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I am a year 10 student who is studying textiles as a two year course for GCSE's we have... by Shaz9/20/03 Textile Related Books FAQ: Part 1 of 3
     well..i m also doing a course in fashion designing .u can't get much imformation about... by alka 4/30/2006  
at what age is it best to breed a female lab? by de1/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Dogs cant get pregnant unless they are in heat so when you breed her depends alot on her.... by Tanisha1/15/04  
     why shouldn't you breed a female on her first heat>? by elle2/23/04  
     Labradors (any dog for that matter) should not be bred until they reach at least 2 years... by Lablover 3/18/2006  
can a female dog bear pups from more than one male in the same litter? by Debbie4/19/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     yes, she can. It may be hard to determine who the father is of each pup. Appearances is... by Mike4/29/04  
     Mike is correct. Female dogs can mate with many dogs when they are in heat. For Example: ... by Rachel6/30/04  
     Yes it is VERY possible. There is a DNA test you can do to actually determine who the... by Beth  5/1/2006  
I have been asked to send a JPEG file but my software is normal Windows Word, etc. How can... by Gill9/9/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     The paint program that comes as standard with windows has the option to save files as... by Ken1/8/04  
     i also was asked to send a jpeg file but i cant understand the answer please could you... by dummy 12/12/2006  
what is a tipdrill by lollipop5/17/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4) by chroni6/13/04  
     A tip drill is a girl with a ugly face and a big butt and a tip drill for a boy is a ugly... by Phatty Girl6/13/04  
     a tip drill is a girl with a banged up face but she got a banging body(ass). an for the... by chick6/14/04  
     a tipdrill is a girl that is liked for her body which must be off the chain but she just... by ashlibear 1/9/05  
Is the tail of a Lemur prehensile? by Tha Ancestor11/26/03 Frinkquently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 7)
     Maybe, probably not. Josh thinks so. by Lemurdude 1/19/05  
     No, lemurs' tails are not prehensile. Among primates, only certain New World monkeys... by Caley 1/23/2007  
if we declare two global variables of same name it will not give any error on unix machine... by bharathv1/8/04 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
     Think it will treat them as two declarations of the same variable, therefore just... by Daniel3/24/04  
     This question is moreover compiler dependant. In UNIX the cc compiler thinks that this is... by Harish Kamalapurkar 11/10/04  
     Hi's really a common note in circulated grades over 806 million were printed.If... by Pete1/20/04  
I have a 99 Chrysler Sebring convertible. Where is the radiator drain plug located? I... by Cliff11/8/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     If you're under the car its on the rear of the radiator, on the far right side. It can be... by CoolDre1/25/04  
     depends on the rad. get yourself a rad flush kit, it will be easier and safer to flush... by coffee 9/6/05  
     I have a 2000 Alero, where is the radiato? by car_dummy 10/17/2006  
How can I find out about the color chart of my dog or one I might breed to? example found... by rose11/18/03 rec.pets.dogs: Doberman Breed-FAQ
     female dobes go in heat every 4-6 months a year usually first heat is when they are a year... by bailey 5/7/05  
I would like to know how and where to get a virus and send it. by tranny man5/30/04 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     yes i wanted to know where i could get a virus to send to people an actual one that... by scary 3/11/05  
     suck you mum how should i know i'm1 by snoop catt 6/22/05  
     I dont know but if you find out PLZ PLZ PLZ send me an e-mail and let me know thanks ... by Zachary 11/24/05  
     yes i would like to send a virus to someone by kyle 5/11/2006  
     id like to know to if anyone knows by aerfsrgsrg 4/6/2007  
When an infant is unhealthy how is the cause of death determined to be Sids? For instance... by Brittany7/17/03 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
What discoveries have been made regarding bipolar disorder since the publication of this... by cyclo7/17/03 Bipolar Disorder FAQ v 1.1 (1 of 4)
I need inforamtion on the sire of my pup and can not fnd it any where if anyone could help... by saraG10/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Kennel Club FAQ
     i have a male pit that have paper and the female that i breed with it don't have paper.... by kilo 9/15/2006  
Gee, like chipmunk's "Current Top-Rated FAQ" (6/27/03), I hope my password is secure here.... by jill11/16/03 What is Usenet?
     i agree, i have spent over 4 hours looking for some answers on how to use this newsgroup... by jncfurever 8/15/04  
     help me by help 4/20/2006  
My cat recently started to hide for long periods of time, acting like flying objects are... by P2da2nd@hotmail.com11/16/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     Or floaters? by Erin 2/5/05  
     She may be in heat. It matters the age and health level of her to see if she is blind or... by Elana 12/24/05  
Tropical cyclones tend to move? by GG7/24/03 FAQ: HURRICANES, TYPHOONS AND TROPICAL CYCLONES (Part 1 of 2)
I'm looking for sheet music of Blade Runner themes; Specifically Memories of Green and... by Jim11/16/03 BLADE RUNNER Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I've been looking for the same for some time, and I've just found "Memories of Green" in... by Padro 4/24/05  
     I'll write especially for you Blade Runner themes sheet music: Specifically Memories of... by Carolina 11/18/2006  
HOW LONG DO YOU FEED MILK TO YOUR PUPPIES? by KT4/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     birth to 6-8 weeks by jenna6/13/04  
     My 9 year old dog loves 2% milk, Is it ok to feed it to him? by Romeo 10/18/04  
     Is there any harm in continuing feeding milk to puppies past 10 weeks as long as it eats... by Ella 10/15/05  
Need to know where I can purchase, MADHOUSE 8 AND 16. THANX by Girley3/25/04 General Prince/O(+> Frequently-Asked Questions
     ebay go 4 it by blsdkat 6/4/05  
     who knows I don,t by zero 8/11/05  
     tha wrekastow by that guy 11/19/05 It is the only place that I have found it for a reasonable price by gnxwill 1/22/2006  
My 1996 Plymouth Breeze will only blow heat at the defroster vents and no where else, no... by frenzy2/14/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     the flaps are electronically controlled by the switch on the dash below the radio, you... by see233 11/13/04  
     the control switches in these cars are crap.its probably your problem.i work on newer cars... by extremes104x4 5/31/05  
     buy a new car jackass by fsadfs 3/29/2006  
     How is breezes related to heat? by susu 5/22/2007  
How do I solve TURN-ON pop without having to buy a delay turn on module? by Ryan7/14/03 FAQ (Part 5/5)
Is there any good surgeons in Las Vegas that can perform the whipple procedure. My father... by marilyn fink12/23/03 What is Usenet?
