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...successfully had trouble with billing from AOL. I...

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Question by BgBdBlonde
Submitted on 11/18/2003
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Has anyone successfully had trouble with billing from AOL. I cancelled my account  6 months ago and they just sent me a bill...its november!   Please email me at " itsmemandy77@yahoo.com" if you have any success reverseing these charges!

Answer by gtercelady
Submitted on 1/5/2004
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yes i have had trouble with aol since i cancelled aol they keep on charging my account since nov.12 they have charged my account over a hundred dollards i have wrote to them and called them and even put a stop payment at the bank but of jan.2nd they charged me again  and i haven;t had aol since august 2003


Answer by jill
Submitted on 1/14/2004
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I have cancelled aol for 4 months they just debited my checking account for the 4 months at once.  I have also been charged for aol call alert and I moved a year ago. they wont change the call #.  If you get and answer let me know.


Answer by Jacques  mervil
Submitted on 1/15/2004
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update accounting  


Answer by aolisascam
Submitted on 1/27/2004
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AOL is a scam.  You call to cancel and they continue to bill you.  I call and they hung up on me.  I kept calling and told them I would not stop until they took the charges off my card.  Finally they said they would, I will see in 3-4 days.



Answer by WildCard161
Submitted on 2/4/2004
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One more bad AOL letter here..... They are sucking money from my account also. I have been told only way to stop them is. CLOSE MY ACCOUNT at the bank...


Answer by Alberto
Submitted on 2/18/2004
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When talking to an AOL rep, be firm and ask for him/her to provide a cancellation number.
(Problem most reps are answering the phones from India or Philippines, so is also difficult to understand them).

Unless you get this number, your account will still be active.
It took me many calls until I got upset and asked for a supervisor otherwise I was going to take them to court.

Still, they socked me for 2 months service until I finally got the cancellation number.


Answer by mimi
Submitted on 3/4/2004
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I would like to cancel my AOL, I was under the impression that I had 6 months AOL when I bought my Dell computer, but did not use it, and therefore never cancelled, but now I am being charged for the service,  Please cancel this account.  


Answer by melissa
Submitted on 3/12/2004
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Ugh.  i have been on the phone with aol
for the last two days trying to undertand why they are
still charging me after i canceled my account
in January.    I have been told that I was wrong I must have "misunderstood"
when i canceled my service.
Whats to understand ? I said cancel. The customer service is rude, they actually
hung up on me.  I finally got a cancellation number,,,
so lets see if I get charged next month.
This is abuse.


Answer by Deb
Submitted on 3/15/2004
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I, also, purchased a Dell laptop with 6 months 'free'.  The 6 month trial was due to end in December 2003.  I called and explained I would not care to continue with AOL.  A cancellation number was not provided and, not being 'in the know', didn't ask for one.  I received a notice in February 2004 and again called.  I received yet ANOTHER notice today.  I called and was told there were in excess of 70.00 in charges that these charges could not be billed because they did not have any credit card info for me.  That is pretty obvious!  I did not want to continue and therefore did not provide billing info.  The idiot supervisor told me he would cancel the account as of today and I should wait until the charges were turned over to a collection agency and fight the battle then!!!  He also told me there was 17 minutes of activity in February.  That's a pretty good trick as I 'uninstalled' AOL in December.  If anyone has had any success with these fools, please contact me - dnewcombburke@yahoo.com.


Answer by tammy
Submitted on 3/20/2004
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i am tired of calling aol and trying to get help with my billing questions i also wrote them a letter with payment and told them i am english and only understand english and i only want to speek with someone english and i get the ones i do not understand what the hell they do not understand me and i do not understand them and i am tired of them getting mad at me for me wanting to speek to someone english they get offened and hang up on me i have tried and tried to get this straight i have called and called does anyone know what i can do to make this better???? i ask for a supervisor i get nothing i get hung up on all the time. mad in alabama HELP........


Answer by BartlettBill
Submitted on 4/6/2004
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To anyone that will listen:

You should know that AOL is like a virus and a thief. LIterally 17 months after my wife cancelled her AOL service, they suddenly started charging our credit card again. When I contacted them (after holding forever), they gave me no information, as it was not my name on the aol acct -- even though it was my name on my Visa card they were stealing from. Some months they even charged me twice.

I complained to my Visa bank. They cancelled the card, issued a new one, and still aol found a way to charge me.

No one was using aol or even had it installed on our computers, yet, they charged us.

Finally, after 6 months of our requests to stop, they did stop charging us. The Visa bank and aol credited us back for only TWO months for the money that they stole.

AOL's marketing bends over backwards to make their brand known (displays in almost every retail store I shop, and ads in every magazine & tv station), but once they are "in", they're like a virus that cannot be stopped.

