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Archive-name: comp-groupware-faq/bibliography1
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 1995.4.6
Version: 3.2
Copyright: 1989 - 1995 (C) David S. Stodolsky, PhD

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Groupware Bibliography

This posting is primarily a test of the new setext format (see the 
guidelines for further information). No attempt has been made to 
organize this list, beyond removing obvious duplicates. Appearance 
of an entry does not constitute an endorsement. Absence from the 
list does not constitute a rejection. Send corrections and additions 
to the copyright holder. 


Journals with articles about groupware

Academy of Management Journal

Accounting, Management and Information Technologies

ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

ACM Transactions on Office Information Systems

Behaviour and Information Technology

British Journal of Management

Collaborative Computing:

Communications of the ACM

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine>

Concurrent  Engineering: Research & Applications

CSCW: An International Journal
Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, Distribution Center
P.O. Box 322, 3300 Ah Dordrecht, The Netherlands
tel. 31 78 52 4400. fax. 31 78 52 4474
Kluwer Academic, Order dpmt, P.O. Box 358 Accord Station
Hingham, MA 02018-0358, tel. 617-871-6600

Decision Support in Public Admin.

Decision Systems

Group Decision and Negotiation

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

Information Systems

Interacting with Computers

International Journal of Man Machine Studies

International Journal on Intelligent and Cooperative Information Systems

Journal of Applied Psychology

Journal of MIS


Management Science

MIS Quarterly

Small Group Research

HCI Bibliography
The HCI Bibliography provides an updated listing of articles with some 
coverage of groupware:

A bibliography on human-computer interaction available via anonymous
FTP to anyone on the internet.

Holdings include the complete ACM SIGCHI conference proceedings for
1983-1990, the complete abstracted contents of the journal
Human-Computer Interaction, and the contents of several edited
handbooks (with release of detailed tables of contents and abstracts
pending publisher approval).  Also included are over 100 entries on
books and major reports on HCI.

To obtain info on the bibliography, or an index of holdings, use
anonymous FTP to, in dir pub/hcibib.  There
are two files, README and index that provide information on contents,
as well as the bibliography itself.

Table 1: Books in the HCI Bibliography
	Baecker & Buxton's "Readings in HCI" (1987)
	Helander's "Handbook of HCI", (1988) Elsevier/North-Holland
	Salvendy's "Handbook of Human Factors", (1987) Wiley
	modules of books, videos, etc.

Table 2: Conference Proceedings in the HCI Bibliography
	BCS-HCI: People and Computers (1985-1991), Cambridge
	CHI: Human Factors in Computing Systems (1982-92), ACM
	CSCW: Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (1988,90), ACM
	Document Processing Systems (1988), ACM
	ECHT: European Conference on Hypertext (1990), Cambridge
	EP: Electronic Publishing (1990), Cambridge
	ESP: Empirical Studies of Programmers (1986, 87, 91), Ablex
	HFS: Human Factors Society Annual Meeting (1990), HFS
	Hypertext Conference (1987, 89, 91), ACM
	Hypertext I and II (1988, 89), Intellect
	INTERACT: HCI Conference (1984, 87, 90), Elsevier/North-Holland
	SIGIR: Information Retrieval (1987-92), ACM
	SIGOIS: Organizational Computing Systems (1991), ACM
	SIGOIS: Office Automation (1982, 84, 86, 88,90), ACM
	UIST: User Interface Software and Technology (1988-91), ACM

Table 3: Journal Volumes in the HCI Bibliography
	BIT: Behaviour and Information Technology (1982-1991), Taylor & Francis
	HCI: Human-Computer Interaction (1985-91), Erlbaum
	IJHCI: Intl. Jl. of Human-Computer Interaction (1989-91), Ablex
	IJMMS: Intl. Jl. of Man-Machine Studies (*-1991), Academic Press
	IWC: Interacting with Computers (1989-91), Butterworth-Heinemann
	JOC: Jl. of Organizational Computing (1991), Ablex
	SIGCHI: Bulletin (1988-91), ACM
	TOG: Transactions on Graphics (1986-91), ACM
	TOIS: Transactions on (Office) Information Systems (1982-91), ACM

Computer-Mediated Communication
J. December at has put together a
list of Computer-Mediate Communications resources. This is from his FTP site:
   Anonymous ftp Host:; Directory: pub/communications/

   File                 Explanation
   -------------------- ------------------------------------------------
   internet-cmc.readme  this file

   internet-cmc.dat     the `raw data' file for other internet-cmc files,
                        tagged according to the KEY, described below.