     You should go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Dr. Grant and staff will give you the best... by cancerman 10/30/05  
     Arthur Fusco, m.d., of general surgical associates 702-382-6213- he great at them, the... by christos23 9/27/2006  
Are there any photos of the house posted anywhere? by Al G9/16/03 Ghost and Mrs. Muir FAQ
     the house ? by j wash  5/14/04  
My healthy athletic 13 year old collie was running (chasing ball) as he has done every day... by eve7/13/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
What kind of sequencer/drum machine do TMBG use? by XedX7/15/03 FAQs about FAQs
Is there a postal mailing address directory of all PBS radio stations? by Ardash7/12/03 Public Radio FAQ
Is there any computer code available to convert a non linear programming problem into a... by krishnan7/12/03 Nonlinear Programming FAQ
I WANTED TO KNOW THE EMAIL ADDRESS OF NASIRA MUBARIK WHO WAS MY CLASS FELLOW AND I DIDN'T... by TJ 2/22/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses by jimmy 9/3/04  
okay I'm trying to open up my own skating business and i need to know how much would it... by Anedria10/1/03 In-line Skating FAQ: Western NA (5.1)
where can i find a catalog to order navel rings by paula3/23/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     Online , some web sites have them. You can order from right on the site. by Hot Pink 6/26/05  
     I want to order a catalog by Stephanie 6/5/2006  
Trying to find chip or reprogrammer for 2001 4.7 I have put up with the 106mph aall this... by Acmecoyote12/30/03 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     You can go to and get the second level add on that increases... by Matt1/6/04  
     106 on the road??? OK then...I hope its only YOU out there and no one else when this speed... by coptr9115/14/04  
     Would you like the 150mph or the 200mph chip? by AndyT 8/6/05  
     I have a 2002 tundra, I just don't like limits on my truck. by racingjim 12/23/05  
How do I set up a server to automatically execute a file (actually a memory test program)... by Chuck7/10/03 Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers (Part 1 of 6)
I bought a used car from my parents a couple of months ago. I originally submitted... by Lynn7/15/03 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
What is "starter" What is the recipe for it? by Werner Van Rooyen9/13/03 FAQ Recipes (part 1 of 2)
     starter is converting electrical energyto mechanical energy by raj 11/1/2006  
I am wiring a new garage. I have run a wire through 1" plastic conduit from the main fuse... by Phil11/9/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     depending on local code, yes by electrician 1/25/04  
     Plastic feed from the house to the garage isn't the best for safelty, incase you might cut... by highwood 6/21/04  
need to find where ecr is located in 95 dodge caravan 3.0 by carol12/22/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
how do i get envolved with poly ? by babsmcdance@aol.com2/27/04 alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     First, read up on it. Good webpages to start with are, http://www.xe... by stormdancer4/9/04  
     My poly relationship happened by surprise. I was just looking for friends who were also... by nickie 12/21/04  
     I have two girls in mind for a poly relationship I'm attracted to them both a lot. I love... by Kane12345 4/25/05  
Is there a Satellite or disk or Cable company by the name of "TOMCAT?" by RudyDen7/9/03 Satellite TV Frequently Asked Questions List
"one ____ one" whats the word in the blank from a rolling stones documentary, the word is... by nugget1/19/04 Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]
     the word is "plus". This documentary (made by J.L. Godard) exists on DVD, and it's called... by strummer 5/8/04  
I am unable to find a good site on quad rollerhockey. In India we have quads and inline is... by bobranauta8/19/03 In-line Skating FAQ: Clubs and Organizations
would like to know about skin cancer by julie1/27/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     you can get it from the sun but if you go tanning you have a greater chance of getting it... by j wash  5/14/04  
could you tell us the value of a promisary note dated dec. 15, 1840, in the amount of... by Teri1/8/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..I'm afraid you have a famous fake.Thousand of these fake notes were printed.You see... by Pete1/9/04  
     also promisary notes dated 12.15.1840in the amount of 1000.00, with the number 8894 in... by Teri R. 4/8/04  
I have an active son who is 5 years old and in good health. I have recently discovered... by tony8/8/03 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     my daughter is a month old she is on a monitor because she forgets to breathe in her sleep... by melanie hollin12/8/03  
How warm does it need to be for newborn siberian husky puppies? Bobbi by Bobbi4/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     When my Husky had pups I was surprised at how tough they were. They were born in a... by Tanisha4/9/04  
     Thanks for responding. I'll have them in the garage which I'll keep warm w/ a heater.... by Bobbi4/10/04  
     when my newborn pups were born i put them in fluffy fabric and they kept very warm!!! have... by jammi 7/2/04  
     I would love to buy a HUSKY!!!! by Katlyn  10/29/04  
     I love Huskies. I have 7 of them, 2 that are a beautiful red colour, 1 that is white with... by Puppy-wuppy 10/17/05  
I have a female beagle/Shepherd mix who is approximately six years old. For several years... by annie b7/8/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
CITIZENSHIP I'm living with a Irishman for two years our relationship is "De Facto". May I... by jonatan9/7/03 Irish FAQ: Introduction [0/10]
     I am actually after the same answer. I am Australian and have been dating an irish... by briohny 5/29/04  
I have a Herring-Hall-Marvin four drawer file safe,model# SRF 61-5. The lock mechanism... by Son in Law9/7/03 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     actually, I am looking for a value on a safe that belonged to this co. any help? ... by sam 9/16/05  
How do you correct errors with scratch spins? I can explain the textbook version of how... by kibby4/7/04 Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Questions and Answers
     a spinner would help but for scratch spins, keep the hips facing straight,really bend the... by angi 8/24/2006  
     I would say that the main problem is getting your leg to cross over the other, correct.... by icesk8obsession 1/6/2007  
     what i doing every day by VILMUTE 2/6/2007  
     every a weekdays,i get up at eight o'clock in the morning.then i making a lunch.after iam... by vilmyte 2/6/2007  
     every a weekdays,i get up at eight o'cockin the morning. by arunas 2/6/2007  
I've had pierced my left ear for 3 days. Now I'm 15 y/o. I had pierced 6 holes in my left... by Tedy12/26/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     let me get this straight, you did all this by yourself and put 4 earrings in one hole?... by brittney5/9/04  
     umm i just wanna know when ur pierce ur ear which one means ur gay by the man 9/5/05  
     hmmm... wot a strange thing to do!! just tell ya mum that u like it, and thats nothing she... by katie 11/14/05  
how would you house break a dog from eating out of trash cans when i am not at home by loretta3/14/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Activities: Obedience Trials FAQ
     Put the garbage can somewhere the dog cannot get to it, such as the garage, or the best... by Catherine 10/22/04  
     I have trained my dogs with red (cayenne) pepper... they have big bottles of it at... by TJ 3/2/05  
