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Archive-name: vegetarian/guide/usa1
Last-modified: 23 Jul 1995

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      World Guide to Vegetarianism

The 20 parts of this guide contain a world list of vegetarian and
vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc.
Each part is posted on an independent schedule.

The guide is available on WWW in easy-to-use hypertext format on the
Vegetarian Pages at

        ** Please send us any new listings or corrections. **

The prefered way for you to send us updates is to use the forms on the
above mentioned WWW site. E-mail updates gladly accepted also, but
please format them in the same format as is used in this guide and
keep comments and reviews short, simple, and straight to the point.

The latest posted copy of the World Guide to Vegetarianism is also
available via e-mail. For an index and instructions, send an e-mail to with the following line in the message body:
  send usenet/news.answers/vegetarian/guide/index
The guide is also available via anonymous ftp from in the
directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/vegetarian/guide.


USA part 1

This section has listings for the following:

  Restaurant Chains                 Vegetarian Magazines
  National Veg. Organizations       Mail-Order Companies
  Other Organizations               Other Vegetarian Services

Many thanks to Andrea Shettle-Sutton for providing lots of help with
the USA listings.

Entries marked with *VRG are ones which were discovered in the
_Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S.
and Canada_ from the Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463,
Baltimore, MD 21203. Tel. (410) 366-VEGE. Foreword by Lindsay Wagner,
info compiled by Sally Clinton and Debra Wasserman, published by Avery
Publishing Group Inc. in Garden City Park, NY, copyright 1993.


Restaurant Chains

Many thanks to the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) and the
Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) for much of the following information.
Restaurant chains marked with *VRG are ones for which almost all
information was obtained from Michael Keevican's article 'What's In
Fast Food?' from the VRG's Vegetarian Journal.

These restaurant chains are by no means vegetarian, they are just
listed here to make you aware of what is, or what may soon be,
available to you in fast food restaurants, and also what is to be

- Vegan items: Baked Potato, Potato Cakes, Apple Turnover, Blueberry
  Turnover, Cherry Turnover, Chocolate Syrup, Jamocha Syrup, Side
  Salad, Lite Italian dressing, Sub Dressing, Arby's Sauce.
- They are presently testing vegetable pita pockets which contain
  broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and celery.
- Their french fries, which would otherwise be vegan, may be deep
  fried in the same oil as non-vegetarian items. Their buns contain
  eggs or milk derivatives. The milkshakes contain animal gelatin.
  The cheese contains animal rennet.

Au Bon Pain  *VRG
- Nutritional information is available at each location.
- Vegan items: plain, cinnamon, onion, and sesame bagels, large garden
  and the small garden salads
- Vegetarian items: vegetarian soups, muffins, and danishes.
- None of the breads are vegan.

Baskin Robbins
- The Ices are vegan and they're excellent. The sugar cones, plain
  cones, and waffle cones are also all vegan.
- According to the VRG, the Sorbets are vegan, but counter labels
  indicate otherwise.

Bob's Big Boy  *VRG
- Decent selection for vegetarians, but limited for vegans.
- Vegetarian items: Garden Lasagna, french fries, onion rings, baked
  potatoes, and coleslaw.

- Very good bagels, almost all of which are vegan. Also serve a very
  good thick hummus and make a garden vegetable sandwich. Have
  nutrition cards, with ingredients, for some items.

Burger King
- The Veggie Burger is now being marketed only in one store in Berkley
  California, and in one town in New York state. Call Burger King's
  "customer comment hotline" at 1-800-YES-1-800 and ask to have it
  made available in your area.
- At this moment all Burger Kings sell a vegetarian Whopper, which is
  just a regular Whopper with the meat pattie removed. Beware, the bun
  may contain lard, so ask at the restaurant you are at before
  ordering. Vegans hold the cheese and mayo. This whopper is not on
  the menu, but they have a button for it on their cash registers.
- Vegan items: Mushroom topping, Barbecue Dipping sauce, French Fries,
  Tater Tenders, Side Salad, Newman's Own Olive Oil and Vinegar
  Dressing, Newman's Own Reduced Calorie Light Italian Dressing,
  Newman's Own French Dressing.
- Onion rings contain whey. The cherry and apple pies contain casein.
  The Snickers Ice Cream Bar contains gelatin. The oat bran bun
  contains dairy products. Their bagels contain egg whites.

