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I have two Yellow Labs. One has a chronic ear wax problem...

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Question by Mark
Submitted on 5/20/2004
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I have two Yellow Labs.  One has a chronic ear wax problem and is constantly scratching and sometimes cutting the entrance lobs to the ear.  I am desperately looking for preventative measures if not a cure.  I have received several clearing methods but nothing for prevention.  Can anyone, anyone at all help me with this matter?  I love my dogs.  They mean the world to me and I feel horrible about the two year old and his condition. He is also feeding Purina Pro Plan Lamb & Rice Formula for healthy skin and coat.

Answer by mieka
Submitted on 9/21/2004
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Mark, My husband and I own two yellow labs.  With our two year old, she has the same problem. The vet told us it was a form of allergy and not to change her food or treats.  As if she was having a reaction to it.  Since we keep her on the same diet and routine we haven't had a problem.  I have noticed that she will get a little build up from time to time, but nothing severe.  Just like child, when you get a bad ear infection when young, you are more acceptable to them later in life.


Answer by L J
Submitted on 10/20/2004
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what you can do is keep them out of the water also when you clean his ears use a cotton ball.


Answer by Nicole
Submitted on 12/29/2004
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My husband and I have a 1 1/2 yr old Choc Lab and are getting a yellow lab puppy soon. Our lab has had continuous problems with her ears, since we got her, when she was 7 weeks old. Our vet said that she just has allergies and she is now on Benedryl 5-6 pills per day (depending on weight) and probably will be for the rest of her life. She doesn't mind it at all, we put them in peanut butter, morning, afternoon and evening and she doesn't shake her head like she did and/or scratch her ears. Look into this with your vet - it has helped our Lola immensly. Good Luck!


Answer by Towman
Submitted on 2/12/2005
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Hello, I have a 2 and a half year old yellow lab with the same problem...  Please let me know if you have found the answer to your dog's problem..
Shawn in Canada.. BTW  it smells real bad..


Answer by sandawn4200
Submitted on 10/22/2006
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my lab had ear problems it was ear mites i went to the vets he gsve me ear drops and it cleared up


Answer by Becca1024
Submitted on 11/18/2006
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You should try switching the dog food that you have your dogs on.  I currently have a boxer and she is on Buffalo Blue Dog food.  I just got a 2 year old yellow lab about one month ago. He was on Purina Dog Chow.  I was cleaning his ears like everyday. Now that he has been on the Buffalo Blue Dog Food his ears do not smell and I do not clean them as often as I was. You can the Buffalo Blue Dog Food at Pets-Mart Stores.


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