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i need a question to my answer. the question is: Which immediate intervention may be... by jess 4/26/04 FAQ: Asthma -- General Information
     provide an overview of the systems development process. What are some viable alternative... by annmarie 5/3/2006  
     Diagram of set design. by shaq 5/31/2006  
dodge ram 95/5.9 gas- my spark plug boot heat shield is damaged, how do I remove and... by jb 2/26/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     pull on them with a pair of pliers, wiggle it a little bit, it will come out. my plugs... by jef 4/20/04  
In response to FAQ #15, it is theologically incorrect for any Christian to say that it... by Jophat 12/6/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for
can somebody tell me something about ellis peters and her book called hexenflug? by lisle 5/6/04 N/A
     what shirt i wearing by dj 2/27/2007  
We recently acquired a French Bulldog and noticed he pants and snorts quite alot. It is... by Mike 12/6/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
what is an event server,cluster server,cached server and proxy server? by anju 3/6/04 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
I configured USER_RESERVED_MEM under to use that area for an application?How... by sibey1/5/04 [comp.os.vxworks] FAQ - index
     to do warm reboot , there will be a reset switch in your board. USER_RESERVED_MEM cant be... by venkatez 1/27/2006  
I have an Atari 800XL computer. When turned on it goes straight to the memory test, it... by Don in VA 1/5/04 Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions
     Most likely this means your ram chips are bad. If they are socketed, you can find 64K... by Karl Heller 2/1/04  
I am extremely interested in buying a Cairn. But I have a large cockatoo parrot. What is... by John 2/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Cairn Terriers Breed-FAQ
     If your cockatoo is left loose in your home or flies around the room as is most common for... by RussG3/4/04  
What is the name of the character who walked Murray the dog on Mad about you? by ng 5/5/04 FAQ, Part 9/9
     Hank Azaria by Paul Laguna 5/17/04  
     The ACTOR Was Hank Azaria, the CHARACTER was Nat Ostriteg. by Megan Faye 5/24/2006  
     Nat Ostertag by DrOMbC 1/24/2007  
Why do some of the IPC BASH system calls such as shmget and semget result in the "Bad... by Jerry 2/15/04 [gnu.bash.bug] BASH Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ version 3.36)
     You first need to run cygserver, a service for Windows. Find in your cygwin instalation... by Rastlin 1/1/2007  
I have dealing with chronic fatigue since I was in 7th grade. I am now a Junior in high... by babydoll 1/5/04 FAQ: CFS FAQ
     I balanced my moods with a lot of exercise and healthy living habits such as sleep and... by Ryan 1/16/2006  
Could someone please give me all of the specs of the battery that a 1987 Chrysler Town &... by 12/5/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
Trying to find the value of $5 Confederate Bills 1817 & 1812 my email is by artd 2/15/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     what would this bill be worth in this time by buick  4/7/05  
What qualifications/licenses should you look for when choosing a person to remove a tatoo?... by Cliffy 1/5/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     you must establish what type of laser is used as not all lasers operate at the same wave... by alkin 6/4/04  
I am going to transfer my daughters mutual fund from Strong to USAA. Would it be better... by JIM 12/5/03 funds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [V2.37]
Hi I'm 31 years old tattoo artist from Poland. 10 of years of experience in... by gizmo 5/10/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     Hi Marius, I think you allready found a place if i am not wrong by XtreMo 10/3/05  
     I have a question since you have plenty of experiance... I have a machine that is a V Rad... by WildCard 5/7/2006  
     hi please contact me ASAP regarding tattooing in Leeds... by Anna 4/19/2007  
Is there a Halachic prohibition against women hanging mezuzot? I there a Halachic... by Yaakov 12/5/03 soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Worship, Conversion, Intermarriage (5/12)
What research has been done of travel and people's view of reality? by michelle 12/5/03 Information Research FAQ v.4.7 (Part 1/6)
At age 12 Jared Leto worked as a dishwasher at what restaurant and for how much an hour? by jack 3/5/04 FAQ:
     i don't know by mary 8/2/04  
     he got 2,5 dollars per hour by Oceanborn 1/3/05  
When using ethernet as the standard networking technology, what standard topologies are... by AnthonyMill 12/5/03 Amiga Networking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 1/2
In the film, Mermaids, what was the nickname Charlotte Flax had for her sister Kate? by Ed 5/5/04 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     fishhead! by taraanne24 2/2/05  
     Charlotte called Kate "Fishhead". by Danielle Payne 5/27/05  
     fish-head by charlotteflax 10/5/05  
How do I find the number of owner-occupied homes in a census tract by median income? by Claire Mitchell-Dumas 12/5/03 Econ. Resources on the Internet (0/9)