This has been a learning experience to say the least.

AOL IS deception, thievery, and a malicious virus of a company.

Bill S
Bartlett, IL


Answer by Giselle and Joshua
Submitted on 4/15/2004
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Answer by OtherworldBob
Submitted on 4/16/2004
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I actually managed to cancel my AOL subscription. I moved to NTL:World broadband about a year ago. After my year of hell with AOL.

After calling their line they wanted to know why I wanted to cancel,
Answer, 3 times the speed for less money.

They give me another 'free' month. Which, surprisingly was free. 25 days in, having not used AOL, I called again, and canceled. So far so good.

But after reading this, I think I should check my accounts again.


Answer by Shubee
Submitted on 5/11/2004
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You definitely need to get a confirmation number when you call to cancel and don't let them ever give you an extra couple of months because that is the real catch!!


Answer by Angry AOL customer
Submitted on 6/14/2004
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My mother just filed a suit against AOL in federal court for failing to cancel service and billing for service never received.  She is currently in negotiations with AOL for settlement.  They have apologized and taken blame for their failures but settlement issues are being worked through.



Answer by GB
Submitted on 12/2/2004
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I just went through hell on the phone with AOL. I cancelled and then they claim that I reactivated. They want to charge me for a month that I never ordered.

Is anyone up for a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against these A-holes?????????????


Answer by christina
Submitted on 12/12/2004
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i have been throught aol also. I have talked to them seveal times to cancel my account. A friend of mine used his card to help me pay one time. Now they keep charging his card that is illegal and they need to be prosscuted for it. My friend is saying he is going to press charges on me and he cant cause its aol fault they need to be put in jail thoes bastards. HOw can we stop them any ideas ANYONE!!!!!!!


Answer by onecrazychik89@earthling.net
Submitted on 12/25/2004
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I am a college student and my father purchased Gateway Laptop computer for me approximately 1 and 1/2 years ago.  This computer came with a year's free AOL.  I used this "free" service over the summer and stopped using it when I went away to college because I began using the available college network.  Lo and behold, about a month ago I received a past due letter for $115.00.  Last week I received an ugly letter informing me that unless I paid up my account would be turned over to a collection agency.  When I called, after long waits I was told that I had to have called AOL and cancelled to stop the automatic account activation.  I spoke with at least five different people (4 in South Africa)and each one told me that I would have to pay.  I explained that not only had I never signed anything to create an account, nor had I ever given any billing information, but that I never even received a monthly bill indicating that I had an account until I got the "past due" letters.
At this point I do not know what to do.  I will not pay AOL for an account I never created, nor ever used.  How do I get AOL "off my back"?


Answer by AOL
Submitted on 1/29/2005
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If you are being over billed by AOL please contact me ASAP. Please leave contact info.



Answer by bob@our-world.cjb.net
Submitted on 2/1/2005
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Aol is terrible, I called today to cancel my account & they refused to until the end of my trial, I said I wanted It canceled right now & they said they will cancel it when my trial is over, now im very worried.


Answer by common sense
Submitted on 2/7/2005
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It seems to me after reading all of the comments about aol and their services, that someone in charge there needs to read those messages as well.  It is clear to me that they (aol) have problems with service and customer satisfaction.  I would also think that Dell would take a long look at their affiliation with aol and offering 6 mo.'s free with the new computers they sell.  Because of troubles with aol, customers will stop buying from dell, and find a more customer friendly computer manufacturer that associates their name with a legitimate internet service.


Answer by marilyn
Submitted on 2/8/2005
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I too have had problems with AOl Call Alert.
They are anxious to sign you up but when it comes time to change to another phone number they don't seem to be anxious to do it.  I have talked to 8 different AOL tech and billing and still do not have it resolved.
The phone # to activate it has been out of order for 3 weeks.  I am going to change from AOL to another company


Answer by Copyright
Submitted on 3/1/2005
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If anyone has cancelled aol and are still getting billed by them  please inform me of this with details


Answer by JohnnyGuest
Submitted on 4/7/2005
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AOL is a total rip off, they send you through telephone hell and then you are forced to talk to some moron that can't even speak english.  They ARE THEIVES AND CROOKS.  If any one wants to bring a class action suit  againt them count me in.


