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how do you build a homemade tattoo gun? by bud3/28/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     You don't. It's not safe. you could get hurt. Why don't you get it pro done? you dumbasses... by bob420694/5/04  
     you send me a couple quid and ill send you a cd with it all on, or send me 10 quid and ill... by dwave4/8/04  
     Bob is a wowser. Home tats give you more individuality than wank arse everyones got one... by Pinhead4/16/04  
     yeah... and besides, i would lose buisness if every1 went to pros =P by a 13 year old who gives his friends tats4/16/04  
     what are quid? by a pot head4/16/04  
     i dont know?????? by franky the pothead master4/17/04  
     quid is money you idiots by loki says4/25/04  
     If you want to build a good tattoo gun its pretty easy. my site explains different ways of... by skin jab tattoos4/26/04  
     if you find out how to build one tell me at by pimp daddy5/13/04  
     Anybody have some good info about ink?? email me at by #1cracker5/22/04  
     having troubles with the guitar string model, the string isn't seeming to be very sturdy... by #1 cracker5/24/04  
     if it isnt piercing well then u should clip the end of the guitar string at an angle to... by skin jab tattoos6/1/04  
     electric pencil sharpener brake it open use the motor, than a hallo out pall point pen,... by piercingqueen6/6/04  
     I don't know how to make one but I have been trying to find out for mouths. If anyone... by Loc6/7/04  
     hey can any one tell me how to make a good homemade tat machine i have mine here email me... by tatted_up166/10/04  
     try a cd it apart, take out the motor that makes the cd spin.take a safety pin,... by down4mykrown886/11/04  
     its best to buy a professional gun.ive used homemade guns for years and i recently bought... by wtmkedapmp6/13/04  
     i made a gun today, it was easier than making a cake by harley6996/16/04  
     well hey does n/e body now how to make a tat gun w/ out a guitar string?if you do could... by kaos6/22/04  
     just use a pin and some ink by enjoi55why?6/25/04  
     look i am only 14 i have 3 tattos on me (homemade)for actual instructions contac me at ... by boy genius6/26/04  
     how much money is a quid by casper6/29/04  
     Hey, I made one, Its easy as hell, and it works great! A good site to go to, to learn how... by Grimmdragon7/2/04  
     hi ummmmm im haveing problems with the pencle earser idea it keeps like wareing away so if... by jeremy7/4/04  
     Hey, I heard you can make a tattoo gun from an electric one know how?... by Ashlee S.7/15/04  
     you could use instead of an eraser a button,make sure that the motor top fits a whole of... by erick 7/17/04  
     you could use instead of an eraser a button,make sure that the motor top fits a whole of... by erick 7/17/04  
     hey ppl i need to kno how to make a tat gun in like 2 hrs if you know how to make one... by cutie7/17/04  
     Ok first of all I have nothing but "ghetto" tat's... but all of you seem to be pretty... by betterthanyou7/18/04  
     to make a tatoo gun all you need is: first u need to get hold of a 12volt motor - lego... by macca bastardo7/18/04  
     go to to learn how to build tattoo guns,tattoo stencils,wire a... by skin jab tattoos 8/8/04  
     wat els can i use istead than a guitar string cause i aint got no guitar by centralito 8/10/04  
     ok im with betterthanyou yall retarded as hell just get a fu#$!ng job get real tattoos by Young Sir 8/26/04  
     ok i just made a gun last night(super easy by the way)all i need to know is what are some... by eternal 8/27/04  
     i think i know how 2 make one u bend a spoon/fork/tooth brush with no brissles one of... by kirk pitre 8/28/04  
     Dont do it , plain and simple , hey betterthanyou you spelled "stainless" wrong ,you>st... by wytdvl 8/28/04  
     im 12 and im the master at making tatoo guns all you got to do cut a pen in half take... by stupid asses 8/31/04 made mine there. by GD folks six pointed star pitch fork 9/3/04  
     ur websites dont work by mista cool 9/4/04  
     any info or anything email me by GD6 9/6/04  
     Wow, if you got legos you DO NOT need to be trying to give urself a tattoo or give em to... by Strummer 9/6/04  
     I aint got a answer for you because i'm looking for the same info. I'm from South... by Defz 9/7/04  
     I need some help with ink what are some good products that will work well and last... by weber 9/11/04  
     if anybody can explain the Quickest & easiest way to make a tattoo gun contact me... by snookie 9/12/04  
     i have no arms how do i do a tat with my feet by giveusahand 9/15/04  
     Hey ... can some one send me a tattoo gun if I send them $10? by pothead_420 9/16/04  
     hey does ne one now how to build a good tat gun with out a guitar string.theres a cuple... by trojan man 9/21/04  
     Ok I need to say that people shouldn't use homemade tattoo guns not only is it pretty... by stupey 9/24/04  
     to make a tatoo gun all you need is: first u need to get hold of a 12volt motor - lego... by Rob 9/29/04  
     A quid is one english pound by britboy 10/4/04  
     umm...tattoos are cool by bob the builder 10/7/04  
     anyone knows how to do a tattoo gun with an electric toothbrush, please email me chris7@my... by chris 10/7/04  
     where do I go to buy a rill tat gun. by nugget 10/8/04  
     get a motor out of a remote control car and then a spoon, bend the spoon for support and... by josh kurtz 10/9/04  
     you gonna need some wires and etc, put em all together and after you finish making them... by amag lee 10/13/04  
     What you need is to get some india ink... it works great and ive dont a seven on my leg... by enjoi_panda 10/14/04  
     Homemade tats arent that bad. I'm pretty good at it but, there are a lot of dumbasses out... by Ratta666 10/15/04  
     I'm getting full sleeves done using a home-made machine that works brilliantly. For... by Stan the Tatt Man 10/19/04  
     1st of all dont use an eraser! when you use the pen for a shaft ,take the pen part and cut... by canada guy187 10/19/04  
     1st of all dont use an eraser! when you use the pen for a shaft ,take the pen part and cut... by canada guy187 10/19/04  
     Ya'll white folks done lost yo mind by bLunT 10/20/04  
     i just made a tat gun last night and it worked by using some of every ones ideas if u... by snake  10/21/04  
     building a homemade gun takes longer and provides less options as far as shading goes. i... by tatkat 10/22/04  
     After building your homemade gun, I suggest going to e-bay, or an on-line tattoo supply... by I know what I am talking about 10/27/04  
     I have 10 tattoos and none of them are pro. I give home tats and ain't had a complaint... by Darkcowboy 11/1/04  
     E-mail me and I'll show you the right way to make a real tattoo machine. When I say real,... by mcnasty 11/1/04  
     look i'm doin a speech in class on how to make a home made tat. i got a motor but i dont... by spaz 11/3/04  
     Any one wanna give me instructions for a easy tat gun? by Fyre 11/3/04  
     Hey everone thanks for all the great tips and web sites if you got any more than email... by Justin 11/6/04  
     hey ppl... all yuh Gotta do is get it done professionally. I've Had A LOT OF experience... by Danielle 11/9/04  
     i dont get how the wire would work..would a meatle ingraver work? by randy 11/11/04  
     i have a tight ass tat i got using just needle and ink it hurts like hell but it works by Crip Cuz 11/14/04  
     i heard of some girl giving herself a tattoo that lasted like three weeks with a sewing... by vickykp 11/17/04  
     please could any body tell where i can buy a gun by desprate nash 11/18/04  
     please could any body tell where i can buy a gun my id is by desprate nash 11/18/04  
     if anyone wants to know about how to make a homemade tattoo machine, e-mail me at... by tanke1962 11/23/04  
     quid isn't a certain amount. quid is to english kids what buck is in the u.s. QUID =... by gracie 11/23/04  
     its pretty easy actually.most of these people have the right idea,but to give it more... by squeemo 11/24/04  
     Ok umm...quick it safe to use normal everyday pen ink for homemade tats? by Tat-Newbie666 11/24/04  
     hi everone. if you want more info on tat machines check my website it has instructions ,... by macca-bastardo 11/24/04  
     if you know how to make good tattoo guns please add me to your msn "No_8CoreyTaylor@hotmai... by morgan 11/27/04  
     OK some one e-mail me with instructions on how to make a tattoo gun that works...... by Kytn 12/1/04  
     if i sat here n listened how to make one with all your people's instructions i'd probably... by andy 12/6/04  
     Dude, just etch the design with an exacto knife and fill it with India ink if your in a... by Lucifers Minion 12/7/04  
     your dumb, i used ink in like 5th grade, im 15 i got tattoos up both my arms use a safty... by tat2_king 12/8/04  
     Hey here is a freakin ideal, dont be a dumbass and do it yourself and get aids and just go... by Crazy___rebel 12/9/04  
     I want to make a tattoo gun but without a motor. If somebody knows please e-mail me at... by garettsgirl 12/10/04  
     I want to make a tattoo gun but without a motor. If somebody knows please e-mail me at... by garettsgirl 12/10/04  
     i need pics to get a good idea o how to make by Fasick 12/11/04  
     Yo, if you have any ways how to make one put it under me! by Lil G 12/16/04  
     wud up if you can tell me how to make a tat gun holla at me and im not talking about using... by kayla 12/17/04  
     I made one from a chargeable shaver/groomer. I wrapped sewing needles around a finishing... by tuogud 12/19/04  
     hey if n/e body nows how to build a real good and acurate tat gun w/ step by step... by kaos  12/22/04  
     So you've decided that you want to make a homemade tattoo gun and say it's not about... by Knifethrower 12/28/04  
     I've made a tattoo gun that works first you take a bic pen take out the ink tube get your... by young flame 12/30/04  
     how do u make a tattoo gun with out guitar strings if u no please email me at gamblewityal... by gamle wit ya life 12/30/04  
     i will post a guide soon at go there soon for free guides by gareth 1/7/05  
     i have made 3 tattoo gun and so far they all worked good for me by fat jo 1/7/05  
     All if the websites cited in the above conversation are not operational. Anyone know of a... by A N T 1/8/05  
     do u use india ink by kb 1/14/05  
     does any body know a site that works that i can go to make a tat gun i like to have in... by jdog 1/16/05  
     I want to make a tat gun I don't know how.I have all the stuff i need I just need to put... by BlueeyeDragon2013 1/17/05  
     I'll tell you all how to make one .take a motor from an remote control car or cd player or... by Big daddy juggalo 1/19/05  
     Id really like to know how to make a tattoo machine, and all the instructions Ive read so... by Dani 1/20/05  
     hi people, can you find me an easy way to make a tatoo i heard of alot of different ways... by lilsolja954 1/24/05  
     it's pretty easy if you still want to know email me at by nny_65142 1/24/05  
     I am a professional tattoo artist. Building a homemade Tattoo machine out of any of the... by FreeThink 1/25/05  
     hey if you want to see pics and learn more about how to build your own tattoo machine than... by macca bastardo 1/25/05  
     take a mechanical pencil and take the guts out of it and run the e string of a guitar ... by tyler 1/25/05  
     Home made tattoos are easy to make, you just need a way to get a needle moving very... by simian stomper 1/29/05  
     yall are dumbasses. this is one of the easiest things to find online. just look for the... by livingdeadguy 2/2/05  
     Would Regular Pen Ink Be Ok For A Tattoo ?? Or would it fuq up your skin ? by ?? 2/5/05  
     I've been searching for about 3 hours on the net and i can't find enough info to actually... by hopeless 2/6/05  
     if you really want a good ink that stays cigarette ashes it work every time believe me i ... by lydia lil 2/6/05  
     i used a caligraphy pen to do mine, how deep in measurement are you supose to tattoo? by wickidwitch36 2/6/05  
     if you want to know how to make a tat gun E-Mail me at by ink master 2/6/05  
     You guys are stupid if you want to know how add me to msn as ... by Jammyg14 2/9/05  
     well ive been doing homemade tattos for aobut 3 years now and i have NEVER spread any... by tatooz r me 2/13/05  
     Well all u have too do is take some ice in a towel and wet it ,have an extra towel with... by Gmo Baller 2/14/05  
     ok well i just wanted to say hi. lol by Drug_Gurle420 2/15/05  
     What is your nickname by Elizabet 2/16/05  
     if any one knows the best way of making a tatto gun. than please e-mail me at stafford707@... by tatmaker 2/16/05  
     yea all that you have to do is take an old electric toothbrush and take off the brush end... by Kaos69 2/21/05  
     What kind of INK do you use? by Race Riot 2/21/05  
     hey i need to know the quickest way and easiest way to make a tattoo gun email me at... by ihavesuicidaltendacies 2/23/05  
     i need a tattoo gun asap so if someone can send me info and pictures that would be great... by lockedoutandbored 2/23/05  
     i did it with a syringe and some indian ink. oh yeah and baby wipes... on the palm of my... by me 2/23/05  
     what kind of ink do you use for a home made tattoo gun? by SlipknotChick 2/25/05  
     suck a nut by frank 2/27/05  
     I am not responsible for any mis use of these instructions.they are for educational... by fuknut 2/27/05  
     hey im trying to figure out this whole homemade tattoo gun so anyone who can send me some... by t-rav 3/2/05  
     i want to learn how to make a tattoo machine i went to that website ... by AcId  3/2/05  
     i have a penis by penis man 3/3/05  
     just go to a dollar store and buy a portable mini fan and use that its better than putting... by i know it all 3/8/05  
     i need some help by Nesto 3/13/05  
     dudes how deep should you go and how do you know if it will stay by sk8r boi 3/17/05  
     its easy.... little motor ball point pen presto!!! (skin jabs not working buddy!!) by lukus 3/18/05  
     all right all you people, first of all i would like to know how to build a tat gun purely... by meanliltatgirl 3/18/05  
     I've been working on my tattoo gun for weeks now. I have everything I need I just cant... by Dubb 3/21/05  
     just figyor it out by weed head 3/21/05  
     If ya'll want to know how to make a tatoo gun out of a electric toothbrush contact me at... by tatguy 3/23/05  
     if you want to make a tattoo gun put ink in a dildo and use it up your ass. then squirt in... by justin 3/24/05  
     i have some advice for some tatoo home made gun in our country we use some fork a machine... by gunja hustling kid 3/24/05  
     just find someone thats over 18 and there you go. by the pimp 3/28/05  
     hey, do NOT use a hypodermic needle on youre gun. if you dont want a guitar string needle... by sharps 3/29/05  
     how you build a tat gun by chaz 3/30/05  
     Hey go to WalMart and buy some india ink it more or less what the pros use emaill me if u... by Riley 3/30/05  
     betterthanyou- if your going to talk about the way people spell than dont spell well weel... by mimi 3/31/05  
     i need to make a tattoo gun with out guitar string help me by Tokadubi 4/1/05  
     iz there any other methods for making a tatto gun with out using guitar string by tokadubi 4/1/05  
     i have found indean ink works the best i have had my tat 4 to years by bisquito 4/4/05  
     yo if anyone knows how to rig up a home made tattoo gun thats half-way reliable that don't... by ashtray 4/7/05  
     First you get a ink pen, plate, toothpaste, lighter, needle & thread. Take the "guts" out... by The One The Only ME 4/10/05  
     Hey... I made a tattoo gun in like 1/2 hour and it was way easy if you need help the you... by Tiger 4/10/05  
     is there anyway to make a tat without building a gun? by young and stupid 4/12/05  
     hi every buddy, some of you have been to my old site on how to make a tat machine..sadly... by geotatman 4/13/05  
     Hello people, i've been doin home made tats for a while now, and am now going to upgrade... by UK_JAY 4/13/05  
     PS. DO NOT use india ink!! apart from fading to green, it contains alot of toxins which... by UK_JAY 4/14/05  
     if your looking how to build a homemade tattoo gun then email me at by sandslinger 4/14/05  
     ok well i tryed to post on here the other day under*geotatman* but it didnt work, ok any... by bootdsc 4/15/05  
     a motor/cd playa moter a spoon by scarface 4/15/05  
     I have tats on my back and arms from homemade guns and the work is very brilliant. I also... by Tattedupjosh 4/16/05  
     how do u hook up the power to the tatoo gun by ornes1 4/16/05  
     You guys are all fags....i'll bet the real reason why you fags aren't getting pro tat'sis... by ron 4/16/05  
     Hey this is for betterthanyou talk about spelling why dont u learn how to spell it is... by Joe 4/17/05  
     to the kid who wants to know how to make th gun without a guitar string get bic lighter... by james 4/19/05  
     a pen and a razor by casey 4/20/05  
     hey ppl i made a tat gun and the end of the safty pin or the gitar string wont stay in the... by jj swetland 4/21/05  
     first take an unsanitary needle that you find in a dumpster of some sort. Possibly an... by homedawggydawg 4/23/05  
     what ink is good for tatts by bulldog 4/24/05  
     i make tattoos on ppl all the time even when i#m not supposed to i worked with my uncle so... by 15 year old tatt artist  4/27/05  
     instead of eraser use the plastic wheel that comes on the motor melt a hole just the same... by jd 4/29/05  
     hey, I need to know how to make one so if anyone has any good ideas that will work e-mail... by maggie 5/9/05  
     hey i make them all the time they r very easy i can tell u the parts and things but u... by brownies 5/13/05  
     It is harmless i got some in prison and they came out better than most professionals. Of... by Rjtattoo12 5/16/05  
     i made a tat gun last night and it took me like 30 mins it was easy. by luke  5/16/05  
     I have a nice homemade tattoo gun and it works good. I have 16 tats. They all came out... by Dice CLBX3 5/17/05  
     a good product to use for any getto tattoo gun is jb weld using hot glue can actuly... by 5/17/05  
     I have to first agree with “betterthanyou” about spelling, although I found it pretty... by penStateInMate 5/20/05  
     You don't always have to use a machine... If you are a good artist, make a mixture of coal... by Experienced from India 5/24/05  
     dude homwmade tats are f^cking cool it makes u more in control with what u want. need info... by darkenhallway006 5/27/05  
     well i guess its 2005 and u all typed this in 2004.. oh well.. &$#&* it i been making home... by MaXiMuS 6/5/05  
     hi i don't know how to make a tattoo gun if anyone knows how to make one with a pencil... by neddakno 6/6/05  
     i have been ghetto tattooing for 5 over 5 years. and i have created a website to help all... by macca  6/8/05  
     visit my site. it had all the info you need on ghetto tattooing. by macca veli (marc) 6/8/05  
     check out just copy and paste it it has instuctions on how... by dave 6/8/05  
     Why can't you simply use a razor blade and some ink? by Mike 6/11/05  
     Pen ink does fade, especialy if you get the TAT wet. India Ink is great and not that... by zeaiclies 6/14/05  
     omg u all are retarded listen here all u need is a universal adapter, liquuid ink out of a... by lol 6/14/05  
     could somebody give me detailed instructions on how to put the gun together or, somebody... by whomikejones2813308004 6/15/05  
     I got 7 tattoos and I have a homemade tattoo machine and am 15 I made a tattoo to my... by shatty 6/16/05  
     can someone e mail me instructions on how to build a tat machine by el mudo 6/18/05  
     to make a tat gun you will need. .fork by anti 6/21/05  
     yo iv been makeing guns that really work well, and iv done atleast 100 tats that look good... by skittles 6/24/05  
     u guys are a pack of wankers as if ur going to build a tatoo machine!! its the stupidest... by davo 6/25/05  
     Hello all Please will someone post How to make a tattoo Machine? please make it in the... by Actaviosan 6/25/05  
     yo people, heres another way to do it. rip a cd player apart and get the whole peice the... by the insane boy genius 6/25/05  
     im a amatuer at making tat guns but iv made about 10 guns so far but you cant change the... by stinky 6/29/05  
     i have two tattoos on the top of my hand,and the inside forearm and a f@#$ up on the... by stinky 6/29/05  
     i have major issues following directions. . . is anyoone willing to send me a homemade... by irie 6/29/05  
     what is the easiest or fastest way to build tattoo gun with out using a guitar string by bigboi123 7/8/05  
     K who knows how to make a good tat gun casue ill buy it u name the price ill buy add me on... by Justin 7/9/05  
     i want to know how to make a good tattoo gun and all the shyt on here i read and it is all... by buddha_69_69 7/12/05  
     hey umm...i like really need to know how to make a quick and easy tattoo gun with stuff i... by sam 7/14/05  
     if u wunt a tattoo then its easyer to just get a guitar string (smallest one) and pigment... by tattoo freak420 7/14/05  
     First of all smarty pants "Betterthanyou" spelled a number of things wrong while making... by BIG WILLY 7/15/05  
     First of all smarty pants "Betterthanyou" spelled a number of things wrong while making... by BIG WILLY 7/15/05  
     whats the best power source to use on a guitar string tat machine by jacob 7/15/05  
     To betterthanyou....about that spell check, buddy...lmao by harleychick42 7/16/05  
     i am chicklets i got all the parts i need to make a tat and i am stuck on the easer part... by chicklets 7/16/05  
     hi i am chicklets i have all the stuff i need to make a tat i am stuck on the part about... by chicklets 7/16/05  
     ill give you my big squid by delta9 7/18/05  
     how to build a tat gun really fast email me at by young mac 7/19/05  
     hey by the way INDIAN INK and BIC INK is not intended for body art you can e-mail me and... by lokest 7/20/05  
     yo i know how to make a tat machine out of a pen needle and yarn hit me up at lilcrunk619@... by sal 7/21/05  
     hey someone please send me a email with some good int ructions and maybe some pictures on... by Frank THe Tank 7/22/05  
     if anything just get a pro other wise it will get fuked up by resik 4rm seefers crew 7/24/05  
     go to and guy you a real gun\w ink and needles for about 50$ :D by nic 7/24/05  
     How much does your first tatto hurt and what is it like know they adhear the stencil with... by Mnaw Mnaw 7/27/05  
     does anyone know a good way to make tattooing ink? email me at if... by Killa 7/27/05  
     I have never had a homemade tat but I do have five pro tats and am currently looking into... by Mandy 7/27/05  
     ive tried the electric toothbrush thing and it really didnt work well... everyone else, if... by ryan 7/27/05  
     well i dont know how to build one yet dad is guna teach me today... by robert eberle 14 7/28/05  
     I think it is very cool by Lil' C 7/29/05  
     i agree with betterthanyou. i've been using a bass string, handheld with india ink and... by spades 7/31/05  
     oh ya lol if u do email me or add me to msn by xtcboi 8/1/05  
     hey I'mlooking for a way to built my own tattoo gun out of a spoon and a sewing needle plz... by 8/2/05  
     the guitar string is not Pierson my skin can someone help me by mike 8/3/05  
     Hey betterthanyou,before U come down on someone for not being able to spell, U should... by U idiot! 8/4/05  
     how can a tattoo actually help you look better? I think you all should satisfy with you... by skyphoenix 8/5/05  
     you dont have to bleed to get the tattoo to stay the lightest touch is the best!! if you... by looooooooo 8/8/05  
     Add, I have excellent plans for a decent tattoo machine. Works well... by MRSHAHN 8/8/05  
     hey betterthanyou, go to hell! by tdog 8/8/05 idiots dat website dunt werk u dumbass by UR PIMP AKA HATCHY FROM SOCOM1 8/9/05  
     look all of you are dumb asses because i sling ink daily here and i make home guns all the... by wikkedklown 8/9/05  
     i made a tat gun and got a real bad infection it later turned into gangrean and i had to... by T pimp 8/13/05  
     you looser get a pro to do it by pacha 8/17/05  
     if u aint got the money or the brains to get sum ink from the store then do what i did wen... by Lil mike 8/18/05  
     I am 16 and i have a 4 home made tattoos and they look good and i am about to get one more... by josh 8/19/05  
     to make ink try taking a plate burn folm cups under the real plate get the sut from the... by dragontat23 8/21/05  
     will somebody please type me a answer on how to make a tattoo with pen ink and a very... by 14yearoldwhowantsatattoo 8/22/05  
     I used a VCR not only for the motor but also the the base it was attached to then I took 2... by tattoosmartass 8/22/05  
     Go to not only do I tell you what you need I tell you how to... by tattoo101 8/23/05  
     If Your trying to make a tattoo gun you need a motor, not a very powerful one but like a... by cuzzin it 495 8/24/05  
     I need a tattoo gun quick......someone please help......I want to try the spinbrush thing... by Ready To Get Inked  8/29/05  
     I need a tattoo gun quick......someone please help......I want to try the spinbrush thing... by Ready To Get Inked  8/29/05  
     can anyone tell me how to make a tat gun plz. i've tried to make one like my dads but it... by bigmike 8/29/05  
     I been doing tattoos now some time & got to say home made tat guns are ok aslong as you... by Sugar_ray25 8/30/05  
     If any of you who have a home made tattoo gun live in or are close to Michigan go to... by Jennie 8/30/05  
     tattooing is not hard yet you must know how to do it get a pen, motor,toothbrush,needle,pe... by shorty from fairview 9/4/05  
     Use a playstation controller vibration motor, saftey pin, and a pen, easy as hell. by Young Boe 9/4/05  
     hmmmm....ok..... i dont really know anything about homemade guns but would like to... by wannabe tattoo artist 9/6/05  
     my friend just colored in my tribal tattoo with a home made gun and it came out sweet he... by thuglord 9/6/05  
     how deep do you have to go into your skin to do a tat really good? by rick_james 9/14/05  
     After reading all of the designs on the web, I combined them and came up with a pretty... by guitargurunate 9/15/05  
     fuk da gun jus dip a sewin needle in in and push it in yo skin by dr chronic 9/19/05  
