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Was there more then one actor that played Col. Penobscot? by ann 4/6/04 M*A*S*H FAQ: Character List
     Lt. Colonel Penobscot was played by Beeson Carroll in "Margaret's Marriage" (ep 115... by BRENTH 6/22/04  
how can i get a copy of the jennifer lopez visit where she cut up madonna and gwyneth... by vivi 6/3/04 The Official David Letterman Song Book
I have a 95 grand Cherokee that goes out of gear when going down the road.I have to come... by james 3/13/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
Some global objects were not initialized when executing, after porting my c++ code to aix... by Feng 2/3/04 comp.unix.aix Frequently Asked Questions (Part 5 of 5)
"How do I subscribe?" is not answered. by bdv 3/31/04 N/A
Why do jpgs open up fine on my computer through programs such as photoshop and internet... by jbr 2/3/04 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
I have a 2.00 bill with yellow numbers and seal, has something been done to it or is it... by butcher62 3/3/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ way this note was printed this way.What's happening here is a chemical was used to... by Pete3/3/04  
The ulimit -n command specifies the limit on the number of file descriptors a process may... by Nirav Shah 5/13/04 comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ
     ulimit -n by Chetan 3/6/2006  
is it true, that a gigantic oil field has recently been discovered in the danish part of... by mana 3/23/04 Nordic FAQ - 3 of 7 - DENMARK
I visited some site to download some free software. From that day IE is behaving strangely... by Anand 3/13/04 alt.usenet.reposts (AUR) and alt.usenet.reposts.d (AURd) Frequently Asked Questions
I have driven through NY a couple of times and I would like to know the name of the bridge... by lizzy 4/3/04 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     if it is 10pm Melbourne what time will it be in Perth by Nato 6/3/2007  
I just submitted an email question, but am adding more info. I have a 1935A $1.00 bill... by cheryl 5/12/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi...a very common note to collectors in circulated grades.Probably a dealer offer price... by Pete 5/14/04  
since yesterday,i found a virus in my computer,i can not open any microsoft page,that... by   aliomar1962 6/2/04 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
In the movie "Hello Dolly" was the style a Prussian Major-domo style? by Rebekah 2/2/04 Historical Costuming FAQ
Yes I lost my social card and i need to know where I can get another one. My email is... by Corinne 5/12/04 Social Security Number FAQ
     new account by Tony 12/27/04  
im engaged to a wonderful man that is awaiting a transplant.he is blind and on dialysis.he... by danita 6/7/04 FAQ: bit.listserv. transplant, Organ transplant ng (Part 1 of 4)
Created ftp account. We can ftp to it, but cannot see sub directories, what is the... by albertg 4/2/04 Anonymous FTP: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List
     i really like , its mine pleasure that i made a account on it by sikander 10/11/04  
Hi I use a power mac G4 USB et FW. I'm looking for a device to control an electric switch... by Philippe Mortimer 3/12/04 N/A
I am developing a generator of traffic in language C, but I need to make some temporizatio... by momo 5/12/04 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
     On Linux you can use the function nanosleep. It pauses execution for a specified time. ... by mmj 5/19/2006  
It there a commercially available Ethernet encryptor available that operates on a true... by David 6/2/04 Cryptography FAQ (01/10: Overview)
     sw7vFEd26r lXl0nii4HeTYYH JTI5wZ2mhZ by 26Su4A2fbD 2/18/2006  
     Yes, there are several companies that offer an Ethernet encryptor. One of them is... by Lifeguard 2/24/2006  
Gibt es tatsächlich diese ominöse "weiße Dose", mit der bei Burger king das Fleisch... by Bauch 2/2/04 [FAQ] <2004-08-09>
I can get from a snmp agent. but I can set a valid value to a writable leaf the same... by waiwaizi 2/2/04 comp.protocols.snmp SNMP FAQ Part 1 of 2
I want to know about articles relating to "component reuse through formal methods". I've... by Atifah Ali 5/12/04 FAQ (Part 3): readings mil/crosstalk/2004/04/0404Russell.html by software guy 6/15/05  
I have received some $1.00 silver certificates varying from 1935G,H,I,J-1957. Most of them... by Ladysarajane 6/1/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..the blue seal indicates that they are Silver Certifciates.US currency in it's history... by Pete6/5/04  
     Would you please tell me if the $5 silver certificate has to have the word "silver" on it... by bobbiehasquestion 11/12/05  
Why don't I save my file in which there's some Chinese characters? And How can I solve... by peacock 2/6/04 vi editor FAQ (Frequently Asked Question List), Part 1/2
