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if you run and excercise a lot during your first threw fourth months is it true that ... by tomi7/3/03 General Pregnancy FAQ - Part 1 of 2
My longhair dachshund, Rudy, is obsessed with staring at the walls. Every now and then... by Fran7/2/03 rec.pets.dogs: Behavior: Understanding and Modifying FAQ
     This is a behavior quite like 'Fly catching' in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, where they... by Catherine 10/22/04  
     I bet you have mice in your walls....really, it happened to my daughter. by Barbara 4/8/05  
I am trying to find what it would cost to bring a young lady from Vietnam (HCM) to Detroit... by Keith7/1/03 Airline Ticket Consolidators and Bucket Shops FAQ
     lucky her by vietnamese 1/29/04  
     packet of johnnies- $4 return flights to vietnam- $900 finding out your mailorder bride... by poohead 4/19/04  
does anyone know the name of the green eyed, brunette covermodel of almay products. there... by supermodel fan10/16/03 alt.supermodels frequently asked questions (FAQ)
     Stunning, but those eyes aren't hers. Do you work for ALMAY? by ken_noris 2/25/04  
How CAN WE CALCULATE THE DIMENSION OF THE FRACTAL by emoreh11/14/03 Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
     what is fractal by gunesh chand 4/30/05  
Here i have my data in Visual Foxpro and in this data i have a column whose data is in... by Tarun7/1/03 Cryptography FAQ (01/10: Overview)
     If your colum have a encrypted data, which have been encrypted with a User defined... by Zulfikar 8/24/04  
     What is my dogs name by ginab 3/17/2006  
If I want to watch certain sites streaming video, it gives me a message that say I don't... by Simon Yoo8/13/03 comp.mail.mime meta-FAQ: Help for MIME problems
     try downloading realplayer some sites tell you what you need to play certain videos by chiefump 10/20/03  
     Download the newest version for realplayer onto your mac computer. When you want to watch... by dodders 1234 12/17/2006  
What is an 1867 Canadian dollar bill worth? by Cinnamin1/6/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     1988.88$ american by blog5/10/04  
     what is an 1867 Canadian dollar worth? by E Masse 1/17/2006  
     I have a 1867 1 doller bill i has been im my family for a long time and noone new how much... by Morgan 3/31/2006  
     What is an 1954 Canadian dollar bill worth? by B-Rad 7/2/2006  
     1 dollar by dan 8/29/2006  
     I think its about 20 american dollars by ?????????????????????????????????????????????? 4/10/2007  
i reloaded my windows and there is an error that comes up vxd dsound(3) i dont understan... by dfromnb8/8/03 programmer.vxd Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
ie their is any fijians rugby players ,played in italy, thanks for your time. T.... by tetty7/25/03 FAQ: introducing Rugby Union (part 3/4)
     Yes, there is a guy named Manoa Vosawai there!!! by ice 11/5/05  
can any one send me a list of channels that i can manually tune into on the ku or c band... by chiratidzo8/5/03 r.v.s.tvro FAQ - Part 5/10
How do you replace the rear spark plugs on a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus with a v6 engine? by Bill10/22/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     jubbidi by fox4/4/04  
     If you have the 2.5L, you'll have to remove the whole top of the engine to get the back... by Mike5/16/04  
     same as above..good luck.. by dennis 2/20/05  
     go to the closest automotive shop and let them do it by kale 11/9/05  
     Well you have to take off the 6 plenum bolts. There is two bolts to unhook the steering... by mike 1/29/2007  
how to send the fax through the internet fax what and all required for that. hardware and... by shivakumar12/2/03 FAQ: How can I send a fax from the Internet?
     March 15, 2004 Recruitment manager Al-Jazeera Agency Doha Qatar Dear Sir: In... by zacky ahmed3/14/04  
     Check out for Internet fax services by John 5/17/05  
I have a 2001 Tundra, 4.7 engine, ever since the spark plugs were changedit runs rough,... by TnTechTundra10/21/03 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     This could be a few things... First, check to see if the wires are running to their... by mechanic12/9/03  
     4.7 Liter Tundra has a distributorless engine... by JoeWan12/22/03  
     I am using NGK "Iridium" plugs = BKR7EIX This is one step "cooler" than the stock spark... by coptr9115/13/04  
     Breaking off the tip, it happened to me also. by stixx  2/16/2006  
     i have 1993 gmc suburban. recently changed spark plugs but negelected to gap them. ran... by richiec6969 9/15/2006  
what the heck do i do with the sphere thingys in the first temple, i have no clue! by sesshomaru12/6/03 FAQ (Part 1 of 3)
     If you are talking about Final Fantasy X, you have to press X when you are standing in... by terra 2/27/04  
     yup what she said is right! you do this for all the temples from now on except the final... by raystar 4/6/04  
in the game might and magic vii for blood and honor i want to ask u where are the... by martin8/30/03 The ultima.* Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ)
     in the Arena by berlizdon 7/12/05  
My wife and I are purchasing an AKC Chihuahua that is being flown (with the present owner)... by Duncan9/9/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     I would be concerned that a puppy is being sold to you when you have never seen it, and... by Chimama9/10/03  
     Chimama is absolutely right. In additon to what she said, Chihuahuas are also a very... by Kristen9/21/03  
     Chihuahuas are indeed sensitive and somewhat fragile, but the vast majority do not suffer... by Chimama10/8/03  
     Dear Duncan, I just received my new baby via plane ride this past week. He flew solo. I... by Bug-a-Chi 8/8/05  
     Chihuahaus are NOT a weak and fragile breed! To say they shake due to weakness or low... by Holly 5/13/2007  
Instead of making useless mass mailing viruses that do nothing more than denial of... by MadScientist1/29/04 ALT.COMP.VIRUS POSTING GUIDELINES - READ ME FIRST
     dude I don't know much about viruses but that would be awesome! Sounds like a really good... by Propheticmusic 11/4/04  
     yes do it by DJM 8/29/05  
     Hey whats up just testing my email. by Nightmare 11/18/2006  
     You're a fool! You don't know whats going on! by Lone Wolf 11/23/2006  
     I have no clue what that means! I mean i can understand some of it but, wow... o well. ... by confused 12/22/2006  
     important urgant!!!!!!!!!!!! by tdog 2/26/2007  
how do you go about erasing a firewall of your hard drive by shane12/1/03 Firewalls FAQ
     I wish i know, i cant get into some applications coz this stupid firewall message keeps... by DeeDee 3/23/04  
     man someone tell us how to take down are firewalls by Big mike 12/4/04  
I need all the info. I can get on Mokona Apapa, but can't find past, background, anything!... by Enjeru ( rec.arts.manga: Manga Guide Part 1/3
     try clamp 002 module by Shadow of The Dark 11/13/04  
     yeah i need all the info i can get...but i can't find it either!! if you get any info... by Hearbreak 11/30/04  
     i did a project on her but it was realy hard since i too couldt get alot of info sorry i... by hey 1/2/2006  
I am retired Navy----where can I find out if there are flights for my wife and self to... by gene m smith10/17/03 Military Space A Travel FAQ
     do u know who i am related to by holly3/24/04  
     sorry mate, but puerto rico is no longer on the list of military bases, they gave it to... by pn chief 5/16/04  
     does anyone know Jeromy Borck? Please help. He was in the Navy from 1963 until? thank you... by smdgmea 8/28/04  
     Where can i find out about starting a small business and what kinda help i can get from... by steve 1/26/05  
     I want to know is there anyway to Stop my x wife from getting part of my retirement? If I... by Tim 1/10/2006  
Why do my chocolate peanut clusters get a white coating on them after a few days? I keep... by Mik12/7/03 Chocolate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Chocolate that turns white means that it was cold..then stored at room tempature. You can... by Josh12/22/03  
     the whiteman says that it means the cocoa plant that produced your particular chocolate... by whiteman12/23/03  
     This is the most stupid thing i ever heard... People on this site are so stupid you must... by Fred1/26/04  
     how long does dachshunds stay pregnant? by pnut7/1/04  
     Your dachshund will be pregnant for 63 days on average which is 9 weeks. by Rachel7/3/04  
     you are all a waste of time, y do u need to know that, is it important , does it harm you,... by Chris 11/10/04  
     a dachshund stays pregant for about as long as ur mum penis so it will be a while, but if... by gavin sterry 11/10/04  
why does Rs232 follow the voltage level as follows: 0level from +3V to +25V high level... by ashvini7/17/03 8051 microcontroller FAQ
     It is for long distance communication by siju soman 6/28/05  
If someone who has been diagnosed as a rapid-cycling bipolar is on Epival, should they... by thorey9/16/03 Bipolar Disorder FAQ v 1.1 (1 of 4)
     I'm a rapid-cycler myself. From what I've read, SSRI'sare used in particular for (potentia... by blue_gurlie11/2/03  
     i don't know when you posted, but i'vebeen told the best things for rapid cycling are anti... by katie 2/23/04  
     I have just been told I'm a rapid cycler. But I pretty much guessed it anyway. I take a... by Dave4/28/04  
     i'mon lithium ,tegratol ,effexor and trazadone for sleep. And I feel more manic now than I... by missy1980 10/26/05  
Does anyone know where to get a motorcycle frame straitened. 503-810-7082 Thank you, ... by Mark2/16/04 [ racing] How to Become a Motorcycle Roadracer
     Go to by thomas3/7/04  
     CORBINGENTRY.COM by GABBY 3/16/04  
     BIKERS YARD SALVAGE by Pete.Parker 9/12/04  
     Contact good luck. by Dynamic Customs 1/22/05  
     i can straighten almost any frame. 519 455 5122.Brent. by straighteningking 11/2/05  
what is a space probe by amy10/2/03 Space FAQ 08/13 - Planetary Probe History
     are you gay? by zman 6/6/05  
My Mal loves to dig and I don't know how to stop it, I've tried giving him lots of things... by Princess6/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Alaskan Malamutes Breed-FAQ
     I had the same problem...try powdered lye or cayenne pepper on the affected grass or dirt by JellO 6/14/04  
     The humane way to correct the problem is to keep your Dog busy, meaning do not leave the... by shagen6/15/04  
     I know this sounds gross, but if you put some of his own feces in the hole and cover it up... by hotharley6/16/04  
     Yet more of the dogs natural behavior stamped on let the dogs dig by stinky 6/16/04  
     Hotharly sounds like she knows what she is doing by Bob 7/3/04  
     Thanks, hotharly, but it doesn't work. I tried it for a month and it doesn't work. by Princess 9/14/04  
     fill up the wholes with water and stick their noses in malamute got scared of the... by naobud 7/19/05  
     Hotharley has it part correct....If you Mal tends to dig one or a few spots continuously... by mtnman 10/19/05  
     This may sound kind of mean, but it doesn't really harm the dog. If your dog has a... by mom 5/15/2007  
We have a lab (female ) whose scent glands close from time to time,the doctor charges us... by Bryce7/31/03 rec.pets.dogs: Health Care Issues FAQ
     Your Lab. needs more fiber in her diet. Check with you Vet. in case she is allergic to... by Holtz10/31/03  
     wq8Qfu3MyGr qHUq3PjPxXGaMQ S7P492c6Ow by WMtvi8Gf8P 2/20/2006  
I have a 1995 Neon. Today, all the gages on the dashboard quit working. My fuel gags,... by Gary9/21/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Mine did the same, it's a short in the connectors to the cluster. Marcus by marcus0312/10/03  
     you probably need to replace your printed circuit board, located behind the cluster. ... by jester1/6/04  
     i have the same car. just give it a light tap a few times. the connectors get dirty. dont... by flboatboy3/2/04  
     Better solution go down to a salvage yard and buy a used one for 50 bucks by Chynnadoll 2/15/05  
     I have the same problem, but I think it is a loose connector, because when I open and... by FromCanada 9/21/05  
     The connectors on the gauges get dirty. Pull off the gauge cluster and spray some contact... by tleeds 10/20/2006  
Does anyone know of a descent place to get my belly pierced in or around Bristol,... by Em12/26/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 3--Getting a New Piercing
     at a shop called ornaments in steveanage next to a nightclub called cabarnas its a very... by shelley 8/12/04  
     yeh i need to know of a gd place in bristol 2. all my mum's friends had there's done in... by Ally 9/5/04  
     bye p-town by lil_a 1/23/05  
     yer um a reli gud place is my mum go dere by ur gay!! 8/2/05  
     the best places are blue banana and tribal voice they can be found in bristol,Exeter,tourq... by pimpette 4/2/2006  
why is it the united states uses 110 ac volts instead of 220 ac volts which is used by... by jeff2/10/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     For a given system that consumes power and that transmits power the flowin of current... by D. Tiwari4/7/04  
     Jeff, your assumption about North American electrical wiring is not exactly what you... by Rudy 8/14/04  
     First of all the AC current, 110 V, 60 Hz was not patented by Edison. He was strongly... by alex 1/13/05  
     I think you are right!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Monkie 12/16/05  
