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ER FAQ 5.00, Section 3: Episodes (3/8)

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ER FAQ 5.00: Episodes

Asterisks (*) below denotes information updated or added since the last
version of the FAQ.

MeMiceElfAnI Productions Copyright 1997-99 by Rose Cooper; content cannot
be used without expressed written permission of the author.

Last Updated: 1/9/99 by Rose "MotherFAQer" Cooper


3.1  What happened in (Episode X)?

    *3.11  Episode List [note: only original US NBC air dates are
           included for a complete historical list of US airdates,
           along with current US TNT and UK (SKY ONE and Channel 4)
           episodes, refer to the ER Episode List

All episode numbers are my own system, not the official production
numbers.  Note that first season episode numbers begin with "1",
second season with "2", etc.


 No.   Episode Title                       Original Air Date
 ----  -------------------                 -----------------
 101   Pilot (aka 24 Hours)                94 Sep 19
 102   Day One                             94 Sep 22
 103   Going Home                          94 Sep 29
 104   Into That Good Night                94 Oct  6
 105   Hit and Run                         94 Oct 13
 106   Chicago Heat                        94 Oct 20
 107   Another Perfect Day                 94 Nov 03
 108   9 1/2 Hours                         94 Nov 10
 109   ER Confidential                     94 Nov 17
 110   Blizzard                            94 Dec  8
 111   The Gift                            94 Dec 15
 112   Happy New Year                      95 Jan  5
 113   Luck of the Draw                    95 Jan 12
 114   Long Day's Journey                  95 Jan 19
 115   Feb. 5th, '95                       95 Feb  2
 116   Make of Two Hearts                  95 Feb  9
 117   The Birthday Party                  95 Feb 16
 118   Sleepless in Chicago                95 Feb 23
 119   Love's Labor Lost                   95 Mar  9
 120   Full Moon, Saturday Night           95 Mar 30
 121   House of Cards                      95 Apr  6
 122   Men Plan, God Laughs                95 Apr 27
 123   Love Among The Ruins                95 May  4
 124   Motherhood                          95 May 11
 125   Everything Old Is New Again         95 May 18
         (1st Season Finale)


 201   Welcome Back, Carter                95 Sep 21
 202   Summer Run                          95 Sep 28
 203   Do One, Teach One, Kill One         95 Oct  5
 204   What Life?                          95 Oct 12
 205   And Baby Makes Two                  95 Oct 19
 206   Days Like This                      95 Nov  2
 207   Hell and High Water                 95 Nov  9
 208   The Secret Sharer                   95 Nov 16
 209   Home                                95 Dec  7
 210   A Miracle Happens Here              95 Dec 14
 211   Dead of Winter                      96 Jan  4
 212   True Lies                           96 Jan 25
 213   It's Not Easy Being Greene          96 Feb  1
 214   The Right Thing                     96 Feb  8
 215   Baby Shower                         96 Feb 15
 216   The Healers                         96 Feb 22
 217   The Match Game                      96 Mar 28
 218   A Shift in the Night                96 Apr  4
 219   Fire in the Belly                   96 Apr 25
 220   Fevers of Unknown Origin            96 May  2
 221   Take These Broken Wings             96 May  9
 222   John Carter, M.D.                   96 May 16
         (2nd Season Finale)


 301   Dr. Carter, I Presume               96 Sep 26
 302   Let The Games Begin                 96 Oct  3
 303   Don't Ask, Don't Tell               96 Oct 10
 304   Last Call                           96 Oct 17
 305   Ghosts                              96 Oct 31
 306   Fear of Flying                      96 Nov  7
 307   No Brain, No Gain                   96 Nov 14
 308   Union Station                       96 Nov 21
 309   Ask Me No Questions                 96 Dec 12
           I'll Tell You No Lies
 310   Homeless For The Holidays           96 Dec 19
 311   Night Shift                         97 Jan 16
 312   Post Mortem                         97 Jan 23
 313   Fortune's Fools                     97 Jan 30
 314   Who's Appy Now?                     97 Feb  6
 315   The Long Way Around                 97 Feb 13
 316   Faith                               97 Feb 20
 317   Tribes                              97 Apr 10
 318   You Bet Your Life                   97 Apr 17
 319   Calling Dr. Hathaway                97 Apr 24
 320   Random Acts                         97 May  1
 321   Make a Wish                         97 May  8
 322   One More For The Road               97 May 15
         (3rd Season Finale)


 401   Ambush (aka "ERLive")               97 Sep 25
 402   Something New                       97 Oct  2
 403   Friendly Fire           	           97 Oct  9
 404   When The Bough Breaks 	           97 Oct 16
 405   Good Touch, Bad Touch 	           97 Oct 30
 406   Ground Zero 	                   97 Nov  6
 407   Fathers and Sons                    97 Nov 13
 408   Freak Show 		           97 Nov 20
 409   Obstruction of Justice              97 Dec 11
 410   Do you see what I see? 	           97 Dec 18
 411   Think Warm Thoughts    	           98 Jan  8
 412   Sharp Relief    	                   98 Jan 15
 413   Carter's Choice                     98 Jan 29
 414   Family Practice                     98 Feb  5
 415   Exodus                              98 Feb 26
 416   My Brother's Keeper                 98 Mar  5
 417   A Bloody Mess                       98 Apr  9
 418   Gut Reaction                        98 Apr 16
 419   Shades of Gray                      98 Apr 23
 420   Of Past Regret And Future Fear      98 Apr 30
 421   Suffer the Little Children          98 May  7
 422   A Hole in the Heart                 98 May 14
         (4th Season Finale)


 501   Day For Knight                      98 Sep 24
 502   Split Second                        98 Oct  1
 503   They Treat Horses, Don't They?      98 Oct  1
 504   Vanishing Act                       98 Oct 15
 505   Masquerade                          98 Oct 29
 506   Stuck On You                        98 Nov  5
 507   Hazed And Confused                  98 Nov 12
 508   The Good Fight                      98 Nov 19
 509   Good Luck Ruth Johnson              98 Dec 10
 510   The Miracle Worker                  98 Dec 17
*511   Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee      99 Jan 07
*512   Double Blind                        98 Jan 21


*3.12  Brief episode summaries **(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)**:

[Extended summaries are available from episodes #114 on the Alt.TV.ER home
page, <>. Except as noted, episodes
#114-404 were reviewed and summarized by Scott "FAQer Emeritus" Hollifield;
#405-current are reviewed and summarized by Lisa Albert (except as noted).
Note that the ER episodic numbering order is used for the extended summaries.
Episode cast lists are available at The Internet Movie Database "ER" listing:

[ADDENDUM:  For the ER pilot, "24 Hours", which was repeated on February
12, 1998, Lisa did a detailed summary but no review, and Rose has done a
Retrospective version of the Notes, comparing "ER", Then and Now].


