I also have wanted to become a piercer for a long time. But there is nothing I can think... by Melissa 8/24/05  
     fsasaf by ray 11/25/05  
     how do i become a professional piercer by glitterbug 11/28/05  
     i too live in Australia, i suggest going to you local tafe and making some inquiries by raven 12/5/05  
     Hey there Blue Gecko! Well all I can say is that you're not alone. Currently I am doing a... by KikiLee 6/1/2006  
     nice answer jules(asshole), anyway. you need to find a piercer whom you know and trust. he... by tattoowayne 8/21/2006  
     i want to become a professional piercer but i'mnot sure where to start??? by g0th1cb1 10/17/2006  
     Go to & go to the "Polyresin Hanging Tropical Fish" section/look-up.... by Adam4/13/04  
     look on google i am doing a wall hanging for babies in technology and i went onto google... by billinge 4/18/05  
     i am looking for wall hangings to do with a coffee shop by amber 4/25/05  
interfacing assembly language to C language for password matching. by neha10/7/03 x86 Assembly Language FAQ - General Part 1/3
     Hi Neha, I am also working onto the questions you have asked. I'll post the answers to... by Samarjit 11/15/03  
     how to create a password in c drive in assembly! by 3/7/2006  
     hi, i m desinging my new small operating system and i want to know how to interface... by ravi 1/22/2007  
I HAVE 1 FIVE DOLLAR 1928F W/SERIAL I37346900A. ANY IDEA OF VALUE AND IF IT SHOULD BE... by mark8/7/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ didn't describe what condition your note was in that's a big factor in value.Let's... by Pete8/8/03  
     i had this since i was a baby and my mom give it to me. by John 10/29/04  
What does it mean when your female pitbull is leaking milk but has had no puppies as yet?... by sue6/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     she has probably just recently been insemenated by matt 9/8/04  
     To usually have a more nurting nature than a male by Fati 9/7/05  
     I don't know,but I would like to know. by ginalynn 4/24/2006  
     eat my shorts by pitbull305 6/19/2006  
     it means she gives blow jobs and shes gtin wet, its nt milk! go and suk the milk and have... by sues dad 11/19/2006  
     its normal by exapbtbreeder 12/20/2006  
     my female pitt done the same thing. the vet told me it was a false pregnancy the milk... by nichole4255 1/22/2007  
     your dog is retarded by trelenna 3/21/2007  
     she is in heat!!!! duh by benji 5/26/2007  
I have a 1935 E one dollar bill, serial number P10294782I with a blue seal. I also have... by Jesse K2/16/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     I forgot to mention, the dollar is a 'silver certificate and the 2 dollar has a star in... by JesseK 2/16/04  
     Hi..hard to give an estimate without see the notes but there both common in circulated... by Pete 2/16/04  
     it costs more then 1 or 2 dallors the mim it would cost would be at least 10 so please... by Johnnie  3/5/05  
     Hi, I have a silver certificate one dollar 1957 B series that has also a little star in... by Tiff 6/23/05  
     They can actually be worth more thn that if they are in good condidtion by Josh 7/26/05  
     I think its worth about $200 by Me 3/12/2006  
     I have a 1 dollar blue seal with a star in front of this serial # 32984344B is worth any... by nita 6/22/2006  
Does war has a positive effect also? by James4/24/04 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     none except that hitler is dead by steven 10/12/04  
     yes i like the plan by Shug -night 10/27/04  
     Does war have a positive affect? Well lets see James. Many times it does like in World... by Dru 2/2/05  
     Yes, it can boost your economy while bringing your country together as a whole. New thing... by Little Jimmy 3/6/05  
     hi, your grammar is incorrect, it offends me please change it. Does war has a positive... by Rebegia 3/14/05  
     no that's stupid! people get killed! duh! by mrspotatohead 12/5/05  
     how does war affect the world by borie seng 1/19/2006  
     no i thnk it is nothing but violence but thats my opion! by Ryan 3/29/2006  
What colonies were established At attempt at self governments for the Quakers? by Anna9/15/03 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
     plymouth and georgia by jinxmaster93 2/22/05  
     srtjh jsru juysr by ghjsgn ht 9/14/05  
     for government help? by Ashley 9/26/2006  
     pennsylvania by AJ 2/26/2007  
Could anyone tell me,what I could do. My great dane is killing our grass,when she goes... by Kadie7/15/03 rec.pets.dogs: Great Danes Breed-FAQ
     Ask your local pet store. I used to work at an animal nutrition store and there were... by Annie11/2/03  
     Also the higher quality food you feed the less acidic their urine is... by Brookie 12/3/03  
