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When do the monster trucks give rides in New jersey last? by k.t3/5/04 The Monster Truck FAQ
My 4 1/2 month old shih tzu puppy Daisy sleeps a lot during the it normal for... by Nicole7/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     ok she seems a little backwards no she should not sleep all day. is she wormed sometimes... by taz 1/3/05  
     Why does my dog sleep most of the day? by foogler 7/8/2006  
     I don't have an answer, but also have a shih-tzu/maltese mix puppy (2 mo.) who sleeps a... by Anne 7/12/2006  
My father-in-law won 4 uncut $2 bills,1976 series. Can anyone tell me if they're worth... by littlebutton5/2/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ 40029/Coins/Paper_Money_US/Small_Size_Not es/Federal_R... by db7/11/04  
     yes they worth like 12 to 14 dollars by money mike 7/31/2006  
Help!! Digging Dog. I have a 7 month old golden that is turning my back yard into a... by mafinga20045/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     lay down concreete? this does two things, stops the dog destroying the yard, and two... by meesha dog 12/5/04  
     A bad tasting spray on the dirt might help, it could just be a phase or you might just... by Alex 6/10/2006  
I am trying to reach Her address is as follows: Kumud Govind 40... by firuzakhan@rediffmail.com1/1/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
Is there any way to convert an Adobe PDF file to an HPGL or HPGL2 file? by asg-iii1/1/04 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
how the K&R c compiler Grammar is designed? by raghavendra2/24/04 Catalog of compilers, interpreters, and other language tools [p5of5]
I found All Inclusive Resorts Directory - It covers Mexico... by Larry27477/1/04 Airline information on-line on the Internet FAQ
     Here's another one: over 1000 Iberostar Resorts photos by Larry2747 8/4/04  
     Yes, Take a look at and by Tom 4/29/05  
How are fractals related to geometry? by Hillary3/7/04 Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
     Thats wut i wanna know by aaaaa 2/17/05  
when i was playing Primal, my character jen turned back into her human form after i fought... by chris2/19/04 Mailserver and FTP information
Have an overheating problem with my 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager, 190,000 miles. Did the... by Tom6/9/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     fine it by Oscar Chacon 1/3/2007  
     I need to know how to find the thermostat in my 1996 plymouth grand voyager. by Margie 1/22/2007  
I am searching for the puzzle that contains various people of different nationalities,... by Dale Pate2/28/04 [FAQ] rec.puzzles Frequently Asked Questions [weekly]
     German is in the green house on the far left by Bob Goelkel7/10/04  
     Who Owns the Zebra is the name of the puzzle. It is a famous elimination puzzle consisting... by ebm 8/24/04  
wel can anyone help me write a simple proc file which could acces a table from database &... by kvprashant6/8/04 [FAQ] Oracle Database FAQ
where can i find copies of the original mash books by sej6/10/04 M*A*S*H FAQ
what type of glue is safe for a English bulldogs ears by jgarcha5/30/04 rec.pets.dogs: Bulldogs Breed-FAQ
     I need help on gluing my English Bulldog Pups ear, it's very long and heavy? Can someone... by Sheryl 10/8/05  
Does a floppy drive have a partition table? by budger222/24/04 comp.archives.msdos. {announce,d} FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
     All storage devices require an allocation index which is stored within a partition... by Hush7/11/04  
2000 Tundra SR5 Is there any way to increase the gas mileage? by Del6/19/04 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     Sell it. by Mike 1/24/05  
     A K&N filter setup usually works to get you a couple of MPG more. by Thog 11/10/05  
We recently sold investment property after hanging on to it for 3 years. The property... by martha2/6/04 misc.taxes FAQ
well i am Indian wanting to know whether there is work visa that can be obtained at your... by keisha5/24/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
How to install "ecartis" mailing list management system. In a standalone system with o.s... by sreekanth2/4/04 Mailing list management software FAQ
every time i turn on my computer it says java/lang/object has failed to install ... i... by hotmom762003@yahoo.com6/3/04 Java Programmers FAQ
I have a question, I have a cat that I rescued a year ago from a neighborhood where he... by Zoey2/8/04 rec.pets.cats: Maine Coon Cats Breed-FAQ
I am having trouble finding a breeder in the New England area. I have found some, but not... by Mike LeBrun2/3/04 rec.pets.dogs: Bulldogs Breed-FAQ
how can i fix a stop light that does not work for voyager crysler 91 by maria6/2/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
can you give me some case study of turboC which already contains the problem flowchart and... by isagani jacinto2/12/04 FAQ (Part 3): readings
write regular expression for the following statements of C language. 1)Assignments 2)For... by Tinku Kolkata5/22/04 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
     1)Since external context (e.g. what variable names have been declared) is required to... by Gus 8/27/04  
Hi there!!! please help me here. I REALLY NEED THE ANSWERS FOR THIS.... its for my term... by Aivee2/17/04 Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
     Nobody owns the internet. The internet was started in the early 90's by the government,... by Maggie4/13/04  
     Does anyone control the Internet? When and Where did it start? What will happen to the... by el burro4/26/04  
     Al Gore supposedly claimed that he invented the internet - I think what he meant was that... by Dan/NC 2/18/2006  
i have a ten week old chi. first off he has a bad flea problem. ive looked at the petstore... by nikki5/21/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Your vet can give you something to get the fleas off, I'm surprised (s)he didn't do that... by chimama5/24/04  
Hi, Did you know that you are a google whack... You should be proud!!! by Satenya2/6/04 rec.puzzles Archive (language), part 17 of 35
Which books has David written? What order did he write them in? I want to start a... by J-P4/11/04 [alt.books.david- gemmell] David Gemmell FAQ
