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Rec-autos-vw-archive-name: intro-faq
Posting-Frequency: bi-monthly
Last-modified: 15 Mar 1996

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                       Frequently Asked Questions
                             Water Cooled VWs
                              -- INTRO --

   15 Apr 95 = Inception, Derived from faq.vw.general.
   15 May 95 = First Release
   1  Jun 95 = Updates
   15 Jun 95 = rtfm alternates
   1  Jul 95 = edits
   15 Jul 95 = Updated the archive list
   1  Sep 95 = Edits, Start of cross post to
   1  Oct 95 = Edits
   15 Oct 95 = Added ND & Vel Tuning Home Pages
   1  Nov 95 = Updated old digest retrival for corrado-l
   1  Feb 96 = Edits
   15 Feb 96 = demise
   15 Mar 96 = See Important NOTE
Initiator's Note: Please feel free to submit any additional info.

   Jan Vandenbrande (new address) (school address, works)
   See also the list of contributors at the end.
   Familiar with: 78R, 81S, 84S, 86GTI, 90G60, 92SLC, 92P
Copyright Notice (c) -- 1993-1996:
All Rights Reserved

The information contained here is collectively copyrighted by the
authors.  The right to reproduce this is hereby given, provided it is
copied intact, with the copyright notice inclusive.
However, the authors explicitly prohibit selling this document, any
of its parts, or any document which contains parts of this document. 


This file will soon be obsoleted & merged with my car Web Page:

to cut down on maintenance time. 

It's just too time consuming to maintain roughly the same info 
in two different locations. The Web is the way to go!




You can find some version of the VW FAQs and the VW archives at: 	(Usenet archives) (Mirror of Usenet archives)			(VW FAQs & Archives)	(UK version of FAQs & Archives)		(VW FAQ & archives)			(VW FAQs & Archives)


New Dimension's BBS.

In utter emergence contact the archive maintainer: 

Jan (pronounced "Yahn") 

For more details, and what these funny "http://" means see the rest. 
Lots of COOL stuff.


The purpose of this Frequently Asked Question [FAQ] file is to provide a 
*short* summary of the resources available pertaining predominantly to 
Watercooled [W] VWs, where this information is posted, archived and accessible 
to you.

Due to its origin, the FAQs are mostly geared towards the US Market,
where cars based on the Jetta/Golf/Rabbit platforms of all three generations 
are the most prevelent.
As a consequence, the focus is mostly on fuel injected cars with 
emmission control devices.

The intent is to keep this file short to encourage easy distribution
(some mailers do not allow files above a certain size to be received)
and increase awareness to the VW community of the availability of
these resources.

This FAQ was derivative from the general watercooled VW FAQ volume can be reduced.  

The FAQs please:

Here is a quick summary. Details follow. What I tried to do here is
dissasociate information with where it is stored and how it can be

The following types of (electronic) information are available:

	o The Watercooled VW FAQs:
		Info FAQ		<=== You are reading this file
		General FAQ
		Technical FAQ
		Performance FAQs
	o The Watercooled VW archives (includes the FAQs)
	o Other Archives (e.g., Team.Net, New Dimension's [ND], AOL, ...)

The originals of these [W] VW FAQs and the [W] VW Archives are being 
maintained by the author. However, there are now numerous sites
available that have a portion or a modified form of these archives available.
There are also other archive sites, either on Internet or on other BBSs 
archives that contain either VW or other car related material.

The [W] VW FAQs are also periodically posted on, rec.answers,
news.answers and automatically updated at the rtfm site at MIT where all 
the other UseNet FAQs live.

The following electronic services are available:

   To access the info:
	o File access to retrieve the archives (ftp, gopher, archie, ftp-by-mail)
	o Hypermedia access to home pages (WWW, URL, xmosaic, netscape, lynx)
	o Archives on other BBS systems
   To discuss and distribute info related to VWs/cars:
	o Usenet (
	o Mailing lists for discussion of certain topics (e.g., Corrados)
	o Other BBS's for discussions and accessing archives 
	  (e.g., New Dimension's, AOL, ...)

Most of the archives and discussion groups are avaible on the Internet, 
while a few others require you to log into a BBS system directly with a modem
(e.g., New Dimensions).

If you have direct Internet access then you can directly
transfer files, send mail, read Usenet, or browse home pages with a variety
of programs that often come with your System or be bought for a small sum.
Internet is now also available through third party services such as 
AOL, Compuserve and others, and they may or may not provide all the 
standard Internet services mentioned here. 