Is the F1 visa issue on the basis of conditional admission in USA? by montu 4/25/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     timepass by timepass 3/27/2006  
     I don't know by Me 3/29/2006  
I have Thomas Eidson'sDiamond Disc Record named "Lets Not Forget" which i know was made in... by Dave 12/4/03 N/A
someone with recipe for gamay wine by betty 5/2/04 rec.crafts.winemaking FAQ
Do anybody know where can I find the verilog model of SST/Altera/ST SPI flash? If you... by wasic 12/9/03 FAQ: Comp.lang.verilog Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)
my grandfather use to be in silent movies and he doubled for one of the indian cheifs ,... by mitch bond 2/24/04 alt.movies.silent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), 2/4
     I have been searching for a James H. Durnal, b. June 20, 1898, in AZ. Wife's name was... by Bill 6/14/2006  
How much time does the court have to have to give you a preliminary hearing? by nicky b 12/4/03 Lawful Arrest/Search/Seizure FAQ
Can I legally ask for money on my part 15 radio station? by shaneg79 3/7/04 Low Power Broadcasting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
     Yes, you can, with one important caution. It's not really permitted to call your... by 7/7/05  
     Yes you can, great articke tells you how: by LPAM-Man 1/13/2006  
I have an 82 Rabbit convertible, I am looking for a diagram of the fuse designations. by Neal Wilkes 2/14/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     If you purchase the aftermarket haynes manuel it will have all the fuse locations. You can... by Cabbyferris6/13/04  
Hello all ,before 1 day I got a tattoo..the guy that made it didnt notice i have kind of... by S 3/4/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     well they shouldn't tattoo over birthmarks or moles... by maddnesss 3/12/04  
     i was wondering how old you have to be to get your belly pierced in Kent, england?? (thats... by * 12/2/04  
Because of a number of negative experiences with the church and christianity (a crooked... by GoldShadowHunt 6/14/04 Alt.Religion.Wicca Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I just want to say that a single individual dose not represent a whole. Christians have... by Ed 7/12/04  
     I am a Pk-( preachers kid) and i understand your distrust towards the Christan faith... by georgeio 1/21/05  
     Please do not let bad church experiences or negative encounters with Christians keep you... by A Christian 5/19/2006  
What are places that employ people with this specialty, and what are the chances of... by padric jason  12/4/03 [FAQ] rec.arts.anime.misc: Frequently Asked Questions
who played in the original Movie Mash,and then made guest appearances on the t.v.... by sonar 2/24/04 M*A*S*H FAQ
     G. Wood reprised his General Hammond character in a few episodes for the first season. ... by Bobby Daniels 5/21/04  
What is the best source of information about bus or errors with the VxWorks RTOS, kernel,... by MSFC_NASA_Bob 12/4/03 List of Active Newsgroups (Part 1)
"where can I find classes for my 2 disobedient poodles?" by andy 2/27/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Activities: Obedience Trials FAQ
     Contact the AKC to find an obedience club in your area. by Catherine 10/22/04  
My dog has a medicol condition that needs a survival operation, but the vet told my... by Linda 12/4/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
How can a display in the text a new equation number with out calling the equation... by herman 12/9/03 TeX, LaTeX, etc.: Frequently Asked Questions with Answers [Monthly]
Dear Sir/Madam, I applied for Canadian Immigration in Nov'2001 at Buffalo, USA. After... by umashankar 3/4/04 N/A
     I applied for Canadian Immigration in Nov'2001 at Buffalo, USA. After that I moved to... by Tina 11/11/04  
     I have applied for my Canadian Immigration from USA under Federal skill worker and have... by James Jackson 4/19/2007  
im looking for still from the scenes in the shopping mall by nicx 4/16/04 BLADE RUNNER Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How do I remove my bathroom keyless door knob? by samantha 5/6/04 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     First, get a screwdriver and pop off the metal cover, then unscrew the screws on one side... by Jan in TX 2/11/05  
     Like this: http://www.gonemovies. com/WWW/WanadooFilms/Thriller/ShiningBijl 1.jpg by Cootey 8/25/05  
     Hi, I just replaced my lock and searching on the web for info how to open my keyless... by kienpham2000 8/9/2006  
How much can a male weigh when he is full grown and how much can a full grown female? by Jovon 3/3/04 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     The expectancy of males is 50-55 lbs and females 40-45 lbs. However some huskies are... by Tanisha 3/5/04  
     dont they weigh more by kalmail2 1/10/2007  
does anyone know how old you have to be in FRANCE to get your tongue pierced WITHOUT... by wantinsomeholes 2/23/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     if you are someone that knows all about piercings like the eyebrow, bellybutton ect. tell... by samantha 7/21/05  