California Pizza Kitchen
- Fantastic cheeseless pizza (non-vegan): Roasted eggplant with
  sun-dried tomatos, garlic and fresh spinich on a whole wheat crust,
  served with a light honey-mustard dressing. None of their pizza
  crusts are vegan, as they all contain dairy products of some sort.
  Only one size: individual. Pastas, salads. Smoke-free.

Carl's Jr  *VRG
- French fries, onion rings, zucchini and other fried foods at are
  cooked in vegetable oil.
- Their onion rings and zucchini contain dairy.
- Vegan items: breadsticks, hot dog bun, plain bun, flour tortilla,
  English muffin, and kaiser bun.

Chi-Chi's  *VRG
- Soybean oil is used to prepare the refried beans and other
  deep-fried items.
- Vegan: Chips and Salsa, Vegetable Chajita.
- 'Vegetarian': Cheese Nachos, Guacamole, Chili Con Queso, Vegetable
  and Spinach Quesadillas, Cheese and Onion Enchiladas, Mexican Fried
  Ice Cream, and Mexican Salad.
- Most of their cheeses contain animal rennet, but their Pepperjack
  cheese does not.
- Meat products are fried in the same oil as vegetarian products.

- French fries are fried in the same grease as their chicken.

Churches Fried Chicken  *VRG
- Vegetarian: coleslaw, french fries, okra, mashed potatoes without
- They fry their vegetable products in the same oil as their chicken

Cracker Barrel  *VRG
- Vegetarian: grits, coleslaw, french fries, onion rings, fried okra,
  fried apples, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes,
  sourdough bread (vegan).
- The fried foods are not prepared in separate oil from the meat

Dairy Queen/Brazier  *VRG
- French fries are fried in vegetable oil, and they don't deep-fry
  anything else.
- Garden Salad contains eggs, but the side salad is vegan.

Del Taco  *VRG
- Bean burritos, quesadillas, and tostadas are vegan if requested with
  no cheese. Refried beans are all sauces are vegan. One of their main
  attractions, "The Works", is a vegetarian burrito (the rice contains
  no chicken stock).

Denny's  *VRG
- Vegan: fresh fruits, garden salad (request no eggs).
- French fries and onion rings are cooked in the same oil as meat
- 'Vegetarian': grilled cheese sandwich, veggie cheese melt sandwich.
- Many of their cheeses contain animal rennet.

Domino's Pizza
- Domino's has 4 pizza crust recipes which individual stores can
  choose from. Only one of them is vegan. The rest contain whey, and
  may contain egg, butter, buttermilk, cheese, and other dairy
- The pizza sauce is vegan.

Dunkin' Donuts
- All of their doughnuts contain egg whites and whey. Oddly enough,
  the bavarian cream filling IS vegan.

El Pollo Loco  *VRG
- Have a vegetarian bean burrito which is vegan if ordered without
  cheese. The corn and flour tortillas are both vegan.
- Other vegetarian items: corn, potato salad, coleslaw, side salad,

- Vegan items: French fries, Side Salad.

Jack In The Box  *VRG
- Have a pamphlet which lists the ingredients for all their products.
- The shortening on their griddle is vegetable oil based but contains
  natural butter flavor. The shortening for the deep fryers contains
  no animal products. As a rule they fry French fries and onion rings
  separately from the meats, but this is not strictly enforced.
- Vegan items: hashbrowns, french fries, guacamole, side salad,
  English muffins, hamburger bun, sesame
  breadsticks, tortilla bowl, pita bread, gyro bread.
- Vegetarian items: seasoned curly fries (dairy), onion rings (whey
  and egg), croissants (dairy), sourdough bread (dairy), cinnamon
  churritos (dairy), reduced-calorie French dressing (yogurt).
- Not vegetarian: apple turnover, cheesecake, secret sauce.
- Unknown: low-calorie Italian dressing.