		    THE V-FILES (aka The Archives)

This is the original list of archives I am currently maintaining.
Some of these files are not mine but useful copies from other sites 
(Those labeled with [ND] are copies from the ND BBS).
These archives live on several sites, and can be accessed in several 
different formats. More on that later.

Directory of Archives
Body            Body & Interior, Crashtest, locks, gauges, wax
Brakes          Rotors, Pads, Tools
Electrical      Lights, Audio
Engine          Engine & Assecories, ECU, liquids
FAQs            All FAQs & General Info
Other           Tools, How to use
Pictures        GIFs, JPEGs (subject to space)
PowerUpgrades   Mods to increase power
Suspension      Suspension mods, alignment, steering, bearings
Transmission    Linkages, Fluids, clutch CVJoints
WheelsTires     Tire Impressions (see also faqs)

   A3_CrashTest 	 = Notes on A3 Crash tests (Europe)
   Detailing		 = Reynolds' Car Care Specialties Notes
   Heated_Mirrors	 = When they are heated.
   Instrument_Lights     = Experiences on changing them in A2 Jetta
   Rebuilding_Ignition_Switch= Info on how to rebuild ignition switches
   SLC_G60_Grill	 = How to retrofit a G60 with an SLC grill
   SeatBelt_Retrofit     = How to retrofit 2-point belts with 3-point belts.
   Steering		 = Email on 3rd party steering wheels
   Stuck_Door_Locks	 = How to unstuck stuck door locks
   Sunroof		 = Notes on Sunroof woos
   Swap_Lock_Tumblers    = How to swap lock tumblers
   Wiper		 = How to fix ineffective wiper problems
   fan                   = Problems with resistor pack/fixes
   gauges                = How to install
   leaks                 = Water leaking into cars (Jettas/Others)
   speedo.fix            = How to fix broken gear
   wax			 = Stuff on wax impressions
   Braided		 = Some notes on Braided lines
   Brake_Upgrades	 = How to upgrade to bigger brakes
   Brake_Pads		 = Comparison of pads (Repco, Mintex, Stock, others)
   Rear_Brakes_Tool      = Tool required to replace rear pads on newer VWs
   Repco_MetalMasters    = see Brake_Pads

   Battery		 = Email on leak free batteries
   Coding_Radios         = How to code Heidelberg Radios
   DRL_Removal		 = Notes on how to disable DRL (ND)
   Ground		 = How to analyze and retrofit a new ground (ND)
   Lights		 = Info on improving VW lighting
   Radar_Frequencies     = Radar frequencies US & Europe
   Rear_light_wiring	 = How to wire up the rear fogs on US Corrados
   Spark_Plugs		 = Non VW notes, splitfire plugs
   VW_Audio		 = Stuff on VW Audio issues
   antenna               = Problem fixes for Fuba antenna
   fog_driv_lights       = Notes on fog/driving/H4 A2 retrofit lights
   mfa.test              = Additional functions of the Multi-Function Analyzer

   16V_Idle_Probs	 = ND write up on solving 16V idle problems
   A1_Idle_Probs	 = ND write up on solving A1 idle problems
   A2_Idle_Probs	 = How to diagnose/solve some idle probs
   A2_Starer_Removal	 = Starter Removal procedure
   Adj_cam_sprocket	 = Peter T's report on his adjustable timing sprocket
   Anti_Freeze           = r.a posting on coolant. What it is etc.
   Camshaft_Notes	 = Notes on camshaft replacement
   Carb_Tuning           = Old fashioned method of tuning a carb
   Carb_to_FI            = How to convert to FI
   Changing_Belts	 = Info on swapping Timing Belts
   EngineSwaps           = Info on swapping engines (inc. VR6)
   ExhaustAnalyzer       = How to make an Exhaust analyzer with an O2 sensor
   Exhausts              = Notes on exhausts (Gill, Leis, Stock, SuperT, etc)
   G60_Service		 = Some notes
   HopKits	         = Notes on Hop Kits (engine shake on uneven roads)
   IdleStabilizer        = See A2_Idle_Probs
   KN_Filters		 = Comments on K&N Filters
   Octane_Ratings        = Octane ratings US vs Rest of World
   Replacing_Fuel_Filters= For an A-2 car.
   Replacing_Points	 = 
   Throttle_Switch	 = Notes on Throttle Switches
   VANAGON_Stall	 = Vanagon stalling problems
   a2-cam-follow         = How to fix valve ticking in GTIs
   heater_core           = Problems, recall info
   knock_sensor          = Knock sensor probs
   oil                   = Problems/causes of low oil pressure buzzer warnings
   oil_filter_vw         = Dissection of VW vs FRAM oil filter, Mecca filters
   oilpressure           = How to measure, known problems
   oxysensor             = How to reset light
   splash                = How to fix belt squeal on later models