can a salamander or mudpuppie die from a ruptured gill? by nick morris 3/6/04 rec.pets.herp Frequently Asked Questions (1 of 3)
What is the number of the military hospital depicted on the tv series by Mr briggs 2/13/04 M*A*S*H FAQ
     4077th What is this? An attempt at a quiz? Here's the others mentioned in the show... by WafflesMcDuff 6/7/04  
I recieved this is in Mime? ------_=extPart_000_01C3A9AE.7517BF00 What does it mean? by D 12/3/03 comp.mail.mime meta-FAQ: Help for MIME problems
Hi, I have a code in VB which I am using for a combo box in Access. Well whenever I... by uptownmissy 1/8/04 FAQ: (1/95) comp.lang.basic.visual. * General Frequently Asked Questions
     may be i can help you by twelveinchfetus 3/3/05  
How often does Syphilis re-occur? by Brat 12/11/03 Tinnitus Frequently Answered Questions v2.7
I am looking for somebody like stand up comedian at reasonable fee for about an hour or... by Jay 4/13/04 Stand-Up Comedy FAQ - Faq.txt [01/01]
     knock knock by kye 3/21/2006  
     LAURIE ANN FONDILER, Stand-up comedienne for hire. EMAIL TODAY or call. LAURIE IS... by Laurie Fondiler 6/8/2007  
How do you connect a compaq dpserver and compaq dpgateway together as far as your hookups... by Randy 2/13/04 comp.lang.tcl Tcl Bibliography, Part 1/1 (April 1, 1996)
     my keyboard is not typing right. I have to hold the key that I want to use. How do I fix... by a-mor 6/8/2006  
before submitting an expression of interest to reside in nz would an immigration lawyer be... by terry laughton  3/3/04 The FAQ
What are some signs of a virus on your computer? by 000 1/6/04 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     im hearing noises on my cumputer? of people talking and theres alot of popups because i... by alyssa 3/29/2006  
how much water do new zealanders get each year by kat 6/16/04 The FAQ (part 2 of 6)
     every year by nicole 3/25/2007  
If you wanted to delete text to the immediate right of the cursor on the editing line of a... by krystal 12/3/03 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
After formatting values in a spreadsheet cell that causes******or####### to display, the... by Brittany 12/3/03 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
I live in New Hampshire and, I am looking to adopt a Italian Greyhound puppy. I am having... by Tiffany 2/13/04 N/A
     I have an Italian greyhound. He is white and fawn. He has a Microchip, is APR registrable,... by Ashley  3/20/04  
I have just bought a Sony NZ 710 and am finding the instructions completely awful when it... by Riksta 2/18/04 Electronic and Computer Music Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I have a NZ710 also, used it with Windows 2000 and it kept crashing. Found that I could... by Chris 5/31/04  
The degree that I received from the university is normally finished in 5 years. However,... by james 12/3/03 N/A
I need the adobe acrobat (not the reader) and a cable lock. How to proceed? Thanks. by NAJJAR Karim 12/3/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Could you try to explain us the programming of your famous game : Ping. Indeed, we need... by JOE 12/3/03 Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions
after powering down system how do i get it back up? i used init 6 in the past and it work... by aldo 3/2/04 Solaris 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1.74
what is data communicatiom? by deepankar 3/30/04 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
What is the driver for Iris Audio Processor and where may I get it? by mrabaris 12/2/03 SGI audio Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How do you know If the piercing your getting is dangerous? by Dream Girl 5/5/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     piearcing is dangerous? by judy 11/23/04  
     you shood check if the needle is clean if not i wouldn't get your peirceing there! ... by chloe 3/26/05  
     Anytime you put a foreign object in your body there are going to be risks. Even if its... by Shinee 12/22/2006  
i want to mirage by 5/20/04 alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 20040104 - ASFAQ.txt (1/1)
Can I take one of these online courses if Im doing a stomp out for a semester(Leave of... by Julie 12/2/03 FAQ (part 1 of 4)
At the beginning of the this is where I came in video there was a mention of the brothers... by Adam Mason 12/2/03 Bee Gees Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/4
How do I get a hold of structural blue prints to create bicicle jumps by AWB 2/12/04 Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions Posting Part 1/5
     dont know by spiderman 8/22/2006  
Does anyone have a tape of the 12/1/03 episode with Howard Stern? I desperately need it. by Robert 12/2/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
is baha i faith belive in israel faith by sami 4/20/04 Baha'i Faith Introduction
how to down file server from client PC in novell 4.2 version i have a client 32 installed... by vipul patel 3/31/04 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
     who are you? crip by crip 3/29/05  
How to use for access and store the keys on pgp certificate server 2.5 in multiuser... by ramesh 2/11/04 PGP Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, Part 1/3
     create a new account by justmatt9283 6/15/2006  