I need help with a dog with sinus Sadie has been on antibiotics, prednisone and shots of... by Sadielady 5/11/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     We have the same problem with a 10 year old Collie. He has had every antibiotic available... by egenolf 4/9/2006  
What does a small box about the size of a standard note mean. It appears in a piece of... by btride72 3/11/04 FAQ:
We reside in central Alberta, and in the process of looking for a new pet. Does anyone... by Alberta Laker's  2/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Breed-FAQ
Since my ISP changed my "static" IP (it's suppose to be static), I've been having a LOT of... by johnny 2/1/04 comp.protocols.tcp-ip. domains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Part 1 of 2)
why can the senator not be sent e-mail for others to read and submit to him? We all pay... by belwa3 5/21/04 alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 20040104 - ASFAQ.txt (1/1)
     i don't know by nomad 12/5/05  
What is a two stage multiple description video coding? answer me in brief... what is drift... by ezhilan 2/1/04 MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [0/9]
I've computed and solved the most famous unsolved problem in mathematics. I state that Pi... by Laurence 2/1/04 N/A
Agradeceria si alguien pudiera decirme donde se consiguen productos argentinos en Berlin... by Mara 5/11/04 Soc.culture.Argentina & Argentine Mailing List FAQ (Part 1 of 8)
     Hola existe en la Graefestrasse un local de loteria casi en la esquina de Kotbusser Damm... by Carlos 4/11/05  
How would you ensure that a +10.00 reading perscription was not dispensed so that the... by 2/1/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/5
How would you ensure that a +10.00 reading perscription was not dispensed so that the... by Janan 2/1/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/5
When doing selects using bcp format (-m bcp) with SQSH is there a way to suppress the ... by Tapón 4/1/04 Sybase FAQ: 9/19 - ASE Admin (6 of 7)
     You can set the row separator character to be blank like this: sqsh -L bcp_rowsep="" by Doug 7/20/2006  
Is it possible to change the language of the Psion 5 actually it is in dutch i'dlike to... by Horus 3/11/04 PSION Series 5 palmtop FAQ
What I need is a somewhat better (i.e. larger) biography of Robert Jordan as is to be... by kraefzke 3/16/04 rec.arts.sf.written. robert-jordan FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
if i am given values assumed by a few points in space lying on a curve , how to find the... by varun 6/1/04 algorithms Frequently Asked Questions
Name that game! Please If anyone is an experienced Jap Mega Drive gamer can they name... by BLUEBLADE 2/5/04 Anime video games list (regular posting)
Please explain the reasons for the significant peaks and valleys in the price of petrol... by catgorman 3/10/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
I am married to a US citizen for the past 3 years. I fulfilled all naturalization... by Priya 4/5/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     i am an indian passport holder.i would like to apply british passport.what are the... by vidya 7/17/2007  
How can I make Borland 7.0 recognize the mouse on my laptop? by Kofi 2/3/04 comp.lang.pascal. borland Mini-FAQ
What dog's coat has many colours, been around for a while and contributed to the developme... by Amanda 3/10/04 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
what were mary ann's favorite things to do back home? by lola17 6/3/04 Gilligan's Island FAQ: Episode Guide
I am involved in a project where I will be delivering voice, data and audio visual over a... by brave 5/10/04 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
     could use more info, however you should run cat5e or cat6 if possible, also you should run... by sub 5/23/04  
My wife and I have been talking about her getting a hood piercing. We hoped she could get... by jaybird 5/10/04 alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
     Don't know why you're asking ths question here. Go to and read. by Star 5/25/04  
I have a 12 week old chi, he is perfectly normal he runs and plays a lot but I can hear... by anita 1/30/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Take him to a vet right away, it sounds like your chi might have what is called 'slipped... by chimama2/4/04  
Who controls routers and it's protocol by Dorth 3/18/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The cause of ozone by garley 6/17/04 Ozone Depletion FAQ Part I: Introduction to the Ozone Layer
     why does the ozoen is created and what do we do for it to create by snoopy 12/14/2006  
Looking a good assortment of variety of key blanks by Paul 5/12/04 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     try FOLEY- BELSAW. by ed 8/18/05  
