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what can be done for hip displyaca? my dog is only 1 year old. could it be somethig else? by mary8/23/03 rec.pets.dogs: Great Danes Breed-FAQ
     My Great Dane is 5 now. At around 10 months his hips gave in and he would collapse onto... by Nikki 5/6/04  
     This is a late response to your question, but if you need advice about the hips, ask Lynn... by MeeMo 9/24/04  
     I recently have been going through the same thing with my male 19 month old.He had full... by bonnie 9/5/05  
     If you got your Dane from a good breeder, he/she should still be under a guarantee.... by great_dane 4/27/2006  
I have a Chrysler Intrepid 1996. The check engine light is still on after a full tune up.... by globescooter1/13/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Please take your car to a reputable mechanic in your area who has scan tool capability. I... by Jeff Collins, Collins Chevron 3/18/04  
     hey just checkin out your email .....this prob could be just about anything ......could be... by johndodge3/29/04  
     code 43 Peak primary coil current not achieved with max dwell time OR Cylinder misfire... by western_caper7/16/04  
     the first two numbers in the sequence ie.1,2 mean the the codes are about to begin. the... by madrebuker 10/4/04  
     i have the list of entire codes for Chrysler cars all codes if someone interest please... by serch 11/9/04  
     The numbers you referring to are error code numbers. A dealer or an all make auto repair... by gsg1 5/7/05  
     I had the same problem and all the tech. guy did was take out the throttle body and it was... by J. Greenfield 6/21/05  
     after u do engine work, at times u require to reset the computer by coffee 9/6/05  
i own a 1993 chrysler lebaron 3.0 when i am driving the rpms jump from three to four. the... by billy ray11/24/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Also, I had the throttle body cleaned when this problem started years ago, and it seemed... by chicago_gtc 12/22/03  
     When I am not on the road, I love driving my 88 Lebaron. It is red with lack and red... by rdunn 1/28/04  
     This is the best type of car except when you are on the ice. by Hermione 1/31/05  
     Well it sounds like a timing issue. I would check the timing. Check the distrubuter for... by chuck 2/8/2006  
     well either something in the throttle body.. fuel injectors is messed up... or a fuel... by jeff 1/19/2007  
how the output of c program will produce source code of its own by suri9/11/03 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
     open the source file itself in read text mode for example if U your program is jag.c then... by mudda12310/7/03  
     The fallowing may do the things Plz check the syntax of strtok function #include... by Anand11/12/03  
     main(a){a="main(a){a=%c%s%c;printf(a,34,a ,34);}";printf(a,34,a,34);} by shrinidhi11/25/03  
     main(a){a="main(a){a=%c%s%c;printf(a,34,a ,34);}";printf(a,34,a,34);} by Rahul agrawal 2/20/05  
     //consider the file name be " sourcecd " #include<stdio.h> void main() { ... by S_Raghavendra 6/27/05  
     //consider "sourcecd" be the file name #include<stdio.h> void main() { clrscr();... by Raghavendra_s28 6/27/05  
my dachshund was abused as a pup. i adopted him. he has either become very protective of... by dollie pop9/17/03 rec.pets.dogs: Dachshund Breed-FAQ
     I recommend that you require all visitors to remove their shoelaces, shave their heads,... by John1/19/04  
     Our standard wire haired dachund too is ferocious when visitors enter our home; usually... by Charlene Wenzel2/19/04  
     Doxies are Carpet Munchers, and it your not careful they will naw your ankles off. On a... by Stacy 5/24/04  
     We have a mini wirehair dachshund and he is also a bit protective and vocal about... by Bea 8/15/05  
     my dog always did the same thing, anyone coming in even me, he would bark and growl at you... by jason 3/25/2006  
     I have a doxie that I adopted as a puppy too. He was also beat. I've Had him for a year... by Chickasweetpea 5/11/2007  
i think my dog is constipated. she goes to do number 2 but has a hard time. also her... by charm1/5/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     At 5 weeks, she should still be with her mother. From the sounds of it, she is not. ... by chimama1/14/04  
     my puppy is constipated at 8 weeks old and can't go at all he trys but can't. is there... by caring 9/5/04  
     my dog is 14 a pom she cannot go #2 help by patty 5/1/05  
     I have a 2 year old yorkie dog that weights 3 pounds she is constipated, what can I do? by Miamia 10/23/05  
     my dog tries to poop and she can't get it out and it stays stuck in her behind and she... by sheree  11/8/2006  
     my moms dog is constipated badly, i think from a bone he has found. he's been tryin to... by jeanie 12/17/2006  
     I am very scared by dog is 3 months and tries to poop but nothing comes out. What can I do... by Jordan Herrera 5/25/2007  
i need to know that borther louie by modern talking song waz in which movie of Robert De... by Qasim6/30/03 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     I think it was on "Once upon a time in America"... by Chris 9/14/04  
     Me also wanna know who is the film the song is about by Hashmir 7/19/05  
     i love u by shan 10/28/2006  
     necesito saberdeqtrata la cancion louie borther by marcos 11/20/2006  
i have a gottlieb pinball called easy aces. i would like to know what year it is and about... by jguzz@msn.com8/5/03 general pinball Frequently Asked Questions -- The DynaFAQ v5.0
     You're Gottlieb Easy Aces was made in 1955; it's value is based on the conditon:....Backgl... by Chris Hundley11/28/03  
     Easy Aces / IPD No. 754 / December, 1955 / 1 Player [ Update Game Information ] ... by Phil6/14/04  
     Hello I have a Hulk gottlieb pinball, can anaybody tell me hiow i can keep it running... by Willion 10/1/05  
     I just played one on the weekend of May 4th, 5th and 6th at the Pinball Wizards Convention... by Bruce Moyer 5/6/2007  
Does anyone know how to get rid of pigmentation without going to a dermatologist? by susie8/4/03 Psoriasis Newsgroup FAQ v. 2.2
     How to get rid of persistent pigmentation on the face by Dula Dula11/11/03  
     Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day. Eat healthy - avoid "junk food", and fattening, or... by Ash11/13/03  
     hi, look i got pimples and dark pigmentation, but its still aint gettin rid of nething!... by seema3/21/04  
     hello for pigmentation i would make an appointment at a lasercare clinic there are lots... by nazya 8/11/05  
     hi, The best way to get rid of pigmentation is to avoid the sun. This is a slow... by envy 12/27/05  
     Hi i am having pigmentation on my nose sand cheeks all of a sudden can anyone tell ow to... by cherry 4/30/2006  
     dfjkaslgfdigufasbhjfbnkvl fjasbvgsdfkghjeklgj drjfkasdg,dbjskbgjksf by preet 11/16/2006  
     hi,buy some fadeaway at the chemist for skin pigmentation.cost $15.00.It will work in bout... by numnums 11/28/2006  
Could a dog develop an allergy to peanut butter. I have two dogs one is scratching all... by Pat8/20/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     It could be the peanut butter. It's not easy determining the cause of dog allergies,... by Jenny8/26/03  
     yes a dog can develop an allergy to peanut butter. I have a Lab mix dog that after a year... by angprincess 1/12/04  
     It seems possible. My dog has gone through numerous itching problems( including one now)-... by lablover93 7/14/05  
     According to my vet yes, we are having the same trouble with my boxer and he is convinced... by Boxer Owner 12/22/05  
     According to my vet yes, we are having the same trouble with my boxer and he is convinced... by Boxer Owner 12/22/05  
     Yes, Our Yellow Lab will have a seizure after eating peanut butter. We use to administer... by HOOTER 6/12/2006  
How do I remove the naval ring used at the time of piercing? by Tee4/30/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     i loveeee my belly ring by lala6/1/04  
     If they used a barbell, you simply unscrew the balls, and take the post out. You can then... by _chalupa7/2/04  
     i just got my belly button peirced 5 months ago or so..and if you had your belly button... by ae 11/10/04  
     Did it hurt when you got it done? by Vlee 11/29/04  
     YOU DON'T NEED TO REMOVE IT!!!!!!! THE SQUAK LIKES IT!!!!!! THE SQUAK IS ALL POWERFUL. HE... by Santa Claus 2/12/05  
     GODDAMN!!! i thought i cud just take it out my self...i had a CBR!!!!! now i have to go... by Alex 4/13/05  
     so there is no way to remove a CBR type of ring yourself? wow that could explain the... by waterfreak 5/17/05  
     They only have to use the plies the first time you get it done on the loop ring. You can... by Lindsey 7/9/05  
     How do I remove a barbell naval ring? by dink 3/7/2006  
     i actually hav a question my moms belly ring is infected badly and her doctor told her to... by mel 7/31/2006  
     How do you put in a captured ball ring. Trying to put ours in the small sticky out bit of... by Glen and Sarah Ashworth 4/14/2007  
     im gettin mine tomarrow........... scared by nunu 7/13/2007  
Has anyone evidenced chipping/blistering on any new 2003 Toyota vehicle? Is this evidence... by Mas11/16/03 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     I have an '03 Tundra that is 6 months old and can't believe how easily the paint chips or... by Brendan 11/29/03  
     I have a 2003 Camry and the paint is chipping off like crazy. I have the touchup paint... by Bruce Janes 1/2/04  
     I have a 2003 Camry, 15,000 miles and the hood is starting to peel and the roof is... by carsadness 8/9/04  
     Toyota does have paint problems out there and are not backing up their vehicles as they... by determined!! 8/21/04  
     Toyota does have paint problems out there and are not backing up their vehicles as they... by justice 8/29/04  
     I have a 2005 Tundra acc-cab in the new spectra blue met. and I first took it to my dealer... by Lilbear79 3/25/05  
     I have a 2005 Tundra Acc-Cab with the new spectra blue met. paint and at only 1400 miles I... by Lilbear79 4/5/05  
     I have a 1999 Camry. The paint is chipping of like crazy. Does anyone know if Toyota is... by Pooja 8/4/05  
our husky has developed small sores on his ears and this has attracted flies. what is... by amy9/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     My Husky develops the same small sores and attracts flies in the summer also. I try to... by Laura1/9/04  
     My dog in the summer used to develop sores on its' ear and tip of its' tail. We found out... by BriteSparx7/7/04  
     My Siberian Husky also attracted the flies, in fact the sores get bloody and attract more... by Lindy 11/2/04  
     The sores are actually caused by the flies. Visit your local pet store or vet and inquire... by Tiffany 11/19/04  
     The salve is a great idea, for a quick, cheap fix you can put (new) motor oil on the tips... by rednkgrl 1/1/05  
HOW MUCH DO CHOW-CHOW'S COST? by PEARL1/22/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chow Chow Breed-FAQ
     how much do chow chow cost by bob2/10/04  
     A chow chow will cost 500.00 to 800.00 according to their quality and bloodline. by marcy3/18/04  
     I chow-chow can be 200.00-1000.00. It all just depends on the pedigree,temperment,registra... by Rachel7/3/04  
     Chows can cost as much as $2000.00 - If you are looking for an excellent dog with good... by Three Bears Chow Chows 9/3/04  
     Chows can cost approximatlely 800 - 1000 dollars, depending on te temprement and species by Sassii 9/21/04  
     i would like to buy a chow chow, i live on the sunshine coast where could i buy one for a... by KATE 9/27/04  
     well i think that is well bad because i would love to have one of them beautiful dogs but... by charliebabe 1/5/05  
     I think chow chows cost from $200.00 to $1000.00 also. I really don't know the price but... by happy 4/8/05  
WHO SANG MOON RIVER by DONDO8/22/03 rec.arts.movies.past- films Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     andy williams by lei5/20/04  
     Marni Nixon dubbed it for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's by Jeanne 8/10/04  
     Anyone else apart from Andy Williams by Annie C 5/20/2007  
     Henry Mancini by bob 6/1/2007  
canning green beans. The lids are not sealing and are really gummy when taken off jar. ... by kernodle @ in-motion.net8/11/03 Rec.Food.Preserving FAQ (v.7.08) Part1
     I would assume they are old. How long have you had them ? They should be good for about 5... by Linda Lou 3/4/04  
     Is it necessary to cook the green beans before you can them in the water and also is it... by chickles4/28/04  
     Chickles: No it is not necessary to cook your green beans before you put them in the... by harry7/5/04  
     I followed all the steps to can my green beans, including cooking them before I put them... by dnavasbaking 9/9/04  
     I have canned about 80 qts. of green beans this summer so far. I snap them, wash them,... by jbaker 7/31/2006  
     How do you can them if you cook them first? I'm learning here. I understand to cook... by momwith3kids 8/2/2006  
I have a Pomeranian. She has epilepsy. Is this common in Pomeranians? If you have any... by Ashley8/1/03 rec.pets.dogs: Keeshonden Breed-FAQ
     I had a Pom that had epilepsy also. Two things I recommend. One, change food. Two, go... by JJ10/21/03  
     i like your dog it is so cute by jessica starnes 3/8/05  
     does Pomeranian like to travel because we are going to Florida from r.i by yiz 3/12/05  
     I just learned my Pomeranian has epilepsy. I will be changing his food immediately but I... by CM 5/29/2006  
     My little toy pom just had a seizure last night. He is 6 months old and 3.5 lbs. He's... by amber 2/21/2007  
     I have a pom with epilepsy too. We started with the half tablet morning and night but he... by Lizzy 3/8/2007  
     I have a Pomeranian puppy that is having symptoms such as vomiting with saliva, shivering,... by Kimberly 5/2/2007  
     Check your water line. I doubt that it is a good ground. by riptorn7/26/03  
     check the grounding wire outside by the service to make sure it still hooked up and see if... by jaggerds 10/30/03  
     Check for a short to ground. A bad water heater element will do this everytime but there... by terry4520001/25/04  
     #1 make sure you have a good ground rod and it is connected to the meter, sometimes the... by COMIT7/13/04  
     Today a lot of homes have plastic pipe. Also plastic pipe is used to replace leaky metal... by BIG AL 1/25/05  
     every thing above is 100% right just wanted to add the when grounding your pipes make sure... by syngyn 4/11/05  
Is anybody familiar with prosthetics for dogs? I will be getting a Mastiff into rescue... by boxer mom8/30/03 rec.pets.dogs: Resources FAQ
     Have you found an answer to this question? Or a source? We have a cat that may loose a... by Crystal 9/9/03  
     Boxer Mom, My 4 yr. old Aussie just had her left front leg amputated yesterday, teh... by Patty 3/20/04  
     I found this site. I don't know if this is what you are looking for. go to- handicappe... by Golden mom 9/9/04  
     Check out for dog prosthetics and bracing. Located in Denver, Colorado,... by GreyEyedGirl 10/30/04  
     We just had a litter of puppies yesterday. This is the first litter and the first puppy... by Bobbi Ball 11/21/04  
     hi guys no answers here only a post as my borzoi is also an amputee, if anyone finds out... by AthillShelties 7/21/05  
     I have a greyhound who may lose a leg to cancer, and has to watch he doesn't break his... by jdflea 4/19/2006  
I am interested in getting a Tattoo but I am not too sure what I would like to have put on... by Dryja7/28/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography has lots of good tattoos by pumkin 8/29/03  
     You can also try going to a good studio near you and looking at what they have on the... by Chewy 9/28/03  
     MY ADVICE: Don't get a tattoo if you dont know what you want man - you WILL regret it -... by Monica 12/12/03  
     I recommend to you, that if you are undecided about what tattoo you want, you might be... by Cathy 10/28/04  
     Idk but I am getting a small butterfly on my left side of my lower back tomorrow. by Shady 6/17/05  
     Yea so I want a cross tattoo but i dont know what kind to get or what it should look like.... by crenshaw 1/10/2006  
How old do you have to b to get your bellybutton pierced? r there like sum new laws or... by shay5/7/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     Hey I know what your talkin about, I tried to get ,it done yesterday in Ocean City and... by Kit-Kat7/6/04  
     damn i thank u can get you belly button pierced when u r any age by sam and amrah 11/21/04  
     I think people should b able 2 get there bellybutton pierced under 16 with an adult by ashes 2/8/05  
     Hi ya tasha here i think that you can get it done in Longeaton or Keith halls in Longeaton... by tisha 4/21/05  
     yeah i know cause i got mine done when i was at a friends birth day and i am only 11 by krspaxz 6/25/05  
     hey im Rachel im 11 and i really want my belly done but i dont no if im old enough , my... by Rachel 6/25/05  
     i am only 13 does anyone know what places where i can get it done in CT? by mandy 8/12/05  
     it doesnt matter as long as if your gaurdian signs for you by cheska 12/28/05  
     i think you should have to be atleast 13 by kyky 12/29/05  
     Hey someone told me that if I get my bellybutton pierced befor im 16 it will rip out.Is... by Jellybeans 1/6/2006  
     hey is this bergie? by mle 2/4/2006  
     where do you go if you want your bellybutton pierced? by AJ 8/23/2006  
     wher do u liv??? omg i got mine don when i was 13. live in idaho and it was like the... by 24 piercings and counting 1/22/2007  
How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in the state of Florida? What... by courtcourt3/14/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     my freind is 12 and she got her belly button pierced is that good. I hate that she got it... by katie6/18/04  
     how old do u have 2 b 2 get ur belly button pierced n San Diego? by shanika 10/10/04  
     I have to same question as courtcourt! I am going to daytona beach for spring brake and my... by Lana 2/25/05  
     Ur friend is ssoooooooo lucky i ave been askin my mum for me to get it done and i am 15!... by loopy 6/4/05  
     i am turning 14 and my mom said that she will think about letting me get it done for my... by maris 6/16/05  
     hey you can be like 12-13 yrs old in flroida and get it done by lilbadbrunette 9/4/05  
     katie i dont think your friend is to young because im 12 and getting my belly periced in 2... by bibie chicky 12/15/05  
     i have my belly button pierced and i am only 9 by hannah 4/4/2006  
     I think that she is to young to get her belly button periced if that is what she wants... by Royalle Johnson 5/25/2006  
     If you can find ne where that will pierce a 16 year old can u please let me know! My... by Amanda 12/1/2006  
     yeah how old do you really have to be to get your belly button pierced in the state of... by parrada 1/15/2007  
What is the name of the song and artist that is played at the beginning of such sweet... by dark_ladiee7/31/03 ER FAQ 5.00, Section 7: The Music Of "ER" (7/8)
     tanner by eddie86 10/1/03  
     What is the name of the song and who sings the song that has the line "we will meet in the... by james11/8/03  
     Answer to James' question is: Title: The Golden City From: City of Gold Soundtrack ... by Grego11/21/03  
     What is the name of the song hat goes "you're a super Star that is what you are, comin... by Lizzy 9/20/04  
     who is the artist of 'The golden city'? by godstiger 12/8/04  
     whats the name of the song that goes" like a monkey on a chain?" by shell 1/24/05  
     The Golden City by Dennis Parrish by Timothy 5/12/05  
     what black female artist sang a song in the early 80's with the chorus "do you want it... by gargoyle snot 2/4/2006  
     The song at the beginning of "Such Sweet Sorrow" on Season Six of ER is Letting The... by button06 2/5/2007  
I intend to pursue an internship in USA for six months as a part of my Masters degree... by pr_best12/5/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     hi it seems you have the same problem as i have. Even i am wondering whether I should... by navinkumar 12/24/03  
     Well I am A MBA Student, pursuing my Degree In Australia with University of Technology,... by Rajat Agrawal 5/4/04  
     Hi! I'm looking for an internship in USA in any of the following areas: journalism,... by CAMELIA 10/20/04  
     interested as an intern by PIUS 10/22/04  
     Hi! Right now i am finishing my university and in June i will be a specialist in Economic... by Alena 2/28/05  
     I am wondering to get an internship in the USA by Pramod 3/4/05  
     I am looking for an internship position in United States, especially in the fields of... by Tsheko-Lopala, Julien 3/11/05  
     I intend to do a pre university course for 3 months before i start my undergraduate level.... by Dhara 9/17/05  
     my email adress is by Lech Staniszewski 5/20/2006  
i want to know how to find an e-mail adresse of a friend that i lost? by issam5/2/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     i am looking for cathy kinser from ohio by sonja 5/24/04  
     use this i do not want to change it by emeka ossai 10/18/04  
     i m looking for tony odia he is a nigeria by emeka ossai 10/18/04  
     i want to create a new account by 4/19/05  
     i love you by jane, alban 5/19/05  
     avant magloire by rolf_10 6/8/05  
     answer to what?? by makeda 7/25/2006  
     sunt suparata by cori32 7/26/2006  
     i my name is jean-pierre i ham ferst time us the computer by jean=pierre 9/25/2006  
     i want to know how to check on my e-mail? by 10/26/2006  
man..i want to get a tattoo n i am only 15 buti dunno how much it will cost..i just want a... by christina3/31/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     I'm 15, and I do agree with Christina, I've wanted a tattoo every since I was 14 years... by Brenita aka Jonh Jonh's baby gurl5/2/04  
     i got a tattoo when i was 14 and just in case someone asks it doesn't hurt too much and... by lucy7/20/04  
     yea my ma let me get a tattoo as long as i could pay for it. I ended up getting one when... by 'lil' mami 11/21/04  
     im 16 and really want a tattoo on my lower back but im afraid of the pain.... what if i... by jade 1/25/05  
     Hi, Christina. I'm 16 and I want a tattoo too. When you're 16/17 you can get with your... by True Brit Girl  4/18/05  
     i got a tattoo today.. everyone always says it don't hurt because they forget about the... by ~KAY~ 10/19/05  
     Your body hasn't finished developing yet...Not the chemicals and hormones in the blood..or... by Josh 2/23/2006  
     hello i wood rly like a tatto at 15 to but i dunt no were to g o pleas will some one help... by nicola 8/16/2006  
     Well this is an old thread I bumped into while researching and planning my tattoo. I just... by Tippy 10/2/2006  
     yeah i am probably the youngest person to get a tattoo i was 11 when i got mine and it was... by meatball 10/31/2006  
On June 11 of this year, my dog started excessivly eating grass and licking everything.... by Greg6/12/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     I really don't know what the problem could be. Excessive licking can precede a seizure,... by Marianne6/14/04  
     my dog blaze normally doesnt eat anything he's not suppose to as he is a house dog and... by mary 8/31/04  
     Hi, my pug, who is three years old, has the same problem. ts really got us worried because... by Jooni 10/7/04  
     Greg, did you ever find out what it was that caused your dog's sudden behavior? My dog (a... by John 2/20/05  
     hey um... my dog is doing the exact same thing. he had an episode like this about 4 or 5... by werndog 3/5/05  
     My beagle does this also. He will wake up in the middle of the night and start licking... by Monika 4/28/05  
     The exact same thing happened with my dog. It started when he was young and still happens,... by Sue 10/7/05  
     Greg, I have the same problem with my Saint Bernard, she has been doing this forever!!... by 10/12/05  
     My dog began doing the exact same thing when I moved into my new house. It has been... by Geena 2/5/2006  
     once in a while my dog gets these contractions in his throat and start licking everything... by lexy 2/7/2006  
     My dog also does this, however, she will lick the carpet and then eat it if I don't get... by Teresa 2/28/2006  
     Greg, We have a mix dog with same problem but have been able to get help. If you find... by Linda 8/18/2006  
     i dont know but i do now that my dog is doing some tihng like that too. she is eating... by emma 9/15/2006  
How do I determine what service I have. 60, 100 or 200 amp amp service into my home? by Fred Poliquin1/25/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Look at your main breaker/fuse and see what it is rated for. Unless you have a very old... by cm1/25/04  
     I think that you need to look at the meter. by LucasM3/2/04  
     turn everything on until it trips your main breaker. Then ask the electrician when he... by billy4/19/04  
     cm is right,lucas needs more time on the job,and billy needs his butt spanked. by tools5/1/04  
     well all you sound like dumb asses cause if you really knew then you would give the... by the pimp or gimp dont know  1/18/05  
     well all you sound like dumb asses cause if you really knew then you would give the... by the pimp or gimp dont know  1/18/05  