     You'll have higher chance or pretty much dead if you get shocked with 220v.. 110v you can... by Sean 3/8/2006  
Does the Enterprise D have a sister-ship by Jeffrey9/27/03 Star Trek Ships: Expanded [Posted: 13 Feb 2008]
     YES THE USS.YAMA by COLBY3/30/04  
     The U.S.S Yamato Destroyed by a Containment Failure when an alien probe attempted to... by Scotty5/7/04  
     Ive heard that there are more than five sister ships of the Enterprise D, including the... by JamieC2003 8/30/04  
     Yes the U.S.S Enterprise N.C.C 1701-C because they have some of the same configurations by Captain Picard 10/29/05  
Is the CKCS a dog that is easily trained and obiedent? We like the breed, but need to... by Claudia1/16/04 rec.pets.dogs: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Breed-FAQ
     If you are comparing this dog to a Lab then no. But they are very eager to please and... by Brenda1/27/04  
     How much time are you willing to spend training your dog? I got mine at 18 months and she... by brushalot 6/23/04  
     Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the absolute best dogs in the world, but you need to... by Lee7/5/04  
     I just got the cutest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel...her name is Maggie. I hope she will... by 11/4/04  
     I have had two labs and loved both dearly. One never did master Housetraining 101 and had... by Miss Cathy 12/22/04  
     I have a black and tan and we do competition obedience. He has his Companion Dog title,... by Jan 10/23/05  
I live in kanata and i was wondering how old do you have to be to get your belly button... by Jen8/5/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     if you have your parents with you, i think you're allowed to at any age.. i'm13 and... by smai12/3/03  
     I think that at the age of 13 with a parent you can get your belly button done, I'm gonna... by LittLe Girl 4 LiFe  7/13/04  
     how old do you have to be to get it done w/out a parent? btw, I'm in stittsville (near... by Sari 10/14/04  
     is there anyway you can get you belly button peirces if your parents not with you but you... by angel 12/22/05  
Why don't the Marvel people use Wolverine's healing capabilities to cure cancer and AIDS? ... by SVT11/14/03 rec.arts.comics.marvel. xbooks FAQ: 1/8
     Well, I don't know about AIDS but they applied Wolverine's healing factor to a mercenary... by Gina3/18/04  
     Because as shown in the Omega Red storyline, Wolverine's healing factor cannot be massed... by Beavis 8/25/04  
     I beleive it could cure AIDS because if his cell restructures or regrow then they could... by Logan 9/26/05  
     Wolverines not a real person you numbskulls. by JEANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12/13/05  
     Wolverines not a real person you numbskulls. by JEANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12/13/05  
I thought a guy at work liked me - he seemed to be giving out all the 'right' signals (the... by Cat1/14/04 alt.romance "FAQ" (part 1 of 3) [posted monthly]
     i think you should maybe forget about him...theres plenty more fish in the sea. I know its... by laura 11/24/04  
     ignore him. he might come around if he like you. by samehere 11/28/04  
     A terrible idea. If the guy turned you down the first time, there was a reason for it. ... by Lauren 8/18/05  
     Hi there, I would say go for it again, but try to find out if he is the kind of guy that... by Jack the theif 11/2/05  
     i think this guy wan just a jerk, and if i were you i try to forget about and keep your... by esmy 11/17/05  
     Don't grovel hun. Don't stoop that low, and ask him again. He doesn't want you, face facts... by Breaktherules 1/15/2007  
how often do u change the water in a 10g tank with 6 mollies and also there are babies... by becky8/14/03 [FAQ] Aquaria: Good (and Bad) First Fish; Breeding
     i would do a half tank change every week or every week and a half. by cozman331/7/04  
when i start up half life and attempt to play an error comes up and says "abnormal program... by Black Tiger8/24/03 Alt.Games.Half-Life FAQ
     i have the same problem and i wish i knew the answer but i think maybe it is my video card... by fjlj1/23/04  
     how are you by mustafa 12/31/2006  
     watch the Howard stern show on E! every night and eventually they will get a round to it. by just 10/12/04  
Why should a company choose to implement a client-server network configuration? by featon8/12/03 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
     IrsNIXmmdINwU i4vMWf1RpCI1IW dNkbwvFFPSAQr by arCRH0wORT 2/25/2006  
     TwAufPh5yrI fhYRPGZJY4mi Whaw4Vlmk1jB by T4yBmasvRP 4/24/2006  
     wscs8baKW4WFLT JuDec89wMqXaJ gGI3Bb9Domm by ef3YGSQZri 7/7/2006  
in what episode did klinger fly in his pink slippers? i've read through all 251... by bigdogrod7/31/03 M*A*S*H FAQ: Episode Guide
     Episode 32 - The Trial of Henry Blake Hawkeye and Trapper are making out with a nurse... by WOTMC9/5/03  
     You can check here for all Questions about M*A*S*H* it is a cool site I hope this helps... by homerjo80 aka.., Bobby9/12/03  
     it was the episode when frank and hot lips brought henry up on charges. henery and radar... by bula9723 5/13/04  
looking for information on slider jarts made or sold by regent sports corporation, 45... by lorraine11/21/03 FAQ: USATT-news-misc [Part 2/8]
     I have a fairly decent complete set of "slider" jarts. I can send you pictures. E-mail... by vamnews 10/9/05  
     I do not know what kind of information you are looking for but I do have 2 or 3 sets of... by tschu8 7/17/2006  
I found a stray apbt puppy she looks to be purebred. Is there anything available such as a... by Ben10/1/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     No. Every dog on earth is the same. Breeds only exist because people made them up.... by Michelle11/3/03  
     Yes, there is a DNA test, but it's generally only used to prove parenthood. And in that... by CelticArcher12/24/03  
     Just take it to the vet they see so many dogs. They could tell you by just looking at it, by opp1/21/04  
     you can determine a dogs breed by DNA testing, i had a friend who took in a stray but was... by carl 11/30/04  
     yes there is a blood test and they can tell you what the dog is.a friend of mine had it... by deb 10/8/2006  
93 Grand Voyager that stalls in hot weather - help!. Will sail along on the street/freeway... by JRAC9/25/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Simular problem. Runs OK in freezing weather but once it gets over 40F, It will stall... by ao2662/12/04  
     My 94 Buick century 3.1 also has these problem and mechanic does not know how to deal it... by james94 6/25/05  
     change thermostat to a higher temperature, check ur water pump if it is working, check... by coffee 9/6/05  
     For anyone experiencing this problem, My 94 Voyager did the same thing, usually no... by Lon 9/16/05  
I am living in Indonesia with my Mac computer. I have a voltage regulator reducing the... by Shocked9/19/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     I feel your pain, I also recently moved to Indonesia. Most of the places where I live... by MSEE  1/20/04  
     Thanks for taking the time to reply. I was wondering if anyone would. When I return to the... by Shocked 2/6/04  
     this is gay by q 6/25/05  
does a fax product (modem or machine) exist that can detect a fax call even when a human... by frumpus8/8/03 Fax (comp.dcom.fax) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [Part 1/2]
     I think so. This, from HP's site: :: If a person answers the call, and it is an... by Linda 11/26/2006  
A bug is raised by the tester and it was told that it is not a bug by the programmer. What... by chunduri12/17/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     these programmers do not accept it when a tester finds a bug try to discuss with the... by cccc1/14/04  
     Testers are not supposed to discuss with the programmers.go ahead and raise a tracker if... by Sridhar2/1/04  
     Its a tester who has to say if that is a bug..a programmer would never accept it a bug... by Gomes3/15/04  
     Let the programmer see how the bug would affect the users. Convince him with realtime... by jayabugs4/13/04  
     It comes under Bug cycle open-Tester Reject-Developer close-Tester Tester have to... by Suhas Nagane4/21/04  
     Never i heard developer accepts a bug. Make supporting douments or proof of bug like... by ashok4/26/04  
     try to convince the devloper by explaining the consequences of defect if not fixed. If he... by sangi 3/4/05  
     Produce supporting documents or proof of bug like screen shots. And tell him the real time... by Balaji 12/13/2006  
my intrepid has never had trouble starting, the other night my husband adjusted my... by mary9/16/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     need answer to question by mary 2/16/03 how to disable alarm sytem 1995 intrepid by rooty 4/17/04  
looking for my granddaughters e-mail address so i can talk to her by donna7/19/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     I have the same problem with my Shih Tzu. I have taken her to the vet for skin irritation... by yvette 8/6/04  
     Your dogs may have allergies. Many dogs develope skin allergies to the environment and to... by shih tzu mommy 9/7/04  
     Our 6 month old did the same thing until we changed her food to vet recommended allergy... by kekeve 9/18/05  
     Yes, Shih tzus quite often have itching, even if they have no fleas. You can use mink oil... by Natalia 1/23/2006  
     it may be because of allergies, thats what my puppy has. the vet told me that she may be... by steph  8/29/2006  
     Oh, yes. The itching and biting are driving me nuts. I use Revolution for flea control,... by eanjay 12/17/2006  
What do you know about Van Gogh's Bipolar depression? by jay10/6/03 FAQ Part 5[5]
     I know that it causes you to go from one extreme to the other. by lili 2/25/05  
     ghytgfhg by 325 4/25/2006  
     I think he was probably bipolar. by Joel 9/23/2006  
     absoloutley nuttin by Sarah 10/18/2006  
what are the componets of gasloine? how do the diffent various types gas differ? by sjf10/1/03 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     yeah, i'mnot a genius, so i won't give a huge answer, but gasoline is basically hydrocaron... by nat2/24/04  
     hgello my name is loopy what is yours by loppy 12/7/05  
I am trying to prepare a spreadsheet that has 3 columns which contain rows of names,... by JPL9/11/03 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
     i woud like to know about how to become a good mathematics. by Thamsanqa 6/27/05  
     make a blank spreadsheet by liz jones 2/17/2006  
     i am not shure about waht u need to do by Ms. Niya 5/2/2007  
I'm Looking for the Tape when Jimmy Fallon was the Guest Host by Russell9/13/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/14/2006  
     Thanks!!! car site insurance. [URL=http://www.insura... by insurance auto 6/14/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. The autos insurance company,... by insurance auto 6/14/2006  
How can a monogamous person learn to accept the relationships of their polyamorous spouse?... by pana7/10/03 alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     it is hard i won't lie to you but you have to ask him/her to be honest and tell you... by dee7/16/03  
     Do what your heart tells you to do. Be honest to yourself, then all else will fall into... by JACKBOB9/16/03  
     The key is even more communication (if that's even possible) than standard or mutually... by springdew10/2/03  
     Who says you SHOULD accept it? Divorce them, and if you have kids, sue for child custody.... by Patrick11/4/03  
     I agree. Why be married if you aren't going to be faithful. Move on to someone who is... by Stacy12/5/03  
     This is the craziest thing I've heard. Obviously you are not comfortable with the idea or... by dawn12/8/03  
im new to Scoket programming and i want to know how i can build a Internal Chat tool ... by Vipin6/30/03 alt.winsock FAQ
     i dont know by asesh ray 3/22/2007  
I just bought the half life platinum collection.I can register online but I can't play the... by bellperson10/14/03 Alt.Games.Half-Life FAQ
     patches and downloads by Juan pablo11/19/03  
     I like to get halflife2 downloads by muneer 4/19/04  
     http://www.counter-strike. net/cswizard2_retail.html by me 11/25/04  
     Guys! Just go to! by COMMODORE64 1/23/2006  
how can i get SERENDIB EXPRESS AIRLINE -PHONE NUMBER ASAP.THANKS by OSSIE1/22/04 Sri Lanka FAQ - Monthly posting to soc.culture.sri-lanka
     Serendib Express Phone Number: +94112505632 (Colombo) E-Mail: reservations@serendibexpr... by Banu 6/16/04  
     help me to find this persons name Walter Riggins by jhingjhing 1/4/05  
     Can anyone help me get an airsickness bag from Serendib Express....I am a collector. Any... by Bruce 6/14/2006  
My male 1 1/2 year old is vomiting daily. It looks like urine. Please help. by Melanie9/8/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     I don't know what's wrong with him but it sounds like you should contact your vet... by Tanisha 12/31/03  
     You better take your son to the doctor. If he's coughing up such colour liquids, he really... by Richie 8/22/05  
mail> show all tells me I have 7235532 deleted message bytes. How can I recover... by geo7/17/03 OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/5
     In MAIL use the command COMPRESS. COMPRESS will give you a new version of MAIL.MAI and... by Peter Weaver 12/3/03  
     i like to see al mail by vernon 2/19/04  
Why do you think there are people like Nostradamus, seers, mediums, fortune tellers etc.? by C C9/13/03 Prophecies of Nostradamus: part 8/8, "Grab bag"