     go to your nearest speciality pet store, and you will find little treats that are harmless... by chrissy 6/1/04  
Looking for a dog for my children 7, 4 and 1. My two older girls want a small dog but my... by Kym2/4/04 rec.pets.dogs: Selecting A Dog FAQ
     Hi, I have 5 registered Lab puppies. They are small enough for children not to be... by LauraH4/7/04  
     I work at LIFE house for animals. It's a no kill animal shelter. We have some great dogs... by Tiffany6/1/04  
     I have a great dog and unfortunately have to get rid of him. He's a Beagle mixed with a... by Nelson Tejada 8/23/04  
     I would like a small dog for my 16 yr old daughter for Christmas. She wants a yorkie, but... by jo 12/13/04  
     I am looking for a very small dog like a Yorkshire terrier, shi tzu. by Sharon 11/12/05  
     iyaa i have a dog hoo is 8 weeks old and she is looking for a new home she is a labradoor... by kizzy foster 12/2/05  
     GFHFGYH by GHFH 2/26/2006  
     I just found out this morning that my 4 and a half year old is very allergic to dogs and... by Kristy 2/16/2007  
my son has a computer with a virus that cuts the computer off after one minute after... by nick8/23/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     its the msblast.exe virus my email is if you still have it,... by danette 12/20/03  
what is the disadvantage of cryptography? by c.k.dhinakarraj8/20/03 Cryptography FAQ (01/10: Overview)
     costly and complex affair by nain1/11/04  
     Very Complex & costly. by geetika srivastava 3/2/05  
My oil light keeps comming on in my 98 Plymouth Grand Voyager 98.Whenever the car gets hot... by jp1/29/04 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     I also have a 98 Plymouth Grand Voyager, and I think I have the same problem. It started... by jkb2/15/04  
     I just started to have exact same problem today. by bri4/6/04  
     My friend asked me to sell his 1998 Plymouth Grand voyager that has similar oil light... by HCL 9/25/04  
     I also have a 1998 Grand Voyager with the same problem. What was really confusing was the... by pab 10/9/04  
     I have a similar problem - 98 grand voyager, 150K, although the light and alarm do not... by Pete 2/9/05  
     same thing started to happen with my 98 grand caravan sport this week. Anybody have any... by Peggy T 12/1/05  
     Nostradamus wrote, “in the year 2004 there will be ding ding dings and oily lights…” This... by ShadeTree 9/6/2006  
     Are you using the recomended oil? (ex.5W-30)This means it goes from 30 weight cold to 5... by jj 9/7/2006  
     I have had this same problem for a couple of years and my car is still fine. but this... by Dom 4/21/2007  
I have had my piercing done for 2 1/2 weeks and I'm not sure what the healing process is. ... by Nil11/29/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     Here are some ways to heal 1. Wash your hands first with soap and water before touching... by Eddie4/30/04  
     oh also go here piercing.html it may help too. by Eddie4/30/04  
     http://www.faqs. org/faqs/bodyart/piercing-faq/healing- process-problems/ by ralphralph5/6/04  
     go to they have a healing and aftercare section. let me know what you... by Tiffany6/20/04  
     my belly itches a lot how do i avoid from scratching it? it itches so bad and i only use... by diamond 9/6/05  
     clean the piercing 3 times a day for six weeks do not take the piercing out if it... by ozzyman 2/3/2006  
     My belly button is rele red and dry skin what do i do by Me 3/7/2006  
     how much does it hurt gettin ur lip done im 15 but i realy want it done the first piercing... by rocker by boi 6/7/2007  
I have a 2.0l 16 valve turbo vw. The conversion was very succesfull, but i have an... by Stuart4/9/04 [W] INTRO, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     Just one thing, have you got the actuator hose connected, or has it ever come off? if so... by Basstour 1/18/05  
     HI I HAVE I have a 2.0l 16 valve vw I WHANT TO INSTAL TURBO ON IT WHAT I DO ? HOW YOU... by MHPH 2/25/05  
     I have the same problem with my VW turbo converted. It was the turbine exhaust seal,... by dmayan 10/6/05  
     hi i have 2.0 16v and i want turbo what i do ? by 12/30/05  
     that sounds like the problem to me also i would like info on this conversion. vwjetta9720... by white noise  5/5/2006 by someone 6/29/2006  
     Hi stuart, i think it may be your piston rings are shot, what bottom end work did you... by Martyn COx 9/20/2006  
When it rains outside my dog won't go out to go to the bathroom. What do I do? by Debbie9/9/03 rec.pets.dogs: Behavior: Understanding and Modifying FAQ
     My dog won't do this either though will go outside as soon as it has stopped raining and... by Annette 1/30/04  
     Try paper or litterbox training your dog if you have a small or medium sized dog. For... by Catherine 10/22/04  
