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Linux HOWTO Index (part 1/1)

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Archive-name: linux/howto/index
Last-modified: 5 Aug 97

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*** The `Linux HOWTO Index' is posted automatically by the
*** Linux HOWTO coordinator, Greg Hankins <>.  Please
*** direct any comments or questions about this HOWTO to the author,
*** Greg Hankins <>.

- --- BEGIN Linux HOWTO Index part 1/1 ---

  The Linux HOWTO Index
  by Greg Hankins,
  v2.10.31, 05 August 1997

  This document contains an index to the Linux HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs,
  as well as other information about the HOWTO project.

  1.  What Are Linux HOWTOs?

  Linux HOWTOs are documents which describe in detail a certain aspect
  of configuring or using Linux. For example, there is the Installation
  HOWTO, which gives instructions on installing Linux, and the Mail
  HOWTO, which describes how to set up and configure mail under Linux.
  Other examples include the NET-3 HOWTO and the Printing HOWTO.

  HOWTOs are comprehensive docs - much like an FAQ but generally not in
  question-and-answer format. However, many HOWTOs contain an FAQ
  section at the end.

  There are several HOWTO formats available: plain text, PostScript,
  DVI, and HTML.

  In addition to the HOWTOs, there are a multitude of mini-HOWTOs.
  These are short, specific HOWTOs, such as the Colour-ls mini-HOWTO.
  They are only available in plain text format.

  2.  Where Do I Get Linux HOWTOs?

  HOWTOs can be retrieved via anonymous FTP from the following sites:



  as well as many mirror sites.

  You can also browse HOWTOs in HTML format
  <>.  Many mirror sites
  <> mirror the HTML files. is heavily used, so please use a mirror site if

  HOWTOs are also posted monthly to the Usenet newsgroup

  2.1.  HOWTO Translations

  HOWTO translations are available on
  <> and mirrors
  around the world.  So far there are:

  ·  French (fr)

  ·  German (de)

  ·  Italian (it)

  ·  Japanese (jp)

  ·  Polish (pl)

  ·  Spanish (es)

  ·  Swedish (sv)

  ·  Turkish (tr)

  If you know of any other translation projects, please let me know and
  I will add them to this list.  If you are interested in getting your
  translations archived on, please read the directory
  structure specification at
  Structure and get in touch with me.

  3.  HOWTO Index

  The following Linux HOWTOs are currently available:

  ·  AX25 HOWTO, by Terry Dawson <>.
     How to configure AX25 networking for Linux.  Updated 20 June 1997.

  ·  Access HOWTO, by Michael De La Rue <>.  How to
     use adaptive technology with Linux.  Updated 28 March 1997.

  ·  Assembly HOWTO, by François-René Rideau <>.
     Information on programming in x86 assembly.  Updated 17 July 1997.

  ·  BootPrompt HOWTO, by Paul Gortmaker <>.
     List of boot time arguments and overview of booting software.
     Updated 6 December 1996.

  ·  Bootdisk HOWTO, by Graham Chapman <>.  How to
     create a boot/root maintenance disk for Linux.  Updated 4 April

  ·  CDROM HOWTO, by Jeff Tranter <>.  Information
     on CDROM drive compatibility for Linux.  Updated 4 August 1997.

  ·  Chinese HOWTO, by Hong Zhang <>.  How to
     configure Linux for use with the Chinese characterset.  Updated 2
     April 1997.

  ·  Commercial HOWTO, by Martin Michlmayr <>.  Listing of
     commercial software products for Linux.  Updated 5 August 1997.

  ·  Consultants HOWTO, by Martin Michlmayr <>.  Listing
     of Linux consultants.  Updated 5 August 1997.

  ·  Cyrillic HOWTO, by Alexander L. Belikoff <>.  How to
     configure Linux for use with the Cyrillic characterset.  Updated 23
     April 1997.

  ·  DNS HOWTO, by Nicolai Langfeldt <>.  How to set up
     DNS.  Updated 3 June 1997.

  ·  DOS to Linux HOWTO, by Guido Gonzato <>.
     How to move from DOS to Linux.  Updated 11 December 1996.

