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Archive-name: dogs-faq/resources
Last-modified: 23 Jun 1999

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   Cindy Tittle Moore,,br> Copyright 1995.
Table of Contents

     * Catalogues & Mail-order Companies
     * Magazines
     * Organizations
Catalogues & Mail-order Companies

   I can make no statement about any of these companies or their
   products. In particular, no endorsement by me of any particular mail
   order company by me is implied herein. If you have any comments or
   corrections, I will note them here along with the date. The accuracy
   of any address or phone number is not guaranteed, but if a date is
   present, it indicates when it was last verified.
4-M Enterprises, Inc.
1280 Pacific Street
Union City, CA 94587
tel: 510-489-8722 (office)
     1-800-487-9867 (orders)
fax: 510-489-8331
phenomenal selection of dog books.

Acme Machine Co.                             ADANAK Sleds and Equipment
2901 Freemont Ave. South                     4108 Hywy 93 N
Minneapolis, MN  55408                       Kalispell, MT  59901
tel: 1-800-332-2472, 612-827-3571            tel: 406-752-2929
fax: 612-827-8905                            Sledding equpment
obedience supplies, including a dumbbell
with a nylabone dowel

Akko West                                    Alpine                         955 Mass Ave. #314
Calgary, Alberta CAN                         Cambridge, MA 02139
sled dog equipment                           tel: 800-424-7463
                                             free catalogue, collars and leads

Alpine Publications, Inc.                    America's Pet Door Store  (1/93)
233 South Madison Avenue                     Patio Pacific Inc., Dept. 7
P.O. Box 7027                                1931-C N. Gaffey St.
Loveland, Colorado  80537                    San Pedro, CA 90731
tel: 1-800-777-7257 orders only,             tel: 1-800-826-2871
     970-667-2017 customer service           wide variety of pet doors
books                                        ships US-wide

Alyeska Sled Dog Products                    Animal Management, Inc.
PO Box 627                                   PO Box 957
Hovland, MN 55606-0627                       Mechanicsburg, PA  17055-8957
tel: 1-218-475-2649                          tel: 1-800-745-8173
fax: 1-218-475-2663                          Email:
URL:           URL:
hand crafted dog sleds and supplies          *live traps *odor control *nets
                                             *carriers *restraint modules *glov
                                             animal control poles *etc

Animals Etc.  (1.93)                         Animal Town, Inc.
PO Box 2720-166                              P.O. Box 1710
Huntington Beach, CA 92647                   El Cajon, CA 92022
tel: 714-964-9906                            dog, cat, fish, bird &
animal statuary -- many hard to find         small animal pet supplies
breeds and colors, excellent quality

AVP  (1/93)
Box 1326
Galesburg, IL 61402
free catalogue, pet care products

Bedford Farms/Black Ice                      Beef Rawhide
11225 County Road 20                         P.O. Box 1210
Delano, Minnesota  55328                     Riverdale, NY  10471-1210
tel: 612-955-2505                            tel: 1-800-836-2333
sledding supplies,                           rawhides -- very good quality
excellent harnesses                          and prices

California Veterinary Supply
1155 Deercrest Drive
Devore,  CA  92407
tel: 800-366-3047
supplies veterinary name brand items
at wholesale prices to the public,
ships world wide

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Warehouse  (1/93)      Cherrybrook  (3/94)
1617 Diamond Springs Road                    Route 57, P.O. Box 15
Virginia Beach, Virginia  23455              Broadway, New Jersey  08808
tel: 1-800-343-7680 outside Virginia,        tel: 1-800-524-0820 outside NJ,
     804-460-9771 within Virginia                 201-689-7979 in NJ
     staffed: m-f 9 am - 6:30 pm,            fax: 201-689-7988
     sat 10 am - 5 pm, EST                   general dog and cat supplies
fax: 804-460-0317
general dog and cat supplies, some tools

Chatmac Harness Shop
Doug & Carol McNeill
R.R. 1
Listowel, Ontario, Canada N4W 3G6
tel: 519-291-4738
Professional and recreational dog sleds,
rigs, mushing equipment and haulers

Color Critters Custom Statuary  (1.93)
PO Box 4158
West Covina, CA 91791
tel: 818-918-6724
makes breed statues -- many breeds or
will custom make.  $5 catalogue, refunded
with first order