If there is not an equal number of men and women, what keeps them from getting jealous and... by Brenda 1/1/04 alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Trust. Communication. by Marie 3/3/2006  
how can someone that is adopted get the right guide in to finding grants to cover their... by helen  1/31/04 FAQ: Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Fellowships [Monthly posting]
what type of decoration should i decorate the tables of a wedding in do i use candels... by Jason 4/11/04 [soc.culture.pakistan] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
if someone has an answer to the film clip question, please call at 602-481-6289 and leave... by kimmi 4/16/04 What's New at the Internet Mall [11 Jan, 97]
got arrested and charged 2 years ago for a domestic incident paid my fine in court 1st... by gary 3/1/04 N/A
What was the first weekend the movie Anger Management was released? by gigi 12/1/03 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
Can anyone please send me a list of fillings for Lir chocolates, it is the box with milk,... by sue 1/1/04 Chocolate Resources - Periodic Posting
     can any girl add me on my account? my account on msn is by m7amad 4/7/2007  
Anyone know a good shop in Kent, UK? My previously tattoo-phobic friend in England has... by Lianna 1/6/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     try skin graffiti in ashford kent I wont go anywere else the place is clean and the guys... by bongo 2/20/05  
I'm having difficulty installing Acrobat Reader 6.0 after download. I know my system... by stu 3/1/04 Apple II Csa2 FAQs: Floppy Disk Drives, Part 9/25
     i dont no by Shajeel 12/29/05  
     acrobat reader 6.0 by nomi 11/6/2006  
I am installing the electric on a new dormer and I would like to know if I can run my... by richierit 12/1/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
Where can I find gipsy tights stockists for wholesale only? by jj 5/4/04 Clothing for Big Folks in Europe and the UK FAQ
     can not answer only want info on wholesale stockists for Gipsy tights by Dennis Kearney 1/21/2006 by Gipsy 4/13/2006  
     yes i would like to make a acount because i like wearing tights my mum sas boys should not... by jj 2/3/2007  
In response to FAQ #9: How can a follower of Christ be so hateful in word and heart? ... by jophat 12/6/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for
If i have 2/2 creature card tapped, and my enemy have a: 1/2, b: 2/2, c:3/3, what will... by Phyxius 5/1/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Im assuming when you say your creature is tapped, that you are attacking with it? A 2/2 vs... by MillMaster 5/11/04  
     If however your 2/2 creature is tapped and your opponent is attacking with one of those... by Serialclone 5/13/04  
     if i do 3 damage to a 2/2 will all three damage be assigned to it. Just wondering with... by jonny 4/26/2007  
Does a question mark go inside or outside in the following example? Did you find any... by luie 12/31/03 The alt.usage.english FAQ
     Outside. by Dadge1/21/04  
My F-1 visa expired on August 07 2002. However I was given till August 28 2002 to complete... by jojo 1/1/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     My F-1 visa expired on 12th August 2005. I am still in school and I shall finish my course... by dayosofolahan 3/22/2006  
What countries have FAQs by Cherell 1/19/04 FAQs about FAQs
how to get through the part of the ice path where we have to manuver through the rocks by abhi 4/11/04 FAQ and intro
What is the title of the music that the Chinese prisoners of war play in the final episode... by jane 1/1/04 M*A*S*H FAQ: Episode Guide
     "Quintet for Clarinet and Strings (K. 581)" by Mozart. by cando 2/17/04  
can grf file be converted into gif by afk 6/13/04 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions can do this conversion by TS 9/21/04  
are there ways to improve my dog and make her less agressive by need help 4/13/04 rec.pets.dogs: Your New Dog FAQ
i would like to know what is the worth of a ONE PESO bill from Cuba issued by the Spain... by cubiche 1/30/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
Perl Tk : I want to create two windows(mainWindow) with Entry Fields and one Button.... by raja 1/30/04 FAQ part0 of 5
what did Klinger actually do besides wear dresses working on the article 8? by paul 4/20/04 M*A*S*H FAQ
     He tried to eat a Jeep, wore hot clothing during a hear wave, dressed as a nun,... by Cat 4/22/04  
     and threatened to set himself on fire by tj 6/14/04  
What is the penalty for not hitting the cue ball first, but instead accidently hitting a... by Mike 4/9/04 Pool & Billiards Frequently Asked Questions
     You forefit the game by Mr-Pool 9/5/04  
     you loose by pavman 3/15/2007  
what are the differences in behavior etc in male and female sheltie dogs by 4me2c 4/9/04 List of Periodic Informational Postings, Part 1/20
Hey everybody!! Need help with heat, breeding, pregnancy, whelping,etc? I'll be happy to... by Tanisha 3/4/04 rec.pets.dogs: Border Collies Breed-FAQ
     hi! tanisha. was wondering from conception, how may days untill she delivers. thanks, ... by sid 5/7/04  
     approx 63 days.. by rrunner5 1/11/05  