     cm is partially right; many older homes have less than 200 amp service; yet many newer... by gene 2/15/05  
     Look at the meter outside...if its 60 amp then there will be no base behind the glass... by realtormark 4/30/05  
     I just bought a new house and has 100 amp service, how do I change to 200? by marak 3/14/2006  
     most homes have a 200 amp service ...that being said your exact service is limited by... by super gizmo 6/17/2006  
     The Maximum Service Amperage is determined by the "SIZE of the WIRING".... NOT the size of... by Chicken Little 10/19/2006  
     The main breaker shows the amperage to the house. This might be 100 amps. The electric... by John 11/13/2006  
Sir . I want to now what is meaning of " Mame Samina" because this is a Name of my... by Rasul Ghulam8/25/03 [soc.culture.pakistan] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
     I am impatiently waiting for you. Please hurry to take me. by i_o_u_me1/23/04  
     i cant find by noreliza 5/5/04  
     Samina is a arabic word and it means "healthy" in Arabic by Mubashir 9/2/04  
     samina in arabic the meaning is 'overweight' it sux i knowits MY name... by mina 12/16/04  
     meaning of name samina by samu 4/7/05  
     Sameena as per me means "a precious belonging" as far as my knowledge of urdu goes.... by Vimal kamadia 4/10/2006  
     no by kristopher hunter 5/5/2006  
     just by the way can any of you tell me what the name "Sumray" means? she's from Pakistan... by maciej buragiewicz 7/17/2007  
There are 53 bicycles in a round room two men are dead what happened? by Nick10/23/03 rec.puzzles Archive (logic), part 22 of 35
     They were trapped by bicycles and starved to death? by simonzyx2/9/04  
     the men were playing poker with a bicycle deck. One of them cheated! p.s. I need more... by middle school teacher2/16/04  
     The dead guy cheated in a card game; his opponent killed him for cheating. by RogerC3/18/04  
     The first man had a card up his sleeve, being the 53rd card, so the second man shot him. I... by steph 3/12/05  
     at the end of a game they found there were 53 cards in their deck instead of 52- so they... by Blankbit 8/17/05  
     Two Men Were Served Identical Drinks; 1 dies, the other lives. by Whatever 10/6/05  
     Two guys playing cards with a deck of Bicycle playing cards. One cheats and they fight.... by fln8iv 8/6/2006  
     they killed each other out of respect by jack 10/11/2006  
     You are right about them playing cards, but it was to see who would get an oxygen tank to... by Cassie 12/13/2006  
     both cheating and pull out a gun? by squalltwb 4/22/2007  
     The other man brought a cickle and killed the guy with it. by bunny 5/19/2007  
Where do I get Freya's ultimate weapon Dragons Hair by Dan9/27/03 FAQ (Part 1 of 3)
     i really want to know that, i have search everywhere on the internet, yet all they say is... by sieg_1234 12/31/03  
     ur right it is in the mountain crack u will need a gold chocobo then fly over and crack it... by bren 3/30/04  
     no its not in the crack because thats how you restore mognet central by jake 2/6/05  
     im not sure but i know that zidanes you need a gold chocobo and you go back to the... by ultimamage57 3/8/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a>Welcome! <a... by yellow pages main 4/12/2006  
     Welcome!!! online directory. [URL=]YP... by online directory main 4/12/2006  
     hello! online directory. SMART Yellow Pages, About DIRare,... by online directory main 4/12/2006  
     ghjgjghjgj by shut up 7/27/2006  
please help my dog constantly licks and licks sometimes for hours how can i stop or... by suzan7/23/03 rec.pets.dogs: Cairn Terriers Breed-FAQ
     One of my Cairns also licks for hours, she licks paws or just generally in the air. She... by Minnesota9/4/03  
     When a cairn's feet get wet, they are prone to infection. They lick their paws because... by lou4/21/04  
     eldest child by Minnie 11/22/04  
     my dog will lick for hours to. and go fly swatting. i believe it is normal you know.... by porcia 12/7/05  
     Vp9GCbzrtqFR zqzS56APtGH e3QSofQBenQQ by p5i1TW9P3L 2/18/2006  
     if your dog is licking your paws it could be either something as serious as cancer. or... by sam azing 11/9/2006  
Lets get something straight here. Those of you that think APBT'sa vicious and deserve to... by AlesiaHoney6/11/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     I like the story except the part about how your Pit Bull bit another dog in the face and... by BD 6/19/04  
     Well that is exactly what happened. I grabbed her cable and told her to stop it, I was... by AlesiaHoney 6/24/04  
     YES YES YES,finally a good pitbull owner!YIPEE,HOORAY, get the picture.... by HAPPY 6/27/04  
     I would personally NEVER trust a pit bull with other animals. I don't trust decades of... by Iggy7/3/04  
     How do you get a pit bull to release another animal once it has tasted blood and killed... by Cyndi 8/10/04  
     i know just how u feel about those ignorant ppl! ive been trying to get my parents to let... by matt 9/8/04  
     yep, Iggy, i do agree. I have a pitbull/lab mix (by pure accident), and he really feels... by Lara 9/26/04  
     i think it is crazy to have a dog like that i would never have one! I have seen to many... by shorty 10/17/05  
     YES! FINALLY a great person who thinks APBTs are not vicious!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by Aspen 10/24/05  
     I just wanted to say that I was a nervous owner when my husband brought home 2 baby pits... by bobbysmamacita 3/24/2006  
     i need your help i have a pitbull i just adopted and she is wonderfull but i also have a... by doug 8/28/2006  
     what can i do if someone reported my pit to the police and they took him away, he is not... by karen 1/12/2007  
i have a female yorkie and she gave birth on June 5th of 2003. i am waiting for her to... by lily10/4/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Most yorkies will come into season every 6 months, but some go every 9 months. Be sure she... by Miracle Yorkies10/28/03  
     You cannot put a time frame on a dog at once. It varys from 4- 14 months between heats.... by Tanisha12/31/03  
     Your yorkie not bleeding yet may be something you might want to talk to a vet about. Some... by Jessica1/1/04  
     Hallo Lily, I hope that your beautiful Yorkie will be fine and have many more great... by Kay 2/3/04  
     I was wondering if anyone knew if it is okay to breed my yorkie. She is 9 months and has... by Honey 10/11/05  
     Every female yorkie is different. However, I would strongly recommend waiting until her... by Yorkie Mom 10/17/05  
     hey guys um my yorkie male small cute needs a girl to breed with he is like 7 months call... by mike 11/24/05  
     I have a Yorkie & I was wondering when they start to fill up on their bellies with the... by Mia 11/26/05  
     my Yorkie just had 4 pups this morning 2girls and 2 boys the mom is 5 pounds the dad under... by mike 9/3/2006  
Are there any Reviews of Project Management Software by nandita11/12/03 Project Management Programs - Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
     see by Christina11/13/03  
     http://www.project-management-software. org/reviews.asp by JV2/13/04  
     AtTask is highest rated on Ease of Use, Feature Richness, Project Management Support, and... by FroBaby3/5/04  
     There are lots of Software Reviews available from the Project Manager Today site (www.pmto... by SurfinRhino 11/23/05  
     General review of Critical Chain Software vs. traditional methods (eg. Gantt, PERT, CPM,... by GB 1/24/2006  
     I've been using AceProject for a while and I personally love this software. Once you've... by David 2/1/2006  
     A review of Interneer Intellect, the web-based Project Process Management software... by M. Steffen 5/17/2006  
     Check out <a href="http://www.web-based-software. com/reviews.asp">http://www.web-bas... by msteffen 7/24/2006  
     http://project-management-software- by Mike Ellerbe 10/28/2006  
     RiverGuide ( ) offers in-depth profiles, comparisons, and reviews of... by Austin 11/28/2006  
My VW Vento Auto keeps cutting out at random time during driving. It happens whether the... by Dayo1/28/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     I had a similar problem with a 96 golf. turned out to be a cracked coil. rain or high... by John 2/3/04  
     My 1997 Mk3 is doing the same and i have been given some advise, which i have placed on... by phulla 5/6/04  
     Same problem on a 98 16v GTI. So far changed ignition and fuel pump relays with no... by sinner 8/25/04  
     Change relay 109 under dash behind fuse box. It may be shot, or lose in it's mounts. ... by Jeffery Lawrence 9/17/04  
     its the coil by myvento 7/24/05  
     jettas suck by whocares 1/7/2006  
     Amendment to the link posted above: by phulla 1/11/2006  
     I have a 1996 Volkswagan Golf 1.4 that keeps cutting out when I put the clutch down to... by teddybear12 7/5/2006  
     my coil caused the car to shut down completly, thought it was the fuel pump. had a spare... by 94 gti owner 10/17/2006  
     your car needs crank sensor by akik 11/22/2006  
     Hello mate, if you have not sorted the problem with changing the coil and ecu relay then i... by mark 1/9/2007  
Please tell me how to get my Siberian to quit digging holes? by Kelly12/22/03 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     It is a Siberians instinct to dig. In the wild they would dig holes in snow to sleep in.... by Tanisha1/4/04  
     This is gong to sound really silly, but to break my Husky of his digging habit I had a... by Jill1/8/04  
     There is really know way to make them stop it just means that there bored, you can hit... by BOBO5/5/04  
     I too have a Siberian Husky and he just loves to dig. He especially does it when I leave... by Ellen6/1/04  
     Note: Yelling will only do damage. Huskies live to please you and if you always yell at... by Tanisha6/14/04  
     My Husky is 4 yrs old and she still digs! We went as far as a 6ft chain link fence and we... by Rose6/16/04  
     My Huskies were really digging up my pen too and one thing that helps tremendously is a... by Tanisha 6/18/04  
     This might sound kind of gross BUT it really works. Put some of the dogs' poo in the hole... by Britesparx7/7/04  
     I did not mean we run outside screaming at our dog we love our little girl!!!! All I... by kel 8/10/04  
     Find areas in the yard where you wouldn't mind a few holes. Only bury bones, toys,... by Tiffany Nicole 11/13/04  
     My hubby and I made a sand box for our dog. It works great. He has dug a few holes and has... by guard_dog 5/29/05  
     I just read on another website to make a sandbox for digging and occasionally burying dog... by Chris 10/14/05  
     I have a 5 months old husky and a 3 year old Belgian Shepherd, even another dogs company... by Clelia 12/20/05  
     it looks like nobody has a clue about what they're talking about here. by kevin 1/5/2006  
     My Husky, Natasha, is 11 years old and STILL digs holes in the yard. We just got our yard... by Tina 3/2/2006  
I have a Fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi, 6 months old. The heat seem to really effect him,... by Melinda5/9/04 rec.pets.dogs: Pembroke Welsh Corgis Breed-FAQ
     I had one growing up. We shaved him and had very little problems. As he got older,... by liz o7/15/04  
     i have a fluffy. i get him shaved regularly during the summer. it doesn't seem to affect... by hilary 9/14/04  
     My female fluffy Pembroke was shaved this summer so she could swim and run with the big... by fairhaven belle 10/7/04  
     I shave my corgi and he loves it! He looks adorable shaved and seems so much more... by Jenna 12/1/04  
     I have shaved my corgi girl and she's had no problems with the fur growing back with its... by Opie 1/11/05  
     We got a super fluffy in spring as well and just let him ride out the summer. He did... by Val 1/23/05  
     I was wondering what would happen if we shaved our 6 yr old Corgi?? by Murray 12/26/05  
     yes i have one and i shaved him it does help and it don't effect him in any way by tiffany sandoval 1/23/2006  
     yes you can shave them and it don't effect them in any way by tiffany sandoval 1/23/2006  
     Shaving a dog will not help it cool down. The thick coat actually helps to insulate the... by Tara 4/14/2006  
     dogs have hair for a reason and should never be shaved; clipped close maybe. by missy's mom 5/6/2006  
     you can shave your fluffy and it does not efeect the way the hair grows back. they just... by pic 7/9/2006  
     I have a fluffy. I take him to a groomer about every 5 weeks. If I didn't, he would be a... by kcsride 11/11/2006  
     Hi Melinda, I have a six year old fluffy corgi (that I raised from 8 weeks) and I live in... by eowyn20814 4/23/2007  
has anyone had surgery to correct tubular breast deformity? did insurance cover any or all... by elizabethMN3/28/04 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery FAQ (PRS-FAQ)
     yes i have heard of this. I also have this problem an d have recently got approved for... by jenn4/23/04  
     I have had the surgery my insurance does not pre-approve anything so I don't know if they... by jd5/10/04  
     My daughter had tubular deformity and the insurance company approved the surgery based on... by Robin 9/14/04  
     I'mactually actually about to have the surgery and I'mreally scared that it won't come out... by mw 10/26/04  
     i have had the surgery for correction. i advise anyone to have it done. i felt immensely... by ana 2/12/05  
     I also have tubular breast deformity and have been denied coverage by my insurance... by Chris 3/13/05  
     my daughter has this condition on one side and is missing breast tissue on the other side... by lw 3/24/05  
     my doctor wrote a letter and submitted photos of my breasts, he explained that i was... by scrabble 6/11/05  
     just read your inquiry.did you undergo the procedure?if you did not , we have patients for... by clesesnemd 11/5/05  
     Base on the info sent to my insurance company treatment must be medically nessary for the... by Jac 2/18/2006  
     I too am interested in weither or not insurance covers. i have to deformity in both... by Lisa 10/19/2006  
     Well.... I'm 17 and have this and evryone keeps saying they will fill out... doubt it by SARAH*! 11/15/2006  
     I have the tubular deformity and it hurts me sometimes physically and mentally, and i fell... by katie 4/5/2007  
how old do you have to be in most cases to get a tattoo??? by Amichele1/7/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     how old do u have to be in Canada? by meg2/9/04  
     What is the largest tattoo you have done? by David VanCour 3/4/04  
     most places you have to be 18 without parental consent. in few places (states) you have to... by LatinaNeNa 4/11/04  
     I live in Oregon and you have to be 18 without a parent, just like piercings by LilCutieo3o4 5/18/04  
     How old do you have to be to get a tattoo if you live in Wales? by Chloe 5/22/04  
     how old do you have to be to get a tattoo if you live in Texas and you have a parents... by boo 3/17/05  
     16 to move out, 18 to be a legal adult...and 19 to purchase alcahol and smokes...except... by gggggjj 8/1/05  
     how old do u have to be in colorado? cuz i've heard it varies by town. i kno in boulder... by k!ss 8/6/05  
     I unno by Curious 8/9/2006  
     if you are 16 and live in northcarolina can you get a tattoo with parental concent? if... by brandy 5/27/2007  
where can i find a device called squeezo. it is used to juice berries for jelly by bobbie chapman7/8/03 Rec.Food.Preserving FAQ (v.7.08) Part1
     These folks have it for sale new - htm. There are... by Cyndi M7/30/03  
     you can also try to find a victorio strainer, it's the same thing only plastic and you can... by no name 8/28/04  
     I purchased mine directly from Lema Products,4331 N. Dixie Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33431 by Sandy D 9/9/04  
     Just bought one on e-bay for 41.00 used it today and it is a wonderous machine. there are... by pappyjack 11/26/04 sells them new including replacement parts factory direct. by Bill S 10/10/05  
SO does any one know the actual release date of the programme charmed on dvd? Cos me & my... by littlehottie19853/15/04 FAQ
     Charmed will be released on DVD. Paramount have said that they will. The only thing is... by BaRrY4/28/04  
     shannon is going to be making an appearance? well its about freaking time!!!!i cant wait... by dena5/15/04  
     OMG! I sooo hope Shannon would make a guest appearence. That would be so cool, even if... by Laura6/15/04  
     Apparently charmed series 1-3 WILL be realeased but only in the USA next year (2005)... by K7/8/04  
     that would b awesome if shannen did an apperance i wouldn't stop tlking about it 4 months by PiPeR fAn!!!! 8/6/04  
     Uk, 2006. you gotta be kidding ah well i'll be honest im very sad and i will wait until... by FourthCharmed 8/29/04  
     No Shannen will not be guest starring in a new season of charmed as rumors are saying. She... by Skells 10/29/04  
     The 1st season will be due too release on the 6th of june 2005. by hannah 5/29/05  
     Charmed season 2 comes out september 6th and season 3 comes out november15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by Charmed_Patrick 8/2/05  
     I've already got season 1 and 2 on proper dvd season 1 came out about June time and season... by K Marie 9/30/05  
     when is charmed sesion 4 being relesed? by ashley 10/11/05  
     do any of you know when seasons 4 and 5 will be coming out if so please contact me at... by help me 11/2/05  
     Foe any one know when the fifth season is coming out on dvd release because i am dying to... by Yelir 5/20/2006  
     i think it stupid that they may not put charmed 8 out for a little while i have been... by mitchell kane  7/27/2006  
     Shannon is not making an apearance on charmed coz it has just finished screaning here and... by Im Charmed 9/25/2006  
i need the rules on how to play the board game axis & allies and how to start the game... by pimpin7/17/03 N/A
     aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa by yo 3/12/2006  
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What is a good book to get a person that has tried to kill herself? by Kelli7/24/03 Suicide - Frequently Asked Questions
     The Tao of Pooh. by Zen 12/28/03  
     She doesn’t need a book; she needs love and help quickly, never conceder a foiled attempt... by Libby2/8/04  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/14/2006  
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yes i have a a bichon dog who gets gas all the time and is in pain.. my husband sneaks him... by shannon7/3/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     My husband does the same thing with our Black Lab and I need to leave the room it is so... by cleo's mom 8/17/03  
     GOOD QUALITY FOOD... such as nutro natural choice or a holistic food by Brookie 12/3/03  
     I thought my bichon had something logged in her stommach because she kept focusing on her... by shannon 4/22/04  
     My bichon has been itching alot. took her to the vet found out she had an infection. gave... by judy 1/3/05  
     I love my dog yet i put him in a diaper and believe it or not he loves it he sit still... by myFrodo 2/5/2006  
Ok...I really want to get a part of my ear pierced but i don't know what its called...its... by ~* Sarah Rae*~6/24/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     it's called the tragus!!have fun with that! by juicycoo 11/25/04  
     it's called your tragus by tomno1 1/23/05  
     yeah i want to know too lol by nicole 4/21/05  
     its called the Tragus and it hurts. you cant sleep on that side of your head for about 2... by Jesica 6/23/05  
     i think the piercing your looking for is called a tragus piercing by whitescorpion 9/12/05  
     it's called a DREAGA. and it hurts like hell to get it pierced by bethany 10/29/05  
     just point to it when u go to get it pierced.. hehe by Ash 12/1/05  
     ..Uh, you mean.. "lobe"? Or the "tragus". by .. 1/24/2006  
     This small 'flap' of skin and cartilage, that is attached to your face is called the... by Danni 2/20/2006  
     it's called the tragus by cas 3/2/2006  
     its your tragus by pierced4life 3/8/2006  
     ur mom by 50 3/13/2006  
     Its called your daith.. its not that hard to find out.. you have google then u type in... by Koreen 1/4/2007  
     It is called a Tragus by KayNyne 2/26/2007  
Why are jpegs photos downloading as bitmaps, and how do I fix it? A couple of months ago I... by Tom8/3/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     Clear the cache, problem solved. by rainquest9/23/03  
     "Clearing the Cache"- heres what I did: Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet... by OmegaCentauri1/26/04  
     Cleared cache and set the limit to 300mb. my previous cache was 1gb. afterwards, nothing... by Tony2/24/04  
     I'm having the same exact problem and have experienced it on my mom's PC too. I don't know... by Vicki 4/15/04  
     Open internet explorer go to tools>internet options>general tab,then delete... by Rooskipow4/16/04  
     yeh I tried all that but u have to delete more stuff for it to work. Here's the microsoft... by ralph6/25/04  
     I was having the problem, and followed the Microsoft instructions. I had 2 damaged... by Vid Smith6/27/04  
     download as bitmaps into 'my documents'. Open 'my documents', right click file, open file... by paul 11/17/04  
     None of that works for me. I've tried other things too. I also switched to Mozilla and... by RavenKane 12/5/04  
     Thank you guys so much!!!! by Phoenix 12/17/04  
     i am having a similar problem. i made a symbol for my band in microsoft word, and then i... by zergwar57 3/12/05  
     Take the .bmp's & drag them to Paint, Now go up to File & "Save As". Now you can change it... by Steve 8/26/05  
     I can't offer a solution, but this is a way of living with the problem. I presume the... by Phil Mackie 8/28/2006  
I have a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim ,2.5 4 cyl. I have change the radiator,and water pump,flush... by Bob10/28/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     It depends if you have air coming out or not. If you do have air coming out then it may be... by JV11/25/03  
     why don`t you go to the root of the problem .the head gasket is your problem.have three... by chrysler dude2/4/04  
     i just had the head go on my 1994 acclaim 2.5 i have heat not much is there a heat vavle... by wade2/12/04  
     Change the thermostat yet? Six bucks is better than the cost of changing the head gasket... by n-a2/18/04  
     I have 1991 plymouth acclaim and it uses ALOT of oil is there anything i can do about... by Kword2/21/04  
     I just had an oil change on my 1994 Plymouth Acclaim, I have 108,000, miles on it. The... by Christopher 4/5/04  
     my plymouth acclaim has 153000 miles and it still kicks butt! by jt5/7/04  
     I have put three head gaskets on my 94 accliam and it did do just what chrysler dude said... by andy5730 5/4/05  
     where is the water pump located on v6 1994 acclaim by paula hurndon 9/16/05  
     Cracked head possiably i am havin the same problem just be sure not to mess up the timing.... by Tom 1/9/2006  
     what is the torque specs,,, for torque head on a plymouth acclaims ,,, putting on new head... by wasteland69er 6/1/2006  
     mine has 154000 and kicks more but than yours!!!!lol by ahhh!! 1/10/2007  
     just bout me one for $300 from a good friend.has 178k miles and runs good. i will be doing... by just bought acclaim 1/18/2007  
     i have 181,000 miles on my 94 acclaim and it still rocks. i love this car and i am sure... by Dj 4/2/2007  
     i Have a 1993 Plymouth acclaim, its hit 2 deer, and has 256,000 km and shes keeps trucking... by kv 4/12/2007  
     Bob, one more thing, if its non-AC the valve is on the engine side of the fire wall. by Target 4/29/2007  
I am looking for a company which produces a chocolate confection (I think it is called... by chocolot10/28/03 Chocolate Resources - Periodic Posting
     i have seen it on the net.. a few hours ago.. called chocolate lace.. dont remember the... by justy11/7/03  
     call 203-792-1234 in US for the Chocolate lace. They come in 4 different flavors, dark... by choco lace12/25/03  
     thank you to "justy" and "choco lace" for your answers--I will call the number and... by chocolot1/22/04  
     just wanted to know if you found a place to buy chocolate lace I remember as a child my... by Panda1/22/04  
     I remember chocolate lace and I just made some. I remember the company was in Vermont or... by rosamondposie5/15/04  
     chocolate lace 14 clarke circle bethel, CT 06801 203 792-1234 fax 203 792-1235 by Diana 8/2/04  
     Hey. You can go to Matthews 1812 House and look under either chocolate or candies and... by snoopymccullough 10/28/04  
     Hey Rose, How did it turn out? Can you send me your recipe???? by CVBabe 11/5/04  
     Bissinger's makes chocolate lace...I just saw it in their catalog. by spike 12/3/04  
     I am looking for somewhere to buy Dark Chocolates with creamy vanilla cream filling. If... by Sue 12/4/04  
     The company that makes Chocolate Lace is in Bethel, Connecticut, 1-203-792-1234. The... by Lissa 2/16/05  
     Chocolate Lace is made by Hauser Chocolatier, it is available on-line at www.hauserchocola... by Chocolate Lace 11/16/05  
     chocolate lace is only made in this country by a company in danbury connecticut. i dont... by coplady 12/14/05  