  ·  DOSEMU HOWTO, by Uwe Bonnes <>.  HOWTO about the Linux MS-DOS Emulator, DOSEMU.
     Updated dosemu-0.64.4 (in progress), 15 March 1997.

  ·  Danish HOWTO, by Niels Kristian Bech Jensen <>.  How
     to configure Linux for use with the Danish characterset.  Updated
     26 July 1997.
  ·  Distribution HOWTO, by Eric S. Raymond <>.  A
     list of Linux distributions.  Updated 27 June 1997.

  ·  ELF HOWTO, by Daniel Barlow <>.  How to
     install and migrate to the ELF binary file format.  Updated 14 July

  ·  Emacspeak HOWTO, by Jim Van Zandt <>.  How to
     use 'emacspeak' with Linux.  Updated 2 February 1997.

  ·  Ethernet HOWTO, by Paul Gortmaker <>.
     Information on Ethernet hardware compatibility for Linux.  Updated
     2 February 1997.

  ·  Finnish HOWTO, by Pekka Taipale <>.  How to configure
     Linux for use with the Finnish characterset.  Updated 14 February

  ·  Firewall HOWTO, by Mark Grennan, <>.  How to set
     up a firewall using Linux.  Updated 8 November 1996.

  ·  Ftape HOWTO, by Kevin Johnson <>.  Information on
     ftape drive compatibility with Linux.  Updated 15 March 1997.

  ·  GCC HOWTO, by Daniel Barlow <>.  How to set
     up the GNU C compiler and development libraries.  Updated 28
     February 1996.

  ·  German HOWTO, by Winfried Trümper <>.  Information
     on using Linux with German-specific features.  Updated 19 March

  ·  HAM HOWTO, by Terry Dawson <>.
     HOWTO configure amateur radio software for Linux.  Updated 1 April

  ·  HOWTO Index, by Greg Hankins <>.  Index of
     HOWTO documents about Linux.  Updated 05 August 1997.

  ·  Hardware Compatibility HOWTO, by Patrick Reijnen
     <>.  A list of hardware known to work with Linux.
     Updated 14 June 1997.

  ·  Hebrew HOWTO, by Yair G. Rajwan <>.  How to
     configure Linux for use with the Hebrew characterset.  Updated 12
     September 1995.

  ·  INFO-SHEET, by Michael K. Johnson <>.  Generic
     introduction to the Linux operating system.  Updated 13 January

  ·  IPX HOWTO, by Terry Dawson <>.  How
     to install and configure IPX networking.  Updated 29 March 1997.

  ·  ISP Hookup HOWTO, by Egil Kvaleberg <>.  Basic
     introduction to hooking up to an ISP.  Updated 9 December 1996.

  ·  Installation HOWTO, by Eric S. Raymond <>.
     How to obtain and install Linux.  Updated 15 May 1997.

  ·  Italian HOWTO, by Marco ``Gaio'' Gaiarin <>.  How
     to configure Linux for use with the Italian characterset.  Updated
     17 February 1997.

  ·  Java-CGI HOWTO, by David H. Silber <>.  How to set up
     Java-capable CGI bin.  Updated 18 November 1996.
  ·  Kernel HOWTO, by Brian Ward <>.
     Upgrading and compiling the Linux kernel.  Updated 26 May 1997.

  ·  Keyboard and Console HOWTO, by Andries Brouwer <>.
     Information about the Linux keyboard, console and non-ASCII
     characters.  Updated 16 March 1997.

  ·  META-FAQ, by Michael K. Johnson <>.  A listing
     of Linux sources of information.  Updated 20 December 1996.

  ·  MGR HOWTO, by Vincent Broman <>.  Information on the
     MGR graphics interface for Linux.  Updated 30 May 1996.

  ·  Electronic Mail HOWTO, by Vince Skahan <>.
     Information on Linux-based mail servers and clients.  Updated 29
     November 1995.