What is a data server in a client/server paradigm? Can you show an example of a data... by J. Heiser10/24/03 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
     what is data server all about? by rainafe2/9/04  
     i have no idea by comGenius 3/10/05  
I`m a Canadian Citizen,,Can I live for some time in the US,,only to live ,not to work? by Harry9/3/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     As a Canadian citizen, can I live in USA, What should I do? by tony 5/8/2006  
Where can I find one of those fold and carry chairs that people take to soccer games that... by Cher9/3/03 Clothing for Big Folks: U.S. (FAQ)
     Wal mart and most sporting or department stores carry them. They are everywhere in... by Milo 9/28/03  
I HAVE BEEN IN USA WITH J1 VISA TWICE BUT THE LAST TIME I SPENT THE EXTRA MONTH AFTER MI... by JEANA3/3/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     ???????? by daniela 1/6/05  
     hi jeana.. how r u? hope fine and well.. by the way in ur case i dont have any reply... by jagdish 2/19/2006  
A Dr. prescribed Breath-zing to my husband for his asthma. I can't find any information... by scepter8/13/03 FAQ: Asthma Medications
Why are some Aussie's eyes half brown half blue? by Prancu11/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: Australian Shepherds Breed-FAQ
     My eye is half blue half brown and my other eye is blue. I think it's because my mom has... by Michaela C. 2/26/2006  
     I think its just a genetic trait. I don't know many people other than myself that have... by madrat101 9/3/2006  
From following code segments if remove (both in declaration and definition) const(at end)... by Boominathan7/2/03 C++ FAQ (part 1 of 10)
I'm a first time dog owner and the Beagle that I have adopted is in heat. How long does... by Aynur7/2/03 rec.pets.dogs: Beagles Breed-FAQ
HOW OFTEN DO LHASA APSOS GO INTO SEASON ? MY FEMALE LHASA PEPPER IS GOING INTO SEASON... by MADOG3/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     little dogs, whitch is what your dog is, they go into heat every 6 months or seven. good... by polodoggie 1/24/05  
     my newfoundland females keep sitting on there pups when their born has kill four of them... by sandra 7/23/2006  
What is meant by the term computer virus and how can a virus be transmitted to a computer?... by hamit12/2/03 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     Computer viruses: Introduction, Body, Conclusion, References by Miguel3/9/04  
     get a life by babge 1/2/2006  
     i don't have any answer but i have a question i want to creat a computer vitous what can l... by YEALEMBRHAN 5/20/2006  
I had sent email to the same email address many times. But lately it comes saying no such... by tweety11/1/03 UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (The Email system)
     How can i find the person of an email address that he no longer has? by BABYLESHA247 10/6/04  
     because of incomplete filling by vaishu 11/15/04  
Where can i get literature(free and otherwise) on Islamic topics such as "most frequently... by Girtha Sanders11/1/03 IINN FAQ: Islamic Information & News Network (bit.listserv.muslims)
     http://www.islamicity. com/freeliterature/ by sherifm00 4/13/04  
     i have an opportunity to visit your site.really it gives intresting and informative.keep... by Rev.P.Elangovan 6/13/2006  
I would like a list of food stores that specializes in sugar free and fat free foods in... by aquarius8/11/03 FAQ
Can latest wine versions be installed on old Red Hat Distributions. Will i get a wine... by tachyon8/11/03 WINE (WINdows Emulator) Frequently Asked Questions
what does a ethernet data structure look like. by mario12/13/03 comp.dcom.lans.token- ring FAQ
i have a golf 18 gl n reg and when i try to start it it starts for a few second and then... by eastwood1/9/04 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     It sounds like it could be the mass air flow sensor. That is the box attached to your air... by biliruben 10/22/05  
My little one has been having bright blood with mucus plain stools? Vet put her on hill's... by chacha8/18/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Go To A Different Vet!! NOW!!! She may need to stay for a few days while tests are... by chimama8/19/03  
     Different Vet Now!!! Bright red blood is a very bad sign, and your vet doesn't seem to be... by chimama8/19/03  
     Take her to a different vet NOW (I know it's in all the other replies, but it cannot be... by Shayna 3/14/05  
what is the probability of getting hurt in ballet by angel12/11/03 alt.arts.ballet FAQ 1: General Information
I have a 94 dodge shadow. The air conditioner was working and all of a sudden stopped. ... by Lindonnie9/3/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     i have a dodge stratus 2001. the a/c is blowing hot air. i put a a/c rechill kit. it was... by barbie 7/4/2007  
why is studying humanities so important? What can a person gain from this study? and can... by tee-tee5/18/04 Classical Studies (humanities.classics) FAQ
     adfdfafad by daf 11/28/04  
     why am I studying for future, for my family. see if there is no shools and nobody studies... by jonona 2/4/05  
     The Humanities arms us with a world view which is critical. It allows us to examine who we... by Nicole 5/28/2006  
     well... because of the culture we live in, and it's very important that we continue to... by greentofuz 3/10/2007  
     because it help us to build a new generation. and to help our co-people to encouraging... by joseph lozano 6/20/2007  
i want to buy a washer dryer stackable unit. It says it is 240volts. Can i plug that into... by Scott 5/17/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Yes, it will blow the fuse. Plus, the dryer unit uses a 240V plug that will not fit into a... by Brandon 8/26/04  
     By regular wall outlet, if you mean a plug that you plug a (TV) into - NO! It has to be... by Robert Sutton 12/12/04  
     No can do. by resident expert 6/18/05  
     looking for the answer by scastillo 11/1/05  
     No, your regular outlet is 120 Volts. You will need an electrician to wire at least a 30... by walt 12/14/05  
I have a 2002 tundra with a v8 motor I went on vacation for a week my truck sat in the... by John10/6/03 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     hey i have an 04 tundra and i used to let the dealership do my oil also and it did it once... by john 5/23/2006  
Origins of 'dank'... used in the 70's, came from the Dutch term "Dank u vel" which means... by dankmiser10/6/03 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     so how did it start getting used in slang to talk about good smoke? by greeny 6/7/04  
what is health information management by tee1/13/04 Medical Informatics FAQ
     dear coworker, you can find much information from AHIMA Web site: and... by Hasan Siamian 7/20/05  
embarrassed but I can't seem to create a *.plt file from adobe illustrator (10) or... by joe baird8/15/03 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
I have a National currency 1918 series one dollar bill.The serial number is B8832793A it... by Adam1/5/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..the value depends on grade.Can you send me a scan front and back.Email it to marlofan@... by Pete1/5/04  
     Just to let you know,on the back of a dollar that pyramid stands for illuminati.The eye is... by MONOLO from milwaukeeWI7/16/04  
     Interested in knowing what is your selling price? by Nitasha Hairston-Hill 3/28/2007  
i have a 1995 dodge stratus and i am trying to get the harmonic ballance pulley off.i used... by cintomayor2/25/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     you need a harmonic gear puller. up here in Canada we buy them from peavey Mart by oldwizard4/7/04  