  [101] {#1}--"24 Hours" (Series pilot)                (94 Sep 19)
  Writer: Michael Crichton
  Director: Rod Holcomb
         All main characters are introduced; Carter is placed
         under Benton's tutelage; Nurse Hathaway is brought in
         after the end of her shift unconscious, having attempted

  [102] {#2}--"Day One"                                (94 Sep 22)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Mimi Leder
         Carol stays at home, recuperating from her suicide
         attempt; Jennifer Greene passes the bar exam; Susan and
         Cvetic clash over the treatment of an emotionally-disturbed
         homeless man; Doug fights to save an eight-year-old girl
         run over by a drunken driver; it is revealed that Susan
         and Cvetic are romantically involved.

  [103] {#3}--"Going Home"                             (94 Sep 29)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Mark Tinker
         Mark confronts a family injured by domestic violence;
         Carol returns to work; Carter treats a mysterious woman
         who walks around singing old torch standards; Doug feels
         responsible for Carol's suicide attempt; it is revealed
         that Carol and Taglieri are romantically involved.

  [104] {#4}--"Into That Good Night"                   (94 Oct 6)
  Writer: Robert Nathan
  Director: Charles Haid
         Doug gets involved when a mother can't afford to pay for
         the medicine needed for her daughter's illness; Carter
         fears that he's contracted a sexually-transmitted
         disease; Mark races to find a donor for a patient in
         need of a heart transplant.

  [105] {#5}--"Hit And Run"                            (94 Oct 13)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Mimi Leder
         Jenn's out-of-town interview causes more tension between
         her and Mark; Benton and Langworthy compete for the Starzl
         Fellowship; Lewis has Issues with Benton; Carter's first
         experience with dealing with a patient's death goes badly;
         Ross tries to make a play for Hathaway, but is spurned.

  [106] {#6}--"Chicago Heat"                           (94 Oct 20)
  Story: Neal Baer
  Teleplay: John Wells
  Director: Elodia Keene
         A surprise heat wave clogs the ER with patients; Susan
         gets an unexpected visit from her sister Chloe; Mark's
         daughter Rachel spends a day in the ER; Doug probes into
         the affairs of a family whose little girl is revealed
         to have a cocaine overdose.

  [107] {#7}--"Another Perfect Day"                    (94 Nov 3)
  Story: Lance Gentile
  Teleplay: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Vern Gillum
         Carol has mixed emotions about moving in with Tag, after
         she unexpectedly kisses Doug; Benton interviews for the
         prestigious Stargill Fellowship; Susan receives a
         birthday surprise.

  [108] {#8}--"9 1/2 Hours"                            (94 Nov 10)
  Writer: Robert Nathan
  Director: James Hayman
         Mark calls in sick so he can stay home with his wife,
         leaving Doug to cover for him; Carol comforts a suicidal
         rape victim.

  [109] {#9}--"ER Confidential"                        (94 Nov 17)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Daniel Sackheim
         It's Thanksgiving in the ER; after Carol is taken into
         confidence by a young man who killed his friend in a car
         crash but let the police think his dead friend was
         responsible, she decides to reveal to Tag that she slept
         with Doug after she began seeing Tag; Div's depression
         develops into hostility towards his patients; Carter
         treats a emotionally troubled transvestite.

  [110] {#10}--"Blizzard"                              (94 Dec 8)
  Story: Neal Baer & Paul Manning
  Writer: Lance Gentile
  Director: Mimi Leder
         A massive blizzard hits Chicago and a 32-car-pile-up
         brings a horde of patients into the ER; Dr. Hicks, the
         new ER attending surgeon arrives; Carol announces that
         she and Tag are engaged; a patient dies due to Doug's
         mislabelling him during triage; Bob jumps into the
         middle of surgery and saves the patient with a medical
         ability no one knew she had.

  [111] {#11}--"The Gift"                              (94 Dec 15)
  Writer: Neal Baer
  Director: Felix Enriquez Alcala'
         Benton attempts to make a Christmas gift out of a dying
         man's organs for waiting donors, but the man's estranged
         wife is reluctant to sign the release; Div Cvetic moves
         out of Susan's apartment and vanishes without a trace;
         Carter attempts to kiss Susan outside her door; the
         torch-song-crooning "Madame X" returns.

  [112] {#12}--"Happy New Year"                        (95 Jan 5)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Charles Haid
         Susan and Kaysen blame each other for a misdiagnosis which
         costs a heart patient his life; after complaining to Benton
         about doing "scut work", Carter finally gets to scrub up;
         Benton's sister Jackie decides to put their mother in a
         nursing home, against Peter's wishes; Chloe announces that
         she and her boyfriend are leaving for Texas.

  [113] {#13}--"Luck of the Draw"                      (95 Jan 12)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Rod Holcomb
         Morganstern reprimands Susan for her lack of confidence;
         Susan feels betrayed by Mark, who's the one who reported
         Susan's problems to Morganstern; Carter works with a med
         student new to the ER, Deb Chen.

  [114] {#14}--"Long Day's Journey"                    (95 Jan 19)
  Writer: Robert Nathan
  Director: Anita Addison
         Doug goes through an especially difficult day dealing with
         the problems of various children; Susan is vindicated in
         her review before the resident board; Peter hires Jeanie
         Boulet, a physical therapist, to care for his mother in
         lieu of a nursing home; Deb outshines Carter in the
         diagnosis department; Carol and Tag try to plan a special
         night together.

  [115] {#15}--"Feb 5, '95"                            (95 Feb 2)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: James Hayman
         Mark tries to relieve the suffering of a woman with breast
         cancer; Benton clashes with Haleh over his attitude towards
         nurses; Deb delivers an impressive trauma presentation, to
         Carter's dismay; Doug continues befriending Jake in an
         effort to win over Jake's mom; Mark accepts Morganstern's
         offer to make him an attending the next year, without
         discussing it with Jen.

  [116] {#16}--"Make of Two Hearts"                    (95 Feb 9)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Mimi Leder
         Carol deals with a woman who brings in her adopted
         HIV-positive daughter only to abandon her at the hospital;
         Kaysen wants Susan to be his Valentine; Mark and Susan
         reconcile their recent spat; Deb accidentally eats some
         LSD-laced chocolates; Benton's mother's condition worsens.

  [117] {#17}--"The Birthday Party"                    (95 Feb 16)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Elodia Keene
         Peter promises to attend his mother's birthday party, but
         has problems keeping that promise; Carol considers adopting
         young Tatiana, to Tag's disgruntlement; Doug's bad day is
         topped off when he slugs an abusive father in the lobby; a
         teenage chronic drug abuser is brought in; Jen decides to
         accept a job offer in Milwaukee despite Mark's offer of
         working for Morganstern.