  ·  NET-3 HOWTO, by Terry Dawson <>.
     Howto configure TCP/IP networking under Linux.  Updated 29 March

  ·  NFS HOWTO, by Nicolai Langfeldt <>.  How to set up
     NFS clients and servers.  Updated 9 March 1997.

  ·  NIS HOWTO, by Erwin Embsen <>.  Information on using
     NIS/YP on Linux systems.  Updated 14 November 1996.

  ·  News HOWTO, by Vince Skahan <>.  Information on
     USENET news server and client software for Linux.  Updated 29
     November 1995.

  ·  PCI HOWTO, by Michael Will <>.
     Information on PCI-architecture compatibility with Linux.  Updated
     30 March 1997.

  ·  PCMCIA HOWTO, by Dave Hinds <>.  How to
     install and use PCMCIA Card Services.  Updated 3 July 1997.

  ·  PPP HOWTO, by Robert Hart <>.  Information on
     using PPP networking with Linux.  Updated 31 March 1997.

  ·  Polish HOWTO, by Sergiusz Pawlowicz <>.
     Information on using Linux with Polish-specific features.  Updated
     5 January 1997.

  ·  Portuguese HOWTO, by Joao Carlos Rodrigues Pereira
     <>.  How to configure Linux for use with
     the Portuguese characterset.  Updated 14 September 1995.

  ·  Printing HOWTO, by Grant Taylor <>.  HOWTO
     on printing software for Linux.  Updated 28 July 1997.

  ·  Printing Usage HOWTO, by Mark Komarinski <>.  How
     to use the printing system for a variety of file types and options.
     Updated 24 March 1997.

  ·  RPM HOWTO, by Donnie Barnes <>.  How to use the Red
     Hat Package Manager (.rpm).  Updated 8 April 1997.

  ·  SCSI HOWTO, by Drew Eckhardt <drew@PoohSticks.ORG>.  Information on
     SCSI driver compatibility with Linux.  Updated 30 August 1996.

  ·  SCSI Programming HOWTO, by Heiko Eissfeldt
     <>.  Information on programming the generic
     Linux SCSI interface.  Updated 7 May 1996.

  ·  SMB HOWTO, by David Wood <>.  How to use the
     Session Message Block (SMB) protocol with Linux.  Updated 10 August

  ·  Serial HOWTO, by Greg Hankins <>.  How on
     use serial devices (modems, terminals) with Linux.  Updated 6 July

  ·  Serial Programming HOWTO, by Peter H. Baumann
     <>.  How to use serial ports in programs.
     Updated 14 June 1997.

  ·  Shadow Password HOWTO, by Michael H. Jackson <>.
     How to obtain, install, and configure shadow passwords.  Updated 3
     April 1996.

  ·  Slovenian HOWTO, by Primoz Peterlin <>.  Information on using Linux with Slovenian-specific
     features.  Updated 30 October 1996.

  ·  Sound HOWTO, by Jeff Tranter <>.  Sound
     hardware and software for the Linux operating system.  Updated 4
     August 1997.

  ·  Sound Playing HOWTO, by Yoo C. Chung <>.
     How to play various sound formats under Linux.  Updated 13 May

  ·  Spanish HOWTO, by Gonzalo Garcia Agullo <Gonzalo.Garcia->.  Information on using Linux with Spanish-specific
     features.  Updated 20 August 1996.

  ·  teTeX HOWTO, by Robert Kiesling <>.  How to
     install the teTeX package (TeX and LaTeX) under Linux.  Updated 8
     July 1997.

  ·  Thai HOWTO, by Poonlap Veeratanabutr <>.  How
     to configure Linux for use with the Thai characterset.  Updated 16
     July 1997.

  ·  Tips HOWTO, by Paul Anderson <>.  HOWTO on
     miscellaneous tips and tricks for Linux.  Updated 7 January 1997.

  ·  UMSDOS HOWTO, by Jacques Gelinas <>.  How to
     install and use the UMSDOS filesystem.  Updated 13 November 1995.

  ·  UPS HOWTO, by Harvey J. Stein <>.  Information
     on using a UPS power supply with Linux.  Updated 31 March 1997.