- Vegan items: Corn on the cob (order without butter), French fries.
- Some stores carry a garden salad which is vegan.
- The breads all contain egg products. Mashed potatoes contain butter
  and milk. The garden rice, green beans, mean greens, red beans and
  rice, and BBQ baked beans all contain meat or meat flavorings.

Little Caesars
- Vegan items: Pizza crust & sauce, Crazy Bread (order without
  butter/margarine and cheese), Crazy Sauce, Veggie Sandwich (order
  without cheese), Tossed Salad, Greek Salad (order without cheese),
  Italian dressing, Greek dressing, Lite Italian dressing.
- Presently most Little Caesars use microbial or vegetable rennet in
  their cheese, but the Dallas, Greensboro, Atlanta, and Chicago area
  Little Caesars use animal rennet.

Long John Silver's
- Vegan items: Con Cobbette (order without butter) Salad, Lite Italian
- The fries and hush puppies are prepared in the same oil as the

- They are testing two "non-meat" entrees, including pasta with a
  meatless marinara sauce.
- The french fries are pre-soaked in beef-tallow. This is listed in
  the ingredients as "natural flavoring".
- Vegan items: Barbeque Sauce, Sweet and Sour Sauce, Side Salad, Lite
  Vinaigrette, Hash Browns, Grape Jam, Strawberry Jam, Hotcake Syrup,
  Cheerios, Wheaties, Strawberry Topping, Chocolate Flavored Syrup,
  Strawberry Flavored Syrup, Vanilla Flavored Syrup, McDonaldland
- Their Red French Reduced Calorie Dressing contains anchovies.
- Their vegetarian pizza contains a derivative of hair and the sauce
  contains cheese.
- All three Danishes available contain gelatin.
- Many McDonald's will prepare a Big Mac without meat if requested.
  (The buns are vegan; however, the special sauce contains egg yolk.)
- McDonald's appears to be very interested in informing consumers as
  to what is in their food and provides information on ingredients,
  calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Upon request, any of this
  information can be sent to you by calling 1-800-524-5900.

Pizza Hut
- ** Unconfirmed, but supposedly their sauces are now vegan.
- Vegan items: Thin N Crispy Crust, Hand Tossed Crust. The only vegan
  option: Thin N Crispy or Hand-Tossed Crust with vegetables, no sauce
  or cheese.
- Pan Crust and Breadsticks contain whey, Pizza sauce contains cheese
  flavor and parmesan.
- Their cheese is made with synthetic rennet.
- If it is at all possible for them to modify items on their menu to
  make them vegetarian, they will.

Ponderosa  *VRG
- Salad bar contains vegetables and fruits.
- It seems possible to come up with a decent vegan meal at Ponderosa.

Popeye's  *VRG
- Vegetarian items include: corn on the cob, coleslaw, onion rings,
  apple pie.

Rax  *VRG
- Their beans are pre-cooked with lard, their crackers and croutons
  may contain animal shortening.
- Vegan: spaghetti noodles, three bean salad (occasionally available).
- Vegetarian: rainbow rotini (egg), pasta sauce (Parmesan cheese),
  buns (milk).

Round Table Pizza  *VRG
- Vegan: pizza dough, tomato sauce.
- Their cheese is made with microbial enzymes, and not animal rennet.

Sbarro  *VRG
- Vegetarian: stuffed vegetable pizza (cheese), marinara sauce
  (cheese), baked ziti (egg pasta), mostaccioli (egg pasta).

