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our dog a lab/settler/retriver has severe food and enviromen...

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Question by ltwhite
Submitted on 8/3/2003
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our dog a lab/settler/retriver has severe food and enviromental allergies he's on hill's ultra z/d and doing well but it's costly. Is there any other dry food out there similar? the dog has allergies to rice and most grains -- so this really limits his choices.

Answer by Jenny
Submitted on 8/26/2003
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You can try Natural Balance Potato and Duck. It's an allergy formula, and is grain free.  My goldens have allergies, the vet recommended the hills z/d formula for my dogs also.  But after doing some research, I found the Natural Balance.

Just be sure to switch foods gradually, start out adding just a bit of the new food to the z/d, then slowly decrease the z/d until the dog is eating only the new food.  Do this over the course of 2 weeks.  It will avoid any tummy upsets to your dog.


Answer by Kim
Submitted on 10/20/2003
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I have a yellow lab, she has severe food allergies, she is on Hills Ultra Z/D formula which is very expensive.  I had her on Natural Balance Duck and Potato for almost a year and she developed an allergic reaction to that, so after having her on Hills Ultra Z/D for the past 2 months I noticed her stools are still not normal and she has started to itch and bite her paws again.  I don't know what else to do, I have tried most dog foods for long periods of time and she is just so miserable.
If anyone has any ideas or similar situations I would love to hear from you.


Answer by Barbara
Submitted on 10/30/2003
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You can try the IVD brand.  Our dog seems to have adjusted fairly well to their duck & potato product.  We, too, have tried the Z/D Ultra, but his stools were too loose -- even after gradually adding it to his existing food.  


Answer by Chris
Submitted on 11/18/2003
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Anyone with a dog that has food allergies needs to check out the BARF diet.  Barf stands for biologically appropriate raw food.  Type in Barf diet at any search engine.  It is more work for you dogs, but the end result is worth it.  


Answer by Tina
Submitted on 12/19/2003
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I am looking for a distributor of Natural Balance in the Southeast area that sells the vegetarian formula.  My golden is extremely sensitive to pork and beef products, and he loves the veggie formula.  However, after you add in shipping and handling, it's sixty dollars for thirty pounds.  Any ideas?


Answer by cristnalyn
Submitted on 3/2/2004
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You should try this link. They have a store locater to tell you where you can buy it. If you are lucky you can find one close enough that you won't have to spend extra money on shipping.http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/products/Vegetarian.html


Answer by yes im malicious
Submitted on 8/2/2004
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my lab is very stupid and i have many problems with him


Answer by christy
Submitted on 8/18/2004
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Although most people say not to switch dog food if your dog is prone to allergies it would be wise to switch every couple months. That way they can't develope the allergy. They have to have continuous exposure for a long period of time to develope the allergy. Also the BARF diet can be good for some dogs but if the animal is allergic to meat products and such it will not help.


Answer by KTG
Submitted on 12/14/2004
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IVD has worked for my little Lab/Pitbull dog. She has miserable allergies and itches like crazy. We think it is from the Rice and Corn in the foods.  IVD venison and Potato formula has worked for us. But again, it is terribly expensive!  


Answer by Janis
Submitted on 11/11/2005
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I have a German Shepherd that is allergic to most grains and most meats.  She also developed  an allergy to Duck and Potato after a while and is also too loose on Z/D.  I think the chicken still bothers her.  I have found a food that she tolerates extremely well and that is IVD's Potato and Rabbit.  It's the only food that works for her.  


Answer by tamara
Submitted on 2/5/2007
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Our yellow lab is allergic to every filler in dog food as well as white potatoes and milk. We have her on Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish. She loves it...although I am wondering if it has all the nutrients an adult dog of 9 years needs. any thoughts?


Answer by AshlyS
Submitted on 4/26/2007
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My pit bull has severe skin and food allergies. He was on Hill's Utra Z/D also.  They think he is allergic to chicken and beef. Hill's was too expensive for me to keep him on that diet, even though he reacted very well to it. No more farting or skin flare-ups, very small bowel movements and he was ravenous about eating.

We switched him to Natural Balance Duck & Potato. It was fine at first, but his IBS has gotten worse and he has a strange skin problem between his toes. He hats eating it.

I'm going to switch him back to Hill's even though it pains me to do so.  

I also have to take him to a dermatologist to figure out what exactly he is allergic to.

The price of Hill's for one month isn't nearly the cost of the vet bills when he's not on it.


Answer by sdexcalibur
Submitted on 7/13/2007
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My dog has been on the barf diet for about 6-8 months with no improvement on her allergies, so it cant be a food allergy. I have a lab as well.  I go through animax like crazy for her ears.  She also tears up her paws.  This is all year round if any one has any good ideas please do tell.


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