   internet-cmc         a human-readable (wide column) version which can be
                        manipulated or reformatted using Unix scripts;
                        some scripts are suggested in this file itself.

   internet-cmc.txt     a human-readable version which stays in 80-columns;
                        useful for reading as static text (printed or
                        online), but not as useful for scanning and
                        reformatting as internet-cmc

   internet-cmc.tex     the LaTeX version (source)    the compressed PostScript version

   internet-cmc.html    the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) version
                        Thanks to Kevin Hughes (
                        for developing an early version of the software to
                        convert internet-cmc.dat to internet-cmc.html.
                        Link to this file with the URL:

   internet-cmc.dvi     the device-independent (binary) version

   internet-cmc.gif     The graphics image that I use in the .html

   internet-cmc.bib     This is a selected listing of items related to
                        Computer-Mediated Communication, the Internet,
                        and network information infrastructure and use.

   The source code for translating internet-cmc.dat into its various
   formats is available on request.

Mac Groupware Yellow Pages

This is from the "Recommended Books" section from the latest edition of
the "Mac Groupware Yellow Pages". If you have other books that you think
are a "MUST PURCHASE" book for people interested in groupware, please let
me know.


*Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: A Book  of Readings* by Irene Greif
This collection of papers from older CSCW Conferences was published in
1988, and contains all the seminal academic papers on the topic.
COST: $39.95
Morgan Kaufman Publishers; (800) 745-7323; f(415) 578-0672

*CSCW '88 & '90 Proceedings* These academically focused papers cover most
of the research on groupware since 1988. COST: CSCW '88 order #612880 $24
for ACM members, $33 for non-members. CSCW '90 order #612900 $22 for
members, $30 for nonmembers.
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM); (800) 342-6626 or
(301) 528-4261

*Leading Business Teams* by Johansen, Sibbet, Benson, Martin, Mittman &
Saffo This is a more recent book by the author of "Groupware". It
explores the intersection of technology and business teams, including
enhancing team effectiveness, turning groupware ideas into business
reality, team dynamics, a visions for the future. COST: $23.75
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company; (800) 477-2226

*Shared Minds: The New Technologies of Collaboration* by Michael Schrage
Schrage is known for his nationally syndicated 'Innovation' column. This
book explores "the role of tools and technologies in shaping the
collaborative process." Unique in this book is a focus first on needs of
collaboration before computers. This book was published in '90.
COST: $21.95
Random House; (212) 751-2600

*Technology for Teams: Enhancing Productivity in Networked Organizations*
by Susanna Opper & Henry Fersko-Weiss This is the most recent book on
groupware, and approaches groupware from a corporate perspective. Every
stage of electronic teamwork is covered, from definition to
implementation. Especially valuable is the coverage of the steps that a
corporation must take to commit itself to groupware, and some case
studies of corporate implementation. COST: $29.95
Van Nostrand Reinhold; (606) 525-6600

I wanted to warn people away from the book "Groupware for the Macintosh"
by Michael Fraase. I was very disappointed in it. This 1991 book reads as
more of an introduction to 1990 networking apps (such as pre-System 7
file sharing and QuickMail) than as survey of existing Mac groupware
applications. It's only merit is its attempt to cover some history
and issues, but this section is far too brief.


To improve access to information on collaboration and software support
for collaboration, Consensus Development Corporation has moved its
server to a new site (HREF=""). This
WWW/Mosaic server contains information about the products and services
offered by Consensus Development, as well as information on topics
including groupware, computer supported collaborative work (CSCW),
decision support, facilitation, electronic democracy, hypertext
authoring, online documentation, document architecture, shared spaces,
virtual organizations, and online knowledge management. In particular,
check out the following:

* Groupware Yellow Pages
-- a listing of groupware products, books, conferences, consultants,
networks, newsletters, and information resources.

* Collaborative Arts Page
In particular take a look at images and text from "5 x 5" -- an ongoing
project between five artists/architects.

.Christopher Allen                  Consensus Development Corporation..
.<>                   4104-24th Street #419..
.                                        San Francisco, CA 94114-3615..
.                                        o415/647-6383  f415/647-6384..
.*NEW* Mosaic/WWW Home Page:                                         ..
.  <A HREF="">Consensus Home Page</A>  ..