   EU_VW_Tuners          = VW tuners in the UK & Germany
   Nomenclature		 = Official Name for things
   Slick50               = Renamed faq.oil.slick50
   VW_Mechanics          = People's opinions on VW Mechanics in the US
   faq.bus		 = Stuff on what bus/vanagon to buy.
   faq.oil		 = All you wanted to know about oil/synthetics
   faq.oil.2		 = Some notes on M1 & Syntex
   faq.oil.slick50       = Articles on PTFE (Teflon tm) oil additives
   faq.ra.1              = Usenet* series/policies (Richard Welty)
   faq.ra.2              = Automotive Mailing Lists (Richard Welty)
   faq.ra.3              = Automotive Articles Archive Server (Richard Welty)
   faq.ra.4              = General Driving/Car FAQs (Richard Welty)
   faq.ra.5              = General Driving/Car FAQs (Richard Welty)
   faq.ra.6              = Setting up mailservers (Richard Welty)
   faq.radar		 = FAQ on radar detectors and the like.       = General info on tires (sizes mostly)      = General info on tires (net survey & summary)	 = Most recent reviews on winter/snow tires from Norway
   faq.vw.air            = Aircooled faq. I know, it doesn't belong here, but...
   faq.vw.general        = This file
   faq.vw.perf.txt       = The performance VW faq           = The technical VW faq

   1990_Corrado.TSB	 = Copy of AllDate TSB index
   1992_Corrado.TSB	 = Copy of AllDate TSB index
   Tools		 = How to make manifold clamp removal tool
   TorquingBolts	 = How to toque bolts (or how not to).

   A2W1.TIF		 = NDs Turbo watercooling routing (N/A)
   A2W2.TIF		 = NDs Turbo watercooling routing 2 (N/A)
   BRAKE01.GIF		 = NDs Installing larger calipers
   ELEIGN1.GIF		 = NDs Installing Electrical ignition (N/A)
   ELEIGN2.GIF		 = NDs Installing Electrical ignition (N/A)
   RELAY1.GIF		 = NDs Facts about relays (N/A)
   VR6VSR2.JPG		 = NDs Picture of VR6 Variable Intake Manifold
   VSR01.GIF  		 = NDs Picture of VR6 Variable Intake Manifold
   corrado.GIF		 = Red Corrado in the clouds (N/A)
   vwcorrado.gif	 = Yellow Corrado (N/A)
   			 N/A = not available from Inet Archives.
   A1_Audi_Tbody	 = See A1_Power_Upgrades
   A1_Power_Upgrades 	 = Audi TBodys, cams, etc
   A2_Power_Upgrades 	 = ECU changes, cams
   A3_Power_Upgrades 	 = Chips, cams
   Fox_Performance       = How to boost performance on a Fox.
   G60_Chip_Specs        = G60 ECU EPROM Specs.
   G60_Power_Upgrades	 = Summary of available G60 Power Upgrades
   GTI_Power_Upgrades	 = see A2_Power_Upgrades & A3_Power_Upgrades
   Intake_Mods		 = Airbox modifications for more power, sewerpipe
   Power_Corrections	 = Notes on calculating power
   VR6_Power_Upgrades 	 = Summary of available VR6 Power Upgrades
   VR6_Variable_Intake	 = Description of the VR6 variable intake manifold.
   VR6_Variable_Intake_MH= Impressions
   VW_Perf_Times	 = Timing results for performance mods (Cabby, G60, SLC)
   Wired_Hotrod		 = Wired article on performance chips (AT & APS etc)
   collins_1             = R.Collins (ex Drake employee) on VW performance
   collins_2                (mostly A1 & A2 GTIs)
   collins_misc1         = Misc. R.Collins communications.

