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...given thought to the parents being a carrier of...

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Question by oli842
Submitted on 7/10/2003
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has anyone given thought to the parents being a carrier of this deathly tradgity
i am a mother who has lost a girl 20yrs ago on july 7th and my husband and i have been recently diagnosed with sleep apnea i would feel very strongly that more research in that area might be helpful for doctors to check into  

Answer by Jen
Submitted on 12/27/2003
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SIDS babies usually about 5 % of them have sleep apnea so it is not a major role in sids.


Answer by Francine
Submitted on 12/29/2003
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Babies with sleep apnea, who have a prolonged lapse in their breatheing have a chance to be saved as well.  If you get to the infant on time and start resurrective measures, since it IS the breathing process itself, their is a chance of survival.  With SIDS even if CPR & other Emergency measures were started right away, there is still no chance of survival.  There is no such thing as a near SIDS experience........  that was the hardest part to understand when our daughter passed of SIDS.  That by the time we started CPR, even within moments, it was already too late.  The brain cannot be brought back.  


Answer by alisa
Submitted on 2/29/2004
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can someone please help me. my son suffered a "near sids event" ( and yes i know everyone says there in no such thing). back in nov. i awoke to find my 7 week old breathing just not breathing right. we rushed him to the hospital where he was care-flighted to another hospital. the doctors there told us that his body was trying to shut down and they were going to do there best for him. after many test (ct scans, MRIs, and EEGs) we were told he had multiple stroke due to lack of O2 to his brain. now he dose not nor has never had apnea so if anyone can tell me what happened to my son or give me some clue on where i might look to get some answers to what happened to him i would be forever greatful.


Answer by Francine
Submitted on 3/6/2004
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I don't know if this helps or not..... First, of all I'm so sorry for what you are going through.....  the worry in your words is so apparent and I'm heartbroken for you right now, but I am so happy that you still have your beautiful baby:)  there is no near SIDS event, that it true.... SIDS is only the term rendered when a child dies and every other explaination for the death is ruled out......  but the truth is that no one truly knows what SIDS truly is or caused by so there are no answers.........  could it be associated??  There's not enough research to deny or support either way.  
I know that they ruled out the possibility of a stroke with our daughter....  there was no apparent sign of anything happening out of whack with her body, except that it just stopped.....  she went to sleep and never woke up.
I just want to say that I have a mild case of cerebral palsy and because I was adopted they couldn't determine if it was something that happened before, during or after birth..  but that is where a lack of O2 leads to stroke and brain damage....  I have to say that 7 weeks old it would be hard to rule out that it wasn't something triggered by the birth........  was it a tramatic delivery in any way.......  just because the signs started at 7 weeks, does not mean a preliminary event may not have occurred and got worse.  From what you have described it sounds to me more along these lines.
the horrible thing about SIDS is that ressurecrtive measure never work,,,,

You are in my thoughts and I hope everything works out for you and your family....... I hope I have helped a bit.


Answer by michaela
Submitted on 10/11/2005
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who thought of SIDS


Answer by Nothinbuthope4Caleb
Submitted on 12/5/2005
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Ok, the situation I am trying to deal with is very similar to "alisa's" In that my 3 month old nephew (Well, he was 3 months old then) suffered an incedent something along the lines of a prevented SIDS... whether there is a such thing as "NEAR SIDS" or not... something is happening to these babies... and I am horrified to know that we are not the only ones going through this... that there is more than one family suffering. Ok, here's the story... Caleb was up late one night... cranky or what not, he's a three month old, who knows (-lol-) But my sister laid him down, one morning, I think around 11:00 a.m. or so. She got up out of bed and started cleaning. I guess figuring she had a little bit of time before they needed to leave. She suddenly had an instinct to go and check on him... while finding him no longer breathing for a predicted 5 minutes. She picked him up and while hold him running around not knowing what to do. He gasped for air and emmediately she began doing CPR. And calling 911. That was about a month and a half ago. He has been in and out of the hospital ever since, with ups and downs of he's doing better and then worse. It was finaly determined he wouldn't make it. (probably about a week ago) He has a feeding tube b/c he can no longer swallow, his eyes won't stay focused, and are constantly rolling. He know longer has control of himself. He has a constant cry, for no apparent reason. And with everyday he is progressively doing worse. The doctors along with my sister are due to have an appointment on my birthday (Feb. 2nd) to determine if he is indeed in a vegitative state and if in this case to see if it would be nessicary to pull the feeding tude. The weird thing about this, is he is my sister's first little boy... and almost 17 yrs now... my mother lost her first little boy. (and only boy) All in all, I am not sure whether there is a such thing as "NEAR SIDS" but... I think I have found a new challenge... I am only a 15 yr old girl, trying to help my sister out in her time of need. If anyone has any suggestions on how this could have happened, or how to help...plz e-mail me at "Nothinbuthope1@aol.com" Right now anything along the lines of some answers would help. Thanks and to all of you who might be in this same situation, I give you all the hope in the world. By the way, I am definately going to look into this being hereditary. Not only was it both of the first little boys. But I was on a heart monitor for the first yr of my life... I was born not even a yr after my brother who died of SIDS was, and the heart monitor went off three times, where I could've just as easily died also.