     The purpose of seers and fortune tellers is to warn you of the trouble or cheer you for... by God's messenger11/27/03  
     God warned us in His Bible to have nothing to do with mediums. I believe God uses them to... by dsrtflwr11/30/03  
     all seers and tellers do not make money of their gifts.Idon't.there is nothing evil about... by khorse3/21/04  
     Is there really such a thing as a seer, fortune teller etc.? I don't really think there... by marles4/29/04  
     Yes we do exist and we are the messengers of God. by Solhara 2/10/05  
     dsrtflwr, u are full of bs. Why dont u get a life! by cactusjack 6/29/05  
Can any one tell me what month or what year Tyra Banks was on the cover of spanish elle... by swoods7/1/03 alt.supermodels frequently asked questions (FAQ)
     verrrrrONNN by bob 11/14/05  
     i think that the year was 1985 and the month was april. Abbie by Abs 11/27/05  
how long does it take to receive an email by dave12/8/03 UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (The Email system)
     it takes an e-mail 3.25 seconds to get where its going. by Lone Wolf1/16/04  
     It depends on how big the your e-mail is, also the Company, and if you have any attachment... by DarkIllu 2/10/05  
     3.25sec. your mom told me, too. by Your  Mom 2/22/2006  
what is an object? by selva9/26/03 comp.lang.c Answers (Abridged) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     object is a real world entity which can be distinguishable from others. by B.H.R.Lakshmi10/31/03  
     object is a specified memory loction in your computer memory by harish3/10/04  
     an object as a variable which has a fixed memory allocation by sherab jamtsho 11/16/04  
What size and type of wire should I use for a hot tub outlet? Is 10 Ga. sufficient? by Jim9/7/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     It depends on the size of the pump and how much voltage rating it has. There should be a... by plank10/10/03  
     very good answer plank , I always put a ground rod near a pool or tub, just for extra... by wc 2/9/2006  
     Plank! You`re going to kill Jim you nut. by Brett 2/15/2007  
     If you have a hot tub with two pumps and a heater you probably need 6 gauge solid copper... by Ralph 3/18/2007  
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo.I need to know acourding to california state law... by MagicBum1/7/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     The legal age in California is 18, even with parental permission. My daughter won't be 18... by ddolfnz2/28/04  
     Call ACE in El Cerrito. He dont Care 'bout age at all!!! by BigRich3/24/04  
     i'd like info about ACE in El Cerrito. by ysnyplyn 12/19/04  
     what do i need to know about getting a tatooe will it harm me by ann 1/26/2006  
     I'm going to be 16 in Septmeber and my bro's girlfriend (going to be 17 in June) said she... by punkprincess1323 3/25/2007  
     WHAT!!!! that is totally illegal. Tattoo's are SUPER serious and you need to do a lot of... by Bec 5/19/2007  
my family has recently lost our fluffy welsh corgi, and we are looking for another fluffy... by jodi3/21/04 rec.pets.dogs: Pembroke Welsh Corgis Breed-FAQ by MJ 9/6/04  
     call breeders and have them save the next one . The long hair is not a desirable trait..I... by 10/9/04  
     Contact the Corgi rescue organization in your area. If you have trouble finding it,... by Perrine 11/10/04  
     Try a Corgi Rescue, their are sure to be several fluffies along with other corgis. by Catherine 11/23/04  
     try and give a call to a lady called anne bowes. we got our corgi pembroke welsh crogi... by sammy 9/16/2006  
     I don't have any advice, I just wanted to wish you luck and say that I think it's great... by Nicole 7/8/2007  
i have a philips cdrw (pcrw4012)...when i put a blank cd in it doesn't recognize it..i... by dre10/16/03 [comp.publish.cdrom] CD-Recordable FAQ, Part 1/4
     try a different disc i have a Phillips cdr 775 and i HAVE to use digital audio 80 min... by kp12/6/03  
     I have the same problem dre does with my philips cdrw800 series. What's up with that. by preonne 10/10/04  
BAD NEWS TOUR VIDEO / DVD....WHERE...WHERE...WHERE CAN I BUY A COPY..????? DEPARATLY... by Backy12/6/03 British Comedy: The Adrian Edmondson FAQ v1.36
     Bad News Tour currently unavailable. VHS available through Rhino Records and can be found... by jaycoh3/2/04  
     I have Band News/More Bad News on DVD, email me if you are interested at by andydd3/14/04  
     I got the bad news films on dvd... Copied from vhs if youre interested... by 3/15/04  
     Im very interested in obtaining a copy!! Not sold on dvd saldly! I know this is an old... by Please 11/23/04  
     I have it and plan on putting it on limewire by greg 9/4/05  
\What is known about the virus: jdbgmgr.exe by mark12/14/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     All I know about it is that I had it. It sits on your hard drive for 14 days before... by Ash2/26/04  
     It is a hoax, not a virus! Though, there is a virus or mask that sends this hoax, and... by sepe4/13/04 com/avcenter/venc/data/jdbgmgr.exe.file. hoax.html Symantec has... by Raleigh D. Stout, AC5JW 12/3/04  
     Dood that aint a virus it s a java debugger by Lewis 1/27/05  
     A good idea with any email you get is to check on its validity. This is one of the oldest... by Mike 11/15/05  
please HELP!. I own an 94 1.4i golf. which has just started dying on me. you can be... by stu12/20/03 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     My son has a vw 1.4 golf and he is experiencing the engine cutting out briefly but it... by colin horn 4/21/04  
     I have a 1997 GTi 4-cylinder Golf which was cutting out at random with the oil light... by Dave 1/1/05  
     i have a 2000 vw golf mk1 1.4i 340000km no probs but when i drive in the rain or go... by chris 11/19/05  
     Hi, I have had several problems with my 1.4 W reg Golf. Cutting out, revs all over... by Rachel 11/3/2006  
I have a spunky male Dachshund, he is now a year and a half old. I was wondering should I... by annie7/29/03 rec.pets.dogs: Dachshund Breed-FAQ
     Dachshund are such great little dogs! Do the little guy a favor, though, and do get him... by Lost Feather9/10/03  
     Dear Annie: I know exactly how you feel because I also did not know what to do with my ... by sara10/9/03  
     Sarah, you have no idea what you are talking about. The only way your dog would be... by grrrrr12/12/03  
     Sara, you are absolutely right about everything! Our friend's Scottish terrier was the... by Connie 10/18/04  
     That is so true grrrrr... but funny as heck! Annie, my dachie is also missing his mistle... by Ha Ha  11/14/2006  
What is the study of stupidity? by Adrianne Jones12/12/03 alt.stupidity Foolishly-Asked Questions [1/1]
     I am not sure. by Ahnan 12/1/04  
     monology by jp 12/22/04  
     Republican by Tom_of_Wyoming 3/22/05  
     monology by backkracker 12/5/2006  
     monology by ruhann 1/9/2007  
a) Que papeles debo presentar al regreso a la Argentina para llevar las cosas de mi hogar... by Fabian7/3/03 Soc.culture.Argentina & Argentine Mailing List FAQ (Part 1 of 8)
     Se hace a traves de tu consulado en EEUU; ellos te pueden decir que documentacion enviar... by Sara 3/26/04  
     deseo despues de 6 años en españa volver a mi ciudad mar del plata como debo hacer para... by maria cristina dughetti de valente 8/7/2006  
how can u get ur viruses?..i know you can get them from e-mails..but where else??..can u... by rup9/23/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     how can you get a viurses by tink 5/1/2006  
     give me software to make em by bob 5/4/2006  
What two Dogs bred to make the Pit Bull? by Andie3/30/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     This is a hotly debated topic. Some feel that the pit bull is the same thing as the old... by CH4/19/04  
     i read that it was a stafford and a bull mastif but this might be wrong by matt 9/9/04  
     CH is stupid. The dogs that were bred to make the pitbull, was a staffordshire bull... by misfit 10/3/04  
     Originally bred from a variety of bulldogs and terriers, American breeders increased their... by matt 2/1/05  
     Cross between a Woman on P.M.S. and a Terrorist with a Suit Case Nuclear Bomb. by TwoDogs 4/22/05  
     My answer is the pit bull is a mix of a bulldog and a American staffordshire...and it's... by Solid Flame 9/30/05  
     ur a idiot its not that u dumbbo 2 make a american pitbull terrier u need at american bull... by pit bull breeder 10/2/05  
     many diffrent breeds of dog make a pit bull not just 2.. by reid 3/22/2007  
my chihuahua 4yr old taco eye is red is it common for chihuahua's by mstut8/23/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Take your dog to the vet Now! Since chihuahuas are so close to the ground and have... by chimama8/26/03  
     It could be what they call a third eyelid. and sometimes you have to have it removed. by Sandy 5/17/04  
what are requirement for sound pollution in nyc? how is it judged? by jaynyc9/20/03 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
     what is a sound pollutions. by siya 8/9/04  
     ur site suxxxx by ashu 8/20/04  
how do you register your akc dog to ckc also by shell12/17/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Activities: Obedience Trials FAQ
     You can't be registered with both at once. AKC will not recognize the dog if you do. But... by Tanisha1/21/04  
     I currently have three boxer dogs that I bought threw diffrent sellers. I dont have any... by david 5/2/2006  
     i breed my dog which is a akc to a ckc dog which is full breed to so how do i get paper on... by arnold. pelfrey 6/24/2006  
i'mlooking for moulding clips, fasteners and moulding t clips to put back the chrome on my... by mumbles7/9/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Restoration Specialties And Supply Company P.O. Box 328 R.D. #2 Windber Pa. 15963 Phone... by Jim8/9/03  
     Northland Fasteners by northland3/6/04  
How old do u have to be in Australia NSW to get ur nipple pierced without ur parents... by wonderin8/8/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Get a safety-pin, douse it in alcohol, ice your nipple down, and do it yourself you wimp. by MillMaster12/16/03  
     my mums a nurse i got her to do mine by MaJiKmAn4/25/04  
     thats a question very worthy of an Australlian, i agree with MillMaster, you retard by Imreallyangreenow! 6/6/04  
     i also agree with mill master...and wtf does this have to do with magic? by Sasuke 6/24/04  
I have two cats that were infested by fleas and are now infested with very bad flea bites... by Connie Morris9/7/03 rec.pets.*: Fleas, Ticks, and Your Pet FAQ
     When my cat had convulsions because we used a dog flea product on him, I searched the web... by shirl11/9/03  
     I feel very sorry for your cats and hope they feel better. You don't use dog flea... by too cool 1/12/04  
     i bought some "frontline" from my vet and it killed the fleas in a matter of hours it... by adamj 9/5/04  
     My dog has fleas , a very bad case. But he spread it too my cats. They are Himalayan and... by Chelsea a.k.a baily89 10/23/04  
     Antibiotics Commonly Used In Animal Shelters Antibiotic use is very important when... by yes_u_can 1/1/2007  
are true calicos pedigree cats and can you take them to shows by wendy6/30/03 rec.pets.cats: Torties, Calicos and Tricolor Cats FAQ
how do i change a tiff file to a jpeg file by al 7/24/03 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
     Use conversion freewares like Imagemagick by Shucky4/27/04  
How do I know when my dog is ready to mate? by maddy4/23/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     u will know when your dog lets the boy dog mate with her n when they r spending a lot of... by jen  7/27/05  
     how old does my chihuahua have to be before i breed her? by sarahponisi 11/10/05  
     Hi my name is Mia, my dogs name is Maddy she is about 2 months old. How often do toy... by Mia and Maddy 12/9/05  
     is a pit a good dog to have? by lakers 3/30/2006  
     I have a male Maltese, Just turned two. My friend has the female Maltese and she is one. ... by Vicky 9/4/2006  
     she will have a swelled vulva and she will have discherge of blood and the male will show... by smart gal!! 2/21/2007  
     my yorkie had mystisly staid all week with this other yorkie when i came out i knew she... by pretty 3/4/2007  
     My 2 year old pit is in heat for the 3rd time. I want her 2 mate and have puppies yet im... by Strawberry and Mocha 4/27/2007  
who invented bash by lakshmi7/23/03 [gnu.bash.bug] BASH Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ version 3.36)
     bash mean Bourne Again SHell and was "invented" by FSF. historicaly it's precusor was... by p1t3r057/27/03  
I have 2 questions. I am in the army but want to get my labret pierced. I was wondering if... by grendal267/14/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     no, its not that visible. also, i recommend not taking it out, but getting a clear plastic... by jackie 11/24/04  
     how much does a labret piercing cost by Rosie 11/27/04  
     I've got a guyfriend that has his labret peirced, and when it's out there's a barely... by blisters 11/28/04  
information on 1 dollar silver citficate date 1888 by oldbird@webtv.net7/17/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..there were no silver certificates issued with that date.Only ones close were 1886,1896... by Pete7/18/03  
i just found out my misscarage was a partal molar pregnancy. has anyone had one and if so... by karen11/4/03 FAQ on Miscarriage, Part 1/3