     if u want to make an easy tattoo gun all u need to do is get one pen shaft one tooth... by midnight_toker_289 9/19/05  
     you guys r stupid if you make your own tats. haven't you heard of skin disease, aids, or... by stray 9/20/05  
     yall is abunch of idiots! what retard in h311 would know how to do these things with the... by ignerant  white boy 9/21/05  
     First off, using an eraser is stupid, after a while the rubber will wear down. I have a... by Halo 9/26/05  
     gfffgggri by subkime 9/26/05  
     awesome by cuban 9/26/05  
     last night i used the sharp pin of a protracter and pen ink to try and make a small black... by laughingcorpse 9/28/05  
     I'ma serious artist, and very adept in all media.Tattooing and computer graphics is the... by bigg ron 9/28/05  
     Does it have to be any kind of specific ink? I got inked 4 times and never bothered... by cadence_ 10/2/05  
     Replying to betterthanyou's comment about it being a blurry blown out tattoo. I got... by cadence_ 10/2/05  
     what is the easy way to make one by jdub 10/3/05  
     are all of you really this stupid..why would you want to use any of this junk to tattoo... by yourallstupid 10/6/05  
     if you are too stupid to make a gun then you should not be tattooing anyone, but then... by tattoo x-pert 10/9/05  
     How do you make a homemade tattoo gun. give me instructions at by criket_sammy_07 10/10/05  
     how do u make a tattoo gun out of no elecectronics by beamer 10/13/05  
     hey...betterthanyou...they asked you how to build a tattoo gun not to be their by kalei 10/15/05  
     blah.. by kill a hoe 10/18/05  
     please tell me how to make a tat gun outta a electric toothbrush? by sublime 10/19/05  
     If you want a great homemade tattoo gun I have the plans for you. one things though you... by Jackle 10/20/05  
     ok so i hear a few ppl have done some with sewing needles, can someone give me some... by missy 10/21/05  
     if anybody wants to learn how to make a tat gun that actually works hit me up at Sapo_59bl... by sapo 10/24/05  
     give me that thing and i tatto you ass by mob bro 10/27/05  
     how can u make tat machine out of a VCR by shadow 10/27/05  
     yo could y`all post some site or instructions on exactly how to build the gun and what... by heartogram 10/28/05  
     if u want to know how to make a tat gun email me at ill give... by sagi 10/30/05  
     Yo i got a homemade tat gun and i love it take a old electric toothbrush and take the... by Rifleman 10/31/05  
     hey guys i really want to tattoo an don't no how to build a tattoo gun i really need the... by MEGA MAN 11/1/05  
     the instructions are detailed enough but i still need more, email me at chelsey_53805@yaho... by 11/1/05  
     Not sure if i understand all this at all....? i got the motor out of a cassette recorder... by NattyRainbows 11/8/05  
     u all need to get up off ur arses and get a job, then u dont have to do a this pathetic... by cal 11/8/05  
     you don't use regular ink use indian ink peace by Cody 11/9/05  
     you don't use regular ink use Indian ink peace by Cody 11/9/05  
     how many cats are therefor in the world by brgfnhtuw 11/9/05  
     i need 2 no bro by southside boi 11/14/05  
     yo some one tell me how to make a tattoo gun quick and easy email me at smokey_meg_pot@... by boss playa 11/15/05  
     A quid is a pound of english money. Bic ink doesnt always fade I have a star tatttoed... by Hannah 11/16/05  
     dont do anythin , jus go pro , its safe , easy , and the tats come out really neat , peace... by kevin  11/17/05  
     Iv never made a homemade tat before but me and my friends are thinking of doing it. The... by Rookie 11/18/05  
     betterthanyou...Posted something about people who cant spell but i hate to break it to you... by evilslim 11/18/05  
     What the hell is wrong with you people? by TheRumbleFish 11/20/05  
     yo i really dont understand how to do the gun building part i have 10 tatoos and there all... by tweak 11/22/05  
     if you have any good safe tattoo gun ideas email me at by chad 11/23/05  
     can any one send by mondo 11/28/05  
     how much is a quid? by mondo 11/28/05  
     fuc by bee69 12/1/05  
     I made one and it was fine for a week or so, but now its scabbing up, and i think its... by sellXtheXkidsXforXfood 12/4/05  
     yeah, I got 1 4rom a cd motor, it works pretty good i just need to stablize, my needle... by ninjalotus 12/4/05  
     use "hair-needles" (in spanish they are "aguja de pelo") go ask granma for it of she... by ECUABRON 12/5/05  
     im 14 and i have 11 tats on every limb and one on my neck all done by needle by joker 12/7/05  
     Will someone reference a valid link to a good instructional site? by Bloatski 12/7/05  
     Ok i am not the brightest person ever so yeah if someone could email me and give me like... by BaByGiRl 12/13/05  
     what gauge/point guitar string should i use by the_demon_juggalo 12/16/05  
     if you want to make a good tat gun all you neep is some electric tape a bic ink pin a... by wayne G 12/17/05  
     if you want to make a good tat gun all you neep is some electric tape a bic ink pin a... by wayne G 12/17/05  
     cant you just take a needle and dip it into pen ink?? or would that take to long by jordy 12/17/05  
     how do u make homemade tat ink? by tatking 12/17/05  
     It'd be nice if someone had a site with step by step images on it or something in a little... by buttcrack 12/18/05  
     Hey yall i jus made a tatt gun its a gitar string model > i cant git it 2 pierce very... by dude_420 12/21/05  
     hey does anyone know alot about making these tattoo guns i have tried about 3 different... by dazed 12/23/05  
     you guys need to learn how to spell and also answer questions i see like seven people... by joker 12/23/05  
     Okay look yall I can get Guns ALL day long you really wanna gun get ahold of me and i will... by Ink Slingin Juggalo 12/26/05  
     does any body need to now how to bild a reall good tattoo gun? by dark ink 12/29/05  
     i need to know how to build a tattoo machine w/o using a guitar string in 2 hours!!!! if u... by katerinaa 12/30/05  
     the best way to make a homemade tattoo gun is to expiriment diffrent ways of making one... by punk-on-acid 1/3/2006  
     hey, i have a motor from a rc car, and i have two batteries tapped around it and the... by greggo the great 1/3/2006  
     I made a tattoo gun in three days and its not that hard so if you need help making one hit... by squej 1/4/2006  
     hahahahahahahahahaha by hhahahahahahahaa 1/4/2006  
     Okay dumbasses i was once here trying to get info on how to make a homemade tattoo gun ok... by Nick 1/9/2006  
     Ur Retards....... take a electric shaver... take off the top... it moves side to side...... by supersteve 1/9/2006  
     Pro guns are nice but dont git them from tweekers and change your needles or your life... by Doob master 1/10/2006  
     plz you guys everyone knows that pens dont work to make tat machines use a mechanical... by tattoomachinemaker 1/10/2006  
     hey better than you the "i don't option" and it's indian ink not india you f$%cking... by crazyheiriphic 1/10/2006  
     Seriously like jail house tattoo's are one thing but if you live on the outside world then... by Compton 1/11/2006  
     A quid is One pound english or $1.60. by ecd14u 1/12/2006  
     for the elec. toothbrush tat gun, get a crest spin brush with detachable brush part, take... by freehand tats 1/12/2006  
     get a bottle of Indian ink, it's the only kind that works. then take a needle, just a... by the dark one 1/13/2006  
     As a professional tattoo artist this website is making me sick. You all may think that... by 1/17/2006  
     i an a artist and need monny easyer way to make a tat ant that one guy above me scares me... by at least i know im a sinner 1/17/2006  
     I advise that no one bother with homemade guns. One of my friends had to have an... by TattooedFreak 1/19/2006  
     can any one explain to me how to make a home made tattoo machine by hector 1/23/2006  
     hi,i want to build a tatoo machine but it's too hard for me, i visit freeweb but the page... by frenchboy49 1/24/2006  
     INK recipe: ok this is prison style ink supply: 1.a large paper sack 2. alot of... by TEXAS 1/24/2006  
     with a homemade tattoo gun or pro gun how much does needle have to stick out ??? by gn 1/24/2006  
     depending on how long the tail of your guitar string is, the wearing out of the eraser is... by warlok0213 1/24/2006  
     i heard that instead of a guitar string or needles or what-ever you could heat up a spring... by 2-tall-Hull 1/25/2006  
     damn, in stead of using a "9v" battery, why dont you us a 12 v adaptor?, its alot better... by tattoo gun thing 1/27/2006  
     it is prettey easy just get a macancle pencil and find an old vcr tack the moter from that... by tat man 1/27/2006  
     I made a tattoo gun using a rc car motor, rubber bands,the hollow tube from an ink pen... by WARRIOR 1/28/2006  
     anybody no where to get some good pics on how to put these things together??? by shabba ranks 1/29/2006  
     i need help making a tattoo gun without a guitar string please help me. by shaundra 1/30/2006  
     ustedes son una bola de pendejos una pistola de tatuaje cuesta 75 $ by el jefe  1/30/2006  
     ok first u get a rc motor from radio shack then a multy speed adapter use a small piece of... by twinke239 2/1/2006  
     ya'll suck my balls by jab a needle in ya, tell me if it hurts 2/2/2006  
     tattoos aren't that expensive no but its more unique when you can tell someone that you... by Dee 2/5/2006  
     hey ppl i need to kno how to make a tat gun in like 2 hrs if you know how to make one... by pino spike 2/9/2006  
     hey ppl i need to kno how to make a tat gun in like 2 hrs if you know how to make one... by pino spike 2/9/2006  
     Hey i was woundering... do u use the pen ink in there??? or do u empty it out of the pen... by RoloPainter 2/9/2006  
     get professional help im getting a homemade tat after school today the gun is already made... by smokie420 2/14/2006  
     get tothbrush by chucky 2/15/2006  
     ummm , I wanted to know more about how to make a tat gun with the C.D. player motor ? ... by Pb4L~AnDrEw~ 2/16/2006  
     hey listen up by babycarlosh 2/17/2006  
     hey listen up by babycarlosh 2/17/2006  
     i am the answer to all ur dumb questions.ur gona need a guitar string,spoon,pc pipe... by babycarlosh 2/17/2006  
     its alot easyier to make one out of a relay from a phone remember your making a gun not a... by knasty knate 2/17/2006  
     Is there any other way? I can't get a hold of a motor. by Taylor 2/19/2006  
     how do you make a tattoo gun out of a eletric toothbrush???? please email me at i_do_tatto... by tattoo mike 2/21/2006  
     hell i usesd a fo0rk by butt cheek 2/21/2006  
     hey yo if any body knows the easy way to make a tattoo gun hit me up native_pimp_052003@ho... by G.STRONG 2/21/2006  
     i want to know how to make one, anyone have some real anwsers? by blaze 2/22/2006  
     first of all... bobs a gimp... second its not that hard to make one by blaze 2/22/2006  
     hey better than me you spelt stainless wrong by - 2/23/2006  
     ya'llr a bunch of burn-outs! have you never heard of a relay? quit being douches you... by floyd420 2/23/2006  
     ok betterthanyou,let me put it this way. you an idiot. the only thing that you were right... by bettertattooartishthanyou 2/23/2006  
     email me by counts 2/25/2006  
     Hi people.. i need to learn how to make a tattoo machine. like step by step.. can anyone... by LOST GUY 2/26/2006  
     Who Can give me one for free that works fine? I ain't got money. I am the best artist in... by bob 3/2/2006  
     Who Can give me one for free that works fine? I ain't got money. I am the best artist in... by bob 3/2/2006  
     how safe is it to make your own by vogt 3/3/2006  
     i got 27 tats & only 2 are pro all from dif kinds of home made guns down to needle&thread... by tazz21519 3/7/2006  
     <h1><a href=" zoloft.html">discount... by Daniel Harris 3/8/2006  
     i built my tattoo machine by super glueing a sewing needle to the blade of an electric... by NicXXV 3/10/2006  
     Make a Tattoo Gun Things you'll need: * bic pen (this is your tube that... by metal kid 3/13/2006  
     i can teach anyone about anything concerning tattoo art and equipment from prison, over 25... by special Ed 3/14/2006  
     the reason some people would not go get it done professionally is simply because they are... by tommy 3/16/2006  
     Well I'm building my own tattoo gun right now and it is no problem - at all ! detailed... by The builder  3/17/2006  
     if any one know how to build a homemade tattoo machine step by step perferibly without the... by jailbait 3/19/2006  
     if anyone who knows how to make a tattoo machine would like to make an easy 50 bucks... by tat2fan 3/19/2006  
     hey yea i need help with maken a tatto gun i have one stated with a pen and a vcr motor i... by idabomb 3/22/2006  
     your all a bunch of woosies i paid £3,000 for a tattoo that gocovers all my body apart... by i am a big tattoo 3/22/2006  
     I use Beading Needles(Native bead work) melted on the end of a Bic pen "ink" tube which... by PowerPaul 3/27/2006  
     I made a Tatoo and it faded by Stacyw1113 3/27/2006  
     get a crest spinbrush pro take the brush tip and bust the brush part off ,cut the shaft... by stoni1kanobie 3/27/2006  
     what inks are usable on homemade tats?? by Eda 3/29/2006  
     i made one too. i am 15 and i gave myself 36 tatts with my homemade gun!!! remote... by tatfreak 4/6/2006  
     Pack the tube with cotton and it will keep the neddle from flexing giving you better... by 01 4/10/2006  
     hey i tried to make tattoo gun with a pen a moter from a pencil sharpener and guitar... by dan 4/13/2006  
     could somebody email me some instructions for a tattoo gun with illistrations preferably ... by sarge 4/14/2006  
     i need a tat n quick n easy n i dont want it 2 fade can someone help me?...... by Ghetto 4/16/2006  
     I haven't been able to get a tattoo gun working.. but I'm only 16 and in order to get a... by Amanda 4/19/2006  
     can some one email me some good easy instructions on how to make a reliable tattoo machine... by dedee17 4/19/2006  
     how much does a frickin tat gun cost! by wu du man 4/19/2006  
     a highly offensive term used like a command, often followed by another word, to express... by dg 4/20/2006  
     Can any one send me a picture or instructions on how to build the crest spin brush gun... by daniel  4/24/2006  
     i have tried to make a tatto gun multiple times but i have faled enybody have eny tips by mikasi_6 4/25/2006  
     Look ive been reading all these bullcrap ideas look simple its called ebay alright u can... by baz 4/25/2006  
     help me what does one look like by peeps 4/29/2006  
     dumb a by jj 5/2/2006  
     all right i have had over 23 tattoos done by a home made gun by myself with no experience... by roader 5/5/2006  
     you fools have the right idea it just appears to me none of you have the technical know... by wildthing 5/8/2006  
     You all have to be the stupidest motherf@%kers ive ever heard. For starters, if your not... by Your Daddy 5/9/2006  
     all you need is a pen case, gitar string an electric motor from a r/c car get a power... by tattoofreak69 5/15/2006  
     what type of ink is beter to use on a home made tat contact me at ( by Johnson  5/17/2006  
     i made a tatoo gun and i gave my friend a tat and it worked, all you need is 1. fork 2.... by tim..... 5/19/2006  
     things u'llneed for a tattoo gun: pen (bic), electrical tape, paper clip, pack of sewing... by phyre_starter420 5/21/2006  
     man i got 7 tats nowjust with a needle.i got korn pain xxxa crossand outlaw by tommy 5/21/2006  
     its want ever by dmoney 5/22/2006  
     hey does anybody no how to make a tattoo gun cause ive been tryin to make one for months... by victoria dally 5/25/2006  
     if anyone has instructions and has pics of the one they made email me ... by chase W 5/26/2006  
     hey whats up i have some trouble making a tatoo machine if their is some one who can help... by 5/27/2006  
     instead of guitar string as a needle can i just use a safety pin that i straightend out by 209 boy 5/28/2006  
     stupid dumbasses. I will be seeing you all at my shop for coverups. ha ha ha by Josh 5/28/2006  
     can anyone tell me how make a tattoo gun by smiley 5/31/2006  
     Well I just made a tattoo gun yesterday out of an electric toothbrush that I got from the... by dixie 6/4/2006  
     what you need are:1) 1 Bic ballpoint pen (preferably clear) 2)1 fork 3)1 pkg. of (native)... by Jailhose Petey 6/4/2006  
     dude all you need is -electric handheld mini fan -toothbrush -2nd guitar string from... by ripper 6/5/2006  
     does anyone know how to put together a professional tattoo gun. i just bought one but i... by chevypwr 6/5/2006  
     y bother u can get hiv and all them nasty thing .If u wanna get 1 get it done properly. by you mad mate 6/6/2006  
     You people are assholes by Kidchrist 6/12/2006  
     Wow some of you guys are really dumb. Especially that 14 year old! ^^^ by Stoned Paulie  6/15/2006  
     well can you use a pen and heat it up?When its homeade gun does it like burn real bad into... by monkey11107 6/18/2006  
     where do u get a 12 volt battery by john 6/19/2006  
     Thats because theres a better way, cut off some notebook wire straighten it attache it to... by Shaggy 6/23/2006  
     Make your own ink Use clean, sterile materials (see note below), put on a paper mask... by Nathan 6/25/2006  
     all u need is a rc motor,spoon,pen,9v battery,2 paperclips,tape and there is only 1 way to... by cgm 6/27/2006  
     hey does anyone know how to make ink i know that your not supposed to use it out of ball... by evilduck 6/27/2006  
     hey does anyone know how to make ink i know that your not supposed to use it out of ball... by evilduck 6/27/2006  
     you can contact me at by evilduck 6/27/2006  
     hey peeps i need to know how to make a home made tattoo gun that takes little time to make... by cracker 6/28/2006  
     so what are you suppost to do with the spoon and will you please explain it good by conner 6/28/2006  
     u all are dumb ass's, if u want to get aids or whatever keep messing with homemade stuff a... by hotrod66046 6/30/2006  
     it seems that 'mr spell master' himself makes mistakes too!!! he spells 'well' weel !!!,... by smithy 6/30/2006  
     how do you make a tattoo gun without using guitar strings, i need help i need the most... by ink_me 6/30/2006  
     Is there any other kind of ink other than pen or india ink? Of course I want it to last a... by Ben 7/4/2006  
     betterthanyou i want to talk to you about your response. you seem like you are educated in... by slipknot_soad_life 7/4/2006  
     Or you could just buy a machine (not gun) from ebay or whatever u lazy cheap feckers by Gazzas 7/5/2006  
     well use a pen, button with 4 holes, walkmen motor, guitar string,12 volt wall addapterfig... by Adam 7/7/2006  
     I got da answer to all ya' problems... SMOKE A BUNCH OF BLUNTS!!! by Dirty South Gangsta 7/9/2006  
     you can also use an airsoft gun . by john 7/11/2006 html by Bingo 7/12/2006  
     can anybody tell me how to make a tattoo gun,give me details,&if u can pictures to by vato loco 7/15/2006  
     all you wack tatto feens are dumb i understand a couple tats but a homemade and a whole... by g man  trigga kid 7/15/2006  
     does anyone know how to make good, "safe" ink, other than using ashes or that recipe using... by fukn dylan 7/15/2006  
     just go to prison u can tattoos there by someguy 7/18/2006  
     hey im only 14 and ive given ppl including myself tattoos but im not a dombass i change my... by T 7/19/2006  
     i need help making a tattoo gun my cousin made one using some kind of motor ,needle and... by ms-tooky 7/25/2006  
     Hey if any of u people can tell me how to make a tattoo gun and what not email me @... by Nik 7/27/2006  
     dont do it you dumass by jeb 7/29/2006  
     Dont listen to all the folks telling you that you need a pro.. A "Pro" Is just a SELF... by universalsoldier 7/30/2006  
     Hi I am also only 14 years of age and I also have 3 homemade scarification tattoos I just... by nick  7/31/2006  
     I made a tattoo gun with a handvibrater ,and taped A NEEDLE TO IT IT WORKS! by Maggot 7/31/2006  
     <a href=http://www.wwta2. com/wwta2New/>http://www.wwta2. com/wwta2New/</a> ... by Vile 8/2/2006  
     can some won tell me how to make a tatoo gun by skello 8/2/2006  
     Bob42069 I must say you are very rude! This site is for people asking questions not to ask... by Gothicgrrrl_81 8/4/2006  
     the way that i do it is i just take a razor blade and cut deep enough to where i start... by ii_lov3_logan 8/8/2006  
     Man some of you people out there just need to stop worrying about getting a homemade... by Tattooed Jay 8/18/2006  
     <a href=" propecia.html">online propecia</a>... by online propecia 8/19/2006  
     why would you i mean buy a fake tattoo it is much safer and it tells you how to take it... by blueangel 8/21/2006  
     i take a bic pen L-bar rubberband tape gitar string the e one the thick one a motor... by riddler 8/25/2006  
     The most simple way to make a tattoo is get a pencil, pen, it doesn't really matter,... by Jonas  8/25/2006  
     y shouldn't i use a guitar sting..n what if i do it cant be that bad can it?¿ by jamie 8/27/2006  
     make a home made tattoo gun thats cool dont did all that now im just looking for the ebst... by Pat Vickery 8/27/2006  
     i made my tattoo gun from a racecar motor a fat pen for better grip a Gutar string or the... by Pat Vickery 8/27/2006  
     your all idiots home made guns are very individual however they are a good way to get aids... by tattooist 8/28/2006  
     I made my own homemade tattoo machine out of a Remington electric razor a BIC pen a BIC... by tnt 8/29/2006  
     any one who can help me make a tat gun hit me up at by BOX3R 8/29/2006  
     the motor/pen process works if you get it together right. i tried it last night out of... by bobdon 8/30/2006  
     Take a small engine from a handheld fan and stick a large bent paperclip in a pencil... by zomboy25 8/31/2006  
     biotches stop trying to f**k up ur bodies and get sum J.O.B's by J-Hood 8/31/2006  
     yall all dum assss by hard time 8/31/2006  
     I have nothing to say about anything ? by mooshell10 9/7/2006  
     please why would you wanna make a homemade tat gun. with prices as cheap as they are you... by ciskoe redd 9/10/2006  
     A quid is slang for the British pound. It's equivalent to about 1.75 American. by Titan 9/13/2006  
     hey if anyone can e-mail n give me some good instructions on building a gun id really... by Cman 9/17/2006  
     hey i was wanting to know how to make a tattoo gun, if nebody has ne ideas or know hoe... by cj maxwell 9/20/2006  
     i wanna make a tattoo gun..wut do i use by rayman 9/20/2006  
     i have a homemade tattoo gun out of a electric toothbrush !! :) by greedy man21 9/23/2006  
     I just discovered sumthin all you diyers might find helpful, {I'm a stickler for excellenc... by DENZO_BERANZO 9/23/2006  
     go to my site, it is still growing, but contains all... by crow 9/24/2006  
     go to the needle exchange and get some sterile fits by adik 9/25/2006  
     U dont need a fukin tattoo gun to get a tatoo just do it like we do it at at the couty... by Maniac Latin Dysypo 9/29/2006  
     you are a fool, you should kill yourself by Ryan Jack 10/4/2006  
     I've used all kinds of homemade guns and professional guns and i have to say that a well... by gunit 10/5/2006  
     EMAIL ME >>> very simple yet effective homemade tat... by tribu pintado 10/9/2006  
     can I get help how make a tatoo guns by weed man 10/14/2006  
     look y'all, i got 5 tattoos already , I'm only 17 and they all homemade. just get a motor... by tatuador 10/15/2006  
     how do u make a tattoo gun.see me at myspace .com email is by bryan beldin 10/17/2006  
     all of the stuff on here is grate i have made 26 tattoo guns for my friends. I'm gun is... by tony 10/17/2006  
     think thing rocks even though i never even thought about making one....... by yeaaaaaa  boiiii 10/21/2006  
     how hard would it be to make one of these things? seems pretty complicated by... by yeaaaaaa  boiiii 10/21/2006  
     insted ov batrez use a fone charger n cut the ends off it and split the wiers and connect... by bevo 10/26/2006  
     YEAH UMM by BROWNS TOWN  10/29/2006  
     ok look i need directions 2 make a damn tattoo gun so if u know hit me up at ympfcdale@yah... by DJ snUZI 11/8/2006  
     all you people that say go to a tattoo store around the corner is smart but if you want... by al 11/9/2006  
     yall are fags i can do a better tat than all of yall w/ a reg needle little piece if... by weedy 11/10/2006  
     plz tell me how to make a tat gun. you can e-mail me at plz... by Dark Angel of Heaven 11/11/2006  
     i been doin tattoos with a regular tatooing needle an indian ink i was wonderin how 2 make... by troubles 11/12/2006  
     Hey does ne 1 on here know how to make a tat machine w/ OUT a motor??? by Caitlin.H. 11/16/2006  
     Hey does ne 1 no how to make SIMPLE tat machine??? SOMEBODY PLZ PLZ PLZ TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!... by Psycho Sis 11/17/2006  
     hi, last night i did a rose on my hand and i just did a heart on my ankle. how can i... by *Lin* 11/18/2006  
     the gun works fine and it is good to do a .us indea ink ,speed ball ink to by big show 11/23/2006  
     I think that all of you out there who are putting all this kick a$$ $hit together should... by dimonddagger 11/25/2006  
     if any one can show me how to make a tat gun email me at im... by crazytat 11/29/2006  
     which one of yall hoes is in a gang by crip4life 11/30/2006  
     dont use pen ink not smart at all $$$$$$$$$$ by crazytat  12/1/2006  
     ya UMM I was a dumbarse about two years ago and used ball point ink and it didnt turn out... by Butt_muncher 12/6/2006  
     how do u make a home made tattoo gun by little man 12/7/2006  
     hey people i need to know how to make a tattoo gun with a guitar string email me @... by chris 12/7/2006  
     its not called a gun... its a machine! by retardo 12/12/2006  
     i'vebeen making tat guns 4 a while...u can make then wit a ink thing out of a pen. by 12/14/2006  
     I heard in prison they make the ink from pee and soot by Andre Hicks 12/14/2006  
     electric pencil sharpener brake it open use the motor, than a hallo out pall point pen,... by thr golden child 12/29/2006  
     i want a tattoo gun make me one i will buy it not by istealcars 1/5/2007  
     You all suck donky balls by Perry 1/10/2007  
     how do you make a tattoo gun by johnnys quests 1/13/2007  