     David Gemmell has written loads of book, however the first one was legend. Sorry i cant... by jwbulmer 10/30/2006  
What subject did the Professor from Gilligan's island teach? by Felisha2/13/04 Gilligan's Island FAQ: Episode Guide
     He was a High School science teacher and was writing a book called "Rust: The Real Red... by Chris2/17/04  
     he was real gay rite by stinger3/16/04  
     The Professor of Biology was taking the tour to finish his book "Fun with Ferns" by Erindanne4/1/04  
How or where can I find an Oxygen Model ATV4, PBS (Power Braking System)? The brake... by NievesOliveras2/29/04 In-line Skating FAQ: Western NA (5.1)
     Ya I'd like to know aswell. I've recently moved to Australia from Canada and I can't find... by Buchan 3/18/2006  
Who invented .avi video format? by om3/17/04 AVI Graphics Format Overview
     Microsoft by pho3n1x 10/11/05  
I have two computers equipped with ethernet cards. No I want to connect them directly... by ramy2/28/04 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
     use a crossover cable to connect them directly together by antscape 1/27/2006  
where is the fuse for the front wipers of a 1999 jeep cherokee? I cannot find it in my... by babs2/7/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
Are there elementary or secondary schools in Australia that accept teacher applicants from... by eli4/27/04 soc.culture.australian FAQ (Part 4 of 6) (monthly posting)
     To. Respected Sir/ Madam. This is B.S.Banu, from India my qualifications is B.Sc.,... by sbanu5/20/04  
     I'd like to get info on elementary schools in Australia hiring Filipino teachers . Thank... by Ven 11/10/04  
I have a netgear DG824M router and have configured it to allow inbound FTP connections to... by David Muncer2/26/04 Firewalls FAQ
     I had a similar problem and discovered it was because I had changed a password in the... by Jan in Texas 2/11/05  
Why most of RTOS(Vxworks,QNX) are supporting 32-bit microprocessors only? what is the... by SUBBU2/24/04 comp.os.vxworks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [LONG]
     i dont know by guru 5/15/05  
I have purchased a Boston Terrier about 2 months ago, and I'm not finding her very easy to... by Crystal1/24/04 rec.pets.dogs: Boston Terriers Breed-FAQ
     I know a website that is just wonderful and can help you so much with your new puppy. Go... by boscosmom3/18/04  
I am looking for an old friend named Ben Pena. He's about 18-19 years old. Everywhere I... by Ash6/24/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     hey girl, umm, i actually know Ben. He's in my math class that i have here at college. i... by Lindsey85 11/11/04  
     My name is Ben Pena, I am 20 right now. Email me, see if I'm the right person: bennettpe... by Ben 12/14/04  
     Well... I am Ben Pena. who's looking for me? by benatx 12/23/05  
what age is most at risk for sids. also.....once a baby turns themself is it necessary to... by marcia6/24/04 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     The risky age is 1-4months. And no, my pedictrician says of they can get on their tummy... by nadine 4/27/2006  
What is the physiology of the giant weta? by treaze5/21/04 The FAQ (part 2 of 6)
     your totally gay by BoB_ICH7/1/04  
     so are you by egyewyh 6/28/05  
     what is the blood by cabdikariim 1/10/2007  
I have been issued a M1 B1/B2 US visa last January 7, 2004 and will expire on January 5,... by May4/22/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     small certified plant by ReyQ6/6/04  
     We are a M1 visa provider school. Contact me at by peterr 9/7/04  
Recently, My neighbor complained that she was getting a shock when she touched her... by Rich1/2/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     somewhere the hot conducter was touching the metal cabinet if the ground was properly... by twig1/7/04  
     The feed cable should have a fourth conductor which is the bare grounding conductor that... by Louis2/22/04  
I am in the process of replacing an existing light/plug-in and the light switch does not... by katie2/22/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     the chain broke off the ceiling fan, how can I hook it up without the chain by jeryl 7/13/2006  
My "01" Tundra With the 4.7 liter is stalling when I come to a stop. I've been told it was... by Mike2/22/04 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     I had the same problem, when I took it in I had two problems.....the oxygen sensor was... by hollywood 3/3/05  
what i should i do to remove the white tatto which i have on my legs and little bit on... by pintu4/22/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
We have a Samsung fax machine Mys 830/835P and we are having problems sending fax out. It... by tqb4/6/04 Fax (comp.dcom.fax) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [Part 1/2]
     I am having the same problem as well ..... somehow our fax was put on delay mode and we... by Kellogg4/8/04  
     Press the Toll button on the right hand side of the machine by the start button. This... by AndyF 11/18/05  
My daughter is 4.5 years old and she has developed eczema. Now her eczema is very mild she... by Jackie2/21/04 FAQ on Eczema Part 1/2
     My son took swimming lessons and his eczema flaired up a little nothing too bad. He uses... by Leslie 10/14/05  
My 7 yo mixed breed has developed a hand-sized lump (cyst) over her left shoulder. It... by Gael3/11/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     maybe you should try another vet that can help. by Smasher9a3/22/04  
     If the cyst continues to fill up with fluid it will continue to have to be drained. The... by DeLaine3/26/04  
     I think you should try another vet it could be a tumor my dog also has a tumor that size... by jeneric115 9/6/04  
We got our appointment for our green card quickly after filing only 4 months after, they... by Ellie2/20/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     appointment by izeta 12/16/04  
Last December my Labrador has a cloudy blue eyes. It disappeared after 3 weeks, a month... by Jean2/20/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     we had a rottweiler that developed the hazy blue eyes so we took him to the vet and the... by reecie444 7/15/04  
Where is the fuel filter located on a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus v-6 by Fred G5/30/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     it is located above the gas tank by will 8/2/05  