  [118] {#18}--"Sleepless In Chicago"                  (95 Feb 23)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Christoper Chulack
         Benton's lack of sleep draws the attention of Dr. Hicks;
         Carol's attempt to adopt Tatiana is ultimately denied when
         officials discover she attempted suicide; Doug and Carol
         deal with a abusive mother; Carter spends an unusual amount
         of time watching over an old man with heart problems; a
         management expert visits the hospital and offers new ideas
         for improvement.

  [119] {#19}--"Love's Labor Lost"                     (95 Mar 7)
  Writer: Lance A. Gentile
  Director: Mimi Leder
         In this memorable episode, Mark frantically works to save
         a pregnant woman and her endangered baby; Benton is wracked
         with guilt when his mother is admitted to the hospital with
         a broken hip.

  [120] {#20}--"Full Moon, Saturday Night"             (95 Mar 30)
  Writer: Neal Baer
  Director: Donna Deitrich
         The new chief of emergency services, Dr. Swift, arrives;
         traumatized by the loss of Jodi O'Brian, Mark takes the
         night off; Benton eventually is swayed to put his mother
         into a home; the competition for a sub-internship between
         Deb and Carter heats up; Susan treats a young man with an
         unusually persistent case of the hiccups.

  [121] {#21}--"House of Cards"                        (95 Apr 6)
  Writer: Tracey Stern
  Director: Fred Gerber
         Mark is forced to explain his treatment of Jodi O'Brien to
         Swift and a roomful of doctors; Deb decides to quit medicine
         after nearly killing a patient while trying to win the sub-I;
         Peter tells his mother that she's going into a home; Doug
         is sleeping with Diane but is concerned how Jake is taking
         it; Susan's sister Chloe returns, pregnant.

  [122] {#22}--"Men Plan, God Laughs"                  (95 Apr 27)
  Writer: Robert Nathan
  Director: Christoper Chulack
         Benton exhibits a change of heart while doggedly tries to
         save a teenage boy with an aneurysm; Mark tells Jen he
         wants to move to Milwaukee to be near Rachel; Carter's
         handiwork attracts the attention of Dr. Swift; Linda
         Farrell returns to tempt Doug.

  [123] {#23}--"Love Among The Ruins"                  (95 May 4)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Fred Gerber
         Living in Milwaukee and commuting to work, Mark sees an
         improvement in his relationship with Jen; the staff
         discovers that Carter comes from a wealthy family; Susan
         tells Chloe that she's going to have to move out once the
         baby is born; Doug attends Jake's little league game and
         lies in order to save face for Jake; Susan finds out that
         Div has relocated and married.

  [124] {#24}--"Motherhood"                            (95 May 11)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Quentin Tarantino
         Chloe delivers her baby and is visited by her estranged
         mother; Benton's mother dies as the result of heart
         failure; Carter bungles his sub-I placement by choosing
         a hopeful over a sure thing; Jen drives down to Chicago
         to visit Mark; Diane leaves Doug after catching him
         hanging around with Linda; Carol and Tag's wedding plans
         cause friction between them.

  [125] {#25}--"Everything Old Is New Again"           (95 May 18)
  Writer: Lance Gentile
  Director: Mimi Leder
         Carter receives the surgical sub-internship he thought
         he missed, and treats a resentful young boy with leukemia;
         Dr. Swift gives Mark the attending position he'd been
         promised by Morganstern, and informs him that Jodi
         O'Brien's husband is suing for malpractice; Benton mourns
         the death of his mother while treating a dying man with
         AIDS; Chloe disappears, leaving Susan with the baby;
         Tag decides not to marry Carol.


  [201] {#26}--"Welcome Back, Carter"                  (95 Sep 21)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Mimi Leder
         Carter returns to the ER after a summer's absence; Mark
         faces new challenges in his first day as an attending
         physician; Carol grapples with the case of an alcoholic
         father and his neglected son; Peter and Jeanie cope with
         the complications of a clandestine affair; med student
         Harper Tracy and new chief resident Kerry Weaver join
         the cast of characters.

  [202] {#27}--"Summer Run"                            (95 Sep 28)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Eric Laneuville
         Carol begins a new paramedic rotation and a relationship
         with one of the paramedics; Kerry Weaver's abrasive
         style causes friction for some, including Susan; Peter
         and Jeanie's relationship comes to a head; Susan spends
         the day looking after her niece while Chloe is at
         business school; Doug deals with a young pyromaniac;
         Carter shows off for Harper, Benton and Morganstern.

  [203] {#28}--"Do One, Teach One, Kill One"           (95 Oct 5)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Felix Enriquez Alcala'
         Susan and Kerry's feud accelerates; Carter and Harper
         treat a heavy drinker with a nearly-dead liver; Doug
         runs afoul of the upper-level physicians while treating
         a young Asian boy with HIV; Chloe abandons little Susie
         with Susan; Shep asks Carol out on a date; Jeanie
         ends her affair with Peter once and for all; Mark stays
         at Doug's apartment when not commuting to Milwaukee.

  [204] {#29}--"What Life?"                            (95 Oct 12)
  Writer: Carol Flint
  Director: Dean Parisot
         An injury forces Benton to sit on the sidelines during
         surgery; Susan attempts to find worthy parents for
         baby Susie; Mark exerts his authority in cooling the
         friction between Susan and Kerry; Shep endangers his life
         on the job, making Carol's heart race; Mark and Harper
         treat an abandoned elderly woman.

  [205] {#30}--"And Baby Makes Two"                    (95 Oct 19)
  Writer: Anne Kenney
  Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
         Susan decides to adopt baby Susie herself; Doug and Mark
         argue over the treatment of Doug's four-year-old HIV-
         positive patient; Benton tries to persuade an abused wife
         to take action; Carter gets a piece of the action while
         Benton is inactive; Carol deals with "turkey file" cases
         of patients trying to scam drugs; the staff celebrates
         the absence of Kerry Weaver on her day off.

  [206] {#31}--"Days Like This"                        (95 Nov 2)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Mimi Leder
         Doug and Harper have a one-night stand, discovered by Mark;
         Jeanie Boulet joins the main cast as the ER's newest
         PA (physician's assistant); a gang skirmish floods the
         ER with hostile patients; after rankling Bernstein yet
         again, Doug finds his fellowship at the hospital yanked;
         in preparation for buying a new house, Carol spends the
         day with a mobile notary.

  [207] {#32}--"Hell and High Water"                   (95 Nov 9)
  Writer: Neal Baer
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Doug becomes a media hero after rescuing a little boy
         from drowning; Harper and Carter treat a young girl hit
         by a car whose parents are estranged.

  [208] {#33}--"The Secret Sharer"                     (95 Nov 16)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Thomas Schlamme
         Doug gets his job back at the hospital, but tensions are
         still simmering between him and Mark; Carter undercompensates,
         then overcompensates, in diagnosing patients; Susan seeks
         the nanny services of a compassionate English matron for
         baby Susie; Carol treats a teenage girl who attempted
         suicide, who reveals that she's pregnant via her brother;
         Benton discovers that Jeanie is separated from her husband.