     rgdaethbaktjnih geanrg by AMANDA 1/14/2007  
     if u want 2 make a top notch homemade tattoo gun here is what u need:a pendisposable... by kid Loc 1/17/2007  
     i have a homemade tattoo and it turned out good and all i used was india ink, a sewing... by blondie 1/21/2007  
     wat type of ink is best by bonethugs 1/24/2007  
     is it true that you can make a tattoo gun out of a CD player, a pen, and a lighter. useing... by littlehellion88 1/28/2007  
     perfect plans,knowledge and help by Chris Jesso 1/29/2007  
     Get a 1ml terumo syringe and fill it with any ink at all. Inject the tip of the syringe... by King of Tatts 2/1/2007  
     Why don't y'all check out It's easy to nav your way through and has some... by rotteneggssupport 2/3/2007  
     Haha i got like 10 home made tat's....I Love it... I got 5 Pro Done.. i just like doing... by T Bone 2/5/2007  
     [URL=] verdi [/URL] <a href='http://www.gzumetria43.o... by Alfred 2/11/2007  
     hey macca is that true by de_m 2/13/2007  
     tattoos are so gay!! by GAy Man 2/17/2007  
     [URL=http://www.fromthewest. org/prefabbricati] prefabbricati [/URL] <a href='http://w... by Lolita 2/17/2007  
     hey umm.. im a girl who really whants a tattoo can some one please tell me how to make... by lanalove 2/19/2007  
     [URL=] testi [/URL] <a href=' by Keira 2/24/2007  
     Hi, I was wondering if a motor out of a portable Cd player would work. Thanks if you can... by Mikethespike 2/26/2007  
     howdo you make a homemade tattoo stencil by dod 2/28/2007  
     the home made tattoo guns don't work that should just go ahead and buy one for... by ioXHollisteRXoi 3/2/2007  
     I recomend a tattoo gun from a spinbrush pro. Im still working on the kind with the... by Torey 3/3/2007  
     build a tatoo gun by william 3/5/2007  
     you guys blow by the hatre 3/19/2007  
     hey i need some advise on how i should make some ink so give me some recipes by MJ man 3/24/2007  
     everyone should just stop using ink from pens. buy a bottle of Indian ink. or i personally... by llessthanlthreel 3/28/2007  
     Hahahaha....all of your ideas are so interesting...It's so funny just to read some of... by rain 4/1/2007  
     quid is a pound in england by matty 4/3/2007  
     quid is a pound in england by matty 4/3/2007  
     Hi I really need some really good instructions to make a good tattoo gun. If any one has... by tattoo freak! 4/8/2007  
     how 2 make home made tatoo india ink by sandman 4/8/2007  
     why not get an engraver and solder a needle to the tip and be done by moon 4/8/2007  
     i'vedone some pretty cool tats myself, and covered my mates in them also, good ink to use... by addie harris the gabber lezzer 4/11/2007  
     you all suck i tried and it looks like crap by mike 4/16/2007  
     i have several homemade tats now and all could use some work just from fading or bluriness... by jenn 4/17/2007  
     You People that make tattoo guns are so stupid. It's a lot easier and you get a nicer... by tatguy 4/20/2007  
     OK. So if your going to tell people to use the spell check, then you better follow your... by Waybetterthanyou 4/20/2007  
     i need to know how to make a tattoo gun? by chris 4/21/2007  
     when you bo bo get some do do then get a used condumm then get an eletrick pencile... by crack babby 4/21/2007  
     homemade tattoo guns r 4 prison not 4 professional jobs, u wont no how many times 2 put th... by bVd 4/23/2007  
     only 1 of u beastly cannibals know what u r writing about i won't say any names to temp... by XPOLOX 4/24/2007  
     [URL=] selen [/URL] <a href=' by Gomez 4/26/2007  
     how do you make a good homade tattoo gun by shorty 4/26/2007  
     I DO NOT KNOW BUT I KNOW HOW TO ROW WEED HIT ME UP AT 753 2948 by bo 5/1/2007  
     Isnt that dangerouse.You should be able to clean it.How can you if its glued in.i dont... by teresa 5/2/2007  
     look all u need 2 make a badass one dat makes great results is....An allen wrench, buy a... by p.t. God/ tat master/king of da swing 5/2/2007  
     home made tattoo machines are simple to build. i have been building them since i was in... by walwal 5/2/2007  
     will someone please msg me on myspace about this. i need help building one. =] ... by wosielover 5/8/2007  
     just go to click videos type in homemade tattoo guns only one video will come up... by the_hitman 5/9/2007  
     [URL=] museum [/URL] <a href=' by Juan 5/9/2007  
     [URL=] animale [/URL] <a href='http://www.leggendaa.... by Aria 5/15/2007  
     get it done by barukooda 5/16/2007  
     Um, I don't wish to stab myself at this time. Can someone please come over here and do it... by Hannah Girl xoxo 5/16/2007  
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     Um. At this very moment in time i don't really feel like stabbing myself with a knife and... by Hannah xox 5/23/2007  
     your gay by lilskit420 5/23/2007  
     Idk these tattoo guns sound way too hard to build to me unless your a pro at this stuff . ... by Say-say 5/24/2007  
     [URL=http://www.dol3xc53. info/tuttogratis] tuttogratis [/URL] <a href='http://www.dol... by Kristine 5/25/2007  
     what is a easier way to make one you half to tell me on this page i cant go to any mails... by risco 5/25/2007  
     [URL= santa] maria santa [/URL] <a href='http://www.reg... by Amelia 5/27/2007  
     [URL=http://www.jcaeronautica38. info/jean] jean [/URL] <a href='http://www.jcaeronaut... by Frank 5/30/2007  
     its easy get a crest electric tooth brush and if u cant figure it out email me at... by Adam 5/31/2007  
     [URL=http://www.stoyeci40. info/contatore] contatore [/URL] <a href='http://www.stoyec... by Cruz 6/1/2007  
     Hey look I'm making a tattoo gun with a tooth brush seems simple. but hey if i get a... by Fries 6/2/2007  
     Interfaccia comoda, colori piacevoli, buoni! by transex 6/9/2007  
     wow you guys are all really dumb i can c if your putting it on like ur foot where no one... by the man 6/12/2007  
     To make ink break a pencil with graphite (not lead) in half, shave the pencil shavings of... by Nate 6/17/2007  
     i'am really impressed!! by sesso 6/20/2007  
     if any one knows WHO to make a homemade tattoo gun message me at by tony  6/24/2007  
     i have a total of 155 tatoos and is better to buy a pro tat machine it safer by marco650rwcgangzta 6/28/2007  
     hey yall im only 17 and ive been doin tattoo since i was 14 and all ive used was home made... by Thizzen420 6/29/2007  
     just get a needle buy some india ink from your local hippie store and scrape it in your... by papa jim 6/30/2007  
     man making one is so it is the hard part... get an electric toothbrush ... by david 7/4/2007  
     Are there people that are really STUPID enough to get tattooed with these homemade things... by nunya 7/10/2007  
     i make them i sale them and i know how to use them just as good as a pro email me @... by inkspitter 7/11/2007  
     have a moose by moose 7/16/2007  
how do i get a virus off of my computer? by ivan10/16/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
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I have an American Staffordshire Terrier and my family doesnt trust him because they say... by BeckLes11/28/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     Your pitbull will not bit you unless you use physical abuse towards it. by Brian T.W.12/3/03  
     you dog is not a pittbull although the pit comes from the certain breed they are not the... by Ryan12/29/03  
     In our experience doing Amstaff and Pitbull rescue we have found that the vast majority of... by Pittstaff1/4/04  
     I have the same type of dog, and even though I trust him, it is people I do not necessaril... by Allibear1/11/04  
     I have the same type of dog. I've had him for almost a year. I got him in NJ and he was at... by Lovinsgtmjr1/27/04  
     I have been raised with am staffs my entire life; when I was a child I was growing up with... by stellargirl1/29/04  
     I have two American Staffordshire Terrier, and just got them, they was born in Nov. and... by New Traininer2/15/04  
     try crate training your puppies. It is always harder with two. by aimee2/16/04  
     i have an american staf. terrier., his name is rocky, had him since he was 6 months old.... by rita2/17/04  
     They are great dogs. You should get rid of him if he will not be loved and appreciated,... by Dana3/20/04  
     I just want to say Bravo to Lovin Sgt Mjr. I to am discouraged when these breeds of dogs... by Loving Sabre4/16/04  
     You all act like the pit bull is a monster and the amstaff is a saint. The fact of the... by CH4/19/04  
     "You all act like the pit bull is a monster and the amstaff is a saint. The fact of the... by tigercats124/22/04  
     I am a proud owner of the most sweetest, kind hearted, smart, funny and ofcourse great... by CurrlieGirrlie214/28/04  
     I wanted to clear something up, i didn't mean to make the american pit sound like a... by Loving Sabre5/4/04  
     Hi, im from the uk and i bought an american staff in november and i love him to bits. the... by donna uk5/11/04  
     Donna, type in American staff on google and there are lists of sites which explain the... by Dan 5/24/04  
     Hey people. I realize that you all own and love your dogs. I rescued an "amstaff" from... by Bmac7/13/04  
     You obvoiusly own this American staffordshire Terrier, therefore you must have interacted... by AMSTAFFVR6 8/4/04  
     i'mfrom the phils. at our country there are no amstaffs just pitbulls and we love them. I... by bender 8/31/04  
     I have 2 amstafs their both great with people and really good dogs, well behaved... by Hamana 9/11/04  
     it's people like you who give am staffs and pit bulls a bad name,I'm not a big fan of... by marc 9/13/04  
     You should always keep your Am-staff leashed when outdoors, and watch him closely when... by ongoingpain 10/6/04  
     I have owned my staff for four years and on a daily basis he is in my truck and i see... by marty and rocko 10/21/04  
     In my opinion the best thing someone can do is socialization,such as having people of all... by marty and rocko.....again 10/21/04  
     In my opinion the best thing someone can do is socialization,such as having people of all... by marty and rocko.....again 10/21/04  
     I am buying a AM staff pretty soon and would like to no how you go about registering it in... by Paul from uk 11/8/04  
     I have been a vet nurse for 15 years and i can tell you any bully breed is worth its... by dymond wytch 11/12/04  
     Hi there...I am the proud new owner of an 8 week old Amstaff. She is incredibly sweet...m... by Jess 11/16/04  
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     I would really love to know where i can get an am staff in the UK. I already have a Irish... by annie uk 12/9/04  
     hey i have a pitbull and i just bought another pitbull and the new pitbull is american... by t diddy 1/14/05  
     it won't bite unless u miss treat it!!! and screw youre family. by matt 2/1/05  
     brown dog by michpal 2/2/05  
     I have recently just adopted an American Staff mix from the local humane society. He is... by Dee026 FLA 2/3/05  
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     I was under the impression that the pitbul or amstaff was the same dog. AKC registered as... by tron 4/13/05  
     We adopted our amstaff almost 3 years ago now. My husband and I love our guy more than... by bully breed lover 4/22/05  
     ja rule has an american staff in frizinhall and it is friendly with his dad by kuki 5/3/05  
     ive raised 3 am staffs from pups& socialized them with people & outher dogs & cats ect.... by pat 5/31/05  
     Dan I believe you have a valid point that the two are indeed the same breed or alike... by Madman Jeff 6/20/05  
     Everyone thinks pits r soo mean well guess wht they are the sweetest dog in the world i... by Ashley 7/17/05  
     Im just wondering, im from england. are pit bull's legal in the UK or not? by james 7/17/05  
     To all- there is confusion about registering these dogs. Someone above said that they can... by Marty 7/19/05  
     To all- there is confusion about registering these dogs. Someone above said that they can... by Marty 7/20/05  
     im looking 4 a amstaff i live in mids uk any help would be a appricated cheers my email... by shaky 10/8/05  
     i have a 6 month old lab im about to get a amstaff in december will they get along if i... by krucial 10/29/05  
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     Hi, One of you is living in the UK: Donna. Donna or someone else living in the UK,... by Lakaisha 2/7/2006  
     Donna I live in the uk and both the Pitbull and the Am Staff are both Banned in this... by markie  2/10/2006  
     Anybody that owns a pit, or a Am Staff, or any of the "Bully" breed dogs for that matter,... by John 2/12/2006  
     pit bulls are confiscated by the cops and all dogs are humalely put down but amstaffs... by dog 2/19/2006  
     I have 2 Amer. Staff. brothers and got them at 10 weeks old. Yes, it is a little tricky... by p 2/21/2006  
     i like pitbulls and staffs, and there are plenty of them around. mostly crosses but there... by annon 2/24/2006  
     my army number by tizz25079892 3/9/2006  
     i live in merthyr tydfil south wales im looking to get a american staffordshire terrier if... by tizz25079892 3/9/2006  
     I just got a puppy from a shelter. she is a mix american staff. she seems so sweet. I hate... by cindy 3/13/2006  
     Donna... I'd be interesting in hearing more on the laws in Europe on AmStaff's... I'm in... by Audrey 3/20/2006  
     just so you all know. the pitbull is just like any other dog. they attack when they feel... by biglyx60 4/14/2006  
     Regardless of what most people say AmStaffs and American Pit Bull Terriers are the same... by Dixie 5/2/2006  
     i have an american staffy and he is great there is a big diff between the too an american... by manda 5/3/2006  
     who cares a dog is what you make it. you could have a killer yorkie! just wont do as... by mikex83x 6/5/2006  
     I just recently purchased a red nose pitbull puppy from the animal shelter and have had... by John 7/3/2006  
     I just recently purchased a red nose pitbull puppy from the animal shelter and have had... by John 7/3/2006  
     ok guys and dolls lol i have a true pit and a pit cross 2 dogue de bordeauxs and the all... by a true pit bull owner 7/4/2006  
     I have a staff x pitbull and a pitbull. It really fu(ks me off when i hear bull sh!t like... by Mel 7/18/2006  
     I myself have an amstaff. His name is Ace and he just turned a year. He is the most loyal... by amstaff lover 8/1/2006  
     I have had my heart set on getting a american staff for ages, and im finally getting one,... by Nat 8/3/2006  
     hi i have 2 pit buls and 2 dogue de bordeaux 4 kids and we on get on brill its not the... by 4 dog owner 8/31/2006  
     'donna' how the heck did u get a pit in the uk, there illgeal ( that means amstaffs also)... by shan 10/7/2006  
     HELP people! Can i buy Am staff in England??? because I know what some dogs is illegal... by Kolya 10/13/2006  
     A American Staffordshire Terrier is totally different then a Pitt bull.I been doing alot... by Doglover22 12/8/2006  
     Google can give you answers. You can search there for this! <a href="www.pitbull-apbt.... by pitbul_apbt 12/19/2006  
     Its all in how u raise them my pit weighs almost 100 pounds is a little over two years old... by Worm 1/11/2007  
     The fact of the matter is, the two dogs are different yet the same breeds. they are both... by EMONEY 1/12/2007  
     The AKC recognizes Amstaffs but not Pits. An Amstaff can be dual registered, but a Pit... by scott 3/26/2007  
     Hello,I'm an Italian boy,I'm 24..I have the possibility to have a Amstaff, he is probably... by Roberto 3/26/2007  
     well my pit is nice to people and loves to play arouned but not nice to some ather dogs by manny 7/9/2007  
I need to know if my chihuahua is pregnant. Her name is Licorice. She has gotten a little... by Animal-Lover5/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
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     hello my nickname is Lola i have a dog named Lela i need to know if she is pregnant she... by lola 11/13/04  
     akjhdkjasfsfdfdlgdghf dfnkldfjkhjf;kjlf fjnmjhkl hkjrntkyjhnirtnji trjkmerhn odsern;h... by gffffffffftyyyyyyy 11/13/04  
     Is it normal for a dogs nipples to get bigger after their first time being in heat. by Pebbles 1/30/05  
     your dog is probely in heat that is when they thinkthat there pregnant but cant realy... by claudia 2/2/05  
     My dog was in heat and we mate her, her boobs are bigger, she's lazy,doesnt like to play... by zoom 2/3/05  
     My chihuahua tinkerbell is usually so skinny around her stomach but now it just seems like... by TINKERBELL 2/19/05  
     hey denise i think she is pregnant cause thats how my dog is her nipples were getting... by apeburt 3/12/05  
     I have a similar problem. My 10 month old chihuahua had her first heat a couple of weeks... by Kelli 4/8/05  
     best thing to do would be to go to the vet and make sure it is safe. pregnancy for chis... by pennysmum 4/26/05  
     she is pregnant by funny chihuaha 7/23/05  
     your dog is pregnant thats all the signs of pregnant she like 5-6 weeks pregnant by jen 7/27/05  
     How can i tell if my dog is pregnant. she has been mating with my other dog for about a... by ken 8/19/05  
     i'dlike to knw if im pregnant paaaahhlezz!! can i be pregnant within say... 3 days after... by cherry 1/27/2006  
     it sound like your dog is pregnant but go to your local vet and check by maria 3/12/2006  
     i dont know if my chihuahuas is preg but she getting tites like she got milk in them and... by kimberly 4/12/2006  
     my dogs name is candy and she has bigger boobs and she has been having a very funny... by holly 5/19/2006  
     my dog is named gorgeous and i really would like to know how long it take for me to know... by Lucy 6/14/2006  
     It does sound like your dog is pregnant, but she could be having a false pregnancy I... by Ruby  6/28/2006  
     my dogs nipples have drooped can she be up the duff it only been a week since she came out... by scotty 6/29/2006  
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     my dog Lexy was having sex with a another dog only for a little bit.can you please tell me... by stevo 9/17/2006  
     my dog lexy was having sex with a another dog only for a little bit.can you please tell me... by stevo 9/17/2006  
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     my sex is good U no by fff 2/25/2007  
     hi i have a chihuahua she is very small and I've notice that her nipples are very big and... by baby18 6/3/2007  
     hi i have a chihuahua she is very small and ive notice that her nipples are very big and... by baby18 6/3/2007  
     well with my dog I have noticed that her nipples pop out,her stomach looks a little... by lynnette 6/3/2007  
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can anyone give me brief facts about slavery? by bicker chick3/8/04 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
     i would like some money by krystin 1/19/05  
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     what are some good facts that i could put in a paper by jas 4/22/05  
     Slavery was harsh and demanding. by Nicole 4/25/05  
     Slavery was a universal institution throughout ancient times. For instance, it was never... by Chole 4/25/05  
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     Slavery comes from the word slav, the name of groups of Eastern European peoples. Slavery... by M.P. 2/6/2006  
     gggggggggggggg by pink panther pp 2/17/2006  
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     feedstuffs by fdsafdsa 12/18/2006  
Has anyone successfully had trouble with billing from AOL. I cancelled my account 6... by BgBdBlonde11/18/03 FAQ Part 1/3 - Censorship
     yes i have had trouble with aol since i cancelled aol they keep on charging my account... by gtercelady1/5/04  
     I have cancelled aol for 4 months they just debited my checking account for the 4 months... by jill1/14/04  
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     I, also, purchased a Dell laptop with 6 months 'free'. The 6 month trial was due to end... by Deb3/15/04  
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     I actually managed to cancel my AOL subscription. I moved to NTL:World broadband about a... by OtherworldBob4/16/04  
     You definitely need to get a confirmation number when you call to cancel and don't let... by Shubee5/11/04  
     My mother just filed a suit against AOL in federal court for failing to cancel service and... by Angry AOL customer6/14/04  
     I just went through hell on the phone with AOL. I cancelled and then they claim that I... by GB 12/2/04  
     i have been throught aol also. I have talked to them seveal times to cancel my account. A... by christina 12/12/04  
     I am a college student and my father purchased Gateway Laptop computer for me approximatel... by 12/25/04  
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     AOL is a total rip off, they send you through telephone hell and then you are forced to... by JohnnyGuest 4/7/05  
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My daughter would like to find a "teacup chihuahua" I am not able to find any information... by Penny T1/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     The reason you can't find any information is that the term 'teacup' chihuahua is not an... by chimama1/3/04  
     we would like to find a teacup chihuahua but we are in Nevada, can you please tell us if... by Justine & Ashton 1/11/04  
     go to you will find more information about the teacup chihuahuas you're... by liz 2/17/04  
     I would like a chihuahua but I live in Kansas. I was wondering if you knew any breeders or... by Mackenzie3/31/04  
     I have a teacup Chihuahua, i currently live in las Vegas, although i love him dearly i can... by Wishlessecho4/26/04  
     Hello, I am Brooklyn Rachele Beaver. I am a Teacup Chihuahua Breeder. My puppies weigh... by Brooklyn Rachele Beaver5/17/04  
     There is no such thing as a teacup chi. I am a breeder of chis for about 6 years. The... by mama j5/23/04  
     i am looking for a small baby chihuahua. i am live in CA and i have been looking for a... by meghan 7/16/04  
     You should go to, they have every type of breed and places where they... by Dez 8/2/04  
     i am looking for a female long hair chihuahua puppy under like $200. e-mail me at... by sammy 8/8/04  
     hey, i am 12 years old and i just received a teacup chihuahua from my dad for my birth... by kaylee 8/9/04  
     LOOKING FOR TINY TEACUP CHIHUAHUA! Prefer female and smooth coat and under or near the... by Kristina 8/12/04  
     I am looking for 2 chihuahua's but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on them. We... by beautifullady0957 8/17/04  
     i live in las vegas and im look for a baby chi! does anyone one a seller or a person who... by cristan 8/24/04  
     I currently bought a Chihuahua which I imported from Mexico, which did not survive, but I... by Joe 8/27/04  
     hi my name is justine i have been looking for a teacup chi for a while now, but i cant... by justine 8/28/04  
     Hi! I was wondering if anybody knew where I can find chihuahua puppies in Ontario, Canada... by Becca 8/31/04  
     am looking for a small baby chihuahua. i am live in CA and i have been looking for a... by annie  9/8/04  
     I want to purchase a teacup or pocket chihuahua, where I can purchase one of those I live... by Cesare 9/13/04  
     i would like to find a little healthy chihuahua puppy, preferably white but i live in... by puppyless in virginia 9/16/04  
     I am looking for a teacup chihuahua.I have been looking for one for many years of my... by Desi 9/29/04  
     I live in the Illinois area and am looking for a healthy t-cup chihuahua. I'd like to know... by Lauren 11/11/04  
     there is such a thing as teacupchihuahuas i know this because I have one. it isnt an... by rademily1 11/14/04  
     Please listen to me when I say this..there is no such thing as a teacup Chihuahua. I... by Reannon 11/15/04  
     teacup is a made up term used to label unhealthy Chi's. Breeders will try to sell them 2... by teacup hater 11/20/04  
     i'am looking for a teacup chihuahua, butt my budget is $250 by peggie 11/23/04  
     Everyone who is looking for a really small "teacup" or super small chi needs to be... by Annie 11/26/04  
     Hi, Im Chelsea Bradley and I am also looking for a chihuahua and I know that the smaller... by Chelsea 12/5/04  
     can i have a tea cup dog by sara 12/28/04  
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     i understand how much work a "teacup" or a "very small" chihuahua is. I am 13 and am... by kax 1/7/05  
     I live in London and would like to know the prices of small chihuahuas and how I would be... by Akiela 1/13/05  
     I collect teacups. I would like to find a teacup chihuahua to put in a teacup. I already... by teacup_lover 1/22/05  
     My mom said I can get a Teacup Chihuahua, but she cant find anywhere to fet one. We live... by Miranda 1/23/05  
     i am looking for a t-cup chi. I'm pretty sure about getting one. I want one thats blonde... by DiDi 1/24/05  
     I am looking for a teacup chihuahua, but i live in winnipeg canada. Can anyone help by nanners 1/24/05  
     hi I'm looking for a teacup chihuahua. i already have a toy and i have always wanted a... by danielle 1/29/05  
     For a Chihuahua to truly be called a teacup they need to weigh less than 2lbs at adulthood... by Leklund34 2/6/05  
     i have a little chihuahua and he is a great little dog he is great with children! hope... by hannah 3/2/05  
     Hey I looking for a tea-cup chihuahua. Please if you have any thing e-mail me at born2shop... by Sam Utzka 3/17/05  
     Yes. The teacup is not an acual breed, just a name that people call smaller chis. I also,... by karlyn 4/2/05  
     My name is Kelly and I'm wondering if I can find a breeder or pet store selling chihuahuas... by usherlover 4/19/05  
     my daughter is coming to move in with me and my wife and live with us in north carolina... by david 4/26/05  
     I have been wanting a "teacup" or a little tiny chihuahua forever but where I live I... by Courtney 4/29/05  
     Hi out there.I was wondering if anyone out there had a Chihuahua for about 350 or less.I... by Ashtin 5/2/05  
     Hey I'm from Denmark.. I would like to have a teacup chihuahua.. we don't have them in... by jasmin 5/3/05  
     I WANT ONE TOOO AND I LIVE IN NORTH Carolina! by Morgan  5/6/05  
     I am looking for a teacup chihuahua in Rancho Cucamonga Califoina by Joei 5/19/05  
     The best way to guess what size the chihuahua will be is to look at the feet of the puppy.... by GeraniumSA 6/13/05  