The Corgi Shop (11/93)
PO Box 1500
125 South Main Street
Lanesboro, MA 01237
tel: 413-499-9939
corgi-related items

                                             Custom Needlework Designs  (1/93)
                                             Box 9
                                             Oreland, PA 19075
                                             tel: 1-800-767-6313
                                             needlework created from photos

Cycle Guide to America's Dogs                Denlinger's Publishers, LTD
Quaker Professional Services                 PO Box 76
Cycle Dog Chart                              Fairfax, VA 22030
585 Hawthorn Ct.                             tel: 703-830-4646
Galesburg, IL 61401                          fax: 703-830-5303
a 25"X38" poster depicting all 137           books
AKC-recognized breeds, folded or rolled

Direct Book Service (7/94)                   Dog Goods Ltd.
Dog & Cat Book Catalog                       1-800-736-4746
P.O. Box 2778                                free catalog, leather leashes
Wenatchee, WA 98897-2778                     collars, harnesses, etc.
tel: 1-800-776-2665 (orders, 24hrs)          The Dog's Outfitter (11/95)
     509-663-9115 (customer service)         Humboldt Industrial Park
     staffed 8-5 M-F, PST                    1 Maplewood Drive
fax: 1-509-662-7233                          P.O. Box 2010
dog books, including out-of-print            Hazleton, PA 18201-0676
books; very complete; book searches          tel: 800-367-3647
                                             fax: 1-717-384-2500
                                             free catalog, good prices

Dog Lovers Bookshop
9 West 31st Street - 2nd floor
New York, NY 10001
tel: 1-212-594-3601
fax: 1-212-564-6944

Econoseal Pet Doors (1/93)
5214 W. Luke, Suite 8
Glendale, AZ 85301
tel: 800-4444-9499
weatherproof pet doors

The Farmacy, In.  (4/94)                     Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc. (3/94)
70 Jones Road                                2253 Air Park Road
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577                       P.O. Box 100
tel: 803-236-4980                            Rhinelander, WI  54501-0100
     800-733-4981                            tel: 800-826-7206
among other things, sells                    pet supplies, large discounts,
emergency bloat kits                         free catalog
health related dog supplies, small

                                             Good Vibrations
                                             Box 317
                                             Englishtown Rd.
                                             Old Bridge, NJ 08857
                                             T's, sweats, 165+ breeds,
                                             free catalogue

Hale Security Pet Door (3/94)                Horst Company  (11/97)
5622 N. 52nd Ave. Suite 4                    101 East 18th Street
Glendale, AZ 85301                           Greeley, CO 80631
tel: 800-888-8914                            tel: 970-353-7724
energy efficient, secure double flap         fax: 970-353-7774
doors, eleven sizes plus custom fit          kennels, standard and custom
free brochure                                construction, free brochure

HOGA Agility                                 Howell Book House  (1/93)
128 Chippewa Cir                             1633 Broadway
Jackson, MS 39211                            New York, NY 100219
email:                     tel: (800) 428-5331
do-it-yourself plans for agility equipment
construction, free info, online ordering

IKON Outfitters LTD.                         Innotek Pet Products, Inc. (11/97)
7597 Latham Road                             1-800-826-5527
Lodi, Wisconsin  53555                       electronic containment systems,
tel: 608-592-4397                            anti-bark collars, training
     staffed: m-f 8-5, central time          collars, etc.
sleds, sledding and carting supplies,

                                            JB Pet Supplies  (3/94)
                                            5 Raritan Road
                                            Oakland, NJ 07436
                                            tel: 800-526-0388
                                            free catalog, assorted supplies

Jeffers Vet Supply  (8/96)                  J and J Dog Supplies
PO Box 948                                  PO Box 1517
West Plains, MO 65775  and                  Galesburg, IL 61402
PO Box 100                                  tel: 800-642-2050
Dothan, AL 36302                            email:
tel: 800-JEFFERS                            obedience supplies, free catalog
pet supply products, free catalog

Johnson Pet Door Company  (4/94)            KV Vet Supply (10/97)
320 Graves Avenue                           3190 N Road, PO Box 245
Oxnard, CA 93030                            David City, NE 68632-0245
tel: 805-988-4800                           tel: 800-423-8211