Shakey's  *VRG
- Vegetarian items that are deep fried are sometimes cooked in the
  same oil as meats.

Skipper's  *VRG
- Vegan: crackers.
- Vegetarian: bread and breadsticks (dairy), baked potatoes, zucchini
  slices, coleslaw (mayonnaise), onion rings (beer-based batter).
- They seem very open to suggestions for new items.

- All Subway franchises have available to them a no-fat vegan burger,
  however they do not all sell them. If they don't, then please ask
  the manager to start selling them. Many (all?) Subway stores in
  south Florida now sell them.
- Vegan items: foot long sub roll (white and whole wheat), salad.
- The 4 inch buns contain egg whites.
- The cheese Subway uses is made with vegetable rennet.
- They will definitely try to accommodate vegetarians.

Taco Bell
- Note: Many Taco Bells will now refuse to serve Bean Tacos claiming
  that they are dangerous, "the beans will ooze out and burn our
- An item that is currently (**July 1995) being tested, at least in
  the Sacramento/Chico, California area is the "Double Decker Taco."
  It's a normal taco wrapped inside a flour tortilla, with beans
  spread between them. Ordered without meat they can be quite
  delicious (if the store steams the flour tortillas long enough,
  otherwise they are dry and pasty).
- Vegan items: Bean Taco (order without cheese, lettuce and tomato
  can be added as an option), Nachos (order without cheese), Pintos
  'n Cheese with Red Sauce (order without cheese), Cinamon Twists.
- Also vegan?: Tostadas minus the cheese.
- The soft burrito tortillas are not vegan, they contain non-fat dry
  milk. The hard corn tortillas however are vegan, as are their
  refried beans.
- They have a "no meat" button on their cash registers which can be
  applied to any menu item.
- Their '7 Layer Burrito' is not vegetarian, it contains sour cream
  made with gelatin, and guacamole made with sour cream (and thus
  gelatin). The rice in the 7 Layer Burrito is now vegetarian, they
  have stopped making it with dehydrated chicken meat.
- Their cheese may or may not contain rennet.
- They don't use lard, tropical oils, MSG, sulfites, yellow dye #3 in
  any products.
- Their phone number is 1-800-TACO-BELL. (Works in Canada too.)

Taco John's  *VRG
- Vegan: guacamole
- Vegetarian: bean burritos, nachos, Potato Ole's, tortillas (dairy).
- No lard or tropical oils are used in any products or food
  preparation, but the deep-fried items are fried in the same oil as
  the meat products.
- Any item on the menu can be made vegetarian by substituting beans
  for meat. If you are vegan, request no cheese or sour cream.
- Their cheese does not contain animal rennet.

Taco Time
- Has always had a company policy of using vegetarian refried beans,
  but some franchisees go against company policy and use beans with
  lard, so you still need to ask at each outlet (but don't ask the
  policy breaking manager).
- Vegan items: tortillas.

TGI Friday's
- Vegan items: Vegetable Medley (steamed vegetables and a roll), with
  no cheese, and a baked potato instead of rice (which contains
  chicken base).
- Have a lacto-vegetarian Garden Burger.
- The rice and the cream of broccoli soup is made with chicken stock.
- They are very interested in expanding their vegetarian selections.

- Apparently Wendy's is test marketing a 'Veggie Burger'. It is
  available at least at one location in Wisconsin, but it's not listed
  on the menu, so you'll have to ask for it and see if they have it.
  If anyone gets any more info on this, please let me know.
- Regular items:
  Vegan: french fries, baked potato, Country Crock margarine (the
  small packets do not contain whey).
  Vegetarian: some baked potato toppings, vegetarian sandwich (bun
  with a choice of toppings, bun contains whey), deluxe garden
  salad, side salad.
- Garden Spot salad bar (at all Wendy's) items:
  Vegan: fruit, vegetables, French dressing, Sweet Red French
  dressing, Golden Italian dressing, and Reduced Calorie Italian
  dressing, chow mein noodles.
  Vegetarian: fat-free French dressing (honey), croutons (whey),
  Pasta Salad (cheese, egg whites), breadsticks, cheddar chips,
  coleslaw, cottage cheese, potato salad, pudding.
- SuperBar (some locations only) items:
  Vegan: spaghetti sauce, rotini, pasta medley, rotini three bean
  salad, three bean salad.
  Vegetarian: alfredo sauce, macaroni and cheese.
- Mexican Fiesta bar (some locations only) items:
  Vegan: refried beans, taco chips, taco sauce, taco shells.
  Vegetarian: flour tortillas (whey).
- All their cheeses are made with microbial enzymes.