Why did Erdos considerproperty a nuisance? by resh 12/7/03 sci.math FAQ: Erdos Number
if is safe for a male pug and a female toy poodle to have puppies by taylo 6/12/04 rec.pets.dogs: Pug Dog Breed-FAQ
     NO! I think the delivery will be fine, but in the future there may be some health... by go for the silver  8/2/05  
What movie does this quote come from - "you're lower than pondscum, you're the pus that... by Tommy 4/9/04 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     my best friend's wedding by Car 3/13/05  
     dfghdfghfdgh by fdghdfgh 3/29/2007  
what are the adultrants and substituents available for rubia cordifolia by malven 4/9/04 Medicinal herbFAQ Part 7/7
1929FRB of Minneapolis IOO208824A in red ink and 4 black strips on it whats worth? by China 2/19/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..value will depend on grade(condtion).Email me a scan front and back and I can come up... by Pete 2/21/04  
i have a real 1995 two bill never have used it. what does it mean to have such and... by johnsplace_18 6/8/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi.don't really know what you mean.Not really a rare note and if circulated it would not... by Pete 6/9/04  
i have a 3 month old son can he drink fruit juice ? by keda 3/1/04 N/A
Can a non-artifactcreature, non-artifactland artifact be used the first turn it comes into... by bill 11/28/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Anything that is not a creature can use abilities the turn they come into play. Creatures... by MillMaster12/16/03  
Trying to attatch digital photo to e-mail. Used method described in Photodeluxe and also... by David Brown 4/8/04 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     It's spelled "attach", not "attatch". by Tim 8/20/2006  
     memark by markallen 11/24/2006  
We recently purchased a home in Wilmington, Delaware that was built in 1929. We are... by beachlynn 6/18/04 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Herring-Hall-Marvin was acquired by Diebold. There are some "Safe Manuals" available... by wontrekmind 7/20/04  
     herring-hall -marvin is the the 2nd company - to which the original owner sold the company... by gary 11/7/05  
     I attracted a Herring hall Marvin safe, it is a free standing model. Approx 38" tall 16"... by slick 9/3/2006  
Hello, I'm a beginner in Motif , I'm afraid so please bare with me. I've got a client... by Jack 12/3/03 XFree86 Frequently Asked Questions
I have been to the doctors until tired of going and saying I have a problem with the... by Mel 2/8/04 FAQ: Asthma Medications
     I feel as though the pharmacies have hit the jack pot, due to the number of individuals... by beedles 9/20/04  
after changing water and filters, filters turn black and get a mildew smell after only a... by phatjr 4/7/04 [FAQ] Aquaria: Disease, Algae and Snails
a movie about a lady who sang in the opera. I saw it on a plane last year going to greece.... by Cymphony 1/27/04 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
how do i make an x as big as the screen and display it to make it scroll across the screen... by illdoe2000 4/7/04 x86 Assembly Language FAQ - Microsoft MASM
What are the small red circles inside my chihuahuas ears? They are flat, not crusty or... by Laura 2/27/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Take him to the vet, right away. It sounds to me like either worms or, if he was bathed... by chimama3/10/04  
     My 1 yr old mini schnauzer has developed 1 nickle size red ring on his stomach. There is... by matt 3/20/05  
     I recently came back from a long weekend when we left our two dogs (a chi and Jack... by tportoca 8/25/05  
hey what are some questions that you would use when interviewing middle school students on... by big dan 4/7/04 alt.cyberpunk Frequently Asked Questions list
how can the compression ratio for a gasoline be uncreased without lead by alexander  odjesa 6/7/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     I use some naphtalene powder, by crushing unfragranced naphtalene balls usually sold at... by ombenny 5/29/05  
Send me an e-mail if you know of places that will do nose piercing on a 14 year old. ... by Laura 3/27/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     u can get it anywere as long as u have parental consent by jenny 6/30/2006  
how to get addmision in your for doing an MBA THERE i belong to India and please do guide... by rahul  5/27/04 Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies, v6.01
     how are you by Jahangir 9/9/04  
     I got in xat 3.06 total percentile. so i want to take admission by chandan 2/5/2007  
What can i do inoder to join this site by Harith Subeit Ali 2/15/04 IINN FAQ: Islamic Information & News Network (bit.listserv.muslims)
     VVVNVBNVBN by NILESH 6/1/2007  
i need help i want to know if there is a boot disk for hp and if so where at i also need... by taz 4/6/04 comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ
what were the names of the 7 people? by menie 3/4/04 Space FAQ 10/13 - Controversial Questions
i was wondering if anyone has a calavier that is alittle loopy mine is very active!any... by nadine 5/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Breed-FAQ