   Boge_probs            = Problem with rear Boge shocks
   Changing_Shocks	 = Procedures for A1 & A2 cars
   Front_Stress_Bars	 = Notes on Stressbars
   Rear_Stress_Bars	 = Notes on Stressbars
   Springs		 = General info on springs by APS
   Suspension_Mods       = Experiences & explanations.
   TieRod_Replacement	 = Symptoms & solutions.
   Van_Syn_Alignment	 = Vanagon Syncro Alignment Specs (BOOK WRONG)
   a1-mounts             = Changing A1 motor mounts
   a1.struts             = See Changing_Shocks
   alignment             = Shade tree alignment notes
   bearings              = Analyzing and fixing wheel bearing problems
   shocks_jan            = See Changing_Shocks
   shocks_mark           = See Changing_Shocks

   02A_Problems		 = Problems with G60/SLC/VR6 C & P GLX XMissions
   Adjust_Linkages       = Notes on adjusting shift linkages
   Bearing_Replacement	 = How to replace wheel bearings
   G60_Xmission_Mods     = How to improve shifting in Corrado G60s (weight)
   Short_Shift_Kit	 = How to make your own short shift kit
   Solid_Shifter	 = Make your own shifter counter weight
   Tranny_Clip_Failure	 = Failures of 020 Xmissions
   Tranny_Rebuild_Tips	 = Bunch of tips, oil to use.
   Tranny_Specs		 = Specs of trannys from 78-85
   cv_joints		 = Notes on removing CV Joints
   specs                 = see Tranny_Specs	
   tranny.lube           = Choices and recommendations
   upshift.light         = How to fix

   BFG_R1_Tires		    = Description of BFG R1 Tires (Racing)
   CAR_Corrado_Tire_Test    = Summary of CAR's tire test on Corrado
   tire_size.c		    = c program to calcuate tire sizes



This is the most convenient and most modern way to access the archives,
text, graphics, sounds, movies that is becoming increasingly available.

Here is a list of VW and other car related sites.
Some of these sites offer duplicates of the [W] Archives, or variations
To access these sites you'll need programs such as mosaic or xmosaic of NTSA, 
Unix lynx, netscape or similar.
The "http://some.address/subdirs/filename" is called the Universal Resource 
Locator [URL] and tells those programs where that file is located and
how it should be accessed. 
Filenames with a ".html" extensions (for HyperText Markup Language)
contain formatting instruction and links to other sites that are interpreted
by the above programs.

A tip from Kenneth Finnegan: Some browsers puke if you don't put a trailing / 
on the address.For example:

   		VW Related Sites:
Name:		VW AG home page, in German	
Keeper: 	VAG	
Name:		VW of America home page	
Keeper: 	VWoA, Andy Wagner, andy@PS.NET, 810-340-5755
Name:		VW FAQs & Archives	
Keeper: 	Tom Haapanen --
Name:		UK version of VW FAQs & Archives
Keeper: 	Gregor Anderson --
Name:		VW FAQs & Archives
Keeper: 	sobiloff@lap.UMD.EDU (Blake Sobiloff), 301/405-5936 (Voice)
		New address:
Name:		VW FAQs & Archives
Keeper: 	Michael S. Hornung --

Name:		Corrado Home Page (including some of the VW FAQs & archives)
Keeper: 	Andy (,
Name:		New Dimensions Home Page

Name:		Velocity Tuning Home Page

Name:		Popular Mechanics Reviews (VW Page & Jetta /// review)
Keeper: 	Popular Mechanics
Name:		Dealer Net
Name:		Funkengroovin Magazine
   	Other VW & Car Related tid bits:

Name:		Audi, VW's luxury line
Name:		Porsche, where it all started

Name:		BMW, it's German 

Name:		Lots of interesting technical goodies
URL: 		gopher://
Keeper: 	Wally Strzelec
Name:		Other Car Page
Name:		Goodyear
Name:		Team.Net: Auto-X Home Page
Name:		Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)
Name:		Tech Service Bulletin Info
Keeper: for more information.
Name:		Valvoline
Name:		Edmunds Car Prices
URL: 		gopher://
Name:		CARS Net Auto Swapmeet
Name:		Classic Cars
Name:		Beverly Hills Mototing Accessories
Comments	Sells all kinds of (expensive) car goodies
Name:		VW Pages at Yahoo
Name:		Gasoline FAQ
Name:		PTFE (SnakeOil) FAQ
Name:		Coolant Numbers
Name:		Oxysensor Info
Name:		Break in Info
Name:		Tire Info
Name:		Lots of other Links

Name:		Synthetic Oils
Name:		Amsoil
Name:		Speedtrap Registry
Name:		Car Care (Catalog & Tips)


These methods will allow you to retrieve archives and other information
in a more manual way. Pictures, movies, etc are usually first compressed
and converted to an ASCII format (uuencode, BinHex, etc) before sent
to you through the net.


