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Because of a number of negative experiences with the church...

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Question by GoldShadowHunt
Submitted on 6/14/2004
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Because of a number of negative experiences with the church and christianity (a crooked youth minister, etc.) I have a deeply ingrained fear of and am still very angry at all christians in general.  I feel this is wrong of me. Advice on overcoming this would be greatly appreciated.  

Answer by Ed
Submitted on 7/12/2004
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I just want to say that a single individual dose not represent a whole. Christians have done a great many good things (and terrible). But the Christian religion is all about forgiveness. Try to forgive the bad things and see the good. Or maybe you would like to try a different religion. If that is the case read as much as you can about the hundreds of different religions until you find one you like.


Answer by georgeio
Submitted on 1/21/2005
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I am a Pk-( preachers kid) and i understand your distrust towards the Christan faith because i was thrown out of a church and my dad was fired because of a messed up youth minister and senior minister.  just remember that not all ministers are the same and they r far far perfect--- trust me i know, i live with one.  that one youth minister may not belong in ministry but it is still unfair for u to judge the whole Christian faith just because of one jerk in a church i ask u to try it a again at a different church.  I did and it worked out i am not going to guarantee it cause u could find another "crooked" youth minister but the likeliness of that is rare.


Answer by A Christian
Submitted on 5/19/2006
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Please do not let bad church experiences or negative encounters with Christians keep you from learning more about the Christian faith. No group of people like to be judged by their wayward individuals. You could form biases against any race, culture or religion based on the bad elements therein.

Real Christianity is not about church going or pastors or even other Christians. It is about a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Don't look to fallible human beings to learn about an infallible God. People stumble. People bring shame to a loving Creator that so delicately wove the beautiful nature around us. Discover Him in His Word and in His intricate workings in your life. Sit in nature and contemplate how precise everything was and ask yourself if that really could have developed from an explosion. Explosions destroy..they don't create.

And, remember, any good you see in a Christian is just a very dim reflection of the magnificence of God's love for you.


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