  [209] {#34}--"Home"                                  (95 Dec 7)
  Writer: Tracey Stern
  Director: Donna Deitch
         Carol and Jeanie care for a young schizophrenic who's
         forced to sleep on the street; Susan is reluctant to
         pursue extra career boosting despite the encouragement
         of Weaver and Morganstern; Benton wins the favor of
         Dr. Vucelich; Shep rifles through a box of Carol's
         memories; visiting Jenn in the hospital following an
         auto accident, Mark realizes that his wife is having an
         affair; Doug meets his mother for dinner; Carter and
         Harper spend the day trying to find time alone.

  [210] {#35}--"A Miracle Happens Here"                (95 Dec 14)
  Writer: Carol Flint
  Director: Mimi Leder
         An elderly Jewish woman's faith is restored after her
         missing granddaughter is rescued; Carol's sagging efforts
         to imbue the others with holiday spirit are bolstered by
         a patient who resembles Santa Claus; Carter serves as
         pitchman to sell Vucelich's procedure to an elderly
         couple; a priest's death threatens to ignite a Latino gang
         war; Mark's plans to have his daughter home for Christmas
         are upset by Jenn.

  [211] {#36}--"Dead of Winter"                        (96 Jan 4)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Whitney Ransick
         The ER staff work to treat twenty-two malnourished,
         abandoned children; Carter's efforts to improve Mrs.
         Roubidoux's condition prove fruitless; Jeanie clashes
         with Carol over the latter's harsh evaluation of the
         former; Jenn sues Mark for divorce; a careless gaffe
         opens Shep up to accusations of racism.

  [212] {#37}--"True Lies"                             (96 Jan 25)
  Writer: Lance Gentile
  Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
         A skating date with Rachel serves as prelude for Mark
         breaking the divorce news to his daughter; Carter
         hides knowledge from Ruby of his wife's true condition;
         Benton receives an invite to a prestigious dinner at
         Vucelich's home; Susan treats a middle-aged alcoholic
         woman who's written a "do not resuscitate" order; Doug
         is reluctant to admit the possibility that an alcoholic
         father has mended his ways.

  [213] {#38}--"It's Not Easy Being Greene"            (96 Feb 1)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Mark is gnawed by self-doubt as the hospital prepares to
         settle in the O'Brien malpractice suit; Carter takes the
         credit for a candidate Harper found for Vucelich's study;
         Kerry appoints herself personal mentor for Susan, who's up
         for the position of chief resident next year; Carol minds
         a bucketful of expensive worms; Doug balks at counseling
         a teenage boy who admits he thinks he might be gay.

  [214] {#39}--"The Right Thing"                       (96 Feb 8)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Richard Thorpe
         Peter finally resolves to blow the whistle on Vucelich's
         unethical study methods; a change in Carter's once-
         compassionate demeanor is noted; Susan treats a street
         couple, one of whom may have given the other one HIV;
         on his birthday, Doug receives a visit from his estranged
         father; Carter spreads rumors about an affair between
         Mark and Susan.

  [215] {#40}--"Baby Shower"                           (96 Feb 15)
  Teleplay: Carol Flint
  Story: Belinda Casas-Wells and Carol Flint
  Director: Barnet Kellman
         A sprinkler malfunction causes ER to get the bulk of
         OB/GYN's pregnant mothers; Peter spends his entire day
         trying to  save the life of a man who jumped in front of
         a train; Carter anxiously prepares for his internship
         interview; Doug spends an evening with his father, now a
         respectable  hotel owner; a very pregnant Nurse Conni
         considers trying a beet soup famous for inducing labor;
         Jerry tries to  convince others that Scottie Pippen visited
         the ER.

  [216] {#41}--"The Healers"                           (96 Feb 22)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Mimi Leder
         Shep blames himself when his partner Raul is fatally burned
         while rescuing children from a burning building; Susan's
         adoption of little Susie passes another hurdle, as Chloe
         pays the hospital a visit; Doug confronts his father after
         being stood up by the elder Ross.

  [217] {#42}--"The Match Game"                        (96 Mar 28)
  Writer: Neal Baer
  Director: Thomas Schlamme
         Ross and Benton clash over the hospital's decision not to
         tell a family about a misdiagnosis; claiming to be clean
         and sober, Chloe returns for her baby; Carter celebrates
         his residency match by overindulging while on call; single
         guy Mark Greene tests the waters of the bachelor lifestyle;
         Carol and Jeanie play tug-of-war with their respective

  [218] {#43}--"A Shift in the Night"                  (96 Apr 4)
  Writer: Joe Sachs
  Director: Lance Gentile
         Greene gets stuck with leading a graveyard shift at a
         cramped and over-crowded ER; fallout from the Bowman case
         continues to cause friction between Mark and Peter; Susan
         overcomes another adoption hurdle while Chloe persists in
         her efforts to reclaim baby Susie.

  [219] {#44}--"Fire in the Belly"                     (96 Apr 25)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Felix Enriquez Alcala'
         Peter faces the consequences of carelessly sending a
         patient home who needed further examination; Carol and
         Shep grapple with urban fears and concerns including a
         young boy who witnessed his mother's murder; Susan and
         Chloe go before a judge to settle visitation of the
         baby; Carter strains to one-up an old med student friend
         of Harper's; Mark decides to take the plunge and ask a
         woman out to dinner; Doug meets his father's female
         companion, Karen.

  [220] {#45}--"Fevers of Unknown Origin"              (96 May 2)
  Writer: Carol Flint
  Director: Richard Thorpe
         Susan throws herself into her work following losing full
         custody of baby Susie; Shep's growing hostility leads to
         an accident; Weaver anticipates being named Resident of
         the Year; Carter is told that he'll have to do pediatric
         work before graduating; Doug and Karen begin a relationship
         in Doug's father's absence; Benton makes a new discovery
         concerning Vucelich's study; Mark and Jenn decide to
         negotiate their divorce directly.

  [221] {#46}--"Take These Broken Wings"               (96 May 9)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Anthony Edwards
         Susan seeks emotional assistance in the form of therapy;
         Doug realizes that a money gift from his father was
         stolen from Karen's company; Shep faces an official
         investigation concerning the Vietnamese kid he shoved;
         Carter treats a young basketball-playing girl who needs
         a liver transplant; Jeanie's husband Al tests positive
         for HIV; Weaver and Greene bargain over making Susan
         chief resident; Loretta frets over increasingly
         necessary medical attention, while meanwhile her kids
         run amok in the ER with a video camera.