which of these are native to San Diego? you can e-mail me at thank... by kwete1er 3/19/04 rec.pets.*: Fleas, Ticks, and Your Pet FAQ
i would like to know if there anyone in Massachusetts or surrounding New England States... by KIY 4/29/04 N/A
what is the differnce between MIDI files and MP3 files? by coitus 3/19/04 Midi files/software archives on the Internet
is it possible to use port 0 for simple i/o when it is also used for the memory mapping? ... by jitesh 3/19/04 8051 microcontroller FAQ
I want to have access to a website that can give me information about medicinal plants by NGEA DANIEL KUM 5/9/04 alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 20040104 - ASFAQ.txt (1/1)
     dfsgtrghf by nhghjfj 4/3/2007  
What is the solution for the error reached end of input while seeking... by Bhavani 3/19/04 [de.comp.lang.perl. misc] mini-FAQ <2003-08-26>
how does "juxtaposition of opposites" in the postmodern world play its part? how is it... by wah17 3/19/04 Alt.Postmodern FAQ
I am going to be visiting my boyfriend in the US on a visa waiver form ..I have a feeling... by Rosie Grosjean 1/29/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     aceppt his or her . that's ok by Duan lianpan4/26/04  
I wanted to know if any one knew a place I can get my belly button pierced close to... by *LACY*M*G* 3/14/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
Unground Outlets by Eric Neathery 4/16/04 Hungarian electronic resources FAQ
What happens if you take your dog a shower every day? by Maggie 6/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Health Care Issues FAQ
     If you bathe your pet more than once a week you may dry the skin out and cause them to get... by Jennifer 1/26/05  
     they will get the rabies by gian 10/18/05  
Where can I find a accurate guitar tab of Suite for 20G? by 30yrWannabe 2/1/04 FAQ
I have two interface cards on my AS4100. show interface display only one interface WF0 not... by venk 3/8/04 OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/5
Where will I find the Legislation on Adoption of children in SA. My daughter is a student... by Sheryld 3/8/04 alt.adoption FAQ 1: Introduction & Search Links
hi How can i interface a MSC1210 (Precision Analog-to-Digital Converter with 8051... by maarten 3/18/04 8051 microcontroller FAQ
Does coffee count as your daily liquid needs? by Jade  4/5/04 Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
     Hello Jade, Coffee should not count towards your daily fluid intake requirements. I... by Pat Kemke 8/30/04  
what is special numbers? by ginio 6/25/04 sci.math FAQ: Special Numbers and Functions
I live in Hong Kong and I have rosacea for over one year and i am taking doxy which is... by hazeltea 5/7/04 Rosacea Frequently Asked Questions v1.16
     Yes.1st one. by Shomor 11/12/04  
Are you familiar with the anesthesia drug called Cevoflow? Do you think this is a safe... by Heidi 4/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     I'm not familiar with the drug, but only a certified vet experienced in anesthetizing... by chimama4/19/04  
     The drug you are probably referring to is called Sevolurane, an alternative inhaled... by Anesthetist5/12/04  
     i want to know about some doubts about anesthetic drugs by mandeep kaur 1/24/2007  
My Siberian Husky has a very odd infatuation with licking my fingers. I am pretty... by Britesparx 7/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     My Huskies always lick my hand when they see it just in case I have a treat there. Your... by Tanisha 7/9/04  
     Ok i'm only 15 but have a lot of experience with animals. Have you noticed how puppies... by Nikki15 9/15/05  
On febr 27, we found a black retriver on our street in Tualatin, Oregon. The dog was... by Bob Grogg 3/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: Flat-Coated Retrievers Breed-FAQ
Am traveling to Scotland March 20 to 29-04. Looking for unusual, comfortable B&B or... by amplifyandrea 3/7/04 FAQ
How old is to old to breed for a male chihuahua. by jen 5/10/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     I read online that a male chihuahua can be bred until he reaches well into his teen years.... by Taylor 6/5/2006  
I need a PL/I compiler for Windows 98. A full version with documentation. I'm an... by FrankJay 3/7/04 PL/I Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
"electricity like" pain from fingers to shoulder in right arm although pain has gone away?... by dee 3/17/04 ER FAQ 5.00, Section 6: Medical Questions (6/8)
1)State the SFRs thatrelated to timing function of the 8051 microcontroller. 2)Breifly... by vidusha 4/27/04 8051 microcontroller FAQ
How do I access my account? by AB 2/24/04 Bible Frequently Asked Questions
I have set up a mail server using dynamic DNS. Before I got a MX record I could recieve... by claytonj001 5/6/04 Client-server mail protocols FAQ
     I have the same problem by topo22 4/16/2007  