     The three jaw is correct on this three spoke balancer. (specificly the 4" three jaw... by RaceCarBob 12/26/04  
I have 2000 Tundra, I got this problem: I start the engine, but the engine stop when I... by nguye3018/4/03 Toyota Tundra FAQ
some one tell me the way to use tapi to anwer phonecall with hearphone & mic ? Thank so... by CHICKEN8/12/03 Win95 FAQ Part 14 of 14: Misc
What is the Internet Services? by erisya9/20/03 Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
     what is IP by budy 1/29/04  
anyone have any experience with the Tascam CDRW4U recorder player? i want it to record... by vinyltocdr@aol.com11/2/03 FAQ (v 0.9)
     Hi vinyltocdr! I own this piece of equipment. It is great to backup analog recordings (as... by mic3/7/04  
     Buttons are a bit small, record level knob very small, display (meters) hard to read at an... by PRR 11/11/05  
     ask GEORGE W. BUSH he knows, heck, he's the reason that our gas prices are going over ... by AZURE14/30/04  
     within 8 years the USA would be out of oil if only USA oil was used. The USA oil reserves... by paul 9/24/04  
Furnace Dragon (darksteel) reads, "When Furnace Dragon comes into play, if you played it... by Razorclaw5/31/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     It refers only to artifacts in play not any others.. by Sasuke 6/24/04  
     When presented to Wizards, they answered me saying all artifacts - in play, hands,... by Matt 7/15/04  
     An "artifact" is only EVER in play. In your hand or grave or library they are NOT... by MillMaster 7/16/04  
     i want the password of by mehdi1362tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 2/13/05  
     Ony those out on the field are affected. You must've gotten bad help. by Dormarth 3/5/05  
     Furnace Dragon is the most poweriful card in my deck and it has the favorite effect in my... by BFW 3/15/2006  
my son was diagnosed with early onset strep b, a spinal tap was done which if i remember... by jim3/30/04 Group B Strep FAQ
     My son was diagnosed with late onset group B and we have now switched pediatricians and... by Tricia 11/23/2006  
     in response to this i will say that i was born with strep-b and i did suffer some learning... by Dustin 1/16/2007  
     my son was diagnosed with early onset strep b, a spinal tap was done which if i remember... by alison 6/9/2007  
J'ai intallé mandrake 9.1 et quand l'installation est finie, je redemarre alors, un... by sebhoel6/30/03 N/A
How do I use SelFile, in per Tk ? and how do I install it. Thanks by Kori 6/30/03 FAQ part0 of 5
what is the transmitter equipment needed to send the cable transmission via wireless... by ravidev10/20/03 Wireless Cable TV FAQ
     You can see a new solution for this application at by R. Howard4/13/04  
Does anybody know where I can get a full length Jack Handey biography online? by EU8/29/03 Saturday Night Live FAQ: Recurring Characters
     It seems that Jack Handey is lying low. I wrote much of his article on Wikipedia... by Fishal 8/28/2006  
My dog has a skin condition. It starts with a small blister on the skin and in a few days... by nicklenights5/28/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     Sounds like a pyoderma. They are usually treated with an oral antibiotic and a medicated... by dogpro 7/9/04  
     I have a 2 yr old black lab who has the same thing. I was told it was a staph infection. ... by BlackDog 10/1/04  
     my pameranian dog developed some kind of allergies from some food. he developed black... by baby 2/28/05  
     my dog has hot spots on her back. she is a miniature pincher. she gets this every fall... by tonya 10/31/05  
     My dog has a blister like bubble next to her top right nipple. I was wondering if this is... by Chris 4/3/2006  
     My dog has an open wound. I don't know where it came from. around the area of the open... by worried owner 7/20/2006  
can you develope dieria with lyme by jimmy1/26/04 [] Lyme Disease Newsgroup FAQ
     i smell like it by kt 7/12/2007  
what are the side effects of having this injection done with Bupivacaine, Kenalog, or are... by theresa8/8/03 Tinnitus Frequently Answered Questions v2.7
what is the nutrition in a TGI Friday's hamburger? Bennigans? Apple-bee's Perkins? ... by ali8/7/03 World Guide to Vegetarianism - USA1
Man divorced her wife once before Rukhsati (means before intercourse). What would be the... by Sabi8/27/03 Islam FAQ (Part 1/15): Welcome & Index
     :P by io 10/4/2006  
what kind of protocol used in TMnet and Jaring net? by long yen8/10/03 TCP/IP Resources List
when a baby dies of SIDS DO they bleed out of their nose and mouth? by brenda5/7/04 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     i dont know for sure but my 4week old son died yesterday morning and i found him with a... by cassandrabradbury 4/12/05  
     yes, infants may bleed out of their nose and mouth due to SIDS by ahylia farmer 5/11/05  
     i have never now a baby to bleed from there nose after dieing from SIDS my baby boy died... by johanna 9/14/05  
     what do you do when they die? by julz 10/19/2006  
     I do not know but want to find out by Beverly 2/3/2007  
I'm interested in playing the uilleann bagpipes, however I have no idea where to start... by David Albrigh from Columbus Oh7/31/03 bagpipe Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ), Part2/2
     You can learn the tunes on a tinwhistle, for under $10. If you want to learn the... by ed2/13/04  
I have heard that Tetracycline prescribed for Rosacea can cause teeth to grey in later... by Janey12/26/03 Rosacea Frequently Asked Questions v1.16
     tetracycline only causes discolouration of teeth if taken whilst the permanent dentition... by gerryoc4/13/04  
     LfJVYxMNoAA0Ub zzK6vdNgl7sx mEKkEGjbR6 by kBKkRFBmqN 2/20/2006  
     How fine are you if are over 8? Will you be immune to the "stunts-your-bone-growth-effect"... by dgd 7/8/2006  
Why doesn't my cancel sent message button highlight when I put my cursor on it? I am using... by Bill8/26/03 Cancel Messages: Frequently Asked Questions, Part 4/4 (v1.75)
     by ben 2/7/2006  
i need the name of the song on ER episode "Insurrection".(it was played when a patient was... by Mai4/15/04 ER FAQ 5.00, Section 7: The Music Of "ER" (7/8)
     "Je Crois Entendre Encore" from Bizet's "The Pearlfishers" by allison 11/11/05  
     "Je Crois Entendre Encore" from Bizet's "The Pearlfishers," hope this helps you a bit late... by kriti 1/19/2006  
     I just need the song of E.R. The song that is played in the beginning and in the end. by pélé 1/21/2006  
     If my memory serves me, it's an aria piece from Bizet's "The Pearlfishers", "Je Crois... by ERfreaK 12/3/2006  
I once read a whole web site about floppy paws in young GSDs and I can't find it now!... by Elizabeth6/30/03 rec.pets.dogs: German Shepherd Dogs Breed-FAQ
How much psi is a 12oz tank because I'm filling up my paintball tank??????????? by bob9/14/03 - FAQ and Guidelines for Posting
     you are a total dumb@ss. If you think you fill it by psi you will blow up and kill... by hi11/28/03  
     thats stupid by mngfvmnbv 11/24/05  
what is the distance from the earth to the ozone layer? by Tracey10/27/03 Ozone Depletion FAQ Part I: Introduction to the Ozone Layer
How does meditation reduce stress? by mcg3859/21/03 Meditation FAQ
     Finding you "center" just means that you're inviting demons into your life. They give you... by Tanisha1/18/04  
     Meditation reduces stress and anxiety by allowing the mind to become unattached from... by BayAreaYogi6/2/04  
I thought I had a yeast infection and took a one time dosage of Difulcan and come to find... by Boxerlover10/3/03 Group B Strep FAQ