Answer by melissa
Submitted on 4/16/2005
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i have been having problems with aol for several months now . in december i was double billed they apoligized gave us a free month BIG MISTAKE . in feb iwas billed on the 27th that was fine then iwas billed resubmit fees every day for a week no help from aol on this matter then march 27th i was billed then a week of bing cherged resubmit fees on april 8th i was billed again with more resubmit fees so i switched it out of my checking account to a credit card billed again on the card on april 12 the april 8th charge caused 60 dollars in overdraft fees at my bank when i called to complain i was told they were going to bill me again on april 26th i asked why no real answer said once i was billed i would recieve NO REFUNDS  was disconnected numerous times had to explain my problem over and over again finally tried to cancell was asked repeatedly why  hopefully will be disconnected before being charged again but will never get all my money back will never do business with aol again if any has answers to what i can do to get my money back would apperciate hearing from you for now my email address is bippyfairy2@aol.com will repost this for answers when i have a new email


Answer by vjCalifornia
Submitted on 4/19/2005
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AOL is the worst... I have been trying to cancel them for years upon years.. I currently have two ISP providers due to me not being able to get rid of them.  This is their scam...  They are telling me the bank account information they have is different from what I am telling them.  OMG...  they are serious too.  I am looking at my bank statement with the deductions taken out by AOL, and they continue to tell me I am wrong... I could close my bank account, and notify all the other debtors of my new account information, but I am afraid it could cause problems with them, and rack up late fees and what not.  I HATE AOL AND THEIR LOSER CS REPS.  THEY HAVE MADE ME CRY AND HAVE PANIC ATTACKS... I gave up and use their service as well at anotherone for their broadband.  I wouldn't order AOL'S BROADBAND EVER.. I WOULD RATHER HAVE TWO ISP'S...  


Answer by jdog0722
Submitted on 5/6/2005
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yeah, aol freikin dominates. they really don't overcharge people, unless they are stupid. if you don't use aol, you still get charged for it. you won't stop getting charged for your account unless you call and cancel. and there is no catch to free months. none whatsoever. they are wonderful. i think all the people that have a hard time cancelling aol are the stupid ones, that don't know anything. aol is very generous to give out free months of service. everyone here just needs to learn how to cowboy up, and cancel an account if they don't want it. and you all need to learn how to be smart. please, e-mail me with your opinions.


Answer by Doris
Submitted on 5/27/2005
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You are charging us twice for AOL. Do not put charges on our checking account at Bank of America, Broadway Ave., Columbia, MO.  Use only the AT&T credit card number, and give us credit for the overcharges.


Answer by conovbeach@yahoo.com
Submitted on 6/15/2005
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I had an AOL account for years and they billed my Discover card monthly.  Last June and July they charged me $180.00 for "software and web usage".   I asked them to provide documentation where I had authorized and received this and they sent me pages of code.  I disputed these charges with Discover and they said that AOL had proved their claim.  After 6 months of collection calls this is now a charge off and is on my credit report.  What should I do?


Answer by Too Trusting
Submitted on 10/9/2005
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I moved and cancelled mid June. Was told that this was my billing date so I would be billed for June.  I quit AOL because of financial constraints - they told me I could keep it for the same price as my new service 14.94 (gee that would have been nice to know before getting set up with another company).  I told them I had already changed and couldn't face going through the software change again, etc. Now- I noticed that, surprise, I'm still being billed.  Called them but couldn't find my cancellation number-THEY HAVE NO RECORD of my call- they say. So I have to cancel again but still have that number. They still billed me for this month! Finally I have called my credit card company to help me. This time I want June payments included. I can see they are just crooks and I'll be sure to let everyone know that AOL is ultimately a trap!!


Answer by kristy
Submitted on 11/4/2005
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AOL SUCKS...We haven't had an account with them n almost 2 years!!!and no matter how many times we tell them to cancel it they just wont..earlier today i tried to again n u couldn't even understand the guy..n he said our account was not active n he couldn't stop the billing.


Answer by Thomas J. Highfill jr
Submitted on 1/11/2006
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no I want to delete my account and stop automatic deductions from my checking account


Answer by Bnurse
Submitted on 1/24/2006
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I have had the some problem. They were billing me for a fraudly charge. What I did was to have my bank settle with them and they had to return the money. I would like have the phone number that you called. I have not been able to fine a real phone number for a real person. I thought I would join and they billed me already. Yhey promised 90 days free. If I can get the phone number, I will cancel. Thanks Bettye


Submitted on 2/22/2006
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Answer by Ellen
Submitted on 3/24/2006
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I just resolved a similar problem (after 2 days & arguing with 8 different people on the phone!!) In Oct.'05 I had my phone number changed. Then realized AOLCallAlert was no longer working. I have been trying since Oct. to reach them with no success, but they seem to have no problem accessing my bank acct.! A few days ago I accidentally came across a phone # for them (1-866-265- 4415). You can also reach them by calling AOL tech line (1-877-742-9546). After being progressively more upset, aggressive, & demanding with each new person (idiot) I spoke with, I finally reached my objective. I was unsubscribed (apparently a must), then resubscribed with my new phone #, & given a credit on next months AOL on-line service, which just about exactly covers the amount they took from my acct. over the past 6 months!! Be persistent & let them know how angry you are and you might get lucky!