     well i just had a d&c and my doctor diagnosed me with a miscarriage and today i went for... by Danielle Flores    flores1family@aol.com4/30/04  
     No answer, but question. My partner went in for her 8 week sonogram. We had IVF done. ... by Nene 12/12/05  
     I am now 62. In 1968 my 2nd pregnancy was a mole. I was not fortunate enough to have... by Mary 1/30/2007  
HOW DO YOU WRAP THE STRAPS FOR THE TOE CLIPS. I CAN NOT LOOP THEM IN A WAY THAT MAKES THEM... by GRAY8/12/03 Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions Posting Part 1/5
     It's just impossible for u, THE looser. by LOOOOOOOOOOSER7/12/04  
the speedometer/rpm on 96' gti work and then sometimes fail to leave 0 mark, what's the... by dempsey9/12/03 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     I have the same problem with my speedo and tach on the same car. Sometimes i start it and... by dan 8/25/04  
     same thing happens on my 96 jetta, i dont have any problem with my tach, but my speedo... by matt 12/3/04  
When I tried to check out a symbolic link file using pvcs command rget, it resulted in an... by chutki7/11/03 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (Contents) [Frequent posting]
     Check the permission of symbolic link by sathish 8/11/05  
     bzip - Check the filename extension of the bzip file(abc.tgz) by sathish 8/11/05  
     poda thendi ,nareee by Unnikkuttan 3/8/2007  
what day of the week is your day of worship? is there any specific symbol of your... by xy8/1/03 alt.religion. zoroastrianism FAQ
     I worship on Saturday,the SABBATH of the Lord. by Anelisekile4/28/04  
     I follow scripture, I worship on the seventh day, which is Sabbath of the Lord thy God. ... by Jackelin 3/25/05  
     Hi Robert - my collie started doing the same thing... does it have very dry skin or are... by Katie 9/12/03  
     Hi Robert.. I have a nine year old sable rough neutered male.. he sometimes gets very dry... by Jill 9/5/2006  
     no answer by nookie 2/22/2007  
My dog has been pregnant for a long time now and I think it has been more than 63 days... by bad11/8/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     in a few days my dog just had puppies today it was a bout 2 months after mating so in a... by angelsgirl22 10/22/04  
     dogs are usally pregnant for up to 90 to 93 days which is 9 weeks. and yes you should be... by spazii 12/28/04  
     Yes sometimes the mother could receive some help, if really needed. by Trappa Dime 10/11/05  
     i mated my dog one week and she did tie several times with the male i brought in a week... by whitefeather 2/3/2006  
     my great Dane who is 1 went in her second heat we found a bigger great Dane and they ... by katie 1/14/2007  
is there anyone out there that can give me a recipe for making the fillo/or phyllo dough?... by billszoo667@aol.com7/7/03 soc.culture.bulgaria FAQ (monthly posting) (part 9/10)
     My mother-in-law gave me this one: 1 tablespoon oil 1 tablespoon vinegar a pinch of... by Zorka 11/28/03  
My darling dog Teddy he does something very strange he makes a bark into an know... by hi10/16/03 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     What your Teddy is doing is called churbbling and it is a very normal and affectionate... by LoveMyDreamyTzu2/13/04  
     mine does that 2. anyone else know why? maybe its a shih-tzu thing. by jen 8/22/04  
     Churbbling? by Otis 8/14/05  
testing concept by brilliant6/24/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     yes my name is saravanan by saravananau 8/25/04  
     kasoi kljlsp;d llldid jdk;dk by preeti 11/1/04  
     this is my pet name by Mintoo 3/21/2006  
     testops by Raj 11/6/2006  
     testops by Raj 11/6/2006  
     Is to validate the application under some inputs.and we r expecting the positive results.... by sejal 3/14/2007  
i need to know what soaps are halal and can be used by muslim lrki7/7/03 Islam FAQ (Part 1/15): Welcome & Index
     Please be aware that most soaps that you buy are made from a Composite of Animal fats of... by Brother in Islam7/15/03  
do dogs get sick during their pregnancy by visitingangel11/11/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     Some do some don't. The ones that do get sick get what people call "morning sickness."... by Tanisha1/18/04  
     Some do and some don't as the other person said but what i see on the Internet is that the... by lysa 2/22/04  
     my dog got pregnant 1 year ago since last january and has never been pregnant since she... by kiara 4/30/05  
     hi gnjdfmzsghfsyrhgcvxfearfdbhiymbhy hgfusr bhutrs huws ghn wgjtrt dbn wcvhet by nicole 1/5/2006  
     My dog is sick she is throwing up, not eating and shaking all over. i don't know what to... by brighartcolor 5/16/2006  
2 years ago I signed a rebate contract with CompuServe for 3 years. Then, they switched me... by Alexia10/3/03 FAQ Part 1/3 - Censorship
     just switch back by lisa12/26/03  
     same thing happened to me. We got Compuserve with the computer, and they kept saying... by foufille 3/5/04  
     I'm not a lawyer, so I can't answer directly. I would suggest letters to the Dept. of... by Rick 3/16/04  
     I started with Compuserve then switched for three days to AOL after realizing the price... by Abs 3/23/04  
I recently went to the dealership with my 2002 Dodge Dakota 4x4 with a "clanking sound in... by cheryl6/8/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     We've experienced the same "clunking", clicking sound in our 2001 Dakota. The dealership... by jeenebeene 8/25/04  
     I know this problem very well. my buddies truck did this. it is the control arm, every... by grant winn 9/16/04  
     There seems to be a problem with the clips that hold the pads in place. Mine rusted... by Dave F. 1/14/05  
     I have an 02' Dakota 4x4 and I have the same problem. I think it happened at somewhere... by JJ 5/18/05  
     There is a recall on the ball joints on this model, may want to check that out by dodge girl 8/21/05  
     I believe you may wish to do a 'recall' search for 2002 Dakota's 4X4. My Dakota was... by P 10/3/05  
     I ran across this recall recently that may be a help. 2002 Dodge Dakota Sport NHTSA... by Scott McManigle 1/4/2006  
     I had the same problem on my 2002 Dakota. It was the brake pads, the inside brake pad that... by Jake 5/22/2006  
     cheryl I to have a 2002 and had the same problem drives you crazy-- front diff had bad... by shooter 9/25/2006  
I have a big red bubble like thing on the top of my bellybutton piercing. I've had this... by Britters2/2/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     this is sometimes part of the healing, it doesn't necessarily mean you have an infection.... by Tynicia2/28/04  
     hey no you don't have to remove you jewelry just keep cleaning it and it will go away by sara 4/1/04  
     get some A & D ointment and some non iodized sea salt. Wash it with antibacterial soap... by MDKline4tax 4/29/04  
     go to let me know if they help. by Tiffany 6/20/04  
     I wouldnt change it, just leave it in and try something like Bacatracin or Batadine or go... by Teenah 6/22/04  
     You do not have to remove your belly button ring! This happened to me after a month or... by drayce78 1/15/05  
     These "bubbles", or pockets of fluid, are cysts, small areas of white blood cells that are... by meowmix 1/29/05  
when are new trek comics gonna be published? by ray9/9/03 Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 1/9 trek/comics-checklist/part1/section-4. html by 2/7/04  
     Winter '03/Spring '04 http://www.tokyopop. com/news/press2004/2004_star_trek.php by Steve Mollmann 4/28/04  
my samoyed in august i noticed that his lips, nose, and eyes had turned pink. i took him... by colleen10/8/03 rec.pets.dogs: Samoyeds Breed-FAQ
     Ditto! I have a Samoyed/Malamute mix who has unknown sores on the bottom lip right below... by malahusk 1/20/2006  
Now I'm looking for a job for the summer is this a job or like a recording studio cause i... by baby gurl9/17/03 Listing of open musical jam sessions
     i'm trying to look for a job by shadz12/10/03  
     great chance? have a look: many greetings Markus by formula4005/14/04  
     I really need a job and I'm 15 years old by mookie 9/17/04  
     well if your trying to find work, become a mystery shopper. I've done it for two years... by college student 6/6/05 is a great place to share your talent for FREE. by 1/31/2006  
     I´m an English Teacher by Darwin 10/23/2006  
Where can I buy a hand held green laser >30 ~ 50 mW with a user duty cycle better than... by Knox3/15/04 Electronics Search FAQ - Pointer by Karl7/20/04  
     check out this item @ http://www.thinkgeek. com/gadgets/lights/5a47/ Extremely bright... by ppeters2 12/3/04 by bob 8/20/05 by Jeri 10/21/05 has some good ones. They are currently translating their page, but they... by campod 3/15/2006  
     try They have handheld lasers and plug-in 110 volt lasers. They... by Laserdude 4/3/2006 by Zain 7/11/2006  
     If your in New Zealand, give a go. I believe they sell green... by Jordan 9/7/2006  
How does an Anti Virus Program recognize the Virus? What is Virus fingerprints? by Aryan8/23/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     A computer virus is simply a set of computer instructions or computer code that was... by PrashantK9/12/03  
     Most viruses especially the earliest ones were simply a repetitive code. That is a program... by fizzymax 12/21/03  
     virus stands for Vital Information Resource Under Seiged,while booting ur system for the ... by mits2/20/04  
     how do you create an anti virus program? by kazmania4/24/04  
     i need infos about anti virus!!! by azeta 11/17/2006  
     I just did this on my wife's '98 Voy. SE w/ 3.3L. The maint. manual is no help. 1. Put... by Clemson Fan4/29/04  
     Thanks for the clue about the nut in the back of the old tensioner. I was go to give up... by JeffPaisley 1/13/05  
     Hi, My car used to squeal when idoling and when starting (after not being run for a day... by Josie-neon driver 5/9/05  
     Any reason this might not work for a '94 Dodge Caravan? Thank you by KenDasey 7/11/05  
     Was see the wise one will see the first morning sun. by Azrilio 8/3/05  
     My friend changed the tensioner and belt tentioner on my 1996 pontiac grand am GT. Now my... by Lynn 9/17/05  
     I searched the Internet for almost 2 1/2 hours for this information. Thank you for taking... by Liana 10/11/05  
What is the most commonly transplanted organ in the United States by Mr. Smith3/3/04 FAQ: bit.listserv. transplant, Organ transplant ng (Part 1 of 4)
     Kidney by bill 4/11/05  
     kidney by dkc 6/13/05  
     kidneys by ralph 9/9/05  
     kidney by sky3 10/8/05  
     kidney by steph 5/11/2006  
     i need to know by mouse 4/13/2007  
     kidney by min 4/24/2007  
I have a smaller male and a bigger female I am trying to breed them but the male trys but... by dixon1/29/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     Yes, it is possible for her to get pregnant without a tie though it is a good thing to see... by Tanisha2/15/04  
     often, it is necessary for the owners to assist in breeding. if it is difficult for them... by Meagan6/21/04  
     Yes, she can conscieve without a tie, but you may want to watch them very closely to see... by Rachel 7/4/04  
     I am trying to breed my 6lb female with a 2 lb male and they cant seem to connect? What... by TYRA 2/11/05  
     HI my name is Bianca and I'm13 soon be 14 this years 2005 but i want to know about get... by Bianca 2/28/05  
     try a little k-y and place him on a block so he is above her and hold the female by charmin 5/6/05  
     i have a 8 lbs maltese and a female that is 6lbs is that too much of a difference to... by pryde 6/28/2007  
How can i partition a single 18 gb hard disk into partitions over and above the home... by RMR10/29/03 UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (General)
     i dont now by py 8/16/04  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/15/2006  
     Thanks!!! car site insurance. [URL=http://www.insura... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. compare car insurance, auto... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     ringtones free by 6/15/2006  
Where is a good place to get your belly pierced in Oahu, Hawaii? by Forcithia12/31/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     Hey i was thinking of getting my belly done and i live in Kwanana, Perth, Western... by Evilbabe 4/19/05  
     a goo place you can go is hawaiian tatto co it has body piercing it like real close to ... by finnicia 5/10/05  
     i wont to get my belly pierce? by Alison 6/16/05  
     Try Zebra in the bay area. I was told it was very friendly and clean! ( not sure sure... by Eve 8/13/05  
     im getting my belly button pierced in a couple weeks and i live in hawaii. in oahu... by carly 12/28/05  
     ....if you want to find a place to get a piercing go to"what" enter... by sarah 12/28/05  
Why does tea become cloudy? For some reason my husband has a problem with this. We have... by Linda9/7/03 FAQ
     GH chemists, Lipton Tea Co and the NY City-based Tea Association of the USA say that when... by II Timothy1/27/04  
     I've been making tea for years, never had any trouble with cloudiness til I moved here... by ginny2/3/04  
     Ginny has missed one important part of what Timothy quoted. Higher quality tea has more... by TeaFor2 4/14/05  
     Tea is expensive so don't throw it out. Cloudy ice tea can be made clear by adding a... by Dottie 6/11/05  
     I have had one of those mr. coffee iced tea machines. 6 Litpon bags cut open and put into... by Jason_m 12/1/05  