     If i have yeast infiction and do sex with my husband, will my husband have yeast infiction... by Nazi1/18/04  
     If i have yeast infiction and do sex with my husband, will my husband have yeast infiction... by Nazi 1/18/04  
will Cole come back? by missvivian5/30/04 FAQ
     No cole will not be coming back to the show. He has another T.V. series out now. Remember... by charmedfan6/30/04 says that "We have heard that the special guest star for this 150th... by someone 1/7/05  
     yes Cole will be back for the 150th episode on April 10, 2005 by Nicky 3/24/05  
     It is so sad that he will not be coming back. He was a great part of the show, damnit. The... by CharmedFan! 4/5/05  
     no Cole will not go back on charmed. first of all he got vanquished and that means that... by yasemin 1/17/2006  
Where can I find to buy instant expresso coffee to use in a cookie recipe.Area Arizona if... by JRM2/22/04 FAQ and conversion file
     Your recipe most likely requires "instant espresso powder". If you have a grocery store... by foodsleuth5/8/04  
     Where can I buy Instant Expresso Powder? Many recipes I have call for it. by Suzanne Tucker 11/15/04  
     Answer for JRM: I found a source for instant expresso --brand name: Medaglia 'd oro ... by mariepatrick 11/29/2006  
     I have been calling all over looking for this! I just called Whole Foods and they do have... by Lucy 4/25/2007  
My Brother-in-law lives in Fresno, CA. He has his own business and would like to bring his... by FK8/12/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     FK: You don't say what kind of business your Fresno brother-in-law owns or whether his... by Isabel Machado8/17/03  
     Dear Sir I am going to invite my mother to come to USA for a short visit.Please let me... by Parviz 7/21/2006  
I have two Yellow Labs. One has a chronic ear wax problem and is constantly scratching... by Mark5/20/04 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Mark, My husband and I own two yellow labs. With our two year old, she has the same... by mieka 9/21/04  
     what you can do is keep them out of the water also when you clean his ears use a cotton... by L J  10/20/04  
     My husband and I have a 1 1/2 yr old Choc Lab and are getting a yellow lab puppy soon. Our... by Nicole 12/29/04  
     Hello, I have a 2 and a half year old yellow lab with the same problem... Please let me... by Towman 2/12/05  
     my lab had ear problems it was ear mites i went to the vets he gsve me ear drops and it... by sandawn4200 10/22/2006  
     You should try switching the dog food that you have your dogs on. I currently have a... by Becca1024 11/18/2006  
     once in a while, i think that is what im saposed to do!! by skizzie 5/24/05  
     ever onces in a while by tuff 7/17/05  
     I think it is "Just to win your love" by k 2/11/2006  
my 1988 Chrysler lebaron will not start has no spark,coil not problem other than the... by debbie4/10/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Check the pick coil inside the distributor. Those are very common for going bad, and very... by dthug 5/16/04  
     the timing could be bad take it to a certified mechanic and and have it re-timed by Brian B. 10/12/04  
     I have a plymouth Sundance been working on cars for a while nothing ever seems to be that... by Sanguine47 4/6/05  
     do you think the e.g.r valve has something to do with my 1988lebaron shuts down after 15... by boomer 12/29/05  
I just found out my 5-1/2 year old male has a brain tumor, or brain cancer. I should find... by sandy10/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: Bernese Mountain Dogs Breed-FAQ
     My 15 year old dog just had an MRI and I found out that she has a brain tumor. I have... by hope3/9/04  
     Cancer is, unfortunately, very common in Berners. Get a second and even a third opinion... by Catherine 11/23/04  
legality of privately run poker tournaments in Connecticut. by tpm712/13/04 FAQ
     I believe the way the law is written in Connecticut is that home games are legal as long... by Jfburpo 9/6/04  
     You can't get a solid answer because this area of law is actively changing. It used to be... by pokerpro 1/16/2006  
     bigrich by aziggaz 3/14/2007  
My Siberian husky had 8 puppies delivered by c-section two days ago. During the first... by Sibe Mum8/20/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     sibe mum, you should keep the pups away from the mom until they are as big as her.if the... by andi2011 12/31/04  
Muon catalyzed fusion has been considered impractical because muon production in accelerat... by richard schumacher8/19/03 Conventional Fusion FAQ Glossary Part 12/26 (L)
     worth investigating,thorium@lithium deuteride,tritium fuels?fuels?lenses, e/v'smoderators?... by goodfuture-antinwo5/7/04  
What would be the best college to go to to learn the art of pyrotechnics? by Dan3/19/04 rec.pyrotechnics FAQ
     what would be the best career field to get into to in which you would help people have... by catherine 8/16/04  
     i have no idea by matt 1/10/2006  
     i dont know by jjm 3/27/2006  
     harvard is the best by jjm 3/27/2006  
     I want to go to an interior design college, which is the best to go to? by jujubean 9/20/2006  
I get e-mail from an individual on a laptop while they travel around the country. The IP... by PAWS7/28/03 FAQ: Sun Computer Administration Frequently Asked Questions
Is wing chun taught to special forces in the east today? by sifua8/21/03 rec.martial-arts FAQ part 1 of 4 (LONG)
Do this kind of dog molt? by megstar9/26/03 rec.pets.dogs: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Breed-FAQ
     do cavalier king charles moilt by lee trigg 2/22/2007  
how can the distance of a galaxy be computed, when redshift and/or radial velocity are... by galaxy-man10/18/03 [sci.astro,sci.astro. seti] Contents (Astronomy Frequently Asked Questions) (0/9)
I wanted to know the details regarding HDMI usage in DVD players. And fundametals about... by Sanjeev Kumar7/28/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
what are the body functions of a dolphin? by lilscooby10/26/03 Dolphin FAQ (1/3)
what letter appears on the scrabble crossword Tiles by kc11/10/03 Scrabble FAQ - General Information
     Scrabble by Sarz 1/29/04  
I need to know what the address is to this park, my friend is having a reception there the... by Tori7/27/03 Whitewater outfitter/dealer address list
I have gone into my old safe, and dug out two Confederate Notes: One twenty and one... by Loangel11/27/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     i have a 1864 conferdate 500 dollar bill what is it worth today by bonnie 11/10/05  
     I might be interested in buying my e-mail is by ROBERT 12/20/2006  
i'mlooking for performance parts for my 2003 vw passat w8,chips, exshaust, wheels,ect. ... by John Collins12/27/03 [W] PERFORMANCE, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ) de/english/mvw_passat_w8.html by 03 w8 owner 6/5/04  
Do you use quotation marks when you are stating a thought, for example... Why was this... by sabrina10/6/03 The alt.usage.english FAQ
     If you are narrating (writing in first person), you would not use quotation marks around... by Pique11/17/03  
     Typically, you could use italics to denote thoughts. by Patty11/28/03  
     i' d like to create a account by huongthu_005 3/17/2006  
how do i know when my chihuahua is getting ready to have her puppies? by mari3/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     She will be restless, start nesting franticly, won't be the least interested in food, and... by Tanisha 8/22/04  
     how will i know when my chihuahua is goning to have her puppies by tori 7/27/05  