     "Unwrapped" is a program segment which appears on the Food Network. It is hosted by Marc... by Keith 12/14/05  
     http://www.hauserchocolates. com/eoneCommerce/Shop?DSP=30000&PCR=1: 100:40100 by Jodster 11/25/2006  
how di i install a dimmer switch and ceiling fan in same box by sparky9/28/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     make sure that the box in the celing is capable of holding the celing fan if you dont know... by r310/16/03  
     you have to have 3 conductor wiring to the fan and you can buy a duo-control for seperate... by sparky2/3/04  
     First you have to find a dimmer,switch which has three lines;one input hot line,two out... by kyl,w3/29/04  
     First you have to find a dimmer,switch which has three lines;one input hot line,two out... by kyl,w 3/29/04  
     what is the diff. between a dimmer switch and a fan switch? by jerry 12/19/04  
     CAUTION: DO NOT OPERATE THE FAN ON A DIMMER SWITCH. You must have a three conductor cable... by Rick 4/4/05  
     best way for a two wire circuit.. is to add a remote (about$25.00 at Home Depot) once you... by george 5/6/05  
     i have something to ask ok i insatlld a celling fan ok and the home owner ... by fear 2/28/2006  
     dimmer switch control can be installed together with fan control from the3 junction box by... by sewen 7/6/2007  
I am trying to locate a chihuahua breeder in the St. Louis Missouri area w/o any luck. If... by diane novak12/10/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Have check with Love&Care Pet Farm in ST. Peters Mo. The phone number is 636-240-3647. I... by mellyg12/29/03  
     My mom is a breeder in the KC, MO area. (816) 456-4677 by Mel 2/7/04  
     If you don't mind me asking, what is the going rate? I am looking for a smaller sized one... by mamalou413 2/24/04  
     Beware of breeders that sell the smallest dogs for outrageous prices. 'Teacup' chihuahuas... by chimama3/31/04  
     I just got a 4 month old male chihuahua from a breeder near Rolla for a VERY reasonable... by Angie6/10/04  
     I don't know if you found your chihuahua yet, but I know of a great breeder that should be... by Ters 10/1/04  
     I have a 4 month old teacup, he is a rare blue fawn and ACA registered, I got him from a... by goldielinn 1/11/05  
     Ya i'm looking for a chihuahua too but the cheapest i found was $95. by Matt 2/16/05  
     Hi if anyone has any information about chihuahua breeders in st. louis or if you got a... by Jersie 4/21/05  
     I got a male fawn chihuahua with akc papers. The breeder told me that he would be 4 pounds... by chichi 5/20/05  
     Every time you buy a dog from a breeder or a pet store you are sentencing a dog in a... by Brian Boru 5/31/05  
     hope you find the perfect pet! by petal 9/11/05  
     I have a 1 year old Fawn Male Chihuahua for sale. "Scooby" is an apple head and looks like... by 5/4/2007  
My dog has all of a sudden started to eat his and other dogs feces. Why does he do this? by tina1/5/04 rec.pets.dogs: Behavior: Understanding and Modifying FAQ
     My dog is also eating feces and I would like an answer. by Jean2/4/04  
     A very vexing problem. What you do is to bring your pet out to poo then wait and watch.... by Carol2/15/04  
     No one knows the reasoning behind a dog eating their own feces. Their in the past has been... by sirbills2/24/04  
     I've heard it's because of their diet, the food isn't digesting completely so it's still... by LuciRob3/11/04  
     My daughter has a dog that does this and someone told her to sprinkle some meat tenderizer... by Roger4/5/04  
     Hi - I have a behavioral question regarding my oldest and former alpha dog. Blackie was... by grace 4/9/04  
     The dog is not getting the enzymes from his food. Try an enzymatic supplement like... by Catherine 10/22/04  
     it happens hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahah by c02 jim 11/27/04  
     I have a new puppy two months old and she is also eating her poo I also need some advice... by confused 2/28/05  
     I have a beagle who eats her own poop and i feed her dry food she also eats the rabbits... by tilly 4/12/05  
     My dog has also been doing this, except he brings it in the house to hide and eat later. I... by Craig 10/11/05  
     i have the same problem with my 1yr old dog this only started after he was castrated, but... by trish 2/4/2006  
     Why does my dog always whine all the time?? She is loved gets cuddles all the time and she... by Freesia3667 4/4/2007  
     well u do not shout at the dog you just say NO! in a very authoritive manner by loz 5/2/2007  
     well u do not shout at the dog you just say NO! in a very authoritive manner & it will... by loz 5/2/2007  
What was Australia's relationship with America at the time of the Vietnam War. by manal10/10/03 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
     I NEED THE ANSWER TO THIS AS WELL... by stonedcrow6/12/04  
     ME TOO by defonce 8/14/04  
     Australia was mainly involved in the Vietnam War in order to support the United States. In... by Stef 7/17/05  
     NOT ME... by mick 8/28/05  
     Plz help the assignments due soon by frogbrain 3/4/2006  
     Great! by lakeru 2/22/2007  
     Please someone buy me a shaver so i can induldge in such shaving sessions and feel what... by Kazza's sister 5/7/2007  
pictures of dobermans by gem gem3/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Doberman Breed-FAQ
     hi! my name is _happy_ (well, thats not my real name of coarse!) ;) but um...ya. ... by _happy_3/23/04  
     i thick it is dum of you to do this to people OK by the why i am Lucy cliff Jones live... by lucy 11/6/04  
     dobermans are are very good protecting dogs by dobermanLOVER2018 1/19/05  
     STFU!!!!! by Yoyo 1/24/05  
     I think this website needs pictures of dobermans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! by Ashley 2/24/05  
     Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like dobermans :-) i want 1 but mum wont let me! :-( by muppet 3/14/05  
     bakkak by alpha 12/19/05  
     what is Doberman? by doberman 2/1/2007  
my dog had her pups about 8 hours or so ago now there is a very dark green to possibly... by jewl7/21/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     My dog has been in labor for close to 24 hours. She also went hours without delivering a... by Pam3/23/04  
     This is normal. It should subside in a day or so. If you can keep her from eating the... by mlb6269@aol.com6/21/04  
     It is not uncommon for there to be long periods of time between puppies, but if it exceeds... by Rachel7/3/04  
     I had the same worry, I did all my research but no one told me about the green discharge.... by Uniquejoy3001 9/13/04  
     My Golden Retriever is 4 days past her due date.. I can't take her to the vet because... by jessica 11/7/04  
     Uh im scared to go down there with my dog.Cuz she jus had pups i can tell cuz i saw one... by Br3tofly 5/12/05  
     My golden reteiver had puppies a week ago and has a muckus discarge with some blood,... by valerie 8/29/05  
     My dog had a puppy 24 hours ago. There is only one puppy. I think it is mixed with a... by Ruairidh 1/15/2007  
     when my dog gave birth to her puppies she was covered in green stuff. The puppies while in... by arie 3/4/2007  
     I need to know how long apart my dog will deliver her puppies and how long will she be in... by Adidas003 3/6/2007  
Where can I buy Tedral Matt Hood P.O.Box 2851 Freeport Texas 77541 USA ph 979 229 1153 by MattHood8/27/03 FAQ: Asthma -- General Information
     looking for tedral-drug---9792291153=usa by matt hood10/10/03  
     I would like to know where I can get tedral for my asthma. It's the only thing that I can... by jackie5/9/04  
     this small pill really, really does work, it has such an impact on my breathing it's... by ronald5/23/04  
     I have been searching for Tedral for the past 5 years. Why can't I find the drug? by Patrice Gardiner6/13/04  
     Tedral works! Something that helps us to breathe we can't find, but something such as... by Jackie7/6/04  
     Where in Canada may one purchase Tedral? I have been looking for it for several years. by Derek 8/19/04  
     hola de verdad que luche por varios años por tratar de consegir el tedral hasta que... by milton jimenez 11/9/04  
     I just checked and it was discontinued - Aug 99. Don't know why because you are all right... by Noreen 2/18/05  
     you can find the drug tedral in India by matt hood 4/3/05  
     I also asked my doctor for Tedral for my asthma. I took it for many years when needed when... by Karen 5/8/2006  
     another Tedral seeker - it was the only thing that worked with my COPD - never mind the... by marcy 6/12/2006  
     The drug tedral was taken off the market because Parke-Davis loss their market share from... by matt hood 10/2/2006  
     I sold Tedral as a speed in the 70's. 5,000 pills a week. I had a booming business. It's... by Flak 11/6/2006  
     Tedral in the 60's was a prescription drug. It later became an over the counter drug where... by Argo 11/20/2006  
     I haven't been able to find Tedral here in Canada, either, in recent years. However,... by Grotz from Canada 3/11/2007  
I need to translate my birth certificate from Spanish to English but, it has been very... by Laura7/13/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     Laura, I can be of help to you. I speak both English and Spanish and can translate your... by Princess8/7/03  
     Sabrina by Bradley Thomas Spence 2/17/04  
     Sabrina by Bradley Thomas Spence 2/17/04  
     ok by ok ok 11/29/04  
     i need help with a Spanish birth certificate. can anyone help me? by sarah 11/1/05  
     need to translate certificate from spanish to english by lalo 10/7/2006  
     i have a question i want to translate my own birth ceficate can u help me do it on my own by Critina 3/13/2007  
     i have a question i want to translate my own birth certificate can u help me do it on my... by Critina 3/13/2007  
     partida by sesi 5/25/2007  
     I know the accurate translator in phoenix, az has a quality service for translation and... by jsimothy 7/12/2007  
You have 3 houses and you have electric, gas, and water and they are in line as follows: ... by Aubrey3/31/04 algorithms Frequently Asked Questions
     It wont work. by stenydave4/19/04  
     do it to the left hand side of the houses by Flange4/20/04  
     yes in a way. hhtp://www.dse. nl/~puzzle/harder/gas_water_electricity_u s.html hope that... by tree5/7/04  
     this is a dumb game! by darrell dodge 11/3/04  
     You guys think to much...Water and gas are underground...but electricity traveles through... by Joe 4/19/05  
     i have been pulling my hair out for ears with this puzzle & have not had much luck in... by valhalla 7/23/05  
     you need 3d space doing this problem in 2d will not work...there will ALWAYS be one house... by ladyanne 6/10/2006  
     Not Possible 2d. Would work drawn 3d by Marty 8/23/2006  
     Ok look up a word called Mobius and try to figure it out. I did and i got $300 from my... by XxfubsyxX 10/24/2006  
     its not possible unless done 3D by b.pre 11/4/2006  
     no way its impossible, my teacher asked me to do it , then he told me its impossible, the... by Noble 11/21/2006  
     It is only possible on a 3-D scale by JonK 2/2/2007  
     it is not possible unless you put the picture in three dimensions by rufus 2/24/2007  
     it will work only if the owner of house a will allow the gas company to run a pipe through... by me 2/28/2007  
     there is NO solution on a plane without passing one of the lines through one of the... by Benji 5/10/2007  
     i did it easy by clever 6/8/2007  
I'm looking for a good tattoo artist in the portland\oregon city area. know any? by kristina7/31/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Welcome & Netiquette FAQ
     Call Frank Fencepost, he is great. I used to work with him in Longview Wa. He is from... by Tash8/7/03  
     go to marcii at lady luck tattoo! 826 SE Belmont st 236-2833 by none1/21/04  
     Ya! I agree. Go to Lady Luck Tattoo. They have some great artists. I was happy with... by Max3/2/04  
     LADY LUCK TATTOO!!!!!!!!! Mad Marcii has been tattooing our family for over 10 years now!... by LaSal Family 8/27/04  
     How much does a tattoo artist get a year. I am doing a class project and i would like to... by Jamie Behner 9/29/04  
     I highly recommend the true artists @ Lady Luck. I have been treated like family by all... by Tony 1/8/05  
     i know frank knows his stuff.. by ben  2/21/05  
     yes i'm a very good artist looking to relocate i have 10 yrs exp. in freehand and pattern... by ozz 3/4/05  
     Marci at ladyluck is awesome also dragon at Star Tattoo does excelent work by Ryan 4/12/05  
     IF your looking for a great tattoo artist in or around Portland, and can make it over to... by Ninjachick22 9/20/05  
     check out <a href="">Ryan Zachary</a> by eric 3/18/2006  
     My Son, who trained in Fla. just moved up here and can freehand the most Beautiful designs... by lori bird 6/8/2006  
     My Son, who trained in Fla. just moved up here and can freehand the most Beautiful designs... by lori bird 6/8/2006  
has anyone given thought to the parents being a carrier of this deathly tradgity i am a... by oli842 7/10/03 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     SIDS babies usually about 5 % of them have sleep apnea so it is not a major role in sids. ... by Jen 12/27/03  
     Babies with sleep apnea, who have a prolonged lapse in their breatheing have a chance to... by Francine 12/29/03  
     can someone please help me. my son suffered a "near sids event" ( and yes i know everyone... by alisa2/29/04  
     I don't know if this helps or not..... First, of all I'm so sorry for what you are going... by Francine 3/6/04  
     who thought of SIDS by michaela 10/11/05  
     Ok, the situation I am trying to deal with is very similar to "alisa's" In that my 3 month... by Nothinbuthope4Caleb 12/5/05  
     I realise the terminology may not be right to say near miss for SIDS, however, I do... by Grandma 3/7/2006  
     To: Alisa We had the same thing happen on September 6, 2006 with our then 4 week old... by Andrea 9/22/2006  
     My son had a so called near sids event in august at the age of 8 weeks. I awoke to find... by mike 10/15/2006  
i want to know meanings of zaigham. by shahzad8/18/03 [soc.culture.pakistan] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
     Zaigham is an Arabic word, meaning 'lion'. by Zaigham Mahmood11/13/03  
     zaighum is the word of arbic and its perfect mean is A LION JUMPING POSITION FOR ATTACK by zaighum 1/26/05  
     I also heard that Zaigham is a young lion when he makes his first independent kill. by Zaigham Rehman Meer 4/19/2006  
     Zaigham is the persian word which means lion by Syed Zaigham Abbas 4/19/2006  
     Zaigham is a Persian word which mean lion by Syed Zaigham Abbas 4/23/2006  
     in Arabic ASAD in Turkish ARSLAN in Persian ZAIGHAM in English Lion by zaigham 5/27/2006  
     min qulbain ka mutlab batain by raja 9/3/2006  
     yes Its an Arabic word. The Dictionary gives the meaning of Zaigham as lion.Also it is... by zaigham4u 9/16/2006  
     Its persian by the way by Zaigham 11/30/2006  
I have a 6 year old male siberian husky and I'm having trouble keeping him from excaping... by Kathy2/12/04 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     I think neutering would be a good thing to do. I don't think anything could make a husky... by Tanisha2/16/04  
     I think it is the breed of dog, I have a 2 year old male husky who also is not neutered... by Nikki 2/25/04  
     Actually huskies are excessive diggers too and that was alot of my problem. Trying to get... by Tanisha3/14/04  
     Hot-Wire fence is the only way to go!!!!!!!!! by Husky Rescue 11/27/04  
     oh, both huskies are neutered males and they are definitely not boring, in fact their... by dpm 4/28/05  
     I am SOOOOO glad to hear that I'm not the only one having a problem. My 10 year old son... by Angie 11/26/05  
     I own Siberians also, I found that the black steel Magnum kennels work really well. I... by Wendy 11/30/05  
     yes i willtake it plz by les 12/13/05  
     I have a 6 month old male husky and i do not know if i should neuter him or not because he... by George 1/19/2006  
     Try laying rocks around the fence and extend your fence high enough so he cant jump over. by sarah 2/19/2006  
     My husky keeps pulling the bottom of his kennel up and escaping what should i do? by Amber 3/23/2006  
     I have a male husky who is 2 years old. We got him when he was 9 months old and he was... by apache 4/10/2006  
     my 1yr old husky is neutered and is still pretty out there...i think nothing would stop a... by meek 6/21/2006  
     I had my male Husky fixed, didn't do any good. He still jumps the fence. Has anyone... by Jules 6/26/2006  
     I don't have a husky, but I do have 2 medium sized, mixed breed dogs. They spend at least... by Rottie Girl 9/13/2006  
     I had a Husky for 13 years. I had to put him down a week ago because he was very ill. I... by maryoka 6/16/2007  
I have 2001 Toyota Tundra Limited 4x4; It runs great, no problems mechanical, electrical,... by KenLDavis1/22/04 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     My 2002 Tundra with now 50k miles does the same thing when cold. I usually let it idle... by Howler3/13/04  
     Check out the exhaust manifold for cracks, a common problem by zoom 10/5/04  
     it is perfectly normal for a tundra to act that way no matter what year it is. but maybe... by michael 11/26/04  
     I live in warmer weather (So. California) and I notice a slight valve chatter in the... by 2002 Tundra California 5/28/05  
     I also have a 2001 tundra and it is the same with all of them. What you here is the fuel... by Montie 12/9/05  
     2000 Tundra here and the same thing... by Spencer 1/9/2006  
     I had a Nissan that did the same thing (1984 p/u) after I ran slick50 as per instructions... by Boojum 1/30/2006  
     The noise that you are experiencing upon cold start up is called "piston slap" all of the... by stshannon 2/3/2006  
     I LIKE MEN by TUNDRAGUY 3/18/2006  
     My 2001 4wd toyota tundra also has low oil pressure when ideling but it seems to be... by andy 10/25/2006  
     you might want to change to castrol oil i find it is a lot better for this problem. by Mary 11/6/2006  
     Where can I get a factory remote keyless entry system for a 2001 Tundra? by nimrod 5/17/2007  
     if you try slick 50 .it sound like bull but this has tefflon that coat , whats going on is... by thr macanic 7/6/2007  
     Because they want to say hi or I love you by Teddy9/9/03  
     I'm glad to know my mini-doxie, Souxie, (aka "The Anteater"!!!) isn't unique! She... by Cathi10/4/03  
     My dachshund also licks - everything in sight. My vet says that this is a symptom of... by Julie 11/3/03  
     my new rescue dog has bad skin irritations on his belly and his feet are very pink and... by tracee 1/31/04  
     Well I have a girl Dachshund and she's the same as all of your's... see dachshund's are... by Taedoc 1/23/05  
     My 5 month old doxie also wants to lick all the time everything, everyone, which at first... by Samantha 8/25/05  
     Dachshunds are known to keep themselves clean like a cat. They lick themselves to do this.... by Jen 9/26/05  
     okay i also have a dachshund and his name is charlie and i belive that he just wants more... by charlie 10/24/05  
     my almost 10 month old mini, will lick others passively, but when she can get to my face... by Angie 1/17/2007  
     My have two miniature dachshunds that spend a great deal of time licking. Especially ... by Jennifer 7/18/2007  
How much dxm do I need to take to get a desired effect by kris1/3/04 Lars' Lucid Dreaming FAQ
     Check: htm by rfgdxm2/1/04  
     300-900 miligrams by Chimaira4/29/04  
     just drink like 8 ounces of tussin in the blue box or eat a box of coriciden. that should... by bob m. 11/9/04  
     dude if you want to get to plateau 4 and trip major balls without overdosing or taking to... by xane 11/20/04  
     "300-900 miligrams" You are truly an evil person.... Plus under by 200 miligrams ... by RI_Mousey 4/26/05  
     For a first time user you would want to take 150 - 350. No more than 350 for your first... by CJ 8/9/05  
     just get the 8 hour cough gels, make shur your not taking any MAO inhibitors, dont b... by nuclear roy 12/20/05  
     I have some 30mg Dextromethorphan pills, would they do anything? I have about 240mg worth.... by Curious Geaorge 12/20/05  
     don't mix with alcohol or marijuana.. if your new at it you should work your way up if you... by pill popper 1/2/2006  
     one box of coriciden by Coriciden 3/8/2006  
     what if i took robotussin cough and cold would the other ingredients fuk with me?? by ya mutha 5/28/2006 see? by nigtv 12/28/2006  
     i love by Triple-C-King 1/21/2007  
     Get the corisidon HPB Cough and Cold take from 8-16 of those and you'llbe floating by Corriveau 2/3/2007  
     If you take 300 mg of dxm, you're in for a pretty wild time. If you take 900 you're going... by leefna 2/18/2007  
     it depends on which med. you're using coricidin cough & cold takes about 6-8 and the trips... by krys 3/13/2007  
     Hi Monica, yes it's a real breed. It's from the Netherlands. Comes in four colors and... by Betty10/16/03  
     they are most always brindle. I raise some beauties that are child protectors willylingo@o... by wl12/17/03  
     Two days ago we put our Dutch Shepard to sleep after twelve wonderful years. Loyal, honest... by doug1/23/04  
     Yes,yes,yes.I am very proud to be a friend of Girly-grrrrl,a two year old long haired... by christopher sund2/13/04  
     Dutch Shepards are wonderful dogs. Check out or heartlandmalinios.c... by Erin2/19/04  
     Dutchies are excellent dog's. Please choose yours carefully as they do have VERY strong... by mc3/16/04  
     Monica, I had the privilege of having a drug detection dog which was a Dutch Shepard. He,... by Bob Kenney5/31/04  
     If your still looking to see a dutch shepard go to and ther is pics of... by gary 9/10/04  
     I have a Dutch Shepard but didn't know he was one until last year when a neighbor showed... by katie 11/14/04  
     I have had a male Dutch shepard, I have never been a dog lover but he was a X-Mas puppy... by christine 1/22/05  
     Well i have a Dutch shepard male neutered only 1 1'2 years old and i need to find him a... by Jessica 3/10/05  
     Check out some pictures here: http://www.dogbreedinfo. com/dutchshepherd.htm by Kim 5/13/05  
     I had a dutch shephard named dutchess unfortunatly she passed away at only 3 yrs old.She... by T 10/17/05  
     I was a proud owner of a dutch Shepard, he was the most loyal and compassionate dog I have... by Meliissa 5/6/2006  
     We have a 15 month old Dutch shepard - black and brown brindle - she is beautiful ! loyal,... by Mommy 2 Coco 7/13/2006  
I have a 5 month old JRT who REFUSES to give any indication of when he needs to go outside... by shew20@hotmail.com9/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     just went through this and here is what i did to solve this problem: my male (6 mos) and... by jkanauz110/13/03  
     try putting a bell on the door that your dog can reach.... and every time you go outside... by Layne10/14/03  
     My puppy was also hard to train, but I found a crate and a little coaxing was pretty much... by Wilma 210/24/03  
     You can also teach your Jack a cue word or words for relieving himself. I use "take a... by Erin 11/23/03  
     For anyone needing puppy housebreaking wee wee pads at super prices, just let me know. by gloho 2/5/04  
     this is a female cat that is only in the house. she has been spay and declawed. i also... by gloria mims4/20/04  
     i have a cat named Chewie and she poops on the floor 4 like every day! my mommy says "o... by kittygirl 3/27/05  
     itz me again! da girl with the poopin cat named chewie! just wanna say tings r getting a... by kittygirl 3/27/05  
     itz me again! da girl with the poopin cat named chewie! just wanna say tings r getting a... by kittygirl 3/27/05  
     I have a 2 year old I just got and it's a JRT. She only goes poo in the house. I try... by ryan 8/31/05  
     just anal rape your pet. That'll teach um. by minga 12/13/05  
     My jack shreds the puppy pads and pees whenever she wants anyhow, what should i do? We... by nap81992 1/29/2006  
     I used pup pads & it worked. My pup goes on the pup pads & goes to the door to let me... by cutegirl 4/3/2006  
     I hav a 3 and a half month old german sheppard. Everytime she pees in the house( which is... by Jay 8/25/2006  
     I have a Jack Russell terrier (male,8 months) and a Rat terrier (female,5 months). He was... by Amanda 4/5/2007  
I am looking for a Pug Rescue Club near Toronto, Brantford, Hamilton or Niagara. ... by HR9/9/03 N/A
     Hi, My wife and I have two pugs a male and female - 6 & 7 years old. They are wonderful... by Paul 10/8/03  
     I checked around and this would be a good start. It has listings of some rescues around... by doggroups12/1/03  
     I would like to get a pug. by Judy12/6/03  
     My family and i are moving out of country on a business move and are unfortunatly unable... by Shannon 3/30/04  
     Hi Shannon... I am interested in your pug, Mia, but your email address doesn't work. ... by Az 4/1/04  
     I'm seeking a pug or toy pom for rescue in the Toronto area, please email me at bb3bbq@hot... by Kristy 4/9/04  
     I have a 10 month old Pug that needs a home where he can get all the attention he needs. ... by Jennifer McGraw 4/28/04  
