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My best friend of thirty years was diagnosed with Bipolar...

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Question by kevin
Submitted on 10/30/2003
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My best friend of thirty years was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder several years ago.  She was immediately put on medication, but I didn't see a major change in her personality for a long time.  She was more mellow, but pretty much herself.

About two months ago she started a new medication. Soon after I noticed that her personality was different.  She's become very reclusive, calls me rarely and seems to have lost her sense of humor.  She's a shadow of her former self.  I want to support her, but am hurt that I can't seem to connect with her anymore.  Our conversations are strained and she seems very annoyed with me - overall as though she wishes I would just "go away."  Any advice or thoughts on this are much appreciated.  

Answer by 123abc
Submitted on 4/12/2004
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Tell her that her new meds suck. Tell her her psychiatrist is obviously a complete moron. Tell her that by risking moving out of her safe, comfortable depression she might just improve the quality of her life, return to normal. (Whatever that may be for her- we'll just go with 'healthy') Or, you could just sit around and be supportive, knowing not to take it too personally, until she tires of her new condition enough to change it. I think, by now, she might have. If not, I suggest not making any suggestions.  


Answer by Dee
Submitted on 6/14/2004
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Answer by Boz
Submitted on 2/3/2005
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Safe Harbor has a number of recommendations that I am seeking out to see if they work.


Answer by Benji
Submitted on 1/29/2006
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This definitely happens with meds. Recommend that she talks to her doctor about taking something else. I'm sure she doesn't like being a shadow of herself. I know from experience how that feels. When people are depressed, or over medicated they don't want to talk to anyone. I just want to be left alone and watch TV in those circumstances. Definitely talk to her about different meds. It's easy to research on the internet and ask other peoples opinions. The doctors are experts, but they were never able to give me any meds that worked, and they don't know what they're talking about. I like my doctor though because he works with me and doesn't treat me like I'm a F#cking lab rat. Good luck with your friend, I truly hope that she can change her meds and snap out of this personality change.


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