     I have the same qestion. My chihuahua is due Feb. 23 by Rachel 1/26/2006  
I backed up some larger files on CD with IBM's program "Record Now" It saved all the... by Pattles1/15/04 comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3)
     I have the same problem and no one can tell me what to do! not even "professionals!" :-( by Chad 1/24/04  
     just copy the cd back to your comp by lila1/25/04  
     what exactly do you mean by that? thanks for your help by Chad 1/27/04  
     I had the same problem and nothing would read the contents of compdata.bin. I got access... by Paul 8/30/2006  
j'aimeraisinstaller un systeme d'exploitation gratuit qui tourne sur un vieux 386, et qui... by nathanael.kennis@laposte.net9/25/03 N/A mais il faut plus de 16Mo de ram. Freedos (équivalent de ms-dos), Minix... by PulkoMandy6/5/04  
     informations by roselyne 5/16/05  
Our Dobi is about 3 years old now, and we have noticed that she has body odor. Does... by Carol11/4/03 rec.pets.dogs: Doberman Breed-FAQ
     we just got a dob puppy and read that water in a spray bottle with a little Listerine... by Denise1/4/04  
     we have two dobermans. when they were young we fed them the crap which comes in tins and... by doberman lovers 11/3/04  
     You should see the vet, it might be a skin disease by Sugar 11/23/05  
what signs let ypu know if female pitbull is ready for breeding. by ant6/26/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     As soon as she comes into her 2nd heat. I say this because some go into heat fairly young,... by PREME1 9/22/05  
     why by fguydufydsfod 8/14/2006  
     when u know your female pit is in heat is when there cuchie will get fat for about 2 weeks... by bert  1/26/2007  
My mother purchased in 1943 a RCA Radio/Victrola, Model #225, Serial No. 5054. We would... by Elaine7/23/03 N/A
Where do I go to find and download a good and free pop up stoping program? by sirEd10/13/03 Address Munging FAQ: "Spam-Blocking" Your Email Address
     what answer you expect me to provide ?. by zeezo 7/17/04  
     Internet by atlaw 1/12/05  
Is it advisable to run wires of different phases through the same conduit. please send the... by hubert9/23/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     due to safety consideration,i think it is not advisable.if a fault comes inside it is... by ABRAHAM 1/14/2007  
hi,,im from puerto rico, im a right-handed guitar player,but i got a question. is possible... by Kurt Cobain3/2/04 Classical Guitar Playing Guide
     I'm a left-handed guitarist who started out playing right handed. I play pretty well,... by Lucretius5/5/04  
     Hello i am a clasical guitar student in the conservatory of music in Puerto Rico. I belive... by Alex 10/9/04  
     Why, Why, Why! that is ridiculos thing to do . Do NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. by Dude from US 9/3/05  
     are you trying to imitate kurt cobain? Although imitation is the highest form of flattery... by anon. 1/2/2006  
Hello My name is Bruce I was hoping that someone can give me some info on the Gotham... by N3XUK11/22/03 N/A
     i dont know bruce? who is he? by lisa bum head 10/29/04  
     omg liek ur SSUUUCH A n00b obviosly the antenae is liek totaly dead by omg 3/4/05  
I heard on the Westminster dog show that curly coated retrievers do not gives allergy... by Louise10/12/03 rec.pets.dogs: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Breed-FAQ
     Curly Coated Retrievers are not hypoallergenic If you have allergies to dog hair, dander... by Cattski12/10/03  
     I have a small white dog with the curly coat like a poodle. I assumed the dog was a toy... by The JJ 7/19/2006  
Where can I find an Apple IIGS Startup Disk? by Judy8/15/03 Apple ][ Emulator Resources Guide 1.3.5 (1/1)
     From someone like my self that still has a working Apple IIGS by wil 5/8/05  
what is the formula for gasoline by kev5/9/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     From htt:// Gasoline is known as an aliphatic hydrocarbon. In... by Ron 4/12/05 oh ya thats the answer by nass 1/24/2006  
     A couple bucks and a gas station..... by Budy 7/10/2006  
what artist sings the new slow rap song "freak"? The first line is... there too many... by fgfff6/21/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     Play N Skills feat: Krazie Bone - Freaks by dabest20017/13/04  
     i think i know which song your talking about does it go "The world has too many freaks,fre... by Nocha 8/6/04  
     Play-N-Skills featuring Krazie Bone sings this song by eula 10/6/04  
     ll cool j by bigz 11/21/04  
     I want to know what is that beat in the background it comes on before any words. by RaeRae 1/31/05  
     krazie bone by lil sweets 2/5/05  
     dsfsgdfdfgdfgsfddssd by Nutty the Squril  5/29/2007  
a small company with 3 departments recently began networking by installing peer-to-peer... by janaki9/29/03 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
     Im student and i'got reseach project to network a company. my is what are basic and main... by john 4/22/04  
are Cchrysler Sebring convertibles noted for interior flooding when it rains? by elaine2/29/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     no, unless your drain holes get plugged with dirt or leaves, etc. Using a small piece of... by kgwhetsel 4/21/04  
     Where exactly are the drain holes located on the exterior of the Sebring? Mine is turning... by taximomuv3 10/20/04  
     My '97 convertible fills up with water every time it rains. It's just the rear quarter... by Sharon 11/22/04  
     I have 98 convertible in my shop. Rained today and car had water all over floor board on... by karad8011 3/7/05  
where can i get kool-aid merchandise . like the kool-aid cups by shorty4/18/04 Kool-Aid FAQ v7.0
     Man the kool-aid cups arent offered at the moment to send in points for. I havent seen... by cnored 6/3/04  
     Go to They have the info you need on the current stuff offered. You... by mamapam60957 8/16/04  
     I've seen them on e-bay, white and red but never the blue (that's the color I want!). ... by ryankc 2/22/2006  
I have two computers seven feet apart. One of them is on broadband which I want to bring... by m.maas10/8/03 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
     buy a HUB and a set of cat. 3 cable and join the pc en broadband modem to the HUB. That... by m black12/1/03  
     dumbass says, go to bestbuy, buy a small router/firewall, buy a couple of cat5 cables long... by dumbass4/13/04  
Dear Friends, In Solaris, I want to know the command to know the current Shell that I am... by Yogesh8/7/03 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (Contents) [Frequent posting]
     echo $SHELL. This will give the current shell. by Anunay11/5/03  
     try ps command by Lalesh1/21/04  
why do educational institutions give advertisements of their institutions by nanny11/17/03 Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It
What is the cable that conects An Acorn A3010 to An Acorn AKF-40 Monitor? by Sam Thornley8/6/03 Comp.Sys.Acorn.FAQ part 1 of 4
     i don't know d dem 4ckin u talkin about by patolo4/6/04  
is it ok to get a tatoo when your pregnant by kita5/14/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     It is not suggested that you get a tattoo during your pregnancy. Usually tattoo parlors... by Tat2Girl6/17/04  
     I think that it's best that you wait until after you have the baby although they say most... by alize234 3/12/05  
     Is it okay to do sit-ups while pregnant? by alesha  4/11/2006  
     i farted by chainsawbuzzardlover 9/19/2006  
If anybody can help me with a wiring diagram of some sort . I need one for the ignition... by R.B7/16/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