   FTP (for File Transfer Protocol) is one of the older methods to
   exchange files between machines on the internet.
   If you have a Unix or VMS system hooked up to Internet the following
   commands should work for you. If however you are accessing Internet
   through a MacIntosh/Finder, IBM-type machine, or are accessing Usenet/News
   or Internet indirectly through AOL/CompuServe/Others, the procedure may
   be different or access may not exist.
   However, before contacting either Jan, Blake or Dan, please try to find out
   the capabilities of your service first to try to access those files directly.
   If neither methods listed work, as a last resort, contact one of us
   and explicitely say that you tried but failed. 
   Note that the server is sometimes down, or time-outs occur due to
   net traffic, so please try a couple times before complaining.
   We cannot provide you with any help setting up access to Internet, ftp,
   or alternate access methods (because we simple don't know either).
   A typical ftp session works as follows from the command line (Unix/VMS).
   Substitute all items in <> with strings:
		ftp <address, e.g.>
		Login as: anonymous
		Passwd: <your-email-addres, for me =>
		cd <the directory to go to, e.g., pub or vw_archives>
		get <file>

    The Sites
Name:		[W] VW Archives Mirror	
Adress:		(
Directory:	/Public/vw-archives
Keeper: 	Blake Sobiloff,
		New address:
Name:		Official USENET FAQ-Maintainer archive site
Directory:	pub/usenet-by-group/ 
Keeper: 	FAQ Maintainers
		Note rtfm is often flooded. Try one of the mirror sites:
		North America:     		       /usenet/news.answers
		Europe:           /pub/FAQ
		Asia:                    /USENET/FAQ

Name:	   	General, Auto-x related and technical archives (see URL)  
Directory:	/pub/Autox
Keeper: 	Maintained by Wally Strzelec
Name:		Pictures of VWs:
Keeper: 	Unknown

Name:		Pictures of VWs:
Adress: == (
Directory:	/pub/pics/vehicles/cars/VW    (login:pictures, pass:anonymous)
Keeper: 	Unknown

Name:		Pictures of VWs:
Directory:	/graphics/gif
Keeper: 	Unknown

Name:		Pictures of VWs:
Adress:  (
Directory:	/transfert 
Keeper: (Jeff (aka gigi) rivalin)
NOTE: For more info on pictures, formats, etc, check out the FAQ in any of the
      UseNet *.graphics.* or *.pictures.* groups. 
      (warning, these files take up A LOT of space):

Send mail to, a one line message: `help' 
(no quotes of course). No subject... just the one word. 
You'll get a large message in reply, describing exactly how to get
files from FTP archives, via e-mail.

New Dimension's BBS
An older copy of all the archives are available on ND's BBS. 
See further on how to access this BBS.
Note: NewDimension's BBS has its own set of archives and a bunch
of pictures!

Other (e-mail, non-automated):
------------------------------ has all/most of the originals

   Send e-mail & specify the filenames in the body of the message.
   Note that we do NOT have an automatic mailer, this is
   all done manually and should be used only as a last resort!
   Please specify the files EXACTLY as they are spelled,
   and give your full e-mail address (it sometimes gets

   Additional contributions are welcome.
   We will be publishing these tips on a regular basis,
   and welcome any additions or edits.
   Note that this list does not reflect frequent edits.
   *name = has been superseeded by another file



Usenet is one of the largest, world wide set of discussion groups.
There are a variety of car related groups, the most relevant here is:	(Being obsoleted and replaced by the two below)

The FAQs are periodically posted on this group. 
There are many programs that provide access to UseNet. On VMS there is
News, Unix: rn, xrn, gnus, through the WWW, and there are readers
for Macs, PCs, etc. AOL, CompuServe and other providers also
provide access to UseNet in some form or another.
Q: How do I post on if you do not have usenet access
   but do have internet e-mail access?
A: Send your posting to   (
   Note replacement of '.'s with '-'s in group name.
   This works for other groups as well. 

Q: Where can I get "general" info on cars?
A: See Richard Welty's FAQ postings in* first, or in the archives
   mentioned above.

Q: Is VW monitoring UseNet? Who else is monitoring UseNet or one of the
   mail list servers?
A: VW does have a web page, but that does not mean they
   monitor any of the groups or mail list servers.
   However, several of the tuners (ND, AMS, VT, ???) and car magazine 
   authors/editors (EC, VWT, Greg Raven) are currently monitoring and 
   participating on either UseNet or one of the Mail List discussion groups
   using either their real name or an alias. 
   I personally welcome their presence, but please do not expect them
   to provide you with answers to any of your questions. 
   They are all busy people, and they may have certain reasons why they
   may not want to answer any of your questions (liability).
   On the other hand, be also aware of the reverse, that one tuner
   may put down an other's products.