  ·  UUCP HOWTO, by Vince Skahan <>.  Information on
     UUCP software for Linux.  Updated 29 November 1995.

  ·  User Group HOWTO, by Kendall Grant Clark <>.  Tips
     on founding, maintaining, and growing a Linux User Group.  Updated
     29 July 1997.

  ·  VAR HOWTO, by Martin Michlmayr <>.  Listing of Linux
     value added resellers.  Updated 5 August 1997.

  ·  VMS to Linux HOWTO, by Guido Gonzato <>.
     How to move from VMS to Linux.  Updated 18 March 1997.

  ·  XFree86 HOWTO, by Eric S. Raymond <>.  How to
     obtain, install, and configure XFree86 3.2 (X11R6).  Updated 26
     March 1997.

  The following mini-HOWTOs are available (plain text only):

  ·  3 Button Mouse mini-HOWTO, by Geoff Short
     <>.  How to configure your mouse to use 3
     buttons.  Updated 11 July 1997.

  ·  ADSM Backup mini-HOWTO, by Thomas Koenig <Thomas.Koenig@ciw.uni->.  How to install and use the ADSM backup program.
     Updated 15 January 1997.

  ·  AI-Alife mini-HOWTO, by John A. Eikenberry <>.
     Information about AI software for Linux.  Updated 19 May 1997.

  ·  Advocacy mini-HOWTO, by Paul L. Rogers <>.
     Suggestions on how to advocate the use of Linux.  Updated 6
     February 1997.

  ·  Backup with MSDOS mini-HOWTO, by Christopher Neufeld
     <>.  How to backup Linux machines with
     MSDOS.  Updated 6 February 1996.

  ·  Battery Powered mini-HOWTO, by Hanno Mueller <>.
     How to reduce a Linux system's power consumption.  Updated 5 May

  ·  Boca mini-HOWTO, by David H Dennis <>.
     How to install a Boca 16-port serial card (Boca 2016).  Updated 16
     February 1995.

  ·  BogoMips mini-HOWTO, by Wim C.A. van Dorst
     <>.  Information about BogoMips.  Updated 30
     May 1997.

  ·  Bridge mini-HOWTO, by Chris Cole <>.  How
     to setup and ethernet bridge.  Updated 23 August 1996.

  ·  Bridge+Firewall mini-HOWTO, by Peter Breuer <>.  How
     to setup and ethernet bridge and firewall.  Updated 23 December

  ·  CD Writing mini-HOWTO, by Winfried Trümper <>.  How
     to write CDs.  Updated 11 July 1997.

  ·  Clock mini-HOWTO, by Ron Bean <>.  How to set and
     keep your clock on time.  Updated December 1996.

  ·  Colour ls mini-HOWTO, by Thorbjoern Ravn Andersen <>.
     How to set up the colours with 'ls'.  Updated 27 April 1996.

  ·  Comeau C++ mini-HOWTO, by Mark Swanson <>.
     How to set up Comeau C++.  Updated 16 May 1997.

  ·  DHCPd mini-HOWTO, by Paul Makeev <>.  How to get
     Linux to serve DHCP information.  Updated 24 June 1997.

  ·  Dial On Demand mini-HOWTO, by Rodney van den Oever
     <>.  How to use dial-on-demand dialing
     to dial an ISP.  Updated 29 February 1997.

  ·  Diald mini-HOWTO, by Harish Pillay <>.  How to use
     'diald' to dial an ISP.  Updated 3 June 1996.

  ·  Dip+SLiRP+CSLIP mini-HOWTO, by Zenon Fortuna <>.
     How to use Dip+SLiRP+CSLIP together.  Updated 15 October 1995.

  ·  Diskless mini-HOWTO, by Robert Nemkin <>.  How to
     set up a diskless Linux box.  Updated 31 May 1996.

  ·  Dynamic IP Hacks mini-HOWTO, by Michael Driscoll
     <>.  Tips and tricks for people with dynamic
     IP addresses.  Updated 25 May 1997.