  [222] {#47}--"John Carter, M.D."                     (96 May 16)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Christoper Chulack
         Carter has to choose between attending his graduation and
         caring for T.C.; frustrated by the bureaucracy of her job
         and by Shep's hostility, Carol walks out on both; Mark
         throws his support behind Kerry's new position while Susan
         turns down the job offered her; Doug confronts Karen over
         the alteration of a Percodan prescription; Jenn reveals to
         Mark that she's getting remarried; Benton encounters
         Vucelich in an elevator.


  [301] {#48}--"Dr. Carter, I Presume"                 (96 Sep 26)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Christoper Chulack
         Carter's first night as a surgical intern is spent on the
         Fourth of July graveyard shift while most of the other
         doctors play softball; Jeanie and Peter's HIV test results
         come in; Kerry Weaver's new code system for the patient
         board irks the others; Doug's new girlfriend drops by the ER.

  [302] {#49}--"Let The Games Begin"                   (96 Oct 3)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Tom Moore
         Jeanie's HIV-positive status causes complications both
         personal and professional; the county health services
         department decides the fate of the hospital; Carol vainly
         attempts to sell her house; Mark and Susan wade into the
         world of blind dating; Carter is stuck in the ER treating
         routine cases.

  [303] {#50}--"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"                 (96 Oct 10)
  Teleplay: Jason Cahill
  Story: Paul Manning and Jason Cahill
  Director: Perry Lang
         Mark is frustrated by an elderly patient whose body
         stubbornly refuses to die; Susan asks Mark to accompany
         her on vacation; new intern Maggie Doyle causes friction
         with Carol; Jeanie faces tough issues living with HIV;
         Carter schemes to get into surgery; Peter is determined to
         talk with respected new pediatric surgeon Abby Keaton
         about an elective.

  [304] {#51}--"Last Call"                             (96 Oct 17)
  Teleplay: Samantha Howard Corbin
  Story: Samantha Howard Corbin and Carol Flint
  Director: Rob Holcomb
         Doug's latest one-night-stand becomes an ER casualty;
         Dr. Keaton tries to teach Benton to be a compassionate
         caregiver; Jeanie starts experiencing side effects from
         her medication, and meets a handsome, dancing welder;
         Carol ponders the idea of med school.

  [305] {#52}--"Ghosts"                                (96 Oct 31)
  Writer: Neal Baer
  Director: Richard Thorpe
         Mark grapples for the appropriate welcome for the returning
         Susan; Jeanie and Maggie try to help an elderly widower
         cope with his role in his wife's suicide; Doug and Carol
         are posted to the Healthmobile rotation; Abby and Carter
         treat a young girl whose parents were killed in a hit-and-run;
         Peter, under Keaton's direction, struggles to connect with
         a group of young trick-or-treaters; the ER bears witness to
         the legend of the "fifth-floor ghost".

  [306] {#53}--"Fear of Flying"                        (96 Nov 7)
  Writer: Lance Gentile
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Mark and Susan take to the air for helicopter flight
         rotation, which brings to the ER an entire family
         injured in an accident; Benton's overconfidence in
         Keaton's absence results in a dire mistake; Carol deals
         with a temporarily assigned nurse who can't cope with
         the speed of the ER; Jeanie and Maggie are given the task
         of keeping a dead man on ice in anticipation of cryogenic

  [307] {#54}--"No Brain, No Gain"                     (96 Nov 14)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: David Nutter
         Mark is torn by his feelings for Susan, who has a surprise
         announcement of her own; distraught over his handling of
         baby Megan, Peter stubbornly tries to save a teenage gunshot
         victim; Carter and intern Dale Edson clash over a patient
         who may not have consented to a risky operation; Nurse
         Rhonda Sterling is back in the ER, to Carol's dismay.

  [308] {#55}--"Union Station"                         (96 Nov 21)
  Writer: Carol Flint
  Director: Tom Moore
         As Susan prepares to leave Chicago for good, Mark makes a
         last-ditch attempt to share his feelings; Peter squirms at
         Abby Keaton's unorthodox teaching  methods, and receives a
         visit from Carla; Carol finally decides to confront
         management about their policy of "floating" the ER nurses;
         Maggie Doyle calls the cops on a woman who tried to kill
         her unborn child by drinking alcohol; Doug tries to track
         down the true parents of a baby he innoculated at the
         Healthmobile clinic; Al surprises Jeanie with divorce
         papers; Lydia and Officer Grabarsky finally tie the knot.

  [309] {#56}--"Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies"  (96 Dec 12)
  Teleplay: Barbara Hall
  Story: Neal Baer and Lydia Woodward
  Director: Paris Barclay
         Still reeling from Susan's departure, Mark discovers
         Jeanie's HIV-positive status; Peter frets over the level
         of his work and that of his protege; Carol tries to get
         the re-engineering committee to exempt nurses from
         floating;  Gant has a bad day; Abby reveals to Carter
         that she's leaving the hospital.

  [310] {#57}--"Homeless for the Holidays"             (96 Dec 19)
  Writer: Samantha Howard Corbin
  Director: Davis Guggenheim
         Kerry and Mark attempt to hash out an ER policy on
         HIV-positive employees; gossip compels Jeanie to reveal
         her secret; Charlie brings in the neglected infant of her
         landlady; Carter has to choose after making conflicting
         holiday plans with Abby and a depressed Dennis; Maggie
         makes an effort to find haven for a battered wife; Mark
         pays his ex-wife and daughter a visit on Christmas Eve.

  [311] {#58}--"Night Shift"                           (97 Jan 16)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Jonathan Kaplan
         Mark gets tangled in an ethical dispute over a deranged
         woman who refuses consent to treatment; Gant is brought
         into the ER as a patient; cooperating on a safety check
         of the building brings back old memories for Doug and
         Carol; Kerry enlists Jeanie's help on a study for her
         tenure paper; Carol is ordered to name two nurses who will
         get the axe; Mark strikes up an unexpected relationship
         with a co-worker.

  [312] {#59}--"Post Mortem"                           (97 Jan 23)
  Writer: Carol Flint
  Director: Jacque Toberen
         Carter is wracked with guilt following Gant's death; the
         nurses hold a "sick-out" to protest management policies;
         Carol takes the blame for a fatal mistake she makes,
         despite being allowed off the hook; Charlie's mother
         finally shows up; Jeanie is attracted to an on-staff
         disease specialist; Mark gives Chuny the full romantic
         boyfriend treatment.

  [313] {#60}--"Fortune's Fools"                       (97 Jan 30)
  Writer: Jason Cahill
  Director: Michael Katleman
         Distracting news from his girlfriend Carla has Benton
         neglecting duties with Carter; Carol is suspended after
         leaking the full story on the nurses' sickout to the media;
         Greg Fischer and Jeanie disagree over the handling of a
         newlywed couple, one of whom has an STD; Doug deals with
         a six-year-old boy coping with the recent death of his
         father; Mark and Kerry lead ER tours of visiting students,
         with differing results; Carol and Maggie treat a prideful
         cop with a secret; Mark draws his relationship with Chuny
         to an amiable conclusion, and begins another with a patient.