A mail server is a centralized site where all mail messages received
are retransmitted to all the subscribers.
To become member of such a mail server, you typically have to send
a message to either a person or the mail server.

The following is taken from Richard Welty's Automobile Mailing List FAQ:

	---- Text from Richard ---
There are a number of electronic mailing lists on the network devoted to
various special automotive topics.  Some of these are very specialized,
and at the end of this posting I list a number that are focused on
the activities of specific localized clubs.

The list of available sites is available at:

or at the site with all the* groups.

It is maintained by Richard Welty (

Most mailing lists provide separate addresses for administrative
queries and for general mail; where separate administrative
addresses exist, I have listed those below, as the general addresses
are not appropriate for inquirys and requests.

Listserv, listproc & majordomo:

these are the three most common automatic list handlers.  Listserv
and listproc take similar commands; majordomo is subtly different.
commands for all three should be in the body of the mail message.
a listserv/listproc request to join the honda list should look like
the following:

sub HONDA-L Joe. W. Newbie

note the real name.  listserv/listproc will get the email address from the
message header.

a majordomo request to join the italian cars list should look like

subscribe italian-cars

note the email address and lack of real name.  the email address is
optional; if omitted, majordomo will extract the real name from
the message header (this is often the best way to handle this.)
	---- End Text from Richard ---

A quick summary (some from Richard's List):

         (send requests to, command is
            subscribe quattro)

         (send requests to
Vintage VW (Aircooled):
   listserv @                        (to subscribe)
   vintagvw @                        (to post)
   sroka @                           (questions)
   To subscribe to the vintage vw mailing list, send a post to:, with `subscribe VINTAGVW Your Name' in the
   BODY of the message. Much talk about bugs, some of it even mechanical/
   technical in nature. All types of air cooled vw stuff.

   To subscribe to the vanagon mailing list, send a post to: with `subscribe vanagon Your Name' in the BODY.
   all type of bricks from 1956 (oldest)-1995....Don't know why we spend
   so much time talking about old songs, though.......

   A NEW one! The THING registry! Unfortunately, I don't know *ANYTHING AT ALL*
   about this list, (It's NOT a mailing list, I'm told.) But it's an active
   list of owners, for whatever reason such a list would be kept for, I's: with `subscribe thing' in the body.
   This list was started 2 Apr 1994 and is run by Gerald Skerbitz 

Jetta gli 8V, 1985-87
    subscribe gli           | subscribe
    info gli                | info about the list	    | to send message to the list  | Owner
Corrado mailing list (Owner: Kurt Wiedenhoeft,, automated Majordomo):
   	Send a message to subscribe:
   	subscribe corrado-l
   	To subscribe to the digest form
   	(Digests are sent out at 1am or when more than 40k has accumulated.)
   	Send a message to subscribe:
   	subscribe corrado-l-digest
   	unsubscribe corrado-l
   	To post a message, just send it to:
   	If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
   	you can send mail to "" with the following command
   	in the body of your email message:

   	    unsubscribe corrado-l Your Name <e-mail address>
   	If you didn't know you could get the back digests, here's what you do: send
   	a message to with the text "index corrado-l" or
   	"index corrado-l-digest" depending on which list you're subscribed to.
   	It'll send back a list of them all, and you can then send "get
   	corrado-l(-digest) v01.n201" or "get corrado-l(-digest) v01.n001.Z" or
   	whatever number you may want (use corrado-l or corrado-l-digest depending
   	on your subscription).

			  Other BBS's/SERVICES

o  New Dimension's Computer Bulletin Board: (408) 980-8830
   Standard Modem settings. I use 9600bps.

o  PRODIGY: [JUMP]:VW (? never checked this)

o  CompuServe: GO VW  (? never checked this)
   Access to Internet/Usenet exists
   Note from Cont Tim Hogard:
   GO VW will just tell you all about what VW America wants you to know and
   you can't leave messages to people in the know. It is not worth the time.
o  AOL: A discussion group exists, access to Internet/Usenet exists



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See faq.vw.general
Mike (
Kurt Wiedenhoeft (
Richard Welty (indirectly) (Gerhard Pirker) (Fred Voglmaier)
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