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X on Intel-based Unix Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

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Archive-name: x-faq/Intel-Unix-X-faq
Last-modified: Jan 7, 2002
Posting-Frequency: monthly

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This article includes answers to:

   What free options are there for X software on Intel-based Unix?
   What commercial options are there for X software on Intel-based Unix?
   What other sources of information are there?


This FAQ covers general questions about X on Intel-based Unix, but not
topics that are already in other FAQs such as the general X FAQ that
is regularly posted by David B. Lewis <> or the
XFree86 FAQ, etc.

The latest version of this article is available from

If you have anything to add or change on this FAQ just let me know.

Please do not ask me questions that are not answered in this FAQ.  I don't
have time to respond to these individually.  Instead, post your question
to the net, and send me the question and answer together when you get it.

Frequently Asked Questions About X on Intel-based Unix (with answers)

Subject: What free options are there for X software on Intel-based Unix?

  The most popular option is XFree86, which is an enhanced version of X386.
  X386 is the port of the X11 server to System V/386 that was done by
  Thomas Roell <>.

  XFree86 is a freeware project which has its roots in Thomas Roell's
  X386 work. It is a port of X11R6 that supports several versions of Intel-
  based Unix and Unix-like operating systems.  This release consists of
  new features and performance improvements as well as many bug fixes.
  The release is available as source patches against the X Consortium
  X11R6 code, as well as binary distributions for many architectures.

  XFree86 is available from and the
  mirror sites that are listed there. More detailed information and
  the XFree86 FAQ are on their web site, url

  Several other options are available for people running NeXTSTEP on
  i486 and Pentium hardware. Information on mouseX, Cub'X and Co-Xist
  is available via anonymous ftp from in /pub/next/XNeXT.

Subject: What commercial options are there for X software on Intel-based Unix?

     1) Metro Link
        4711 North Powerline Road
        Fort Lauderdale, FL  33309
        (305) 938-0283
        Fax: (305) 938-1982

        Summary: OS:    AT&T System V 3.2, Interactive, Linux, LynxOS, QNX,
                        SCO ODT, SCO UNIX, Solaris x86, System V 4.0,
                        System V 4.2, UnixWare 1.1/2.0, Venix

                 HW:    Many graphics cards including those based on:
                        VGA, 8514, S3, ATI Mach 8/32/64, ET3000, ET4000,
                        Matrox MGA, Cirrus Logic, Western Digital
                        including boards from: ATI, Diamond, Matrox, 
                        Number Nine, Orchid, Pixelworks, Trident.

                 Other: Motif, XIE Imaging Extension, Xv Video Extension,
                        Audio Drivers, Multi Media Tools

     2) Xi Graphics
	1801 Broadway, Suite 1710
	Denver, CO 80202
	+1.303.298.7478, 800.XINSIDE [800.946.7433]
	Fax:   +1.303.298.1406

	Mail lists:

	Summary: OS:	BSDI, FreeBSD, INTERACTIVE, Linux, OpenServer,
			Solaris, UnixWare
		 HW:    Over 450 graphics boards from over 50 vendors,
			almost any monitor up to 1920x1440.
		 Other: Included extensions: MIT-SCREEN-SAVER, MIT-SHM,
			Double-Buffering, SHAPE, XIdle, XsightExtension,
			PEX-3D, SYNC, XTEST, RECORD, concurrent 24bpp &
			8bpp support (overlays), hardware gamma color
			Optional Enhancements: OpenGL, Motif 2.0,
			CDE, Multihead, Mobile Computer Support..

	The Xi Graphics Accelerated-X products support 2D and OpenGL 3D graphics.
	It supports a great variety of consumer and also high-end 3D accelerators.

	The Laptop Server supports "hot key" switching between internal and
	external displays (internal, external or both).

	See web site for the most current list of supported boards and
	a free downloadable compatability demo of the server.

	The Xi Graphics Server, known as 'AcceleratedX', is bundled with
	Delix Pro.

     3) The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
	p.o. box 1900
	Santa Cruz, California 95061
	(408) 425 7222, (800) SCO UNIX,
	FAX: (408) 458 4227

	Summary: OS: ODT 1.1, ODT 2.0, ODT 3.0
		 HW: X11R5 server support for SVGA, 8514/A, S3, TMS340x0,
		     GD5426, P9000, ET4000/W32, Mach32, WD90C33, 86C801,
		     86C805, 86C928, WD90C31, XGA2, QVision, misc. localbus
		     video systems (see Hardware Compatibility Handbook
		     for actual card vendors).
		 Other: Motif

     4) Answer Software & Consulting
	p.o. box 14171
	Columbus, Ohio 43214

	Summary: OS: Coherent 4.0.1r72 or greater
		 HW: works with any VESA compliant video

     5) OpenWindows (shipped as part of the Solaris for x86 OS)
	SunSoft Inc.
	901 San Antonio Road
	Palo Alto, CA. 94303-4900
	Phone: 650-960-3200

	Summary: OS: Solaris for x86, SunSoft's version of SVR4
		 HW: ATI, Cirrus, S3, 8514, VGA, XGA, Matrox, Weitek, etc.
		     Complete list of supported cards available by
		 Other: X11R5 clients, XView, OLIT, DeskSet, Adobe Display
			PostScript, XGL (3D Graphics), XIL (Imaging)

     6) Mark Williams Company
	Mark Williams Company went out of business about Feb 2 1995.
	Check comp.os.coherent for details and flamewars.

  NOTE: Other commercial vendors (including OS vendors describing
	bundled software) are welcome to submit summary information
	such as the above.

Subject: What other sources of information are there?

  There is a Usenet news group that contains
  mostly discussions about XFree86 and related topics. Many questions
  can be answered there.

  For information on X packages for DOS systems, consult the (PC)NFS FAQ
  available from

  More general X information can be found elsewhere in the
  hierarchy, and the FAQs that are posted regularly there.
Steve Kotsopoulos

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