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I have a 6 year old male siberian husky and I'm having...

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Question by Kathy
Submitted on 2/12/2004
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I have a 6 year old male siberian husky and I'm having trouble keeping him from excaping and exploring the neighborhood. I've tried everything, shock collars, concreting the fence at the bottom, barracades, he just goes right threw it all. I've had people tell me to get him nutered and he'll calm down, but he's not a hyper dog, he just likes to go and explore. I'm afraid that if I get him fixed it will just change his attitude and make him a dull dog that runs away. Dose anyone have any suggestions? Or has anyone had their male husky fixed and had good results?

Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 2/16/2004
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I think neutering would be a good thing to do. I don't think anything could make a husky dull!!! I had alot of trouble keeping my huskies in pens too. They were always let loose when they were younger and didn't learn to stay in a pen so when they ad to learn it took a long time to teach them. When they get out put them right back in and patch the place they got out. Eventually they learn. It helps if they're confident that you will give them exercise every day. I learned my lesson so with my next puppy I put him in a pen for a little bit every day before he was old enough to get out of the weak spots. He learned how to stay in a pen and wait for me to exercise him and he has not tried to escape once!
The basic thing to do is to teach them that getting out will do them no good. If they get out they are going right back in but if they wait they will get rewarded with a walk. One thing I found helpful was an electric fence. Put one around the bottom and top of your fence. The first time your dog touches that wire it will be the end of your problems. Once they've touched it once you can turn the wire off and just leave a string/wire in its place just so they think it's there because they won't risk it again!!!!! Also I've heard that putting socks on a dog when they dig will stop them because they hate it so much! I've heard it worked on a Husky too.
Make sure our dog has something to do/play with and your problem will decrease alot. Getting another puppy might solve the problem.(Wait to do this until you teach your dog first. My pups habit of staying in a pen was due alot to the influence of my older dogs)


Answer by Nikki
Submitted on 2/25/2004
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I think it is the breed of dog, I have a 2 year old male husky who also is not neutered and loves to jump my fence (which is about four feet high). I have read a little about them and my suggestion is what I am doing, and that is an 8 foot fence that is buried one foot under ground to prevent digging (which I haven't had any problems with).


Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 3/14/2004
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Actually huskies are excessive diggers too and that was alot of my problem. Trying to get out of pens does have alot to do with the breed. They are notorious for getting out of pens. MY dogs jumped over, dug under, climbed over, crawled through, chewed through, and anything else they could think of. The electric fence is what really put a stop to it but I still stand beside my theory that if they learn that getting out will get them nothing but being put right back in it eventually discourages them. They eventually learn to wait for you to let them out.


Answer by Husky Rescue
Submitted on 11/27/2004
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Hot-Wire fence is the only way to go!!!!!!!!!


Answer by dpm
Submitted on 4/28/2005
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oh, both huskies are neutered males and they are definitely not boring, in fact their energy is still higher than any dog i've ever known, don't worry about that.    


Answer by Angie
Submitted on 11/26/2005
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I am SOOOOO glad to hear that I'm not the only one having a problem.  My 10 year old son has a MALE siberian husky (MUST BE A MALE THING!!!) that is 11 months old.  His name????? "BANDIT".  It's ironic that he was named this & turns out that he really is a bandit.  Wonderful pet!  Sweet boy!  "talks" to us.  Doesn't bark.....But he WILL NOT stay in  his pen!  We've boarded up his pen, blocked it up, tied it up....etc.,etc....  He just got returned to us after missing for 9 days.   Guess where he went when he got home????  That's right...the vet!  Well, we got him home today, put him in his pen & guess what????? yep...he ESCAPED!!!! Surprised?  We weren't!!! Next step, I guess we'll try the electric fence or concrete.  Our fence is 8 ft. tall.  He bites the fence at the bottom & unravels it from the poles!  UNBELIEVABLE!!  I thought it was just him.  I'm glad to know that it's the breed.


Answer by Wendy
Submitted on 11/30/2005
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I own Siberians also, I found that the black steel Magnum kennels work really well. I bought those and made them big with cattle panel wire and they cannot chew through that. Also, my huskies run together, so they have each other. They do not ever try to escape because they have plenty of room to run and they know they cannot chew through the fence. Also it is 8 ft high. Anyway it really helps for huskies to be in a pack rather than grow up and be by themselves.


Answer by les
Submitted on 12/13/2005
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yes i willtake it plz


Answer by George
Submitted on 1/19/2006
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I have a 6 month old male husky and i do not know if i should neuter him or not because he is trying to mark his territory all over my house. and is humping all of my animals in my house (my 4 cats and my other dog) so please help


Answer by sarah
Submitted on 2/19/2006
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Try laying rocks around the fence and extend your fence high enough so he cant jump over.


Answer by Amber
Submitted on 3/23/2006
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My husky keeps pulling the bottom of his kennel up and escaping what should i do?


Answer by apache
Submitted on 4/10/2006
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I have a male husky who is 2 years old. We got him when he was 9 months old and he was already nutered.  We used to live in a apartment but now have a house and he digs holes in the fence but he never escapes, he did 1 time but just ran around the yard, but i think that if you nutere him it wont be any different, i dont know how he was before we adopted him but he is sure full of energy now and there is never a dull moment.


Answer by meek
Submitted on 6/21/2006
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my 1yr old husky is neutered and is still pretty out there...i think nothing would stop a husky from being the way he or she is....neutering your dog will not change him.


Answer by Jules
Submitted on 6/26/2006
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I had my male Husky fixed, didn't do any good.  He still jumps the fence.  Has anyone tried one of the buried electric fences.  I thought maybe shaving his neck and then putting on the collar so he could feel the jolt might work.  Any suggestions?


Answer by Rottie Girl
Submitted on 9/13/2006
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I don't have a husky, but I do have 2 medium sized, mixed breed dogs. They spend at least 8 hours a day outside, in a fairly large fenced in area, while I'm at school. They are 4 years old and were neutered as soon as they could be and are still very hyper. I don't think neutering calms dogs down, well not really hyper ones anyways. It just keeps them from making babies with neighborhood dogs. Anyway, I have a problem with Tod getting out of the pin. He first, of course, would dig under the fence and gate. I put cement blocks around the areas he was getting out at. Then, even when the gate was locked he could get it open. I put a chain on it and that worked for a while, but now he has found out he can jump the 4 foot fence. Copper is good and will stay in the pin, but if Tod gets out, he'll sit in there and bark until someone comes to get him or puts Tod back in the pin. Grrr! How do I get Tod to stay in the pin?  


Answer by maryoka
Submitted on 6/16/2007
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I had a Husky for 13 years. I had to put him down a week ago because he was very ill. I remember mine running away and the only thing that stopped him was seeing another dog and then I could grab him. I had to chain him up with a logger chain or one you can buy in the grocery store and just make sure he does not get off that chain wrap it around your handrail and secure it and you should be fine. They love to run so make sure you walk him as much as possible and he won't feel the need to have a run. Mine was an ex sled dog so believe me he loved the run. Last few times he got away a few years back he came right back after about an hour but I went out searching the neighborhood anyways to make sure he did not get picked up by the dogcatcher or get run over in traffic or taken by someone into their home. Good luck they are well worth the effort!


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