     I have a 10 month old Pug that needs a home where he can get all the attention he needs. ... by Jennifer McGraw 4/28/04  
     I am looking for someone who wants to give her pug away. I myself is the proud mom of 2... by Pug-Aholic 9/6/04  
     This is called RESCUE. What in hell has selling have to do with this. Try E-bay, otherwise... by Gary-gy 10/21/04  
     i have a female pug and im looking for a male so they could brith babys !!!!!!!!plz call... by puglovers 11/26/04  
     hi there, i am looking for a pug (puppy or older) to share my home with my husband and... by jennifer 3/23/05  
     Hi, I've seen alot of answers here about Pugs and I have the same question as Kristy. I am... by DH 9/26/05  
     Hi, I'm also looking for a pug in the Toronto area. If anyone has anything to give me... by Rehab 9/26/05  
my 5 month old puppy has dandriff and itches alot. He is flea free. He gets a bath every 2... by shortstuff10/31/03 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     Try an oatmeal or milk protein shampoo. You can get them at most pet stores and they are... by Kel11/1/03  
     When all else fails, you might want to have your vet check your dog out for fungal... by Lan11/27/03  
     You could be bathing your dog too much. Use an oatmeal based shampoo, plus don't forget... by Kevin1/10/04  
     well, i have the same problem with my Gloria, and i found that, if you mix a little bit of... by gloria-the-dog3/23/04  
     maybe your not rinseing well enouf you should poor cups of water over and over so that all... by candy  10/11/04  
     It isn't dandruff and all the oatmeal in the world won't eliminate the cause of the... by 1guy2pups 1/4/05  
     I agree with Kevin. You are washing your dog too much. Try washing less, and adding more... by Natalia 1/23/2006  
     well Ive had the same problem with my puppy. and ive read up on some things and aparantly... by Bridie Clark 5/29/2006  
     We have a 3 month old german shepherd. He chews on himself and scratches all the time. He... by Laine 6/11/2006  
     You may want to try changing your puppy's dog shampoo. My dog Ginger needed a bath and she... by pean 7/3/2006  
     Always check with your vet becouse this mite be more serious then you think. by Border Collie Gurl 10/13/2006  
     My Shih Tzu is now 3months old some of your answers helped but then contradicted them as... by Angela 2/3/2007  
     I have a big question, i think my dog either has dandruff or he got paint on his fur.... by Jenn 4/3/2007  
     I have a big question, i think my dog either has dandruff or he got paint on his fur.... by Jenn 4/3/2007  
     maybe i'm crazy . but shortstuff i have a 4 month old shih tzu and the shampoo am using... by tatty 4/17/2007  
     for the food you could buy in many pet stores the bag called eagle pack for small and... by tatty 4/17/2007  
Is there a specific reason why the blue Actibath by Jergans was taken off the market? by Donna2/9/04 FAQ on Eczema Part 1/2
     we would like to know the same. Jergens will not tell us. We have yet to find a replacemen... by dave3/15/04  
     This is a good question. I loved the stuff and would like to be able to find it again. Any... by jujube6/4/04  
     We have found a replacement. They are called "BATH PILLS" you can do a search for them ... by Dave 8/5/04  
     I've seen it on ebay. by jnakamura 8/26/04  
     Is there anything out there compares to ActiBath? I use it in my spa as well. Thank... by DeLane 11/22/04  
     I wondered why I couldn't find the Actibath any more and just learned it had been taken... by Robin 3/16/05  
     We love it too. I asked Jergens and they gave no real answer. Bought out the drug store... by carole 6/3/05  
     I would escape into the bath with this refreshing bath fizz. It was so different than the... by gishagirl 10/16/05  
     I am in desparate need of the blue Actibath where is it by Packfeld 12/9/05  
     I am in desperate need of the blue Actibath where is it by Packfeld 12/9/05  
     YES - what were they thinking? This was THE BEST product of its kind, bar none... ... by lar 12/9/05  
     Larry, We regret to inform you the Jergens Actibath products were discontinued in... by lar*again 12/9/05  
     Batherapy has a good product for relaxation though it doesn't fizz like the Actibath nor... by Quest 1/13/2006  
     Does anyone know where to find the Jergens Actibath tablets anymore? by Raven 1/16/2006  
     I have excessive dry skin - Acti-bath is the only product that actually worked. by Tina 1/29/2006  
     I've been trying to find it for the past 4 years (pretty sad, huh?) and I don't understand... by lizzie 1/21/2007  
     I wonder why they took actibath off the market! I absolutely loved it. Jergens should... by Lopeka 2/8/2007  
     Jergens should not of taken actibath off the market!I want to know why Jergens took it ... by Rosse 2/19/2007  
     Jergens should not of taken actibath off the market!I want to know why Jergens took it ... by Elizabethk 2/19/2007  
I once bought a dog poop scoop at the State fair that was made out of 2 pieces of pvc pipe... by cocoloco4/4/04 rec.pets.dogs: Assorted Topics [Part 1/2] FAQ
     PVC pipe poop scoop. Barbara, YES it was blue. Can you help me find one?? Thanks by cocoloco4/7/04  
     I have one just like it that I found at petsmart. It's blue and I attach a grocery sack... by Tami4/8/04  
     Is this it? pl/SID=1082314799.711/ by L-Dog4/18/04  
     We just bought one at a pet expo and it was called the One Scoop. ... by tim5/21/04  
     We bought a One Scoop at the State Fair. I used it today for the first time. Worst $20.00... by Unhappy Consumer 8/28/04  
     I make them. by Sous 9/4/04  
     I gotta westie,we don't have one but the are at pets-mart by Lindsay 10/15/04  
     hey tim the guy tyler who was selling them or the tylers friend that was a girl was... by justin 12/22/04  
     I bought one at the Minnesota State Fair in August of 2004, I liked it, but it recently... by Bird 12/29/04  
     did you find the scoop and if so where and how much? by Trent 2/4/05  
     Have been using a pvc scoop for years, just love it. Try by Lab Lover 2 6/16/05  
     Check out They have a great scooper and awesome bag prices. by Dan 7/29/05  
     that was a mistake by doggy dog 3/10/2006  
     I know of a great poop scoop just come on the market. , called Scoop-it-up 0870 8508428,... by lesley 1/31/2007 by NICKNH 2/9/2007  
     no i am sorry but i have not found one that u are describing but i have found this... by zoe 2/14/2007  
     i know a web site for the best poop scoop on the market it is called by lea 2/24/2007  
     I used my onescoop in my backyard, it really doesn't work, the grass must be even and... by heresthescoop 3/28/2007  
     love it more then love you now by preston 4/2/2007  
how do you know when your chihuahua is sick? when I pick him up he sometimes whimpers like... by Timi12/3/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Your vet should check him for luxating patellas, also known as slipped kneecaps. This is... by chimama12/16/03  
     My baby chi does that sometimes too. He wimpers if you pick him up too quick or if he gets... by proud new owner5/18/04  
     my dog is a poodle and i think it lost some weight is this unusual by So 9/16/04  
     my dog is always sleeping and it never plays do you know what is wrong with my dog? by chi chi 6/12/05  
     Hey I have a baby chi and he was vomitting earilier, and we took him 2 the doctor and he... by chi 11/19/05  
     My chihuahua's been sick for a few days now. She started off vomitting one day (Thanksgiv... by Tania 12/4/05  
     i have a 2 chihuahua one is small and the other is big i was just wanting to now if the is... by mary 2/26/2006  
     I think your chi is probably just nervous. give him some time. He will come around. Potty... by Bethany 3/14/2006  
     my dog is sick i think and he is shivering and one of his eyes is not blinking properly... by buddy 5/2/2006  
     TJ does that sometimes to. I think that he does that so attention sometimes. So i just... by tam 6/21/2006  
     Hi I am having trouble with my chi! We got him two days ago from a friend and don't know... by baby boo2 9/6/2006  
     My chi is very sick. When i hold him he cries like I'm hurting him. i get scared because... by Allie 2/12/2007  
     I'm on vacation with my chi and I noticed that her eyes are pink but that was only for a... by Kate 4/4/2007  
     My chihuahua is sick she has not been eating,drinking water,playing,running for the past 2... by chiquita 6/25/2007  
What is the visible differences between an APBT and AST?? Can we see this differences... by Lost6/9/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     they are the same, but an amstaff is the dog that is regarded as a show dog and missing... by AmBull owner6/13/04  
     American Staffordshire Terriers are the "americanized" Staffordshire Bull Terriers (from... by Iggy7/7/04  
     pitbulls have black and red noses amstaffs only have black noses. pitbulls are better! by pitbullette7/16/04  
     staffys are cuter by hello 8/3/04  
     im not sure but the apbt actually came from a cross breed of staffie (not sure which kind)... by matt 9/8/04  
     Staffies are alot calmer dogs than APBT & a little easier to train at least in my... by Pitbull lover 9/23/04  
     i am v confused as to whether my puppy is a staff or apbt as he has a long nose with a... by merkz 9/28/04  
     The truth is that staffordshires and pit bulls USED TO BE THE SAME THING. However after... by the truth 11/17/04  
     Pitbulls can have black or red noses where as an AST can only have a black nose. ASTs tend... by Jaime 12/14/04  
     i agree pitbulls do rule, but so do am staffs!!!!pit just a little more. nose color does... by matt 1/30/05  
     they were originally the same dog but when the dog joined the akc they were reguarded as... by rhyan 92 2/13/05  
     TO all the viewers if you know APBT's. They originted form Stafford Shire "England". They... by MONSTERMAX 2/28/05  
     Pittbullette what a childish answer by AMSTAFFFFFFFFFFFFF 4/13/05  
     I believe that the Am Staffs are a more pronoused dog as far as the head and chest,... by Am Staf & Pit owner 5/3/05  
     who cares what the difference is!! A good owner will always have a good dog. by dawg 5/19/05  
     Pitbulls were originated first which they were used to bait bulls and fight.over the time... by pitbullette 9/21/05  
     Amstaff are the non-aggressive, fun-loving, loyal great type of the breed. About 65... by amstaffbuddha 12/30/05  
     I have an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he has what is called a dudley nose.... by sara 1/29/2006  
     staffies are alot smaller( about 20-40pounds) & were the first to originate then came pit... by tim 6/22/2006  
     Pit bulls don't always just have black or red noses. I have an American Red Nose Pit Bull... by lnsy 8/30/2006  
     Oh my God!!Never say that an AST is an APBT!!they aren't the same dog and never will... by Alan 12/13/2006  
Eddie Murphy was on Saturday Night Live where he portrayed an inmate who recited a... by Stumped1/27/04 Saturday Night Live FAQ: Other Credits
     This is how I think it goes, just talked to my girlfriend about it last night: Watch... by David2/5/04  
     I think it's.... All alone on a summers night, kill my landlord, kill my landlord. ... by The Hellbeast3/17/04  
     Images by Tyrone Green Dark and lonely on a summer's night. Kill my landlord. Kill... by vertwerks4/15/04  
     That was Garrett Morris, not Eddie Murphy. by garr 8/11/04  
     Just FYI - The poem was entitled "Images" by Tyrone Green. by tball 8/26/04  
     Outside his house. Late at night. See his guarddog. Do he bite? Kill my landlord. ... by fredbob 9/29/04  
     There was another one where he was doing 'ghetto poetry' like the grass be green, the... by EEchic 11/9/04  
     It's this. I memorized it. Dark and lonely on the summer night. Kill my landlord...kil... by Nyghtsaber Zeto 11/23/04  
     cHECK OUT HIS PAGE live/song-lyrics/ by bEJA 3/4/05  
     You're all wrong. :^) This is it word for word: Dark and lonely on a summer's night ... by seabiscuit 4/23/05  
     I am old enough that I watched this on SNL in the 80's. I f you get a hold of the actual... by Miggy 10/4/05  
     [Camera trucks up and forward to reveal the occupant of the maximum security cell: Tyrone... by julee 10/12/05  
     Dark and lonely on a hot summers night kill my landlord kill my landlord watch dog... by Buddy 12/4/05  
     IMAGES by Tyrone Green Dark and lonely on a summer night Kill my landlord, kill my... by lcrosina 3/7/2006  
     "Images by Tyrone Greene" Dark and lonely on a summer's night. Kill my landlord. Kill... by cill 6/28/2006  
     One Dark, Loney, Summer night Kill my landlord, kill my landlord Watch dog barking, do... by Will Harrell 7/20/2006  
     Images by Tyrone Greene ... Dark and lonely on the summer night. Kill my landlord, kill... by Kyle Cashman 8/24/2006  
     It wasn't Eddie, it was Garrett Morris!!! by Iknow 10/1/2006  
     Here's the actual wording from the SNL transcript - Season 7, Episode 1, guest star Rod... by kat 2/20/2007  
My daughter is 2 yrs. & 3 mon. She has eczema since she was about 2 mon. old. We have... by Kristi7/2/03 FAQ on Eczema Part 1/2
     I used to have eczema as a child. I suggest you look into her food. Many kids are... by carol7/16/03  
     I have to agree with the possible food allergy. My son had terrible eczema as a baby. We... by Carol A8/8/03  
     I'm not sure how helpful this will be for you since you're in the US but check out this... by evksy 9/2/03  
     My suggestion to you is to determine if your child has food allergies. My daughter is now... by Donna9/15/03  
     you can use protopic , its an imunomodulator topical class, u can use protopic 0.03 ,... by hala ami 12/29/03  
     My son is nearly 4yrs old and has had Eczema since birth. I have tried many things to... by Tara 1/14/04  
     My daughter had eczema for three years. I took her to a pediatric allergist and she tested... by Shelly 1/18/04  
     I also has a child with severe eczema at the age of 2 months. She has a similar symtoms as... by van5/3/04  
     I've read that "Mustela" products contain peanut oil. This is bad because research... by Tanya 11/23/04  
     find a good compassionate homeopath. the problem could be vaccination or allergies. i... by Ileana 2/18/05  
     I am walking with the American Lung Association and wanted to see if you could give a... by Marlene 4/29/05  
     My son had eczema since he was born. After a year we figured out that not only milk but... by Lidia 2/24/2006  
     my son Nathan developed eczema at 8 weeks old.we have tried various creams lotions and... by jo  3/2/2006  
     my son has had eczema since he was born and i have tried everything. the only thing that... by nycmom 6/27/2006  
     lX2aP2VVmVfdu WgzXSNhseS l5LiQmgEajp7 by R2lO317fRX 8/10/2006  
     I have a 5 months old baby and he has Eczema for about 2 months. We started to dress him... by szilvi 3/9/2007  
my question is what are the first signs of a dog being pregnant if you could email the... by steelwood710/23/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     For anyone else who wants to know the earliest signs are getting fatter(around 4-7 weeks... by Tanisha2/15/04  
     WEll I'm not quit sure when my dog got pregnant. All I know is that her nipples have... by nikkie6/7/04  
     yes i was wondering how can u tell of your dog pregnant she's starting to get like big... by gingerbaby22 5/6/05  
     i have an older female dog and i was wondering if there is a age limit to a dog becoming... by blk barbie 6/21/05  
     hey i actually wanna ask a question but couldn't find the area to ask it. But it does have... by sarbear 12/8/05  
     my dogs nipples were really hard now they are soft and big by tjharris24 9/3/2006  
     well im a dog breeder and i know a lot of ways you can tell 1.the dog will recive larg... by kristy 11/10/2006  
     i dont't no how my dog got pregnant but she has got full nipples and they are hard and... by boo123 2/24/2007  
     She is now 9 weeks and letting out a clear mucus when she urinates. Is she ready to have... by Ani 3/17/2007  
     how soon should i be able to tell if my dog is pregnant? PLEASES E-MAIL ME WITH THE ANSWER... by confused 4/2/2007  
     dogs are only pregnant when you smell by lozzy 22 4/27/2007  
     I have NO idea how my dog would even be pregnant. I don't take her around other dogs and... by hemichelle 5/18/2007  
     not sure by dan bam 5/23/2007  
     i can't remember the last time my dog was in heat..i think a few months ago, not very... by mandie 6/30/2007  
I have a Yorkie (Tater) who just turned 5 months old. I noticed he was scratching a lot... by abrown8210/23/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     abrown82, It could be fleas although it could be a nutritional deficiency is contributi... by Jeremy 10/30/03  
     abrown82 I have a 7 month old yorkie and am having the same exact problem. His poor... by debdcall 12/5/03  
     It's grass allergies. My pitbull gets the same thing. Nothing the vets gives him helps,... by jdsully3/13/04  
     I have the same exact problem with my Yorkie!! He's 2 y/o. I'm about to take him to the... by abbie6/17/04  
     My Yorkie (2 yr old) has this same type of allergy. We figured out that wood chips were... by Marilyn 6/30/04  
     I have a 2 year old Lab/Husky Mix, and he is scratching himself raw. He is so red and his... by sunflower 10/13/04  
     Who we got our Yorkie from. by RubyTuesdayYorkie 11/29/04  
     i have a a pitbull. i took him camping and when we left he had bumps covering his entire... by chris 6/17/05  
     My dog is a little over 1 years old and ran away for a little over a week. When she came... by Kia 9/25/05  
     I have a 6 month old Yorkie and she is scratching often. I read in a book that you can... by Nancy 11/3/05  
     My dog has all the same symptoms as you all have talked about and he has Red Mange, which... by fefe 2/1/2006  
     i have an 11 month old yorkie, he seems to have the same problem. on his belly and... by starke 7/2/2006  
     I have a four year old Yorkie who has had this problem with small red bumps that turn to... by Numommy 7/7/2006  
     My 2 year old Yorkie gets hot spots often, Her last bout was 2 and a half weeks ago and... by elaine scott 8/15/2006  
     my dog candy has the same problem she is always scratching on her belly it has bumps and... by animalover 1/1/2007  
     My Yorkie 3 yrs. old is also scratching up a storm. We have been going through this, this... by Kat 7/17/2007  
I have a 96 jeep grand Cherokee. When i accelerate quickly, it sputters and hesitates and... by travis5/19/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     i would check spark plug wires. by billy6/13/04  
     dude, if it's an engine problem ie. misfired on you cylinders or something like that then... by glib6/23/04  
     Your catalytic converter could be clogged. by C.K. 12/12/04  
     Your fuel pump is failing by duke 1/8/05  
     try cleaning or replacing the fuel injectors,I had a similar problem and that solved it... by marshall 1/16/05  
     Men there is three things they could be. 1. there are 2 oxygen sensors one in the Cat and... by Adrian Cabrera 2/18/05  
     could be alot of things ranging from coil pick up to plugs and wires and or cap and... by dennis 2/20/05  
     lol dont listen to glib by dennis 2/20/05  
     I don't know if this will help but my Comanche is doing the exact same thing and it was... by Commanchecruiser 5/19/05  
     Check your cat. if could be clogged. it happened to me with my bonniville. sounds like the... by HSoto 8/20/05  
     DO NOT use any tranny slip reducer!!! if the trans was slipping, the rpms would go up, not... by HILLARYSUCKS 9/25/05  
     it the fan belt by steven 1/4/2006  
     spark wire is the prob have seen it happen in more then one jeep the get hot and foul out... by jeep man 4/27/2006  
     anymore specifics on this problem? it could be anything from a clogged catalytic converter... by smurf 7/25/2006  
     its the fuel filter it gets clogged and limits the flow of fuel to your engine its pretty... by fuel filter 8/23/2006  
     dude, my car does the same thing i found out it was because it was geting to hot it also... by moonman 9/18/2006  
     Its your catylic converter...I had those exact same problems on my Jeep. Change it and... by Dan 11/17/2006  
     Try replacing the crank sensor. Ask you part or service mangers where it is located. by jerry 12/2/2006  
     Your catalytic converter in your exhaust system is plugged. by mc 12/3/2006  
     fuel pump had same problum with my 96 jeep grandcherokee costs about $305. the whole tank... by mudder 1/28/2007  
     You may have a computer problem. Has your battery went dead lately. Mine did and it was... by Roll 2/7/2007  
why should i clip the tail? i have a 2 months rottie with a short tail that's not clipped.... by wamberto2/13/04 rec.pets.dogs: Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
     i know there not suposed to be show dogs if they don,t have croped tails, but to be... by rose2/19/04  
     Originally Rotties were clipped because their tails tended to break and get infected a lot... by slattern3/3/04  
     Well, if you have ever seen a full-grown rott without it's tail clipped you would... by Dixie4/6/04  
     Sheesh - Rottweiler tails were originally "docked" at 2 days of age because they were... by BuckyBoy4/14/04  
     my 11month rotti has a tail.. it looks good! i agree with slattern, but they need the tail... by badizda5/28/04  
     We're purchasing a rottweiler puppy today. They have some that have had their tails docked... by garberj7/11/04  
     I just adopted a 13 week old rott with a it....cropping is cruel period by Shannon 10/7/04  
     I think that rotties look very natural with tails. Mine is mixed with chow and has a very... by dontmissout 4/15/05  
     Well I just got a Rottie in February of 2005 and somone told me if the tail grows very... by Lanie 5/22/05  
     i like it the way it is by barney 11/4/05  
     well i had rotties that were born a few days ago and 6 out of 9 were born without tails. i... by boxier 12/13/05  
     Do not get your dogs tail chopped off. We have an older rotweiler that had his tail... by Pho 2/8/2006  
     my lil rottie still has a tail and she has had no problems in fact i am selling her but no... by foxy79 2/16/2006  
     hi everyone i think that rottweilers should have short tails coz they look much nicer i no... by rocky my rotty 4/20/2006  
     i just recently adopted a rotty, and he is adorable he is older (that being the reason i... by Cassie May 4/28/2006  
     I don't feel it is right to cut off a Rottweiler's tail. I mean big deal if they are big... by unknown 9/23/2006  
     I have a rottweielr withought a tail and i know that because my eyes are accostumed to no... by Analope 11/5/2006  
     I have had two Rottweilers. My first had a tail and it suited her fine and emphasised her... by Big M. 12/5/2006  
     Im from the UK and have a 14 month old Rottie who I will breed when she has her next... by Charlie 1/2/2007  
     I have two rotts, one doesn't have his tail docked as that is how i got him when he was 5... by lindz 1/7/2007  
     rotties luk ugly wid tails their massive but they are gud for keeping balance when ... by shabz 1/20/2007  
     just dock it! by vk 6/2/2007  
what can i do to get rid of (the bump) persay a nose infection i have been putting the sea... by amanda11/18/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     I don't know by tuppence 4/20/04  
     ive heard that sperm or "jizz" is very good for any facial imperfections, although i... by poohead224/22/04  
     This happened to my nose piercing . I tried everything and finally went to a pro piercer.... by po4/27/04  
     I pierced my nose, and I just got the bump, I was told to use a warm compress, and try... by dimensia 10/30/04  
     I have had several nose rings, and had "the bump" infection with twice. I currently have... by D 12/30/04  
     mine is the same there is bump and weird stuff in it and i pop it alot but it keeps coming... by Jazz 6/22/05  
     i don't know, but if you find out, email me at by absintheskies 7/21/05  
     I have the same problem with my nose piercing. ever since I've got it done I've been... by andrea 11/11/05  
     Hi, my name's Emma. and I have the same problem, but people keep saying it's only cause I... by Emzi 2/1/2006  
     um i heard b4 to smash up a aspirin and mix a little water in it and mix and then put it... by person 2/13/2006  
     hey! I have a bump now 2! go back to your piercer and ask them about it..they should help... by jakky 3/4/2006  
     Hey, I hope this answer isn't way to late. I have had my nose pierced for approx 6 months... by Shannon 3/23/2006  
     I have the same problem and nothing will make it go away. I've talked to other people who... by kasey 5/8/2006  
     I have my nose pierced and it's got infected twice! i suggest that you use a good... by han 7/16/2006  
     You should try Teatree oil without Grapeseed in it!!!! It's no good! You need straight... by Ruchh 11/30/2006  
     Hey i just got one from my nose piercing but i put pressure on it and some stuff came out... by tinkiewinkie 4/19/2007  
My Boston Terrier has been doing what looks like vomiting but she doesn't heave. One... by BREE8/26/03 rec.pets.dogs: Health Care Issues FAQ
     I have a 11 week old boston male who is doing the same thing. We had him on antibiotics... by nikki 9/27/03  
     Have your Vet check your Bostons Pancreas Bostons are prone to this disorder by essie2/15/04  
