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canning green beans. The lids are not sealing and are...

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Question by kernodle @ in-motion.net
Submitted on 8/11/2003
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canning green beans. The lids are not sealing and are really gummy when taken off jar.  Are they defected? or just old? Doing what book said on pressuring them.

Answer by Linda Lou
Submitted on 3/4/2004
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I would assume they are old. How long have you had them ? They should be good for about 5 years.


Answer by chickles
Submitted on 4/28/2004
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Is it necessary to cook the green beans before you can them in the water and also is it necessary to use a pressure cooker
my friend told me she puts her beans in the jars and then the water  and then sets them in a large pot of water and cooks them please advise


Answer by harry
Submitted on 7/5/2004
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Chickles: No it is not necessary to cook your green beans before you put them in the pressure cooker.  When you cook them they are easier to get in the jar and possibly get more in the jar. Green beans will sometimes float if you don't cook them. You can cold pack your green beans as your friend does.  However pressure cooking is suppose to kill more bacteria.  You also do not have to sterilize your jars.


Answer by dnavasbaking
Submitted on 9/9/2004
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I followed all the steps to can my green beans, including cooking them before I put them in the jars. All the lids seem to have sealed OK. My concern is this, the green beans are pushing up to the top of the jar as far as they can go - even above the water line.  Did I do something wrong?  


Answer by DRUCILLA
Submitted on 7/20/2005
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Answer by jbaker
Submitted on 7/31/2006
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I have canned about 80 qts. of green beans this summer so far. I snap them, wash them, cold pack them, add salt and water and cook between 30 to 45 minutes in huge pan with water boiling. Now, all of a sudden they are coming unsealed. All them sealed as they were canned. What's causing this? Thanks.  jbaker


Answer by momwith3kids
Submitted on 8/2/2006
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How do you can them if you cook them first?

I'm learning here.  I understand to cook them first, put them in the jar.  add water and salt.  

Can you hot water bathe them?  or do you have to pressure them.  I only have a small pressure cooker that's why I ask.


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