     They is no thing as a teacup. Puppy mills sell these 'rare' dogs for more money. You... by Cavallo 6/30/05  
     'Just so that everyone knows, there is no such thing as a teacup chihuahua. "teacup"... by Nikki 7/1/05  
     Actually their is such thing as a teacup chihuahua!It is that their smaller than a normal... by Nicole 7/7/05  
     I read on the internet, so i dont know if it is true, but it said that "teacup" or small... by i want a chihuahua 7/7/05  
     looking for a toy chi, black or black and tan, long or short haired. please contact at... by Gen 7/8/05  
     waaaat guys are crazy nasty cool about your's really... by watup_kid 7/13/05  
     I believe it is cruel to breed chihuahuas into "teacup chihuahuas". It gives them a lot of... by Blame 8/12/05  
     I believe it is cruel to breed chihuahuas into "teacup chihuahuas". It gives them alot of... by Blame 8/12/05  
     I have been interested in finding a teacup (or miniature) chihuahua for myself for a while... by Danielle 8/18/05  
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     I live in Seattle and I would like to know if there are any teacup chihuahua breeders . ... by mw 9/2/05  
     I have a chihuahua and I need to get a dog smaller than her. by Alexa 10/23/05  
     I live in NorthEast Louisiana and im looking for a Teacup Chihuahua. Everyone I find is... by Jerika  10/27/05  
     Hello. My name is Jessica and I was just wondering would a teacup chihuahua be good for a... by jess 11/25/05  
     Hi, I live in Florida and my mom says i can get a teacup chihuahua if i raise some money... by Stephanie 11/25/05  
     Hello, I currently live in Miami, Florida and was wondering where I could get a teacup... by Aliz 11/26/05  
     wow what a shallow breeder you must be very greedy and/or uneducated, 1. you are scamming... by angelwings 11/26/05 by chiluv  11/26/05  
     heres the thing... i am looking for a teacup chi because yes its small but thats only what... by remy 12/15/05  
     Hello, My name is Kirsten and I am 15 years old. For my 16th birthday I am getting a car... by Kirsten 12/31/05  
     I was wondering were I can find a teacup chihuahua they look almost like regular chihuahua... by Rachel 1/22/2006  
     I really want a long haired applehead teacup chihuahua! Preferably a girl! I want to pick... by Summer 1/22/2006  
     Im am looking for teacup puppie for my daghter thats is all she wants she will even give... by maria 1/29/2006  
     i am looking for a small chihuahua but im not having much look if anyone knows where i can... by leanne 2/14/2006  
     i want a teacup chihuahua but people say there is no such thing who do i believe! by star 2/25/2006  
     Hi I'm from Massachusetts and have been looking for a chihuahua preferably a tanish... by jerika 3/1/2006  
     i am looking for a small chi... however i don't have hardly any money to buy one due to... by Mollie 3/5/2006  
     i am looking for a teacup chihuahua. i live in the Philippines.if u have any information... by kuki 3/19/2006  
     Hallo lebe in Germany suche ein chihuahua der mini bleibt. wer kann mir da weiterhelfen???... by beyd84 3/24/2006  
     Your are not kidding about vet bills tea cup chi are expensive dogs to keep I just got her... by Missy 3/25/2006  
     hello, okay my daughter wants a teacup chihuahua does anyone know the price range?? if... by Danielle 4/2/2006  
     t-cup Chihuahua's are soo cut and ive been trying to find one. if any one has any info on... by Alison 4/8/2006  
     halbear by halbear 4/14/2006  
     i live in maryland and i was looking for male chihuahua for a reasonable price if u have... by keke 4/18/2006  
     i would like a t cup chihuahua because i love dogs and chihuahuas. i took care of one... by elizabeth 5/8/2006  
     i would like to buy a t-cup chihuahua but i want a boy...but i don't have a whole lot of... by 5/13/2006  
     Hi. I'm looking for a teacup chihuahua, i live in Doha, Qatar and I can't find one here. I... by Lana 5/30/2006  
     I am looking for a teacup chihuahua. Im not sure if i want a male or female. Which one is... by Liz Meister 6/5/2006 will answer all your questions ppl!:) email me if u have a free... by hay-lay 6/23/2006  
     I need a toy chihuahua can anyone help me out email me at thank you... by chettachez 7/5/2006  
     I have a 2.5 pound chihuahua and he has no health problems so not all small chihuahua will... by knotthead 7/13/2006  
     t-cup 'rats' are not cool....u all suck by PinkPaulie 7/15/2006  
     With ALL of the information about this at your fingertips, I still find it difficult to... by chiswhiz 7/21/2006  
     I wanted a teacup chihuahua for a long time and knew they were hundreds of dollars I... by Lisa 7/29/2006  
     Are teacup chihuahua hard to house train? by bella 7/30/2006  
     hey um I'm interested in getting a baby Chihuahua or a t-cup chi for Xmas from my... by ktk 8/25/2006  
     i want a teacup chi with a deer head. but i live in the U.K and i cant find them anywhere?... by PARIS 8/28/2006  
     I was always looking for a 'teacup' Chihuahua and when I researched long enough, I learned... by Megan Johnson 9/1/2006  
     I'm looking for a blue tea cup puppy chihuahua and would like more info on them. I live... by meralisMA 9/22/2006  
     I live in bullhead,AZ looking for a chihuahua for around 100 bucks. if thats even possible... by Kvengeance 11/15/2006  
     im looking for a teacup chihuahua in the San Francisco Bay Area and i cant seem to find... by sammie 12/3/2006  
     Im also looking for a teacup chihuahua contact me @ by Dreamsconflict 12/9/2006  
     hello fellow chihuahua lovers, my name is Danielle I am only 13. And i really want a... by Danielle 12/13/2006  
     There IS such thing as a teacup chihuahua, the reason people are saying there aren't is... by Chimama is an idiot 12/16/2006  
     i am getting a wolfhound and know lots about teacup chihuahuas and wolfhounds and there... by pupluvr 12/19/2006  
     what do the prices run on the Teacup chis ???????? by *EZ* 1/7/2007  
     I too live in las vegas - i have a teacup hes light brown hes a short hair-- hes like the... by PIMPIN4BIGGS 1/13/2007  
     I have several TINY puppies from about 2-6 pounds full grown!!!! by RGVpuppies 1/23/2007  
     I bought my TINY TINY puppy from by Anna 1/23/2007  
     I got my tiny lil girl at by Jennifer 2/6/2007  
     yuuuuuu by ytu 2/11/2007  
     I am looking for a t-cup chihuahau. I don't have much money so if anyone has one that... by az 2/27/2007  
     Hello, I was just wondering if you knew of any breeders around the Minneaplois, MN area.... by Maddy 3/1/2007  
     sup i luv you by me 3/5/2007  
     I live in the Chicago land area. My husband and I are in the process of looking for a... by Bamge 3/11/2007  
     mama j i would hardly call you an expert, little knowledge is dangerous and not always... by wakker 4/6/2007  
     heyy im looking to get a baby teacup chihuahua.. and i wanna know a good breeder whos not... by marissa 6/4/2007  
     Hi, My name is Evangelyn VanPeenen. I have wanted a Teacup Chihuahuha for quite a long... by Evangelyn 6/22/2007  
     Hi, My name is Evangelyn VanPeenen. I have wanted a Teacup Chihuahuha for quite a long... by Evangelyn VanPeenen 6/22/2007  
     I agree with others stating the myth about tcups. I am a breeder and love my babies, and... by pupmom426 7/8/2007  
I THINK MY DOG MAY BE PREGNANT ARE THERE ANY SYMPTONS FOR IT? by Sally 1/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     Around 3-4 weeks along she can go to the vet to get a pregnancy test. Around 5 weeks is... by Tanisha2/1/04  
     how many months is a dog pregeant for? by goalie15 8/25/05  
     My dog is a bit fat i think she is pregnant she spent the night with another dog by Ciara 10/8/05  
     how long does it take a dog to get pregnat? when a dog gets stuck while getting intamate... by alize 10/22/05  
     hi my name is anna i think my akita is pregnant she first started going into heat... by anna 12/12/05  
     please i want to now if my dog is preganat she is lazy and eats and drinks a holl lot... by matt 1/19/2007  
     how do i find out my dog is pregnant by swiggle 1/24/2007  
     how do i know if my pug is going to have puppy my male dog was on her 4 like a sec n it... by jerzee 2/13/2007  
these questions are taken from the Mensa Test ''work out what the letters mean'' I... by parlaque5/26/04 Mensa - FAQ: What is the Mensa test like? [Monthly]
     66B of the B = books of the bible 39B of the O T = books of the old testament 3 B... by LL 8/12/04  
     66 books of the bible 39 books of the old testament 3 blind mice (see how they run) 27... by kris 9/14/04  
     66 books of the bible 39 books of the old testament 3 blind mice(see how they run) 100... by arnie 10/7/04  
     3 b m (shtr)-3 blind mice (see how they run) 13 L in a B D--13 loaves in a bakers dozen ... by julio 10/7/04  
     15 men on a dead mans chest 66books of the bible 39 books of the old testament by topher 10/14/04  
     66 Books of the Bible 39 Books of the Old Testament 3 B M (S H T R) ??? 100 C in a R... by Yerbury 10/15/04  
     66 B of the B= 66 books of the bible 39 b of the o t= 39 books of the old testament ... by Andrew 10/25/04  
     66 books of the bible 3 blind mice (see how they run) 100 cents in a rand 13 loaves in... by VMan 11/5/04  
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     66 books of the bible by Diane 12/3/04  
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     answer by andybreakseverything 2/18/05  
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     66 Books of the Bible 39 Books of the Old Testament 27 books in the New Testament by kachelle 3/30/05  
     66 books of the bible 39 books of the old testament 3 blind mice(see how they run) 100... by karthik 5/1/05  
     66 Bones of the Body 39 Books of the Old Testament 3 blind mice by stephen 5/11/05  
     I don't know by Joe 5/13/05  
     66B of the B 39B of the O T 3 B M (S H T R) 100 C in a R 13=U F S ... by jack12 6/20/05  
     I don't know if these have already been answered but: 66B of the B - 66 books of the... by olman 7/27/05  
     3 b m three blind mice see how they run 13=UFS 13= unlucky for some by sambren 8/31/05  
     66 books of the bible 39 books of the old testament 3 blind mice (see how they run) 100... by mickban 10/3/05  
     66 books of the Bible 39 books in the old testament 27 books in the new testament by chig 10/12/05  
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     15 M on a D M C is "15 men on a dead man's chest" by 11/11/05  
     27 books in the new testament 39 books in the old testament by mariutzautza 12/15/05  
     66 books of the bible 27 books in the new testament 13 ? in a baker's dozen by SCR 12/20/05  
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     66B of the B (66 books of the bible) 39B of the O T (39 books of the old testament) 3 B... by Siddhartha Rastogi 1/9/2006  
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     66 Books of the Bible 39 Books of the Old Testament 3 blind mice (see how they run) ... by Hoffmann 1/28/2006  
     fgbfgh dfbgfd hgb df hbfd bdf bdf gdf hfrd h by mark 2/2/2006  
     j.k,hkg,gh by yhuykyukh 2/5/2006  
     66B of the B (66 books of the bible) 39B of the OT (39 books of the old testement) 3 B M... by rushgt 2/20/2006  
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     These questions have absolutely nothing to do with the intelligence tests used by Mensa. by Roy 4/17/2006  
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     13 L in a B D 13 loaves in abkers dozen by shawn mathew 7/10/2006  
     3 blind mice see how they run by spencer marcus 9/13/2006  
     15 M ON A DMC=15 MEN ON A DEAD MANS CHEST 64 S ON A CB =64 SQUARES ON A CHESS BOARD 100... by Michele 10/9/2006  
     unlucky friday superstition by shan 10/11/2006  
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     66B of the B - Books of the Bible 39B of the O T - Books of the Old Testament 3 B M (S H... by Fletch 10/11/2006  
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     66 Books of the Bible 39 Books of the Old Testament 3 Blind Mice (See How They Run) 100... by sarvan 6/25/2007  
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i want to be hung by peircings. where would i go,and what do i need to know by nas10/8/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Alternative Bodyart FAQ
     god are you weird by jesop1/28/04  
     if everyone was like u, would u want to be u anymore? by POOKEY2/25/04  
     ew, that's gross by *eRiCa*3/8/04  
     if every one was the same i would want to be different cuz i can't stand being even close... by 2-dope3/15/04  
     Check out BEMEZINE.COM by hollis3/22/04  
     im getting my lip peirced tommorow and im scared!!!!!!!!!!!! by pie4/8/04  
     haha thats cool by JiLL4/12/04  
     you mean a suspension- god you're brave.- ; )try for a coma/ superman rather than a... by Alaizu4/13/04  
     I'm sorry what the heck are you on? Hung by ur piercings? I'm sorry but OUCH-A-WANNA-WOO by jjldragon 4/21/04  
     Hey man, thats soo cool. My bf is looking into the same stuff. IM not exactly sure where... by Jamie5/17/04  
     i think you might need to go to a professional peircing parlor you dummy!!!!! by blah blah5/17/04  
     I think if you want to hang by your peircings get a lot of them and put chains through... by Rain5/20/04  
     Wldnt that hurt?Go 2 a parlour or grab a needle n do it urself I dunno lost_angel89@hotm... by Alix 5/21/04  
     If you're thinking about doing a suspension look into Thats a really... by Kc5/27/04  
     i want to be suspended one day it looks so cool... to be suspended in mid air by my... by will6/9/04  
     That sounds very cool, I have my toung peirced. Well hope u have fun doing it. by lilstoner6/22/04  
     Contact a tattoo company? by Stone 7/8/04  
     hey awsome that you do that. but man all these dumb response. people need to get a life.... by Katie 8/30/04  
     i think that it is so stupid to do that to your body but if ya wanna do it Go FOR IT and... by rising_devil 10/19/04  
     ur feckin weird mate by pinkie 10/27/04  
     Thats awsome dude! Have fun!!!!!! by Devil 11/1/04  
     you are mental but whatever you feel cool with then do so by kali  11/8/04  
     thats sick!!!!!!! by kappa 11/10/04  
     i wanna be suspended in a tub of jelly....mmmm by my pinky toe..... by bigd 12/6/04  
     yo i think ur crazy but whateva have fun by smilezgurl333 1/14/05  
     Omg!! that is so cool! i am looking into being suspended! i think it is totally cool and... by rockie girl 2/4/05  
     its so cool!!iv did it before and it was breath taking.i would do it again in a second by cherry 2/8/05  
     I wouldn't mind since lots of people would want that not just 1!! by coolandhotasitgets 2/9/05  
     first of all why would you want to do something to yourself that would cause you that much... by daniboo74 3/21/05  
     I'm not gonna be rude!That's all cool! I mean tottaly! But it's almost how scared I got... by Sotelo 5/10/05  
     dude pay no attention to these ppl do what u want to do, i, myself think is cool,... by JoJo The Monkey 5/16/05  
     that is so crazy and nasty but you could go to Texas or check out BMEZINE.COM by tanie 6/20/05  
     thats gona hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by mel 9/29/05  
     suspension is an amazing feeling and experience that is out of this world.dont listen to... by S.Bob 10/6/05  
     YES I DO by PLAT 10/19/05  
     dude,thats wicked. check out later by tear 1/13/2006  
     That is well sick u need to get ur head sorted out CZ that aint rite , belly buttons ,ears... by omg 2/9/2006  
     i think it is cool to be hung by peircings by santana 2/21/2006  
     You mean suspension, hung up by hooks from ur skin. Try flesh wound on cuba street its a... by xcemeterydrivex 3/26/2006  
     eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!dats jus wierd wot if ur skin rips!? by shortstuff 4/21/2006  
     getting hsvv c vd dcva sc asvef av dcvorny help me. by regyal 9/13/2006  
     omggggg! y do u like pain i dont understand u people but waever floats ur boat lol have... by bbras06 12/18/2006  
     u creep thats disgusting !! by launalott 1/19/2007  
     Get help. by Meeeeee! 3/5/2007  
     DEAR PIE U EAT A LOT OF PIES RYT??? GET OVA IT !!!!! UR 222 UGLY PIEPIE 2 GET UR LIP... by 30 INC DIKKK 4/25/2007  
     OMG that is so dumb, and it would hurt alot DUHHHH!!! well what ever floats your boat. by princessluree 6/5/2007  
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i want to make an carrier in software testing by sarika9/15/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Then try to get job in Testing field. by Manish Panchal9/19/03  
     Best future in testing side,we can try yourself. i think your now in best organization by KrishnaKishore5/18/04  
     I want make my carrier in software testing. presently i am in academic field. by bhavna7/2/04  
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how did the war end of vietnam? by baby girl4/25/04 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Order of Battle
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     in 1954 by jfhubfdcfdvgftrsvzx 8/25/04  
     They exchanged cheese by gavin wilson 10/17/04  
     When did the war end? by SnoozzinSarah  10/21/04  
     Vietnam ended when........... it bleeping ended. by jacksonmichael 4/28/05  
     In early January 1973, the Nixon White House convinced the Thieu-Ky regime in Saigon that... by amie hammer 8/28/05  
     give me a summery of the vietnam war by yoddle doodle  12/5/05  
     im doin an oral and i need sum1 to tell me how did vietnam end? i only got so much time! by Grave Yard Desciple 1/11/2006  
     I have no idea by Orlando Lil Kane Moss 1/23/2006  
     why did the war end by chris 2/1/2006  
     i dont fukin no that y im askin u by shanna 2/23/2006  
     i dont have a fucen clue but im goin my fannys itchy! bye now have fun by poo jabber 3/27/2006  
     dont know by booosodfjoasdjf 8/30/2006  
     JANINE by JANINE 9/14/2006  
     how did the vietnam war end by krank 2/27/2007  
     i dont know!!! by Triple A 3/6/2007  
could an average man defend himself against one large attack trained pitbull? by bob7/6/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     Does the guy have a weapon? Does he see the dog coming or does he sneak up on him? How... by CH7/7/04  
     actually smart ass, i'mjust wondering what people think.but it's you, and the people with... by bob7/7/04  
     pits are very strong dogs, im sure you've heard of the pound for pound comment. Most pits... by macker7/8/04  
     What is the best (most humane, nonlethal) way to protect yourself against an attacking... by Need to Know 8/31/04  
     it all depends. of coarse the guy could defend himself, but unless he had an extremely... by matt 9/8/04  
     i think everything should be taken with a pinch of salt, a pit bull for example, is... by purist 10/1/04  
     Actually bob, you are such a dumbass that you used the words "attack trained pitbull" and... by CH 10/3/04  
     My answer is NOOOOO!!!! I was walking down a street at a junkyard for parts. While... by Lucky  2/15/05  
     yes i can kill a pit bull whit my figre by bob 2/24/05  
     If a Pit Bull is running directly towards you and you see him coming, what is the correct... by Joseph 2/24/05 could NOT defend themselves if being attacked by a pitty. As a former... by Mar 4/26/05  
     A pit bull, could attack and be lethal to a man, if they attacked from, behind. Aman has... by noah 10/2/05  
     you don't know what you are talking about here. Ever seen a pit bull attack video? they... by DogLover 12/18/05  
     Who gives a F**k. Do you plan on trying it out, or are you just a stupid owner trying to... by Jensen 1/22/2006  
     I have had to break up a couple of dog attacks and found a large bucket of water works. ... by Irish 2/21/2006  
     To answer your question in a different way than Mr.4Star Bob which did make a few good... by Reefslave ! 4/17/2006  
     To answer your question in a different way than Mr.4Star Bob which did make a few good... by Reefslave ! 4/17/2006  
     although, pit bulls have lockjaw, so if they bite you, they won't let go. And it is very... by squeaky 4/29/2006  
     This is a question that has just to many varibles. My APBT weighs 84 pds, and is a... by jayman 5/22/2006  
     Run like hell.... by fadeum 6/14/2006  
     IF a pit attacks by jumping up, knee it in the chest. If it attacks while you are down,... by dbeesh 6/29/2006  
     macker I disagree, The larger & heavier breeds are slower than the pitbull. Plus the... by hebrew-man 6/30/2006  
     I've allways wanted to try to fight a pit.I can throw 60 pounds at least 10 feet, numerous... by chadikanda 8/26/2006  
     An average man could definetely defend himself against a pitbull attack. If you notice... by sylvi 2/13/2007  
     I've owned several pits as a youth. I think a grown man can adequately defend against a... by Magicmatttt 2/24/2007  
     i think an average man could possibly defend himself but although i hate to admit it CH... by I'm Aric and I love my Pits 4/3/2007  
I am looking to buy a golden retriever puppy/male that is AKC and available somewhere if ... by kathleen9/11/03 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     I am a Breeder of Quality Golden Retrievers all of my dogs are OFA CERF and SAS certified... by DrMech11/3/03  
     I'm looking for a puppy for free for my older brother i need a boxer or a German Shepard... by sarah11/13/03  
     Tall me where you live and I will try to find one for you. Tanisha by Tanisha1/2/04  
     I really want a Golden Retriever so bad that I can't wait!! by Andrew1/8/04  
     We have 2 golden retriever puppies left from our litter on December 3, 2003. One male and... by Barden1/27/04  
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     I am looking for a Golden puppy to have as a loving pet. by melinda2/15/04  
     I am looking for a male Golden Retriever by jack2/17/04  
     I am also looking for a golden retriever puppy. I am in school now so I can't get one... by gwillis2/17/04  
     please e-mail if you have a female golden to adopt 4mos. - 3 yrs. I am very anxious. ... by melinda2/22/04  
     I have two beautiful male golden retriever puppies for sale. They were born 1-4-2003 and... by Marvin3/9/04  
     I am looking to purchase a golden retriever or a saint bernard. by Nita Oden3/9/04  
     I love Golden Retriever iam only 13 but my mom and I own a farm where we have 7 Golden... by Shannon 3/17/04  
     I am looking for a purebred golden retriever that is 4-7 weeks old.Preferably, I want it... by Jaclyn3/22/04  
     I to am looking into a Golden Retriever puppy. I am not ready yet but in about 8mo. Im... by iIuvmysun@aol.com3/29/04  
     I just lost my Golden Retriever and i want to get another one(puppy). Is there a differenc... by kooli kool4/10/04  
     Regarding the Golden male or female in training. Males are more family oriented, females... by iIuvmysun4/20/04  
     I have a litter of AKC registered Golden Retriever Puppies. They were born last Wednesday,... by KJohnson4/20/04  
     I have 3 female and 1 male AKC Registered Golden Retriever puppies for sale. We live in... by tonyc@c1ama.net4/21/04  
     I am in Triad NC area and seeking a quality pro or hobby breeder of Golden Retrievers.. We... by Hank_Knowles4/29/04  
     I am in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area looking for a male golden retriever puppy. I just got my... by Havona4/30/04  
     I am getting a golden retriever tomorrow!!!!!! by hilary5/2/04  
     I am looking for a male(between the age of 6 months to 3 years) Golden Retriever for my 15... by Sue5/11/04  
     Hi my name is Heather,I am looking to purchase a golden for my little brother who will be... by Heather5/23/04  
     I am flying an 11 week old Golden from San Jose Ca to Phoenix next week - how big is a... by Jim5/27/04  
     I am flying an 11 week old Golden from San Jose Ca to Phoenix next week - how big is a... by Jim5/27/04  
     I'm looking for a Golden Retriever puppy for Free for my 3 year old son. Please email... by Henry 5/28/04  
     I would like to know if anybody has any girl golden retriver puppies if so how much would... by natalie anne slater6/19/04  
     i am despretly lookin for a golden retriever that is below 8 weeks old. if u could email... by sunny6/22/04  
     i am despretly lookin for a golden retriever that is below 8 weeks old. if u could email... by sunny6/22/04  
     I am looking for a Golden retriever Male puppy (from the age of newborn to 6 weeks) to... by Angela6/23/04  
     I have two golden retrievers, one male "scout" and one female "roxie". They are 10 months... by ally6/24/04  
     i have a 6 month old purebred golden retriever pup for sale, papers and shots up to date.... by polarbare6/26/04  
     To gwillis, sunny, Angela, and Jaclyn: you should never purchase a puppy before it is 8... by bekkah7/9/04  
     I have a Golden Retriever he will be 4 yrs. old this November 2004, and we are looking to... by Tammy7/11/04  
     Hello, I am looking to buy a male Golden puppy in September/October. I live in the Boston... by Jeff7/20/04  
     omg i need a golden retriever male pup in the MA area. email me at lackofbettername25@hot... by anonimous 8/8/04  
     hey my name is julio and im looking for a puppy 10-12 weeks old i want a dark coat male... by juliomiguel 8/30/04  
     I am Looking for a low priced($500-$600) Golden Retriever male near Rochester,MI by Benjamin 9/3/04  
     I am looking for a ofa golden retriever puppy or young adult. I live in Tucson Arizona. ... by Terri 9/13/04  
     I wont a golden retrever for my b-day I am turning 13 my dog died a couple of weeks ago... by gary  9/14/04  
     Ive been looking for a golden puppy for a long time now. I live in san jose. If anyone can... by Jessica 9/15/04  
     Hi I`m planning to buy Female Golden Retriever Puppy in December or i don`t mind how long... by Mai 9/17/04  
     Live in MD. Looking for Golden Retriever 6 mos - 1 1/2 yrs old for pet. Temperment and... by Mike 9/21/04  
     hi i would like to know how much golden retrievers are in australia by kelis 10/4/04  
     123456789 by Dingo 10/9/04  
     need a golden retriever in the boston area by john 10/14/04  
     I am looking to buy a golden retriever puppy/male that is available somewhere if possible... by kvapa 11/8/04  
     I'm not like all these other people writing stupid messages that no one even cares about... by Nakayla 11/26/04  
     we are kind because we are kind by willim  lim 12/7/04  
     I am expecting another litter of golden retrievers and goldendoodles this summer if anyone... by Jess 12/26/04  
     which is a better golden retriever male or female by srdjan 1/29/05  
     About, how much would a female golden retriever puppy cost? please let me know as soon as... by eli 1/31/05  