My company has applied for H1B Visa with INS. They have raised an RF. What are the chances... by IDDPOLE1/30/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
My Fiancee is living here in the united states already and we have decided to get married... by angeleyezz2/20/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     If you are an American citizen and you marry someone from overseas, they become US... by Jan in Texas 2/11/05  
where can i find sites to look for letering,please help?thanks by romans3106/19/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     I'd like to find the "optima gold" letering, in order to make a logotype. by unilquadium 11/30/05  
due to a medical condition I em not allowed caffeine how can i find a list of foods... by rusty3/9/04 Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
From which/what hash function/s does SHA-0 and SHA-1 derived?? I am just wondering... by Praveen Gauravaram1/7/04 Cryptography FAQ (01/10: Overview)
     They are both derived from MD4, Rivest'sprevious effort of a one-way hash before coming up... by Marcos Juarez6/27/04  
What is the significance of multimedia? What do you understand by the term “hypertext”?... by ilinurulizrin2/17/04 Web Research FAQ v.1.1
     How does a usenet group use multimedia? why do some usenet groups have their faqs in text... by Edith Piaf 9/29/05  
what does banding mean?? On the card (cooperation) {it says target creature gains... by matty5/27/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     This may be wrong but I had the same question and my friend told me that, it means they... by Mr. Maker6/4/04  
     so if i have a 2/2 with flying banding and first strike and i band it to a 5/5 with... by Damien 5/14/05  
     ummm... that sounds about right. my friend has this wall deck and then cards with banding... by mars 12/1/05  
my dogs is pregnant and I'm not for sure the day when she got that way all I know it was... by heidi3/6/04 rec.pets.dogs: Basenjis Breed-FAQ
Explain about lex and yacc tools by pushpa2/14/04 Catalog of Compiler Construction Products - Eighteenth Issue
How can I find out the name from e-mail user i.d.? by Ana2/19/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     Can someone help me find the e-mail address of Suzanne Elizabeth Yazell? That is her... by Rhonda 4/2/04  
I have a one year old cavalier and he just got pancreatitis. is this a common illness for... by katye4/16/04 rec.pets.dogs: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Breed-FAQ
     Hi,i have a 2 year old cavalier who is just had pancreatitis,our vet seems to think that... by rob 10/23/2006  
     Hi my cavalier got diagnosed with diabetes last year has your vet mentioned anything to do... by Tuttles 3/28/2007  
What is a signature file? by INEEDHELP1/24/04 N/A
I APPLIED FOR VISA IN MARCH 2004 AT MUMBAI EMBASSY I WANT TO KNOW THE STATIUS by KAIRUNNISHA RASHYANI6/26/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
what is client server archictecture and database? by Ricky Martin Pangabean4/18/04 Client-server mail protocols FAQ
I would like referrals for good hypnotists in North Carolina area to help with quiting... by Chuck  V.5/25/04 smoking FAQ (2/5)
     SAILESH by hello 9/27/04  
     We recently had an event in Greensboro and hired stage hypnotist James Munsey. He was... by Robert Merrick 2/11/2006  
I have a neighbor and she comes over EVERYDAY!! I mean every single day! From the moment I... by HEY HEY HEY!!!6/20/04 Psychology: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     MOVE!!! by dr. ed 2/23/05  
     I get board of things quickly what does this mean? by Carmen 4/21/05  
     Well, the answer may be as simple as a matter of how this person was raised in an... by Psychology Girl 5/4/05  
HOW OLD SHOULD THE CHI BE BEFORE BEING SOLD? IS 6 WEEKS TO YOUNG? by LU LU7/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     I have heard that it's best to wait until they are 11-12 weeks old, but I got mine at 6... by Lana7/14/04  
     I heard that 6 weeks is the earliest but 8 weeks is prefer and best when 12 weeks. by jacey 2/20/2006  
what are the differences between all the deferent unix op systems? for exsample linux... by lstwndsusr4/14/04 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (Contents) [Frequent posting]
My dog has a yellow discharge around the eyes. I find that when she is outside, or the... by JM4/14/04 rec.pets.dogs: Health Care Issues FAQ
     I had this same problem with my dog just this morning but have never noticed it before. ... by noodle2dog 12/14/05  
     My 15 week old puppy had the same thing...he has had it for some time and it was the same... by Dog Lover 2/20/2006  
I have a 1996 Chrysler LHS, the hood will not open. I tried pulling the release however... by normag6/14/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     No answer - same problem just happened. Have a 96 Grand Caravan. Pulled hood release and... by Gloria 6/16/04  
     It just happened to my 1996 Chrysler town and country. Did you ever get the hood open? ... by 2816 6/28/05  
     I don't have an answer. The same thing has happened to me. I cannot get the hood of my... by OCPETE 7/31/05  
I just started unix, and I look like i am lost, anyone could tell me how to be good at it,... by DarvinD3/23/04 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (Contents) [Frequent posting]
     If you start looking into the web and get confused with lots of unix commands, you will... by gowri 6/9/05  
In last nights show (2-12-04) last half of the show, there was some music sort of Nora... by wallace2/13/04 ER FAQ 5.00, Section 7: The Music Of "ER" (7/8)
     If it was at the end of the show when Sam went to Luka's apartment then it "Here with me"... by John  2/13/04  
My staff has been on heat for the past 4 days and I am wondering when the best time to... by daf5/23/04 rec.pets.dogs: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed-FAQ
     as soon as ur dog shows signs like the blood going a white in colour start breeding her... by smiler 3/9/2006  
     Ihave a female staff! She has been bleeding for a week now but i dont know when is the... by Jess 4/16/2007  
Is Red Dwarf still being made ? by Zara3/1/04 RED DWARF Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ)
     Yes, No, & Maybe. Yes Red Dwarf is being made as a Movie at the mo (10-03-2004 (UK... by Gareth316 3/10/04  