Can two people split a round trip fare? by Bobbi 2/4/04 FAQ: Air Traveler's Handbook 1/4 [Monthly posting]
we have a dual receiver for two TVs. If we purchase another dual receiver will we be able... by baby 3/16/04 Satellite TV Frequently Asked Questions List
When was the last olympic fours and eights competitions skated versus singles and pairs. by coop 3/6/04 Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Introduction and Netiquette
Was Kirby Smith on the Confederate side or the union side during the Civil War by Bobster 5/6/04 U.S. Civil War Reading List
     facts on confederates during the civil war by lexi 5/19/05  
Have a female collie full blooded not reg'sbut would like to breed her for pick of litter... by Kathy Triplett 3/6/04 rec.pets.dogs: Bearded Collies Breed-FAQ
datasets in ftp of sea surface temperature and wind of Pacific ocean by Maria Paz 4/26/04 Meteorology FAQ Part 3/7: Sources of research data
who were the earliest settlers of New Zealand? by sara 5/19/04 The FAQ
     The first European settlers, meaning families, were the missionaries who arrived in the... by Kath Hansen 3/5/05  
If my opponet makes his creature to were all of my creatures have to block at the same... by A.J. 5/6/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     First off, you can't just randomly throw something away from your hand without reason, so... by Buzz Topaz 5/12/04  
98 cirrus has a bad evaporator how do you get to the screws to drop the plenum. by larry 7/6/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
I am in the process of writing an article about Jeffery Graham who currently plays with... by Lindsey 3/11/04 UPA Collegiate Rankings - Women's Division
When using ability's.......If it has a ":" symbol in it, with out a "(~>)"tap symbol,... by COMBO 1/25/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Activated abilities of permanents are written like this... Cost : Effect Everything... by MillMaster3/4/04  
Can anyone tell me with 100% certain that AC/DC with Bon Scott never played a show in... by da_leafs 3/5/04 alt.rock-n-roll.acdc Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
how can I delete the first 17 charachters of all the lines in my file? by elly 5/5/04 vi editor FAQ (Frequently Asked Question List), Part 1/2
     :%s/^.\{17}// by jds5/15/04  
     Kodak \ by cody 5/11/2006  
from UNIX to IBM mainframe - how do I specify the record length of the file I wish to... by sharon 3/15/04 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (1/7) [Frequent posting]
Where can you find an embedded processor? by ree 2/3/04 Embedded Processor and Microcontroller primer and FAQ
is their any competitions for 2004 in the UK for street dancers? by MADASS 3/18/04 Robot Competition FAQ for October 2004
How can i go for COM3 and COM4 in BSP for pc 386.AS by default only 2 serial ports are... by phani 3/5/04 comp.os.vxworks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [LONG]
Emneth Angling 21 Gaultree square Emneth Norfolk England PE14 8DA Tel 44, 01945... by MICK ASKER 3/5/04 FAQ Questions and Answers
What is the differences between the following sql commands. Here the "emp" table is... by Dillip 7/5/04 [FAQ] Oracle Database FAQ
     First will not work b/c nested query will not return "empno" instead it will return "mgr".... by ZASHA 1/24/05  
     Dilip, Result will be same.But, 1.Now u have only 3 values for mgr column .Consider... by Biski 12/20/05  
PLEASE APP EMAIL CA ADDRESS WRITE by YOUSAF 20 5/5/04 MailMan WWW email interface v2.0 FAQ
     idf by Brandon 10/4/05  
Does anyone have a copy of tonight's(march 4th 2004)show. I REALLY NEED IT. Viggo... by Julie 3/5/04 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
Hi, i am developing an application using perl which connects to a website then login to... by S Domadia 3/10/04 comp.lang.perl.* FAQ 0/5 - Introduction
i own a 1996 dodge grand voyager van and I'm experience a problem related with the fuel... by cruiserboy811 4/24/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
I am Russian historic, study history of inter-religious tensions in last 50 years, and... by Vladimir Nosov 3/4/04 [soc.culture.pakistan] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
I have a 2001 Tundra and the driver window has fallen off track. Need help to fix window. ... by Beau 5/4/04 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     I am replacing the rear driver side door window and was wondering how to get the new... by ATRAIN 10/5/05  
What would the typical hardware required be to run a client server network say for 10... by bod 3/4/04 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
If a card say pay 2 mana and regenerate target creature" can i regenerate a creature... by xingthebling 3/24/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     You can only regenerate a creature from a graveyard the same turn it was sent there. For... by shakilo 3/27/04  