     If it's just a puppy, all puppies are a little wild. They will calm down when they get... by Dannielle 5/29/04  
how would ketchup react to cooper by pamey1232 4/14/04 Sci.chem FAQ - Part 1 of 7
if a card says "sacrifice A card" can i sacrifice any card in play or only one of those i... by roseman 2/16/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     A sacrifice effect is, by definition, only a card (permanent) you control. You cannot... by Halfelf 2/26/04  
is firewall good for encrypting data.example when sending personal data,credit card num... by Ganesh 2/16/04 Firewalls FAQ
     A firewall does not change network data. It merely accepts or blocks network connections... by J 5/19/04  
If I were to have a pyrotechnics show (consisting of flames)at a big arena for a singer to... by Ann Marie 12/1/03 rec.pyrotechnics FAQ
Hi everybody, I would like to receive some information about th rickenbacker 4002, such as... by lander 4/6/04 alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
     Hi, I've looking for this information as well. Luckily, i owned a 4002, but unluckily, it... by Tristan Hendrix 6/25/05  
     I have one...would consider selling for the right price though I'm not sure what that... by Jason 8/8/05  
can you outline the min benefits and difficulties faced by small companies who wish to... by Raj 4/6/04 Electronic Mail: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
how much would a dollar be worth with no serial numbers and no seal? Also I own a Buffalo... by Mike 4/5/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..if real there should be a premium.A lot of these errors are easily faked.The final... by Pete4/6/04  
     I found a buffalo nickle in fairly good condition. 1938 and on the bottom of the date... by shape7/9/04  
     how much is a dollar at? by jimbo 6/17/2006  
how many diffrent ways are there to make 76 cents out of a penny quarter dime and nickel.... by ajay patel 4/5/04 rec.puzzles Archive (combinatorics), part 05 of 35
where is Peter Leboutiller playing? by dyck 1/3/04 FAQ Part 1 of 2
where can i go in massachusetts to get a tounge peircing without my mom signing anything... by beckie 6/4/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     gluck kid u gotta sign everywere your best bet is get an older freinds i.d that looks... by chris 4/28/05  
when your urinalis comes up as a5.6 percent how long does it take to come up negative. by roots 4/4/04 alt.hemp CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ
I own a 96 Grand Voyeur with 127,000 miles and I want to know where the oxigen sensor is... by Antone 2/4/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Try looking on top of your exhaust system right before it goes into the engine. Hard to... by Jackson 2/19/04  
What does BX stand for? by inspector40 5/21/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     BX cable is AC cable or armored cable. I always wondered about the nomenclature also. I... by billelectric6/2/04  
     BX stands for Bronx which is the burrow of NYC the cable was manufactured in. by frank mccune 10/23/05  
     basic armored cable by mikeh 1/22/2006  
what is the name and artist of the song that was played for trevor and natalie's wedding?... by william medina 2/13/04 AMC: FAQ: (All My Children Frequently Asked Questions) 1 of 4
     who is the artist that sang"A Whiter Shade of Pale"? by Lily 3/29/05  
What do each of the colored pins signify? by fancy 12/1/03 Frequently Asked Questions (1/3)
why does Budapest's train schedule recommend not traveling on the 6:10 (am) train to... by pat 1/23/04 FAQ
I have an '87 fox I bought new. Has been the best car, but the other day I shifted from... by joel 2/3/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     Hey i own a 88 Fox wagon for the last 7 years and i know her inside and out, the problem... by 88FOXWAGON 2/18/05  
I'amlooking for a owner manual for a satellite receiver name brand brand STS-MBS-LSR. by Theodore Smith 2/2/04 Satellite TV Frequently Asked Questions List
     I have one they were among the best ! If you find a manual , by kc5rxn 9/13/05  
where is the oxygen sensor on a 1983 dodge van by SweetLucy 4/5/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
Do Pembroke welsh corgis have a good or bad sense of smell by Whatever 2/5/04 rec.pets.dogs: Pembroke Welsh Corgis Breed-FAQ
Blue pvc pipe single handeled poop scoop that uses old plastic grocery bags. I am looking... by cocoloco 4/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Assorted Topics [Part 1/2] FAQ by Jess 9/19/2006  
     just ran across a site that has something like what you are describing... www.scoopiedoo.c... by ali 12/7/2006  
es-ce qu'ily a un autre logiciel que streamline et lequelle by sypher 4/5/04 N/A
1) Write a program in 'c' language to merge the contents of two binary search trees into... by TSR.Subramanian 4/12/04 Binary Space Partitioning Trees FAQ
     xcbcbvcvb by alok 10/10/2006  
     can anyone tell me the program to merge the search of two binary trees into one.n... by anshul 4/15/2007  
how can a trial version expiry option be embedded in a VB project and how can it be made... by 1/2/04 FAQ: comp.lang.basic.visual VB/Win Shareware VBX List