     I have a 8 week old AKC golden male, he is great, I am in sw pennsylvania, if anyone is... by lorisgoldens 2/2/05  
     golden retrievers are the best dog in the world! i really want one!! by mary 2/5/05  
     Hello, we live in the Washington DC metro area and have a beautiful buff colored male AKC... by Protectu 2/6/05  
     hi my name is paul and I'm looking for a golden retrevier puppy.It could be a male or a... by paul 2/14/05  
     Find wonderful pets in your area. Save your money and save a life. Beware of... by wishy 2/23/05  
     hey i am looking for a golden retriever at an affordable price i live down in miami,florid... by maria 2/26/05  
     i juss gotted mah new puppy symbah he a golden and he already knows how to give paw and... by melissa martin 3/14/05  
     Kim, Are you anywhere near Orlando, FL? I would be interested in adopting your fem... by Charlie407 3/19/05  
     I would really like to get a goldon retriever puppy they are so precious! by Oshin 4/13/05  
     I am looking to find a female golden retriever puppy in Overland Park, Kansas. Perhaps... by Hillary 5/12/05  
     Hi there ! Im getting a golden in july 2005 and I am little shocked on the way you would... by kasy x 5/13/05  
     Golden Retriver Pups.Shots,Wormed Parents Have been AKC,CPD,CKC,UKC Registered $300... by Stephanie 5/22/05  
     My family and I have an 11 year old (purebred)golden retriever who is dearly loved. She... by DanielleT01 6/18/05  
     I'm looking for a Male, puppy, baby Golden Retriever. Do you know any store where I can... by N 7/23/05  
     i have a 12 year old golden...he is an exceptional dog...he is very smart and weights 132... by robytilly 7/30/05  
     Hello. I am looking for a golden retriever that is between 8-12 weeks old. I would... by Allison 8/17/05  
     This is a message for "Jaclyn" who posted an answer on March 22, 2004, stating that you... by Laura 9/13/05  
     i want a golden retriever so much i couldn't go sleep for several days but i just don't no... by golden retriever wanted 9/28/05  
     We are looking to buy in FLorida a golden puppy if your in Florida contact me at Mickeylee... by Mickey 10/17/05  
     Hello I am looking for a golden retriever puppy for free for my little brother I don't... by Jacob Snider 10/17/05  
     Hello I am looking for a golden retriever puppy for free for my little brother I don't... by Jacob Snider 10/17/05  
     I am 7 years old. I am finding a golden retriever puppy. [female] I just got a puppy it... by jacqueline 11/6/05  
     Iwould like a Golden Retriever please it can be a boy or a girl for my mom its her... by Jackie 11/14/05  
     I have an awesome AKC male Golden Retriever, who is only 5 months old now. I will be... by MizzIzz 11/15/05  
     Bekkah.... I really couldn't have summed that up any better. I came across this website... by concerned GR owner 11/26/05  
     hey my name is cassandra i live in whangarei nz. we had a puppie the day after we got a... by Cassandra 11/29/05  
     Im looking for a baby golden retriever male for around the 200's range or in the 300's.Nea... by Ashkabash 11/30/05  
     I am looking for a 4 month old golden retriever for our daughter for xmas. We live in... by pam 12/3/05  
     We are looking forward to buy a golden retriever puppy. by Kassidy 12/4/05  
     I am looking for a Golden Retriever or a Lab Retriever puppy for my mom, Perferably free... by KitKat 12/13/05  
     I too am looking for a 0-8 week old golden retriever male puppy. My family and I have... by Caleb 12/28/05  
     Hi i am 10 years old and i am looking for a new golden retriever like totally new born and... by adrienne 1/4/2006  
     I im wanting a golden retriever puppiy just born. I wqant to adopt one but my parents... by Reggie 1/4/2006  
     Mann1t by Raj 1/16/2006  
     Im looking for a male puppy because Im an dog lover and want to take on a responsibility. ... by Cameron holway 1/27/2006  
     Hello. I'm looking to buy a golden retriever.... but not a puppy. If you can help me... by Suzie 1/31/2006  
     So many messages say the people are looking for a dog for their children. That's one of... by Scimmia 2/16/2006  
     I do not believe that you need to pay $800 to $1000 for a good puppy. I live on a farm I... by christyredog 2/18/2006  
     "I like dogs," I really do.But I can't have one So when I get older I may buy one or two. ... by Kim 3/4/2006  
     Hi i would like to know how much money a gloden reterver is i've been looking every where... by baby girl 3/20/2006  
     I am looking for a cheap female golden retriever pup, if anyone is selling one. Please... by Liz 4/21/2006  
     I am looking for a young/baby golden retriver (any gender). The last family dog we had was... by Janice 5/21/2006  
     i need a golden retreiver so bad in the kentucky area ive been looking for one for free... by golden retreiver lover 5/24/2006  
     i need a golden retreiver so bad in the kentucky area ive been looking for one for free... by golden retreiver lover 5/24/2006  
     i need a golden retreiver so bad in the kentucky area ive been looking for one for free... by golden retreiver lover 5/24/2006  
     I'm looking for a free(or ill pay for it) golden retriever female if u live in Kelowna or... by cole 5/26/2006  
     Have a Bull Terrier/American Labrador for sale. she is spaded and has all her shots and... by jewelie 6/7/2006  
     Hello if anyone who lives in Tyler Texas who has a male golden retriever Please contact... by Joel 6/8/2006  
     My mother and her family moved out of the country, leaving a full bred, almost 3 year old... by shelton 6/21/2006  
     I want a golden retriever under 35 dollers and is near grand rapids MI by Stephanie  8/7/2006  
     No offense, but many of you looking for "under $180" or "free" purebred dogs have no... by Melissa 8/22/2006  
     please can you tell me how old a puppy can be when it can be seperated from its mother. ... by la la 9/1/2006  
     Im looking for a labrdor puppy for free to love him for ever by allana 9/10/2006  
     Hello, I really want a golden retriever puppy boy or girl, and under 1 yr. old. I would... by dkid 9/24/2006  
     I am looking to sell my beautiful 6 month old golden retriever,he is a pure bred and i... by micki 9/28/2006  
     hi,my name is nicoe webb !!! i love golden retrievers sooo much you wouldnt believe it... by nicoe 10/13/2006  
     Buy puppy,s That are nice. by jeremy 10/16/2006  
     Does anyone know where I could get a very cheap Golden Retriever or a Siberian Husky? I... by Danielle 10/17/2006  
     I'm looking for a free golden retriever puppy for my daughter. contact me at popo_chan_xo@... by PTU 11/12/2006  
     I'm looking for a golden retriever puppy (8 weeks) to have for a Christmas present for my... by Kody 11/15/2006  
     I am looking for a male or female Golden Retriever pup for Christmas 06. I have a 3yr old... by Kelley Harris 12/5/2006  
     Hi I live in Melbourne, Australia and i want to know were i can buy a golden retriever... by Terry 12/15/2006  
     hello my name is nick and im looking for a male or a female golden retriever puppy that i... by nwmnwm 12/21/2006  
     i have a one month AKC male golden retriever. i'mselling for 150.00 but i might give him... by dayan 12/31/2006  
     Greetings from Jeddah and I hope that all of you are doing well,,, My name is Shamel... by Shamil 1/18/2007  
     Hello, I am also looking to find a cheap male Golden Retriever puppy for my children. If... by silvia 2/19/2007  
     does anyone know the secret to persuading your parents to letting you get a dog? :) im 10... by Joanna 2/24/2007  
     bla bla bla ask some one else around were you live don't put it in the intrenet! you by b-girl 3/9/2007  
     I'm looking for a girl golden retriever for my sister by emmaroo 4/1/2007  
     Hi i really like golden retrievers and i would like to know if any one has a tan one that... by Bethanie 4/6/2007  
     Hello i am looking for a Golden Reriever dog! That is trianed and knows lots, that is not... by Ena 4/7/2007  
     i need a female 1 year old not fixed golden retriever no more than 100.00 $ by jamie  4/30/2007  
     im 12 and im looking for a free golden retriever puppy that is cute n sweet (... by puppy_lover123 5/13/2007  
     Hi, I am looking for a male Golden Retriever puppy. I dont have a huge budget, so it would... by Carissa 5/15/2007  
     I'amlooking for a Golden Retriever Puppy so badly. Please E-mail me at Krishnadesai2@aol.c... by Krishna 6/12/2007  
     I'mlooking for a Golden Retriever Puppy so badley. Pleese E-mail me at Krishnadesai2@aol.c... by Krishna 6/12/2007  
     I'am looking for a Golden Retriever Puppy so badley. Pleese E-mail me at Krishnadesai2@aol... by Krishna 6/12/2007  
     yea hi my bum smells i am fat i have a tounge and i have girls in my bed tonight by bum 6/18/2007  
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     i am looking for a female or male golden retriever pup for free by sue 7/18/2007  
I need a picture of Muhammad by Dee10/23/03 Islam FAQ (Part 1/15): Welcome & Index
     To obtain a picture of Mohammad you must first read the Koran and only then you will find... by mohammad arif11/5/03  
     No cameras existed in that time... so there are no pictures. As far as painting or... by Farrukh3/24/04  
     yes i need picture of mohammad by Chandan5/3/04  
     http://www.muslimrecht. de/muslimrecht/vorfaelle/019/1158.php by fg6/15/04  
     aoaldknad by igi 9/21/04  
     I don't need a picture of Prophet Mohammad (s.a.v.) I need his religion and belivieds.... by Moustapha Yasser 10/14/04  
     no way by gg 3/9/05  
     Muhammad is not an ordinary human as what we thought eventhough ever exist in our... by salmanfaris 11/5/05  
     Please give me a picture of Muhammad! by Cristina 12/1/05  
     I think he was a great man for doing what he did. by <3  (love 12/15/05  
     Who needs a picture of such a criminal. He was no doubt a pedophil, a child abuser that... by False Prophecy 1/10/2006  
     Lots of people must have drawn images of him from their imaginings =- just as so many... by kermit 2/4/2006  
     muslims seem to have a problem with showing pictures of the prophet.just like they seem to... by jason 2/6/2006  
     MOHAMMAD WAS NOT DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PEOPLE and Muslims around the world seem to worship... by Baba Rink 2/7/2006  
     Islam was created when a Fallen Angel from Satan appeared before Mohammad. It said he was... by The Observer 2/14/2006  
     look at all those wackos running around Iraq yelling a screaming and that is what he... by jem 3/6/2006  
     i need a picture of Muhammad. by Gringa 3/27/2006  
     religion in theory is pleasant but when practiced the very thing that was attempted to be... by atheist 4/12/2006  
     Only Christ Jesus is the one true god who has saved all those who have believed in... by <<<ThePenguinParatrooper>>> 4/13/2006  
     The then Arabs and or" Quraesh" tribe were very advanced in literature, in poetries and in... by Makhu 6/6/2006  
     The then Arabs and or" Quraess" tribe were very advanced in literature, in poetries and in... by Chan Mongol 6/6/2006  
     Salam to all muslims. I love Islam and I can die for Islam. by Omar 9/25/2006  
     find me a picture of Muhammad by mandy 9/29/2006  
     I saw Muhammads face in my poop yesterday!! by Love IRAN 4/4/2007  
     i would like to create a new account by camcam 5/14/2007  
     muhammed was a rapist whyo was i disgrace by balling 5/21/2007  
who were the first people to use paper money? by candy4/22/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..the Chinese in the ten century A.D. Pete by Pete4/24/04  
     yo ugly momma by g-baby4/28/04  
     i thinking it was the chinese well that is what i am hoping it is!!!!!! but who knows!! by Missy  9/28/04  
     YEAH, the Chinese, at 800ad. by BOG HEAD 12/13/04  
     What does "zip" Satde for in zip code by the man 4/25/2006  
How did the world war II start and when (what year) did the americans get involved? by Cypress3/23/04 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     WWII was started because of several reasons: The Treaty of Versailles created a burden on... by Dcar5/2/04  
     World War II started because it was Adolf Hitler's plan to Conquer the world. And with... by Shorty5/27/04  
     when did world war start by Becky6/2/04  
     the world war started coz they were fighting and yeah! by >>@my<< 9/6/04  
     jackass by Nick 11/5/04  
     The official date considered as start of WWII is German's attack on Poland on September 1,... by IVK 11/20/04  
     what year did it start? by sasrahfode000 12/2/04  
     The second world war started September 1st 1939 with the German invasion of Poland by jonbaker429 12/29/04  
     How did the war start and why? How many countries were involed in this war. How long did... by Shell 3/5/05  
     World War II started because of: Germany had the Treaty of Versailles to worry about,... by Mr. Pookie 3/31/05  
     i think i need help on my project cause i dont understand it by bubbles 4/26/05  
     Because Hitler is a psycho path. by Geenie 4/26/05  
     Who cares by Who cares 5/2/05  
     World War II started for a few different reasons. One, was because Germany felt that the... by Taryn 5/9/05  
     is this the way to armadilo by cow miah 5/12/05  
     the first answer is correct. the second one is quite funny. by Crusty Cook 5/18/05  
     WWII started in the year of 1940 and ended in the year of 1945. I believe that is the... by Cookie 5/27/05  
     are you dumb or something you should do some reaserch your self by bob 8/21/05  
     why did the world war 2 started by charis michael 8/31/05  
     world war II started in 1856 and finished in the year 2020. it all started because the... by blah 9/8/05  
     world war II started the trade in magical pixie dust dissappeard and the world found its... by blob 9/11/05  
     blah blah blah! who cares?! by blip 10/17/05  
     because Hitler was a dog an ugly dog who liked to hump other dogs the other dogs cried and... by castina 11/2/05  
     forget about the world war but you should all go worship the hottness of bilie joe by billie lover 11/4/05  
     world war 2 started in 1941 and they started the war because of the bombing of pearl... by cal avery 11/7/05  
     which world war are you talking about? if your talking about WWII, it began in Europe, on... by ARC 11/18/05  
     it started when they have sex and killed each other. by donald 12/4/05  
     world war II started because Germany thought their punishment was too hard and when Hitler... by Tiffy 12/12/05  
     i busted by Mike 12/13/05  
     World War 2 started on September 1st 1939 when Germany Invaded Poland. In result the... by B&G Ent. 12/26/05  
     U.S.A got involved after Japan bombed Peal Harbor on Dec.7, 1941 by monica 1/21/2006  
     who cares by bob bill 2/2/2006  
     if are reading this you need help and you need to now your doses because it is the first... by my family calls me the wired one 2/5/2006  
     go to http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/World_War_II and read then youll find your answer....m... by Yuricel  2/9/2006  
     shuptup this sucks and you did not even say when it started by shut up 2/15/2006  
     yjuhhhhnm by hshsdhbfgdhbdfgeg 3/1/2006  
     because hitler was gay by history geek 101 3/1/2006  
     world war 2 stared because of hitler and that is when it started by brittany 3/13/2006  
     World war II began in 1939-1945 because of Extreme Nationalistic countries(In other words... by Cheyenne Hester 3/14/2006  
     World war II was started when Hitler Killed the Jews. by Mikey 3/16/2006  
     who knows and who cares?? its 2006 and we dont really need to know about a what happened a... by ur mom 3/22/2006  
     Watch Buffy... she'll tell you the answer by I like Cheese 4/13/2006  
     1938-1945 by Buddy 5/3/2006  
     Your mom by Poop 5/3/2006  
     WWII started because Hitler wanted to take over the world and the U.S wouldnt stand for... by Dman6 9/13/2006  
     I believe one of the main reasons German society moved towards war in 1939 was due to the... by carlos 12/20/2006  
     hitler wanted to conquer the world. I'm soo brainy! by blondee 1/5/2007  
     some say WW2 started when Japan invaded China and others say 1939, when Germany invaded... by rika 1/13/2007  
     the world war started because hitler was bad and planted an attack on poland by alex 1/23/2007  
     i think that the world war II didnt just start becuase of the versailes treaty. i need... by unknown 2/3/2007  
     when did the treaty of versaillies start by princess jade 2/23/2007  
     WWII was started because of several reasons: The Treaty of Versailles created a burden on... by HA HA Dcar 2/28/2007  
     first of all hitler didnt kill his family! He killed himself, so if u dont no what ur... by Becca 3/1/2007  
     yeah wot she said ^ by Kelseysmelsy 3/4/2007  
     War World 11 Started because Dora the Explorer did not want swiper to swipe. so Hitler... by Mickey 3/10/2007  
     was hitler gay by vick23 3/20/2007  
     i dont know why are you asking me? by yoooo 3/31/2007  
     Because that is why the berlin wall colapsed by Tariq Quintre White 4/17/2007  
     a long time ago by gdawg 4/18/2007  
     when did world war two start and end by vivian 4/26/2007  
     WWI and WWII lasted for ten years (if you add it all up). WWII started in 1939 and ended... by Anny 5/6/2007  
     How did World War 2 begin? What Started WW2 The question "How did World War 2 start?"... by bob 5/6/2007  
     World War II started Because of the Japanese! It all came out of Pearl Harbor! by Inessa 5/8/2007  
     Wow who doesn't know that? by èse 5/8/2007  
     because hitler hates jews by Scubba steve 5/10/2007  
     if u were in world war two it must of been sad to see the people you love deai by pop 5/17/2007  
     this was hte worst website ever why is it even here? by juiceyhottie416 5/23/2007  
     Get better answer yall suck by Blah 7/5/2007  
     idk but calll me nd ill tell u by Blah call me becky 7/5/2007  
My child lays on the floor alot pressing his penis. I asked him what happens and he says... by Yosa3/20/04 FAQ on Good things about having kids
     A hen LAYS an egg. How a child lays his penis is not quite understandable. Is this bad... by Rooster4/6/04  
     How old is he? It may be just small spurts of urine that may sting, or not hurt at all. He... by Mr. F4/28/04  
     Maybe it could that he's choking the chicken right there on your carpet? Christ lady how... by Rayt 9/30/04  
     How old is your child??? I need to know to give and actual answer! by trkyfest 12/17/04  
     If he has gone through puberty, He may be rubbing his penis against the floor, and... by trkyfest 12/17/04  
     Honestly, I would be a little bothered by this. It is natural for children to masturbate;... by John  12/21/04  
     its cum by me 1/18/05  
     um, its called semen and your son is masturbating CLEARLY. by jd 2/21/05  
     Your child shouldn't hold his penis. It could be dangerous. by Caroline 4/17/05  
     I'm thinking your kid is figuring out how to masturbate! White wet stuff is generally (in... by Benny 6/5/05  
     Not bad English....what a terrible response why bother even responding Rooster! Yosa,... by Listener 6/30/05  
     lots of little kids discover that but don't worry it is natural tell him not to do it in... by o za 7/21/05  
     Your son is becoming sexually aroused, and he pushes his penis in his pants against the... by inka gonber 7/21/05  
     Prank, obviously Everyone on earth knows what that "White wet" stuff is, and what he's... by Nanda 9/2/05  
     He's making babies with the floor. The next time you yank a splinter out of your hand,... by Braineater 9/28/05  
     if hes 3-6 years old roughly it is normal for them at that age to be curious about their... by MJ 10/9/05  
     maybe he is premature, depends on how old he is. check out if it is sperm. by steven 10/18/05  
     It's obvious your child is ejaculating. by AT 11/3/05  
     Your child is using a technique of masturbating; when the penis is rubbed against a carpet... by Brigitte 11/3/05  
     what are you an idiot by cilla 11/20/05  
     Guys, he is masturbating. Go to to see. by answers 12/7/05  
     your child masturbates by Chris 1/9/2006  
     He is probably shooting semen. by Puberty Vet 2/24/2006  
     he may be a early blommer a horny bastrad like i was by kid 3/1/2006  
     he is cumming. clearly he likes the feeling... by ballboy 4/3/2006  
     You are all idiots, and I weep for the world. Male children of all ages are technically... by a guy 4/4/2006  
     horney by dr. pecker 4/6/2006  
     He's ejaculating semen/sperm! don't you know that already?, that's how you got pregnant! by Whateva 4/23/2006  
     He may be thinking about sex and cum comes out!!!??? by wild child 5/12/2006  
     kell neggars by white power 6/21/2006  
     it might be sperm your child has coming out of his penis you should just wipe it off him... by killz  7/31/2006  
     i uturely do that too.sometimes it hurts by teo 8/14/2006  
     Is it sperm by chance? by Child 9/7/2006  
     isn't it simple enough to understand that he's masturbating. how old is he? by Andy 1/6/2007  
     it may be that the child is having wet dreams by deano 2/2/2007  
     Research TMS. by Greg 2/15/2007  
     its sperm by jw 3/5/2007  
     Maybe your son is cummimg if he is under 13 it is very unusel you said there was white... by Cozzy 4/1/2007  
     He is masterbating when he doesnt know, all it is is semen by ANSWER 6/2/2007  
     He is masturbating, obviously. The white stuff is semen. by mimimi 6/27/2007  
     he is ejactulating by hey man 6/29/2007  
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I need Reverse-Forward-Star-Delta Control panel schematic diagram plus other schematic... by Suresh4/2/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
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there are hurricane, thunderstorms, tornado, and tropical storms in Kenya? by cath11/9/03 FAQ: HURRICANES, TYPHOONS AND TROPICAL CYCLONES (Part 1 of 2)
     No. Kenya is country in east Africa on the equator. Tropical cyclones such as hurricanes... by David6/10/04  
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     It's actually not true. Cyclones originating from the Indian Ocean affect Mauritius,... by Remi 7/20/05  
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I would like to know the letters in chines for PRIDE and FREEDOM by Kevin3/2/04 N/A
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     how are you by sum 41 6/27/05  
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     the new password is allall by shane 4/26/05  
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what is the history of the bull dog by kayla10/22/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     the history is my butt hole by morgan2/5/04  
     its long and misconstrued check google and draw your own conclusions by moondog2/6/04  
     your butt hole my butt hole is the answer by tink 2/19/04  
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How can I destroy the virut " PE_WEIRD" ? It 's staying in restore system. by donaldduck307/3/03 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
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what were the main causes of WWI? by CB11/17/03 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     Although the immediate cause of World War I was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand... by El PA1/31/04  
     Nationalism because it was the reason why people disliked others from a different country... by Polia2/25/04  
     I disagree with your statement on how militarism as one of the underlying causes of the... by Lily3/3/04  
     What were underlying causes of america'sinvolvment in WWI by constable3/7/04  
     Nationalism and militarism were large causes of WWI. With the growth of "we they"... by Klam3/8/04  
     Well the hidden and the main cause of this Great war was Imperialism, even though the... by Unknown 3/14/04  
     First off, Britain did not have the largest military at all. In fact they had only... by Alex3/24/04  
     Imperialism, the creation of overseas empires through conquest, led to frequent disputes... by Nathania Burrie3/27/04  
     I have no clue!!! by Alli Sanders3/28/04  
     You guys are all right to some point, except for the person that said Britain had the... by Steve3/31/04  
     war is fun but i vote anarchy by getoverit4/6/04  
     In 1870 Germany won over two desirable French territories, Alsace and Loraine, as an... by alyssa4/11/04  
     wa o oh oh ohohohoh by Jessica4/13/04  
     See like most of us all have friends all countries had friends. Back in the days before... by AL5/3/04  
     your all silly, ask jackson by bubba5/4/04  
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     asxdahfmiwekxjeusmrecvxunhqqwertyuioplkjh gfdsazxcvbnmabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz by 2x+2c=4v6/13/04  
     I didn`t read the all thing yet to the end, but i guess you missing some parts. How... by Sergiy6/15/04  
     i would just like to know the 4 main causes.. so if anyone knows.... can u write a short... by Aim6/17/04  
     thisisjunk by kapow!6/19/04  
     Another point to consider is that the interlocking treaties were signed to DISCOURAGE war... by Orion7/6/04  
     the causes of the great war: Nationalism---this simply encouraged war The naval Race,... by Jamica 8/17/04  
     whoever wrote asxdahfmiwekxjeusmrecvxunhqqwertyuioplkjh gfdsazxcvbnmabcdefghijklmnopqrs... by whatsmyname 8/19/04  
     hey, can somebody please put this into essay form? or at least easier to put together? by im in grade 11, somebody help me with my homework plz! 9/25/04  
     Actually the German Schlieffen(sp?) plan dictated that should Germany become involved in... by ... 9/28/04  
     give me a kiss by barney 10/14/04  
     What were the causes and effects of The Great War? The answer to this seemingly simple... by JOEY 10/28/04  
     I have been studying history at college and we are having debates about the causes of ... by chloe 11/1/04  
     The main cuase is simpal Geeks They saw your mom taken a shower and got so sacred that... by know it all 11/2/04  
     the real underlying cause is i want more land. by jer 11/18/04  
     war is good they make vidoe games about it by yoyo mama 11/18/04  
     The four main causes of WW1 were Militarism Imperialism Alliances and Nationalism. ... by Elmarand 11/20/04  
     i think that the causes of world war1 was that every major country was in competition with... by hitler's admirer 11/28/04  
     what were the underlying causes of wwI in europe and asia? by lil1 12/4/04  
     "The Lusitania was carrying American troops, and American weaponry, which is why it sank... by Donnie 12/7/04  