     Nothing is more infuriating to a southerner (and one that started drinking tea at a year... by Southern Sweet-tea 4/22/2006  
what is the physics of fireworks? by Jane11/15/03 rec.pyrotechnics FAQ
     hello jane, very glad to see you question.i recommend one essay to have a look: i have... by fireworks anna Li 11/9/04  
     Physics of fireworks is the study of velocity,gravity and height of the fireworks during... by bob migz 8/11/05  
     yo momma by fdsa 1/5/2006  
i am trying to create a time sheet. eg 8.00am to 5.00pm is 9 hours i cant seem to set this... by robert7/26/03 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
     Hello, All you have to do is subtract the 5:00 pm by 8:00 am and format the cell to... by Diluted_Cynide@yahoo.com8/8/03  
     satheesh by fg 7/18/2006  
who developed unix by cassandra2/3/04 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (1/7) [Frequent posting]
     Ur mom did by osama 12/12/05  
     charles Darwins by say 9/11/2006  
     In 1969 Ken Thompson wrote the first version of Unix, called UNICS. UNICS stood for... by pavan 10/24/2006  
     Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thomson at AT&T Bell Lab now known as Alcatel-Lucent Technologies by jibin 6/13/2007  
my dog has scalie stuff all over his back and he is always biting can anyone tell me what... by randa11/11/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     use head and shoulders shampoo, twice a week. by flo2/11/04  
     people shampoo is for people use a tar shampoo. it is developed for dogs with that exact... by k 6/6/05  
     I have a question regarding itching. My shihTzu has suffered from allegies for years... by C Elliott 9/3/2006  
Where can I find Renata B crinkled cotton caftans? I have gotten them on line in the past,... by Sue9/1/03 Clothing for Big Folks: U.S. (FAQ)
     Renata B has gone out of business, sadly. I have scoured the country for my favorite... by bratbat10/30/03  
     I have been searching everywhere for those, too. I was told by my local store that the... by Judes 12/29/03  
     Try "Breezy Boutique" in Nehalem, Oregon by kb7/20/04  
     HI! I used to sell Renata B. Collection in the Virgin Islands and am very sad to find out... by Patsylady 8/4/04  
     the float is now available through tog by ejp 5/3/2006  
     hey check out they have crinkled cotton clothing and sizes range... by HN 2/21/2007  
I am an American woman marrying an Algerian man. My question is, I am to ask my husband... by Holly9/30/03 Islam FAQ (Part 1/15): Welcome & Index
     Hi, Mahr is usually agreed upon by the parents or the person responsible for the woman... by Molly11/14/03  
     "it does not have to be of any specific amount, it has to be just a symbol of how much the... by Rastaman Vibration  3/16/04  
     can American woman marry ti islam man? by barbette6/18/04  
     Mahr Fatimi = 1.5309 kilogram of silver (1530.9 g) (= £ 153.09 for July 2004) by Yahya 12/27/05  
     sweetie darling, Barbette what an intellectual question!!! Can an American woman Marry... by kami 11/21/2006  
     How about that an Algrien Woman who marry with an American man ? by twyti  5/6/2007  
I breed APBTs and my dogs are loving pets. They prove time and time again that they are... by Brian1/9/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     do you breed 4 profit?anyone who rerspects this breed will go out of there way to insure... by moondog2/6/04  
     There are SO many myths and stupid rumours about this breed! My favourite is the "locking... by EvilEdna42 3/21/04  
     no, it is not true. i forgot what it's called but it's extremely rare and does not set in... by momaj 5/22/04  
     NO, this is not true. You claim to be a breeder and yet you have to ask this question.... by jadedpitgirl6/23/04  
     Just leave the dogs alone it is all how you treat them it is up to the owners they are at... by jackk 9/11/04  
     Im tired of the stereotyping of American Pit bull Terriers.My family has bred these dogs... by Sydney'sMom 10/12/04  
     they are all myths and not worth mentioning! I think we can all help to better the breed... by trackman 11/13/05  
     Can I get a hell yah jaded ?!!! by PremierEdition 12/29/2006  
Can some or any scars be tattooed over? by indifferent8/25/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     most scars can. post surgery scars are the most common however skin discoloration can also... by mr. prism 10/2/03  
     Yes my mom got her seasection scars tattooed over. by Ace 10/29/03  
     Yes scars can be tattooed over as long as they are fairly old and have faded. It doesn't... by moose 2/24/04  
     be carefull depending on the type of scar they should be at least 3 years old for risk of... by 5/8/04  
my dog has such bad allergies that she sneezes until her nose bleeds. i have taken her to... by angela8/16/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     When your dog has her teeth cleaned, make sure that the vet checks for any spaces around... by Diane11/1/03  
     Look in your area for a dog dermatoligist. I had ten vet vists, and over a thousand... by Carol12/9/03  
     my dog too has allergies she has scrached herself to the point she has hardly any hair on... by dulla 4/25/05  
     kjsdhglkj by hoggerofthepattle 4/20/2006  
I've just purchased two male Siamese kitten, one is Seal point and the other is Blue... by Claire9/4/03 rec.pets.cats: Traditional Siamese Breed-FAQ
     cats in the same litter can be different colours. i just visited some kittens and there... by donna 9/28/03  
     We have been breeding Siamese kittens for over 15 years. Yes it is possible to have two... by Jim1/26/04  
     Not only can different colors occur in the same litter, different color patterns can! It... by MeezerMaster 1/14/2006  
     Not only can you have different points, sometimes WHICH point the kitten will be in vague... by Lylalee 6/20/2006  
i am new to the army and we have to run 2 miles to pass our pt test. i am horrible at... by parker2/23/04 rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 2 of 2
     yeah you will have to pass the pt test, and the muscle pain and breathing problems are... by chris 8/25/04  
     i dont have an answer but i am new to feild hocky and i have ot run a mile in 8 mins or... by Gsm303 8/25/05  
     I know it sounds so repetitive and cliche but you really have to practice. Start out with... by Linds 3/7/2006  
     i get tired and it hurts when i run 2 miles also, but i taught my body how to handle it... by patriot games 8/9/2006  
     Running is different for everyone. I'm also in the military but the navy and we only have... by Big Mike 11/2/2006  
what is the best time for breeding by dog8/19/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     The best time for breeding a dog differers with each breed. Naturally bigger dogs mature... by Minpins650011/3/03  
     The best time to breed your dog is there 2nd heat or 2 years of age. Also like MinPins... by Rachel7/3/04  
     At what time should i consider breeding a male cocker spaniel? by Lizwh2002 3/1/2006  
     hey are you racing?? by neto 5/25/04  
My female dog has crusty dry patches on her elbows .. what is it, is there any treatment... by Leigh9/9/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     maybe just dry dirt stuck on coat? by woof10/13/03  
     wash it with soap really and i mean really scrub it really hard. Because my ugly friend... by rosalinda bustamanta3/6/04  
     ive always found a good tumble dry or beating tends to get the crust off. Or alternativel... by crustydog 9/26/04  
     Was the butter hot or still cold? by Rex 11/16/05  
     your mother's vagina is acidic enough to smooth those babies right out lovin it lovin... by butterelbows 4/7/2006  
     Hell Yeah by tundraknowitall 11/10/2006  
     Hell yeah! by tundraknowsitall 12/3/2006  
     I am So Glad my answers were helpful to you, and that Taco and Tequila are getting along... by chimama10/23/03  
     I do not have an answer, but a question. I have a 13 week old chocolate. I have had her 3... by RJ 10/19/04  
     can anyone help me please,i have a bichon frise he is 4 months old.he does not stop biting... by saz 11/19/04  
     i am an indian by muthukumar 12/29/05  
i am looking for a complete pic of the tattoo on val kilmers back in the movie the salton... by ernie2/12/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     i need one to who has the picture of it by drag-on 3/23/04  
     why by lickable 5/26/04  
     i need a pic of that tat as well cos im getting it for my boyfriends birthday for him cos... by channy 7/12/04  
     I need to now where to find a picture of it cause i got the money to get it but we can`t... by Sin 9/30/04  
     i would like to know where i can get a replica picture of the tattoo on val kilmers' back... by barry 10/29/04  
tell me about simple acoustics devices by mahalakshmi7/20/03 Acoustics FAQ
     There are two kinds of simple acoustics devices: 1. Making waves 2. Detecting waves ... by Jimmy Wong 3/19/04  
how do I Implement 8051 core in FPGA using virtex or spartan ? by ramakrishnanvn9/25/03 8051 microcontroller FAQ
     8051 as input controller by tole 6/29/04  
     hello ramakrishnan, i am an graduate in VLSI design.i think i will be able to... by priya 8/5/04  
     hi.please for give me for i can't speaking and writing English very well.i want configure... by meisam 11/13/04  
     how do I Implement 8051 core in FPGA using virtex or spartan ? by 6/8/05  
how to feed and care for 2-3 wk old kitten mother abandoned. I got formula, bottle but... by cherry9/25/03 rec.pets.cats: Care of Orphaned Kittens FAQ
     if your kitten is having trouble pooing just take a wet warm washcloth and rub its butt... by Tamnesha5/3/04  
     Try a small amount of mineral oil in the formula. by kat6/28/04  
     my kitten is 5 days old and now refuses to eat and opens mouth but no meow comes out and... by tootie5 10/12/04  
     What to feed a new born kitten that does not have a mother? by campbelli 6/28/2006  
     I found a Kitten by my window, Its about a week old. I've tryed to feed it but it won't... by Josh 10/3/2006  
who or what the hell is Rudy? does it have something to do with rude boys or something?... by bLACK bLOC sKUNK8/20/03 FAQ: Ska ( Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     Yes a Rudy would be a term for rude boys or girls, its just a shortened term by SkankinRudeBoy12/27/03  
     yes!rude is everything that someone wanna be....though it is not a fashion!remember!it is... by jon 9/18/05  
     so the original ska founders were part of a movement for black rights etc and they called... by skanewbie 7/13/2006  
     Why do rude boys wear pants that are a few inches too short?Is there a particular reason... by johnnygoSKA 10/5/2006  
I have a vw polo 1988 that keeps cutting out almost everytime I take my foot off the... by maz2/19/04 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     If it occurs when its is damp and cold you could have a carb icing problem If it runs fine... by Ed3/9/04  
     There are other problems that cause intermittent cut outs, check by phulla5/6/04  
     I have the same problem and am going to tackle it tomorrow with the help from this site.... by pegseller6/1/04  
     Hi there, I had the same problem on a couple of occasions and it turned out to be the... by Jennie 11/20/04  
     it is more than likely to be that your carb isnt tuned properly as i had!! that same... by carlos 2/14/05  
     This is one of the most common problems with Golf - yet noone seems to have an answer?... by kool 3/13/05  
     it is a throtle housing problem. u need to clean the throttle housing out because it is... by scott 10/4/05  
     I have 3 VW Polos 88-89 all had the same problem. A friend who works for VW told me it is... by Ray 12/3/05  
     the cutting out problem on polos, 1994-1999 model can be fixed by a simple cleaning of the... by jay 2/12/2006  
i was wondering how high it is for this breed to develop bloat? can i help prevent bloat?... by keith colovos7/7/03 rec.pets.dogs: Great Danes Breed-FAQ
     Our dane got bloat at the age of 5. Luckily we caught it in time, for time is of the... by Sally12/11/03  
     With all Danes, feed them 2 times a day. Puppies 3-4 times a day. Another tip is to raise... by Lauren1/30/04  
     I used 2 plant stands for food and water purchased from Frank's Nursery that were chest... by Michelle2/18/04  
     Most Danes would NEVER turn on their owners, and if they did, they are very poorly bred.... by Mimi 7/14/04  
     When my dane was a puppy, I got a small container so he didnt have to bend all the way... by James 8/20/04  
My dog teddy makes a bark into an err do your dogs do that by hi9/9/03 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     Hi there, By a 'bark into an err' do you mean ... He puffs his chest, raises his head... by Tigerlily 10/10/03  
     If you mean he has a funny bark, or, kind of barks and growls at the same time, my Shih... by kel 10/21/03  
     my dog is a 1 year old german sheperd mix we think he is part coyate becuse he looks like... by vic 8/23/05  
     i just purchase a shih tzu and I have not heard it bark not once and it has been several... by gigi 10/29/05  
how young is too young for a dog to be pregnant by ineedhelp7/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     they have to be at least a year to breed by stella7/15/04  
     Too young is anything under 1 1/2 years or the third heat. 1 year old is hardly out of... by Tanisha 8/22/04  
     No dog should be bred before two by Xeph 11/5/04  