K-9 Carts  (3/94)                           Kaleb's Kart Co. (1/95)
532 Newtown Rd.                             W5770 Wildwood Rd
Berwyn, PA 19312                            Neilsville, WI 54456
tel: 215-644-6624                           tel: 715-743-2465
carts for paralyzed or amputated dogs       skijoring equipment

Kennel Vet  (1/93)                          Kicksled USA
P.O. Box 4092                               Old Route 16
Farmingdale, NY 11735                       Center Ossipee, NH 03814
tel: (516) 293-5334, (800) 782-0627         tel: 800-621-2636
email:                   lightweight dog sleds for training
vaccines, crates, books, toys,              and family fun
etc -- free catalogue
also known as PetMarket Wholesale

Konari Outfitters                            Lakeshore Artisans, Inc.  (8/96)
P.O. Box 752                                 PO Box 160
52 Seymour St.                               Belgium, WI 53004-0160
Middlebury, VT  05753                        tel: 414-285-3160
tel: 802-388-7447                            100+ breeds: note paper, plaques,
variety of outdoor/dog supplies,             T's, sweats, mugs, etc.
sledding harnesses, backpacks, etc           free catalogue & breed sample

Lambriar Pet Supply, LLC
100 Pine Street
Mahaska, Kansas 66955
tel: 1-800-344-6337
fax: 913-245-3337
veterinary & pet products

Leerburg Video Production
P.O. Box 218
Menomonie, Wisconsin  54751
tel: 715-235-6502

Mail Order Pet Shop  (11/97)
1338 N. Market Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95834  or
250 W. Executive Dr.
Edgewood, NY 11717
tel: 800-366-7387
free catalog, full line of supplies

Martha's Vineyard  (9/92)                    Master Animal Care  (9/15)
(in Massachusetts)                           Home Pet Shop
tel: 508-693-1991                            Humboldt Industrial Court
fax: 508-693-6438                            One Maplewood Drive
Catalogue includes a "black dog"             Hazleton, PA 18201-9798
theme, food bowls, caps, sweatshirts,        tel: 1-800-346-0749
etc (dog looks like a labrador)              email:
                                             url: http://www.masteranimalcare.c

Mason Kennels  (3/94)                        Max 200 (3/94)
260 Depot Street                             tel: 800-HI-MAX200
Leesburg, OH 45135                           free catalog, obedience equipment,
tel: 800-543-5567                            good prices, good equipment
free catalog, standard and custom
kennels and dog runs.

Multipet Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 35347
Northway, 4065  South Africa
distributor for TFH Publications
in South Africa

Natural Animal  (3/94)                       Nobler Pet Products (10/95)
PO Box 1177                                  1917 Logan Avenu
St. Augustine, FL 32085                      Winnipeg, Manitoba
tel: 800-274-7387                            R2R 0H6 CANADA
environmentally safe products, free catalog  tel: 800-738-7570
                                             fax: 204-694-6960
                                             free catalog, cross canada
                                             delivery, discount pet supplies

New England Serum Company (3/94)             NH Northern  (3/94)
US Route 1                                   PO Box #1219
Topsfield, MA 01983                          Burnsville, MN 55337-0219
tel: 1-800-NE-SERUM  (us/canada)             tel: 800-533-5545
grooming supplies, toys, crates,             fax: 612-894-0083
xpens and mats, excellent discounts          free catalog, handyman type
especially in bulk                           pet care products

Nordkyn Outfitters                           Omaha Vaccine Company
PO Box 1023                                  Best Care Catalogue
Graham, WA 98338-1023                        3030 "L" Street  PO Box 7228
tel: 206-847-4128                            Omaha, Nebraska 68107
fax: 206-847-4108                            tel: 1-800-367-4444
email:                     staffed 7-6 M-F, 8-noon Sat CST
sledding and weight pulling supplies

The Patch Place                              Patch Werks
2010 E. Wren St.                             K. Sours
Peoria Heights, IL 61614                     3821 N. Charter Oak Rd.
for patches with titles                      Peoria, IL 61615
                                             custom patches