National Vegetarian Organizations

Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203, (410) 366-8343, fax: 366-8804
Internet contacts: Brad Scott <> &
  Bobbi Pasternak <>
- Membership $20/yr, includes subscription to "The Vegetarian
  Journal", a bimonthly magazine. This is a non-profit organization
  dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the
  interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and
  world hunger. They produce and sell books, cookbooks, and pamphlets.
  Their phone number is also a vegetarian's questions hot-line.

Vegan Action
P.O. Box 4353, Berkeley, CA 94704-0353
Contact: Leor Jacobi, (510) 654-6297
- Vegan advocacy organization. Distribute information on vegan diets
  and lifestyles, including coookbooks, t-shirts, stickers, and
  resources. Publishes the Vegan News and campaigns for the increased
  availability of vegan foods.

American Vegan Society (AVS)
P.O. Box H, Malaga, NJ 08328, (609) 694-2887
- Membership includes subscribtion to "Ahimsa". Has a very complete
  list of vegetarian books/cookbooks. Order thru them! Annual
  convention. Founded by Jay and Freya Dinshah in 1960. Oldest
  American vegetarian organization.

North American Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 72, Dolgeville, NY 13329
Contact: Brian Graff, (518) 568-7970
- Membership $18/yr, includes subscription to "Vegetarian Voice".
  Annual convention.

Vegetarian Resource Center
P.O. Box 38-1068, Cambridge, MA 02238-1068
Tel: (617) 625-3790, Fax: 357-2596
Contact: Maynard S. Clark
E-mail: / /
- Committed to supporting the formation and development of local
  vegetarian societies throughout North America; building a strong,
  dynamic, positive, healthy, and responsive vegetarian movement
  throughout North America and the world; and supporting the lives of
  vegetarians everywhere, and their personal growth and their working
  out a meaningful and worthwhile future for themselves, their
  associates, and the planet.

Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA)
Contact: Maynard Clark <> or <>
- The regional arm of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU), a
  consortium of vegetarian organizations throughout the planet. VUNA
  is committed to the development of a strong, dynamic, viable
  vegetarian movement throughout North America, supports the
  formation and development of local vegetarian organizations, and
  seeks to manifest the diversity of the vegetarian movement.

706 Frederick Street, Santa Cruz, CA 96062, (408) 423-4069 &
  (800) 451-0303 ext 61
- A non-profit environmental and health educational organization
  committed to reducing both diet-related disease and diet-related
  environmental degradation. EarthSave teaches that our current meat
  and dairy-based diet has a major detrimental impact on our
  environment, our health, animals and all other life. EarthSave
  provides educational programs, materials, and support for people
  wishing to make healthier food choices.

Vegetarian Education Network (VE*Net)
P.O. Box 3347, West Chester, PA 19381, (717) 529-8638
Internet contacts: Sally Clinton <> &
  Brad Scott <>
- A non-profit organization devoted to promoting the vegetarian
  perspective in schools through education and school lunches;
  supporting young vegetarians; and advocating compassionate,
  ecologically sound living. Membership $15/yr, includes a
  subscription to "HOE! (How on Earth!)", a quarterly publication for
  teen vegetarians by teen vegetarians. Outside the U.S.,
  subscriptions are US$20.