     Check out for trial version in Security Code section(look for keyword... by erk2/2/04  
i heard you can get a subscription of the Howard stern show and they send you a whole... by spyke 1/21/04 [] FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Howard Stern, Monthly Posting
I have a full blooded labrador retriever but she is only 18in and only 30 pounds and is 11... by molly 4/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     That is just the way God made her~!! by Larry 3/8/05  
     make sure you are feeding her a food made for large breed dogs by Rach 11/4/2006  
were are the anime music series? by Bell 3/19/04 Anime Music FAQ for R.A.A.MUSIC 1/3
I am looking to bath my pet myself but using the facility of a business owner who has pet... by Tammy 2/1/04 rec.pets.*: Fleas, Ticks, and Your Pet FAQ
     what do ticks and fleas look like and do they bite and if so are there any syptoms? by ann 6/12/2006  
Is the half round pin neutral or ground? by Earl 12/29/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     ground by icedog1/13/04  
What is necessary to put a B&K prepolarized condenser microphone to work as a loudspeaker,... by ECF 11/21/03 Acoustics FAQ
     Don't do it. by Jimmy Wong3/19/04  
elaborate the branches of AI which is Automatic programming by nette 1/24/04 Artificial Intelligence FAQ:1/6 General Questions & Answers [Monthly posting]
what is about world war III? by Hanh  2/18/04 Prophecies of Nostradamus: part 8/8, "Grab bag"
     ISNT ONE by SUE 5/6/04  
94 LHS heater fan stuck on high by rollinrego 4/8/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     This is likely caused by the Blower Control Module if you have ATC (Automatic Temperature... by RaceCarBob 12/26/04  
Is it proper or permitted for any restaurant to mix decaf and regular coffee together? by flo 11/30/03 Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
I have a small pekingese statue that is 7"x 9" and on the bottom a copper quarter sized... by kathy 11/30/03 Information Research FAQ v.4.7 (Part 1/6)
What is the probability that my father (who is retired already) and my sister(who... by milly 11/29/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
i don't know what happened to my computer, but when i turn it on it lasts just a few... by charango 6/9/04 [alt.comp.virus] FAQ Part 1/4
     i dont know i have the same problem with mine.some one please tell as what happened .now i... by vovan 2/7/05  
     wow buddy, I hope by now you have a new computer or your problem is fixed, I m sorry very... by zackshmack 9/19/05  
     When I turn off my computer later on it turns on by itself. How can i fix that problem by tazgirl 9/4/2006  
Does anyone have a ticket to sell for the Very Merry Christmas Party at Disney World for... by shs 11/29/03 [rec.arts.animation] Frequently Asked Questions v. 29
Is there a website I can access to find the white bridal gown Christina Ricci wore when... by JEM 11/29/03 Historical Costuming FAQ
My 2 dogs recently attacked and killed our 2 new lambs in the sheep herd. They are just... by Rob Duncan 2/29/04 rec.pets.dogs: Behavior: Understanding and Modifying FAQ
     Keep the dogs on lead any time they are near the sheep, praise good behavior around the... by Catherine 10/22/04  
     Instinctively, they have a pack mentality, and I have always heard that when dogs taste... by Kat 6/11/2006  
what is a computer virus by piglet 4/27/04 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
gdhrcg rdyer ytrfv by aslm 5/7/04 FAQ Part 5[5]
I was a student in Obwalden at Engelberg in Schiller International University. I want to... by Denis 11/29/03 FAQ
my fnmAHF CNJCACM,cBCCYZCVZCJAF....ZXNVBS by nzcgnacuamwdga.cjcom 6/27/04 alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 20040104 - ASFAQ.txt (1/1)
who is clint blacks hairstylist on his cd a few questions by wallib 4/2/04 Frequently Asked Questions (1/3)
how to search for the awareness of coca cola soft drink in India ..different questions... by vivek 5/19/04 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (1/7) [Frequent posting]
     arizona by shawn_boy 11/15/2006  
     my favorite soft drinks by kema77386 1/6/2007  
What's the best way to introduce my new yorkie to my 14 pound male Himalayan? by Kay 11/29/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
How to control the active time of a session in BusinessObjects Server. Since the numbers... by Mahesh 11/29/03 Business Objects FAQ, last modified 96/06/26
How does MPEG compresses a picture?What frames does it use and how? by mithun 11/28/03 comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3)
Please forgive my ignorance, as I have never posted a question on a website before, and am... by charles 12/18/03 rec.arts.sf.written. robert-jordan FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
     We can't be sure, but I would assume that the adam'sforce is so powerful it simply... by Matthew4/10/04  
how do you implement devices.c . by rob 4/26/04 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
why does all my beers seem to taste the same. by wiljamin 4/1/04 faq 940725 revision
what percentage of viewers will use pay per view over network tv for sporting events? by Joy 2/28/04 [Digital Broadcast Satellites] Welcome - read this first!