     This isnt exactly true. Regeneration is what we call a Replacement Effect. In this case,... by MillMaster4/7/04  
I gave my mom custody when I knew I was going into detention so my baby wouldn't go into... by courtney 5/4/04 alt.adoption FAQ 1: Introduction & Search Links
     I don't want to live with my mom because can't go anywhere with my friends. i don't do... by killbv12 7/23/2006  
I want to do a course to lern microntroller where i join it please give me the address. by vijay 5/4/04 8051 microcontroller FAQ
     For Atmel/Intel 8051 microcontroller basic tutorials Tutorial include Interfacing... by Mahesh 2/25/2006  
Hi, i am developing an application using perl which connects to a website then login to... by S Domadia 3/9/04 comp.lang.perl.* FAQ 0/5 - Introduction
HELLO,I FOUND TWO 1840 BILLS AT A GARAGE SALE. ONE OF THEM IS FOR A 1000.00 NO. 8894 AND... by julie 6/13/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..they are fake.The $1000 note is a copy and very famous bogus note with the serial... by Pete7/4/04  
Does anyone know the law in tennessee about blue windsheild wiper lights. by crazy ed 3/3/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
how do you get communication back in a married when your partner doesn't think there is a... by confused 3/13/04 Emotional Support on the Internet
My daughter and I are disputing the father of our puppies, she told me it is possible for... by Mudchub 3/23/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     yes, it is true...each time a female is mated she can become pregnant, therefore more than... by nursecan743/31/04  
     yes it is very true they can have lots of differnt breeds in them it depends on who you... by nikki  11/11/04  
List the procedures for an experiment you would do to tell if a liquid was an acid or a... by Lil Red 3/3/04 Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
For someone who receive this:I would like to know the chords of " New Hymn" by James... by mario boglioli 4/28/04 FAQ
what is ccr format? please help me by sam 6/21/04 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
I have had heated discussion this day so i have 3 questions. 1 - what happens to... by jsportive 1/28/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     #1: The trampling creature only needs to assign an amount of damage equal to the blockers... by MillMaster2/3/04  
I Just need some information on some burned up jumpers on my motherboard by G-Unit 5/3/04 hardware.* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 1/5
     replace by nona 7/12/04  
I have a 91' Jetta, gas model. I tried replacing the alternator belt, but was unsuccessful... by grinner 5/3/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     sounds to me like its stuck. put some penetrating oil on the pivot. carefully pry it with... by Bubba 9/6/04  
how much is the 1 pound from Biafra worth today? by lil t4/6/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     one British pound is equivalent to one biafra pound. by Godspowr5/25/04  
I am travelling inthe wrong direction. what is the cvc code by procute 3/2/04 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
I just moved in with a new family and we have a 2 year old female Golden. She has gone... by anne 4/22/04 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
I am writing a short paper for school about the differences between Unix and Windows... by spkmyer21 5/2/04 Welcome to comp.unix.questions [Frequent posting]
     sdfdsag by John Smith 1/24/2006  
My cairn has been breaking out in little scabby sores. They seem to itch and sometimes... by Harley's Mom 3/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Cairn Terriers Breed-FAQ
what is the right command for a longer version of \hookrightarrow? How can I point it... by tobi 3/12/04 TeX, LaTeX, DANTE e.V.: FAQ - Fragen und Antworten (Part 9 of 11)
how do I find a member from cleveland named Mona she recieved her degree from West tech... by 4/22/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
I am doing a paper, and woudl like to no the number of memebers practicing in the world... by Toni 3/2/04 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
I live in Michigan, my son was convicted of possesion of cocaine less than 50 grams, he... by doc 3/2/04 talk.politics.guns Official Pro-Gun FAQ 1/2
Springer Spanial has what looks like her water break on day 61.lots of clear fluid,... by ralph 3/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
main() { char s[10]="fun()"; ----- ----- } void fun() {------- -------- } Now... by Balu 4/22/04 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
On loading Windows I get a notice appear saying....OPENSITE. Runtime Error 53 not found. ... by Mags 3/2/04 comp.os.msdos. programmer FAQ part 5/5
I know about "The Final Frontier" song. But does anybody have any idea where/how to get... by eddiechen 1/31/04 FAQ, Part 9/9