what is wais Who is wais For? What does "Wais" mean? What is... by letty_hm10/15/03 Mensa - FAQ: Do I qualify for Mensa? How do I Join? [BiWeekly]
     The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) was created by psychologist David Wechsler,... by Defibulat0r1/16/04  
     hjkhjk.nm, by J 8/30/05  
I was married to a us citizen for three years and have just divorced i have a three year... by Ben8/5/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     call immigration and tell them your situation and you should be able to stay because of... by kate 7/6/2006  
What are the prayers recited during a tahara? thank you by elana7/6/03 soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Who We Are (2/12)
     Rub-a-dub-dub thanks for the grub, amen! by the dappa2/11/04  
I am trying to train my lab to duck hunt. Is there any trainers out there in Maryland... by Mendy10/3/03 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Mendy, I understand you about wanting to train your dog, but having someone else train it... by jessie 10/21/04  
     you have to train them when there little by wyatt 1/2/05  
Dear Mr, May I have this faq via my mail, please? by Ngoie guy8/6/03 Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ
     Instructions on how to obtain web documents can be found in FAQ by szs 8/28/03  
use of nsaids in migraine? by barney3/11/04 Natural Migraine Treatment FAQ
     Can cause gastric problems and rebound headaches. by Eileen7/6/04  
     NSAIDS can cause & aggravate gastric ulcer problems, and can trigger asthma attacks in... by JL 10/14/04  
     I've found naproxen to be very useful when take in a high dosage (under a doctor's... by Allie 2/5/05  
My 6year old golden has just been diagnosed with lymphoma, he will be undergoing chemo- ... by DENICE3/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     I am dealing with the same crisis. However, I am debating whether to let nature take its... by Lynn 12/30/04  
     Hi denise.... first of all Im sorry to hear that and how is your goldie.. My mum is going... by Destiny 1/29/05  
     I too just found out my golden has been diagnosed with lymphoma, what is your dogs... by Diane 9/14/05  
     i dont know of a support group, sorry, but i am here to tell you that your golden should... by dan 11/27/05  
     I am so sorry. My golden girl was 4 and a half when she had lymphoma. She was diagnosed in... by Cheryl 12/27/05  
     Dear Sir, I too had lower back surgery, a disectomy (?) in the L4/5 area in May, 1990. I... by Lupe Lopez 4/21/05  
     I'm 47 male, waiting for surgery, my advice is listen to your insides, is it worth it? and... by Hawkstrider 6/1/05  
     get real with your age and quit runing period its a proven fact that it destroys the back... by ferny 4/4/2006  
on my website you will find a lot of Lhasa Apso issues, solutions... by FRANK VAN TATENHOVE12/22/03 rec.pets.dogs: Lhasa Apsos Breed-FAQ
     indeed what a great wesite is great picture sof very nice Lhasa... by alison1/29/04  
     I like it too lots of Lhasa Apso information and indeed what a great website is http://www... by barbara 7/24/05  
     thanks for sharing your wonderful dogs it is always a pleasure to visit your website. ... by alisan 1/4/2007  
I have another "PROBLEM" my 7 month old male chi has put 2 holes in my new carpet!!! What... by Patti11/6/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     1) Make sure he isn't in a room with carpet. Use a baby gate to keep him only where there... by chimama11/10/03  
     Becareful of the pooh eating dog. The Parvovirus is passed in the dogs stool. Make sure... by renee74 11/21/03  
     If your dog is eating poo, he must be de-wormed by your vet or he could get very ill! by proud new owner 5/17/04  
I started teaching keyboarding on typewriters and have many booklets on artistic typing. ... by matimsh10/1/03 Typing Injury FAQ (2/6): General Info
     I also had many books on artistic typing until someone stole them a month ago. Yes they... by Karen Ramsey 10/22/04  
     I am also looking for those mystery typing pictures that my high school teacher used. If... by Carole 10/25/05  
I have a 6 month old boy, who often bites and refuses the breast. I try to pump, and my... by Leah McBride9/10/03 FAQ on Breastfeeding Past the First Year
i have a 9 month old shihtzu and is starting to go into heat, what age should i start... by ollie6/10/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     Sorry dear but you should not breed her until her 2nd or 3rd heat since she is not... by char 12/17/04  
     u should generally breed the dog in its second heat i.e about 6-8 months after first heat... by hertsde 4/5/2006  
     You can breed her on her third heat, when she is around 2 years old by Poodle 11/13/2006  
     The second heat! by Just me 5/21/2007  
where do you get a firewall? by ta1/28/04 Firewalls FAQ
     hi i need firewall by sukizz 4/16/2006  
     Depends on your Operating system. Most unixes (incl. LINUX, BSD, Mac) already have one... by Thomas 7/25/2006  
i nead a source code in assembly that ..i can make paint imvironment such as windows... by yeganeh ..unique2/10/04 x86 Assembly Language FAQ - Borland TASM
     KOMPORMELEDAK by pitung 5/31/04  
     I want give one input number then distinction this number is Prime number or not.depend it... by zahra 1/9/2006  
What song is playing in Episode 19 when Carter sits with his dead gramma? by jaicee8/29/03 ER FAQ 5.00, Section 7: The Music Of "ER" (7/8)
     I looked high and low, it is called "the saddest song I've got" by Annie Lennox. I found... by Brie8/29/03  
     Hey, there if you go to this site you will find loads of songs to do with ER from all the... by Forevercarby 9/3/03  
would the sun-less tanning lotions irritate moderate rosacea? by magdarob12/2/03 Rosacea Frequently Asked Questions v1.16
     Sunless tanning products irritate my rosacea and i have moderate rosacea but it does not... by Anonymus 3/7/05  
why the atomic bomb was used ? by black5/26/04 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     to kill japs by bob 3/7/05  
     why was it nessisary to drop the atomic bomb by Courtney 3/10/05  
     because history was meant to be that way? by sequoia 4/23/05  
     ddddddddddddggggggggggg gfgfg it was to show to hitler ythat they could be defearedfd by bum 4/1/2007  
How many Golf Balls are sold in a year? by Speedy9/26/03 List of Periodic Informational Postings, Part 1/20
     4,000,000 golf balls are sold i a year by m1/6/04  
     Where do 4 000 000 golf balls go in a year??? by jazzberry 4/20/04  
My daughter has a 10 week old chi. He sleeps with her. Housebreaking has not been fun... by kelly9/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Your puppy should not be sleeping with your daughter. You didn't say how old your... by chimama9/29/03  
     Thanks for the info, chimama. I have a question: how much times do you think I would have... by jackie 4/2/05  
     You might also consider covering the crate with a sheet to signify bed time. by J&K'sMom 8/8/2006  
Does protection from the color of your choice mean that it is all cards of that color... by Bob Bee7/25/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     It's just like you add to the text of your creature's card "protection from color", where... by Gronath8/24/03  
     how mean of the color black? by SoFi 12/8/04  
looking for breeders of Staffordshire bull terriers in south Australia by fred8/25/03 rec.pets.dogs: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed-FAQ
I am a newcomer with image warping and morphing. I'd like to ask where can I get some... by Miklos9/5/03 algorithms Frequently Asked Questions