     If your dog is still displaying these symptons, have the pancreas and kidney check. You... by BostonOwner 3/3/04  
     hi, i have a boston terrier and he is 9 mo old, his name is baxter and he vomits also, i... by sarah 3/29/04  
     Hi, I have two Bt's and one Frenchie. They all have spasms and choke but my 8 year old... by Dog Mom of Three BT's 8/24/04  
     HI everyone, My Boston is 7 months now and he does not vomit anymore. He used to do the... by lena 12/10/04  
     I have a 4 week old boston terrier pup who started vomiting 3 days ago. It happens about 6... by sarah 4/4/05  
     I had 4 Boston and they all did the same thing, it seams when they get nervous or so they... by John 8/1/05  
     I have a 7 month boston terrier and she does the same. Its because of her snout. Its not... by kimberly 8/21/05  
     I just had this problem. The vets had no idea so I switched for a 2nd opinion and found... by cara 10/4/05  
     my boston is vomiting up flem when he gets excited or smells a different smell out side?... by boston owner 2 7/5/2006  
     I have a boston terrier, Dixie, I've only had her for a couple months she is only 14... by Heidi 12/16/2006  
     My dog Dash is vomiting all the time we asked the doctor what it was but they said nothing... by nat 12/16/2006  
     I also have a boston terrier doing the same thing only he is like 7 years old. He still... by bill 1/25/2007  
     my boston will throw up foamy white stuff when he runs around at the park or at daycare. ... by brooklynboston 2/6/2007  
     My 6 mounth old Boston terrier has been throwing up for two days a total of four times,... by Derek 4/14/2007  
HEY, i just got a new tattoo on saterday and it is now tuesday..i've noticed that its... by k-dub7/1/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     One thing people are misconcepted about is usage of the "goo" or a&d ointments. Your... by Anna McCleskey7/26/03  
     I just got my tattoo last a month ago and mine did the same thing.I washed it with mild... by chris9/23/03  
     I have a fairy tattoo on my lower back and it is beautiful...It sarted ti itch like crazy... by Mercedes4/28/04  
     hey i got a tattoo of a cross on my shoulder on my right arm it has been a week and it is... by Hoss6/23/04  
     Just let it flake. Don't pick or scratch. It will flake for a few days (nasty little... by Flicka 8/12/04  
     i just got a tat like a week ago..some people are telling me to put neosporin on it and... by samantha  9/24/04  
     you should keep your tatt clean and only apply a small amount of the goo it should start... by HeavensFaery 10/11/04  
     i have a large tiger which looks as if its coming out of my side, and i found that to keep... by gaz 11/22/04  
     People who have major experience: How would you rate Tattoo Goo compared to Curel... by A_d_4_m 12/6/04  
     Hey My Boyfriend got a tattoo about a month ago and it did the exact same thing. All he... by TAYBUG 3/24/05  
     i av ad a tattoo dun on thursday it is now monday and the scabbing seems really thick on... by heva 7/25/05  
     Hey...I also just got my first tattoo on Friday. It's very dry as well, and I've been... by KeLKeL85 8/2/05  
     i had my tattoo for almost a week now and the scabbing has started and its almost finish... by samantha 12/27/05  
     I got my tattoo 2 days ago, I feel asleep today and it stuck to my tshirt. I wetted the... by Scraps 2/27/2006  
     I got my tattoo 2 days ago, I feel asleep today and it stuck to my tshirt. I wetted the... by Scraps 2/27/2006  
     just leave it itll be fine it does that for a while but dont try to peel it or pick on it... by popeye 4/16/2006  
     thanx a lot guys u answered my questions =) by brad 7/13/2006  
     Hey your tattoo is suppose to scab up and eventually after a few days it will begin to... by Tammy 8/29/2006  
     you've got white patches because it needs to be coloured again, mine needs the same, got... by mogga 2/20/2007  
     Hey..i have a tattoo on my lower hip. its been 6 days now. one half has completely... by rachel 4/19/2007  
     i got a tattoo on sunday and its now friday, it started to lightly scab a day or two ago... by amanda 5/25/2007  
Do you have any question on HEAT, BREEDING, PREGNANCY, WHELPING, etc? I will be happy to... by Tanisha4/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     hi my name is amanda and i have a female shih tzu that is a little over a year old and the... by Amanda5/2/04  
     You should never breed a dog until it's age is 2 years. by shagen6/16/04  
     I think to breed dogs for money is wrng their are plenty of stray dogs and cats that need... by stinky6/16/04  
     when do the puppies open their eyes? by proud pop6/18/04  
     Well you can tell if your dog is pregnant be squeezing her nipples and seeing if there is... by Rachel7/3/04  
     You cant determine her pregnancy in the first week!!!!!! by dog girl7/10/04  
     when do puppies open there eyes? by Betsy 8/10/04  
     I have a female Pomeranian and she is going to be about 1 and a half when we breed her but... by MonkeyMooSteph2 9/7/04  
     HI, I have a 15month old Shih tzu whom I had planned on breeding around her fourth heat.... by yvette 9/25/04  
     what do i do when my dogs in labor?? by candy 10/11/04  
     i have had my dog and her puppies since 17/12/04 and its the 27/12/04 and the puppies... by maggie 12/26/04  
     Is there a season when shih tzu's get pregnant and if so when? by Laura 2/17/05  
     Hi, my name is Ashlyn. My dog broke her chain and got into the nabors yard with with... by ashlyn 3/28/05  
     Stinky, I have 6 dogs. and two of them are pedigreed Shih Tzus. We rescue animals.... by Mark Jones 4/27/05  
     I have a 3 yr old Shihtzu that was breed with my male on 5-8-05 well I can't tell if its a... by Shihtzumommy 6/8/05  
     hello everyone. we have a 3 yr old shih tzu that was bred to my male on May 8th so she is... by shelly 6/8/05  
     well puppies open their eyes around 10-12 days old and believe me you know when they are... by pitbulljune 6/26/05  
     Amanda you should not breed before 2 years of age and you should be right there as they... by Breeder of Shih Tzu's 8/19/05  
     if you take her to the vet they will tell u there and then if she is and they will charge... by manda 9/1/05  
     Okay this is really not an answer this is a question. I am 14 years old and I have a... by Lil Red 12/1/05  
     In my opinion, the female should be at least 18 months old before breeding. You can be... by Natalia 1/23/2006  
     what happens when a newborn puppy newly opens its eyes and the iris is red? dose this mean... by kyo 2/19/2006  
     Hi i have a 6 moth old female shi tuz and I was wondering when she might be going into... by muff05 5/10/2006  
     i have a 11month old Mini pinscher, she just went through her heat cycle and new her... by dizzy1369 7/4/2006  
     Hi my shih tzu would have been pregnant for 63 days yesterday if she is pregnant. She has... by lesly 11/7/2006  
     Can a female shih tzu get pregnant in her first heat? by Debbie 12/10/2006  
     While breeding a dog, lets say the male never quite gets inside the female but comes into... by cleo 4/17/2007  
I just got my new yorkie she is doing great! we are crate training her but, for the first... by mk12/21/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     We had the same problem with ours also. My wife would do the same thing and get up and... by Jeff12/23/03  
     You should let her sleep in your room but in her crate. by kelsey12/31/03  
     I take her out once at night to go to the bathroom and then she's fine. But at 5:00 in the... by mk 1/1/04  
     Hi MK, Yes ours is a puppy, and yes she cried at night until my wife got her out and... by Jeff1/2/04  
     Hello, For how long would you recommend to leave a yorkie puppy in its crate? the max? by julia 1/2/04  
     Try to limit her time in the crate during the day no more the 2 or 3 hours. Because she's... by mk1/4/04  
     Instead of putting her in the kitten when ever she got up I told her quite and left the... by mk 1/4/04  
     Thanks mk! Does anybody know where I can get a Yorkie for about $700? I would prefer in... by julia 1/4/04  
     They love attention. Try putting her in the kitchen and let me know if it worked for you. ... by Jeff 1/8/04  
     I was going to in a day or to if she didn't get any better but for the past three nights... by Mk 1/14/04  
     Hi All, We put Codi (our 12 week old Yorkie) in the kitchen for two weeks, and he never... by Camille 2/3/04  
     My Kody cried when i first got him, so i let him sleep in the bed with us. He got up a... by Jennie 2/7/04  
     I think u should let her sleep in ur room,because i know someone that has a yorkie,and... by teddy 3/14/04  
     I leave my puppy in the crate in my bedroom. I make sure she can see me and because I... by Carolyn 4/18/04  
     I'm not sure if letting your yorkie sleep with you will help. We started crate training... by Diane6/16/04  
     I just got my yorkie about 1 week ago and he is now 11 weeks, the first 2 nights he would... by samz428 5/6/05  
     i just got a yorkie puppy (2 months old.) for some reason he likes to sleep during the day... by PF 6/5/05  
     please tech me how i wan to creat a new nickname by episod_ii 10/8/05  
     I have two new blood hound and pitbull mixed pups(5 weeks). Riley is doing good at night... by Ashlee 11/9/05  
     I just got a chihuahua puppy (2 pounds), and I am worried about him sleeping in his crate.... by Chick 12/28/05  
     I got my little Yorkie for $350 including shipping! at Crate training is... by Djyorkie 4/7/2006  
     I have a 11 week old yorkie. For the first week we let him sleep on his puppy bed but he... by Emok 9/19/2006  
     Tux is now just over 10 weeks old and I know that the breeder is a crate fan. Tux's first... by indiana-grahams 1/5/2007  
     Please help....I just got a Yorkie also...he's almost 12 weeks ...he cried at night and... by MONI 4/12/2007  
     I have a 6 month old yorkie. He is the cutest, most friendly little guy that I have ever... by Angela 5/24/2007  
     Hi I just got a new baby yorkie yesterday and as of now hes getting used to his surroundin... by Kama 6/4/2007  
     Me and my wife just bought a yorkie puppy a week ago. She is 8 weeks old and has been a... by Mike 6/26/2007  
     I have a 10 week old yorkie and he is adorable. He is in the kitchen enclosed with a baby... by Maria 6/29/2007  
     My two month old malkie sleeps in his crate in my bedroom at night. He sleeps soundly... by cat 7/8/2007  
I have a '99 Dodge Durango V8 5.2 (60,000 miles) and for the last few months have had a... by C. Tennant11/17/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Use higher octan Gas and the pinginig (pre-detonation) will go away. by Jeepnsam3/21/04  
     my 99 durango has the same ticking. when you find out that it is e-mail me. ... by David Howell4/20/04  
     I have the same noise I was told it was a lifter knock.. Plus have put new front end, new... by malissia4/27/04  
     it's called "spark knock". I also have a 99 Durango and a 01 2500 Ram with the 360. I... by mark6/10/04  
     I have a 2002 durango it is almost at the end of warrenty i have 34,000miles on it it had... by shotzey 6/28/04  
     Check for TSB 09-05-00 and 18-48-98. The 1st one is for an intake manifold... by delta7696/28/04  
     I have a '99 dodge durango, I have to put the higher octane 89 at least, If I don't it... by Misty 10/26/04  
     use higher octane. I have a 99 with 89000 miles. I went to one gas station and put in... by durango jer 12/22/04  
     Check your exhaust manifold... by Tiny 1/2/05  
     my 99 durango does the same ticking noise.....let me know if you find out why!!! by durango 2/6/05  
     I have the same problem guys, so far the computer has been reprogrammed as well as 2... by Bdubs75 2/10/05  
     TSB 09-05-00 and 18-48-98. for pinging and for the front end noise ball joints S-10 blazer... by aceamt 2/17/05  
     I have a 2001 Dodge Durango and it's been making a ticking noise in the engine. Mechanic... by sarah19goddess 7/8/05  
     I have the exact same simptoms and issues on my '99 Durango. I just paid $100 at the... by EyeKndy 10/3/05  
     I've had the same problem too with my '99 Durango. After about six months of owning it,... by BigEd 2/5/2006  
     my 2004 ram 2500, w/21,000 miles has lifter noise, the dealer tried to say it was normal... by dcsign 4/16/2006  
     An engine intake manifold plenum pan gasket oil leak may occur on some V-6 and V-8 style... by RAMonTWANKYS 4/24/2006  
     i have a 99dodge durango and it wont start by vykslyk 5/23/2006  
     I have a 1993 jeep grand cherokee with a 5.2. I have 280 000km on it. I have a chattering... by mxerguy 5/30/2006  
     My 98 Ram Quad 5.2 has the ticking, thats why I'm here. It also uses a quart of oil every... by Peter 7/28/2006  
     i am thinking of purchasing a 1999 dodge durango but after reading these should i ???? by christineH 11/9/2006  
     My 99 5.9 Durango also had the same problem and was pinging. To add to that it would use... by akmckay 1/2/2007  
     I have the same problem but my oil pressure gauge flucuates bad. by doug 1/8/2007  
     I have a 1999 dodge Durango 4x4 66000 miles.And now the ticking sound is very loud when... by RandyNORCAL 1/31/2007  
     It is what Jeepnsam, Mark and Jonny Dodge have explained. I had a 99 Dodge Ram with a... by teoman13 3/30/2007  
     school by 99 red durango 6/8/2007  
I've got a Jorgensen hand miter saw and I can't find anyplace that sells replacement... by jonny7/4/04 rec.woodworking Frequently Requested Tool Reviews
     Check here: https://www.adjustableclamp. com/replacementparts/products3. asp?subcatID=10 by Jim 8/11/04  
     Jonny: I have the same problem, and I think I just found the answer... www.adjustablecla... by Tom E. Gunn 8/18/04 by ';ik 'po 9/19/04  
     Tell me about it. I bought one from F@%&ing Home Depot and now they don't support us.... by Brando 10/7/04  
     Try this website https://www.adjustableclamp. com/replacementparts/products2. asp?catID=7&nm... by Brando 10/7/04  
     I'm about to try and order from this website. Descriptions match my saw. by captdave 10/10/04 htm by al8085 11/28/04  
     Did you ever get an answer? I too need a new blade blade but have had no luck. I bought... by techman 12/18/04 bin/FULLPRES.exe?PARTNUM=123-254 This website has... by Al 3/16/05  
     I found replacement blades at Home Depot by connie 6/24/05  
     I found some blades listed at by DENNY 6/29/05  
     Get one direct from the manufacturer at https://www.adjustableclamp. com/replacementpart... by John McCartney 8/20/05  
     Try or Ace Hardware is a distributor, but most... by Uncadoh 9/21/05  
     Go to by RJMinCA 10/25/05  
     Ace Hardware sells Jorgensen saws by oldguy 11/24/05  
     Go to http://www.adjustableclamp. com/miterscroll.htm Select your saw by John Morrison 1/12/2006  
     You can find a replacement blade at the adjustable clamp company below is the website for... by Theodoric 6/28/2006 by steve 8/7/2006  
     Try - I've bought a couple of replacement parts from them and they... by Four finger Bob 8/23/2006  
     Aubuchon Hardware 1-800-431-2712 18 TPI #662797 or 24 TPI #662542 Hope This Helps, ... by Scott 9/11/2006  
     you can order them here. html by bob 10/4/2006  
     They can be found at by Jeff 10/31/2006  
     Check http://www.adjustableclamp. com/replacementparts/products3. asp?subcatID=10 by PB 11/17/2006  
     Adjustable Clamp Company by junior 1/4/2007  
     I do hope you found your answer by now but since I don't see one posted this link should... by WoodChick 3/31/2007  
     The Jorgensen company website: htm by Andrew Ray 6/13/2007  
     I've had the same problem. Just found out that saw is made by the Adjustable Clamp... by Brad in Houston 6/17/2007  
what does skeet mean? by Dylan3/10/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     You must've been a white person watching Chappelle's Show a couple of weeks ago. What do... by kill_whitey3/24/04  
     Skeet skeet was just a word put in a rap song. Don't worry about what it means if u do... by Mizz_Thang1014/10/04  
     WUTANG!!! by mannn24315/1/04  
     iight, it means bust a nut, get it straight. Chapelle is partly right that white people... by AJ6/21/04  
     skeet means to cum on a girls ass by heather 9/11/04  
     hey kill whitey... Dave Chappelle writes the Chappelle Show with a white dude... so get... by gato 12/17/04  
     Hey it is just a word that is said in rap lyrics and off of the chapelles show and i just... by xXptownhottieXx 12/20/04  
     iight means ok its slang for thugs or black doesnot mean bust a nut lol!!! by regina 12/29/04  
     skeet basically means 2 bust a nut or 2 cum by Ez Watterson 5/1/05  
     I AM BLACK! LISTEN TO ME! I KNOW! Skeet is when a guy cumsin a girls mouth, then she... by I am right no matter what! 5/5/05  
     HA HA WU-TANG HA HA HA HA by mel-mel 5/10/05  
     it means to move up and down on a girl don't ever try it at home by Daisy 5/15/05  
     iight if u lookin dis up u mus b a faget wite person an u dont needa no wat it means by beantownblazinma 5/21/05  
     http://www.albinoblacksheep. com/flash/skeet.php by Kate 9/22/05  
     I know one thing. Little boys cannot skeet. I've tried to make it happen, but they just... by jimmydean 9/29/05  
     yo little water boy go chapelle by ro 11/7/05  
     ITS MEANS TO CUM!! ur horny, u know! the white stuff, lmao! there ya go by LaffyTaffyBabiizz 11/19/05  
     skeet is a monkey on skeet which is cum or aka up yours by sketer 11/23/05  
     mye:it doesent men to cum ,thats gross. Alena:I agree, but i dont know what it means?!i'm... by Lenaryanmye 1/10/2006  
     i dunno wat it means and there should just be one meaning for the damn thing. i think it... by asl beauty 3/3/2006  
     So what's a milkshake? by Im_SO_White 4/16/2006  
     penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis... by penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis 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penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis  7/2/2006  
     nut or 3um from a males di3k by gutter blood  8/13/2006  
     Skeet means bust a nut,jack off what comes out SKEET (spirm),(nut)what ever yall call it. by mikey 10/20/2006  
     Skeet...I thought the song was saying "Steve, Steve, Steve,...." I was like, "Why do... by coder 1/12/2007  
     chapelles a mug by skinz 3/15/2007  
     White folks don,t know by Jeff 3/15/2007  
     skeet means to have a guy cum in your mouth and it tastes good by ashley moore 3/19/2007  
What was the first movie sequel? by Randy1/7/04 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     godfather II by G3/4/04  
     Godfather 2 ???? Sorry G...yer' SO wrong...I have no idea what it is...but remember the... by Clrvoyant4/12/04  
     Hong Kong by muhammad6/1/04  
     Back to the Future by Tre'6/2/04  
     From 1912-1917 there were a series of mini-movies called the Keystone cops- they ran... by Tinkerbell6/17/04  
     Son of Kong (1933) by ODW 9/15/04  
     What constitutes a sequel? Does the second film have to be a continuation of the first... by Roxy 9/17/04  
     dude, so true by bob 12/14/04  
     Jaws...then Exorcist by Beansize 12/16/04  
     First Bengal Lancers, Distant View 1901 the first movie was called first bangal... by movie dude 4/4/05  
     Although all those other movies were part of a series, I think as far as a sequel with the... by babybraga 5/17/05  
     pink pahter by mike 5/22/05  
     Dudes, your all wet. Bride of Frankenstein was 1935 (to Frankenstein 1931), but Son of... by TonyB 8/11/05  
     Some of the answers here are frightening. Stupid. by P 9/5/05  
     "Fall of a nation" sequel to "Birth of a nation". 1916 I believe. by FancyPants 9/29/05  
     hey kids, before Bride of Frankenstein the sequel to King Kong, Son of Kong, cam out. It... by Gary 11/23/05  
     Fall of a Nation by enotaped 1/29/2006  
     The first movie to have a sequel was Birth of a Nation that was sequeled by Fall of a... by GIA 7/25/2006  
     It's actually 'Fall of a Nation' (from 1916). It's the sequel to a movie called 'Birth of... by Ali 8/23/2006  
     Sorry Tinkerbell, but Bride of Frankenstein in 1935 was not the first movie sequel ever... by AmandaLynn 9/14/2006  
     The First Movie sequel was Son of Kong. by .Jay 9/16/2006  
     You know that tinkerbell guy was right by bob i like bob 9/18/2006  
     The first sequel ever made was 1916's "Fall of a Nation," a follow-up to D.W. Griffith's... by uxcitme 10/4/2006  
     Fall of a nation by mjimenez05 10/26/2006  
     The first movie sequel was DW Griffith's 1916 "Fall of a Nation" which was a sequel to his... by LasVegas 11/25/2006  
     The first sequel ever made was 1916's "Fall of a Nation," a follow-up to D.W. Griffith's... by ape 3/4/2007  
     The first sequel ever made was 1916's "Fall of a Nation," a follow-up to D.W. Griffith's... by thx007 3/4/2007  
     The first sequel ever made was 1916's "Fall of a Nation," a follow-up to D.W. Griffith's... by HunterRobin22 5/6/2007  
     Actually the first are a Danish set of films about Sherlock Holmes 1908-1909, the first... by Jaxotea 6/27/2007  
Is there a way to beat darksteel colossus? by Necron6/7/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     You can give Darksteel Colossus plenty of -1/-1 counters using something like Fevered... by PPPPIIIIGGGGGYYYYYY6/15/04 the time you give colossus 11 -1/-1 will be dead...there are... by Sasuke6/24/04  
     sword, et tu lui fait bobo!! by hello6/29/04  
     Just counter it using instants or use Memnarch and gain control of it.HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE... by Magic_Master 8/18/04  
     equip a creature with the sword of Kaldra or anything that removes it from the game. by Harliquin 9/16/04  
     can use oxidise.. its an artifact by pm3k 10/21/04  
     humble, then ONE -1/-1 counter or TIM by Jumping_C 12/31/04  
     you take out some scissors and cut the stinking card into a million pieces HAHAHA!!!! by dp 5/14/05  
     I got darksteel colossus in my third Darksteel pack, and frankly, i dont like it. Its a... by Thork 7/20/05  
     Well, You Don't Necesarily Need To Beat It. Just Find A Card That Can Tap It. And Just... by Trundler-Nomad 9/19/05  
     Serra avatar by the grey coat >_> 10/3/05  
     Remove the creature, pacify, cage of hands, etc. There are ways to do it, but a force... by Ice 10/13/05  
     lol u guys are funny... darksteel colossus is one of the easiest cards to stop in the... by person 10/22/05  
     There are many easier ways to kill the colossus but can only say a few here. Some are... by uGOTpwned 11/15/05  
     use unsummon or counter spell by creamslice 12/15/05  
     Well, everything but direct damage and destroy effects is still an option. Return to the... by Bob 1/6/2006  
     its immpossible to defeat the 11 by Dannster 1/20/2006  
     how about the sword of kaldra? by bopbop 3/9/2006  
     Counter it before it is being cast. by the time your opponent gets enough mana, you should... by yappy 3/9/2006  
     Rip it to 11 pieces and set each piece on fire. by Bobo Bunny 5/17/2006  
     Pacifism, Diabolic Edicts, Decree of Annihilation. There are 3 examples that deal with... by Master 5/31/2006  
     Hahahaha even though Ravnica at the time this was posted hasnt come out yet but voidslime... by Cool Cat 7/3/2006  
     use alter of light- put target artifact out of play... by Artifact King 8/19/2006  
     Definitely remove it from game... or use some sort of creature nullification, like Faith's... by Roman Lion 8/27/2006  
     remove it from game or simply gain control it and use it to attack your opponent. (it's... by J 12/16/2006  
     Pay pillory of the sleepless, and cannot attack or block and player loses a life. Its an... by darkplayer 1/25/2007  
     Isn't there a card that can take control of artifact creatures? by kingkong120 1/31/2007  
     removal, bounce, counterspells, forced sacrifice by ShadwDrgn 3/22/2007  
     yeah but because of its second effect -1/-1 counters kill it but then it goes back to hand... by some dude 3/31/2007  
     My Colossus deck ran w/ Proteus Staff and I had no other creatures except the Colossus(3... by Darksteel man 4/18/2007  
     use a spell by crazy ass kicker 6/20/2007  
Has anyone had a dog or dogs with an allergic reaction to febreze or swiffer wet? That is... by beth9/29/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     You may have answered my problem. My new puppy has been dragging her belly (crawling)... by Val 10/2/03  
     Yes. I think there is something up with this. My dog has broken out all over her belly... by Bridgett12/29/03  
     I'm bringing my little Westie back into the vet's tomorrow because of continuous scratchin... by Westie Mom 3/11/04  
     my dalmatian has recently gotten all of these tiny bumps under her fur on her back. i've... by etom 4/23/04  
     i'm still trying to check the validity of this email i just got: >WARNING re Swiffer... by moo5/5/04  
     In response to "Moo" -- According to, the e-mail you received is false. ... by profhound 5/6/04  
     Please do not forward this to anyone else. I just researched it and like any other email... by C. Sense 5/10/04  
     My dalmatian has the same thing as the above mentioned. Vet had no idea. Red bumps all... by emily 5/20/04  
     My 8 month old lab has been fighting a really tough skin infection (diagnosed as allergy... by TK 6/28/04  
     I noticed my cat had a bald spot appear on her back two weeks ago. Made vet appt brought... by Darlene 4/21/05  