     No they do not have to b atleast a year my chiuhua had her babies @ age of 11 months we... by Michelle 3/26/05  
     Hi.Wait until there seocond heat to breed.Witch can be anywere between six months to two... by Sunshine 4/12/2006 ringtones site free. [URL=http://www.special-rington... by funny ringtones 8/7/2006 ringtones site free. Best free samsung ringtones,... by funny ringtones 8/7/2006  
     My dog is almost a year.. she was just in heat.. I think she might be pregant. Her nipples... by Jenna 11/19/2006  
     See this web site:http://www.enginecore. com/v6blowout/ by Dale8/13/03  
     I have a '90 3.0L that has consistently been very reliable and strong. It is in a Caravan.... by Dano10/10/03  
     I have a 3.0L V-6 ENGINE great condition car needs ball joints and other work that I... by sunshine 9/30/05  
is istikarah for marriage guidance only. can it be done for guidance in other matters eg:... by sak9/3/03 IINN FAQ: Islamic Information & News Network (bit.listserv.muslims)
     help me i dont no Wat to do with my marriage by ice cube 1/19/04  
     my lesbian friend is starting to see other ladies. she has been going behind my back witch... by bum cheese 1/19/04  
where can i find a replacement brake pad for 1997 oxygen blades. by jp7/2/03 In-line Skating FAQ: Western NA (5.1)
     We offer brake pad in china,if you have any interesting,send E-mail to us,we wiil send you... by leeu3/15/04  
my 10 yr old bichon has a head twitch or a head spasm often--usually when asleep but it ... by darlene luinski11/30/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     My 10 month old yellow lab is doing the same thing. I recently came to the conclusion... by kris_beck3/2/04  
     My 8 month toy poodle does the same thing. He has been diagnosed with ensephalitus, and... by Risa 1/18/2006  
     did you ever find out why the head twitching of the dogs? by kim 8/26/2006  
     Get the kid off of video games and in 3-6 months the problem will be gone.... by Mark 4/21/2007  
what is or would be a typical Tibetan monk diet? what veggies? is there milk? goat?... by lee7/9/03 talk.politics.tibet: FAQ [1/1]
     I need to know more about the Tibetan monks fasting diet by Tcerchi 3/9/2006  
     i think for that answer u will have to go to guru ji!!!!!!! by csh 4/19/2006  
     Actually it depends on the tradition of the Tibetan monastery! i personally know one... by Dolma Lhamo 7/17/2007  
My 2 1/2 year old female Yorkie was just diagnosed with a "grade 2" heart murmur. I am... by cjessup558/18/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     I, personally, do not have alot of experience in this, but I have heard others with this... by Miracle Yorkies10/28/03  
     I have a 10 month old york male ( Max ) who was born with a PDA (heart condition ) and a... by Connie11/10/03  
     I just lost my yorkie this morning he had a heart murmer and stop breathing one vet... by Marilyn Grass 7/14/05  
     harley by chloe' 9/4/2006  
     I have found out through a friend my male yorkie may have a heart condition...or possibly... by 3/25/2007  
What kind of military schools could I go to to be an astronaut? by pac man4/29/04 Space FAQ 12/13 - How to Become an Astronaut
     go away by cosmonought tom 9/14/04  
     hi this is rebecca mossman mitergory school mate ok by rebecca mossman 10/18/04  
     probably an air force school and studie astronotes and space and after your service time... by liv 4/1/05  
     To be an astronaut, you must usually join the Air force and become a pilot. The best... by kchap38 6/19/05  
     why would you go to a military school to be an astronaut? why dont you just go to... by dan 11/27/05  
     the green martian ninjas wat do u tink? by Bonnie 12/14/05  
     the air force academy or naval academy are good options for getting into an aviation... by joey 4/3/2006  
     Air Force Academy all the way. Depends where you are though. If you are in Highschool and... by WootforCarleyandstuff 8/26/2006  
how do i put my existing account on my new computer? by marina9/27/03 Electronic Mail: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     How do I place my existing account on my new computer. My old computer runs on Windows... by Edmond Bloch 5/20/04  
     ashley by Chels 6/28/2006  
Hello! We have a six month old French Bulldog and about a month ago we started to see... by Ali_n_Ernie1/18/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     My French Bulldog exhibited similar symptoms, but without loose stools. My vet suggested... by isabell4/20/04  
     We have a five year old frenchie and he has the same symptoms, inflamed paws that he licks... by Elvis 10/20/04  
     hi, i have had similar problems with the licking and whelps all over the body,,, the... by aj harris 12/16/04  
     Lots of bulldog breeds are allergic to corn and other grains. I put my Staffy Bull on raw... by Guest 1/2/2006  
     I have a 10 month frenchie. She was scratching at her face and ears for a long time. I... by frenchie  3/11/2006  
     I have a Frenchie with allergies and he too seemed to be reacting to his food. Anytime he... by Josette L 5/2/2006  
     I have a French Bulldog who started displaying allergy symptoms between 6 months and 1... by joey5056 3/13/2007  
     Our frenchie has been plagued with severe allergies since we got him. We tried everything... by nicole  4/3/2007  
what is a elemental creature? by Ozz10/7/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     This is a creature with type/subtype of "Elemental" (i.e. Lightning Elemental). On 8th... by SuicidePanda 12/8/03  
     in other words...elemental is its creature type. by Sasuke 6/24/04  
     eyLiLVs9CjO LjpB45nqTlmu vpXciqrDOeK by QPAhy4gdMj 2/22/2006  
The blinkers went out on My 1995 Crysler concorde. I had it diagnosed and was told it... by bj10/22/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     after checking all fuses replace the flasher assembly by dave12/13/03  
     I need to ask a question of Crysler Headquarters so how do I do that? by Paul 6/21/04  
     i have a 1994 grand jeep cherokee 3 trans later still no good has put me in dept what do i... by debbie 1/27/05  
     wen do you from Chrysler by driton 4/27/05  
     I have the same problem with my 95 intrepid and I have had everything replaced from the... by Elijah 10/18/05  
     My Crysler Concorde 1995 overheating i change the thermostat but still overheating ??? by Dope 4/19/2006  
What was the first movie sequel to be labeled a "part 2"? by stormkittie4/20/04 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     The closest one I can come up with is Godfather Part 2 (1974). by Jim 12/29/04  
     Godfather Part 2 by Jon the Postman 1/14/2006  
     JAWS 2 by Mac 4/25/2006  
     fall of a nation by em 6/1/2006  
     the first sequel was in 1916, "Fall of a Nation," a follow-up to D.W. Griffith's 1915... by Kelly 10/17/2006  
     The Godfather, Part 2 by LasVegas 11/25/2006  
     fall of a nation by Brown67d 12/15/2006  
     The Godfather Part 2 by Nick 1/11/2007  
     I am pretty sure it was lion king 2. There were hundreds of movie sequels before that, but... by jbear 4/16/2007  
Where can i find lowilla face soap and who is the manufacturer? by Erin7/9/03 FAQ on Eczema Part 1/2
     Lowila soap is manufactured by Westwood-Squibb Pharmaceuticals in Princeton, NJ. It can... by fmpezzolla7/19/03  
     Why is lowila soap out of stock ,so long? by Rod 2/12/2006  
     What stores carry Lowilla soap? My mother lives in NJ and cannot find this product. She... by bunny 8/26/2006  
     I can not find it in stores. What store carry lowila soap? thanks by chopper 9/19/2006  
Need to buy/know how for deodorized kerosene commercially mail me at arup_b@indiatimes.... by Arup8/26/03 What is Usenet?
     Lamp oil by ppkr76g 10/27/04  
     We are dealing Deodourized Kerosene by P.Palanikumar 7/21/05  
     We would like to know how we can produce deodorized krosene or white spirit. Is there any... by Anahita 10/17/05  
     OuTI4L6PIlIA MrdmKkngxubt UJpP3sD33Dp by Sz0VM7qav0 2/20/2006  
how old do u have to be 2 get your belly button pierced in NYC or CANADA? by tyy12/23/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     NYC: 18, unless you have a parent/guardian with you. Canada: 16. by Erin2/15/04  
     heyy. i heard theres a new law in NY tha says u gotta b 16 or 17 WIT a parent. is this tru... by l1lmYa 12/22/04  
     How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in Oregon?? cuz im turning 13... by JuDaH~ 1/12/05  
     Do you know where you can get you belly button pierced without a perent when your 12 in... by ally 3/27/05  
     wrong. im 14 and got my navel pierced in quebec, canada... alone by chelsea 8/8/05  
     Wisconsin:u have 2 be 16 by Myranda 3/22/2006  
     wat about 11 and up???? by cherry 5/16/2006  
Is there any relation exist between the dead one and alive person? I mean my sister died... by mazhar alam9/12/03 Islam FAQ (Part 1/15): Welcome & Index
     i have heard that when a person die'ssomeone u love. like my dad he died he had cancer... by sonee 11/29/03  
     Mazhar, I am so sorry for your loss. I know it must hurt you so much not to be able to... by wordsmith 1/18/04  
     To mazhar,as one who has been dead,I personaly dont belive true death truly exests.As long... by greyone 1/29/04  
     what is my fahter name? by zaid 1/12/2007  
     wow...where did you guys learn to spell? And on the other hand this is a subject NOBODY... by oh man 6/24/2007  
is it ok to give my dog raw chicken necks? by sue12/9/03 rec.pets.dogs: Training Your Dog FAQ
     We have a Black Russian Terrior and have been feeding him raw chicken necks since he was a... by Veter1/18/04  
     No, it is not bad to give your dog raw chicken bones. by Goofy 3/1/05  
     Very golden has been brought up on BARF...not one hot spot, no allergies or any... by Raffi's mom 1/21/2006  
     I know a lot of people do it, but I always briefly blanched raw food before giving to my... by Creature Teachers 1/14/2007  
     I am looking for chicken necks to give my 4 year old lab/shepard mix to help keep his... by Janice J 3/11/2007  
How old do you need to be to get your nose pierced? by brownsugadyme0134/11/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     Hi i'm going to get my nose pierced when i'm 11 years old .i'm ten years old now. by Nas 1/2/05  
     I don't think you have to be a certain age. I am getting my nose pierced soon and I'm 13.... by meee 1/22/05  
     i went to get my nose pierced today and im 11 years old so ya i got half way threw it she... by nikkie11 2/26/05  
     everyone i know that has gotten there nose pierced has gotten it infected,Why? by michelle 7/30/05  
     you could be 12 and get your nose pierced but you have to have parent approval ... now if... by steph  9/28/05  
     13 I think. by bonjove 10/15/05  
     Depends where you live if your over 16 you can get it done by your self.But I mean I got... by Rose 11/11/05  
     im 13 and i am wondering how old i have to be to get my nose pierced...... and... by allie 3/26/2006  
     i would like to know how old you have to be to get your nosed pierced because i'm13 and i... by woozey 8/20/2006  
i am looking for the name of the song with the lyrics "i like the dirt on your knees, i... by draglo6/16/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I need to find out what the name and artist of this song are: "I'm going back someday...... by Erica Madrid6/30/04  
     Nickelback - figured you out by wildone270 12/27/04  
     Hey im looking for the name of the song that goes like: "french balla 20 inch rims on an... by Camshaft 3/8/05  
     I am looking for the name or the artist of a song, in the song it says a bunch of times... by Katpitt 4/8/05  
     I'm after the name of this song "You say... I only hear what I want to. You say.. I talks... by breeze 5/2/2006  
     i need the song that has are there swingsets in heaven daddy by scooby doo 6/1/2006  
     Song name is "Figured You Out" Artist is "Nickleback" by Reddog 8/8/2006  
     i am looking for a song that it says "this is the way it's soppiest to be" by lola 11/2/2006  
i need to now how to find out if someone is on the computer. how do i go about doing... by tele_16_20006/6/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     Find Brittany Ann Giniewicz by Macie Melvin 11/25/04  
     Find Brittany Giniewicz by Macie Melvin 11/25/04  
     I want to know "cheri_7_7 yahoo password" send info to by steven 12/1/04  
     how can i find password send info to by steven 12/1/04  
     you need a keylogger by d-kk 12/27/04  
     if you get a busy signal for 8 hours or if they have dsl call them and ask them if they... by ahh 1/17/05  
     WHO A GOOD BOY by gotmilk 1/29/05  
     No errors! by Elliott 3/30/2006  
What role did the Australian media play during the Vietnam War? by Xander6/4/04 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
     Read a textbook by Dom 12/18/04  
     what role did the media play in the vietnam war by shannen 2/16/05  
     by shorty  9/27/05  
     none at all. F***ing dumbass. Thats why its called the VIETNAM war, not the AUSTRALIAN... by kily 2/15/2006  
     a play of two people on the vietnam war by viet 5/24/2006  
     tonged by maimarlade 7/23/2006  
     The Butler by Dutch 12/27/2006  
     Um to be trully honest i dont have a clue, lol um i thing that they used propoganda alot... by Lulu 3/24/2007  
     hamlet by fred 5/8/2007  
     the media did play a role but i am not entirely sure what exactly happened.... if anyone... by monie :)) 5/16/2007  
I'm trying to find a song that has the murder she wrote rhythm and another rhythm mixed in... by Tinkerbell4/30/04 Frequently Asked Questions (1/3)