I have female oscar which has laid eggs and have no male what can i do or just remove... by deb6/12/04 [FAQ] Aquaria: Good (and Bad) First Fish; Breeding
     um yes remove the eggs. with out a male to fertalize them nothing will happen so i suggest... by dustin 1/8/2006  
     u should prably remove the eggs becuse they havent been fertlized by fishster 2/2/2006  
     if the female oscar lay egg w/out male it is useless the eggs absolutely damage that is... by popdado 4/7/2006  
I have a 1914 $20 bill with a picture of President Cleveland on the front. On the back is... by domino2/12/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..well the value depends on a few things first what color is the seal.These notes were... by Pete 2/13/04  
Where was the first College pinball team, and where was it played? Also what colleges... by Tommy3/21/04 general pinball Frequently Asked Questions -- The DynaFAQ v5.0
     http://faculty.njcu. edu/Jvelasco/Documents/NJCU_Pinball_Wizar ds_1974.pdf by Jersey City State College3/29/04  
     The only two colleges to respond to the challenge were Monclair State, and St. Peters.... by Tom Tilt Williams4/10/04 Sport = atheletics That is the equation of higher... by nobody4/27/04  
     HEY!!! I was on that team. We were undefeated and there weren't many colleges 'up for... by Michelle D7/12/04  
     I told that saucebox Michelle she should have been a cheer leaderas she had a great body,... by nobody 9/10/05  
How many Ten Dollar Silver Certificates series 1934A were printed? by Adam2/1/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi...I'm assuming you are not including yellow seal silver certificates with series year... by Pete2/2/04  
     Update my email if anyone has a question about US currency I would be happy to answer. ... by Pete 6/1/05  
what are some issues that orthodox jews are facing nowadays? by adriana4/14/04 soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Who We Are (2/12)
Does anyone know how to purchase videos or DVDs of Herman's Head ? by Tucson Ron3/1/04 HERMAN'S HEAD PROGRAM GUIDE
     You might want to check on or You can usually find a lot of odds and... by rasberry4/13/04  
     I could make copies of what I have recorded on video tape if you would like. by Heartbrother 3/12/05  
Can you tell me the definition of a table run? Also, is it considered a table run if... by Sharon2/10/04 Pool & Billiards Frequently Asked Questions
     Hi Sharon! I am in a dispute about this, as a player in Copper Mountain Pool League. I... by Totte Knutzen 3/18/2007  
how dose ozone depletion and UV affect the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and the geosphere? by exam5/29/04 Ozone Depletion FAQ Part IV: UV Radiation and its Effects
     Ozone depletion is a caused by chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) emissions which are produced by... by lynny 9/9/04  
     Ozone depletion affects the Biosphere the most by putting zooplankton and phytoplankton in... by Brijhy 3/4/2006  
How do I get from behind a firewall? by vsnyder832/16/04 Firewalls FAQ
     how do i get from behind a firewall? by vaulted7 2/10/2007  
IS IT NORMAL FOR THE AREA BENEATH MY NAVEL PIERCING,UNDERNEATH THE SKIN TO FEEL HARD, LIKE... by HOPE7/8/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     this isnt an answer but im 11 and i want my belly done sooooo flipin mom said if my... by tally 10/30/05  
I am looking to purchase Belgian chocolate in solid (bulk). Where can I do this? I want... by Helen4/8/04 Chocolate Resources - Periodic Posting
     I would like to buy belgian chocolate in bulk for use in a chocolate fountain by beski62 1/13/2006  
     ano its hard by sophie_xxxx 12/8/2006  
I was wondering if there has ever been a connection made to SIDS and RSV? My son had RSV a... by Joanna Jernigan4/8/04 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     Yes, RSV was strongly imlicated as a factor in some SIDS cases. I am currently researchin... by Elyssa 9/27/05  
     I am currently doing clinical research on this, any information would be appreciated. If... by Talena 3/15/2006  
I want to know the exact definitions,differences between those and example code how it... by chrisme5/18/04 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
     I have a question... If you are a free person, would you have to suffer consequences from... by Lauren 2/7/05  
     by rajesh 3/1/05  
how do you reset the motif back to factory settings? by lucky4/9/04 Motif FAQ (Part 1 of 9)
If I go to USA on a 6mnth visa and buy a house, when I return home when my visa is up how... by lynn2/6/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     if i marry someone who has permanent resident how long will i take to go to the USA if i... by love 8/23/04  
I'm doing an assessment at school where i need to know: Since William Webb Ellis invented... by Cleo 2/6/04 FAQ: introducing rsru (part 2/4)
     how was rugby invented? when was it interdused to the comenwelthwelth games by mickel 2/21/2006  
what would be the average size in cm of a spleen (with out disorders to it)? by neenal6/6/04 alt.spleen FAQ - Appendix (v5.7, part 5 of 5)
     bellow 115mm by wika 3/2/2006  
Years ago when I was a child, we folded a square piece of paper and put sayings or numbers... by Marry 3/14/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Look here: http://www.squiglysplayhouse. com/ArtsAndCrafts/Crafts/CootieCatchers. html by John 3/14/05  
Is there a standard height for 6 month old female Danes?. I was told that my puppy was to... by BernerBabe2/9/04 rec.pets.dogs: Great Danes Breed-FAQ
     In all of the books I have read, female great danes need to stand 28" at the shoulder in... by Nate 3/11/2007  
where can i find a chrome push guard for my 1988 toyota pu 4x4, not the kind that fits... by Debb5/14/04 Toyota Tundra FAQ
How old is Adam Breeden from Telecast ? by anaj6/12/04 Episode Guide for Season #2
     HE IS MY COUSIN!!! he is almost 21 by eden 9/24/04  
     He is 21 and almost 22. He's my cousin I've known him since he was a little lad! by Eden 9/19/05  
     How old is Adam by Marisol 11/16/2006  
where can i buy metal clasps and corners for old books and Bibles? by dollie3/24/04 Historical Costuming FAQ
     I am looking for metal clasps please email me if you know were I... by xenia slutkovskaya 10/3/05  