I have to write I a program involving a boolean function. Is this just like using boolean... by soconfused 3/31/04 C++ FAQ (part 1 of 10)
     I am pushpedra kumar I learain to boolean function by pushpendra kumar pandey 8/3/2006  
I compressed bunch of 3 1/2 floppies using windows 95 a few years ago. Now using... by has 1/31/04 comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3)
What is "The Stack" and how do you use the card Mirari. by Rovert 2/24/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     The "stack" is the core or all spell resolutions. In combination with the concept of... by MillMaster3/2/04  
     mill master...your my hero...i would have been to lazy to type all that..and it seems you... by Sasuke6/24/04  
Cell Format - I would like to save my own number format in custom format. Specifically... by Trevor Hook 3/31/04 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
     what is cell format by uji 9/12/2006  
I want to know where I can find stores that sell 18th century women's gowns? by ingrid 1/31/04 Historical Costuming FAQ
I am facing deportation in the US and about to marry a Canadian permanent resident. Can... by blackie 3/31/04 N/A
     Dear Sir, Good day to you and your company, I need your help to find out very important... by james 12/15/05  
I have a 27 yr. old brother who was born with GBS. At the time, the doctors said it could... by Deborah 1/31/04 Group B Strep FAQ
acceptance test of ADSL access and DSLAM equipments by khaled 6/24/04 Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) FAQ v20010108
     lalalalalla by Zo 6/1/05  
I am looking for a female puppy, German shepherd that will be a good companion and that... by Syd 3/6/04 N/A
where do i get information as to what is needed for a citizen of the UK to get a visa in... by irafool 3/11/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
please, the question about the source code of "man" UNIX command is time sensitive. if... by mnassar 4/21/04 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (1/7) [Frequent posting]
Can you use a card that says "regenerate target green creature" to regenerate a green... by Crackhead 1/20/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Yes, a token is a creature, its just not a creature card. As long as the only restriction... by MillMaster2/3/04  
how do pitt bulls act-for school on Fri help by oiuytrewq 4/28/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
question 7.17 in "C how to program" has me pulling out my hair. How do you go about... by gummybear 3/10/04 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
I had a PA piercing about 3 weeks ago it seemed to be rejecting the hole seemed to get... by tom 3/30/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     I had a PA done 1 week ago and I love it. It and I are still getting to know each other. ... by tr6 11/14/2006  
I have a drug test on 7 June 2004, what can I do to pass besides stop smoking? by trust321 5/30/04 alt.hemp CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ
     How did it go? by mbdogg 9/8/04  
     Well trust321, back in my day I smoked a bit too, and let me tell you, it was a lot easier... by Dr. Friedman 8/19/05  
Where is the starter located under the hood of a 1986 Chrysler New Yorker? by jessica 3/30/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Jessica if you haven't found it yet, trace your positive (red) cable from your battery to... by Kari 4/4/04  
I HAVE A 6 MONTH OLD GIRL ROT TIE. WE HAVE HAS HER SINCE SHE WAS 8WEEKS OLD. SHE WAS A... by jenn 7/5/04 rec.pets.dogs: Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
     i have a mother rot, and she has 5 little puppies i wanted to know how long do i have to... by vivian 7/2/2006  
     Put her on crack for a day then don't give her any more and she will listen to you and... by GOAT 10/14/2006  
i am the proud companion of 4 chi's. they spend most of their days as a pack. one for all... by kiki5/20/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     This is completely normal. I think if you watch long enough, certain dogs lick certain... by chimama5/21/04  
I have a 1983 Chrysler Fifth Avenue. My problem is the distributor rotar I put it at TDC... by Tony 5/30/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     sounds like you have the distributor 180 degrees out now. put it back where it was and it... by brad 11/13/04  
     chrsyler'ssuck get a better car by clamps 5/15/2007  
1.How is the total number of cells in an array calculated? 2.Give me an example of how to... by Friday 5/10/04 Objective-C FAQ
     By multiplying the total number of rows and the total number of columns of an array. by mamo 5/12/04  
which the command that I use to repaint interface using x window in linux by Fernando Augusto Alves 4/20/04 X on Intel-based Unix Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
