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Video game code server for Game Genie, Gold Finger, Action Replay codes

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Archive-name: games/video-games/game-patch-server
Frequency: bi-weekly

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		   Game Patch Code Server Help File

This server works by EMAIL, not FTP. You must send email to retrieve

I have setup a WWW site for retrieving codes. The URL is

There is a mailing list for the DISCUSSION of the Game Genie and other
similar devices. Email <> with *only*
the word "subscribe" in the Subject: and body.

Don't ask for the information on how the codes are structured, or for
software to do the conversions. If you want to convert codes, use the
server. That's what it's for. If you *must* know how the codes are
structured, consult the FAQ.

Don't ask for a way to get all the codes in one large file. The codes
are not stored in Game Genie or Gold Finger or Action Replay formats.
The codes are converted to data/address pairs upon receipt. Each file
has to be converted back to the correct format upon request. This is
why there are several email addresses for codes. I am not keeping
different versions of codes for each device. There is only one file
per game. BTW, the current list of codes is over 2500k anyway. How
many of you actually have every game I have listed?

If you have codes, but don't feel like formatting them for the server,
then just mail them to me so I can enter them.

The codes in the Galoob directory are for the Game Genie only. They have
not been converted to any other format. Feel free to use the server to
convert them, however.


To get codes for a particular game, choose the address for your
device, and send mail to:


The server recognizes five commands. They are:

path <path>     This lets the requestor override the address that would
                normally be extracted from the header.

help            This help file.

index           Listing of available files. The list will be the size
		of the file in bytes, followed by the date/time this
		file was last updated, followed by the file name. Only
		the file name is acceptable in a send command. Do not
		include the size or date.

send <file>     Sends the requested file. Spaces will not be replaced,
		so be sure to supply a valid filename. Remember, it is also
		case sensitive! Only the names returned by index will be

quit            Nothing past this point is interpreted. This is provided so
                that the occasional lost soul whose signature contains a line
                that looks like a command can still use the server without
                getting a bogus response.

The server will treat the Subject line as part of the body.

  To get the codes for Phalanx for the SNES put in your message
  body the lines (with no leading space):

	send SNES/Phalanx


You can convert codes back and forth from SNES Game Genie and SNES
Gold Finger formats, as well as from Genesis Game Genie and Genesis
Action Replay formats.

Simply submit your codes following the directions below for submitting
codes. To have them converted, also add in the line Convert-To: just
*after* specifying the game with the "Game:" line. The converted codes
will be automatically mailed back to you. Make sure you send the codes
to the address for the device which corresponds to the format that
they are in.

Legal things for the Convert-To: line are:

The "game-patch" type is not actually a device. It will convert all
codes to data/address pairs. Of course, this is almost identical to
the "action-replay" format.

Some codes may not be possible to convert because they access ranges
of memory not available for that particular format. These codes will
simply say "UNAVAILABLE" where the code should be. Codes that say
"UNAVAILABLE" *cannot* be converted.

Example: Convert SNES Gold Finger Street Fighter II codes to Game Genie:

send mail to <> with the
lines (with no leading whitespace):
	Game: Street_Fighter_II SNES
	Convert-To: game-genie
	Code: 05E9E49XXXXE50
	K/R. This code is similar to an off speed pitch because
	it slows Ken/Ryu's fireball down.  This effect starts on
	the second FB.
	*** End

Example: Convert SNES Game Genie Super Mario World codes to Gold Finger:

send mail to <> with the
lines (with no leading whitespace):
	Game: "Super Mario World" SNES
	Convert-To: gold-finger
	Code: C222-D4DD
	Infinite lives
	*** End

Example: Convert Genesis Action Replay Ecco the Dolphin codes to Game Genie:

send mail to <> with the
lines (with no leading whitespace):
	Game: "Ecco the Dolphin" Genesis
	Convert-To: game-genie
	Code: 0623A20000
	Protection from octopus
	*** End


Your message may contain multiple codes, but they must be in this exact

These lines must be in your message, for each code you are submitting
(with no leading whitespace):
	Game: <Name of game> <Game system>
	Code: <Device Code>
	<1 or more lines of description>
	*** End

If the name of the game contains spaces, you can surround it with
quotes. All names are case sensitive. Spaces will be replaced with

With codes that have multiple codes in them, seperate each code with
a space. Like:
	Code: 10A4-0767 DF80-AD64 F0AE-6D04

To submit codes for a game, choose the address for your device, and
send mail to:


The code files will have the Device code in the first column, and
the description in the second. Each code will be separated by a blank
line, so any codes that are grouped should be entered together. Each
code should also have a line after it giving the email address of who
submitted the code.

Also, any codes that are preceded by a question mark indicate that I
have no idea if this code works or not. If there is no question mark,
someone has indicated that it works on his particular system. This
doesn't mean it will work on yours however.

If a code works for you, be sure to tell me, so I can remove the
question mark.


To reach human eyes, send mail to:

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