How can we find a solution or material or instrument to discover a small quantity of... by Alexandre Daccache5/14/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     I wouldn't worry about it in the U.S.A. The composition of gasoline is regulated quite... by JGMagoo 1/19/05  
     The Express-analysis laboratory produce devices for this goal. Their web-site: http://www.... by Ekaterina Shatokhina 5/16/2006  
Perfect condition 1976 $2 with 4/13/76 cancelled bicentennial stamp AND Jefferson portrait... by stp2/3/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..I believe I have seen this type of note sell for around the $8 mark on ebay. Pee by Pete 2/4/04  
Why do men remove their hats while in a building? Is it still practiced today? by school marm2/2/04 Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
     in the Marine Corps, it is improper to be covered indoors unless under arms. (in other... by Fuzzman 11/23/05  
How Message is Delivered by TCP/IP Protocol? by Bibhu4/10/04 TCP/IP FAQ; Frequently Asked Questions (1999-09) Part 1 of 2
     http://www.tcpipguide. com/free/t_OSIReferenceModelLayers.htm by anoopdotk 8/19/05  
     karthik is a good boy and he has so many good characters At present he is studying in... by karthik 8/1/2006  
what defines classical music? by kelly4/30/04 Which Classical Music Newsgroup? (FAQ)
I have a chihuahua and would like to know what I can do or give her when she gets these... by irma4/11/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Does she do this when she gets excited? She may also do this when she is on lead. What... by chimama4/12/04  
     The first week I brought my baby chi home, he was having similar problems. I had asked my... by new proud owner5/20/04  
     what you can do also is hold him/her upside down and that drop the flap back and she... by chihuahua lover6/12/04  
     Both of my two chihuahuas have flattened tracheas. The vet recommended getting a harness,... by MS 6/12/05  
     This seems to be common w chihuahuas our vet says its something like a cough or sneeze and... by Tina 3/18/2006  
I have a daugter who wants to go to college with the average cost $25,000. I make over... by scarycat1/11/04 FAQ: Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Fellowships [Monthly posting]
i lost touch with my best friend from high school when she moved to Greece. i cannot... by chloe matakonis1/26/04 Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
what about the job opportunities for marketing by mahe5/13/04 The FAQ
Hi ... I've read much of your web site and not seen any questions about solar storms. I... by humbuck@aol.com1/14/04 Satellite TV Frequently Asked Questions List
i have a first time mom and she is a chihuahua mix.She is black and a fawn color,and... by texaspups2/29/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
ONE___ONE (rolling stones documentary) wuts the word in the blank? by nugget1/19/04 Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]
How do you bottle or preserve pesto? by Alex4/7/04 Culinary herbFAQ part 1/1
     I don't know by pardyfam 7/22/2006  
how to alert the table field length when the table has data. by robin5/11/04 Sybase FAQ: 9/19 - ASE Admin (6 of 7)
I'd like to find e-mail address of an old friend of mine who imigrated to the US and whose... by Jekaterina Srebnaja1/8/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
was Radar O'Rileyhandy caped ( his hand was slightly deformed by hippyskid6/25/04 M*A*S*H FAQ: Episode Guide
     As far as I have heard, he was. I believe he was missing fingers on his right hand. When... by augbaby1973 3/14/05  
     Radar's only handicap was that he couldn't wink. Gary Burghoff (who played Radar) has a... by Kelly 5/17/05  
I am looking to get my first newf. I need all the info I can get plus how to find a... by cheri4/25/04 rec.pets.dogs: Newfoundlands Breed-FAQ
     what is the yearly death rate caused by ac hole? by chris4/29/04  
     Newfoundlands family is the Livestock dog, Sheepdog, and mastiff. The origin is in... by rainthedivadog5/13/04  
     go to and than look up your breed from there and yes.. doing searches in... by Laura 5/30/2006  
could you please tell me the worth of these dollar bills? one dollar bill - 1935 two... by oohnoitz4/24/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..any collector value will depend on grade.Email me scan to Pete by Pete4/25/04  
With reference to the use of the indefinite article, 'a' or 'an', which would one use in... by iainthepict2/4/04 The alt.usage.english FAQ
     'an SME' sounds right and runs smoothly, whereas 'a SME' does not. So, it's 'an SME', as... by charlie2/15/04  
     a: use before a words that begin with consonants, or words that have initial vowels that... by bwest32/21/04  
     It happens because of the way you say SME. The aspiring S sounds as if there is a vowel... by Lwithmin 2/22/04  
     SME are letters not words. The words are "ess", "emm" and "ee". Clearly, then, you would... by Keith3/10/04  
have a 96 town & country window on driver side fell off track, motors are still good... by oldiebutgoodie4/24/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I have a 97 Voyager that I had the same problem with, I went to a dealer and had it... by Mardi 11/20/05  
How do you over come heartache and grief when it's forcing you into a suicidal state of... by Nefertity 3/9/04 Emotional Support on the Internet
     I just keep silent,cry over and over, cannot eat well and can not do any thing without... by Serena 6/25/05  
how do you get to castle 5 in the forest of illusin on super Mario world advance 2 by Hayley2/23/04* Frequently Asked Questions (part 1 of 3)
I downloaded LyX but I don't know if my system can use it. I'm working with an Intel... by zaparas3/3/04 X on Intel-based Unix Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
     The latest version which is 1.3.6 as of today doesn't run on NT4, unfortunately... by gerrit 11/18/05  
how do you fix a cats hang nail by ritsana5/30/04 rec.pets.cats: Problem Behaviors in Cats FAQ
Has there ever been a picture of a woman on paper money? by rob3/25/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..yes the wife of our first President.Check the link... .. by Pete 3/26/04  
     The Queen of England currently appears on all of Canada's, Britain's, and most other... by Guthrie4/1/04  