Conversation with Eye Contact
Ishii, Hiroshi and Ohkubo, Masaaki, Design of TeamWorkstation:  A Realtime
Shared Workspace Fusing Desktops and Computer Screens

Ishii, Hiroshi and Kobayashi, Minoru, ClearBoard: A Seamless Medium for
Shared Drawing and Conversation with Eye Contact

both references in:
Readings in Groupware and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: Assisting
Human-Human Collaboration, Baecker, Ronald M. (ed.), Morgan Kaufmann
Publishers, Inc. 1993 [ISBN: 1-55860-241-0]

Groupware Users and Vendors Association
From: (DavidC121)
Newsgroups: comp.groupware
Subject: Join GUAVA
Date: 9 Mar 1994 16:30:10 -0500

GUAVA (Groupware Users and Vendors Association)  is just getting started, we
have some intersting research projects going, and are starting to form
committees to examine standards for the groupware arena.  There are a wide
variety of benefits and discounts associated with joining GUAVA.  If you would
like some information on GUAVA, or to join, as an individual or organization,
please contact me and I or the organization's secretary will respond by e-mail
with membership information.

David Coleman
GUAVA Founder

Groupware Product and Services Catalog 1994
From: (DavidC121)
Newsgroups: comp.groupware
Subject: Groupware Product and Services Catalog 1994
Date: 9 Mar 1994 16:30:48 -0500

Last year we compiled a product and services catalog of vendors and service
providers in all the areas that groupware covers:   Electronic Mail and
 Shared Screen Products, Shared Memory Products, Calendaring and Scheduling,
 Group Decision Support Systems/ EMS, Group Document and Image Management,
Workflow, Workgroup Utilities, Groupware Development Tools
Group Editing,  Groupware Services, Groupware end-user and vertical

Last years catalog had about 200 products and services, we believe that this
year that number will double with all the new products and services available. 
If you have a groupware product or service that you would like to list in the
catalog, listing is free. 

David Coleman
Project Initiator

Workflow Management Coalition
From: Keith Swenson <>
Newsgroups: comp.groupware
Subject: Re: Wanted: Info on Workflow Management Coalition
Date: 22 Nov 1994 00:01:32 GMT

> I understand that there is an industry wide Workflow
> Managment Coalition working on a Workflow reference
> model and other standards efforts.  Could someone
> point me to further information.  Thanks ...

The secretariat for Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) is:

   Workflow Managmenet Coalition
   Avenue Marcel Thiry 204
   1200 Brussels

   Tel:    +32 2 774 96 33
   Fax:    +32 2 774 96 90


Within the US, the two "country contacts" are:

   Lisa Hebert
   Tel: (617) 499 4419
   Fax: (617) 449 4409

   Thomas M Koulopoulos
   Delphi Consulting Group
   Tel: (617) 247 1511
   Fax: (617) 247 4957

You should be able to receive a package that will tell you
what you need to know about the coalition, and how to join
(if that is your intent).

-Keith Swenson
 Fujitsu OSSI

Function Point Counting for GUI
From: (Kurt Donath)
Subject: Re: Function Point Counting for GUI
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 18:56:12 GMT

In article, (Lam Tuck Meng) writes:

> I am looking around for any references to function point counting for
> GUI applications and to function point counting in general. If you know
> of any good books or other reading material on the internet, I would be
> most grateful if you could email me about it. Thanx in advance for your
> replies.
> Regards,
> Tuck Meng

You should be able to obtain a Function Point Counting Practices Manual
from the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG).  I have one from
1992 with the following address and phone number:
Blendonview Office Park
5008-28 Pine Creek Drive
Westerville, OH 43081-4899
(614) 895-7130 or (614)895-3466 FAX

Also do a search for a book or articles written by Alan Albright.  J. Brian
Dreger wrote 'Function Point Analysis' by Prentice Hall.

"KJ" method
From: (Richard Smith)

Joseph Guiltinan, from Notre Dame university, asked about "KJ" method
recently. I made a similar inquiry a couple of years ago and turned up
some related information. The latest word, from Marilyn Liner
<>, suggests this is a technique similar to "Affinity
Diagramming." I posted my original
query in the netnews group comp.groupware in the winter of 1992.
Richard Smith CPROST & CMNS, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, CANADA
604 291 5116 (voice)  604 291 5112 (fax)

Open Document Management API
From: schneider@horus
Newsgroups: comp.groupware
Subject: Re: Open Doc Mgt API
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 1995 11:10:45

>In article <>, (D.
>Searsmith) wrote:

>> Hello all,
>> Does anyone know how I can get a copy of the Open Document Management
>> API that was recently put together by several companies in the document mgt/
>> desktop software arena?  I read in _Computer Resellers News_ that it was 
>> available on Compuserve but I don't have an account there.  If anyone can help
>> me out I'll make sure that everyone in the group gets the information.
>> Thanks,
>> Duane

guess you mean the _ODMA_ initiative, formed by Novell/SoftSolutions, PC DOCS, 
Documentum, Interleaf, XSoft, Watermark, Oracle, Microsoft, GG/New Science, 
AutoDesk, Andersen Consulting ...