     My GSD puppy also has a rash on her underbelly, and I am a heavy user of Febreeze. However... by Ann 10/6/05  
     Yes! My dog is allergice to Febreze and Pet Fresh, which is supposed to be safe. She... by Becky 10/28/05  
     I must add a bit here if I can, I have no dog story, but I vacate the house if someone... by Cate 10/30/05  
     I currently have a dog having grand mal seizures.. we are not positive.. but they started... by Lumpe 11/2/05  
     I have recently been using tide with Febreze. I broke out with red, itchy, rash on chest,... by katie 11/14/05  
     I have a year old Jack Russell Terrier and I am trying to find out why she has little... by Daisy 11/30/05  
     My dog, Dustin, is a Westie and Westie's are known for their allergies to anything and... by CB 1/21/2006  
     My 2 lb chihuahua died from inhaling febreeze. She was fine till I went to my daughter's... by Barbara 4/1/2006  
     When we first got our dog we woke up to find his face swollen to no avail! He had to be... by Jess 4/28/2006  
     the story about the swiffer wet clothes seems to be true. I have a 3 month old malti-poo... by barber 6/22/2006  
     Our yorkie acted much the same. Rushed him to the vet after a sleepness night. Upon exam... by chekawa 8/23/2006  
     my boxer has bumps under his fur as well, although there has never been any of the... by soxadoodle 11/27/2006  
     My dog Heidi has two incidents with an allergic reaction to swifter...her ears get red her... by Michele Weiss 12/2/2006  
     After using Swiffer dry cloths all through my house, I had an allergic reaction that... by Babs 12/10/2006  
     I just wanted to add that I am almost positive that this allergic reaction I had was to... by Babs 12/10/2006  
     my jack russell terror, mix has the same red bumps on his back but they are not itchy. I... by hamsandwizh 1/11/2007  
     My neighbor's son had a terrible allergic reaction when he laid down on the floor after... by westiemommy 1/28/2007  
     i found this thread and i hope your situations have been the answer to my concern. my... by natalietucker 3/25/2007  
     It may be but I use those products but my 2 dogs dont react it may be those item ask ur... by Kell 6/26/2007  
I was wondering how do you get rid of fleas for ferrets. My friend has a ferret and the... by Tonia11/24/03 rec.pets.*: Fleas, Ticks, and Your Pet FAQ
     I dont know, i have 3 ferrets and they always have fleas..i've been trying to find some... by Mellisa2/16/04  
     Please help my Ferret has fleas and I need to know how to get them off please help. \ ... by Clancy20042/17/04  
     one safe way is to bathe them in dawn dish detergent. by Bethabara93/10/04  
     Use FRONT LINE in the spray bottle. Wear rubber gloves and spray a small amount onto the... by martmath69@netscape.com3/25/04  
     Advantage is also recomended but you must be sure to treat the area also. by merinia4/5/04  
     this people are dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by jose4/14/04  
     Boil a pint of water & add 1/4 of a lemon & let sit overnight, then bathe your pet in it. ... by Nancy 8/11/04  
     Hey, Okay, I don't know if this will help anyone...since I see that all these ferret... by Aderz 9/25/04  
     Well lets look at the facts fleas need blood put our ferret in a new room and put... by Devin 10/2/04  
     Eat them up YUM! by Hungry 10/4/04  
     I just read a natural way that is suppose to work to rid them of fleas is boil a slice of... by 10/13/04  
     Jose nobody is dumb.... people don't have experience with fleas and they come here for... by Linda 10/20/04  
     Says the guy who doesn't know how to use the word "these". by ferretOwner 5/26/05  
     Just gotta respond to Jose.....fleas can very easily kill ferrets. So it is an important... by Gina 7/7/05  
     Ok Try using Skin So Soft from Avon. I just started selling Avon and came across a... by Jenn 8/6/05  
     This people are dumb.?? -> Learn to spell dumbo, before you call others. Yes use... by Solveit-UK 8/7/05  
     Try using a little baby oil and rub a little bit on their skin after a flea bath(regular... by Brittany 8/9/05  
     only an adult flea will actually live on your ferret the eggs, larvae and pupa will be... by kieron 9/10/05  
     Someone plz help me! my ferret has fleas and bathing them dosn't help. I have an outdoor... by Merik 9/18/05  
     I'm having a real issue with fleas on my ferret as well. Seems to be different than with... by pixie 10/27/05  
     Make sure you use a flea treatment for CATS...the ones for under 5 pounds obviously. ... by cjbapp 12/16/05  
     I just use the same stuff that I use for my cat and dog. Which is pretty much anything... by Toni 12/23/05  
     I found some called ultra care flea and tick spray. 8 in 1. controls fleas and ticks on... by hermie 1/7/2006  
     You can use flea stuff that is safe for kittens. Works good.... by fuzzybutts 5/27/2006  
     i dont know if it works for fleas but for ticks put a little ant powder on a tooth brush... by 6/28/2006  
     "This is for a house with Ferrets only" I live in a basement Apr.of NC. So fleas live at... by Scott S K 8/5/2006  
     my ferret was recently SEVERELY infested..thin as a rail, hair on his head was gone (from... by kathy 9/1/2006  
     who told u that using dawn dishwashing soap on ferrets is good? by ellysha41 9/6/2006  
     I can't get rid of my ferret's fleas! I've given him three flea baths in one day and made... by Savanna 9/10/2006  
     The fleas are growing in numbers i need help killing them!!! by brandy hodges 10/3/2006  
     My Vet, has finally been good to me and provided ADVANTIX for cats. (smallest cats) and... by Heather 10/20/2006  
     Listen......Ferrets are the same as kittens anything safe for kittens is safe for ferrets,... by Serfurgyrl 10/22/2006  
     go to this website.... http://www.ferretguardian. org/f_facts/fleas/ferrets_and_fleas. html ... by felisha 1/25/2007  
     Bathe your ferret in a flea shampoo that's safe for kittens, and then use Advantage for... by astrid 3/8/2007  
     I don't know whether you want to try this or not, it is not recommended by most vets, but... by genie  5/25/2007  
     febreze everything around cage and in cage but not the food n water ... by Miley Cyrus 6/12/2007  
     if you let your ferrets get in that state before you seek a vets advice then you do not... by hannah 6/16/2007  
Is there any way to keep cats away from Christmas trees and ornaments? The tree is... by JILL11/30/03 rec.pets.cats: General Cat Care FAQ
     I read that putting bounce sheets around the tree should help, and I also heard that lemon... by jd 11/29/05  
     I've heard that a couple complete rows of dryer sheets will keep them away. I'm gonna try... by Bryan 11/6/2006  
     How do keep a cat out of a christmas tree? by Ang 12/2/2006  
how long is red wine fresh after opening? by nick9/22/03 Wine (the beverage) FAQ, part6 of 10 [LONG]
     check out for answer by fred 8/24/04  
how many puppies do yorkies have in a litter by margie5/13/04 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     ???? by JD 8/31/04  
     A Yorkshire terrier can have one to 6 pups depending on the size of the dam . by Sandra 10/14/04  
     how many puppies do yorkies have? by puddems 6/11/2006  
where can i find made to measure bras by marcia12/2/03 Clothing for Big Folks in Europe and the UK FAQ
     need a good bra by tracy pritchard 3/20/05  
     Rigby and peller but they are too expensive for me custom bras start at £215 and go up. by Lynsey 3/9/2006  
     Bosomy Limited is Fashion Clothing exclusively designed for plus size real Ladies who are... by Bosomy Limited 8/7/2006  
     Bosomy Limited is Fashion Clothing exclusively designed for plus size real Ladies who are... by Bosomy Limited 8/7/2006  
     E-mail me at I make made to measure bras and other underwear... by Laure Day 2/4/2007  
Is there an alternative dog food to dissolve bladder stones, other than Hill's s/d? My dog... by dst_jane1/3/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     RE....BLADDERSTONES (struvite) There is a product named CARPON... Don't know where it... by evafr@sympatico.ca2/8/04  
     I'm looking for the same thing. Another dog food for bladder stones besides Science Diet... by Kathy 12/14/04  
     We had the same problem, she would not eat the SD diet, canned. Tried to starve her into... by Latte 2/23/2007  
     You probably already know this by now, by they do sell Hill's CD diet in dry kibble form,... by LovemyCockapoo 7/11/2007  
MY DOG JUST STOPPED NURSING PUPPIES YESTERDAY . WILL SHE DRY UP ON HER OWN AND HOW LONG.... by SUE4/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     When a mother stops feeding the pups, it send a message to the body to stop producing... by Tanisha 8/22/04  
     iwant to know about how to make sure a mother dog can feed her puppies if not how can i... by donna craven 2/4/05  
our dog 8 yrs old is having front leg cramps, in Both legs, one leg then other, ...we have... by the weltons10/16/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     Have you ever found a "cure" for the cramps? I have a 2 year old that gets cramps... by Susan 1/16/05  
our dog a lab/settler/retriver has severe food and enviromental allergies he's on hill's... by ltwhite8/3/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     You can try Natural Balance Potato and Duck. It's an allergy formula, and is grain free. ... by Jenny8/26/03  
     I have a yellow lab, she has severe food allergies, she is on Hills Ultra Z/D formula... by Kim10/20/03  
     You can try the IVD brand. Our dog seems to have adjusted fairly well to their duck &... by Barbara 10/30/03  
     Anyone with a dog that has food allergies needs to check out the BARF diet. Barf stands... by Chris11/18/03  
     I am looking for a distributor of Natural Balance in the Southeast area that sells the... by Tina12/19/03  
     You should try this link. They have a store locater to tell you where you can buy it. If... by cristnalyn3/2/04  
     my lab is very stupid and i have many problems with him by yes im malicious  8/2/04  
     Although most people say not to switch dog food if your dog is prone to allergies it would... by christy 8/18/04  
     IVD has worked for my little Lab/Pitbull dog. She has miserable allergies and itches like... by KTG 12/14/04  
     I have a German Shepherd that is allergic to most grains and most meats. She also... by Janis 11/11/05  
     Our yellow lab is allergic to every filler in dog food as well as white potatoes and milk.... by tamara 2/5/2007  
     My pit bull has severe skin and food allergies. He was on Hill's Utra Z/D also. They... by AshlyS 4/26/2007  
     My dog has been on the barf diet for about 6-8 months with no improvement on her allergies... by sdexcalibur 7/13/2007  
Where do I get Greased Lightning (car in Grease!) and the rights to perform the songs in... by Artvark1/17/04 Stagecraft Frequently Asked Questions
     it's fake by nigel 8/22/2006  
     where can i get the greased lightning car by jerome 10/4/2006  
     fcvhvghcb by zebra 12/31/2006  
     The rights for Grease, the stage musical, is offered through Samuel French Inc. in New... by Encore Performing Arts 5/9/2007  
what are compound exercises and which ones are they by akhtar3/4/04 Hardgainer Bodybuilding & Weightlifting FAQ
     compound excercises are excersises that work multiple muscles. For exsample when u are... by dpak 12/22/04  
     compound exercises are exercises that work more than 1 muscle group at a time. Example:... by Chris 8/3/05  
     To Akhtar: Compound exercises (Barbell Exercises) are those exercises which involve... by Dr. Mass 11/5/05  
How and when will I be able to tell if my female dachshund is pregnant? by Lynn3/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Dachshund Breed-FAQ
     i have no earthly idea by Han 7/24/05  
     when her stomach is buldging.. idiot by badong_ungas 12/10/05  
     how do you know if my female is pregnant? by robin 5/31/2006  
     My female doxie is 50 days pregnant we first noticed that she was sleeping alot and didn't... by Nicki 10/22/2006  
I am 100% Disabled and have an Military ID can I fly Space A? by G. Walsh3/31/04 Military Space A Travel FAQ
     I beleive the Coast Guard will fly the disabled veterans, with new I.D. card by Arthur C. Wonderlich4/15/04  
     100% Disabled are not eligible for Space-A travel. (per DOD4515.13r) by A Pax-Rep Airman 8/19/04  
     Where can I get a new Military ID in Iowa by S.Berry 10/3/05  
     no i don't think so by gary 3/12/2006  
     dfhgh it was in 2004 and now it is 2007 by gg 3/2/2007  
my computer has changed my jpeg to bitmap how do I change it back? When saving files all I... by lobo11/23/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     An easy way is to rename the file to a jpg. When your about to save the picture(s), name... by Mr60s12/17/03  
     If you can't save files a JPG's(only Bitmap), first try emptying your Temporary Internet... by Cixelsyd 4/8/2006  
Where can I get a locking gas cap for my Tundra 2003, or either a locking gas lid? by henry duong7/29/03 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     My 2002 came with a locking gas lid. Don't tell me they have taken that off the 2003s for... by filhiol5/31/04  
     I purchased a locking gas cap from Checker. It is a FRAM # RG-506. It works perfectly. ... by Gunnut 9/9/05  
Why is the hole in the ozone layer in the southern hemisphere when most of the developed... by Katiepie11/4/03 Ozone Depletion FAQ Part III: The Antarctic Ozone Hole
     blahblah by blahblah2/4/04  
     i do not know by abid5/12/04  
     because all the winds blow it to the south pole where it collects and eats through the... by Bonnie5/19/04  
     Because the drumbeat blaming industrialized nations for the ozone hole is a hoax. ... by Maelstrom 9/7/04  
My cat is 9 years old. He just recently quit meowing where he used to all the time. He... by Rachelle9/27/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     my cat is 5 yers when he tries 2 say meow his voice doesnt come out and when he tries 2... by Ali 6/19/2006  
     My cat is experiencing the exact same symptoms. Her Miaw is alsmost strained now. ... by mareksheffield 8/9/2006  
     my cat sounds like he has a sore throat when he meowes he still eats and i got him to... by anna 11/29/2006  
     I was wondering the same thing.. Fairly vocal 12 year old cat, very healthy in all other... by Danielle_753 4/16/2007  
Lost key to filing cabinet. How do you get in without damaging the drawers. Old style... by WAA2/13/04 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     A locksmith. by Jan in Texas 2/11/05  
     the cylinder is brass the drill bit is steel then replace the lock 10min. and 10 bucks... by michael 12/9/05  
     lift up the bottom and there is a hole the if you push up in there, it will release the... by laura 2/10/2006  
     by locked out 4/27/2006  
     Did you ever find out how? by rgodfrey3 6/17/2006  
     I lost mine too. I used a very small pair of scissors and turned them like a key. it... by whitewizard 7/19/2006  
     you will need to find out what brand filing cabinet it is and then look on the lock itself... by ashley 8/23/2006  
     I would like to know too by rodd 10/8/2006  
     You may have to get a locksmith. by BoogerCat 4/28/2007  
I want to convert a ceiling light(hard wired directly to light switch) to use as a swag... by Janet2/29/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Home Depot sells a Swag Kit that includes the wire with a switch and plug, the chain and... by KarenK3/23/04  
how to make Zn-air battery of 36V, 100AH by Manohar Mathur5/14/04 sci.chem.electrochem Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 3/3
     zwaregamez by gregery 10/10/2006  
The herbicide product Roundup. Can this be harmful to a dog if licked from grass/weeds,... by Gary6/3/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     I am not sure by Lucy 3/24/2007  
     I don't know by George39 4/24/2007  
     Is Roundup harmful to pets if licked off of weeds? by Joan 7/3/2007  
My dog seems to be having an asthma attack. He starts breathing in real hard, kinda of... by Roni3/29/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     I just returned from the Vet for asthma in my dog. Wants to start her on Theophyline. ... by Stacey4/5/04  
     Is your dog a Pug by any chance? Collapsed tracheas are very common in the breed. We have... by Ha'anala4/7/04  
     I have a pug too, this I believe that she has asthma as well. She starts snorting and... by gwynnelaura4/16/04  
     I have a pomeranian. He's 6 months old and he has the same kind of breathing problem...... by Julie 8/3/04  
     My Maltese sometimes seems to have mini asthma attacks. He starts wheezing and also looks... by Aimifer 11/27/04  
     I have a 15 year old dalmation who hacks and wheezes at night and when it is cold. A... by kileyreece 1/21/05  
     My mini poodle does this as well. I rub on the bottom of his neck and he stops. It is... by Alana 8/9/05  
     My dog also suffers from something extremely similar. I never thought that her 'honking'... by Kath;een 8/21/05  
     Yes, I specialize in nebulizer treatments for animals that I work with. If you are... by April 11/9/05  
     i have a chihuahua that "honks". hes 8 months and breathes funny sometimes. it scares me... by kew284 12/16/05  
     My beagle has had this problem for years! What I was told to do works wonders.....I cover... by Jewels 1/1/2006  
     I have a 10 year old schnauzer./ He started panting really hard and breathing really... by LLHALey 1/25/2006  
     I also have a pug he is 2.5 years old and has the same attacks. i hate it. i would love to... by ONECAM 2/18/2006  
     I have a 12 yr old Pom mix who was 1st diagnosed with a collapsed trachea 7 yrs ago. She... by RHC 4/22/2006  
     I have a Pug, as well. He's having the same issues. The attacks don't seem to last long;... by Meg 5/27/2006  
     Weird my dog does that to but he just stands their and breathes really heavey like hyper... by Em and Sara 6/3/2006  
     I have a 15 yr old Pomeranian with collapsed trachea and asthma symptoms. It helps... by Dori 7/24/2006  
     Hi, I was searching for info on this condition and ended up here first. Then I searched a... by matt 11/21/2006  
     i have a toy poodle who has asthma attacks. He randomly starts honking and his eyes get... by suzn08 2/5/2007  
     i just got a living air machine and put it in the dog room. that day when i got home both... by cindy 3/24/2007  
     I am owned by a male pug who will turn two years the end of May -- he also seems to have... by Mom_of_Boris 4/30/2007  
     My yorkie does the same thing but doesn't run for comfort or anything like that. He... by Jen 5/1/2007  
     My dog is also acting as if he has asthma, too. He is not a Pug but a medium size... by Foxy 5/20/2007  
     i have a puli and he is breathing so hard the first night I noticed was sleeping . We... by rim 5/24/2007  
     It does not matter the breed for a collapsing trachea. My mom has a poodle, she had a... by Melissa Moore 7/5/2007  
How do I go about extending a j1 visa in the USA? i am on the work/travel programme. Can... by adrian4/22/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     September 10, 1972 by Thawee Wiban 9/13/04  
     How do I go about extending my J-1 visa? I am an aupair and my year ends at the end of... by Nicky 11/22/04  
     See your program sponsor, he or she can issue a new DS2019 form for you. You can stay in... by Walter 9/12/05  
     call the INS that is responsible your your own country and for your specific state. For in... by sheperd smart 9/20/2006  
     How do I go about extending a j1 visa in the USA? i am on J1 visa already. by arvi 5/22/2007  
Is there any way to get my Jack Russel to get along with other dogs? Why does she get... by Aston Buehler11/28/03 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     You can't force a dog to like another dog. She may like/not like a dog by how dominant it... by Tanisha1/6/04  
     Jack Russell's are Terriers. Terriers are hunting breeds that were required to be brave... by Donna1/29/04  
     Well I have the same problem with my female Jack Russel terrier.Yes and again my dog only... by molly3/2/04  
     Jack Russells are not like other dogs. You really need to be careful about bringing... by Donna3/4/04  
     My JRT is very aggressive toward other male dogs. He hasn't been around female dogs but... by DeLaine3/25/04  
     I'm getting a jack Russell puppy soon and we already have a Labrador (8 yrs) we've already... by naomi4/17/04  
     Labradors are usually good natured dogs that get along well with other dogs. Who came... by Donna5/3/04  
     i am trying to get 2 dogs to get along. they are 2 Shepard mixes and i am fostering the... by marita445/29/04  
     My Jack loves our Pikanese 99% of the time. Then all of sudden we hear the most horrible... by John 9/19/04  
     Hi, Aston i am getting 3 dogs at the end of the year. i am getting a jack russell, beagle... by caseylacy 11/15/04  
     I have a Jack (4 yrs old male), 2 chis (8 yr old female, 7 yr old male nutered) and a laso... by Blysfolly 12/22/04  
     i have a 4 year old pit and a 18 month old JRT. They have been together since Savannah... by inkedupmom 2/5/05  
     everyone could REALLY benefit from watching "the dog whisperer" on the National Geographic... by dog whiseperer fan 8/1/05  
     Thats a bad mix of dogs youve got there. Anyway my JRT is the best dog in the world and... by :S 8/24/05  
     I have a friend who was given a Jack Russel and thought wow, what an intelligent dog. It... by Jack 9/15/05  
     i have a soppy jack russell and am getting a puppy soon hope they get on by chezzy 12/20/05  
     i have a 7 month old jack russell and when she is on the lead she is snappy agressive and... by melissa 3/6/2006  
     I hate my Jack Russell... they are the most hyper, annoying dogs in the world. Stubborn... by B-Money 5/12/2006  
     jack are definately quik dogs and are also small but has no fear in its heart by billy goat 5/20/2006  
     Wait a while. Jack Russels dont get along with other dogs. You cant change that grass is... by raewae 8/19/2006  
     What kind of breeds does jacks like? by Natalie 8/24/2006  
     My Jack Russell is a 3 yr Female, she gets along with the 2 chihuahua'smy roommate has,... by hongkongstewy 9/17/2006  
     hi there i have a JRT we got him from Wood Green quite a while back so we havent had him... by Jack Russell T 10/5/2006  
     I have a cat 1 year old, a Jack Russel 2 years old and just got a mix breed puppy (Jack... by strop 5/23/2007  
     hi i would like a staffordshire bull dog but my mum wants a jack russell. so we have come... by jenna83 5/27/2007  
How can I make my cat comfortable while it is dying of Feline Chronic Renal Failure? ... by Connie4/29/04 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     let the cat do what it normally isnt allowed to do, as long as its safe and permittable. ... by PERSON 8/17/04  
     why is my cat not eating or driking water or milk. why is it acting quiet and depressed.... by james 2/3/05  
     my cat is 4 month old and it is dying i need advice what to do by Lil L 10/14/05  
     Cats seem to get cold and achy when they are dying so what i have been donig is putting a... by katie 12/13/05  
     My cat is floppy, not eating and doesn't want to be fussed. He is 18. Do you think he is... by Sandy 12/25/05  
     I just want help. by Steve 12/25/05  
     My cat has CRF also. She has good days and bad.They seem to want to drink alot so have... by charlotte 9/29/2006  
     My cat has CRF also. She has good days and bad.They seem to want to drink alot so have... by charlotte 9/29/2006  
     I just recently had a cat die of kidney failure, and my best advice is to keep water near,... by Katie 2/21/2007  
can i get a social sercuity number if i have the persons birth date and name by Jennifer3/5/04 Social Security Number FAQ
     Can I find someone if I have a name,birthdate and SS#. If so how without paying someone. by Susan6/24/04  
     I have a social security number and name. How can I find this person? by Susan 6/24/04  
     I think you can get the number. by barbara johnson 1/9/05  
     can you receive all my benifit if i'm not a citizen. by wendy 9/12/05  
     sharon by sharon lyons 12/14/05  
     i need my neices ssn i have all of her info. by bettyboop 3/29/2006  
     How to find someone by Kimora 11/4/2006  
How can you judge the adult size your puppy will grow to be? Is there a kind of a... by erogers4/6/04 rec.pets.dogs: Selecting A Dog FAQ
     McBride by Craig5/6/04  
     It depends on the breed of dog. Smaller dogs normally grow there full size earlier than... by rachel6/30/04  
     i have a chihuahua is 2 years old and he is mean to visitors...he is not a... by cy  11/16/2006  
     I don't think I believe people who don't know the difference between "wait" and "weight" ... by weight 3/29/2007  
     You can look at the paws, if they are large then the puppy will be growing into them and... by Donniegirl 4/18/2007  
Is an F1 visa holder permitted to start their own business in the US (as a sole... by Daniela3/6/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     You can start a business, that's easy and no requirement needed. However as long as you... by Aslam Elec4/29/04  
     Why would you start a business that you cannot aquire income from? Does that mean you can... by rubyshoe5/17/04  
     Come on ! Offically F1 student cannot get any INCOME, however there are a lot of ways... by KAEDE7/9/04  
     What kinds of "DRAWING" do you have in mind? by Alex 8/26/04  