     It's Cutty Ranks: Who Seh Me Dun, A (Wake De Man) by soundbwoy6/8/04  
     i would like to know what the name of person who sings a song were it begins with 'i can... by sj 7/20/04  
     nothing in this world by keke wyatt ft. Avant by exoticated 10/23/04  
     who sings the song that has these words in it."Sleep with a man for a little bit of money.... by zunit 10/25/04  
     i am also looking for a song that has the murder she wrote beat and its a guy who sings in... by me 4/20/05  
     but the cutty ranks song isnt the version with the woman in it by tLj 8/24/05  
     this isnt an anwser but me and my friend are trying to find out this song it tune of it... by Stephanie 11/21/05  
     creation by chakahot 10/9/2006  
     Its by Avante, called "Nothin in this World" by peeparoonie 5/3/2007  
where can you buy the sailormoongame by Sailormoonfan8/15/03 Anime video games list (regular posting)
     is going to buy the sailormoon video by anita 4/18/05  
     quiero jugar todos los juegos de sailor moon que tienen ustedes by Arturo Ruíz Sánchez 9/1/05  
how do you put a window in a flat? by gina7/24/03 Stagecraft Frequently Asked Questions
     You do not put the window in. by ashley hayes10/13/03  
     how do u put a wind on in a 666 ford truck? by kid 5/5/2007  
Does a compaq presario 4505 computer have intergrated graphics or do i have to get a... by artthur5/5/04 Win95 FAQ Part 14 of 14: Misc
     integrated: s3 64 trio by none 2/2/05  
     which is the maximo memory for PRESARIO COMPAQ 5405 TO UPGRADE. by anibalcarme 3/12/05  
     which is the maximo memory for PRESARIO COMPAQ 5405 TO UPGRADE. by anibalcarme 3/12/05  
     it's an integrated s3 trio graphics by Clark Kent 4/19/05  
     yes it is integrated...its only 2mb belive it or not! by bob from fpl 1/24/2006  
     integrated video by Dragon306 4/22/2006  
     Yes, they are integrated, but very poor. You probably won't be able to play even the most... by Kusaywa 8/29/2006  
     gay DNA';huge cafe by wretr 9/28/2006  
     Yes, integrated, and since this information might expire out of Google's cache sometime: ... by IIsi 50MHz 11/9/2006  
wich gasoline provides better fuel economy by noel cura11/12/03 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     i think that full conscience is what Texaco needs and to be christiano. by jorge1/19/04  
     Chevron gas. by Beeb 9/2/04  
     yes baby shaggy my naughty dirty girl by poohbear 11/21/04  
     i think that SunCo produces the best gas. by lil_patma20012002200320042005 1/7/05  
I am trying to locate a chihuahua breeder in the san diego califiornia area w/o any luck. ... by QuadMaMa4/22/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ by chimama5/18/04  
     I am interested in finding a chihuahua breeders in the San Diego area. I am looking for a... by jeanne 10/17/04  
     gsdfgtawehfgygakwegfygakwyegf by Eric 12/27/04  
     I have a white and tan Long hair Female Chihuahua purebred And I wanna bread her I'm... by 3/18/05  
     Yes, pet4you is a good site but the cost is immense. If you would like a rescue www.petfin... by Mudd 3/30/05  
     Did you find any answers at all? I'm looking for the same dog and cant find any in San... by Kelle  6/17/05  
     Don't use a breeder or buy from a pet store~ save a pet instead from a shelter, rescue... by amy 7/21/05 they are awesome breeders that really care about their... by breeders 7/9/2006 by chimama 4/2/2007  
My dog's name is Rocky and he's 4yrs old. Ever since we got him, his tongue is always... by Kat8/10/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     If you mean that the tip of his tongue is always sticking out a little bit, that's a... by chimama8/12/03  
     My 3pound Tina lets her tongue stick out the side of her mouth. My vet says that her... by someoledude9/12/03  
     True, chihuahuas have been bred down to the size they are, and some body parts just can't... by chimama10/28/03  
     Chihuahuas are cute! :) by starz_n_guitarz 12/23/04  
     Well what about big dogs my Grate dane Rocky has that problem too ! by Hoya 12/26/04  
     I have a 10 year - old bichon/poosie, and he actually just started sticking just the tip... by Eeyorepie 2/25/2007  
     my dogs name is rocky he is a golden ritrever he loves my whole family and he is my... by taylor 7/18/2007  
     there were fewer complications after the first ceaserian but after the second more... by kathy 3/25/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/14/2006  
     Thanks!!! car site insurance. [URL=http://www.insura... by insurance auto 6/14/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. car site insurance, The... by insurance auto 6/14/2006  
     my-name by shah 5/12/2007  
     complication of cesarion section in egypt by misoon 6/20/2007  
I have a 1988 dodge dynasty that is leaking oil out the EGR valve , what would be doing... by les10/26/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     u may be possibly be burnin oil and one of ur pistonh is not firing on compression(spark... by oz1/17/04  
     That is the dumbest answer i've ever heard. EG stands for exhaust gas which means if,... by 89 Dynasty owner 10/22/04  
     stripped threads, or cracked engine block by coffee 9/6/05  
     I have a '92 Dodge dynasty that acts like it isn't getting gas, it bucks and looses power,... by Willow 11/1/05  
     I have a '92 Dodge dynasty that acts like it isn't getting gas, it bucks and looses power,... by Willow 11/1/05  
     the egr valve needs to be replaced, and you will need to replace the pcv valve because... by Skipper_Dude 8/13/2006  
We have a Yorkie who has an allergy to something, unsure of what. We live in Canada and... by lloyd11/24/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     I tink u should take her to the vet,and see,really look into it on the comp,every search... by teddy3/14/04  
     Your dog probably has allergies. Yorkies are a breed that commonly develops allergies. I... by Mannrac5/1/04  
     well, I've done the shots, which did not take, i had her on prednisone, but that shot her... by ellie_71 3/4/05  
     We just recently got a Yorkshire Terrier. He seems to have some allergies. He chews on his... by Sue 6/28/05  
     I have a yorkie that has severe allergies. I have taken him to the Vet and he put him on... by TJ 6/8/2006  
     They could be allergic to the corn or wheat in the food. Try "life"s Abundance" We... by asiatonks 9/2/2006  
1990 Chrysler Daytona: My power headlight doors will not work. Door motors work and... by TerryW4/4/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Check under dash LH side for passing control relay. May be connected to bottom of fuse box... by Wayne 5/29/04  
     There is a control box under the dash for the headlights. I found that in some cases the... by BCMopar 8/27/04  
     You will find that the problem might not be the modual being unplugged but rather a bad... by BCMopar 12/27/04  
     You need the relay located under the dash to the left of the Steering column. It's a... by SeaDog 4/17/05  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/14/2006  
     Thanks!!! car site insurance. [URL=http://www.insura... by insurance auto 6/14/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. The autos insurance company,... by insurance auto 6/14/2006  
     my headlights did the same thing just check the connection under the hood behind the rad... by 88 daytona 10/17/2006  
     Did you check the Relay box, its under the dash, a black box with 3 Relays inside of it.... by Steve 3/15/2007  
99 durango that shuts down intermediately speedometer drops to zero but all other gages... by tim 3/22/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Hi Tim, I had plymouth Voyager that did this. The fuel pump was bad. The next time it dies... by davegote3/25/04  
     My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited also does this. The dealer says they have no idea what... by Terry 6/24/04  
     try the cam sensor. I had to replace that in my 99 durango after speedometer would drop... by sndm2u 9/11/04  
     My 99 Durango did the same thing and it turned out to be a faulty main computer. As soon... by Dee 7/18/05  
     Have a 99 Durango that did the exact same thing. It's the computer. Look at the odometer... by Salguod 4/15/2006  
     I am a tech and i have a customer with a similer problem. jeep grand cherokee 1999. i get... by tommy 9/18/2006  
I wonder if someone can tell me where I can get some information about the architecture of... by hoang tung ngoc7/30/03 8051 microcontroller FAQ
     e, neu cau la nguoi Vietnam va hoc o Hanoi thi len thu vien dai hoc Bach khoa o C2 ma tim,... by haillh 12/19/03  
     its good, by vasu 3/6/04  
     hi hoang, u can log on to to get the details about the architecture of... by priya 8/5/04 search for at89c51. by swk 9/5/04  
we need a wiring schematic for a 1986 lebaron chrysler 4 cylinder Our headlights short... by jberns9/9/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I am also looking for a wireing diagram for the same car--if you find one let me know... by dave 3/25/04  
     try replacing the headlight circut breaker by insanerrman 7/1/04  
     i have an 89 lebaron and there is no power to the coil or no power to the fuel is... by terry 9/15/04  
     check da circuit breaker...? eh he said his headlights short out... + i dont even think... by Will 9/22/05  
Re: the O'Donoghue Castle, near Killarney, County Kerry. Can you give me the history and... by evelyn8/8/03 Irish FAQ: Glossary [10/10]
     Ross Castle was indeed built by the o'Donoghues some time in the mid 15th century - as... by Siobhan11/21/03  
     these peoplewere from the glenflesk parish& can or should be readily in the index of o... by 9/13/05  
     i am kerry o'donoghue my dad has lots of brothers and sisters. I had to dance in Ennis co.... by kerry o'donoghue 6/12/2006  
     I'M A O'Donoghue by Conor 12/16/2006  
     Hi Evelyn: I believe I'm related to Michael Donoghue and his wife Mary Healy from... by Bill Donoghue 12/31/2006  
     hello i will like to know you very well by dennis 1/23/2007  
how do you remove a alternator by help12/16/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I don't know thats why I'm asking.I need to know how to remove an alternator from my 1990... by superturtle 1/23/04  
     Start by disconnecting the battery to prevent any electric shocks. Next, remove the drive... by D_D 6/8/2006  
     Disconnect battery FIRST. Loosen all connections to alternator. You can rent a special... by Johnny G 2/12/2007  
     yes by andy 5/4/2007  
     I can tell that the stock head will not stand much and if you want to run high turbo... by mhd 1/15/04  
     http://forums.vwvortex. com/zeroforum?id=38 I did this swap before, it's simple. that... by Rocky 1/7/05  
     need a little more info...I race a 82 VW Rabbit Truck 1.8L. I run a stock head with no... by jrr 1/28/05  
How to get rid of over 30 cats by the end of this month by Anna2/21/04 rec.pets.cats: Care of Orphaned Kittens FAQ
     Pee all over your property everyday by LaLa 2/10/05  
     shootem by pedro 7/4/05  
     if you want to kill the cats theres a perfect way just leave a cup of anti frezze wherever... by mr.big 7/31/05  
     get two five gallon buckets full of water and hold em in it till they don't move any... by g8rh8r 3/15/2006  
     Get a gallon of anti-freeze. They love it. by hal 9/21/2006  
     shoot them by dog 11/29/2006  
     Burning them is ok. It's better to do it when they're alive by bvllets 5/23/2007  
     We have 4 stray cats! by Gráinne 5/23/2007  
     I have been using visuals for 18 years now and they work great. Each strip can be cut... by Dan3/24/04  
     Could you give some more detail about price and sources? I did some pricing online and... by Skinny94/12/04  
     Betachek: htm Hope This Helps !!! by Justin7/18/04  
     how effective is visual strip for monitoring blood glucose. Which brands are available.... by sabih_75 12/4/04  
     Betachek visual is a pink/blue visual read blood glucose test. Betachek visual is a... by Delia  11/23/05 Betachek Visual These are visual test strips that give a very good... by martha 11/6/2006  
my daughter got her nose pierced recently and now she has a small bump on her nose, how... by arsh5/11/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     go to they are experts. you may want to post your question there or... by Tiffany6/20/04  
     let me know how works at by Tiffany 6/20/04  
     Hi, don't worry. I got my nose pierced too. I had a little bump on mine too, and when I... by Amber 8/29/04  
     Hey ya'll Geez, these people couldda atleast given you an answer! I got my nose done on... by Chicky_Boo Kayla 12/24/04  
     I think I have solved the great "bump" mystery!! After dealing with this problem for a... by po 7/21/05  
     I had a bump also and the only way I was able to get rid of it was to remove the jewelry... by Denise 8/17/05  
     Do hot sea salt soaks 3 times a day,that worked with mine. by Kendra Jade 9/3/05  
     Its most likely a reaction to nickle, try getting a gold or silver one, that should help.... by angieee; 8/9/2006  
can you breed two dapples together? the breeder told me he is a piebald, but to me he is... by k.day1/3/04 rec.pets.dogs: Dachshund Breed-FAQ
     I would not suggest breeding your piebald (possibly dapple) dachshund with a dapple. If... by Dapple Doxie Daddy2/26/04  
     Something I've learned while getting ready to breed my miniature dachshunds cocoa, is to... by stacy5/24/04  
     Why don't you do some research, dumbass. http://www.dachshund. org/article_double_dapple.... by Jon7/6/04  