I have a 7 month old beagle, who has just started hunting in the woods. A couple of weeks... by misty 3/30/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     Definatly has something in the eye lid. check it out or bring it to the vet. This may be... by godster 5/31/2007  
I have a 14 years old male cairn dog. What is his life expectancy? by Paavo 2/20/04 rec.pets.dogs: Cairn Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Their life span is an average of 12-15 years. These averages can always be increased by... by Tanisha2/21/04  
i am going out of town,a friend said he will watch my jack russel terrier dog--he has two... by question 5/10/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chow Chow Breed-FAQ
     Your dog will be fine. If the chow chow's have be coming to your house on a regular bases... by nicole5/14/04  
I have a 3 year old yellow lab, 3 months ago he had surgry for a cyst on his eardrum. He... by sherry 3/29/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     i thank that ur lab is dying because my dog had the same surgery and he died because he... by beautifull 11/17/2006  
once a pool ball stops for just a couple seconds and then the other person hits their ball... by hanna 5/29/04 Pool & Billiards Frequently Asked Questions
what is a PC clone? by ... 4/17/04 PC-Clone Hardware Newsgroup Pointer
I'm doing a project for biology about clown knifes. i need to know the method of reproduct... by jassy 3/29/04 [FAQ] Aquaria: Good (and Bad) First Fish; Breeding
     I'm doing a project on-clown knifes by lobo 9/14/04  
Can a tapped creature block? by JJ 4/17/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     No. A tapped creature is unable to block. by Buzz Topaz 5/18/04  
What are the differences between the Nightengale model of nursing education and the... by JEM 1/29/04 Midwifery: Bibliography
Does anyone have an extra electrical cord for the monitor connecting with an apple 2e... by Priscilla 3/9/04 Apple II Csa2 FAQs: Floppy Disk Drives, Part 9/25
we are from Europe,we would like to delivery our baby in USA,is this enough for my baby to... by cauciuca 3/9/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
Why is shareware called so? by rose 2/17/04 >>> alt.comp.shareware. programmer FAQ <<<
how bad does a lab shed by gasper  8/6/04 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
How can different climates effect weathering by Ianna3/6/04 Climate change: some basics
How does planting more trees effective to reducing greenhouse gas emissions? by T 3/28/04 OS/2 Users Frequently Asked Questions List Edition 3
     afforestation is a very necessary part of the earth now...without afforestation there will... by nive 10/28/2006  
What are the penalties for driving alone only with a Minors' Instructional Permit? by Shady 5/28/04 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
     loose license till your 18 by bbb 7/3/04  
     Delay permanant license until 18 by Ian 1/1/2006  
who or what am I ? by bachi 4/16/04 alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 20040104 - ASFAQ.txt (1/1)
96 dodge mini van with 128K smokes a little (white smells bad) on start up and occasionaly... by bradro 5/8/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Generally what you describe is the results of worn or defective valve guides and valve... by LT 3/16/05  
I already have an approved I-140 but plan to vacation with family to the US on our tourist... by Sara 1/28/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
does the size of the piercing shrink? eg. I got pierced with a 16ga (in the nostril)and i... by rosine 5/7/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     i had my nose pierced with a 14 gauge CBR, when i went to go change it and put in a nose... by brittney 5/9/04  
not really a question just wanted to say that I was at a AC FA show and saw a point tonk... by tonk owner 4/17/04 rec.pets.cats: Tonkinese Breed-FAQ
Can someone of another nationality after having been married to an american national... by jenellepark 7/7/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     Yes you can return to the US if you you have either of the following: (1) A valid US... by NT 2/22/2006  
     How Do I Get A Travel Document? How Do I Get a Travel Document? What is a... by not yet citizen 11/7/2006  
I have ms xp. I didn't let the norton-anti virus run it's updates for a couple of days.... by shortiejay 3/12/04 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     start windows in safe mode then deleet the viras and re start as normal then up date... by clipclop4/25/04  
hai sir, I have one important problem in linking vb and msaccess database. ... by thiyagu 4/17/04 [FAQ] FileMaker Pro - database for Macintosh and Windows
What is the russian name for Monday by Dave 5/25/04 Calendar FAQ, v. 2.9 (modified 4 April 2008) Part 1/3