Please contact one of these companies or Keith Clarke (801-226-6000) for 
more informations.
Uli Schneider, Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG, Munich, Germany

Workflow And Reengineering International Association
From: Layna Fischer <>
Newsgroups: comp.groupware
Subject: WARIA's New address
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 1995 17:29:54 -0500

WARIA, the Workflow And Reengineering International Association has a new 

Make inquiries here for:

1. About WARIA (free to join - lots to gain. We have over 1000 members 
2. The WARIA Bookstore booklist (over 50 BPR/Workflow titles)
3. Our next meeting (BIS' Business Process and Workflow Conference, 
Orlando, Feb 19-22)

1. A Homepage on the WWW to hold all this information and more.
2. A WARIA listserver

*Under Construction: 1-800-GROUPWARE*
A comprehensive and international database of vendors and consultants of
workflow/BPR software, tools and services. This will be a 24-hour
Fax-on-Demand (auto-faxback) through 1-800-GROUPWARE. (If you're
interested in being listed, send a message to us here.)

1-800-GROUPWARE will provide a free referral service to users. The
database will be sorted both by region and by product. We plan to have it
on line by April 1. 


Layna Fischer, WARIA chair
3640 N. Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point FL 33064
305-782-6365 fax

WWW Thesis: Co-writing, Look and Feel
From: (Sjoerd Michels)
Newsgroups: comp.groupware
Subject: ANNOUNCE: WWW Thesis: Co-writing, Look and Feel!
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 15:54:33 GMT

I'm pleased to announce my HTML-thesis:

       Co-writing, Look and Feel!
       Interface development for The COOPerator project.

In my thesis, on which I hope to graduate on 24 February 1995 from Tilburg 
University, The Netherlands, I try to combine the research fields of Computer 
Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).
I worked on a prototype of The COOPerator, a co-writing tool that is currently 
under development at the Infolab at Tilburg University, for which I 
designed and implemented the human-computer interface.

The URL of my thesis is:

Sjoerd Michels
Student of Information Management and Technology
at Tilburg University, The Netherlands

GroupWare and Workflow proceedings
From: (The Conference Group)
Subject: Re: Proceedings of GROUPWARE '93

You can purchase GroupWare '92 - '95 and Workflow '92 - '95 proceedings 
directly from The Conference Group (show producers) by calling 800.247.0262.

Bob Bierman
The Conference Group

Groupware & Notes  -  WWW & FTP - sites
From: (Tangnes, Engebret)
Newsgroups: comp.groupware
Subject: LIST: GW - WWW & FTP list
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 14:32:38 GMT


 WWW Sites for Groupware Products
 WWW Archive for Formal Technical Review
 WebNotes and NetNotes - Forums and Conferences
 Digital's LinkWorks WWW Site
 Bibliography references
 Lotus (Notes) FTP sites
 comp.groupware FTP sites

 WWW Sites for Groupware Products

There is a Notes to WWW gateway program at the URL:

  will tell you about it and the FTP site where it is.

There is an OS/2 port of a WEB daemon (HTTPD for OS/2 at:


There is put together quite a list of links to Notes-related WWW-sites at:


Ilog Server are available products for realizing groupware applications.
Server has been used for various purposes from Electronic Stock Exchange
(Traders/Portfolio Managers), The European Air Traffic Control, etc...
The below URL contains info about all Ilog tools, but there is a specific
part about Server and a White Paper is available.

An article is dedicated to Server in the February issue ('95) of Doctor Dobb's.



"The unOfficial Yellow Pages of CSCW"


Test server for InterNotes.