     Hey, open a business and let your close friends/relatives in your native country enjoy the... by Neo 3/3/05  
     How do I get information about F1 rights? by Ted 3/25/05  
     Hi My friend is an F1 student and he has this dating site and has invested everything.... by Max 3/27/05  
     what are then the ways to "DRAWING " the money by anonymous 6/23/05  
     how can you draw the money? I am a f-1 who would like to have a franchise? thank you for... by margie 8/6/05  
     yes, you can start a business when you are on f1 visa.But,you have to start on... by bobby 8/29/05  
     this "income" means payroll income. you can get business profit income like you get profit... by tamaya 9/13/05  
     Could you recommend some of those ways? by Shel 2/8/2006  
     well so long as purchases and comsumption are listed as "Business Expense" using a... by the truth  3/7/2006  
     How do you built up credit for your corporation if you start a business on your F1 visa? by abdul 5/7/2007  
Mysterious electrical problem with 2000 Chrysler Sebring JXi convertible. Today, for no... by Wayne5/3/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     did you find out anything on this? my 98 sebring just did exactly what you are describing... by Dan 8/18/04  
     I just had the same thing happen to me, hav e you figured out the problem? If so, e-mail... by HippyDave 10/15/04  
     Check relays in distribution box........ by Mark T. 1/22/05  
     I bought a 2000 sebring jxi convertible about a year ago with only 32,000 miles and I've... by Susan 3/8/05  
     Replace the ignition switch. Had similar problem on 2001 chrysler sebring. Also blower... by frustrated sebring owner 3/24/05  
     i don't know by rydell 4/17/05  
     I have no idea what the problem is.. but it just happened to me too! I am caught in... by SebringRenter 1/20/2006  
     WOW! I have the same problem. Have you found out what is wrong? by janell 3/27/2006  
     sounds like a possible relay or ground by 6/28/2006  
     Check your chassis ground, most battery lines will run off to the engine first, then have... by DreXor 11/10/2006  
     Check your chassis ground, most battery lines will run off to the engine first, then have... by DreXor 11/10/2006  
     Hi Wayne, I'm having the same problems, if you're still out there I'd be interested to... by Lynn 5/3/2007  
Once I download rar'sfor DVD - how to I turn it into a viewable format? by Bintel7/25/03 PDP-8 Summary of Models and Options (posted every other month)
     Use an chipped Xbox and XBMC, it can play the rared dvd witchout unpacking it! Mu question... by XrX 12/31/05  
     Once I download rar'sforDVD - how to I turn it into a viewable format? by sunset10 10/18/2006  
With regards to Partial Packet Discard and the impact on the GCRA's When discarding due... by chaslang3/30/04 comp.dcom.cell-relay FAQ: ATM and related technologies (part 1/8)
Is it safe for me to use a depilatory cream such as Neet or Nair on a tattooed area, to... by Ross4/21/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     It is okay after the tat has healed completely. I have several and use nair on a reg.... by MDKline4tax4/29/04  
     Ok, guys or gals... I'm gonna try it by pat j 5/11/2007  
Please explain the apr formula used by the Fed. Reserve - regulation Z by rick4/13/04 sci.math FAQ: Formula for Compound Interest
     Dear Rick, This is an attempt to explain the APR formula used by the Federal Reserve -... by jawinterink@juno.com5/2/04  
When will charmed be back on television in Australia? by Lindsay Rayner 10/5/03 FAQ
     feburary by bubbles1/9/04  
     Is that on Channel 10? by Emma1/10/04  
     Is it on Channel 10? by Emma1/10/04  
     answer to: Lindsay:February the 6th Emma: Yes by Emily1/29/04  
     what episodes r they playing in australia? by kt2/23/04  
     I think charmed is the best programme in the u.k by Ad6/25/04  
     when will season 7 start in Australia? by Amanda 9/28/04  
     when is charmed back in england by jkitten 11/5/04  
     do any of you know when they are realesing charmed DVD's or videos in australia? by zoe 1/1/05  
     answer for kt: we r up 2 season 6 in australia and i am dying waiting for season 7 but... by zoe 1/1/05  
     ohhhhhh yay i am so happy by Dannii 1/6/05  
     hey does anyone know when they are showing the rest of Charmed season 7 in Australia,... by Bert 10/29/05  
     i think the time will be 9:30 at night cos in sydney thats what it used to say by lexi 2/6/2006  
     When is the next series of charmed on? The last one finished last week (friday 3rd)... by Jay 2/11/2006  
     i cant find charmed on TV in Australia anywhere! are they still showing it or what?? by jess 6/4/2006  
     charmed is mt favourite TV show Ice been waiting and waiting for it to come back on in... by sheri 7/19/2006  
     i love charmed and i rate it out of infinity and it is infinity it'd like the biggest and... by jaz! the bestest and enormace charmed fan in the world! 8/9/2006  
     Can Anybody Tell Me When ''Charmed Will Be Back On ''Five'' In England On Saturdays... by 8/23/2006  
     when will charmed season 8 be back on sothern cross televison in Tasmania??? by Hannah 9/4/2006  
     I accidentally came across the new Charmed episodes (Season 7) playing at midday every... by Julia 4/7/2007  
What is the average size litter for beagles? What is a health age to breed a beagle? by Pam W.4/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Beagles Breed-FAQ
     i would say about 4-5 per litter and about 3 for breeding by nicksta 2/3/05  
     what is the average size of a beagle. by j 2/3/05  
     usually they can have up to 1-10 puppies by me 3/21/2006  
     What is a average litter size for a second time beagle mommy? by t & k 6/29/2007  
Is there a complete list of chemicals in gasoline? I am looking for 2-Butanone (MEK)... by Bruce1/24/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     what chemicals are in like regular gas that make it burn slower, and what chemicals are in... by Dylan3/26/04  
     I was under the impression that Gasoline (Petroleum) is a Hydrocarbon, i.e. only consistin... by Anonymous854/1/04  
     fart is in gasoline by tommyboy 3/17/05  
     no there is not a complete list of chemicals in gasoline because of the different areas... by JACK SKELLINGTON  12/19/05  
I have a yellow lab and he has green eyes? In addition, he has a dudley nose (pink and... by Shelley Gallant7/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     I have the exact same kind of dog...yellow lab with green eyes and dudley nose and pink... by Lynn-Marie 8/26/04  
     I would say your lab had one chocolate coloured parent. The chocolate labs have green eyes... by cuasterixt 10/16/2006  
     We also have a purebred yellow lab with green eyes and a pink nose. the reason is because... by lori 11/15/2006  
     i have a yellow lab and he has green eyes his name is Bo also known as (BoWinckle) he is... by catkitty731 11/20/2006  
     i like to eat poo. but yes this is normal. love from puppy eater by stirfry ears 1/3/2007  
     why is my Labrador retriever nose pink? by jo 1/10/2007  
How can i get the virus out of my profile? by annette12/12/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     How can i get this virus out of my aim profile? by Denise Parker/Thugmizzd4lyf1/18/04  
     it is very good by goshoo 7/10/2007  
What does pod stand for? by jdvd4/9/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Payable on Death by Derk Thunder4/27/04  
     Prince of Darkness by T- Bone 1/31/05  
     Passed Out Drunk Pass Out Drunk by Chenga 10/22/05  
     poo on donkey by jub jub 3/9/2007  
     i dont know. by kylagurl 5/14/2007  
How do you can/preserbe cherry peppers/pepper shooters with chees and ham. by Frank8/17/03 Rec.Food.Preserving FAQ (v.7.08) Part1
     You cannot safely can them in any way. Make them, refrigerate, and eat within a few days. ... by Linda Lou12/13/03  
Why doesn't Microsoft support JPEG2000? by pheisholt8/10/03 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
     I don't know. by rusty 10/29/05  
What is the History of Psychology? Who started it? Where did it first show up? by Maria4/15/04 Psychology: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     why did psychology start by cynthia  11/17/04  
     What does psychology mean and how did it get started? by shelia 4/11/05  
     I don't know. by bullfrog 6/10/05  
     new member by john 10/19/05  
     who cares? by 88kevco88 3/9/2006  
     hflkdsjvgifhjkibvjup9riguorjibgdfupobj;la k by kjfjhvb 4/26/2006  
how can spreadsheets be used in business by hello1/23/04 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
     accounts by <<$uKi-$iNgH>> 9/20/04  
     i am gay by jake 1/19/2006  
My one year old American cocker spaniel has a severe and chronic itchy ear and paw... by Brandy1/29/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     i have an 8 yr. old american cocker with the same problems also. hes had cronic ear... by joey1/30/04  
     My dog has the same problem, and although we are still at constant battle with the feet,... by Elaine 4/7/04  
     After years of ear infections, trips to the vet lots of medicines, two year ago a student... by Fred 11/10/05  
     I have a 3 year old cocker spaniel.He is the sweetest and best dog but he is having the... by Jennifer 4/21/2006  
     My vet told me my cocker's itchy, stinky ear problems were a result of a food allergy. He... by Neva 12/3/2006  
     My cocker is having itchy ear problems and we would like to know if we could use the same... by Dwayne 4/23/2007  
May i know the conversion of gas mark to degrees Celsius or vice versa? thank u. by Nisha11/9/03 FAQ and conversion file
     go to htm hth :) by sleepyguy4/10/04  
     ask jeeves can tell you by morky 11/15/04  
     190 degrees celsius is gas mark 5 if thats any help?? by Beki  11/14/2006  
     Level Of Hotness Degrees Celsius Gas Mark Fahrenheit Cool /Very Slow Cook - Good... by Beki 11/14/2006  
how do i find the name of a song? by di1/14/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     by Jacko2/5/04  
     I'm looking for a song that I thought was titled "Romeo and Juliet's Theme." It has a line... by Jacques2/15/04  
     the name of sopng i dont wanna lose you I <a href=" php?q... by psit7/20/04  
     trying to find the name of a song I think is part rap or something like it and part of it... by christy 8/14/04  
     I'm looking for a song the only lyrics i know are "i can feel the rain" who sings it and... by silkyhunny 12/4/04  
     i have a song that i don't know the name of, it has a phrase (This party's extreme, know... by gareth 12/28/04  
     im looking for a song that i heard on a commercial and it goes duh duh duh duh duh duh duh... by ebony 12/28/04  
     I need to know who sang and when this song..Everybody has a first love they have left in... by Starshine 2/3/05  
     I think the lyrics goes "All my life waiting for someone like you. I thank God that I've... by sue 3/10/05  
     i dunno sorry but i'm looking fer a song that goes like do u know what that songs called?... by KT 4/26/05  
     What is the name of the song that starts "They made up their minds and they started... by Ang 6/25/05  
     big bottom girl you make the rockin world go round by britt 7/3/05  
     some of the words in the song are a man and women argueing and he said to her i dont want... by andi 8/5/05  
     the song from friday night lights at the last game when they run into the stadium by hurley12570 9/13/05  
     the song I am trying to think of, has the lyrics something like, Louie louie louie, louie... by robert 10/8/05  
     hey i'm looking for a song that goes a little like this. But i turn arround and your... by tina 12/20/05  
     what is the song that says outside peanut butter inside jelly. seven days of the week... by cheercheer09 2/23/2006  
     how do you find a name of a song a sentence goes im afraid we need to go on by gangsta 7/25/2006  
     I'mlooking for a song that i thought was titled "lord have mercy'.It has a line that goes... by ricky 3/28/2007  
can i do JPEG compression using MATLAB? if so how should i do that? by arana7/12/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     Just use the imwrite function. imwrite(...,'filename.jpg') infers the format from the... by Xila11/26/03  
     good answer! by iktus 10/10/2006  
     how can i see that compressed image after executing imwrite(...'filename.jpg')? by Vinoth 3/20/2007  
     Hi..well the star note means that it is a replacement note.When currency is printed... by Pete4/30/04  
     I have a 20 dollar bill from 1963A and a 2004 20 dollar bill both have a star on them. Are... by Jaylive 11/3/05  
     star says GB right below the right corner of united states of america on the face of the... by pamster 1/8/2006  
     i had one too. is it worth anything? by rachel 2/7/2006  
     Pete..was wondering if such a bill was worth holding onto...i have one myself... by Scampy 9/9/2006  
     The odds of finding a replacement note are 1 in 100,000 they are not necessarly worth... by Troy Pawleska 10/10/2006  
     i have one and its on ebay by mike 3/30/2007  
sir, my husband is in f1 visa,his graduation is completed and now he is in opt by rathy11/12/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     Rathy, Did you get an answer to this question? I have been trying to find the same info... by Manu 4/24/04  
     Its quite difficult by maverick85 9/28/04  
     Manu / Rathy, Did u get an answer to this question. I am also planning to go to the US... by Rupal 12/3/04  
     i need answer for same question. if you get to know the answr plzz mail me at gukanth@redi... by uma 12/29/04  
     you can try visa/f2-visa.html good luck! by bluejay 3/14/05  
How can I uncompress a mpeg or avi video sample? by Jace6/5/04 MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [0/9]
     You can't. by LH 10/7/04  
     use tmpg or eo-video video by tim 10/19/04  
     Use an unzip program, usually by right clicking the folder or song you want to uncompress... by Brad 11/3/04  
     U can use Dr. DIVX to compress or u can even use MPEG 4 Maker to compress it. If u... by Rahul Kavuri 5/26/05  
     If you want to do this through C/C++ in windows platform then There is DirectShow9.0c API... by kakapada 9/5/05  
     you can't "uncompress" after it has been compressed, you lose all the information tht was... by Eric 9/5/05  
     Yeah, i really wanna know too. by fet 10/15/05  
     Thru TMPG Encoder u can uncompress the MPEG to AVI and there are more on the by manugnr 7/8/2006  
     YOU CAN'T You crazy???? by TSST 5/8/2007  
     kayak 1.80 boyuda sikici biriyimdir thanks by kral kobra 7/7/2007  
What is the proper dosage of Benadryl for a 100 pound lab? by Rita1/20/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     The usual dose is 1 milligram for every pound of dog, 3 times a day. by Shari2/14/04  
     My vet advised me to give my 65lb. lab 3 pills/2 x daily for an itching problem. by jayne2/18/04  
     I have a 8 month old cocker with allergy problems. He weighs about 20 pounds, how much... by Kathy 4/13/05  
     I wouldn't go any higher than 50mg. by Craig 4/19/05  
     bG25t2Zunfo CCmgzojUf4l iRp6XEEAWVCnn by iyIJLvnQAS 2/23/2006  
     that is too much of a dose---dog is always drowsy----try bathing him in Ivory Bar Soap and... by Jules 4/24/2006  
Does Kool-Aid still make the flavor root beer? I am desparate to find a noncarbonated... by Jeannee8/28/03 Kool-Aid FAQ v7.0
     How about leaving the cap off and letting it go flat? by browser10/12/03  
     You can make your own with an extract that is found in home brew shops, just add water and... by jerseyboyintexas@yahoo.com12/3/03  
     Try "root beer syrup" good luck. by Rbeerlvr3/8/04  
     Check the flavorings section of your local supermarket. You will find Root Beer Extract. ... by David6/3/04  
     The convenience of packets of powdered root beer kool-aid, is something I miss greatly. by Grizzily6/29/04  
     I found this site when I was looking for Aunt Wick's root beer drink mix (a Kool-Aid... by TRIBBLE7/15/04  
     I was also looking for root beer flavored drink mix. I found that "Fla Vor Aid" still... by rwehr7/16/04  
     no i loved that stuff well go to Flavol aid .com and it works i got some last year by to the core 10/26/04  
     Go to They have rootbeer and TONS of other flavors! by snoopysnocone 12/8/04  
     I just e-mailed the Co. that made "Fizzies" and pretty-much begged them to start making... by Kathy Hasbrouck 3/27/05  
     I found 22 packets of Aunt Wicks Root Beer Flavor about 2 years ago on the shelf in PA. I... by S Kraft 8/18/05  
     Me and my family really miss root beer kool aid. We bought it all the time. Now we are... by Nicki 11/4/05  
     Here's a recipe to make your own syrup: 2 c. sugar 1 c. water 2 TBSP Extract (root... by ShellMom 12/12/05  
     I just got some flavor-aid root beer mix but still wish kool-aid would bring it back. ... by Lanny 2/15/2006  
     dXfJuLSlAVs jGrcQ42OwMYrW0 7gbI5Jk1m4jNO by eIEOSyCJVE 2/23/2006  
     I know Flavor-Aid makes it search in the bilingual section by rubberghostman 4/11/2006  
     I stumbled across this and figured I would share my recipe for root beer cool ade.. its... by babybluz75 8/24/2006  
     i have 2 4.3 grams pouches of Aunt Wick's Root Beer the info on the back of the packet is... by bunny 11/3/2006  
how much do midwives make in a year? by jenn3/2/04 Midwifery in the United States
     £1000.000 by cre 12/6/05  
     £20,000 by shez 12/14/05  
     what do midwifes do by meagan 2/2/2006  
     How much do midwives make in a year? by Jawanna 4/11/2006  
how do dogs care for their pups after birth by billy7/20/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     i don't know exactly what you what to know but when mine had some she nursed them ALOT,... by Tanisha1/1/04  
     Billy, The dogs after birth like all the blood off, feed them,and when they need to go... by Kit-Kat1/26/04  
     After the mom gives birth to her pups, she licks the afterbirth off and then they usually... by Cart4/28/04  
     the dog will have sexual problems by asshole5/5/04  
     can we carry the puppies 1 day after the birth by ashlee 10/30/04  
     Not really. The dog has far more knowlage of sex then a normal human. by teresazhou 3/28/05  
     my dog licked the puppies until they were clean and my dog had 10 pups your dog will nurse... by Dani 1/1/2006  
     After my dog had her litter, she was very thorough with cleaning them. the pups will want... by jessie 9/5/2006  
     Hello, my dog has had her puppies about 4 days now... but she seems to pant very heavily... by Briony 9/22/2006  
     asshole is a tool. THe mom will clean up everything that comes out of her. Even eating any... by rottimomx2 10/9/2006  
     all the dogs but my can do beater by mindee 1/28/2007  
     My dog gave birth to 3 puppies today. She cleans the puppies very often. And all their... by Clarkie 3/26/2007  
     What do you do after your dog has given birth? by Snickers 4/6/2007  
     what to do after dog birth? by jazzie 6/14/2007  
How to connect a Single phase load to a 3 Phase UPS system and how the load is shared? by Vinoth6/8/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     first same value load to be sub divided in to three single phases. then to be connected in... by ranga  12/4/05  
How many puppies does a Chihuahua is able to have? What should I be aware while my... by Pepper5/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     How many puppies do Chihuahuas usually have? by michelle chavez 9/3/04  
How long does the puppy biting & chewing everything phase last? by Rontu5/14/04 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     your an idoit. i think you deserve to be bitten by hi 9/16/2006  
i am going to USA on a j1 visa meant for research scholars but can i apply for a J1 visa... by ishan4/29/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
i need to know what is a solenoid pack for the trans axle. by kirt hollins 6/9/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
How do you allow a number in excel to be recognized in a cell if you can see it but excel... by Jesse2/28/04 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
     i'm having the same problem here. someone please answer it. by Paac 10/24/05  
Why is the price of fuel at the pump posted as tenths (9/10) of a cent? by jiggy4/21/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     Damn! This is cheap gas! LOL ! Seriously, 49 9/10 sounds cheaper than 50, doesn't it???... by whitevette 8/3/04  
     Why are gas prices at the pump always listed to nine-tenths of a cent? No one seems to... by 11/30/05  
What is the correct amount to give as a graduation gift for a high school graduate? by Joyce5/28/04 Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
     I think $50 is a good amount. by rkdahl5/31/04  
     How is the person related to you? A friend, a friends son/daughter or the son/daughter of... by kanic6/18/04  
     According to Hallmark research, $50 or more is the average graduation gift for a close... by dab616 5/18/2006  
     I have a similar issue. The graduates of church families. They are not necessarily close... by Dave 5/10/2007  
I keep getting a window that says generic host process for win 32 services. Then it pops a... by jenjune2/24/04 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     wow mine did that too, then it crashed one day and had to take it for repairs. by VirusKillerMan5/19/04  
how do you clean handbags that are madefrom microfiber? by Connie4/25/04 rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
     I'd like to know too by mazz 8/17/04  
I spilled gasoline in my car and have tried everything under the sun to remove and have... by Dawn12/31/03 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     see Question below "I recently spilled gasoline in my car, how can I get the smell out?... by jj1/14/04  
I have three way switches and what to replace them but when i looked at the older ones... by tone11/8/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Actually the switches are the same. The single screw is usually the common terminal... by Jack3/31/04  
Is there a site to see the book of shadows from the inside? And does anyone have pictures... by Jazzy3/22/04 FAQ
     Yes!!I have been looking for pictures of the book of shadows from the inside!So please if... by Cat5/2/04  
     plz let me no the site!!!!, by !5/27/04  
     Yes there is about two sites I know of but I am still on the search... by Casey 12/9/04  
     i love charmed and i am getting the book of shadows for christmas i cant live with out... by amy 12/15/04  
     Hi, I do not know where to get pics of the BoS but you can find a beautiful handmade... by Blackberry 1/23/05  
     yed there is it is by kmanwing 5/20/05  
     please please please i will kill to find out what is inside i had already made a book of... by a j 6/23/05  
     Martha by martha 8/16/05  
     Hey I just found a site that shows the inside of the book of shadows check it out ... by Mandi 9/23/05  
     i'v been looking and i founded it , but i forgot the internet address!! by magicallsteele1 10/30/05  
     Hey.Well a book of shadows really isnt a one style book with the exact things in in every... by Daz 4/12/2006  
     yes if anyone knows please email me by gemalem 5/20/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a> by free ringtones 6/19/2006 ringtones site free. [URL=]r... by ringtones free 6/19/2006 ringtones site free. ringtones site, Free nokia... by ringtones free 6/19/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a> by free ringtones 6/26/2006 ringtones site. [URL=]ringto. .. by ringtones free 6/26/2006  
     I'i am intrested in where i can find the inside of charmed book of shadow...can you pls... by xeana 7/7/2006  
     please if you know a site to see inside the book please email me!!! urgent.... natashinh... by nahhh 7/13/2006  
     I was wondering is you BOS suppose to be hand written? by Empress 8/29/2006  
     I have also been looking for information on the inside of the book of shadows if you find... by Felicia 9/29/2006  
     i have a site, where you can see some of the pages inside of the book. http://www.geocit... by Ak 1/13/2007  
     please someone if you find any sight with the pictures of inside the book please email it... by yvette 1/15/2007  
     021 by yanis 2/16/2007  
     i'm not sure... but i think that there's only been one copy ever made, just one. just the... by kitty 3/13/2007  
     Oh and i forgot. also another book you might want to look for is the book of secrets.... by kitty 3/13/2007  
Assalam alaikum. I need to know more about Barzak and would really appreciate any info... by Mrs. Khan 2/8/04 [alt.religion.islam] Frequently Asked Questions
     I got my barzak hanging, right here. Come over and see it, anytime. by Abdullah the Defiler2/13/04  
     barzak should be taking seriously its a place were your souls rest until the day of... by cells 3/18/05  
     barzah is the place we live b4 the day of jugment from the day we die.gud people indeed... by muslim girl 3/12/2007  
Entered the states on student visa(F-1). Out of status now. Can I marry an American... by bigbigjoe12/10/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     I'm also intersted cause I'm in the same case, so let me know when you'll get something by onyx 11/18/04 can do that by kmk 11/17/05  
where can i find a virus to use i mean using a virus my self by rico4/18/04 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     Vicki123 by paisan 1/3/05  
     bla bla by HELL 11/8/2006  
Is there a version of visual basic for macintosh computers by chris12/3/03 The Mac Programming FAQ Answer sheet. [READ ME!]