Answer by Grandma
Submitted on 3/7/2006
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I realise the terminology may not be right to say near miss for SIDS, however, I do wonder. As a young grandmother I have had the experience of two near misses with my own children, and just last week, one with my first grandchild.  Funny thing is I was always aware of it as my mother had a similar experience with me at six week old, but living next door to a hospital, she was lucky. So when I had my children I was conscious about it but not anxious in any way. Strange thing was my first child, a girl, was born in Nov and at six weeks having fallen asleep after a bottle while still in my arms, I realised something wasn't right -her colour looked funny and she didn't seem to be breathing. it all happened quite suddenly, but I just knew what it was. I shook her hard and tried everything to bring her back, as we raced to a nearby hospital. After what seemed an age, she started breathing again. For months that poor child didn't get a proper sleep, as I constantly woke her up, afraid to let her sleep. My next child,  boy - no problems and so I relaxed when I had my third, another boy, but at 4 months it happened again, and again I was SO lucky to have been nearby and he came back.  Neither child had a repeat episode.  On my fourth baby, 2 months prem and with breathing problems, in intensive care for 2 mths, I was sure she would have it, but No, Nothing. It was great. I forgot about it until my eldest daughter had a baby girl last May.  Last week, at nine months old it happened to her.  While out shopping with her husband and sister,the baby fell asleep in her buggy. My youngest daughter happened to look in on her and thought she was very pale and waxy. She touched her and she was ice cold- Katies is always a light sleeper, but got no reaction. She pulled her out of the buggy, stripped off her jumpsuit and shook her hard. She said her eyelids were blue and she couldn't feel her breath. She was very cold and had no eye movement when she lifted her lids. It was very cold outside - about - 2,and she dunked her in a cold waterpond and the baby came around. She spent a week in hospital but although they agreed it seemed like a near miss, there could find no cause, as expected.  I know my father-in law was left for dead after his birth, they thought it was a still birth, but one nurse refused to believe it and dunked him in cold water repeatedly until he came around and began to cry - maybe be a coincidence but who knows. He's a hail and hearty 80yr old now.  The only connection I can make between me and my son is that we had heart murmurs - my other kids didn't. We never checked out my first born for this, there was no reason to. But I only found out when my son was 16 that he had one, and mine when I was 30. Katie's father also has a heart murmur - I wonder if this is any connection or just another straw in the wind?


Answer by Andrea
Submitted on 9/22/2006
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To: Alisa

We had the same thing happen on September 6, 2006 with our then 4 week old daughter and still have no answers.


Answer by mike
Submitted on 10/15/2006
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My son had a so called near sids event in august at the age of 8 weeks. I awoke to find him breathing irradically > 100bpm and shallow. His body was limp, cold and clammy; his face was flush and warm with his eyes rolled back. My wife and I took a temperature and found it to be 93 degree.  At the hospital his core temp also was 93 degrees. There has not been any explanation for this event as of yet. Now he sleeps with an apnea monitor although an apnic episode has yet to be recorded.  Would this event be classified as an intervention prior to sids since no clinical explaination can explain was his body temp dropped. There is not any evidence of seizures, and his environment did not have any contributing factors.


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