     the main causes of world war1 was people tried to stand up for what they beleve in and try... by ashley_ hottie 12/13/04  
     From a global perspective the underlying causes of World War one were militarism,... by me 12/13/04  
     Identify the four major causes of WWI by Ashley T 12/14/04  
     Well, I'd haft to say militarism and nationalism was the most biggest part of the war... by Virus aka RKR  12/26/04  
     tomorrow i would have a test to write about the cause that broke out WWI so please get me... by liliy wu 1/3/05  
     i dont have one idea thats y i came to dis web site duuuuuuuu by tedster 1/7/05  
     well i know the main reason i think is militerism so ha thats my opinion and none of u... by LOL 1/8/05  
     why did people protest ww1? by sparda537 1/17/05  
     you are all wrong. I took a test today on this topic. The three underlying causes of the... by Kevin 1/21/05  
     Don't know!!:):):) by wadler 1/25/05  
     I am writing a history essay and so far i have got a lot of information telling me that... by i like fish 1/26/05  
     the main causes for world war 1 were imperialism (witch I'm doing an essay on now)... by Leviveros 1/31/05  
     You all are wrong whatever who cares about school buhhhh byeeeeeeeee by pijion 1/31/05  
     Actually monkeys eat peanuts. these peanuts caused nazi revolution. the opium in the... by jimmy walters 2/2/05  
     The main causes are known as M.A.I.N. Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism by Yo 2/22/05  
     Who gives a damn the past is the past its done its over with who cares lets move on with... by Sweet Pea 2/24/05  
     erm.... i'm a lil bit confuzzled plz help me! sorry...... :p xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by Princess  2/28/05  
     the main main cause was imperialism. most deff. by dani 2/28/05  
     hellooo. I have this history pamphlet that is due tomorrow, and here are 5 reasons why I... by NAtAliE blaZe ;) 3/2/05  
     Nationalism was not the most important factor in causing World War I, but was certainly... by xxxxx 3/3/05  
     THe main causes of WW1 was the MAIN militarism alliance system' imperialism nationalis... by JMP 3/8/05  
     There were for MAIN causes: Militarism: Militarism means that the army and military... by Carl 3/23/05  
     what a dumb ass by bob 3/24/05  
     you are stupid by bob 3/24/05  
     Imperlism is the number one cause of WWI, this is because when the more power contries... by Danny 3/24/05  
     I'm a year nine student in Australia... Correct me if I'm wrong. ^Causes of World... by Fully Sikh 3/29/05  
     Britain had only an army of 350,000 called the BEF(British Expiditionary Force). The army... by Shane88 3/31/05  
     Britain had only an army of 350,000 called the BEF(British Expiditionary Force). The army... by Shane88 3/31/05  
     yeah you guys are cool! by not one of these loosers 3/31/05  
     i think that the war started because of other wars that came before it by baby girl 4/2/05  
     small teenager... wth? by yoyo 4/3/05  
     HI EAT PIE AND CANDY by wang 4/4/05  
     I think that world war 1 got caused by th Black Hand and people fighting all over the... by Ceira Cent 4/11/05  
     Causes of WWI: it all started with the Romans way back when....their ideas, the "roman... by shorty 4/11/05  
     ur dumb by Bee 4/21/05  
     britian DID NOT have the largest army...they had the largest navy! by kaiser willhelm 4/24/05  
     i went to the store. i saw a cat. it jumped on a man. that started the war. because it... by pa chi 4/25/05  
     can some one please tell me which is the main background cause for it?? and identify 3... by ibrahim 4/27/05  
     shut up Jessica by hey 4/27/05  
     The easiest way to remember "MAIN" causes of WWI is this: M - Militarism A - Alliances... by Navneet 5/1/05  
     oh my nerd... you guys are all nerds.. why don't you just shutup and die.. you weirdos ... by lokie 5/2/05  
     because you touch yourself at night by Yo Mama 5/2/05  
     I don't know I'm stupid by Brandon Belton 5/2/05  
     u people r retarts by Te Aamutu 5/5/05  
     i think you all are losers because this stuff is so stupid! get a life by Kelly Doyle 5/5/05  
     I have a history paper to write on WWI, and my thesis statement is: By l;looking at the... by BrienneS 5/7/05  
     Militarism Because Britain had a great navy, Germany wanted a great navy too. Germany and... by Black_Legion 5/8/05  
     Aim, the four underlying causes to WWI would have to be: Nationalism (our country is... by Josh Green 5/9/05  
     no affence 2 u all-but wot wer u thinkin! all u need 2 no is a bloke got shot by sum... by bex 5/11/05  
     The four main causes of WW1 are Imperialism, Nationalism, Militarism and alliances. by Coon cheese 5/12/05  
     Franz Ferdinand was only the spark not the cause, Germany actually declared the war an... by liv_1990 5/12/05  
     the main causes of world war one where: Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism ... by marcus 5/12/05  
     I think the major reason would not be militarism, because if it was, why would the... by Flora1313 5/19/05  
     I like molesting little kids by Michael Jackson 5/19/05  
     GO EAT A COW by Jon 5/30/05  
     ummm. . . I think that it was because of the assasanation of Arch duke Ferdinand, and im... by Dylan The great 6/7/05  
     but doesnt imperialism cause war? sdfgvbsdjfbjxcv sdhgfc vsv efbsfbwrejkfbdsd sgdshgskdjh... by ifarted 6/9/05  
     4 main reasons imperialism militarism nationalism alliances by scott 6/11/05  
     Nationalism, Imperialism, Alliances, and Militarisms. by lil junior 6/14/05  
     Well actually it IS nationalism. This tensed things up. and putting icing on the cake,... by pubudu 6/16/05  
     you are cut by poo jabber 8/6/05  
     im gay and stupid im soo batty by avni patel 9/10/05  
     who's a world war 1 Neva heard of DAT guy by hu ehhhhhh 9/10/05  
     i think the main cause of 1 was the assassination of sarajevo, because of this it lead... by kitty 05 9/15/05  
     why ask me im a thik peece of junk !!!!!!!! by Jessie 9/25/05  
     boo hooo by haya  10/3/05  
     i don't know. thats why i asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by bob 10/3/05  
     i dont care by ht 10/15/05  
     you guys are all gay and stupid. the cause of WWI was none of those. it was this and... by UnoBruno 10/23/05  
     you guys are all gay and stupid. the cause of WWI was none of those. it was this and... by UnoBruno 10/23/05  
     I think the causes of ww1 started was because of to many people talking on dumbass forums.... by 319-213-1329 10/27/05  
     well first of all there was the industrialization of great britain this excelled them to... by jawn 10/28/05  
     What were some short-term reason why austria-hungary declared war on Serbia? by Yeah boi 11/2/05  
     I'm studying this currently in social and this is helping alot i manly think that the... by dncrman 11/21/05  
     who cares? by Crash 11/23/05  
     Our answer to this particular question is: There were no causes for WW1. it was, what... by Drud Hazelmus 11/25/05  
     Uh there are two exact answers. There is M.A.I.N and the assasination. The M.A.I.N... by Reverend 11/26/05  
     the easiest way to remember the "MAIN" causes of WWI is : M: Militarism A: Alliance... by kp12241988 12/6/05  
     Yes, everyone has made a good, or almost everyone; but here is another point which i think... by kim 12/18/05  
     To the person who wanted to know the four main causes, they were Imperialism, Nationalism,... by Martine 12/18/05  
     I think they should of looked at the problems inside the country like the space between... by tennisgurl  1/3/2006  
     fu** all of you by FACE 1/11/2006  
     Just a nifty way to remember... =) The Four Sticks of Dynamite- (four MAIN background... by C.I.L. 1/29/2006  
     war, what is it good for. Absolutly nothing by win-man 1/30/2006  
     the war broke out because of Militarism, Nationalism, Alliances and Imperialism, but i... by dsd 2/5/2006  
     ya'll are gay by a;jkdgh 2/15/2006  
     On June 28, 1914, Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria and heir to the Austro-Hungarian... by bill 2/27/2006  
     Hey everyone why don't you play modern war generals to learn about war at ... by Cobain 2/27/2006  
     Imperialism by cdawg 2/27/2006  
     I am well equiped and if you would like to take part in viewing such things it would be... by RETARD 2/28/2006  
     the 4 main causes were imperialism, militarism, nationalism and alliances. just look up... by Alyssa N 3/1/2006  
     WWI was an inevitable competition by the great powers of Europe.They were all trying to... by smiles 3/6/2006  
     the long term causes of war were: imperialism, nationalism, arms raced on land and in the... by you buddy 3/9/2006  
     You guys need to get your stuff right because I need ONE good clear answer on why we went... by Roberto  3/13/2006  
     Nationalism is a strong feeling of support for one's own nation. Such strong feelings made... by fox1 3/13/2006  
     bob was a great man by Sir paid alot 3/14/2006  
     Europeans r fat by heyllo 3/23/2006  
     i have no clue...all i now is that World war two had Jewish people and Hitler in it... by Squirrel 3/26/2006  
     abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now u know ur abcs next time wont u sing wit me by abc 3/28/2006  
     i need 3 cons in WW1 !!!! help :) by that 1 kid u know 4/4/2006  
     i need 3 good cons on world war 1 good 1s!!! :) by that 1 kid u know 4/4/2006  
     There were four main causes for World War I: nationalism, militarism, imperialism, and... by anonymous 4/25/2006  
     THE CAUSES OF WWI IS THAT ...corn!!!!!!!! woo hoo! i love corn :) by TAMMY.(LOL) 5/7/2006  
     ww1 started coz no1 had any respect, and if evry1 respected other people, showed a bit of... by Poppy  5/11/2006  
     you guys are gay for ever thing you know you guys need to get a life and grow up you... by yourdad 5/12/2006  
     What about the Lusitania and the Zimmerman telegram. The United States ship, the Lusitania... by bobby 6/9/2006  
     an easy way to remember the causes of WWI is the acronym M A I N M: militarism A:allianc... by lala 6/11/2006  
     The causes of WWI was a miscomunication between England and and Austria and Hungray, which... by Izzy 6/25/2006  
     The causes of WWI was a miscomunication between England and and Austria and Hungray, which... by Izzy 6/25/2006  
     The main reasons the U.S. entered the war were because the Germans sunk the Lusitania and... by Memphis 8/4/2006  
     i think germany was right i think everyone else was wrong i think making love to a big... by german boy 8/30/2006  
     The fall of Bismark led to the first world war as Wilhelm broke all treaties except the... by sxc tiger 9/2/2006  
     who were the main countries in world war one? by hi 9/12/2006  
     i dnt know go ask the person who started it lol by lukie 9/12/2006  
     who were the main countries in ww11? by lloyd 9/12/2006  
     who were the main countries in ww1? by lloyd 9/12/2006  
     well it was not good to have war anywayz by faty 9/19/2006  
     i is massive i ave no dam clue soz boffs by will the cool 9/20/2006  
     i think that it was mainly because ppl were crazy...if they used their minds...they would... by thebest ! 10/3/2006  
     well i think the main cause of the war was the more and more country wanted they... by kannan 10/12/2006  
     this site is the worst site i have ever been to. there is no way i can learn anything. i... by boogerdude21 10/12/2006  
     All you people stop arguing, history isn't about right or wrong answers. The main reason... by aiR 10/15/2006  
     the assassination of the arch duke Franz Ferdinand was not the immidiate cause of WW1 it... by Adi  10/19/2006  
     The four main causes were militarism, nationalism, imperialism and the alliance systems. by JeSs 10/21/2006  
     MAKE LOVE NOT WAR by issi 10/23/2006  
     There were many causes for the start of WWI but most can be put into the categories of... by stefan 11/2/2006  
     because you touch yourself at night by ben dover 11/9/2006  
     How did the creation of the alliance system lead Europe to the brink of a war? by lady_mucnhkin 11/12/2006  
     plain and simple for you- the main causes were the rise in nationalism, a build up of... by ralph 11/14/2006  
     There where a number of causes Britain and Germany were competing to have the most... by *[[>S.A.S.H.A<]]* 11/30/2006  
     Imperialism Nationalism Militarism Alliances and the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by *Katie* 12/2/2006  
     ya gay asses have no life by ur mom 12/3/2006  
     who benefited more during imperialism in the 1800's, the colonial people or the natives? by zeek 12/5/2006  
     Nationalism, Imperialism, Militarism, Alliances, Self-Determination, the Sussex Pledge,... by ks 12/11/2006  
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     i wish i was jeorge bush by ali baba 1/9/2007  
     You are all gay by Patrick Hope 1/15/2007  
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     lalalalala mee bored.WWI ruined my life cos writing essays is jst so crap by THE IDIOT 1/16/2007  
     i think the main cause was that sebia assassinated autria hungrys archduke , franz... by KoRnkid 1/23/2007  
     I believe the main causes of WWI (from the approximate dates of 1870-1914)were: Germany's... by blondie 1/24/2007  
     Well, basically, if you are doing this for an exam, then the main causes the examiners... by Nuampi 1/26/2007  
     oh my gosh calm down children, its very nice that you are all enthused with this subject,... by history teacher 2/1/2007  
     WWI started because of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand.(We don't think anyone... by Angela.B.Glenn 2/14/2007  
     ok frst of al u dam pepul ned to figre wat te hel u is taking abot. u tink tat u no stuf... by mis thang 2/18/2007  
     I think its all the fault of Germany's Kaiser. Bismark wished to have a peaceful Europe... by JoJo 2/22/2007  
     Complicated alliances was the cause because the allies of Austria and Serbia had to help... by The Illustrious One 2/25/2007  
     If you divide it up, you can break the causes of WWI into 3 sections. LONG TERM... by chelsea 2/28/2007  
     World War one started for many reasons. The most noticed one is the assassination of... by Jason Vorhees 2/28/2007  
     there were many, many causes; amongst them nationalism, imperialism, the assassination of... by m&m (the reds are the best) 3/3/2007  
     you are all gay by jazzy 3/12/2007  
     To make it short and easy just think of it this way... the MAIN causes of world war one... by Dominate 3/22/2007  
     uh this page is retarted by boo 3/26/2007  
     Imperialism, Nationalism and Militarism all had a big effect on the outbreak of World War... by muntface 3/26/2007  
     do dogs still like pee pee by eeeeeee 4/20/2007  
     I know that one of the four main reasons is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.... by olga 5/9/2007  
     who cares by hoka 5/12/2007  
     assholes by BabyG 5/14/2007  
     I think that the main reason why World War began started out with the kaiser of Germany.... by Sirus 5/14/2007  
     I think that the main reason why World War began started out with the kaiser of Germany.... by Sirus 5/14/2007  
     America went to war with the others after they blew up the S.S Lucitina by bill 5/19/2007  
     ughh; i hate history by Nikki 5/31/2007  
     This is pretty cool, but i don't want to answer a question, i want to ask do i... by Man 6/12/2007  
What are the types of computer Viruses by weng2x10/2/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     Viruses can be catagorized in more than one way. For example, they can be catagorized by... by tarlton12/3/03  
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     If it's your monitor doing that then it's your monitor....about the most i can say is try... by Blind4/27/04  
     Hi, Kim It seems the problem in your monitor is from the transformer in the monitor. It... by Yujie5/3/04  
     viruses are annoying by ???????????????????????????5/12/04  
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     do not disturbed!!! by Answer by6/27/04  
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     wow is gay with its fking gay spell check.. got past it.. ne ways thnx 4 da info... by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by 10/27/04  
     thnx for info by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by Answer by 10/27/04  
     may be its is cause's by the users: by tom 10/29/04  
     I'm a monster and i can see you! by Valarie 11/9/04  
     i don't know by pg 11/18/04  
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     Why doesn't some one just answer the dam question what are the different types of computer... by guy1234 4/22/05  
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     f u all by hjvvjk 6/2/05  
     u are gay by st 6/23/05  
     my computer keeps telling me to scan it for viruses but it won't let open any programs... by playa 7/13/05  
     A program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and... by gireesh bhatt 7/16/05  
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     Viruses are any unseen programs that disturb ,interrupt the working efficiency of the... by ibkbisi 9/26/05  
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     if a comp turns all blue and ritin cums up it says sum fink bout hardware woteva, so wot... by libical 9/29/05  
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     trojan horse,are actually normal computer programmmes by k'LA 6/13/2006  
     u people all make me PUKE! by i make viruses 7/20/2006  
     wtf by lalala 9/1/2006  
     for me computer virus are the one who Can destroyed your computer by Rodson 9/11/2006  
     this site is great i love it by tomia 9/13/2006  
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     This blinking of computer my have more than one cause, first and it happen due to RAM(may... by Sunil 10/23/2006  
     bye norton anti-virus programe its well good at virus blocking by polarblade 12/4/2006  
     Adware-Gives you annoying popups at regular intervals. Spyware-Looks at what you do and... by Unknown virus man 12/4/2006  
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     virus is software program which intrupt normal computer operation and which is created by... by selva 3/3/2007  
     i think this website is comic where experts do not answer and such stupids answers the... by taison 3/11/2007  
     i think this website is comic where experts do not answer and such stupids answers the... by taison 3/11/2007  
     John / Lambert / Lindsay. Friends forever. by beeper 3/23/2007  
     virus is program which is write for malfunction the computer by jitendra 4/3/2007  
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     The following are the most common types of viruses: Resident Viruses This type of virus... by Khan 4/18/2007  
     YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR... by Your MOM 4/20/2007  
     according to me ithink that a computer virus is aworm that stops acomputer from operating,... by hastler 4/23/2007  
     it was really good but i need some more answers by 123456 5/3/2007  
     ya'llsuck. this comment is a virus. good bye! by Bobby 5/25/2007  
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     where to ask questions? i want to know about 'ravmon.exe''ravemone.exe''killvbs.vbs' are... by sarv 6/16/2007  
     http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Computer_virus frndz i think here u can find ur answer....... by pretty girl 7/1/2007  
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italian footbal results by said1/21/04 FAQ1 - Charter & Glossary
     Andrei by Vitelaru Andrei 10/3/04  
     results of the game parma-milan and inter-mesina by Drazen 12/4/04  
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I have a one dollar 1934 silvercertificate in very good condition. Serial # A28496501A ... by sincitysuperman@webtv.net4/21/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..well very good condtion means different things to no collectors then to collectors.The... by Pete4/25/04  
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     Actually, the easiest way is to get a piece of copper wire about 2 feet long and a 9 volt... by somody 9/24/04  
     I don’t agree with the salt method for making copper chloride The salt might make the... by andyc 10/11/04  
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     I've heard there was a way to create it by using copper wire in a vinegar (acetic acid) /... by 0512 12/19/05  
     i found it in my backyard and now i am selling it it makes a lot of $money$ by bush 1/29/2006  
     The process described above is electrolisis, the seperation of water into the component... by PiAndWhippedCream 2/18/2006  
     this is @ calypso, i found a few things wrong with your answer when i tried it, the first... by somebody 5/19/2006  
     Calypso what type of salt do you use and how long does it take by cooliebwoy 10/1/2006  
     yea thats cool by lee lee 1/27/2007  
What does a 'worm' virus do & what is it? by Jodie10/14/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     I have a computer that will not let me load win 98 or me sometimes it will get all they... by WHITETURBO1/26/04  
     Your problem is not a computer virus but some technical problem. Try to rewrite your HD's... by Autolycus6/11/04  
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     Well I Fink u Should Take it to a PC shop and ask them if there is a problem if not then... by Hollie 11/29/2006  
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How many cyclones occur in Australia per year? by chris10/13/03 FAQ: HURRICANES, TYPHOONS AND TROPICAL CYCLONES (Part 1 of 2)
     i think it was about 10 per year in australia. by mango3/18/04  
     6-8 per year by some random3/28/04  
     17 by johnny billyjo fred bob ted murraaay 10/17/04  
     around umm.....umm...ahh....yea by kiity 11/25/04  
     16000000000000000000000 per year by dotspot 1/10/05  
     52 and a half everyday by crazyman 10/1/05  
     i like your mom by Sprida 10/2/05  
     1,000,000 by Answer by 3/6/2006  
     evry six years by kai 10/17/2006  
     100 billion i think it was by random 3/6/2007  
I got my navel pierced a week and 2 days ago...Its really red and crust is around it but... by Lauren3/22/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     Use salt water and soak your naval in it. by B4/1/04  
     Do NOT...I repeat DO NOT...Clean Your Newly pierced belly button with ALCOHOL, PEROXIDE,... by LesleyAnn4/30/04  
     Hey you, a piercing can take ages to heal and it can possibly reject ( grow out ). I'm... by pete5/6/04  
     If you have u ears may also ear antiseptic cleaner...(the stuff they give... by Mallory  Nicole5/7/04  
     Hey I just got my belly button pierced yesterday, and since I've been cleaning it with... by Rachel5/25/04  
     Hello I'm only 12 and I just wanted 2 ask a few q's 1= Does it hurt 2= What is the chance... by Marissa5/26/04 getting my belly pierced next week..nd i juss wanted ta kno if it hurts that... by [[JASMiiNE]]5/31/04  
     Hey...i just got my belly done like 4 weeks doesnt hurt AT ALL! You should clean... by Kristin0905646/3/04  
     Hey , It does NOT hurt to get your belly button pierced i just got mine last Thursday ,... by I LOVE GOD!6/8/04  
     I just got my navel pierced 2 weeks ago for the 2x and YES IT DOES HURT!! not a big... by Ur_Rican_Fanta_C6/15/04  
     my mate does piercing, and he pierced my belly button, but i left a safety pin in there... by biLLy6/28/04  
     You shouldn't use neosporian to clean it. Just use the sea salt, and diluted dial soap. ... by Amie6/28/04  
     I got my navel pierced about a week and a half ago. It didn't hurt much...the pinch of... by rueyeet6/29/04  
     i got mine done yesterday and im cleaning it with dial antibactiarial liquid soap then... by Brittany7/2/04  
     I've had my ears pierced like 5 times, and they've always gotten infected. I'm scared my... by Brooke7/5/04  
     i got my belly button pierced in December it was doing really good until just a few days... by rachel7/6/04  
     my belly button is infected. whats better to use alcohol or peroxide? or to just leave it... by girliegirl7/11/04  
     hey. i got mine done at the beginning of june. it doesn't hurt very bad at all. it really... by Blair7/13/04  
     Hey every1, i want to now a couple of things. i live in Canada Mississauga and i can't... by Lis7/20/04  
     hey every1 um i got my belly pierced in march and it was doing ok until like 1 month ago... by chachaching7/20/04  
     i had my belly pierced a bout a week ago personally i wouldn't av it done a gain if it... by little miss  8/6/04  
     hello people.I am 12 years old and a few weeks ago i went to get my belly button pierced.I... by Pumpkin_pie 8/7/04  
     i got my bellybutton pierced two days ago, it wasn't sore at all, the clamp was just like... by yowgirl 8/9/04  
     hey i just got my belly pierced about 2 days ago ..mine hurt alot lol i needed to take a... by jill 8/15/04  
     I'm a bit worried and scared about my navel piercing, I heard in my year seven year that... by Geo loves Lotr! 8/16/04  
     I think the best idea for people who feel if even the slightest there is something wrong,... by Sandy 8/17/04  
     how old do u have to be to pierce your belly button???? by monkeyqueen 8/18/04  
     yaaaaaaa...i am gettin my belly button pierced like within the next week but i am very... by amanda 8/20/04  
     do they numb your belly button for less pain? by Funshine_Bear 8/25/04  
     Hey everybody. I had my bellybutton pierced on June 22, 2004, and it is healing alright.... by Karen 8/30/04  
     i got mine dun yesterday an da peep in da shop sed font touch it 4 48 hours (dont even... by roz 9/1/04  
     I Got My Belly Button Pierced Like 2 and A Half Weeks Ago.. And It's Doing Great!It's A... by SkateGurl 9/1/04  
     hey im supposed to get my belly button pierced on saturday i wunted to know if hurt? and... by Punkd_Devil 9/1/04  
     This isnt an answa its a question. Hey i just found out yesterday that my ma is... by g<3'sShady 9/2/04  
     in mississauga there are places on queen street downtown toronto or lakeshore and port... by blaaaah 9/11/04  
     I got my navel pierced oh about 3 months ago and its fine. A little discolored but that... by Marla M. 9/15/04  
     The best advice you can find is on the website for the Associations of Professional... by Maybaby5680 9/16/04  
     I got my navel pierced 7/28. Let me tell you it didnt hurt me at all and since i am not... by Shawnna 9/18/04  
     hey I'm considering getting my belly button pierced and I'm not worried about the pain but... by kloe 9/18/04  
