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I have had heated discussion this day so i have 3 questions....

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Question by jsportive
Submitted on 1/28/2004
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I have had heated discussion this day so i have 3 questions.

1 - what happens to trample damage if the blocking creature has protection from the attacking creatures color.

for example => a 5/5 green trample attacks, and a 2/2 creature with protection from green blocks, what happens to the remaining 3 damage.

2 - if i come to control an opponents creature, and the creature has equipments. do the equipments still stand and work? (they said NO!)

example => multi player game, i had imagecrafter(blue, onslaught), and my teammate had sliver overlord(WUBRG, scourge)
we change a creature with a few equipments to a sliver, and take it over.

3 - see question2, what happens to the creature at end of turn? they said it goes back, because it isn't a sliver anymore. i thought the creature was taken over when it was a sliver, and it stays there.

oh, i forgot, why can't i use the steel artifact on equipments.


I would like it if you send the answers to jsportive@hotmail.com
Better for my paperwork, thank you.

Answer by MillMaster
Submitted on 2/3/2004
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#1: The trampling creature only needs to assign an amount of damage equal to the blockers power. In this case 2, and then tramples over 3 to the defending player. This is because trample ignores any prevention, or protection effects and just tries to kill the blocker based on its power alone, and then gets to trample.

#2: All of the equipment stays on the creature when you gain control of it and applies as normal. The only thing is that the opponent still controls the equipment, and so they can re-equip something else when legal.

#3: No, you keep control because there is no stipulation that the creature must stay a sliver to keep control. It being a sliver is only a requirement of targeting.

#4: You can use steal artifact on equipment, it stays on the equipment even when equipped.


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