  ·  Ext2fs Undeletion mini-HOWTO, by Aaron Crane <>.
     How to retrieve deleted files from an ext2 filesystem.  Updated 18
     January 1997.

  ·  GTEK BBS-550 mini-HOWTO, by Wajihuddin Ahmed
     <>.  How to setup the GTEK BBS-550 multiport
     board with Linux.  Updated 20 November 1996.

  ·  Graphics Tools mini-HOWTO, by Michael J. Hammel <>.
     Introduction to graphics tools available for Linux.  Updated 15 May

  ·  Gravis-UltraSound mini-HOWTO, by J-F Mammet <mammet@diva.univ->.  How to install the Gravis UltraSound PnP card.  Updated
     27 March 1996.

  ·  HTML Validation mini-HOWTO, by Keith M. Corbett
     <>.  How to validate HTML 2.0 documents with
     nsgmls.  Updated 29 October 1995.

  ·  HTTP+Netware mini-HOWTO, by Pramod Karnad <>.
     How to setup a Linux HTTP server on a Netware LAN.  Updated 25
     April 1997.

  ·  IO Port Programming mini-HOWTO, by Riku Saikkonen
     <>.  How to use I/O ports in C programs.
     Updated 30 March 1997.

  ·  IP Alias mini-HOWTO, by Harish Pillay <>.  How to
     use IP aliasing.  Updated 13 January 1997.

  ·  IP Masquerade mini-HOWTO, by Ambrose Au <>.  How
     to use IP masquerading.  Updated 1 January 1997.

  ·  IP Subnetworking mini-HOWTO, by Robert Hart
     <>.  Why and how to subnetwork an IP network.
     Updated 31 March 1997.

  ·  JE mini-HOWTO, by Hiroo Yamagata <>.  How to
     set up JE, a set of Japanese language extensions for Linux.
     Updated 20 April 1995.

  ·  Jaz Drive mini-HOWTO, by Bob Willmot <>.  How to
     use an Iomega Jaz drive with Linux.  Updated 4 June 1997.

  ·  Kerneld mini-HOWTO, by Henrik Storner <>.
     How to use 'kerneld' (dynamic module loading).  Updated 30 July

  ·  Key Setup mini-HOWTO, by Stephen Lee <>.  How to
     set up cursor control keys.  Updated 16 September 1995.

  ·  LBX mini-HOWTO, by Paul D. Smith <>.  How to
     use Low-Bandwidth X (LBX).  Updated 17 July 1997.

  ·  LF1000 mini-HOWTO, by Skip Rye <>.  How
     to use the Panasonic LF1000 optical disk drive.  Updated 2 June

  ·  LILO mini-HOWTO, by Cameron Spitzer <>.
     Examples of typical LILO installations.  Updated 4 June 1995.

  ·  Large Disk mini-HOWTO, Andries Brouwer <>.  How to use
     disks with > 1024 cylinders.  Updated 26 July 1996.

  ·  Linux+DOS+Win95 mini-HOWTO, by  Alan L. Wendt
     <>.  How to use Linux and DOS and Windows95
     together.  Updated 10 September 1996.

  ·  Linux+DOS+Win95+OS2 mini-HOWTO, by Mike Harlan
     <>.  How to use Linux and DOS and OS/2 and Win95
     together.  Updated 23 July 1997.

  ·  Linux+OS2+DOS mini-HOWTO, by Hamish Moffatt
     <>.  How to use Linux and OS/2 and
     DOS together.  Updated 20 May 1996.

  ·  Linux+NT-Loader mini-HOWTO, by Bernd Reichert <>.
     How to use Linux and the Windows NT boot loader together.  Updated
     5 May 1997.

  ·  Linux+Win95 mini-HOWTO, by Jonathan Katz <>.  How to
     use Linux and Windows95 together.  Updated 25 June 1996.

  ·  Linux+WinNT mini-HOWTO, by Bill Wohler
     <>.  How to use Linux and WindowsNT
     together.  Updated 19 February 1997.

  ·  Loadlin+Win95 mini-HOWTO, by Chris Fischer <>.
     How to use Linux and Windows95 together, using loadlin.  Updated 8
     July 1997.