     ok my piercing was just recently infected and thank god i didn't listen to other people.... by anyway 9/19/04  
     Hey, I have my belly button pierced and have had it done for about a month. As dumb as... by Angela 9/30/04  
     Um I have a question when they pierce your ears they use a piercing gun do they use the... by Ash 10/3/04  
     Hey, I'm 15 about to turn 16 and my dad finally told me that if I get alot of info on... by Elly 10/12/04  
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     I just got mine re pierced a few weeks ago bacause my first one migrated out. The dude... by heather 10/20/04  
     hey guys i got my navel pierced in june 2004 and it did fine until the bottom got dark and... by brandi  10/21/04  
     hey, i got my belly pierced 2 days ago , the piercer told me to use dial antibacterial... by T and T  11/1/04  
     Hi Marissa! i got mine dun wiv titanium. it wont get infected wiv titanium, cos your skin... by Smiles 12/2/04  
     hey k im 13 and im getting my belly button pierced in 5 just kinda scared it's... by Lauryn 12/13/04  
     i got mine done two days ago and it did not't hurt at all.. however it depends on the... by gardinia 12/23/04  
     and 4 hte girl hu lives in Missisauga...GO 2 WOODBINE MALL!!! its $40 and clean and really... by Tammi 12/23/04  
     Getting your belly button pierced does not hurt at all. I got mine done last monday and it... by jen 12/24/04  
     i have advice for u ppls. NEVER EVER EVER put a safety pin in any new pericing! they are... by amy acorn 12/30/04  
     well when u get your naval pieced it feels like a slite pinch nothing to big not to much... by jess 1/6/05  
     I just got mine done last night, only because my boyfriend thinks it hot. What am I... by Victoria 1/10/05  
     kkkkkkk well i REALLY wanna get my belly pierced and my mom says i can't. Well, she hasn't... by meg 1/11/05  
     wow!way too many people wanting to get pierced who are like 12! Personally, i think you... by Jackie 1/18/05  
     It takes a year for your navel piercing to fully heal! Dont use rubbing alcohol on it,... by mandy2007 1/22/05  
     Got my belly pierced about a week ago and it's starting to heal already but its still a... by gee 1/24/05  
     i got my belly button pierced a while ago. it is just a little red, and theres a little... by sweet cherry pie 1/26/05  
     Hi i had mi navel done x mas day and i have not put any thing on it and changed mi bar... by aleece 2/1/05  
     Why can't u use neosporin on your naval piercing? I've been using it and now i am a... by Tina 2/3/05  
     Heyy guys im getting my belly botton done on thursday and i was just wondering does it... by Mandie 2/5/05  
     hiya! i got my belly button pierced for the 2nd time 2day!the bottom hurts a lot more than... by suzie 2/5/05  
     i'm15 & just pierced my navel about 5 days ago with a think curved needle. i then broke... by mo 2/5/05  
     hey everyone I want my belly pierced BAD I need 2 know 3 things: 1. Where can you get it... by Avery 2/19/05  
     Hey, this is more of a question for myself, but how old do i have to be to get my ears... by Emmer T 2/20/05  
     i got my belly button done last christmas but then a few months later i had a baby now my... by redbone 2/22/05  
     hiya every 1 im gettin mine done in 2 days and im well excited any last min advice ??? ... by XxJeNnYxX 3/3/05  
     i'm sorry i don't care what anybody says, getting your belly botton does hurt, it's your... by ashley xxx  3/17/05  
     I just got my belly button pierced last weekend and it hurt sooo bad. Im cleaning mine... by crys ann 3/17/05  
     i just got mine pierced today and its really hurting. the girl who did mine said not to... by crazycatie45 3/19/05  
     I just got mine done a few hours ago . I felt some quick pain and it was over. I was told... by Heythere 3/26/05  
     Hey Sup Well I'm 14 1/2 but I pierced my navel about 6 weeks ago and my navel looks... by Ashley 3/27/05  
     yeh navel piercings do hurt, but it depends on da person. The clamp full on pinches your... by PiNk CrySTaL 3/31/05  
     Listen up guys, all of these people sayin it doesnt hurt...theyre wrong. I had mine... by Cherilyn 3/31/05  
     hey i would just like to know how do you pursuae your parents to let you get your navel... by keara22 4/4/05  
     Hi i just wanted to ask a few thing's getting your navel done does it hurt cause i cant... by ausome actress 4/9/05  
     Hey Guyz, Im 12 and in 1 month (May 9th, my birthday) Im getting mi bellybutton pierced. I... by NaVeLBaBe 4/9/05  
     hey guys i got my ears pierced about 3 years ago then got an abcess on the back of my ear... by angelfish 4/9/05  
     I am getting my Navel pierced Saturday..Does it hurt? I am really worried? by Kristen DeAnn 4/14/05  
     hi!! listen y'all i just got ma navel pierced today and the thing is i already did it... by babigrl 4/21/05  
     just wanted 2 say i got my piercing done at marks & Punctures in aylesbury yesterday and... by Lou 4/24/05  
     I got my belly periced for the 2nd time and yes it did hurt more bcuz u go through old... by crazy/beautiful 4/26/05  
     hey, im having the same problem with my piercing. there is a little lump on the top of my... by shay 4/27/05  
     hey.. IM DIEING to get my belly button pierced. do you know of anyplaces to get it done in... by kissmenow3 4/28/05  
     Hi, I was wondering how you pierce your navel. I have bought a kit and it has a curved... by Me 4/29/05  
     I want to get a navel piercing and i am only 13 years old, my mom and dad allow... Will it... by ~tamz~ 5/1/05  
     hey i want to get my belly botton peirced but im scared to get it done beacuse i wanna no... by Lil bry 5/3/05  
     hay girls! most girls are like totally freaked out if it getting a belly hurts and full... by rosie 5/6/05  
     I got my belly botton peirced like 3 days ago and everyones telling me to clean it in... by Kalina 5/7/05  
     I got my belly botton peirced like 3 days ago and everyones telling me to clean it in... by Kalina 5/7/05  
     this is not about belly piercing, but ear lobes. i got mine Feb. 04 and now this year i... by 30 5/8/05  
     Hey everyone, i was just wondering how much skin they put the ring through. I have seen... by Emily R 5/11/05  
     hey i was thinking of getting my belly pierced..does it bleed when your getting it... by kalista 5/12/05  
     I dont have ne answears but i really wanna no if it hurts cuz im freekin out rite now n i... by Bex 5/15/05  
     I've just had my navel pierced 2 days ago. I use wound wash (spray) and then dry the navel... by Suki 5/16/05  
     i got my navel pierced a week ago and i realised a bump on the inside close to the whole... by sherryann 5/18/05  
     Hiya ppl, i liv in spain n im geting mi belly button pierced on saturday n im really... by Gee B 5/19/05  
     hi every1, im a bit scared! i had my belly done 2 weeks ago n it still hurts a bit. not... by leonie 5/23/05  
     I just had mine done 3 days ago & was issued Sea Salt for cleaning. Works great! 4 ounces... by Donna 5/23/05  
     hy there!!..i just got m y navel piercing yesterday..i hurt just a little bit..and now i... by De3lIsh 5/27/05  
     i have had my navel pierced for 3months, and i am beginning to get a rash around it where... by Sam 5/27/05  
     hey everyone i got my belly pierced last friday, and it really hurt lol maybe its because... by jessica 5/31/05  
     don't use alcohol, didnt your piercer tell you that? it heals really well once you've... by erika 5/31/05  
     Hey, I got my belly button done a couple of months ago. And I'm wondering does the skin... by Carmy 6/2/05  
     well im getting my belly pierced next week!! Im so glad but im a lil scared.My friend got... by meli 6/4/05  
     hey guys sup?? i have a question.........! how much does it cost to have ur navel pierced... by some1 6/6/05  
     HELP PLEASE!!! i want to get mi navel periced but im terrified that it'll get infected...... by LoLLiPoP 6/6/05  
     i have one question... im getting my belly pierced this friday..and i was wondering if it... by HoLLiStErHuNniE 6/7/05  
     i am getting my navel pierced my mom and dad are letting me get it pierced can someone... by nelly 6/8/05  
     Ok I wont lie to you. I'm a guy and I have my naval pierced. It hurt like hell. This... by Michael 6/12/05  
     Hey everyone!... i just got my belly pierced last monday.. i clean it everyday and us what... by Chelsea 6/17/05  
     Hey! Guys i really didnt think it hurt when i got mine done!! just a bit of a sting really... by Sarah 6/17/05  
     hey i just got my belly button pierced about 5 days ago. I am TERRIFIED of needles and... by jellybean 6/18/05  
     Hey, I'm 15 Female. I Just Got My Belly Done A Week Ago... I Have Been Cleaning It AnD... by Shawti/Reva 6/19/05  
     I have had my belly button pierced for all most a year and the bar bell that are most... by pierced girl 6/19/05  
     I'm getting my belly button done tomorrow, i am really nervous and i have a big phobia of... by Lauren 6/20/05  
     How long after I pierce my navel should I take out the ring and put in a new one? by queenbee 6/21/05  
     hey i was jst wonderin mi mums m8 is takn me 2 gt mine peirced cz mi parents wnt let me ... by bubbles 6/23/05  
     Well i'm concidering getting my navel peirced i've read all about it and the aftercare for... by MandaMoos 6/23/05  
     hey the same thing is happening to me but i don't know if its infected or should... by jess 6/24/05  
     ok i just got my belly button peirced 2 weeks ago and man was i nervious... but they made... by britt 6/26/05  
     HEY WHATS ^ Getting your belly button pierced dosn'treally hurt at all I got mine done... by ~TARAH~ 6/29/05  
     pleez sum 1 answer me im getting mine done soon does it hurt im a bit nervous!!! how long... by hi 6/30/05  
     hey! I'm thinking about getting me belly button pierced and i was wondering how long... by T 7/2/05  
     hey, I have been thinking about getting my navel pierced for a few years, but I have heard... by Tricia 7/4/05  
     well i got mine 2 weeks ago and it only hurt a little , it was like a little pinch but in... by Relish 7/5/05  
     hey all. i just got my piercing done and the piercer told me to use hydrogen peroxide and... by tinkerbell15 7/5/05  
     Right i'm12 and I am getting my belly pierced next saturday. i wanna ask loads of... by TommyGal44 7/9/05  
     i got my belly done 3 weeks ago and i use bactine and neosprin and it looks dark so is it... by shay  7/9/05  
     i went 2 get mi navel pierced in feb and they said i didnt have enough skin. i find this... by frankie 7/11/05  
     hey i just gotta question .. im gettin mine done soon .. but i gotta pay for it myself... by Lauren 7/13/05  
     hey i just got mine done n it looks like they pierced it to high. will it sag or look... by veronica 7/14/05  
     When i was 12 i pierced my navel with a clothespin.. stupid huh? well now I'm14 and I'm... by Erica 7/15/05  
     I got my navel pierced five years ago. When you get it done you will feel a sharp nip when... by Chrissy 7/17/05  
     well i wont my belly Perseid and i have done since i was 10.I am now 13 and my mum... by charlie_chatterbox 7/17/05  
     Well I'm a 12 year old female and I had a choice of getting my belly button pierced or get... by Christina 7/19/05  
     Does anyone know the best way to convince your mom to letting you get your navel pierced?... by Kristyne 7/20/05  
     Im just wondering if it would be ok if a thirteen year old got her belly button pierced? by Arizona Chick 7/21/05  
     hey yall can u prevent ya skin frum rejecting ya navel ring? and wa all u have... by shanni_d 7/22/05  
     i got mine pierced a week ago and its red and crusty but i've talked to some ppl that said... by stacy 7/24/05  
     I got mine pierced about a week ago. It's normal for it to puss the first few weeks... by ClassyM 7/26/05  
     hey what all do you have to take when you go to get your belly button im... by Dakota 7/28/05  
     to all those who ask if it hurts: i just got mines done today and to be truthful it hurt a... by Nena 7/30/05  
     keep cleaning it with seasalts and anti-bacterial soap for a few weeks; if it still looks... by carmen* 7/30/05  
     hey i want mine done i am 13 n i am soo scared of the pain will the numbing thing work ??n... by Charlotteharris13 7/31/05  
     How does it begin to look when there is a migration?? I really need to know... Mine looks... by lena 8/7/05  
     Hey listen ... dont use anti bacterial soap its to harsh and can slow the healing process... by bianca 8/12/05  
     I got mine done 5 days ago. It did hurt when she put the needle through but as soon as... by Kate 8/12/05  
     Hi I am getting my belly button pierced soon and I was just wondering, can I use saline... by Lazjb 8/14/05  
     hey...i got my belly pierced in june everything wa going great but then after 1 month i... by worried 8/15/05  
     I got my navel periced about3 weeks ago and all a girl at the colourbox in Green Bay said... by Brittany 8/17/05  
     hey everyone im only 12 and im getting my belly button peirced soon and im alittle scared... by sunny 8/20/05  
     I def had a grow out belly ring. No idea why, but it didnt even last a year. Then some... by rachel 8/24/05  
     hi every1, i really want my belly pierced, and i'm12, cud u tell me wot it feels like... by Aimz 8/27/05  
     You should go back to the place where you pierced your naval. Your signs of a red lump,... by jennie 8/28/05  
     Hey they look great i got mine done 2day it doesn't hurt the piercing place in Freo, Perth... by chloe 8/28/05  
     I got mine done yesterday, and it did hurt. =( by Kaitlyn 9/5/05  
     heya every1 im gettin mine done 2moz im just 14 and my mums taking me and my friend what... by xxjessiexx 9/9/05  
     I just got my belly done 2 days ago, He said Alright I am going to count to three and poke... by Lizzy 9/12/05  
     hey ive had my belly button done 2 days ago, its got a bruise between the 2 holes, its... by kris 9/22/05  
     well i got my belly pierced about 2 weeks ago, first i was usin hibiclens n it was workin... by me 9/25/05  
     Hey, I really want my belly to be pierced but one I get infections really easy like I got... by o0OChloeo0O 9/27/05  
     eh... umm k im thirteen and i wanna get my belly button pierced but my parents need more... by Jenna 9/30/05  
     hey everybody i just got my belly button pierced today and it looks great as long as i... by lovin ben 9/30/05  
     hey my mum asked me if i wanted to get my belly button done (she had it done as well)and i... by sarah ere 9/30/05  
     hey i got ma belly pierced yesterday and it did hurt!!! I'm cleaning mine with something... by zobo 10/2/05  
     hello, i got my navel pierced about 2 months ago. it was really good for a while and now,... by sunshine 10/5/05  
     i'mgoing to get my navel pierced next weekend and i'monly 13 so if anyone has any advice... by indiana 10/6/05  
     for all of you asking if it hurts, if u have a high pain sesitivity level then don't get... by Dezree 10/9/05  
     Hey i am 14 yrs old and i FINALLY talked my mama into lettin me get my bellybutton... by HeatherRee09 10/11/05  
     hey i am getting my belly pierced on my birthday and i was wondering does it hurt and how... by brandi 10/12/05  
     I got my bellybutton done in july and my body rejected it and it popped out yesterday... by Jessica 10/12/05  
     hey guys i got ma belly buton pierced lyk 2 months ago its still red but it ain sore atol... by franki 10/13/05  
     hi i am 12 and am 13 in November and wont to get my belly button pierced but dont know... by kate dunwell 10/14/05  
     I have a question, but you girls have to be honest with me... I really want to get my... by Satcy  10/15/05  
     i had my belly pirced yesterday and it is sore and red i was woundering if it is just the... by JodieWodie 10/18/05  
     hi i want to no does ur it hurt to get ur Belly button done bcuz im thinkin of gettin it... by Emzy1473 10/18/05  
     aright here is... belly piercing do hurt but not in the oh my god I'm going to die sense,... by boo ya 10/18/05  
     mine is doin the same fing i got in done in may and now it has this weird red lump... by lilsas 10/20/05  
     where do you find sea salt? by paula 10/21/05  
     Holla 2 all u guys, im jade and i work at a body piercing studio, n no wonder ur navel... by **J@D£** 10/23/05  
     I got my naval piercing two weeks ago everything was fine but three days ago it start to... by Lulu 10/25/05  
     hey chachaching, what i would do is go into the piercing place that you got the piercing... by izzy911 10/28/05  
     hi guys a just got ma belly done today and am really worrie n case it gets infected cause... by cuiteeeepie babe 10/29/05  
     i got my belly button peirced in july and it still hasn't healed, it didn't hurt getting... by danielle  11/1/05  
     Dose it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10 by Sophie Drummond 11/2/05  
     hiya on a scale of 1 to 10 how much dose havin your belly peirced hurt by sophie  11/3/05  
     i had mine done 1 week ago i have been using savlon is that a alcahol it has dry skin... by confused 11/4/05  
     hiya evry1! i gt ma bbutton pierced weeks ago and its red is dis normal? how many times... by amy 11/5/05  
     i am getting mine done i am 13 my mates say it don't hurt who have theres done but my... by :gcentral: 11/6/05  
     Hey!! I am 12 years old and i was just wondering how to convince my parents to let me get... by Anxious 11/7/05  
     I was sooooo nervous on getting my bellybutton done, and the guy who did it didnt tell me... by Ladee Pokahotis 11/7/05  
     i need help my navel keeps bleeding but i hink that might be normal cus i gt it done... by gcentral 11/13/05  
     i need help my navel keeps bleeding but i hink that might be normal cus i gt it done... by gcentral 11/13/05  
     ((...Hiya guys..!!..!!..!!..Belly piercing is proper lush !! It truly doesnt hurt... by ((...Griffy...)) 11/15/05  
     it juss hurts a lil bit when u get it pierced but it goes really quick clean it with salt... by dede 11/23/05  
     hey yall i am getting my belly button pierced in 2 weeks 2day (friday) on the 9th of... by BabiiG 11/25/05  
     i just got two navel piercings on the bottom part of my belly button. i already had the... by malibubarbiie111 11/29/05  
     I got my peircing done a bout 3 months ago. ! and 1/2 months later i took it out. I... by bigD 12/1/05  
     I got my belly done in september and over the past couple of days i think the skin... by Sarah 12/6/05  
     use sea salt soak and stop cleaning with the alcohol. Alcohol will make the peircing dry... by shelly 12/7/05  
     does getting it done hurt by d 12/8/05  
     I really wana get ma bellybutton periced and my mum dsnt let me:( how should i beg her so... by SportyQueen 12/9/05  
     hey, welll.. i gettin my navel done nxt week! im kinda (well really!) nervous but so... by *+*JeSS*+* 12/11/05  
     i just got mine done friday (today's sunday) my friend roxy took me, and she was more... by dayne 12/11/05  
     i am getting my belly button pierced this week and i am nervous but i dont know if it... by LEXIE 12/12/05  
     hey i got my belly dun about three days ago its a little irritated i wash it with savlon... by pinkkitten 12/13/05  
     hey i got my piercing done about a month ago. it hasn't gotten infected. i put the thing... by s0nia_x0x 12/17/05  
     i jus got mine done yesterday and it doesnt hurt at all all u feel is comin in and then is... by leslie 12/19/05  
     It hurts for a split second while the bolt goes through, otherwise its painless. Technolog... by Zig 12/19/05  
     buy Savalon spray it works miracles for me by GANGSTA GAL 12/22/05  
     I had my first belly button ring a yr ago didn;thurt at all ...the second one hurt even... by Jordyn 12/25/05  
     I had my navel pierced on Friday, and it looks great. My piercer told me these instructio... by BRANDI 12/26/05  
     chachaching i am having the same problem i am worried as well.I really don't know what to... by lucie 12/29/05  
     i got my belly button pierced about 6 months ago and now the skin infront of my piercing... by jess 1/1/2006  
     Just wondering what you could compare the hurt too and if there's any other info that i... by curious_chick 1/2/2006  
     I got my belly pierced today and ill be honest it really doesn't't hurt bad at all!!! It... by nicole 1/2/2006  
     i woz told how 2 pierce my own navel and last night i did i put ice on it 4 10mins washed... by slm06 1/5/2006  
     i am gettin my bellybutton done this month i think but i wanna no how you clean it and... by sarah  1/5/2006  
     I just got my belly pierced and it's going well. It doesn't hurt at all, but now it looks... by Sweeta 1/9/2006  
     hey im getting mine done in a few days (hopefully). How long does it stay over sesative?... by Shell 1/10/2006  
     hey guys i got my belly dun in december n its lukin gud. im soo scared of needles but it... by ~BaByFaCe~ 1/18/2006  
     hey guys i got my belly dun in december n its lukin gud. im soo scared of needles but it... by ~BaByFaCe~ 1/18/2006  
     I am 14 and I got my belly button pierced tow days after my birthday. It dd not hurt at... by Lil C Bo  1/20/2006  
     I am petrified of needles...when i got my ears pierced i fitted and screamed...i am the... by **Sophia** 1/21/2006  
     i was wondering. i have had my belly button pierced 3 times... so this is the third time... by manda101 1/23/2006  
     hey ppl i have read everyones comments about there belly buttons!!! now heres my problem!... by Amez 1/24/2006  
     chachaching, yeah i know how u feel... for some reason mine is doing the same thing...... by amanda 1/24/2006  
     Hey, I really, really, want to get my belly button pierced and I have an outie sort of (it... by Michelle 1/24/2006  
     k i know this isn't really abit navel piercings but I'm getting my hip pierced this... by ballroomcancer 1/26/2006  
     okay i got mi belly button pierced around a month ago.. its really cute and it didnt hurt... by ~*Sh3lab0o*~ 1/29/2006  
     no it do not hurt to get a belly ring mine ripped and I'vegot it redone when tha skin... by resa 1/31/2006  
     For the past 2 years I've gotten myself something for my birthday, the first time being a... by snoie 1/31/2006  
     well i had mine done twice now and the first time i kept messing with it and changing the... by nicola` 2/4/2006  
     I really wanna get my belly button pierced but im soooo scared that its gonna hurt really... by Sylvie_Vanna 2/6/2006  
     somebody just email me the facts on how to take care of your belly button ring my email... by reialuvslloyd 2/8/2006  
     Hey, I am 14 years old, my birthday is in 18 days and my mom said sure why not, but my dad... by Ash 2/8/2006  
     hey, i got my navel done yesterday and it didnt hurt much but i did pass out and nearly... by lisho 2/8/2006  
     i juss got my belly button pierced about 2 days ago my friend did it for me lol its doing... by alexis 2/9/2006  
     My first navel piercing migrated out after having it for three years, I just got it... by Amanda 2/11/2006  
     Okay guys all of us said it like 50 times. NO ALCOHOL! Anyway, um, I'm getting it peirced... by Sanjay Hakeer Baharak 2/13/2006  
     i'vegotten my naval pierced about 2 weeks ago... i'vebeen using ear piercing anticeptic..... by japan_gurlie 2/15/2006  
     im really afrade of there like something i can put so it wont hurt? by ana 2/16/2006  
     Hey guys, I got my belly pierced on valentines birthday and it was fine..If u... by Hotwop 2/18/2006  
     yah i thought it was gonna hurt real bad and it did for 1 second when he put the needle in... by Kristen 2/18/2006  
     hi i want to get my navel pierced but my parents are very resistant about it...i have... by new1 2/19/2006  
     DO NOT USE ALCOHOL,PEROXIDE,OR NEOSPORIN OR OTHER CREAMS!! they only make it worse.clea... by curtains 2/19/2006  
     I got navel pierced twice. The first time there wasnt enough skin so i had to get it... by Tatum 2/23/2006  
     i have a QUESTION.. its almost 4 weeks after i got my belly button pierced and i wanted to... by laura =] 2/24/2006  
     i got my belly button pierced a week ago can i change the ring in it or should i wait? by hails 2/25/2006  
     Hey i just got my belly button pierced 3 weeks ago. before i got it i was soo nervous. The... by Samantha 2/28/2006  
     if your piercing has yellow puss its most likely an infection but whatever happens DON'T... by nutella xx 3/4/2006  
     my friend got hers pierced, she said it doesn't hurt it just getting sumwat sore, if u use... by andrea! 3/4/2006  
     I think im gettin mine done today. Im a bit nervous..... i have a phobia of needles but i... by BB 3/5/2006  
     hey ther ppl!! im getting my navel pierced this thursday (2 dayz).... im sooo excited, i... by Megz 3/7/2006  
     Hi my name is brittany i wanted how bad does it hurt my dad told me i could get it done... by brittany 3/9/2006  
     hi.. i want to get my belly button pierced.. and i am a ballet dancer. my question... by =) 3/10/2006  
     i got mine done quite a few years ago, and you will feel a pinch when you get it. use... by STAR 3/11/2006  
     I have had mine dun 4 a year and its fine. It dint hurt at all but i spose it were u go as... by ...... 3/12/2006  
     question im only like 12 and im totaly freaked out is this normal and wat is the best way... by ice princess 3/12/2006  
     i got mine done 2 days ago, and i have the paper right in front of me. it says never use... by Jayme 3/19/2006  
     does any one know if using tea tree oil wash is okay to clean your belly with? by sweetkisses8262 3/20/2006  
     i just got my belly button pierced and in about two weeks I'm going to the beach and i was... by Kelly 3/21/2006  
     I want to get my belly button pierced. I want to do it in california. I have a question... by No Name  3/26/2006  
     I got my belly pierced the utha day nd it dint hurt tha tiniest bit nd i neva got a clamp... by StAcY 3/27/2006  
     a few days ago me and some friends pierced our own belly buttons. It didn't hurt when... by Sabrina 3/30/2006  
     Well i got mine pierced yesterday the ppl was tripping because i didn't have i.d so i had... by hyphygodumb 4/3/2006  
     A lady I know is a licensed tattooer and piercer. She told me to not only use salt water... by Shar 4/6/2006  
     umm.. im getn meh belly done on tues mornin n im 14.. im really scard that it will hurt... by blah 4/9/2006  
     Getting belly button does not hurt it will sting a little but nothing major. DO NOT CLEAN... by Kiki 4/11/2006  
     i got my belly button pierced 2 days ago i am cleaning it with antiseptic spray n salt... by Steph 4/13/2006  
     Hello everyone. I just got my piercing done yesterday, and I was so nervious it would... by ruther bell 4/18/2006  