     yes there as been a woman picture on money before when Susan B Anthony had made the first... by keke6/8/04  
where can the data for physical properties of DMF(Dimethyl Formamide) can be found at... by skjindal6/22/04 [sci.engr.chem] FAQ: Internet resources for ChemE's
     como te chamas? by maria 1/20/2006  
     HApCaWBsrA4pI tZUKJ0KA5vM4 S8fAxNiaqEK by hNHzvCKjYU 2/20/2006  
I was wondering where I could find script's to use for a play about Gilligans Island for... by Mr. Sandman1/5/04 Gilligan's Island FAQ: Episode Guide
Differentiate between the responsibilities of the network layer and the transport layer of... by saly3/30/04 Econ. Resources on the Internet (0/9)
     asasdfasasvasvasdvasvdav by sdsd 3/23/05  
     I cant even pronounce those words let alone no wat they mean! U freak! by Jo-Jo 7/19/2006  
Re: Science Olympiad Division C - high school Need to buy or build a timer to... by Joe12/30/03 rec.models.rockets FAQ Part 08 - Boost and Rocket Gliders
Fifi is a dumb name by dddddddddd4/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Boston Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Fifi is such a gay name. I knew a guy whose last name was Fifi and he had it legally... by Justin 4/8/2007  
I've noticed many white worms in my new tank (I have only sand, stones and plants at the... by MK1/29/04 [FAQ] Aquaria: Disease, Algae and Snails
     planeria it is like tapeworms they are then and some go on walls if its the kind i think... by redbarb 9/9/2006  
In between the text file, I have special characters like '^L'. How can i remove the... by Selvam2/28/04 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (Contents) [Frequent posting]
     8488645 by freeman_zhao3/2/04  
     The same way You remove ^M. You can use either vi, or tr, to remove it. In vi, use... by llagos@amr.cl3/17/04  
Could you tell me of anyone interested in buying some books of world war 2 rations? I... by Nancy1/28/04 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     You mama's daddy he just loves looking at you fat as^ by FYM 11/2/04  
How can I find a pet rescue for yorkshire terriers? by Karissa1/31/04 rec.pets.dogs: Complete List of Dog-Related Email Lists
     Contact your local rspca....there are many people that rescue animals by Nikki15 9/15/05  
Where can I find a good online tutorial about MUMPS? by rsvk12/30/03 M Technology and MUMPS Language FAQ, Part 1/2
I live and work in Cambodia where I travel extensively via dirt bike. I buy gasoline in... by Dave in Paradise1/27/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     Specialization: Khmer-English Translation. I am always available for any Khmer-English... by Pagnawath Khun 8/18/04  
DETAILS REGARDING *.JPG FILE FORMAT IN TEXT OR ON DOS EDIT MODE ? by IQBAL3/17/04 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
How can I get licensing rights to one of his songs? by Andrew12/29/03 General Prince/O(+> Frequently-Asked Questions
I have a 1996 Sebring Conv. that keeps blowing the starter fuse every time you try to... by Steve5/16/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I had the same problem with my 98 Sebring. The problem was a poor connection between the... by dandyd5/17/04  
     This blowing out fuse position #8 (starter circuit) has been happening to my '96 Chrysler... by derf 3/9/05  
     Thanks for the info on 96 sebring convertible. I tightened the connection at starter it... by g.t. 11/9/05  
     I have a 96 sebring that sputts and grind the starter when I try to start it. I replaced... by Somebodyduh 4/16/2006  
I am in love with an Austrian man who is a chef...we have been living together for almost... by Belly1/16/04 N/A
     distance shoud'nt be a barrier. love should answer all questions. if not ditch it. i... by aquamarine2/6/04  
     Came here ..... in india Digvijay@Delhi@india I will definetly help u ..... ... by Digvijay 2/27/04  
what is "Skinhead Brothers"?... can rude boys mix around a bit wit hip hoppers because... by rudy wannabe5/11/04 FAQ: Ska ( Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     Well you must not know alot about of ska... 2 tone is checkers... 2 tone meaning to colors... by Travis 8/15/04  
     2 ti\one is the revival of ska by mixing with other new music elements...I think?Niwae,i... by skafan 10/12/05  
I need to know which wires are what in my 1992 Plymouth Acclaim. Can you help me? by blain12/25/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
i have a 99 plymouth breeze,if my glove compartment is jammed,how do i open it with out... by isaac3/25/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
Where can I purchase a VHS copy of Feb. 13,1993 Saturday night live hosted by Alec Baldwin... by Dan12/25/03 Saturday Night Live FAQ: General Questions
Can Aboriginal Practices be described as being shamanic and why? by Thommo3/28/04 Shamanism-General Overview-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I'm assuming you mean Aboriginal Australian, as the word "aboriginal" can refer to the... by Leyna Leblanc 10/5/04  
     Australian Aboriginal? Aboriginal referes to any native peoples. 'Ab Original' means 'the... by Stabbath 6/25/2007  
We recently adopted a chow chow from a shelter, the dog was tied outside for 5 years with... by Jackie3/25/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chow Chow Breed-FAQ
     I think you can gain the trust of your chow chow by taking one day at a time of trying to... by marcy3/30/04  
     I recently acquired a stray chow chow who had been a stray for at least six months. He... by Denise 5/23/04  
how do you reprogram a computer on a 99 jeep grand Cherokee after replacing the ignition... by retired6/14/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     to program a computer you first need to know how to get into the hard drive once you in... by jimi kitchener 12/20/04  
     dissconect the positive terminal for a minmum of 20 seconds then rehook by dennis 2/20/05  
why can't i forward e-mail to someone else that bhas been sent to me????????? by eddy seils5/23/04 Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
     I have the question. Why can I not forward e-mail any more? by elsieshop 2/9/05  
What are "double system" stars? How do they deal with gravity laws? How many double stars... by Fartus1/23/04 [sci.astro,sci.astro. seti] Contents (Astronomy Frequently Asked Questions) (0/9)