  ·  Locales mini-HOWTO, by Peeter Joot <>.  How
     to configure Linux to use locales.  Updated 21 July 1997.

  ·  MIDI+SB mini-HOWTO, by Hideki Saito <>.  How to a
     MIDI keyboard with a Sound Blaster.  Updated 13 October 1996.

  ·  Mail Queue mini-HOWTO, by Leif Erlingsson
     <>.  How to queue remote mail and
     deliver local mail.  Updated 22 March 1997.

  ·  Mail2News mini-HOWTO, by Robert Hart <>.  How to
     set up a mail to news gateway.  Updated 4 November 1996.

  ·  Man Page mini-HOWTO, by Jens Schweikhardt <>.
     How to write man pages.  Updated March 1997.

  ·  Modeline mini-HOWTO, by Rick Niles <>.
     How to use 'modeline'.  Updated 11 February 1995.

  ·  Multiple Disks Layout mini-HOWTO, by Gjoen Stein <>.
     How to layout partitions on multiple disks.  Updated 23 March 1997.

  ·  Multiple Ethernet mini-HOWTO, by Don Becker
     <>.  How to use multiple ethernet cards.
     Updated 5 August 1995.

  ·  NFS-Root mini-HOWTO, by Andreas Kostyrka <>.  How
     to set up diskless Linux machines.  Updated 3 February 1997.

  ·  NFS-Root-Client mini-HOWTO, by Ofer Maor <>.  How
     to set up diskless Linux machines using NFS.  Updated 5 December

  ·  Netscape+Proxy mini-HOWTO, by Sarma Seetamraju <>.
     How to set up a proxy server for Netscape.  Updated October 1996.

  ·  Offline Mailing mini-HOWTO, by Gunther Voet <>.  How
     to set up email addresses without a dedicated Internet connection.
     Updated 10 June 1997.

  ·  Online Support mini-HOWTO, by lilo <>.
     Information about the Linux Internet Support Cooperative.  Updated
     7 May 1996.

  ·  PLIP mini-HOWTO, by Andrea Controzzi <>.
     How to set up PLIP (Parallel Line Interface Protocol).  Updated 22
     August 1996.

  ·  PPP-over-minicom mini-HOWTO, by Winfried Trümper
     <>.  How to use minicom to start PPP.  Updated 9
     December 1996.

  ·  Pager mini-HOWTO, by Chris Snell <>.  How to set
     up an alphanumeric paging gateway.  Updated 15 June 1997.

  ·  Partition mini-HOWTO, by Kristian Koehntopp <>.
     How to choose disk partitions.  Updated 15 July 1997.

  ·  Print2Win mini-HOWTO, by Harish Pillay <>.  How to
     use SAMBA to print to Windows.  Updated 3 June 1996.

  ·  Process Accounting mini-HOWTO, by Albert M.C. Tam <>.
     How to set up process accounting.  Updated 29 July 1996.

  ·  Proxy ARP mini-HOWTO, by Al Longyear <>.  A
     small treatise on the use of Proxy ARP.  Updated 5 December 1994.

  ·  Public Web Browser mini-HOWTO, by Donald B. Marti Jr.
     <>.  How to set up a guest account to use a WWW
     browser.  Updated 2 February 1997.

  ·  Qmail+MH mini-HOWTO, by Christopher Richardson
     <>.  How to install qmail and MH.  Updated 13
     June 1997.

  ·  Quota mini-HOWTO, by Albert M.C. Tam <>.  How to set
     up disk quotas.  Updated 27 July 1996.

  ·  RCS, by Robert Kiesling <>.  How to use RCS
     (Revision Control System).  Updated 8 July 1997.

  ·  Reading List, by James H. Haynes <>.
     Interesting books pertaining to Linux subjects.  Updated 24
     February 1996.

  ·  Remote Boot mini-HOWTO, by Marc Vuilleumier Stückelberg
     <>.  How to set up a
     server-based boot selector.  Updated 29 April 1997.