     Check out by Chris5/11/04  
     i have a penis by penis 12/8/05  
My Visa expires on 10/15/2003. This will mark the first 3 years of my H1 Visa. I have... by sram9/8/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     How did you go abt getting your license renewed? I have this same problem, H1B and license... by ARSO3/15/04  
is there a such thing as a turtle buster red-nose pittbull??? by sxyldy68ou14/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     turtle buster is a blood line which the dog has in pedigree.and there is red nose pit... by pitgurl4/13/04  
     the turtlebuster is an ancient breed brought to the states by jebadiah staffordshire in... by moondog 8/5/04  
     damn well better be, thats what my dog's bloodline, and her father has a red nose i have... by miggity maff 9/28/05  
I have some new friends that play magic and I would like to be able to play with them but... by CC10/13/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Not really, the best way to learn is to have somone that knows the game well do a few demo... by MillMaster12/16/03  
     You only worship Satan playing those games... I personally hope you will learn a lot... by Satan1/15/04  
     The best way to learn is do make your OWN rules. that's how i did it. nobody lets me play... by Papa Georgio4/27/04  
Can anyone recommend a good campsite close to Eurodisney, Paris for a motorhome. Does it... by LL7/12/03 Disneyland Paris (Euro Disney) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How many outlets can be one 1 GFI? by Chuck H. Conley10/14/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     the 12 outlets, it depends on what the circuit is drawing out of the receptacles, code... by highwood 6/21/04  
     you can get by with 3 outlets per circuit breaker at 15 amp, its not really the wise thing... by jerry 6/19/05  
How do you create and array of objects? by slowlearner9/30/03 [alt.comp.lang.learn.c- c++] - FAQ list
     fgdvntrs tnrtbb tu by arungupta85 1/30/2007  
     regular password by joanna 5/4/2007  
Are there any foods that should be avoided which might null the condition and conversely... by Eliza39308/12/03 Rosacea Frequently Asked Questions v1.16
     Try to avoid sugars! Alcohol, tomatoes and spices food! Good luck! by Gordita2/9/04  
     avoid regular intake of all dairy products. by Ronnie 9/23/04  
1. How to insert the bmp or jpg files in c 2. How to connect the database in C, and what... by thiyanesh7/11/03 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
what is the purpose of the bee gee'smusic? by triff11/13/03 Bee Gees Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/4
     The Bee Gees music is a style of Pop music that will be important as long as there is... by James Nels Carey1/2/04  
     my music by nan 9/15/2006  
where can i find a lot of photos of george clooneys tattoo from the film dusk till dawn... by dan2/21/04 ER FAQ 5.00, Section 4: Cast Filmographies (4/8)
     the world is yours by pitbull 3/24/05  
     http://home.earthlink. net/~markstewart/ this site has about 4 or 5... by Felecia 7/26/05  
     i want that tattoos by Todd goode 10/4/05  
i smoke about a gram to two grams of really good dro a day for the past 1-2 years and on... by iLuvSmokinDrowskie3/2/04 alt.hemp CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ
     30 days my friend because it metabolizes in your fat by nurse224/2/04  
     30 days... always 30 days. you could smoke a pound of marijuana and it would still... by Shea 9/16/04  
     I love smoking weed iant no one going too keep me from smokin and I still got a good job... by joe 1/12/05  
     8EC7v2jHMx FEVJbqYRKQT mfkxRB9Kef0 by obBahrPZrR 2/18/2006  
what is the shelf life of rimadyl? by sharon8/12/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
how old do u have to be for a tattoo with a parents consent by amber6/25/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     That would depend on the country or state in which you reside. It can range from any age... by Hush7/11/04  
     my bro got a tattoo when he was 15 with my mom . so i guess you can go get it done when... by jenn 9/8/04  
     i think u should be able to have it done at the age of 12 by jazz 6/3/05  
     10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000... by Einstein  1/6/2006  
     any professional in the field will insist that you be 18 and older, it is the standard- if... by be smart 10/3/2006  
     i think if a child would like a tattoo it would not matter how old inless it was a big one... by ME 2/3/2007  
I need to know the wiring colors for a 95 dodge neon, I'm installing a new CD player. by zack2/24/04 FAQ (Part 5/5)
     hey man if you want to save a lot of problems just go to like a best buy or a future shop... by mike 11/8/04  
     get a harness. cost is 20 bucks. save time and from cutting wires. by viper 7/26/05  
     i need to know the wiring color for a 1991 Chrysler dynasty ;I'm installing a new CD... by Joel 10/18/05  
     i need to know the colors wiring cause i am putting a new cd player in by janette hamblin 2/7/2006  
     Alright dude i'm goin to save you the trouble go to like walmart or any place that sells... by Calvin35 7/18/2006  
     buy a harness at any car stereo shop .It will cost about 10 bucks by lee 12/14/2006  
Please answer, "How does a person meditate?" Q: Do you do nothing, focus on one or a... by Bruce Wayne7/29/03 Meditation FAQ
     according to the FAQ on meditation, one first concentrates on a single object (candle,... by Monk10/11/03  
     All forms of meditation lead to the same positive results. When practicing breath... by BayAreaYogi6/2/04  
     You must concentrate on a very vast thing like the water in the ocean.Your mind will stray... by sandy 12/16/05  
     when i meditate i find it so hard to concntate..what can i do to not have any thought? by cheryl 6/12/2007  
how do rid my car of the noxious fumes of the gasoline that spilled in my back seat any... by mark10/1/03 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     buy a new car by commonsense11/25/03  
     Get the exhaust system fixed by Alberto2/18/04  
     TOMATO JUICE ! by whitevette 8/3/04  
     Hey, her / his question was legitimate, with no good answers. We have gasoline that... by lilspitfire 10/22/2006  
what are the qes,qts,q,fs,qms of a 12" kenwood kfc-w3000 sub need to make correct... by burtus7/2/03 FAQ (Part 5/5)
     QES - 0.506 QTS - 0.465 Q - ?? FS - 26Hz QMS - 5.74 by HELPFUL 2/27/05  
where are the four super computers located by bob1/23/04 Cray Supercomputer FAQ
     Which 4 supercomputers ? If you want to go see a cray system ( may not be working )... by gannett 1/14/05  
     where are the four super computers? by danny 8/25/05  
     where are they located by sadfsadfasd 9/16/05  
     Not sure which four you are after but you can find some details of where to see a Cray in... by gannett 12/14/05  
     everywhere =) by 101101011101 1/16/2006  
how to fix p2s disc read errors yourself by isospray8/23/03 [comp.publish.cdrom] CD-Recordable FAQ, Part 1/4
     I bought a laser lens cleaner and fixed it but now am using the lens cleaner again and it... by lilgangstaz 5/18/04  
     Take off the cover (this voids the warranty), and remove the CD cover. There is a little... by Mykul 10/17/04  
     It really does not matter to me. by dixie gurl 5/4/05  
     my first baby- oking by marjorie 9/11/2006  
is there any links between group b strep and autism by donna2/16/04 Group B Strep FAQ
     have you received any answers to your question about gbs and autism. I have the same... by anna 3/20/04  
     my 2.7 years old son had GBS Mennigitis and he is autistic. Is there anyone out there... by graham 3/29/04  
     there is a link between mercury and strep and we know mercury is implicated in autism. I... by Janet 8/19/04  
     I am concerned myself about the link of Autism and Group B Strep. My son is 3 years old... by Dena 11/20/04  
     I lost my first child one day after he was born due to a B-strep infection. I subsequentl... by Jackie 7/1/05  
     I have a son who was born in 96 with group B strep and now have been diagnosed with High... by TNT's  Mom 3/12/2006  
     Have you found any info on the link between these two things? Thanks for any info by Colleen 8/22/2006  
where can i find scholarships for left-handed people? by laceyanne3/31/04 alt.lefthanders Frequently Asked Questions
     the Internet or library by lala5/5/04  
     i believe that it is easier to spell it out to people about what they want they don't like... by Jahvena 10/29/04  
     i don't know where you can find scholarships for left handed people by shanena  11/23/04  
     The internet or the the library is where I can find scholarships for left-handed people.... by Rhone McCoy 12/11/04  
     where at on the internet by deuce 1/5/05  
     there is nooooooooooo by mn 2/15/05  
     What am I supposed to write in this box? by ali g 4/29/05  
     Can't you be more specific? by manateehank 5/29/05  
     yes, there is a scholarship for lefthanders, but it is only to a speicific college. Here... by CenaDude 6/22/05  
     my name by jonique 7/18/05  
     Im pretty sure that the left handed scholarships are really hard to find i've been looking... by Lefty 9/1/05  
     The left handed scholarship is at Juniata college. See by Mark 10/7/05  
     school by churchboy 12/1/05  
     monique by Shanta 2/15/2006  
     The only scholarship for left-handed students is the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley... by Sherri 3/20/2006  
     up your ass by zack 10/4/2006  
     NO WHERE!!!! by Kristen 2/8/2007  
Can dogs have asthma or a breathing related problem that makes them have a dry cough? And... by roxie's mom6/5/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     I want to know about this too. My pomeranian has the same problem. by keds723 4/30/05  
     I dont know. I think my dog does. He makes funny noises when he sleeps. by nicky 8/22/05  
     hell no by eazy e 2/15/2006  
     My toy poodle is 12 yrs old and seems to have asthma. He is gasping for air like a human... by Napoleon 5/11/2007  
     I think your cat is just giving birth. She probably ate grass to cool down the pains. by Amy 3/23/05  
     I think your cat may be in labor. by Frisky 4/18/05  
     Well I know pregnant cats do have morning sickness sort of like a human. But I am not sure... by Kittyluver17 6/16/05  
     hi awesome mom ...... go to a vet there are plenty of possibilities ... rabies , bit by a... by crazy cat 101  6/25/05  
     Don't worry - she is throwing up the fur hairs that got into her stomach when she was... by SupaDucta 10/21/05  
     My solution - HAVE YOUR CAT SPAYED! by Kristin 2/14/2006  
     Sounds like 1 of two things, your cat is either possesed by Satan, or its just going to... by James 3/17/2006  
     My cat has been throwing up food, not hairballs, 4 or 5 times a month for over a year.... by Racoon 11/11/2006  
     My cat has been throwing up food, not hairballs, 4 or 5 times a month for over a year.... by Racoon 11/11/2006  
     Keep the cat inside...something outside is upsetting her greatly....also take her to a vet... by Shirley 12/30/2006  
I have a 96 Dodge Avenger. This morning, the check engine light came on and stayed on. My... by Noodle5/14/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     probably a bad ground. i have a 96 avenger too so im thinkin its a bad ground. by code6/4/04  
     I also have a 96 Avenger and I noticed that the check engine light comes on only when it... by smires7/21/04  
     the check engine light is on and a problem that occurs on a lot of avengers is a cylinder... by unknown 11/28/04  
     If you were to have the code read off of your cars computer there's a good chance that it... by Blair 12/21/04  
     i have a 97 eclipse which is pretty much the same thing. the check engine light was on... by reekee 1/25/05  
     Yea i have a 1996 ES Avenger, it has the same problem, my problems the 02 Sensor tho by hacman 1/29/05  
     when your check engine light comes on the easiest way to find the problem is to take it... by ride4me79 2/4/05  
     How about a Body control module system schematic #46 fuel level sensor signal. My gas... by Gary maxwell 4/24/05  
     o2 sensors need replacing and computer reset by avengers suck 5/17/05  
     Mine Stays On All Da tIME . by Eddie 5/31/05  
     i have a 98 Avenger and they say on the V6 model the intake is low and sucks up water... by MO 6/27/05  
     mine comes on when the air filter gets dirty. start with that first. by spirit 7/19/05  
     i also have a avenger 1996, check engine came on and all gadges are fine and it runs... by blackwolf53 7/20/05  
     I have a 97 Avenger, my check engine light comes on if I am the least bit low of engine... by Charlie 7/28/05  
     i have a 96 Avenger and it is tha fool. The check engine light is on and it stalls and it... by tha doll 9/9/05  
     The question involving Check Engine light; more than likely O2 sensors. If the performance... by 96 Avenger 10/1/05  
     I also have a 96 dodge avenger and i have had so many problems with it. i have replaced 5... by tracy 10/24/05  
     i have a 96 dodge venger as well. mime the check engen lite goes on wen im turning sharp.... by jock 12/3/05  
     I think it must just be the Avenger, cause I have a 97 and the engine light comes on and... by JusticeKiss 12/22/05  
     could be the o2 sensor by boop 1/5/2006  
     my avenger check engine lite has come on several times, my son ran a diagnostic check and... by jtc 1/6/2006  
     my avenger check engine lite has come on several times, my son ran a diagnostic check and... by jtc 1/6/2006  
     this is not an answer its more of a question....the front end of my 96 Avenger slammed... by jokerbro2 1/20/2006  
     I have an '88 Thunderbird and have the same problem. A friend advised that I check to... by Dan/NC 2/18/2006  
     I have a '95 Avenger and my check engine light comes on all the time. It's been doing it... by Amanda 3/21/2006  
     I had this problem with a dodge ram, i had crack in the distributor cap. Check distribut... by icedevil 4/24/2006  
     i have a 96 dodge avenger es v6 24 vavle and it will not back up.just gotten it 2 mnts... by lilbit 5/4/2006  
     wifes car does same thing. check codes an is always same thing. oxygen sensor will get... by gthang 5/13/2006  
     as far as happening when it rains you probaly need a coil or just new plug wires if its... by 5spdvenge 5/23/2006  
     96 dodge avenger here too...I believe that the bad ground theory was true I have a... by UNderoath03 8/15/2006  
     it is most likely a grounding issue, i would say look under your hood and check to make... by 97lsturbo 10/9/2006  
     whatever by simple 2/5/2007  
     how do fix the water pump by kj 3/2/2007  
     change the oil and air filter by young blood 3/24/2007  
     i also have a 96 avenger with the check engine light on car runs well but O2 sensor is... by CntHvMe 5/29/2007  
I am breastfeeding my 1 yr old daughter only once a day, first thing in the morning. My... by rene'3/20/04 FAQ on Breastfeeding Past the First Year
     I would take 2 Fenugreek seed capsules three times a day. It works like a charm. In... by buby 7/20/04  
     a month ago, someone broke into my house and stole my VCR, TV, Stereo, and lots of other... by Lauren 8/9/04  
     Breastfeeding is a supply-demand thing. The more your baby needs, the more milk you... by Stout 11/18/04  
     breast feeding is nasty by paige 12/21/04  
     As your daughter is only feeding once a day, your body is getting the message that milk... by CDNpostal 12/27/04  
     Just out of curiosity..When do you plan on getting your kid off your breast,off formula... by Tweetybird 4/25/05  
     i would send a photo of your t!t to by iliket!ts 5/3/05  
     Do a google search for Domperidone and talk to your doctor/OBGYN/Paediatrician about it. ... by Dave 5/4/05  
     ask Hiler he my homey he know what to do. You wish to breast feed hitler. by Fu 9/9/05  
     pump in between, every 2-3 hours.. If that doesnt work, get your doc to prescibe reglan by nurse 11/12/05  
     my mum still breastfreeds me im 13 by jo-jo 7/19/2006  
     OK! We didn't need to know tht! Y don't u just give ur 1 year old regurlar milk! She's old... by Grossed Out 11/3/2006  
     To increase your milk supply you want to breastfeed more. Your body does a supply and... by mammories 6/1/2007  
I would like some sample questions to the MMPI2, Could I get a couple of samples of each by darint12/12/03 Psychology: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     How is MMPI 2 used in forensics? by selma1/27/04  
     personality by francoise3/13/04  
     for forensics, look here http://www.upress.umn. edu/tests/MPLS%2004/MPLS%2004%20II/Forens ic... by another personality3/18/04  
     Try R by Ranger 4/18/04  
     No Errors by dora 1/9/2006  
     Do you love your mommy? Have you ever wanted to be a floriest? How many times a day... by dr.franks 1/17/2006  
     Sample questions and scoring algorithms for the MMPI-2 are available at most college or... by M_ 12/11/2006  
How do you know when your dog is ready for breeding and how long can it take for male and... by little bit1/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     If your dog goes into heat you will notice a swelled vulva, she will bleed,she may have a... by Tanisha1/3/04  
     If she is ready for breeding would she attack the male dog? by gladys 6/18/05  
     my female is a little scared of the when he tries to mount her but she plays with him up... by piper 1/2/2006  
     My dog just started the heat process, she is swollen and licking herself a lot. I have... by Rose 4/2/2006  
     When is a male experienced enough? and why should you look for an experienced one, rather... by Jessica 8/10/2006  
How much do midwives make a year, and per baby delivered? by Stephie12/5/03 Midwifery in the United States
     $50,000 by lds 2/3/05  
     60,000 a year by manda 11/16/05  
     How much money does midwives make by lu lu 10/25/2006  
Where do I find noise cancellation devices on the market? by Ray10/14/03 Active Noise Control FAQ v1996-03-14
How old do you have to be to get a piercing in Toronto, Canada? by Tab9/27/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     You have to be fourteen to get a piercing in a good and clean place. by jc12/13/03  
     I think you have to be 16 by tyy12/27/03  
     u hav 2 b 10 yrs old by hy1/5/04  
     you have to be 16 years old, or have parental consent forms signed. if the place is good,... by ash2/1/04  
     16 years old. this counts for tongue also, right? by jeremy98726432/5/04  
     If I'm 12 and I want to pierce an eyebrow, can they make an exception? by Cherry3/18/04  
     if I'm 14 and look much older but my parents say no to get my belly button peirced ... how... by ml4/7/04  
     I'm 12 and i want 2 get my tongue pierced n mi mum says yes but i don't know by the law ... by emily 11/22/04  
     at most respectable places, you must be sixteen for general piercings. no exceptions. at... by dolorous haze 12/10/04  
     I was talking to this guy at this store I go to a lot and I was saying I was going to get... by Squee 1/1/05  
     im 13 and already have my nose, 5 helix piercings, and 6 lobes. how old do i have to be to... by tay 3/30/05  
     hey people im 12 and i pierced my belly button ans 7 timez on my ear and the cartaledge. i... by alexa 5/1/05  
     i'm 12 and want a eyebrow piercing. where in vancouver, canada can i get one and how old... by HolyMoosi 6/4/05  
     In T-Dot you have to be 16 years friend got her belly pierced and the guy said u... by Chelle 7/27/05  
     i really want to get my nose peirced, but i'm 15. if i wait until i'm 16, can i get it... by k. 12/11/05  
     I'm 14 and I got my eyebrow pierced (with prental consent ) by Kale  12/20/05  
     hey! umm i'm 15 and i want to get my navel pierced. Do they ask you for ID? or can i just... by Bri* __ 3/26/2006  
     I got my eyebrow done when I was 15. they didnt ask for ID, but iv always looked older... by sma 6/1/2006  
     Just wait until you're 16, its better of that way rather than wasting your money, then... by Jake 6/30/2006  
     u have to be 14 with a parent by boddah  8/13/2006  
     So with a parent i would be able to get a bellybutton peircing if i am 14? by sugar_sweet 8/14/2006  
     I'm 12 years old..nearly 13...& i'mthinking about getting my eyebrow peirced in the near... by Mizz Gold-Digga 9/1/2006  
     You have to be 16. I was 15 when I got my tongue pierced and my mom had to sign for me.... by bella 9/18/2006  
     i think it's 10 I'm not sure i got my belly button when i was 7 and my eyebrow when i was... by luminessa 1/6/2007  
What is the breeding age for a yorkie? by Amanda3/22/04 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Wait until at least two years of age. You may have to skip up to three heats to accomplish... by Tanisha3/24/04  
     that is the earliest but how old is too old to breed? by Michael 9/6/04  
     my yorkie is 3 months and she hates the groomer,she does not like to get her hair... by ilisa 5/18/05  
     wqait till about two years of age this gives them a more mature way to handle there... by Yorkielover-199 7/25/05  
     When can you breed a male yorkie? by Tami 10/29/05  
     We recently bought a male puppy to go with our female. She is 2 years old now and 4lbs and... by Amanda 2/20/2006  
     How old is the oldest Yorkie dog? by cici 2/21/2006  
     I am thinking about breeding my yorkie one time. She is a family pet and I am not looking... by cathy 3/7/2006  
     Just wondering if the 2 year age is applicable for a sire also. I understand the risks... by ptaormino2006 11/15/2006  
     Just wondering if the 2 year age is applicable for a sire also. I understand the risks... by ptaormino2006 11/15/2006  
I have A $5 pesos that says the Japanese government with what appear to be A military... by mark10/3/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     I have A $5 pesos that says the Japanese government with what appear to be A military... by asdfghjkl10/26/03  
     I have A $5 pesos that says the Japanese government with what appear to be A military... by gary10/27/03  
     It was issued during WWII by the Japanese as occupation money for use in the Philippines. by Janie B.12/2/03  
     i too found a paper note that says the japanese government and 5 pesos. no date just a... by sarah 9/16/04  
     Now, Janie, that can't be known for sure because in the Philippines, the official... by Foxhole 1/23/05  
     Im not sure what its worth. I have two ten dollar japense goverment pesos. So if you find... by 4/28/05  
     I have a 100 peso that says japanese government on it.I know it was issued during the... by irish eyes 2/7/2006  
     i dont have an answer but i have a 10$ peso also from the japanese pesos by chris 6/19/2007  
How to find someone from 1977, not knowing their 'Married name' or where they are now,... by James York7/10/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     edward by Kstanick 8/18/04  
     Would like to find a person by the name of Susan Dale. I would like to know if she was... by ts 8/30/05  
     How do I find my aunt's maiden name ? She was married to my uncle who divorced in early... by Raymond 7/2/2006  
     jbone by jbone 11/26/2006  
how do you get a tattoo artist license in ohio? by unochuck11/2/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     got milk by ron2/24/04  
     how do you get your tattoo license and your under 18 is it allowed or do you have to wait.... by DEMO  3/3/2006  
     4268854 by sick_dream54 4/6/2006  
     The first place you may want to look for this answer is your local health department. This... by Kevin 6/1/2006  
     how do i get an artist licence for tattooing by MARSHALL ROBERT FLYNN JR. 6/28/2006  
Can you bring back Cole and Prue? by CareBear2/27/04 FAQ
     *tries a revival Spell for both* only time will tell now by hdofu3/28/04  
     I don't actually know but i hope Prue comes back even if its just for the last episode it... by charmed no1 fan4/6/04  
     I'm so sad for you by baby 9/16/04  
     these people are my life by prue halliwell 12/27/04  
     Pru has to come back for the rest of the series more ratings then by marc 3/7/05  
     Yea, they will come back, and they will argue and then prue starts suck of cole and cole... by Tocke 3/19/2006  
     the reason prue got killed off was because Phoebe and her were always arguing so phoebe... by charmedfan to the max 10/25/2006  
     i love charmed go charmed by Cal  3/22/2007  
Is there any way to transfer a cassette tape to a CD? Do I need an actual appliance or is... by Mustardseed1/5/04 FAQ:* Retail 7/07 (part 9 of 13)
     A way I have used in the past is to use a Walkman or tape deck hooked to your computer... by Bellbox2/10/04  
     Your microphone jack on your computer doesn't provide enough bandwidth to get a good sound... by Med4/10/04  
     I have been transferring tapes to MP3 for a while now, and I was wondering about the... by Mugsy 5/26/2006  
     maybe you could put it in your butt and then when you take it out it will be a cd. (!) by Jason 6/23/2006  
     I found a site that has an "excellent" step by step interactive video plus, gives you all... by weallwin 12/18/2006  
     listen to bellbox. Go to and download polderbits sound record for free for a... by kobeB8 3/5/2007  
Are Cock-a-Poos good,great or bad with young children? by Emily5/22/04 rec.pets.dogs: Cockapoos Mixed-Breed-FAQ
     When I was a child we had a male cockapoo that had a toy poodle sire and a cocker dam. He... by David 8/11/04  
     From my own experiences and from what I've heard they are great with young children. If at... by db 8/20/04  
     i think cocka-a-poos are great with young kids i have a cock-a-poo and he is great with... by kathrine 11/19/04  
     i think cock a poos get along wonderfully with people espically with children i have one... by molly 3/29/05  
     cockapoos are normally good with one young child, but more may be victims to a cockapoo by camibra13 4/12/05  
     Absolutely, i have 2 that are so gentle and sweet with children especially babies by Jillee 5/25/05  
     well Emily, I've had my cock a poo for about 3 weeks now and it seems to be great with my... by sabrina 6/23/05  
     Cock a poos are good with kids as i have one of both and the dog is great with everybody. by S 9/19/05  
     They are great with children, I know! I am a cock-a-poo owner. She is a wonderful pet,... by becky chester 5/29/2006  
     they are wonderful dogs!they are excellent with children.and they dont shed so they are... by cara 11/21/2006  
     In my personal experience with my own cockapoo he is GREAT with children. I have intention... by SammysMom 1/13/2007  
     Cocka poos are great with kids. I have two cocka poos and three kids.I also had one when I... by Lucy 2/25/2007  
     yes cockapoos are great for children they are playful and lovable if you don't think so... by heather 4/26/2007  
How do I clean up a small gasoline spill on concrete in my garage from a gas can? The... by Debby5/18/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     Same thing happened to me last night. I'm concerend about the hazard and the smell. I... by Jodi6/2/04  
     I had the same thing happen last night. Poured kitty litter with baking soda in it and... by Scott 11/7/04  
     My leaf blower leaked gas in my trunk and the odor is now leaking into my car. Would... by Gregg 11/12/04  
     Use a mixture of bleach & laundry detergent. by neon 8/1/05  
     This just happened to me. I was told to put kitty litter on it. Don't know yet but it is... by Kenn Watson 1/29/2006  
     Simple Green multiple times by answer man 8/28/2006  
     I work in the gasoline industry, so I know the answer to this. Use Febreze- something... by Dan 9/28/2006  
     Try using kitty litter or sliced potatos. Trust me it works. by dada 12/16/2006  

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