  [314] {#61}--"Who's Appy Now?"                       (97 Feb 6)
  Writer: Neal Baer
  Director: Felix Enrique Alcala'
         Doug treats a teenager with cystic fibrosis who wants to
         die but isn't old enough to sign a do-not-resuscitate order;
         Mark juggles a trio of women including psych consult Nina
         Pomerantz; Carter and Maggie's rivalry quickly turns to
         teamwork; Peter has to have his appendix removed;
         staphlyococcus is being spread by an employee who doesn't
         wash his hands in the restroom.

  [315] {#62}--"The Long Way Around"                   (97 Feb 13)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Carol is one of several hostages in a convenience store
         after a bungled stickup, and is forced to using her medical
         skills to help the wounded using scant resources.

  [316] {#63}--"Faith"                                 (97 Feb 20)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Jonathan Kaplan
         Mark struggles to get a Down's Syndrome patient admitted
         for a heart transplant; Peter faces issues of responsibility,
         in the wake of Carla's pregnancy announcement and Dennis
         Gant's suicide; Carol returns to work after being suspended,
         and takes the medical admissions test to enter med school;
         Jad Houston returns to the ER, now old enough to authorize
         an end to his life; Greg and Jeanie's relationship revs up
         a notch.

  [317] {#64}--"Tribes"                                (97 Apr 10)
  Writer: Lance Gentile
  Director: Richard Thorpe
         Mark examines his own prejudices after being accused of
         neglecting a black gunshot victim; Carla's contractions
         start early; Carter spends an entire day on treating a
         woman dumped on the street by another hospital; Carol
         treats a college student raped via the use of knockout
         drugs; Kerry tries to persuade a disabled junkie to enter
         rehab; Jenn and Rachel Greene pay the ER a surprise visit.

  [318] {#65}--"You Bet Your Life"                     (97 Apr 17)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Jeanie re-examines her feelings toward Al after witnessing
         a couple broken up by distrust and hatred; Carter's promise
         to operate on a gambler with a blocked intestine is shot
         down by Anspaugh; Peter tries to insert himself back into
         the life of Carla and his unborn child; in competition with
         Kerry for a teaching slot, Mark strives to find a case to
         publish; Carol's personal feelings influence her to question
         Maggie's judgement; Kerry challenges Jerry to an IQ test;
         Mark's daughter feigns illness to get attention; Doug treats
         a teenager who insists on attending her prom despite a
         needed bladder removal.

  [319] {#66}--"Calling Dr. Hathaway"                  (97 Apr 24)
  Teleplay: Jason Cahill & Samantha Howard Corbin
  Story: Neal Baer
  Director: Paris Barclay
         Having passed the medical admissions test, Carol is pushed
         through some early med training by Kerry; Carter catches
         Edson filing a false personal history on a patient; Peter
         takes a day off to help Carla; Mark and Nina go on a date,
         with their daughters in tow; a $5000 reward drives Jerry to
         hunt for a missing lab mouse; a married couple are suspected
         of rigging personal mishaps on themselves.

  [320] {#67}--"Random Acts"                           (97 May 1)
  Writer: Carol Flint
  Director: Jonathan Kaplam
         Mark is the victim of a severe beating from an unknown
         assailant; differing attitudes come to the fore after
         Benton and Carter are allowed to help on a kidney
         transplant; Jeanie is caught between Greg and her renewed
         feelings for Al; Carol thinks Doug is playing favorites
         for a golf club slot when he gives special treatment to a
         young boy from a wealthy family; everyone gossips about
         the mystery author of a torrid novella about the ER staffers.

  [321] {#68}--"Make A Wish"                           (97 May 8)
  Teleplay: Lydia Woodard
  Story: Joe Sachs
  Director: Richard Thorpe
         Carla's early labor is riddled with complications; back
         at work following his assault, Mark is disturbed by his
         own vulnerability; another clash with Anspaugh has Carter
         thinking about switching residencies; Doug masterminds a
         surprise party for Carol's birthday.

  [322] {#69}--"One More For The Road"                 (97 May 15)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Mark buys a gun to defend himself; Anspaugh reacts badly
         to Carter's desire to switch to ER medicine; Doug makes a
         connection with new resident Anna Del Amico, but his eye
         is on Carol; Peter keeps vigil at the side of his ill
         newborn son; Jeanie reaffirms her love for Al.


  [401] {#70}--"Ambush" (aka "ERLive")                 (97 Sep 25)
  Writer: Carol Flint
  Director: Thomas Schlamme
         The ER is put under the glaring light of a public
         television documentary crew; a man is critically injured
         while trying to break up a gang fight; British trauma
         specialist Elizabeth Corday joins the surgery team; Carter
         restarts his residency, this time in the ER; Morgenstern
         has health problems of his own; Mark's stress level
         continues to build.

  [402] {#71}--"Something New"                         (97 Oct 2)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Mark is hit with a malpractice suit from Chris Law's
         family, making him even surer that Chris was his attacker;
         Doug and Carol continue their renewed, clandestine romance;
         Peter and Carla clash over what to name their child; Carter
         gets stuck with an inept, undedicated med student; Corday
         adjusts to dealing with an American ER; Morgenstern gives
         Kerry more authority while he's on leave; Mark and Carol
         interview applicants for a vacant desk clerk position.

  [403] {#72}--"Friendly Fire"                         (97 Oct 9)
  Writer: Walon Green
  Director: Felix Enriquez Alcala
         Carol's trust in Doug is strained by an overheard remark;
         Weaver wastes no time in using her new power; Carla and
         Peter disagree again, this time over circumcision; Jerry
         commits a large-scale blunder with a patient's grenade
         launcher; Carter suspects Doyle of giving Del Amico
         preferential treatment; Cynthia Hooper spends her first
         day as a desk clerk; Al Boulet's HIV-condition is revealed
         after a workplace accident; Mark reconnects with Heather

  [404] {#73}--"When The Bough Breaks"                 (97 Oct 16)
  Writer: Jack Orman
  Director: Richard Thorpe
         The ER is deludged with injured children following a school
         bus accident; Carter's patience with Benton's snubs comes
         to an end; Anna and Doug lock horns over pediatrics turf;
         Carol faces accusations from a crack-abusing mother, and
         is angry at Mark's lack of support; baby Reese Benton
         finally leaves the NICU; Jeanie is forced make a life-or-
         death decision when faced with a patient with an open wound;
         Mark receives a visit from his ex-wife.

  [405] {#74}--"Good Touch, Bad Touch"                 (97 Oct 30)
  Writer: David Mills
  Director: Jonathan Kaplan
         Mark gives a deposition in the Law family lawsuit, things
         heat up and Chris Law angrily tells Mark that "he wished he
         were the one who beat him up"; Peter struggles to take care
         of Reese, and complete his work requirements; Anna diagnosis
         a young athlete with cancer; Carter clashes with Dale, and
         wonders if leaving surgery was a good option; Carol has an
         idea of starting a free clinic.