     Here is the site about the details on Image Processing . by praveen_med 4/20/05  
how manganese in MMT improves the octane rating of gasoline? by daptiyeh9/14/03 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     15ZP5y6Mb2uyA s6hdBffumTE Yk8jvOc9hM by 2JflBBiwuF 2/18/2006  
I am looking for a logical sequence of technical and musical material. I have taken ... by Joe8/24/03 Classical Guitar Playing Guide
Reading the replies from many who claim to have found an old 1000 dollar "Bank of the... by John4/23/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..I don't know of the location of the real $1000 note numbered 8894.If it still exist. ... by Pete4/27/04  
     Jusrt this week while home on vacation, my father showed me one my mom had found stuck in... by Greg Kamer 5/28/04  
     why not go to a collectors shop and find out, you tosser by uranus 1/5/2006  
     I can tell you that this note has probably cost more grief, more wasted postage, phone... by Lokie 2/25/2006  
     I have also just found a 1000 dollar bill with the number 8894 it doesnt have any writing... by 8/17/2006  
     My grandma was clearing out her safety deposit box, and we found an envelope with a bunch... by MMK 11/26/2006  
I have a brother 645 fax. I have downloaded multi-function link software for connection... by davidm7/3/03 Fax (comp.dcom.fax) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [Part 1/2]
can your name be changed by email on your ss card once you've been married by michelle dumont11/2/03 Social Security Number FAQ
How to read the instructions from the /proc file system during the execution of the... by dippan7/1/03 comp.unix.aix Frequently Asked Questions (Part 5 of 5)
what is the best way to transfer vhs home movies to vcd-- is their a program that does... by johnnyb10/20/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     This process requires more than software. You need a computer with a video capture card... by Dave4/2/04  
where do i buy socapex {audio or lighting} plugs and sockets? by bob henly10/30/03 Stagecraft Frequently Asked Questions
     go to this website: by Alberto2/18/04  
I would like to know what the difference is between a plotter and a large format printer... by Carol7/29/03 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
     that i too want to know by eli 6/1/2006  
What are the different image file formats available and the memory used for different... by dina7/29/03 Technical Illustration FAQ (v 1.1.1)
     kalyani by tejashree 6/1/05  
What teen movie was it that Conan made a guest appearance, there was one sorority girl... by kristen8/29/03 Conan O'Brien Faq, v.3.1
     Sugar & Spice by Young And Hopeless1/27/04  
     a movie where when she was 16 years old she got magical powers and got the guy of her... by Kristen 6/30/04  
Our Lab has had split nail twice with the painful removal of the nails by the vet. Why is... by Barbara7/28/03 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     dont know if this will help but i used to have a pony with the same problem and i used... by mutsy 2/16/04  
How old does a shih tzu have to be before it is bred? by Ali3/21/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     Wait until the female is at least 2 years old. They usually go into heat before a year old... by Tanisha3/22/04  
     No, it's best to breed them in their second heat cycle. by Shih tzu lova 6/11/05  
     shih-tzus are bred very young and only need to be 3 months old! JUST vet... by krys 1/9/2006  
     I always suggest 1 1/2 years old or after having been in heat at least twice (which... by Natalia 1/23/2006  
     When does a female shih tzu go into heat? by Cookie 1/24/2006  
     My Shih Tzu came with papers from a shelter (not breeding papers) putting her at just... by Suzi 6/3/2006  
my rescued greyhound is hypothyroid. the vet we took him to wants to put him on twice a... by melinda11/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: Greyhounds Breed-FAQ
     He will be put on Oroxine, or similar tabs containing Thyoxine. If you are in a... by Russell 4/25/04  
what do I need to do to work in America from England which is where I am now, do I need a... by luke travers8/17/03 alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
I was in US on J1 visa for two year and returned back to my country. In these two years in... by vk8/24/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     I m in US on F2 visa.Now if I get a job on J1 visa then is there any possibility that I... by PD3/26/04  
     how the taxes work for J1 visa. Should we do taxes after 2 school Years " September to... by masta 1/24/05  
how do you find a dr that specializes in miscarriages? I see an RE now however dont think... by theres9/4/03 FAQ on Miscarriage, Part 1/3
     I am in search of a Dr in Atlanta for Recoccurence miscarige. by Meg 2/25/2006  
Can non linear functions be solved using linear programming methods? Why? by anil.panicker@ideacellular.com9/24/03 Linear Programming FAQ
     yes, they can, unfortunately only by means of piecewise approximations of the nonlinear... by el aprendiz 6/22/05  
     how can i solve min [(a(ij)-q(ij))/a(ij)] when a(ij)=0? by ali soleimani 7/5/05  
"Interpenetrations" If a cube and a tetrahedron interpenetrate, what is the maximum... by Craig Wing11/4/03 [FAQ] rec.puzzles Frequently Asked Questions [weekly]
     7 pieces by dale 9/11/04  
     at least ten by Hedgehog 2/7/2006  
I am at a university that uses some type of firewall,How can I get passed it so I can... by Mike9/23/03 Firewalls FAQ
     hied by hed 2/28/2007  
     How do i get past astaro internet security by Jessica 5/4/2007  
why we use twisted pair in cat5 cables by majid emami1/11/04 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
     cat-5 cables are of two types.Twisted pair and another is solid one. Twisted pair is... by Yogesh Joshi3/15/04  
     (This is how I have understood it, Your null May Vary) The twist is to reduce null from... by Gadget_Consulting3/27/04  
     I don't Know Sir, I want to see the correct answer by Keshav 4/2/05  
Can anyone help me? Right now I'm using my mom's and daughters pc on and off. I don't have... by dumb_blonde9/22/03 Introduction to the *.answers newsgroups
     i like your little bit of righting and i though it should be somewhere else by bradders 5/25/05  
     go to pc world by no one 4/17/2006  
For a class assignment I have to find out how much taxes are taken out of a $3,000 a month... by Ebonye9/22/03 misc.taxes FAQ
     I would like to know what percent is taken out. by sherrie 4/12/05  
     i do not know by shaun leoanrd 6/29/05  
does tetrachloromethane have a permanant dipole? by mystiqueq10/4/03 Sci.chem FAQ - Part 1 of 7
     CCl4 (tetrachloromethane) does NOT have a permanent dipole. Although the 4 C to Cl bonds... by TheWiz11/11/03  
     no, it is a totally symmetric molecule and the carbon atom is the center of symmetry of... by binh_thanh92@yahoo.com12/12/03  
I have never had cats,I now own a female.She is in"heat" I am sure.She is constantly... by heart451/31/04 rec.pets.cats: Miscellaneous Information FAQ
     have it done now. you don't have to wait. by bj2/20/04  
     A cat in heat usually lasts a week by Amanda 12/8/04  
is the Usenet and newsgroups the same by al10/14/03 What is Usenet?
     The short answer is Yes it is :) A longer version would be that it's not the same. The... by watson 10/2/04  
Where can I obtain single valent Mumps and Measles vaccines - - thimerosol free - - to... by JT7/21/03 FAQ on Childhood Vaccinations, Part 1/4
     You can obtain the single Mumps Vaccine through one of the many private clinics in the UK... by Bill Slaughter 11/21/05  

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