Answer by nb
Submitted on 5/2/2006
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I have been having trouble canceling aol also


Answer by Emily
Submitted on 5/5/2006
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AOL is impossible to deal with.  I have been charged after my account with them was cancelled and talking to their representatives is a total waste of time.  This company is so arrogant that they think they can do what they please.  Contact your Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General's office, or local District Attorney and file a complaint.  Good Luck!


Answer by evegoetz
Submitted on 7/25/2006
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I need to cancel my account with you. I need to cancel my account with you due to the fact that I don't have a phone, and I am losing my DSL soon to so I can't have AOL if I have no way to access it. If you have any question please write them to me at 243 Broad Street, Apartment 228, Claremont, NH 03743.

Mrs. Evelyn Goetz

ps. please shut down my email address to please.


Answer by yankee265
Submitted on 10/15/2006
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need account update now. please


Answer by lawrence
Submitted on 10/17/2006
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Yes; and still having problems; I just received ( on October 16, 2006) a bill for AOL services dated August 2003 for an account cancelled 3 years ago.  Never AOL again.


Answer by dave
Submitted on 11/3/2006
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aol rips you off , aol call alert was cancled  months ago and they still bill me. looks like i will have a law suit pending myself.


Answer by sweetr72
Submitted on 11/25/2006
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I cancelled AOL almost a year ago and tonight they took $650 out of my bank account!!!! I am steaming mad..of course its friday night and the billing office is closed for the f%&$ING weekend. When I did use AOL they took the money out of my account monthy by direct deposit..I talked to my bank on the phone just now and I am going to the bank to get a PROFORMA signed and start an investigation!!! If you were having money directly taken out of your account RUN to the bank and have one of these forms signed, then they cant take another cent out of your account!!


Answer by vivion
Submitted on 11/29/2006
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aol you are charging me twice for one service i cannot get a telephone no to call you i am trying to change my service to bellsouth please give me an answer 24.95 for one high service 25.90 for second service


Answer by Louis Wilhelm
Submitted on 12/31/2006
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wANT TO Check if yu got my new credit card to bill on?


Answer by PRINCESS
Submitted on 1/10/2007
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Answer by Irene conestoga@aol.com
Submitted on 1/17/2007
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why aol calling about my irene conestoga @aol.comt all the time


Answer by dagochick
Submitted on 1/18/2007
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I cancelled my aol in July of 2006 it is know January 2007 and they are still taking the money off of my credit card.


Answer by SkydivFlyr
Submitted on 1/19/2007
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I certainly wish that I had read this five years ago when I open an account with AOL, it would never have happened. I now have canceled two accounts with them.It has been a nightmare trying to deal with people so unprofessional.It appears to me that they need to spend some time and effort in the training of their customer representatives.


Answer by HeyMon
Submitted on 1/23/2007
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Here's how to get away from AOL. Close your checking account and open a new one with different numbers. They can't take anything out of a closed & empty account. It's what my daughter finally had to do in desparation to get away from them. There is also a class action lawsuit over this by hundreds of people who have continued to be charged. Look for it on the internet!


Answer by deb
Submitted on 1/23/2007
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YES...AOL sucks. I canceled my credit card so that they could not keep billing me but then they sent me a bill stating that I agreed to terms I specifically told them NO to. Maybe there will be a class action suit, they deserve it!!


Answer by Margaret H.
Submitted on 2/9/2007
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I cancelled 1 year ago and then they sent me a notice saying I owe them money for service.  Calling customer support is worthless.  I tried 3 times - all with overseas people - and the only answer they would give me is "give us your credit card # and we'll look into it."  The feds should shut them down.


Answer by Sherry
Submitted on 2/9/2007
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AOL is like a nightmare that keeps going on and on and on.  I cancelled my acct. in Jan. after finding out that the 3 mo. free trial wasn't.  After numerous calls and speaking to no one who speaks English well...I was told it takes 2-3 billing cycles to get my money back in my acct.  Then for some unknown reason they reactivated my acct. and again took money out of my credit card.  Needless to say I am livid over this,  and believe me I am not going to take this sitting down.  This is crap.  


Answer by Lew
Submitted on 3/29/2007
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I cancelled AOL about 3 months ago.  My visa has now been over billed along with over limit fees applied by my bank.  After speaking with AOL they stated that I never canceled and that I had a different email address that I never had.  They would not give me a cancellation number and offered no help with refunding the charges.  All they wanted to do was offer me a better deal than before.  What to do is my question.  I'm not happy about this at all and I would never recommend AOL to anyone.  They will rob you from your money once they get access to your account.  


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