     Im using savlon, is that ok, I only got it pierced yesterday. by Allie 4/19/2006  
     Hi guyz, i REALLY want 2 get my navel pierced but im really worried that something might... by Kat 4/20/2006  
     Getting your belly pierced doesn't hurt. It;s a little pinch. The entire piercing which... by Kyla 4/22/2006  
     hey i got my belly pierced last friday. it did hurt, but only as much as ear piercing... by lesto wid a ring-o 4/25/2006  
     I have a big question, i pierced my belly button and no one knows!! It got infected and i... by aLeX 4/25/2006  
     I have a big question, i pierced my belly button and no one knows!! It got infected and i... by 123 4/25/2006  
     I have a big question, i pierced my belly button and no one knows!! It got it infected... by 123 4/25/2006  
     hello guys i really really want my belly button pierced but i am so scared!!!! is there a... by scared!!! 4/26/2006  
     I had my belly button peirced on christmas eve 2005, now its 28th of april 2006 and its... by Sophi 4/28/2006  
     Hiya ppl, i had the same problem but to cure it i just went to see my local doctor and he... by Gina 4/30/2006  
     Hey, I am very much considering getting my belly button pierced and I have a few questions... by Pam 5/3/2006  
     i got my belly button pierced in march..and i cleaned it every day with satin soap..and... by courtyy babesss  5/3/2006  
     i ave mine done to and its the same bout 2 weeks ago i know what you going throw by steph 5/4/2006  
     Ive gotten my bellybutton pierced two times before. The first time it got rejected and... by Little18yrOld 5/10/2006  
     hey after reading alot about people saying that the clamp pinched i was woundering since... by Rachel 5/12/2006  
     iv had my belly peicred for 5 months wen i change the ring it bleeds n i havnt changed it... by lisa 5/15/2006  
     how long should i wait untill i take it out 4 da first time? by amy 5/21/2006  
     hey uhm DONT USE PEROXIDE OR ALCHOHOL ITS BAD BAD BAD and i was wondering; my belly... by bigloserbaybeh 5/22/2006  
     Go to your doctors with metal bar or ring still in then it won't get any worse. Hopefully... by Kazzo 5/23/2006  
     heya, i'm 13, and i have neva had a piercing in my life- i no, ur thinkin, "this girl... by punky tinx clo 5/23/2006  
     hey ppl. i just got my belly ring a week ago there's nothing wrong with it, besides it's a... by chocolatedrop08 5/25/2006  
     Hey there, well i just got my navel pierced yesterday and so far so good...for anyone... by lyss 5/27/2006  
     hey every1 im just adding saying i got my belly done 2months ago and ive got very... by rojoza 5/28/2006  
     i reli want my belly pierced bt my mum wont let me cuz she sed it gets infected, i av 2 w8... by x 5/29/2006  
     hey i got mine done about 2 months ago and it still goes red and stuff, cos apparenty im... by short stuff 6/3/2006  
     hey, my questions may be silly but...about how much does the piercing cost. does it have... by nicole 6/3/2006  
     Hey guys, I got mine done last week and I was kinda nervous but DONT WORRY!!! Its not bad... by Sarbear 6/6/2006  
     okay; i'm thinking of getting one, also... any techniques anyone knows of to convince your... by Kat 6/9/2006  
     heyy y'all i got my piercing bout the beginning of June if u want to get it done go for it... by johnson 6/11/2006  
     hey i got my belly bar done in like febuary and now i have a red lump like thing under my... by _*star*_ 6/12/2006  
     Ok, I've pretty much got permission from my parents to get my belly button pierced and I... by Amy 6/12/2006  
     hiaa ive just had my belly pierced 2day and it did hurt im goin to be honest it was a... by likklegrace 6/13/2006  
     hi im thinking of gettin my navel pierced but am really scared in case it badly gets... by charz 6/16/2006  
     Heyy.. I just got my belly button pierced today and let me tell you, i am newly 18 and am... by Mary 6/17/2006  
     heya, I'm getting my belly button done in the summer and I just wanted to hear your... by Jenni 6/18/2006  
     they say not to get in huge areas of water like the ocean or lakes but they also say to... by Blondey 6/18/2006  
     I got my belly button pierced on June 16th and I wanted to know if I could soak in regular... by Shenelle 6/18/2006  
     hi i am a 12 year old girl iv wanted my belly done 4 a long time but im such a chicken i... by me  6/20/2006  
     um... i wanna get my belly button piersed but im such a chickinn so i want u t2 b honest... by kendra 6/20/2006  
     I'm 13 & i wanna kno if gettin ur belly button really hurts tell the truth plz I'm diein 2... by lala 6/21/2006  
     I'm really afraid of getting my navel pierced, how bad does the CLAMP hurt? And how old do... by billliejoelover16 6/23/2006  
     Im beging my mom to let me get it done! She wont let me. even know she had her's... by 00DramaQueen00 6/23/2006  
     does getting it done hurt? and is it worth it afterwards? by Boomer0180 6/26/2006  
     Hi I got my belly button pierced about 2 years ago, and it was doing really well until... by Sam23 6/28/2006  
     hey, im only 13 but got my belly pierced about 8 months ago and remember having the same... by alice 6/29/2006  
     heyy, im 14 and i had my navel pierced for about a year now. i absolutly love it. if you... by mallory 7/1/2006  
     I got my belly pierced about 3 months ago and i clean it in the morning and night with... by ????? 7/1/2006  
     hey.. i got my belly button pierced about a month ago..on 6.6.06.. yea it didnt hurt much... by sonamx1 7/1/2006  
     Well idk. im getting myn pierced on Friday and i HATE PAIN. can't stand it but i did my... by Kyoote_babii_ma 7/4/2006  
     hey i got my belly pierced on Saturday.. and to answer that girls questions.. 1= no it... by gemz 7/5/2006  
     hya guys im thinking about getting my belly button pierced but im really worried that... by becki 7/5/2006  
     hey. ive had my navel pierced for a cupl of years now and if you want to ask me any... by miss-chevious 7/5/2006  
     "chachaching", Well what are you cleaning it with? Sea salt soaks help a lot and will... by miss latina 7/6/2006  
     Hi I just got my navel pierced like 6 days didn't hurt at all! i think i was... by Kiki  7/6/2006  
     i was just wondering when you first get your navel pierced can u get a bar in first? or... by Courtney 7/7/2006  
     i got my belly button pierced like a 2 weeks ago. it didnt really hurt. just a pinch. the... by lisaaaaa 7/7/2006  
     hey ppl from what i heard getting ur belly button pierced dosnt hurt and that cleaning it... by chel-c 7/10/2006  
     Hey guys. I got my belly button peirced a week ago today. I am 14 and you have to have... by hailee 7/11/2006  
     Ok so I got mine pierced yesterday.And I'm not going to lie to ya.ITS HURTS! but when the... by Anna 7/12/2006  
     well i am getting my belly pierced and i asked my mum what it was like as she has it dun.... by winni 7/14/2006  
     hey guys i got my navel peirced 2 months ago and i recently changed my barbell... i now... by abs 7/17/2006  
     Hey, I just got my belly button pierced a few days ago. The clamp is painless but im not... by Babykins 7/20/2006  
     i got my belly button pierced about 6 months ago, i went swimming in a beach when it... by alisia 7/20/2006  
     I heard that someone died from getting a piercing. Now I'm scared of getting one. by Pam 7/21/2006  
     hey ppl i just wnated to know do the piercers always ask how old u r? cos i will probs... by Beani 7/24/2006  
     I had my belly pierce about 3years ago and never had any problems with it. I clean my... by Tammy 7/25/2006  
     I got my bellybutton pierced when i was 10 now i am 14.. DO NOT use salt water on your... by x SHANNON x 7/26/2006  
     I just got my belly button pierced 2 weeks ago and its been alright i guess. I have been... by deanna 7/28/2006  
     i pearced my belly button my self about 2 years ago. i had to take it out after about 3... by kitty 7/30/2006  
     hey! i really want 2 get ma bely buton peirced, ma dadlets me but my mum doesnt how can i... by maz 8/1/2006  
     hey im gettin my bellie pierced nxt week 4 the 2nd time bt every1 says it hurts more coz... by holli 8/1/2006  
     omg!! i got ma belly pierced yesterday! it was soo cool! i cudnt believe it .. it really... by natz595 8/1/2006  
     OK i want to get my belly button pierced but I'vebeen reading all these comments and... by Adele 8/2/2006  
     GIRLS...... i just got my belly button pierced yesterday and it was nothing all i felt... by Ally =]  8/2/2006  
     Hey everyone what's up this is the Black Dragon Soldier. First and foremost I would tell... by Black Dragon Soldier 8/3/2006  
     i just got my done yesterday. and it aint hurt it was like a pinch. i wanna know about... by kitamae 8/5/2006  
     wel tht happend to mine and i jus cleaned it and let it soak in salt water 4 longer , then... by kayli 8/5/2006  
     I had my belly pierced about 4 weeks ago and i used hydrogen peroxide, my belly went... by Charlie 8/9/2006  
     heyy! I'm getting my belly button pierced in a couple of days, and I can't waiT!!!!! But... by 1originalthing45 8/9/2006  
     well. im only 13 and i really want to get my belly button pierced. i live in Scarborough... by unwritten 8/11/2006  
     does it hurt wen u pierce ur ear lobe..i pierced it wen i was a baby but now i want... by jen 8/12/2006  
     dont trip bezzies jus get it done and youll be happy!!!and clean it with sea salt kk mucho... by hyphychica101 8/13/2006  
     don't get your belly button pierced cause if it gets infected it ribs apart and the belly... by stacie 8/13/2006  
     Hi i had my navel pieced 2 weeks ago for the 4TH time!!!!Just hope this time it stays... by nad 8/16/2006  
     hey i relly want to get ma belly button pierce this saturday but 1. my parents won't let... by Alana2006 8/18/2006  
     Hi i was wondering I'm 12 1/2 and i was wondering if getting my belly button pierced would... by sximisi 8/19/2006  
     hey guys, I'm getting my navel pierced on Tuesday and i was just wondered what type of bar... by tink 8/20/2006  
     I just got my belly pierced today, it felt like a shot. It was great. I am so glad I did... by mrskat73 8/22/2006  
     my aunty used contact lense cleaner and her navel healed in a week!!!!! by nins 8/23/2006  
     hey im thinking about getting my navel pierced but im nervous that it hurts. does it hurt... by chloe 8/29/2006  
     I got my navel pierced yesterday, this is my 2nd time getting it done. but got a question,... by Cal 8/30/2006  
     hey guys omg i live in mississauga amd im only 12 yeye im too oung w.e but it would be... by Gia  8/31/2006  
     It doesn't hurt at all. When I went there I had my mind set on screaming, but I didn't... by redd_jamaican 9/1/2006  
     hey i got my belly done yeterday and it doesnt hurt at all but i was givin alcohol wipes... by kitkat 9/3/2006  
     I got my navel pierced a week ago and it didnt�t hurt at all. I only felt pressure when... by it didnt hurt 9/4/2006  
     Hey guys...i had my belly button pierced for about 6 months and my body rejected it. i had... by Heather 9/5/2006  
     well. i just got mine done last monday and it did not hurt at all. i even looked at the... by becca 9/6/2006  
     yah it hurts a little bit but after an hours its getting hurt bad,mine it heal about 5... by m 9/6/2006  
     how old do u have to be to get ur navel pierced in australia without your parent having to... by yomamma 9/12/2006  
     i had my belly button pierced just over a month ago i had salt water bath and it was f9... by beth_bbz 9/17/2006  
     I've had my ears pierced for 4 weeks now and they just became infected. the pus wont stop... by cHeLs 9/18/2006  
     I have had my belly button done many times.. twice on the top and once on the bottom..... by becka 9/19/2006  
     hya i add mi belly dun y day nd i jst want 2 now watch the best method n how 2 leam it nd... by steph - - x  9/20/2006  
     -i just got my belly button pierced about a week ago. -my advice is to go with a friend.... by Jewels 9/20/2006  
     hi guys.. i got my belly done about three months ago and i think it may be growin out... by kell 9/21/2006  
     i got my belly button pierced the other day... it doesnt hurt that bad just a lil bit of... by Eden 9/23/2006  
     Hey Guyz Well i got my belly button pierced yesterday, n to be honest it only hurt a lil... by jacksprat012 9/28/2006  
     clean it with bactine or w.e that stuff is called by Caitlin 9/28/2006  
     ello everybody. i was wondering what a navel piercing really is. Is it just like piercing... by jennifer 9/29/2006  
     Hey Girlygirl, DO NOT USE ALCOHOL OR PEROXIDE! Those chemicals can dry out your... by Emma 9/30/2006  
     Hi, My name is Molly and I was wondering what happens, like, exactly when you get the... by Molly 9/30/2006  
     hey i really want my belly pierced but my parents are really strict and wont let me has... by lilshay 9/30/2006  
     Can somebody be honest with me? Compare the pain of piercing your navel with a needle to... by Athena 10/1/2006  
     heyaz ive got my nose dun nd it dint reli hurt nd i got my ears dun but i was a baby so i... by [[Gina]] 10/8/2006  
     I have had my belly done with a ring cos' it's less expensive, nd I bought a titanium bar... by Emma. 10/10/2006  
     Antibacterial soap works Wonders. this is my 5th week since I got it done nd I put it on... by Emma. 10/10/2006  
     hey i got my piercing a couple of months ago and it still hasnt healed! my piercing fell... by flaca 10/15/2006  
     i have a question i got my belly button pierced a little over a week ago and it was fine... by ashley 10/19/2006  
     okay well i got my bellybutton pierced about 2 weeks ago and everything was going fine.... by Kristina 10/20/2006  
     hey.. i really want my belly pierced but both my parents wont let me what should i do?? i... by ashabash66 10/26/2006  
     i have recently got my belly done how soon after can you swim?? by katiipoo 10/26/2006  
     i was wondering if after the belly piercing was healed and whatnot if it left a big mark?... by amorgs 10/26/2006  
     hey i am 13 and ima about to get my done! does it hurt? 2 of my friends have it done and... by CeazaSalad 10/27/2006  
     Hey People I am 13 almost 14 and gettin my belly pierced in 2 days and so scared. Please... by Teagy 10/28/2006  
     I'm 13 and im getting my navel pierced tomorrow!!!im kinda freaked about the needle but i... by Jessica 11/3/2006  
     hiya erm.. i want to get by belly pierced but im only twelve. Are you aloud to have it... by emmz 11/5/2006  
     Hey guys.. I got mine done about 4 months ago and it got infected last week. I just made... by Pudding 11/10/2006  
     Hey! Well I got my belly pierced about 5 times now 8(. Either it got infected or I got... by DiiAMOND 11/13/2006  
     Hey DIMONDGIRL you only have to be 16 to get it done without you parents permission, well... by Jessie 11/14/2006  
     Hey i got my belly pierced in march this year. i clean mine owth alcohol and guess what im... by Jessi20 11/18/2006  
     Hey, i got my belly pierced last summer and i have been cleaning it out with alcohol and... by Me. 11/20/2006  
     to bILLY its extremely silly that ur mate would pierce it and put a safety pin in it! you... by danni 11/22/2006  
     i really want my belly button pierced but I'm frightened it will get infected. some of my... by rachel 11/23/2006  
     hey i really want 2 get my belly button pierced. i am 14 and i am scared its gunna get... by aero 11/26/2006  
     Hii YALL OK W3LL I'M G3TTiN MiN3S DUN SOON MY SiST3R GO HURS DUN AND iiT GOT iNF3CT3D AND... by S3Xi GAL!:d 12/3/2006  
     hey my belly is cool and im totaly glad i got it peirced! it only hurt a bit and i clean... by cj 12/4/2006  
     i have the top and bottom of my bellybutton pierced back when i was 13. im now 17 and all... by chickabee 12/5/2006  
     I've had my belly button done twice. The first time I got it done on the bottom and it was... by maddie1221 12/7/2006  
     how much does yur belly button hurt if you pierce it yourself? by unknown 12/7/2006  
     Okay. I JUST got mines done today. All You have to do is clean it with dialoted antibacter... by Kitty 12/8/2006  
     i am 14 and i my parents said i could get it donee..but i am scared it will hurtt...i have... by swimmer4life 12/10/2006  
     hey, i want my bellybutton peirced but i dnt no wether to or not!! im onli 13 n i want to... by ashlee 12/10/2006  
     i just got my belly button pierced last Saturday with my sister and it hurt me only... by laura 12/13/2006  
     hey i got my belly pierced about 8 months ago and most bars i put in are too big for the... by lola 12/16/2006  
     heya x i got ma belly peirced yesterday amd i was really nervous and nearly pulled out but... by helz 12/16/2006  
     hey. I'd really like to get my navel pierced but my mum won't let me and i don't understan... by kimmy 12/17/2006  
     i gt my belly pierced and it hurt but i didnt get a freezing spray i gt it clamped and it... by shannin 12/18/2006  
     hey, hun don't clean it with alcohol because it will get infected for sure, use sea salt... by kell-z 12/25/2006  
     Hey.....Im 15 n i want to get ma upper lip and navel pierced, im really scared about them... by Drama_Queen! 12/26/2006  
     hi , i am getting my belly pierced 2mro n terrifed bt i want it dun sooo bad ... dus it... by Natalie xx 12/27/2006  
     when u say salt water do u mean like regular salt by beautygirl 12/31/2006  
     Heya i got my belly button peirced on saturday the 30th of december and it didnt hurt what... by X_Sophiee_X 12/31/2006  
     Hey everyone, i had my belly done on thursday and to be honest i was amazed at how... by Honey 1/1/2007  
     hi im thinking of getting my belly button done. does it hert? and is it true you can get... by taz 1/1/2007  
     does it really hurt having your navel pierced and be honest???????? by kat 1/3/2007  
     Does it really hurt having your navel pierced and be honest???????? by kat 1/3/2007  
     i got my belly button pierced yesterday for my birthday and its doing pretty good so far.... by rachel 1/4/2007  
     Hey guys, I'm getting my belly button pierced on Thursday. Just wondering if it hurts at... by Sarah 1/6/2007  
     Hello i got my belly pierced 3 or 4 weeks ago and Greeny yellow stuff it coming out Im... by steph 1/6/2007  
     question. i got my belly button pierced in august and even since then i have had problems... by al 1/7/2007  
     clean it twice a day with salt water and you will be fine just get every corner and lift... by emily  1/10/2007  
     hey yall, i was wondering how long it hurts after getting it done? by Stephanie 1/10/2007  
     hey every1 i am getting my bellybutton soon b4 i go back to school. i am only 12 nearly 13... by lowie 1/11/2007  
     Hey I got my belly pierced today, and about an hour later it started to bleed, not... by Jen 1/13/2007  
     Welllll i did mine two days ago its red and swelling a little but theres no pus it is... by Vivian 1/16/2007  
     well after reading all of this infections that can happen i aint really that up to it now... by chelsea <3 1/20/2007  
     Hey, i'm 13 and i just got my belly button peirced , to all you people who ask if it hurts... by gemmaD. 1/23/2007  
     Use epson salt 2 times a day. Wokds like a charm. I havent had any problems with mine, and... by Stephanie 1/23/2007  
     use salt water or savlon wound wash is wot i used by cutie-07 1/24/2007  
     No, it doesn't hurt much. I got mine done on Monday. I HATE needles, && even i can... by Alana 1/25/2007  
     hi,i was just wondering if getting your navel pierced really hurts or and my... by heyheyhey! 1/26/2007  
     well i just got mine done yesterday and to be honest i really dont think it hurt more its... by cersy 1/27/2007  
     I got my bellybutton pierced last weekend for my 13th birthday. I went with my friend who... by Milaya 1/28/2007  
     hey i got my bellybutton piercing last Thursday and it started to itch o i would like to... by fatima 1/28/2007  
     ok guys i totally pierced my own belly button. and i sterilized it properly its been 2... by candice 1/31/2007  
     ok... first off... if you dont like pain then dont do it at home... a week ago me and my... by Sammy 2/1/2007  
     hey im getting mine dun soon and i was just wondering does it really hurt and do they numb... by emogen 2/5/2007  
     i got my belly button pierced a few weeks ago and the lady that pierced it put a rubberban... by jj 2/7/2007  
     hi peeps im having it done soon do you now any good places in surey in the uk !! by tall chick 2/8/2007  
     Hey, Im gettin' my belly button pierced ina month im so excited :) im 14 , can anyone tell... by k* 2/9/2007  
     i wont to get my belly button done but i am skard that it will get infieced and my dad... by hannah 2/11/2007  
     hey id jus like to say it DOESN'T hurt at all serious i got mine down 3 days ago n it... by courtz 2/13/2007  
     i had my bellybutoon peirced two days agos, wen i had it done it dint hurt and after it... by Heather-ruth 2/14/2007  
     oooooo i dont know but help mine is hurtin right now! by hayley 2/14/2007  
     yah i got my piercin yesterday... it only hurt when i ran my daily 3.5 miles today but... by zoomzoompunkgirl 2/15/2007  
     Hey Im sarah i turned 13 in january....i wanna get my belly pierced soon but im worried... by sarah 2/17/2007  
     Hey.. i just got my belly button pierced on Febuary 15th and it is now Monday the 19th. im... by Jessica 2/19/2007  
     your all retarded by curella 2/19/2007  
     i had my belly done yesterday and it didn't hurt really but mines very sore if i sit down... by georgia 2/20/2007  
     well i only just got mine done today but i have lots of experience with piercings. If... by emmy 2/22/2007  
     i had my navel pierced 2 weeks ago, i didnt feel it at all wen i got it dun lol but anyway... by boo! 2/22/2007  
     okkk i got mi belly piecred lke n november nd now its february nd like was doin fine but... by mmily 2/23/2007  
     I got my belly button pierced about two weeks ago..Honest to god i didnt feel a thing. but... by nessa 2/23/2007  
     Hey.. My name is Britt.. and I am 17.. I got my belly button peirced like 6 months ago...... by Britt 2/25/2007  
     like we got our navels pierced n we were wondering wen we can take out the belly bar and... by chloeandkyra! 2/25/2007  
     i want my belly piercedbut my mum said maybe and my dad laughs and walks away what can i... by bethan 3/4/2007  
     hey, i don't have an answer but i have a question: i have wanted my bellybutton pierced... by Christee123 3/6/2007  
     you get professional liquids to clean piercings by cutthroat rose 3/8/2007  
     Me an my couz are getting our belly buttons piercd tomoz.We want to know does it HURT?And... by BBFL 3/9/2007  
     hay i got mine done two days ago it's a bit red and tender it did not hurt i just felt a... by jenny 3/9/2007  
     I wont even lie.. mine hurt really bad! But I hate needles. I clean mine with sea salt and... by Kristen 3/12/2007  
     i want mine done, but i am not sure =S i was wondering if it hurt? by Tezzah. 3/14/2007  
     Hey i got my belly button pierced 2 weeks ago. FYI, my piercer recommended cleaning the... by brianakristin03 3/19/2007  
     Hiya i need help i really want my belly button pierced as it looks so sweet 4 of ma m8s... by Honey 3/19/2007  
     you are all daft getting it done people die from it and some cant have babes so my advice... by hey hey girle 3/20/2007  
     hey!! i really want to get my belly button pierced...but my mom does no want me 2... well... by peanut 3/21/2007  
     it does hurt to get your belly button pierced, not a lot but it does sting a little, it... by lena 3/23/2007  
     how long does it take for a belly button piercing to heal before you can swim?? I have a... by bpshorty 3/25/2007  
     um i want to get it done and i want to knw duz it urt at all??? i am scaared but yea. duz... by Charli.. 3/27/2007  
     hey guys, i got mine done like...4 days ago. it's still sore and a little pink right... by justher 3/29/2007  
     i want to get my belly button pierced but i don't want to wait to long before i can go... by lilmissdancer 3/29/2007  
     i got my belly button pierced in august it was fine at first but then it started to get... by Isa 4/2/2007  
     well i got my belly pierced 3 days ago..and i killed myself can i make... by krissy 4/5/2007  
     does it really hurt getting it done? by miss scaredy cat 4/6/2007  
     Heyy everyonee.. I got my belly button pierced about 4-5 weeks ago and I was wondering if... by Kenzie 4/6/2007  
     i just got my bellybutton peicred about a week ago with my friend. hers seeeems to be... by fatttttttt 4/9/2007  
     Well i used to have my belly button peirced b4 both top and bottom in 2005/06. The top one... by addicted  4/12/2007  
     hey i was wondering if anyone knew a place in mississauga ON or toronto that does belly... by danielle 4/12/2007  
     Heya, I Got Mine Done Yesterday. It Doesnt Hurt So Much, Its Just A Very Odd Feeling. Its... by XxBrodstaxX 4/14/2007  
     hiya, im having my belly button pierced tomoz n i jus wanted to ask a few questions 2... by luci 4/15/2007  
     love it really.. it makes sence for me bout putting navel piercing... its so nice...!!! by ching 4/16/2007  
     Can u use TCP to clean it??? aswell as warm water and sea salt? by PADDY 4/16/2007  
     Hey Lis, you should check with any tattoo parlor, a lot of them have piercing's there too,... by Caitlin 4/16/2007  
     I've had my navel pierced for 3 weeks now. yay! But anyway, please no1 chew me out for... by em 4/16/2007  
     Hey there. Just got my navel pierced about three days ago, and it looks fine. Cleaning it... by brittany monster 4/20/2007  
     don't be scared just go 4 it by cutie 4/25/2007  
     chachaching you should prolly go back to the person who pierced your navel to see whats... by AngelMarie 5/4/2007  
     IT JUST HURTS A A BIT!!! by sheree 5/7/2007  
     I got my belly pierced Thursday and it's already healing.. And i just use warm water and... by Elisia 5/8/2007  
     dfvdsfvgsd by dDOG 5/9/2007  
     Hey everyone, i just read your questions and answers and i got a little scared!!! I 'm... by sTaLiTsA... 5/9/2007  
     hey you shouldn't use anything but antibacterial soap because you dont know how your body... by GabY 5/9/2007  
     i had my belly done like 3-4 months ago and its been really hurting and gettin all this... by laura 5/11/2007  
     Basatracin *sp?* works well, if it gets red around the front end, and not the back, that... by E-ron 5/11/2007  
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why was Australia involved in the vietnam war? by db8/5/03 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
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