How can I obtain arguments and environment variables of a running process in Solaris 2.6? ... by kwong 11/28/03 Unix Programming FAQ (v1.37)
virtual library environment by tamara 4/26/04 What is Usenet?
Hi, I have a 1950-B $20 star bill Priest-Anderson its number began with C 017870 Can... by Steel 12/28/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..they are worth more than face value.The final value depends on grade.Can you send me a... by Pete12/28/03  
I have received for years my stock listed neatly on my EMAIL from some comany with the... by Wanda Hodge 11/28/03 Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
I need to know what is a substitute for /etc/netconfig (on solaris) to linux... I guess... by sunyl 11/28/03 Amiga Networking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 1/2
What is the value of a One dollar bill that says it is a silver certificate and the date... by mary  2/28/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi...value will depend on grade.Second me a scan and I can come up with an approximate... by Pete 3/1/04  
     what is the value of a 5 dollar bill with red ink on front a 49049829a a06093119a by cliff 11/21/04  
The question is this: I have seen the episodes both on TV and on VCR and there are... by happy 11/28/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1/3
Is there anyway to start dataserver in ASE 11.9.2 with only the master and tempdb online... by steve_2000g 11/28/03 Sybase FAQ: 9/19 - ASE Admin (6 of 7)
While MPI installation is there any means by which we can fix the memory available per... by neeraj 11/28/03 Message Passing Interface (MPI) FAQ
SDAAD ASD SA DAS by SDADASD 6/6/04 Calendar FAQ, v. 2.9 (modified 4 April 2008) Part 1/3
what are management signals? by raj 3/15/04 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
I build Linux core without TCP/IP supported,but supports packet socket, can I use Libpcap... by xcgang 11/27/03 N/A
i have five rca selectavision walt disneys escape to witch mountain , tom an jerry ,start... by pony 3/17/04 RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc FAQ
     I have a RCA selectavision videodisc player with about 15 movies. I was wondering how much... by briman 12/28/05  
i just got a calico but they said that they couldn't tell if it was a girl or a boy?... by coll 4/27/04 rec.pets.cats: Torties, Calicos and Tricolor Cats FAQ
     They are mostly girls but in rare occasions they will be boys. by Nikki 12/28/04  
What would be the best kind of guitar to play Maiden music on? by tweak 11/30/03 FAQ: IRON MAIDEN Frequently Asked Questions, part 1/2 (monthly post)
If I play a spell that says " All creatures get -2/-2 until the end of the turn" and a... by Austin 12/27/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Yes.It will die. But if that creature were a 2/3, it would be a 0/1 until the end of your... by magicwizard1/1/04  
i was wonderig if there is anybody out there that knows if they where adopted in 1985, I... by mel 3/17/04 alt.adoption FAQ 1: Introduction & Search Links
     aaron was to desmarais by josie 3/29/05  
My dog has been vomiting. She has rapid weightloss and loss of appetite. Do you know what... by Stormy 3/27/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     My dog has been vomiting. For about 2 weeks it was bile and only about once a day. My... by k9 mom4/5/04  
     my dog has a loss of appetite for her own food but will eat our chicken or ham, she also... by louise 7/7/2006  
We are having a hard time with a 13 week old female mastiff pup in the house breaking... by kathy 1/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: Mastiffs Breed-FAQ
     have you told the vet? she may have a urinary tract problem. Mastiff's are usually an... by Maggie's Mom2/14/04  
     we took cleo out every hour sooner if needed. after feedings within 10 minutes.she was... by cleopatras mom 4/21/2007  
I own a red dwarf jacket that could only be obtained through the fan club its got leather... by midnight-mist 2/27/04 RED DWARF Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ)
     nothing so sell it to me for double the value at 6. e-mail and i... by jimmeyyyyyyyy 10/20/05  
     Which fan club? I really want one. by Stacy 11/18/2006  
I have a 7 month old Jack and she has been in heat for awhile but now she is in the stage... by shanersgirl01 4/27/04 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Spotting can last 7-10 days, closer to the 10 days if you don't breed her. Doggie diapers... by Donna 5/3/04  
     hi i recently got a 8 week old jack russel terrier, and i wanted to know if anybody had... by cristal_101 4/5/2006  
i would like to know where to get a MANUAL for MASM51 so that i could find out how to use... by tury 1/17/04 x86 Assembly Language FAQ - Microsoft MASM

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