The Vegetarian Youth Network
68 DuBois Road, New Paltz, NY 12561
Contact: Tovah Walters-Gidseg <>
- A support network for vegetarian teens run entirely by, and for,
  vegetarian and vegan youth. We have several projects that are being
  coordinated, and would like people's ideas regarding what types of
  services we should offer.

Vegetarian Awareness Network
1-800-USA-VEGE or 1-800-EAT-VEGE. (615) 558-VEGE in Nashville, TN.
- National vegetarian info hotline run by the Tennessee Vegetarian
  Society. (Don't abuse the 800 number.)

Vegetarian Life, Special Interest Group of MENSA
P.O. Box 3425, Shell Beach, CA 93448

Vegetarian Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 34427, Los Angeles, CA 90034, (619) 492-8803 / (714) 647-5590

Afro-American Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 46, Colonial Park Station, New York, NY 10039

Friends Vegetarian Society of North America
P.O. Box 6956, Louisville, KY 40206
- Quaker organization.

Jewish Vegetarians of North America
P.O.Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203
or 6938 Reliance Road, Federalsburg, MD 21632, (410) 754-5550

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
P.O. Box 6322, Washington, DC 20015, (202) 686-2210
Fax: (202) 686-2216
- Membership $20/yr, receive: Good Medecine. Headed by Dr. Neal
  Barnard. Sell a kit designed to introduce vegetarian foods into
  institutional menus.

Assoc. of Vegetarian Dietiticians & Nutrition Educators (VEGEDINE)
3674 Cronk Road, Montour Falls, NY 14865, (607) 535-6089

Other Vegetarianism Promoting Groups

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
P.O. Box 42516, Washington, DC 20015, (301) 770-PETA
- Largest AR organization in the U.S.. Publishes "Cruelty-free
  Shopping Guide".

Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM)
PO Box 30654, Bethesda, MD 20824, (301) 530-1737
- Organizers of The Great American Meatout & other annual events.

No Compromise, Ricardo Jomarron
173 Jackson Street, Madison, WI 53704, (608) 249-9845
- An organization started by Ricardo Jomarron who broke off from
  Greenpeace when it made the calculated decision not to address
  animal agriculture as an environmental issue.

SNARE (Students Networking for Animal Rights Everywhere)
1002 N. Fountain, Springfield, OH 45504, (513) 322-6099
- A network of students involved with animal rights issues working to
  build alliances with other students around the world. For more info,
  or to receive their publication "SNARE Bites Back", send an e-mail
  to To subscribe to the SNARE e-mail
  discussion list, send an e-mail to

American Natural Hygiene Society
P.O. Box 30630, Tampa, FL 33630, (813) 855-6607
Contact: Jim Lennon
- Publisher of Health Science, a bimonthly magazine dedicated to
  natural health. Publishes many books and tapes of great vegetarian
  writers and thinkers. Hosts an annual summer convention with natural
  hygienist speakers and great food. Wonderful organization.

Vegetarian Magazines

Vegetarian Times
Tel: (800) 435-9610

Vegetarian Journal
P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203, (410) 366-VEGE
E-mail: Bobbi Pasternak <>
- Published by the Vegetarian Resource Group (see above).

Veggie Life
P.O. Box 57159, Boulder, CO 80322-7159

Vegetarian Gourmet
P.O. Box 7641, Riverton, NJ 08077-7641 (08077-9141?)

Vegetarian Singles News
P.O. Box 300412, Brooklyn, NY 11230-0412
Contact: Art Goldberg, (718) 633-9817
- Magazine directed towards unmarried vegetarians worldwide with the
  goal of helping them meet each other. Also provides information on
  vegetarian lifestyle. Originally designed to be accessed in three
  formats: hard copy subscription (with letter forwarding options),
  voice mail (via 900 telephone # now active in the US) and Internet
  (but some snag happened).