     Why don't you actually talk to some breeders and find out how many are born without eyes... by Michelle 11/1/04  
     I think that people learn from asking these questions. I would rather someone ask me... by morgan 2/5/05  
     What about breeding a mini double dapple with a mini brown dachshund. Will they have the... by gogi 10/17/05  
     yes it is true not to breed 2 dapples together, they can be blind and deaf. Also with 2... by Sandra 12/31/05  
     yes there are risks involved with breeding dapple to dapple. I have done it 2 times and... by dapple lover 8/28/2006  
i came across a 1957 $100 dollar bill that has " will pay to bearer on demand ". is this... by ajw7117410/20/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ 1957 $100 notes were printed.Don't know what you have.Can you post a scan front and... by Pete10/21/03  
     I cannot give you an exact valuation, but what you probably have is a Series of 1950 bill,... by Levente3/29/04  
     I have just acquired a 1950-B series $100 bill with no special characteristics, but it is... by N8theGR8 4/15/05  
     hi i found a 1957 dollar bill. it doesn't have a star in the code or anything. it looks in... by Tasha 4/23/05  
     I had a $100 bill just like it, thought it was counterfeit though. I no longer have it... by Cherry 8/3/05  
My husband and I adopted what we think is a Doberman 8 years ago. Her ears are not... by vicki boeckelmann11/20/03 rec.pets.dogs: Doberman Breed-FAQ
     there tail look like a blue tick hound tail so i suggest u look up them by t-wolf 1012/3/04  
     some doberman born with short tail some born with long ones. if you cannot identify your... by bobet6/23/04  
     i have a Doberman,an with tail and ears uncropped full pedigree the tail is quiet long and... by kieran 11/13/2006  
     All dobermans are born with tails, it's just many breeders dock theirs. A doberman's... by Solar 5/17/2007 Dobermann.jpg by bev 6/4/2007  
     Here area some pics: us/~ljones15/inp150/pet_info/images/... by April 6/20/2007  
why Australia became involved in the Vietnam conflict. by ravinesh8/10/03 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
     Well, firstly the Menzies liberal government was very anti-communist in the 1950's and... by Tas 8/21/04  
     because our Prime Minister lied and we went for false reasons by Em 9/14/04  
     Well, from the political perspective,the menzies government believed that in order to keep... by MSC student 4/6/05  
     The Australian government had many reasons to go to war, one of which was to show support... by mick 8/28/05  
what i must do to found love by justmeee9/29/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     You must be different from the gray masses, and you must seek for it yourself. Being a... by bluebell3/13/04  
     What if you like a boy what should i say to him and how should i let him know that i wanna... by Brittney Clowers5/5/04  
     you should just go up to him and ask him what he's doing that weekend and tell him he's... by brittney clowers 9/23/05  
     you ass holes by ng 9/9/2006  
I have a 1963 $5 bill. It is printed in red- what does that mean? by shzcrfty7/2/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..what you have is a United States Note.They were the longest issued currency in our... by Pete7/10/03  
     Doesn't that mean it's counterfeit? by Don't ask10/29/03  
     hi, i found one to. there is a red 5 on the left of it printed in red. by djsinthe 8/19/05  
     NO, It says right on the bill that this note is legal tender. I happen to have one myself.... by Just call me Jay 3/5/2006  
     No, Its not by A 10/21/2006  
     I have a 1886 silver certificate five dollar bill with a Indian on the front instead of a... by Matt 1/30/2007  
I AM TRYING TO ADD A LEXMARK 75 ALL IN ONE PRINTER TO MY COMPUTER & I CAN NOT GET IT TO... by cheweyx10/22/03 hardware.* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 1/5
     i can not get my scan to work but the printer does by MANDY11/7/03  
     which conection(site) can give me drives for Lex mark 75 printer? by bagi 3/7/04  
     Can someone tell me how to print without borders on the Lexmark All in One? by 10/4/04  
     My name is Rebecca, I"m trying to install my Lexmark printer...its saying its not... by Rebecca Humphryes 1/10/2006  
PLEASE APP E_MAIL CA ADDRESS WRITE by MYOUSAF225/5/04 MailMan WWW email interface v2.0 FAQ
     i would like 2 make a new email adress by emma 9/23/05  
     BMW.z4 by 11/13/05  
     ahmed7777777 by 2/8/2006  
     create new email by shency 4/20/2006  
     Ramadan is one of the most important events in the Muslim world.write an e-mail telling... by mona 10/25/2006  
     want to creat a e_mail by razzak 3/24/2007  
Is there any difference between gas at a Shell or Chevron station to the gas at a corner... by r2a27/6/03 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     Yes and no. Base gasoline is identical. At a typical loading facility, you may see a... by IDbuffalo1/14/04  
     Can you use Chevron card at a Shell station or Texaco Stations? Thanks for any help? by Jewel753/31/04  
     As most already know, Shell and Texaco merged. A negotiated settlement of this merger is... by IDbuffalo4/5/04  
     IDbuffalo, You discreetly said 'some' add 10% ethanol. I understand this might be a good... by drlava6/4/04  
     Shell V-Power®, our new premium gasoline, is the most highly formulated gasoline we’ve... by joe7/4/04  
     Techron Concentrate is the "original", and still unbeatable fuel system treatment. V-Power... by Gas Guy 8/18/04  
     WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 87,89,AND 92? by MSZ 9/22/04  
     Been using Shell Techron in my 85 Maxim XJ700 (8000 K original miles) with noticible... by Tkopper9 12/17/04  
How can I tell if my female got pregnet within the last 3 days????? Yes she was with a... by tattoo queen6/4/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     my girlfriend got pregnat 9 months ago and she's due on 01/13/2005 and my girlfriend was... by DUDE 12/20/04  
     ?i dont knooe by hy 1/12/05  
     you would just have to wate a few weeks or just take her to the vet. by chow chow owner  10/8/05  
     i havent got my period in since the 26 of septemder & have been active with my boy friend... by andrea 11/5/05  
     i think I'm pregnant me and my boyfriend got hooked and the condom broke ever sens then me... by angie 12/19/05  
     if she is verry tender in her breast. and if she is very moody by candypoo 1/27/2006  
     grandma by Chris Matthews 4/25/2006  
     enlarged nipples by zentih 8/17/2006  
     how can you tell if you are pregnet by neka 10/10/2006  
     you can't tell. My vet said they may not even be fertilized until a week after they mate,... by :) 12/30/2006  
     i don't no by kk 5/22/2007  
Looking to start a band or just jam for fun in Central Florida Disney Area or Daytona... by Lou6/4/04 Listing of open musical jam sessions
     i wanna play drums or guitar by dntworry7/4/04  
     hey im looking to start a christian band at my church you might think it sounds a bit... by anna 8/21/04  
     I will Play Guitar I have an Ibanez S seris 470 How old Are you any way? I have been Play... by bayboy1.0 9/2/04  
     are saxaphones a good insturnemt to start a garadge band by bjdksid 10/5/04  
     What the heck! by gothic girl 11/12/04  
     HEY I'm looking to join a band! ! ! I'm 13/f/MA and i am an experienced guitarist and is... by angel 11/26/04  
     i can play guitar. I'm okay. i live in Mississippi though. i might can commute. by rob 4/15/05  
     hey me an my friends want to start a band we live in florida i got one plays guitar one... by ur mom 8/26/05  
     if u know how cool!if not i would suggest that if u have a music class at your school or... by jay 10/14/05  
     I play guitars and I am very good at vocals. by poowe 11/30/05  
     I can play the keyboard a little. I have had lots of practice. by kay 3/29/2006  
I am looking for a color printer that will print white on colored paper!!! Thank you by JPowerW12/10/03 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet
     me to! by ABERDEEN3/28/04  
     Some possibilities: ALPS MD (Micro Dry printer) - is not produced for some years Citizen... by Jura 10/30/04 too by Nexus 9/15/05  
     ...and me!! I can't believe their isn't a white ink cartridge for printers!! Quite an... by Tulsa 10/30/05  
     i would love that as well, but i've checked all over the place and i've found that they... by kristin 1/24/2006  
     Try the ALPS 5000. They're no longer made but they can be purchased off of ebay. As... by Ken 3/19/2007  
     Lord knows I've been looking by Nexus 3/24/2007  
We have a sharpei that is 12 years old. During the day he is in excellent health, however... by Priscilla Gratton8/31/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chinese Shar-Peis Breed-FAQ
     Sorry to hear about your dog.If he was Thor's size you could have rode him around your... by HeyU9/26/03  
     I wonder if it is a version of sundowners. People that are older get very restless at... by hey 12/10/03  
     I also have a 12 year old Shar-Pei doing the exact same thing, she pants heavily day and... by Evelyn 8/23/04  
     hi, I have a 4 year old sharpei and he has the same behaviour where every few weeks, he... by timdoggy 2/8/2007  
if called to be a witness in court, how would you address the judge by tomican17/11/03 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
     Thee would tell the court that thee is a Quaker and that thee will use the judge's name... by Luke8/25/03  
     Hmmm...your answer raises other questions in my mind: 1. Isn't "thee" plural? Shouldn't... by Mikey9/29/03  
     Call the the Judge "Your Royal Grand Pubba" by Geoff10/20/03  
     Very few Quakers still use "thee" and "thou". This was common usage, however, in the 1600s... by Ariel 1/5/05  
actually Julius is the name of my boyfriend, and someone e-mailed him saying all negative... by Cherish7/20/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     hi my name is sophie casimir and i just whant ot say i so so sorry for that baby ... by sophie casimir 3/1/04  
     will hi you doing why you Nevis call me baby and what whir Long with you wiill and ... by sophie casimir  3/3/04  
     um... how do you get sap out of your hair? i was just sitting in a tree and it got in my... by tal 4/26/04  
     OMG, poor girl well any way the only way you can get sap out of your hair is to soak it in... by blueeyes 2/20/2007  
I LIVE IN THE UK AND I AM TRYING TO FIND SOMEONES EMAIL ADDRESS HOW TO I GO ABOUT DOING... by auntyjill11/27/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     i am looking for my friend the last knowne address is darrenton road totting bec london.mi... by simon reid1/9/04  
     my mail add is MAANPIYA H O T M A I L C O M ADD ME MAIL ME by maan 2/1/04  
     i am trying to find brad zeitler's number can you help? by bradley zeitler 3/31/04  
     I wont to live in the U.K. I was born in the u.s.a. star by star 7/8/04  
     I NEED A GIRLFRIEND by tIMMMI 3/10/05  
what is the difference between knowledge and data? by asif10/30/03 Artificial Intelligence FAQ:1/6 General Questions & Answers [Monthly posting]
     Knowledge can be used to change the intelligence agent's status, but data can not. by Reza 3/3/05  
     knowledge must capture generalization i.e it is not necessary to represent all situation... by Balvir singh Thakur 4/25/05  
     what is the difference between knowledge and data by mohamedubed 4/27/2006  
     i don't know by moh_te 7/29/2006  
     sdfsdfsdfs by sd 5/1/2007  
     How many years did you train to get your "black belt" son? If you've trained hard for... by gedanate8/23/03  
     It all really depends on your situation. In my particular art, Aikido, most black belts... by Chilie10/12/03  
     First you should ask your instructor first. If you are asking this kind of question then... by Shoto3/2/04  
     Martal arts is about peace, not grade. I've learnt you cant diffine someones grade,... by Peace  5/24/2006  
     Although no formal requirements consider the following. In order to provide a well rounded... by Jeff 7/3/2006  
In the 1980's I played a card game called ONZE. It was played with a double deck of... by donna5/14/04 FAQ and intro
     Onze is one of my favorite card games. Use two decks, including the four jokers. Minimum... by marie5/19/04  
     I would like to thank you for this thread. I have been searching for information on this... by TJSecTek 11/25/04  
     Great job of making a complicated set of rules easy to read! We play a little differently... by SmiLynnLady 1/22/05  
     how did you discover the onze card game,did you by it is a game? or did some one teach it... by bill 2/24/05  
     I have an original ONZE game set and continue to play. The set that I have was purchased... by linda 3/23/05  
     My family has been playing onze for years. My grandparents started the tradition and has... by Jason Kron 8/27/05  
     We also have been playing Onze for years and love it. We found a set of rules to Onze and... by ray 9/4/05  
     We have played ONZE for 10-12 years. We play it very much like Marie explains except we... by ray 12/4/05  
     Add to present answer on ONZE: The current player has the option of drawing from the... by Jane 12/26/05  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/15/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. auto site insurance, car... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     Those are the rules that I just learned but we didn't use jokers and we used the ace... by vanevery 8/26/2006  

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