  ·  Remote X Apps mini-HOWTO, by Vincent Zweije <>.
     How to run remote X applications.  Updated 21 June 1997.

  ·  SLIP+proxyARP mini-HOWTO, by Dave Kennedy <>.  How
     to use SLIP and Proxy ARP to connect LANs to the net.  Updated 20
     November 1996.

  ·  SLIP/PPP Emulator mini-HOWTO, by Irish <>.  How to
     use SLIP/PPP emulators with Linux.  Updated 6 July 1997.

  ·  Sendmail+UUCP mini-HOWTO, by Jamal Hadi Salim <>.
     How to use sendmail and UUCP together.  Updated 15 March 1997.

  ·  Software Building mini-HOWTO, by Mendel Leo Cooper
     <>.  How to build software packages.
     Updated 24 July 1997.

  ·  Soundblaster-16 mini-HOWTO, by Eric Z. Ayers
     <>.  How to install the Soundblaster 16 PnP
     card.  Updated 14 January 1997.

  ·  Soundblaster-AWE64 mini-HOWTO, by Bucky LaDieu <>.  How
     to install the Soundblaster AWE64 PnP card.  Updated 25 June 1997.

  ·  StarOffice mini-HOWTO, by Matthew Borowski <>.
     Information on installing the StarOffice suite.  Updated 7 July

  ·  Swap Space mini-HOWTO, by H. Peter Anvin <>.  How
     to share swap space between Linux and Windows.  Updated 19 June

  ·  Term Firewall mini-HOWTO, by Barak Pearlmutter
     <>.  How to use 'term' over a
     firewall.  Updated 22 May 1996.

  ·  Tiny News mini-HOWTO, by Kent Lewis <>.  How
     to use 'INN' to make a small news spool.  Updated 25 May 1995.

  ·  Token Ring mini-HOWTO, by Mike Eckhoff
     <>.  How to use token ring cards.
     Updated 30 April 1997.

  ·  Upgrade mini-HOWTO, by Greg Louis <>.  How to
     upgrade your Linux distribution.  Updated 6 June 1996.

  ·  VPN mini-HOWTO, by Árpád Magosányi <>.  How
     to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Updated 3 May 1997.

  ·  Virtual Web mini-HOWTO, by Dan Pancamo <>.  How
     to set up a virtual WWW site.  Updated 24 November 1995.

  ·  Virtual wu-ftpd mini-HOWTO, by Winfried Trümper <>.
     How to set up wu-ftpd with virtual domains.  Updated 27 January

  ·  Visual Bell mini-HOWTO, by Alessandro Rubini
     <>.  How to disable audible bells, and enable
     visual bells.  Updated August 1996.

  ·  Win95+Win+Linux mini-HOWTO, by Robert Goodwin
     <>.  How to get Windows95, Windows 3.x and
     Linux to work.  Updated 4 August 1996.

  ·  Windows Modem Sharing mini-HOWTO, by Friedemann Baitinger
     <>.  How to setup Windows to use a
     shared modem on a Linux machine.  Updated 12 June 1997.

  ·  WordPerfect mini-HOWTO, by Wade Hampton <>.  How to
     set up SCO WordPerfect for Linux.  Updated 17 May 1995.

  ·  X Big Cursor mini-HOWTO, by Joerg Schneider <>.
     How to use enlarged cursors with XWindows.  Updated 12 September

  ·  XFree86-XInside mini-HOWTO, by Marco Melgazzi <>.
     How to convert XFree86 to XInside modelines.  Updated May 1997.

  ·  xterm Title mini-HOWTO, by Winfried Trümper <>.
     How to put strings into the titlebar of an xterm.  Updated 22
     October 1996.

  ·  Xterminal mini-HOWTO, by Scot W. Stevenson <>.
     How to connect Xterminals to Linux boxen.  Updated July 1995.

  ·  ZIP Drive mini-HOWTO, by Grant Guenther <>.  How to
     use an Iomega ZIP drive with Linux.  Updated 15 April 1996.