Lotus has a beta version up now (so they say) and it is supposed to be at



Corporate Software:


  GO Lotus (LOTUSC forum)


The CSCW Directory is a WWW document containing links to a wide range of
Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) & Groupware resources on the
Internet. The CSCW Directory is located at:


Information about the Regatta Project, an innovative approach
to coordination, can be found at:


Information on SLATE, a groupware product focused on supporting various
Systems Engineering and Requirements Management tasks is available from:

 WWW Archive for Formal Technical Review

This is a WWW URLs containing general information related to:
 - formal technical review (FTR) including code inspection materials,
   bibliographies, on-line research publications, and more
 - specific information on CSRS, and their computer-supported
   cooperative work (CSCW) environment for FTR.

It is intend that this URL will become a central Internet
archive for materials on software review.

All CSRS publications and material are accessible through the
following WWW URL:

Development of CSRS is proceeding extremely well.  Version 3 of CSRS, which
includes a process modelling language for FTR, has been released within our
group and is being used for an empirical study of FTR methods.  A
"pre-release" version of CSRS is now available on-line (see the home page
for further information).  CSRS is not a "shrink wrapped" product: we
expect that effective technology transfer of CSRS will require extensive
collaboration with our research group for the foreseeable future.  Contact
us for details if you want to explore the leading edge of software quality.

 WebNotes and NetNotes - Forums and Conferences

This is a very powerful, yet easy to use conferencing package used in a
variety of applications including:

        o       General forums or "bulletin boards"
        o       Product support and problem tracking
        o       Knowledge bases and information stores
        o       Teaching and Learning Tool

The WebNotes / NetNotes server features a fully indexed database, for fast
text searches and queries.  Conferences are organized into a simple Topic and
Reply format.  Users may optionally add binary attachments to their Notes.

There are several public conferences available at the WebNotes site.  The
URL is:

All are welcome to participate in these conferences.

 Digital's LinkWorks WWW Site

Digital Equipment Corporation announces the LinkWorks InfoCenter WWW at:


Can also be reached at Home Page:

  URL:  (select InfoCenters)

"LinkWorks is Digital's award-winning framework for delivering
client/server, customized business solutions for knowledge workers in
workgroup environments. Out-of-the-box LinkWorks group-enables existing
systems and applications with group-sharing, document management and
workflow functionality. It integrates personal and group productivity
applications as well as business applications."

"The fully object-oriented LinkWorks engine allows customers, business
partners and ISVs alike to routinely develop group-enabled client/server
solutions and to integrate business applications and legacy
systems within the LinkWorks framework. Sophisticated technology can
encapsulate value add solutions into software components allowing third
parties to market and distribute their solutions in a protected form
providing investment security. Software component installation is as
simple as runtime drag-and-drop."

"LinkWorks supports a broad choice of desktop clients (Windows, Macintosh,
OS/2 and Motif workstations), network protocols (TCP/IP, DECnet and IPX/SPX),
databases (CA/Ingres, Informix and Oracle) and servers (Digital, HP, IBM
and Intel-based), both protecting existing investments as well as providing
customers freedom of platform choice. LinkWorks is fully internationalised and
is available in over 25 Asian and Western languages world wide."

Email address is

LinkWorks related information is also available on the FABA
(Fallmann und Bauernfeind Gesellschaft.m.b.H.) WWW server at:


 Bibliography references

Searchable CSCW/Groupware Bibliography

For research projects, there has been collected a lot of bibliographic
data on CSCW and related areas available via WWW:

an annotated bibliography at:

some publications on CSCW at:

 Lotus (Notes) FTP sites
------------------------------------------------------------ (anonymous) (anonymous) (Lotus)

Check out the Notes Internet CookBook at:


 An Instant Groupware product, Network Central for Windows.
 Which has an easy to use Workgroup File Management system, and lets
 you create and manage a Virtual File Cabinet, which allows you
 to manage your existing documents in place but with descriptions,
 comment logs, organization by project, priorities, searching,
 etc.  It also has features which help users of various networks
 (integration with Netware bindery and permissions, WfW sharing,
 and Auto+Connect(tm) to network servers and drives).

 The files for a full working version for evaluation purposes and
 various product data sheets is found at:  (Anonymous)

 comp.groupware FTP sites

comp.groupware FAQ at:  pub/usenet/news/news.answers/comp.groupware

comp.groupware is archived at: in: ~newsgroups/comp.groupware  (anonymous)
  (The archives are in mail folders named MONTH_YEAR.)

Articles from the 15th of  October 1992 is at: in: ~groupware/art/comp/groupware

Engebret S. Tangnes           
Stavanger University Center, Stavanger, Norway


David S. Stodolsky      Euromath Center     University of Copenhagen   Tel.: +45 38 33 03 30   Fax: +45 38 33 88 80 (C)

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