     Whether you meant to or not, that was a good way of asking your question. Double stars... by Star*Hopper - Star*Hub Observatory3/15/04  
What is the difference between a medical grade CDR vs. just an CDR purchased off the... by Judy1/23/04 Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
     It's the quality :) Medical is A-grade while the normal CD-R don't have to be. by evilboy 11/2/2006  
HOW CAN i ACESS mY MAIL FROM A REMOTE COMPUTER? by Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
     Native name by nithya6/29/04  
I have four red seal series $2.00 bills. Years 1963, 1963A, 1953 & 1953A, 2 in good shape... by babybug3/1/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..which ones have the tears?Maybe it would be better can you send a scan front and... by Pete3/3/04  
     hi, i have a red note 1963 2 bill also and 2 1 dollar blue notes that are 1957 and 1957A... by 8/27/04  
Does anyone have a clue as to why alias appears to be gone from t.v. all of the sudden????... by usfan12/21/03 [] Episode Guide - Season 3
How can I improve my computers' security, so that adult websites don't pop up when my... by Pita12/21/03 computer- security/compromise FAQ
How much to feed a small cat nursing 5 kittens? by Shanna 5/23/04 rec.pets.cats: Basic Health Care FAQ
     how much do i feed my small mother cat with 4 kittens. by brandy 1/27/05  
     She should have dry food at all times, with fresh water everyday, and depending on her... by Grace 3/30/2007  
     how to feed small kitten by angelo 4/14/2007  
I have a 1991 Chrysler Lebaron Coupe V6-181 2972cc 3.0L SOHC VIN 3 FI, and my transmission... by tywon123215/20/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     i usually put in transmission fluid by jeff 1/22/05  
     Go see u local Chrysler dealer! by polleke 6/3/05  
     it could be any thing from turbine speed sencor to shift syl.pack to slipping clutches... by doug 5/18/2007  
If I have a url number ( how can I find the actual address? by dgroup2/10/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     try by sam4/12/04  
     open a dos prompt/command window and type nslookup "ip address" without the quotes. by dumbass4/13/04  
     i went this box by taowang 10/28/2006  
my huskyname is angel...she is 5 mths plus...whenever i bring her out for a walk her tail... by fannie5/20/04 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
How can I change a GIF image to a JPEG photo? by Faran3/27/04 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     i would like to change the file of pictures by carina 2/25/2007  
     I use a program from the internet called FastStone Photo Resizer. It will change them for... by shellbell 5/16/2007  
Two questions actually. The first is a problem with the rear passenger side door on my 89... by TonyB12/19/03 [W] INTRO, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
I would like to know what did Sydney have to do with Khe Sanh. Reviewing song Khe Sanh by... by Flexs4/29/04 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
     sydney has a curfew on their planes!! must be departed/all landed by 11pm i THINK.. not... by popey 2/2/2006  
     This whole song reflects the afterlife of a Vietnam Australian War Veteran. From what I... by ezza123 3/20/2006  
What were the American policies in The Second World War ? by goatee3/22/04 IRC Undernet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Part 1 of 2)
     sdgfhsrthjfsdhdsg by xcvb 1/2/05  
     WAAA!! wat dus dis mean? i dunno, maybe like thay could only eet sertain fings wike fruute... by snakey_chick887 9/12/05  
Does anyone know where I can find the Bush spitting clip online that Letterman keeps... by Lisa1/18/04 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     Theres a clip of 'Top Ten George W. Bush Moments' floating around the net which includes... by ex0 1/20/05  
How do I find the right type of style for me and where can I find the areas that have them... by Tom3/18/04 rec.martial-arts Newbie Guide
     Try the phone book for finding places, and read more about the various styles here:... by LH4/19/04  
     Hey can somebody help me find the right nickname for Rachael but not Rach or Ray Or little... by Rachael 3/18/2007  
My 2 year old dachshund is suffering severely from muscle spasms in the neck, along with... by plwysong1/18/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     I know your post is quite old, but I couldn't help but answer. My dachshund had the same... by Maggie6/16/04  
I am interested in starting a Rescue Service/Kennel in my hometown and am looking for... by Tami3/18/04 N/A
     If you are in America, contact your local 'humane society' and they can set you on the... by Hush7/11/04  
     how do you get an EIN number?..or anything you need to get a rescue started? legally ... by shannon 3/14/2006  
Are most Norwegians happy with Norway's current Welfare State? What do they consider the... by Amber1/17/04 Nordic FAQ - 0 of 7 - MINI-FAQ
     i have a bro. his name is Adam. by Nick 2/2/2006  
Hi, I'm trying to send confirmation letters for a company event. I have a layout that... by jocrz12/17/03 [FAQ] FileMaker Pro - database for Macintosh and Windows
Are the presently more dogs or cats as pets in the U.S.? by sherry3/19/04 rec.pets.dogs: Publications FAQ
     Dogs, Holla... why there just is..... uhhhh Holla. im out Peace by K_Rob 11/29/04  
     Go dogs!!!!!!!!!!! by Jewels 11/8/2006  
How to get the sound card (ISANPNP Model : CS4236 B Listed under Hardware browser working... by Kuljit1/16/04 Linux HOWTO Index (part 1/1)
     how do i get a sound card by Aretha Mclamore 3/31/05  
Do you have any information on GBS not related to the pregnant woman, but to a woman who... by Curious1/6/04 Group B Strep FAQ
     I am a 53 yr old female with MS and was diagnosed with group B strep and was put on a... by lexie5/21/04  
     i have a question on gbs by Mynephewissickhelp 5/10/05  
what could be causing a three month malamute to have three to four seizures a week? by bud5/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Alaskan Malamutes Breed-FAQ
     PLEASE, this dog NEEDS to see a Vet immediately. No dog should be allowed to seize without... by MalMama 6/30/2006  
i have a 14 month old newfie he is only 113lbs but he is 28inches tall at shoulder is... by neecee5124/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Newfoundlands Breed-FAQ