  [406] {#75}--"Ground Zero"                           (97 Nov 6)
  Writer: Samantha Howard Corbin
  Director: Darnell Martin
         Kerry has to fire some physician's assistants, one of whom
         is Jeanie; Al wants Jeanie to move with him to Atlanta;
         Carter introduces Carol to his grandmother, who provides
         funding for the clinic; Anna also attends, and is angry
         with Carter for hiding his family wealth; Doug learns that
         his father died, he and Mark make plans to go to California;
         Mark and Cynthia start an affair.

  [407] {#76}--"Fathers and Sons"                      (97 Nov 13)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Doug and Mark learn that Doug's father was driving drunk
         and caused an accident that killed himself, his wife, and
         a trucker; Doug attends the trucker's funeral and attempts
         to come to terms with his own relationship with his father;
         Mark has an uneasy reunion with his parents in San Diego;
         Carol surprises Doug, and together with Mark they scatter
         Ray's ashes; Doug decides to try to contact his stepmother's

  [408] {#77}--"Freak Show"                            (97 Nov 20)
  Writer: Neal Baer
  Director: Darnell Martin
         Peter, Corday, and Romano operate on a young boy with a
         rare reversed organ condition; Cynthia is responsible for
         the free clinic opening earlier than it was supposed to,
         which angers Carol; Mark gives Carol a note written by
         Doug, which Cynthia mistakenly thinks is a note for her
         from Mark; Carter and Anna treat Henry for a severe
         allergic reaction; Jeanie goes to Anspaugh and demands to
         know if her firing is HIV related.

  [409] {#78}--"Obstruction of Justice"                (97 Dec 12)
  Writer: Lance Gentile
  Director: Richard Thorpe
         On the advice of her lawyers, Jeannie refuses to accept
         being fired; Kerry confronts Jeannie, but is not backed
         up by Anspaugh, who eventually gives Jeannie her job back;
         Carter bucks a cop trying to get samples from Carter's
         patient, and ends up being arrested; Mark lets his lawyer
         play "Doc For A Day"; Carol and Cynthia catch each other
         in indiscretions; Corday and Benton have a confrontation
         regarding experimental surgery.

  [410] {#79}--"Do You See What I See?"                (97 Dec 18)
  Writer: Linda Gase
  Director: Sarah Pia Anderson
         Benton becomes "St. Peter" to a blind patient that he
         "heals"; Mark's elderly rape victim gives him insight into
         his own feelings of victimization; Cynthia shares a
         disturbing secret with Mark; Carol takes Carter's Gamma and
         cousin Chase on a tour of the free clinic; Corday stays
         with her patient and forgoes her holiday leave; both Carol
         and Doug make surprise announcements at the ER Christmas

  [411] {#80}--"Think Warm Thoughts"                   (98 Jan  8)
  Writer: David Mills
  Director: Charles Haid
         Anspaugh's son visits the ER as a cancer patient; Hathaway
         discovers another elderly woman has been raped; "Wild Willie"
         Swift returns--as a Synergix attending; Corday and Rocket
         bump heads when she tries to arrange for throat surgery on
         Rocket's knee patient; Carter tries to convince a med student
         to choose ER as her specialty.

  [412] {#81}--"Sharp Relief"                          (98 Jan 15)
  Writer: Samantha Howard Corbin
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Yet another elderly woman has been raped; Anspaugh asks
         Boulet  to take care of his son; Ross and Hathaway's
         relationship hits a speed bump; Weaver has second thoughts
         about Ellis and about Synergix's methods; Benton and Corday
         reach an understanding regarding Romano; Carter confronts
         his cousin about his habits.

  [413] {#82}--"Carter's Choice"                       (98 Jan 29)
  Writer: John Wells
  Director: John Wells
         During a blizzard which depletes County's blood supply,
         Carter faces an ethical dilemma: save the serial rapist or
         use the available blood for other patients?  Also, Ellis
         West surprises Weaver with a decision about Synergix;
         Hathaway confronts a surprised Ross about their relationship;
         Peter and Carla disagree on day care for their son.

  [414] {#83}--"Family Practice"                       (98 Feb 5)
  Writer: Carol Flint
  Director: Charles Haid
         Mark returns to San Diego to be with his hospitalized mother,
         and confronts his past in the form of his father--as well
         as his present: Cynthia.

  [415] {#84}--"Exodus"                                (98 Feb 26)
  Writer: Walon Green & Joe Sachs
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         "Exodus" puts the "E" back in "ER": an industrial accident
         affects the ER personnel both inside and outside County...
         While on a paramedic ride-with, Corday helps rescue a man
         trapped in a collapsed chemical warehouse; faced with the
         chaos of an unprepared ER in the aftermath of a Benzene
         spill, Carter takes over; trapped in an elevator, Ross and
         Hathaway Fight Against Time to save an 8-year-old patient.

  [416] {#85}--"My Brother's Keeper"                   (98 Mar 5)
  Writer: Jack Orman
  Director: Jacque Toberen
         The Carter family--John, Chase, and their grandparents--
         face  a crisis; Ross nervously prepares to present a Peds
         paper, but Weaver has something to say about it; Greene
         searches for Closure with Cynthia; Del Amico deals with a
         seriously ill patient that was passed over by another
         hospital; Romano disses Corday in her performance eval,
         and she seeks out support from Benton.

  [417] {#86}--"A Bloody Mess"                         (98 Apr 9)
  Writer: Linda Gase
  Director: Richard Thorpe
         The husband of Anna's pregnant patient in crisis, calls
         Anna's background into question; Morgenstern comes back--
         perhaps too soon after his heart attack; Benton and Corday
         clash, and crash; Corday makes a decision about working
         with Romano on an important blood study; Jeanie and Scotty
         deal with the return of his cancer; Hathaway treats a
         16-year-old girl who may be involved with more than she
         can handle; Carter helps Chase cope with his slow recovery.

  [418] {#87}--"Gut Reaction"                          (98 Apr 16)
  Writer: Linda Gase
  Director: Richard Thorpe
         Benton and Morganstern's routine surgery takes a tragic
         turn; Carter asks Del Amico out, then helps her donate bone
         marrow; Gamma takes out her anger over Chase, on Hathaway's
         Clinic, then on Carter; Ross pushes for a Pedes Attending,
         to the dismay of Greene and Weaver; Scott decides on getting
         more chemo, with Jeanie's blessing; the annual ER Banquet
         is held, and Hilarity Ensues [over here by The Moose...]