     ponedelnik by Galina 12/14/04  
I want to know how to preserve microorganisms in skimmed milk? by negasi asmelash 1/30/04 Rec.Food.Preserving FAQ (v.7.08) Part1
The impact of globalization on the Japanese economy? by je 1/30/04 Japanese economy and Asian financial crisis (FAQ)
What would cause a dog to have a nosebleed after someone gave a bath? by marene 5/26/04 rec.pets.dogs: Health Care Issues FAQ
     My dog had a nosebleed today and $900 later, we still don't have a reason for it. Maybe it... by Rosie 6/13/04  
     am in the same position right now with a Shepard by 2/26/2006  
Hello, to whom it may concern. My question is concerning a anime movie that I saw on the... by Rod 1/26/04 [INFO] Anime/Manga Convention Guide
Anyone with information on the mobius .naf files? by mrogers 1/29/04 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
does anyone know a website that has pictures of DON the alt of mad mad house not on the... by cc 4/16/04 FAQ - General Etiquette
Do lands count as permanents? by olly 4/14/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Yes, any card in the "in-play" zone counts as a permanent. by MillMaster 6/7/04  
Where can I get my action figures priced? they are all from the past 8 years. by meatball 1/26/04 [rec.arts.sf.starwars. *] The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing Part 1/4
My dog bites a lot. She is only 6 weeks old, and I wanted to know if she is teething or... by Yadi 5/16/04 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     All pups will chew on their owners. They are playing with you and don't know they aren't... by Tanisha5/18/04  
     Well i have a 4 weeks puppy... and she barks on me and also bites me agressively..and... by Wasif 11/10/05  
     This behavior should not be encouraged. The best way to stop it is to do what other dogs... by Liza 1/1/2007  
How to do if and else statements in assembly 68k? by thunderboy 1/29/04 x86 Assembly Language FAQ - Borland TASM
Do you know why a Troj/PwsUP-a virus is allowed to roam in network share? by Anjee 1/26/04 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
I'm a Bangladeshi.I wanna be a astronaut.I'm reading in H.S.C.(higher school certificate)i... by Pulak 3/26/04 Space FAQ 12/13 - How to Become an Astronaut
     hi, u can have aviation trainig for being astronaut.firstly u have to be a pilot.u can log... by ananda 12/23/2006  
We have just got a GSD puppy & one of her ears won't stand up. People mention a vitamin... by R 6/6/04 rec.pets.dogs: German Shepherd Dogs Breed-FAQ
     dont worry there is nothing to worry about if you look at most gsd pups you will often see... by Ron6/10/04  
     We raise GSDsand like Ron said it's nothing to worry about if they are floppy or won't... by Shepherd Pie7/14/04  
     she is just a pup take it easy!!!!! by sam 9/4/04  
     We have a GSD female that is nearly 3 yrs. old. Her ears did amazing stuff for the first... by Beth 8/23/05  
can I breed my dachshund that has epilepsy? by karen 5/3/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     Please don't. I know the pups would be fun and all but you'll pass the female's medical... by tanisha5/18/04  
     Why would you want to do that to your dog...that would be unhealthy to the possible pups... by Amy 6/29/05  
I have a 1 1/2 year old female golden. She is really sweet. Last October she killed two... by Ginger Mae 5/5/04 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     She is a dog-the natural sworn enemy of cats. My dogs would do the same thing. It is not... by Tanisha5/18/04  
     Hello Ginger Mae, I am a girl who also has a puppy. He is 6months old, and golden... by Emm-J 12/14/04  
I am planning to get a new pet chihuahua and we are planning to get it before we move (by... by Kit 1/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     I would strongly suggest that you wait until you have completed the move and the new house... by chimama1/19/04  
Does anyone know the specifics about how a "split image" focusing device works? How are... by Jeremy 1/25/04 Photographic Lenses FAQ
     Oh, yes, once is enough! Take the dog to the vet right away. If she is indeed pregnant,... by chimama6/16/04  
Could anybody please tell me the format of "kiwi" map specification? Any source code to... by maire 4/20/04 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
     You might want to check Kiwi consortium web site by Andew7/4/04  
     Hello, What project do you need the format for? Im looking for a POI editor for... by frjd 9/10/04  
Is it legal for AOL to censers e-mail and not deliver it even when it has not broken any... by June 1/25/04 FAQ Part 1/3 - Censorship
One of my cats is always scratching on my chairs. I have tried using cat nip on the... by Becca 1/25/04 rec.pets.cats: General Cat Care FAQ

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