Good Medicine, PCRM
P.O. Box 6322, Washington, DC 20015, (202) 686-2210

The Animal's Agenda
3201 Elliott Street, Baltimore, MD 21224, (410) 675-4566
E-mail: Kim Stallwood <>

Vegetarian Newsletters

A Vegan's Journal
c/o Bill Maddex, P.O. Box 2552, Madison, WI 53701-2252.
- Billy Magic's gourmet vegan cooking newsletter. Contains original
  recipes, information on vegan cooking techniques not covered in
  other publications, information about vegan products, and Bill's own
  reflections on food and the fun of making it. The newsletter comes
  out once every six weeks and is about 15-20 pages per issue. It
  should include two 4-5 course dinners and 1 or 2 simple but elegant
  weekday evening dinners per issue. 1995 subscription rates are US:
  $20/yr, Canada: US$24/yr, and Europe US$29/yr. Don't miss your
  opportunity to subscribe to what promises to be a great vegan
  cooking newsletter.

Mail-Order Companies

Vegetarian Resource Group
P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203, (410) 366-8343
Internet contact: Brad Scott <>
- Vegetarian books, cookbooks, bumper stickers, postcars, pamphlets,
  etc. Free catalog by e-mail. This service is run by a non-profit
  organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and
  the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and
  world hunger. Accept Mastercard and VISA. Foreign orders welcome.

The Mail Order Catalog
P.O. Box 180, Summertown, TN 38483, (800) 695-2241, (615) 964-3571
- Free catalog. Great collection of vegetarian cookbooks, TVP (flakes,
  granules, & super chunks), instant gluten flour, nutritional yeast,
  tempeh starters. Have a separate Canadian catalog.

The PAWS Store
8503 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone/FAX: (206) 782-1700
- Books, cookbooks, cruelty-free items, clothing, shoes, fake leather
  jackets, vegetarian pet food, household and personal care products,
  gift items, buttons, stickers, posters. Everything is vegan! Managed
  by Bob Chorush, previously of The Animal Rights Store/Catalog. Free
  catalog. Will ship to Canada.

Apple Valley Market
9067 U.S. 31, Berrien Springs, MI 49103, (800) BERRIEN
- Sells meat substitutes, nuts, seeds, soy cheese and other stuff.
  Have Worthington, LaLoma, and Cedar Lake products. Cedar Lake
  products tend to be fat-free.

Cyberspace Natural Foods
c/o Gary Miller, 50 Concord Street, Apt 6, Malden, MA 02148
- A mail order business delivering high quality natural foods
  products, cookware, books, and body care items to your doorstep at
  prices on average less than your local natural foods store. What's
  unique about this service is that we provide many unique and hard to
  find items that most health food stores don't offer. Send an e-mail
  with a list of the types of products that you are interested in and
  Gary will send you a price list.

Hilyard & Hilquist
PO Box 5175, Modesto, CA, (800) 933-2672
- Ship seasonal and dried natural food all over the US and Canada. The
  food is grown or processed in Stanislaus county, California.
  Raisins, nut oils, dried fruit and herbs, rice, fresh produce in
  season (apricots, asparagus, melons, etc). Produce is shipped
  directly from the farmer to the customer. They have a monthly news
  letter. Open 24 hours.

Harvest Direct
P.O. Box 4514, Decateur, IL 62525, (800) 8-FLAVOR, (217) 422-3324
- Burgers, TVP, sauces, herbs, mixes, excellent vegan Worchestershire
  sauce. Ask for their excellent catalog. Will ship to Canada.

Garden Spot Distributers
Route 1 Box 729A, New Hollare, PA 17557, (800) 829-5100
- Bulk foods, speciality items.

Foods of India, Sinha Trading Co. Inc.
120 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10026, (212) 683-4419
- Will not ship to Canada.

Walnut Acres, Penns Creek, PA 17862, (800) 433-3998
- Non-vegetarian, but sell organic foods. Expensive.