  ·  ZIP Install mini-HOWTO, by John Wiggins <>.
     How to install Linux onto a ZIP drive.  Updated 5 December 1996.

  3.1.  Special HOWTOs

  The High Availability HOWTO, by Harald Milz <> is
  available at
  Availability-HOWTO.html.  It is not included with the HOWTO collection
  because it relies on figures and cannot be distributed in all
  supported formats.

  3.2.  Obsolete HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs

  There are a number of obsolete documents at  These are kept
  around since old documentation is sometimes better than none.
  However, you should be aware that you are reading old documentation.

  4.  Writing and Submitting a HOWTO

  If you are interested in writing a HOWTO or mini-HOWTO, please get in
  touch with me FIRST!!! at

  Here are a few guidelines that you should follow when writing a HOWTO
  or mini-HOWTO:

  ·  Try to use meaningful structure and organization, and write
     clearly. Remember that many of the people reading HOWTOs do not
     speak English as their first language.

  ·  If you are writing a HOWTO, you must use the SGML-Tools package,
     available from, to format the
     HOWTO. This package allows us to produce LaTeX (for DVI and
     PostScript), plain text, and HTML from a single source document,
     and was designed specifically for the HOWTOs. This also gives all
     of the HOWTOs a uniform look.

  ·  If you are writing a mini-HOWTO, you can either use SGML (as
     described above) or HTML.  Plain text submissions are no longer
     accepted!  In the near future, I will start distributing mini-
     HOWTOs in plain text and HTML.

  ·  Make sure that all of the information is correct. I can't stress
     this enough. When in doubt, speculate, but make it clear that
     you're only guessing.

  ·  Make sure that you are covering the most recent version of the
     available software. Also, be sure to include full instructions on
     where software can be downloaded from (FTP site name, full
     pathname), and the current version number and release date of the

  ·  Include an FAQ section at the end, if appropriate. Many HOWTO
     documents need an ``FAQ'' or ``Common Problems'' section to cover
     information which can't be covered in the regular text.

  ·  Use other HOWTOs or mini-HOWTOs as a model!  The SGML source to the
     HOWTOs is available on Linux FTP sites.

  ·  Make sure that your name, email address, date, and a version number
     is near the beginning of the document.  You could also include WWW
     addresses and a snail mail address if you want.  The standard
     header is:

             Author's name and email address
             Version number and date

  for example:

          The Linux HOWTO Index
          by Greg Hankins
          v2.10.29, 31 July 1997

  ·  Lastly, be prepared to receive questions and comments about your
     writing.  There are several hundreds of accesses to the HOWTO
     collection every day from around the world!

  After you have written the HOWTO, mail it to me.  If you used SGML-
  Tools, simply mail me the SGML source; I take care of formatting the
  documents.  I'll also take care of archiving the HOWTOs on and posting them to the various newsgroups.

  It is important that you go through me when submitting a HOWTO, as I
  maintain the archives and need to keep track of what HOWTOs are being
  written and who is doing what.

  Then, all you have to do is send me periodic updates whenever

  5.  Copyright

  Unless otherwise stated, Linux HOWTO documents are copyrighted by
  their respective authors. Linux HOWTO documents may be reproduced and
  distributed in whole or in part, in any medium physical or electronic,
  as long as this copyright notice is retained on all copies. Commercial
  redistribution is allowed and encouraged; however, the author would
  like to be notified of any such distributions.

  All translations, derivative works, or aggregate works incorporating
  any Linux HOWTO documents must be covered under this copyright notice.
  That is, you may not produce a derivative work from a HOWTO and impose
  additional restrictions on its distribution. Exceptions to these rules
  may be granted under certain conditions; please contact the Linux
  HOWTO coordinator at the address given below.

  In short, we wish to promote dissemination of this information through
  as many channels as possible. However, we do wish to retain copyright
  on the HOWTO documents, and would like to be notified of any plans to
  redistribute the HOWTOs.

  If you have questions, please contact Greg Hankins, the Linux HOWTO
  coordinator, at via email.

- --- END Linux HOWTO Index part 1/1 ---

Version: 2.6.2
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