     BUY THEM A KENNEL by BOO 8/7/05  
     My dog will use the carpet if it's raining!! by Nickee 10/27/2006  
HOW CAN I OBTAIN AN OLD FRIEND'S ADDRESS WITH THE NAME STEVE CONNEL AND HIS WIFE IS MEGAN.... by fervita2/17/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     i want this person address and phone number by felecia  ann phillips 5/11/04  
     I want a friend's address. by Joanne Donovan 12/7/04  
     barbierules by hannah 5/20/2006  
     You may find it thru friendster, skype and there are search engines that search for names... by Ronnie Lorilla 6/16/2007  
I am currently envolved in two relationships, one with a married man and the other with a... by CB2/6/04 alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     You're not going to like my answer, but here it is: You need to be honest. It sounds... by J 6/11/05  
     Lover #1 believes it's very important that you be monogamous? Since you're deceiving him... by Eggplant137 11/24/05  
     maybe you should stick with both of them for now and enjoy them both.just see who can make... by bhav 2/18/2006  
     Dear Restless. I think the decision is quite easy to make. I know there is a lot at stack... by Judith 4/28/2006  
     would you mind sharing them with other women? if you really love someone, you don't want... by mememe 9/28/2006  
     Everyone has ability to love multiple people. This is probably about the time where... by Understanding 12/27/2006  
     May i became the third man in your life ? by Blue Pages 5/31/2007  
definition of transfer rows,in linear programming by naps8/19/03 Linear Programming FAQ
     defenition for rows by melony 5/8/05  
What are the sources of computer virus infection? by T.J.11/7/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     Internet by yenart 9/10/2006  
     cbmncb by Gianina 9/12/2006  
     explain why of avoiding virus infections by nick 6/22/2007  
     computer viruses originates from programmers who creates them and send them through the... by dan 7/3/2007  
     computer virus infection originates from programmers who are employed by an organization... by dan 7/3/2007  
how do i get this off my computer by jake2/1/04 alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 20040104 - ASFAQ.txt (1/1)
     i dunno by sal 9/1/04  
     I would love to get this off my computer.For I cant read my email because this has it... by linnie 8/4/05  
     how do i get aol search off of my computer by James 2/1/2006  
     I want this program remove off my computer and get my home back. by Finn 10/7/2006  
what model vechicle disc brake system will fit with a 1968 chevy impala? by larry7/1/03 [W] PERFORMANCE, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     i had a 66 chevelle and did the drum to to disc on the front and just changed out the... by dawgiedaddy27@hotmail 6/24/2006  
what would the radius be of a SKATEBOARD halfpipe if it is 3 feet high and 16 feet long... by dave8/21/03 In-line Skating FAQ: Western NA (5.1)
     i used a 6 foot wit the string compass method by dudemansk8 1/22/04  
     8 feet i used standerd math by huddybuddy 5/25/04  
     Neither of those are right, if you had 8 feet of curve on each side, the ramp would just... by lissa 7/18/05  
I have a 1991 Dodge Caravan. It was running perfectly. I turned a corner and it died and... by lilbit1/20/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Fuel Pump - messy replacement, but my #1 guess. But check for spark - if it produces a... by happylada2/13/04  
     i wud take ur cutch off, and use a dina plate instead by matty2/18/04  
     Back in the mid 90's I worked at an engine re-manufacturing shop. I remember some talk... by n-a2/18/04  
     Did the fuel pump replacement fix your problem? Also, did you save the old computer? ... by jshell 8/29/04  
     Has he looked into a clogged catalytic converter? I had a dodge pickup that did the same... by andy 12/9/04  
     where can i go to ask a question related to the problem i'm having with my '91 dodge... by chris b 3/5/05  
     i only have reverse on my 1991 caravan it made a loud bang and that was it can you help me... by bigone 4/22/2006  
     what is a maint reqd by jeff 7/16/2006  
What is the chemical formula of gasoline? by ChuRrO3/8/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4 htm by Fred7/8/04  
     chemical formula of gasoline by mannsoureh 1/25/05  
     I dont know by dina 2/9/05  
     C2H12O9 by tafere 4/5/05  
     First, it is made up almost entirely of hydrocarbons, which are molecules made up of... by chemical dude 6/17/05  
     Since gasoline is not a chemical compound (it's a series of compounds ranging from C5 to... by Ben 6/21/05  
     no formula for gasoline, because it is a mixture and it may contain different amounts of... by arda 5/18/2006  