  [419] {#88}--"Shades of Gray"                        (98 Apr 23)
  Writer: Samantha Howard Corbin
  Director: Lance Gentile
         Cut off from his family's money, Carter Learns How To Be Poor;
         Jeanie says goodbye to a friend; Doug treats a patient
         affected by an abortion clinic's bombing--as does Corday;
         the fallout from what should've been routine surgery,
         continues to haunt Morganstern and Benton; Anna refuses to
         continue an abortion left unfinshed by the bombing; after
         having a difficult day, Benton and Corday seek solace in
         each others' arms.

  [420] {#89}--"Of Past Regret and Future Fear"        (98 Apr 30)
  Writer: Jack Orman
  Director: Anthony Edwards
         Carol bonds with a man who was doused with chemicals and
         given only hours to live; Benton and Corday come to terms
         The Morning After, but still both have Something To Hide;
         Carter and Gamma disagree on what to do about Chase; Ross
         confronts an addicted mother who has strung out her infant son.

  [421] {#90}--"Suffer the Little Children"            (98 May 7)
  Writer: Walon Green
  Director: Christopher Misiano
         Ross and Hathaway risk their careers when they detox an
         infant using a medical method not approved--by the hospital
         or the mother; Peter confronts Romano about Peter and Liz's
         affair, to possible dire consequences; Del Amico treats a
         TV evangelist; Dr. Max Rosher, Anna's ex- (and future?)
         boyfriend, arrives to assess the possibility of a pedes
         unit in the ER; Jeanie fears her HIV is becoming worse.

  [422] {#91}--"A Hole In The Heart"                   (98 May 14)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Lesli Glatter
         The fourth season finale takes up right where the last
         episode left off: Ross and Weaver are at odds regarding
         his unauthorized procedure on Baby Josh, and to Weaver's
         surprise, the Pedes department decides to continue the
         procedure; under the stress of her dealings with Ross,
         Greene, Anspaugh, and an uncaring insurance company, Weaver
         decides she does not want to be "Acting Chief" anymore,
         and quits; Carter suspects Rosher of stealing drugs;
         Hathaway and Boulet treat a man that's suicidal--and more...


  [501] {#92}--"Day For Knight"                        (98 Sep 24)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         We lose one--Dr. Anna "Don't Call Me Anna" Del Amico (Maria
         Bello) is gone; and we gain one--Kellie Martin as Lucy Knight,
         "Young Female Doctor Void"-filler...uh, third-year medical
         student, who comes under the tutelage of Dr. John Carter;
         they clash, but Nurse Carol Hathaway and Dr. Doug Ross Save The Day.

  [502] {#93}--"Split Second"                          (98 Oct  1)
  Writer: Carol Flint
  Director: Christopher Misiano
         Lucy Knight continues to have difficulty Adjusting; Corday gets a
         Significant Visitor; Greene ponders another position; Baby Boy Reese
         [Reece] may be deaf; Weaver and Ross have a clash of the Titans; in
         an ironic twist to last years' [ahem] "spoilers", gang violence
         erupts in the ER.

  [503] {#94}--"They Treat Horses, Don't They?"        (98 Oct  8)
  Writer: Walon Green
  Director: T.R. Babu Subramaniam
         Mark and Rachel have difficulty Bonding; in Yet Another Episode,
         Lucy Knight continues to have difficulty Adjusting; and the Titans
         have their Day: Weaver is considered for ER Chief;  and thar's a new
         pediatric attending in town, pardner, and his name is...

  [504] {#95}--"Vanishing Act"                         (98 Oct 15)
  Writer: Jack Orman
  Director: Lesli Glatter
         "Things aren't always as they appear" ["what? WHAT?"]: Weaver appears
         to think she looks Powerful in her Interview Power Suit; Loooceeey
         appears to know a medical procedure that she's clueless about;
         Hathaway appears to not know her Red Letter Days; Corday appears
         to think Edson has a sense-o-humor about her intern status; Edson
         appears to want "Lizzie" to Show Him The Hand...

  [505] {#96}--"Masquerade"                            (98 Oct 29)
  Writer: Samantha Howard Corbin
  Director: Steve DeJarnatt
         Doug Has Paperwork ["what?"]; Mark gets bad news on the homefront,
         and also mishandles a case involving a pregnant schizophrenic
         patient; Lucy gets Buck Wyld at a dorm party that Carter is supposed
         to "chaperone" [even though these are *MEDICAL* students...but I
         digress...]; Kerry discovers there's another admin who's an even
         bigger ass than she can be, and the door's not big enough for the
         both of 'em...

  [506] {#97}--"Stuck On You"                          (98 Nov  5)
  Writer: Jack Orman
  Director: Lesli Glatter
         Doug Bonds with his Paperwork ["WHAT?"]; The Beard meets its match
         in the Carpet Bros and their Glue; Cowboy Greene gets [ahem] attached
         to a teen he encounters on a paramedic ride-along; Carter gets stuck
         with finding a new roommate; Peter gets caught on the "cutting edge"
         after Kerry recommends a doctor for Reece; Doug and Carol come clean.

  [507] {#98}--"Hazed And Confused"                    (98 Nov 12)
  Writer: David Mills
  Director: Jonathan Kaplan
         Mark has a strong reaction to the paramedics' hazing prank; in a
         brilliant acting turn, Alex Kingston as Dr. Corday demonstrates the
         effects of a long day-and-a-half being the scut puppy intern; The
         Other Side of the "deaf issue" rears its ugly head; Kerry gets to
         serve up the Cold Dish Of Revenge when Anspaugh has to play
         -Interim- Chief.

  [508] {#99}--"The Good Fight"                        (98 Nov 19)
  Writer: Jack Orman
  Director: Christopher Chulack
         Mostly Carter and Lucy, most the time, in this spotlight episode:
         while the staff of County work desperately to save a little girl who
         was seriously injured in a car crash, off-duty Carter and Lucy search
         Chicago to find her father, who went missing from the hospital and
         who is her 1 in 50 million perfect blood match.

  [509] {#100}--"Good Luck Ruth Johnson"               (98 Dec 10)
  Writer: Lydia Woodward
  Director: Rod Holcomb
         Following in the footsteps of "Frasier", "ER" ties the 100th episode
         in with a fictional centennial celebration--Cook County Hospital
         turn 100. The twist here is that Ruth Johnson (hint: check the
         episode title), a once-and-present patient, is also 100, and
         Carter gets to Play with her; Carol Discovers The Shocking Truth
         about a shooting.

  [510] {#101}--"The Miracle Worker"                   (98 Dec 17)
  Writer: Paul Manning
  Director: Lesli Glatter
         [ObStarTrekReference: "Scot'y, izzat you?"]
         No, it's time for another "ER" Christmas episode...

 *[511] {#102}--"Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee"       (99 Jan 07)
  Writer: Linda Gase
  Director: Richard Thorpe

 *[512] {#103}--"Double Blind"                         (99 Jan 21)


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