Evergreen Y.H. Enterprises, P.O. Box 17538, Anaheim, CA 92817
- A great source for exotic seeds. Have a catalog. Some of the seeds
  offered are: Amaranth, Asparagys Bean, Bitter Gourd, Bunching Onion,
  Burdock, Catabash, Carrot, Celetuce, Chinese Cabbage, Chinese
  Celery, Chinese Kale, Chinese Leek, Coriander, Garland
  Chrysanthemum, Green Bean, Hon-Tsai-Tai, Kohlrabi, Komatsuma, Large
  Wax Gourd, Lettuce, Luffa, Mint, Mitsuba, Oriental Basil, Oriental
  Cucumber, Oriental Eggplant, Oriental Mustard, Oriental Radish,
  Perilla, Small Wax Gourd, Snow Peas, Spinach, Turnip, Yo Choy, etc.

EarthSave, (800) 451-0303 ext. 61
- Can someone please tell me what they sell.

Don't Be Cruel Inc, PO Box 46504, Chicago, IL 60646-0504
- Mail order.

Aesop Inc, PO Box 315, North Cambridge, MA 02140, (617) 628-8030
  (617) 492-6165(?)
- Non-leather shoes, hiking boots, belts, bags, and accessories. Their
  shoes are so wonderful that even non-vegetarians buy shoes from

Heartland Products, Box 218, Dakota City, IA 50529, (515) 332-3087
  Fax: (515) 332-2179
- Big selection of non-leather shoes. All-canvas and leather-like
  hiking boots. Non-leather baseball and softball gloves.

Eco Design Company, 1365 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe, NM 87502
- Great selection of t-shirts. Organic clothing, organic jeans,  shoes
  made with recycled materials, earth friendly cleaning products,
  natural art supplies, deodorant crystals, makeup, homeopathic
  remedies, gardening supplies. Somewhat inexpensive.

Humane Street USA, 467 Saratoga Avenue, #300, San Jose, CA 95129,
  (408) 243-2530

Vegan Street Company, PO Box 5525, Rockville, MD 20855, (301) 869-0086

Amberwood, Route 2 Box 300, Milner, GA 31762, (404) 358-2991

Humane Alternative Products, 8 Hutchins Street, Concord, NH 03301

Beauty Without Cruelty, 2 contacts:
  175 W. 12th Street, New York, NY 10012
  P.O. Box 19373, San Rafael, CA 94913, (415) 382-7784
- Cosmetics.

Compassionate Consumer, P.O. Box 27, Jericho, NY 11753, (718) 445-4134

Heart's Desire, 1307 Dwight Way, Dept C, Berkeley, CA 94702

Spare the Animals, P.O. Box 233, Tiverton, RI 02878, (401) 625-5963

Out Of The Blue, PO Box 619, Absecon, NJ 08201
- Cotton handbags to weekender packs.

Yuval, 651 S. Wells Street, Suite 201, Chicago, IL 60607,
  (312) 937-1163
- Purses, briefcases and portfolios.

Seventh Generation, (800) 456-1177
- "Products for a Healthy Planet."

Payless Shoes sells synthetic leather shoes, New Balance all synthetic
sneakers, and Rugged Outback leatherlike hiking sneakers.

Contact PETA for a free cruelty-free shopping guide.

Vegetarian Travel Agencies

Environmental Travel, (800) 929-3005
- A travel agency for vegetarians/vegans, environmentalists, and
  animal rights activists. This agency is operated by Jed and Susan
  Civic, who are vegan.

Donna Zeigfinger, All Ways Travel
4701 Sangamore Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816, (301) 229-1600, (800) 783-8990
- Vegetarian travel consultant. "Seems to know her stuff and keeps up
  to date."

Vegetarian Cooking School

Natural Gourmet Cookery School
48 West 21st Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10010, (212) 645-5170
- 20 week program. Director: Anne Marie Colbin. Established in 1977.


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