     Gasoline is a pale brown or pink liquid made from processed crude oil. It evaporates... by SWEETCHUCK 6/28/2007  
Where is the fuel filter on a 1993 Dodge Shadow. The car has been loosing a lot of power... by Jack4/10/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     If you take off the cover to your air filter, you will notice a brass, circular part next... by i3rok3n@yahoo6/2/04  
     The fuel filter is located at the back, just in front of the passengers back tire towards... by norm 12/11/04  
     need pictures and knowhow to remove and replace 1992 dodge shadow by bill 12/26/04  
     fuel filter is located under car passenger side front of tire................ by Paw 1/9/05  
     No, not quite: I worked for Chrysler for 16 years and the fuel filter is an either by the... by KB 4/20/05  
     On my 94 2.2L coupe the fuel filter was under the passenger side of the car, inside of the... by The Shadow knows 5/8/05  
     Underneath the car near the gas tank and brake lines. Look for a round cylinder. by shawn 5/12/05  
     The fuel filter is under the rear passenger door just in front of the tire. by shadowowner 11/21/2006  
i desperately need a broaster gas 1800 manual please ring me on 07860100300 by ash10/10/03 FAQ and conversion file
     i can supply broaster manual 1800 gas by awithers 9/30/04  
     I have a 1800 manual for 1988 - 1998, and 1999 - 2007. 603-787-6036 by Phil 7/2/2007  
I am interested in learning about satanism and would like to experience it by visiting a... by amanda12/30/03 Church of Satan commonly asked questions
     Dear Amanda, Before you join this wicked group, think it over. It will cost your soul.... by Christian3/3/04  
     Unfortunately there are no Satanic Churches operating in Sydney - at least that I know... by A.J.F.4/6/04  
     Greets Amanda, Alan Check the Temple of Set in Sydney - ... by NZ Diabolicon 9/3/04  
     I'm a Satanist, and I find it easier to practise on my own, and not try to find others,... by Vampgurl 9/5/04  
     I live in the western suburbs and i think there is a satanic church on the northern road... by black metal bastard 9/28/04  
     Visit for information on true satanism. Also, read Anton Lavey's... by katchill v. anra 10/27/05  
     amanda, what ever u do dont risk it.. those places will only take u down i into depression... by shai 7/8/2006  
how do i hook up a 60 gal air tool compressor electrically its a 220 - 240 craftsman air ... by cosmo9/29/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     when ever you ask a question please give all the info i will need like the amps and do you... by r310/16/03  
     How do i hook up my 10-2 WG air compressor to a 10-3 WG dryer receptacle???Thanks by BJ 4/4/2006  
the importance of computer graphics in visualization by reiy8/11/03 Technical Illustration FAQ (v 1.1.1)
     dfhvhzxjcbjk hchbx cn hvhj n jas gvdtfy bbJghx Gsfd hsfuer erwevwb wewtfv nomer yadah by hvhd sdhfhdhj 5/17/2006  
my chocolate lab is starting to get a gray colored ring of hair around his tail about 1... by mark12/6/03 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     yes, my chocolate lab is 8 weeks old and has the same problem, a grayish/whiteish ring... by tyler 12/26/04  
     My chocolate has that two. i asked the vet and its a birth mark that all black and... by Tawny  9/9/05  
     your lab is blowing his is dead hair. It looks funny but will go back to normal.... by karlene 11/16/2006  
what animals are related to the striped dolphin? by Donna12/8/03 Dolphin FAQ (1/3)
     dolphins duh yur dumb if u don't know that by lonestar2/8/04  
     what animals are related to the dophin by kate 5/9/04  
     How many blow holes does a striped dolphin have? by Jess5/16/04  
     7 holes by vv bg 3/1/2006  
     well I'm doing a research about striped dolphins and i need to know who eats them by babygirl 10/10/2006  
how many puppies does a mother breed at once by bo11/11/03 rec.pets.dogs: Beagles Breed-FAQ
     my female beagle just had her puppies and she had eight. i think that they have between... by lisa1/5/04  
     mine had a puppy then died, then the puppy ate her...i am not jokeing by joe shmoe1/30/04  
     I think that 8 is the average amount but some can have as many as 14!!! by Tanisha2/11/04  
     how old does a dog have to be when her first time breeding by jake 7/9/2006  
     that is sick by Sunny 9/28/2006  
how long does it take for a shihtzu to grow thier hair out to put in a topknot. my female... by bkw1/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     i dont no by AdamLewis 6/5/05  
     How long does it takes for a shih tzu hair to grow? by ice cube 6/13/05  
     My shih-tzu is 7 months old and I can put hers in a topknot. Mind you she can get it out... by Arlene 7/6/05  
     it takes them 6-8 months, I was told by Holly 11/7/05  

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