     Your newfie is still a puppy! They are a giant breed and take years to fully develop and... by Dawn4/19/04  
Does anyone know the name of the song/artist that was on the Dec. 4 2003 episode of ER? ... by kelly12/15/03 ER FAQ 5.00, Section 3: Episodes (3/8)
I would love to use the transfer technique using copied images onto polymer clay. My... by angela3/4/04 Welcome to rec.crafts.polymer-clay
     I found a technique for transferring images to clay using transfer paper and an inkjet... by Janet4/12/04  
     Waxed paper cut to fit in your printer works great if you can handle the hassles of... by Soldier Of Christ 11/3/04  
     ffddffdd by 2cool4skool 4/4/05  
If you get tinnitus from listening to too much loud music, is it likely to get worse as... by jamie1/14/04 Tinnitus Frequently Answered Questions v2.7
     yeah i'dlike to know the answer 2 that by teen 8/16/05  
WHETHER OR NOT THE OPTIONAL PRACTICAL TRAINING DENIAL CAN BE APPEAL, AND IF YES HOW? by LARISA6/14/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     Hi, by dolly 8/18/2006  
82 Vanagon (air cooled) need California fuel injection wiring details. Symptoms: Just... by mrcyote4/3/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     5/2/04 I am doing a valve job on my 1980 CA 2.0L Vanagon and happen to have digital... by IrieVan 5/2/04  
contact: I am looking for a French Bulldog to rescue. We'd like a... by LLoveCCats6/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: French Bulldogs Breed-FAQ
     Hi, I don't have a French Bulldog for you, but I can give you a website to go on. It's... by pezie3 8/19/04  
     You need to contact rescue directly. You will be required to fill out an application, with... by Bullmlarket Frogs (Faq Writer) 1/5/2006  
how much of a problem is buying an older home with aluminum wiring? by jack4/13/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Don't. by Max4/15/04  
When forwarding email how can I erase the names of the people that it was forwarded to... by Dixiebelle2/13/04 Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
     After clicking on the forward button, simply delete the addresses from the message. If... by Hush7/11/04  
     I did try your suggestion and found it to work however in my case there were attachments... by genie 11/15/2006  
     I need a fuse box diagram for a 2001 ford mustang. My dome lights dont work and I think... by viperfanatic2001 11/24/2006  
I have a 1999 Dodge Avenger and I have taken my car to 3 different places that say there... by Donna4/27/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     your transmission computer under your hood needs to be replaced, i think they are like 50... by hondaguy 6/14/2006  
     Throttle position control sensor or maybe the Fuel pressure control sensor. by Ricky  8/10/2006  
A couple of days ago my 4 year old bichon started trembling. She suddenly seems more... by Patty2/22/04 rec.pets.dogs: Bichon Frise Breed-FAQ
     Do you live in a cold climate?? Sometimes the cold gets to Bichons and the come down with... by Alaina 5/19/2006  
i received an message on my cell phone from email address i don't know... by kate5/12/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     it's just spam. notify msn support of what happend, and they'll help out! good luck. by d 3/24/2006  
Where is the radiator drain for a 2000 chrysler sebring convertable v6 ? by roc6/11/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     by roc6/12/04  
     I wish I knew........that's why I am here! by berniet 2/1/05  
     <a href=' com'></a> by free ringtones 6/26/2006 ringtones site free. [URL=]r... by ringtones free 6/26/2006  
why r deer chi. called that? by browser20115/9/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     cause they're ugly!!! duh!! by cortney5/11/04  
     Because some people feel that they resemble fawns, their bodies are usually quite... by chimama5/11/04  
I'm interested in making a software that resave jpeg with just a few local changes without... by xelanoimis12/11/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
Is their such thing as a samoyed mixed with a standard poodle? by sammy12/13/03 rec.pets.dogs: Samoyeds Breed-FAQ
     I know that symbol appears on the cover of many Somerset Maugham books. Maybe one of the... by Audrey 11/22/2006  
Which chemical include in "Graft Adhesive"? by No Brain man1/17/04 Sci.chem FAQ - Part 1 of 7
     we are manufacturing shoes adhesives in pakistan . we are intending to manufacturer TPR... by fazeel saqib  7/20/2007  
I have a 1966 United States Note $100 bill.It is a star note with serial# 00002795A.It... by Gale2/18/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..the note has good collector value.Two minor crease the note would grade XF with stains... by Pete2/21/04  
     Can I have it? by bobba joe 6/10/2006  
I need a brief description of a career in Clinical Pathology. What kind of equipment would... by Shana5249112/8/03 Autopsy-A Screenwriter's Guide (monthly posting, 27K, v. 1.004)
what is tipdrill? by chinita6/16/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     A Tip Drill is a female with a nice body/shape but has a messed up face. Or a boy with a... by 313rd Princess 6/23/05  
my scotty is a year old and has not grown in a skirt. the rest of his hair is growing just... by trich3/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Scottish Terriers Breed-FAQ
What cheats do you have for Aladdin for the SNES? by Spartan21/11/04 Video game code server for Game Genie, Gold Finger, Action Replay codes
     n/a is really great can you please send me some cheats by ashleigh english 9/25/2006  
While 'withing' and 'using' both Text_IO and Float_Text_IO, what package can I instantiat... by ig3072/17/04 Ada FAQ: Programming with Ada (part 1 of 4)
     Ada.Float_Text_IO is [equivalent to] an instantiation of Ada.Text_IO.Float_IO. The... by PragmAda Software Engineering 4/28/04  
How much would a dollar in 1901 be worth today? by mandie3/9/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     $1 in 1901 would be worth about $21.57 today. I got this information by using the... by Jawjie 10/2/04  
     id guess around $25 dollars. by kenneth 11/30/04  
what is a.i. in english? by gbaby6/14/04 Artificial Intelligence FAQ:1/6 General Questions & Answers [Monthly posting]
     a.i. is artificial intelligence by anna 12/2/04  

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