Pegasus Originals, Inc.
129 Minnie Fallaw Rd.
Lexington, SC 29073
all kinds of cross-stich patterns of dogs,
individual breed head studies also available

Pedigrees   (7/94)                           Penguin USA
1989 Transit Way                             Box 120
Box 905                                      Bergenfield, NJ 07621-0120
Brockport, NY  14420-0905                    tel: 1-800-526-0275 orders
tel: 800-437-8438 catalog                         staffed 9-4 M-F EST
     800-272-0234 service                         1-800-331-4624 cust. service
     staffed: M-F 8-7:30, 9-1 Sat EST             staffed 9-4:30 M-F EST
general dog and cat supplies;                fax: 1-800-227-9604
pet-related gift items                            201-385-6521
a front for RC Steele, not                   telex: 13-5329
subject to the $50 minimum order             pet books
(more expensive)

Personalized Canine Checks (8/96)            Pet Ability  (6/94)
Kansas Bank Note Co.                         PO Box 23366
Fifth & Jefferson                            Milwaukee, WI 53223
PO Box 360                                   tel: 800-554-9902
Fredonia, KS 66736                           pet supplies, no catalogue
free brochure; 140+ breeds

The Pet Book Shop                            Pet Ramp, Inc.  (3/94)
PO Box 507                                   4727 Lawrenceville Hwy
Oyster Bay, NY 11771                         Tucker, GA 30084
tel: 516-922-1169                            tel: 404-934-1053
                                             carpeted, portable ramps for small
                                             heavy, aged, injured, etc., pets

Pet Doors USA  (1/93)                        Pet Warehouse  (3/94)
4523 30th St. W.                             PO Box 310
Bradenton, FL 34207                          Xenia, OH 4542
tel: 1-800-749-9609                          tel: 800-443-1160
free catalogue                               free catalog, pet supplies

Posh  Pups of Venice Beach  (7/94)           Premier Pet Products
313 Ocean Front Walk                         2406 Krossridge Road
Venice, CA 90291                             Richmond, VA 23236
tel: 800-347-0567                            tel: 800-933-5595
distinctive dog hats, clothing and           wholesale only
accessories.  send SASE for brochure.

Pro Kennel Supply  (1/93)                    ProRein & Lead Inc.
P.O. Box 25226                               P.O. Box 2568
Little Rock, AR  72221                       Melbourne, FL 32903 USA
tel: 1-800-762-7049                          tel: 407-984-1330
     staffed M-Sa 7-9, central time          fax: 407-723-8639
for the hunting kennel                       email:
                                             Handcrafted canine leads and
                                             handling equipment

Ray Allen Mfg Co. Inc.                     Remembrance Memorials
PO Box 9281                                James Cuddeback
Colorado Springs, CO 80932-0281            1379 Burcham
tel: 800-444-0404 orders                   East Lansing, Michigan 48823
     719-633-0404 cust. service            E-Mail
working dog supplies (schutzhund,          Handcrafted earth urns (for remains)
obed.ring, etc.)                           tiles of remembrance
                                           Inquire for more information.

Rae's Harness Shop                           RC Steele  (1/93)
1524 E. Dowling Rd.                          1989 Transit Way
Anchorage, Alaska  99507                     Box 910
tel: 1-800-594-2262                          Brockport, NY  14420-0910
Sled dog supplies                            tel: 1-800-872-3773 to order,
                                                  1-800-424-2205 in canada,
Solo Pet Door  (3/94)                             1-716-637-1408 local
970 W. 25th Street                                staffed M-F 8-7:30,
Upland, CA  91784                                         Sat 9-1, EST
tel: 909-989-9999                            fax: 1-716-637-8244
electronic pet doors                         wide array of pet supplies,
for both dogs and cats any size
                                             good prices, $50 minimum order

Sandstone Rescue Products                    Scott's Dog Supply
tel: 407-628-2583                            9252 Crawfordsville Road
Canine SAR products, no catalog,             Indianapolis, IN 46234
but a price list is avail.                   tel: 800-966-3647 (orders)
                                                  317-293-9850 (info)
                                             Line of products for the owners
                                             and trainers of sporting dogs.

Sheltie Specialties, etc.                   Springer  (3/94)
6711 Shamrock Glen                          Allenfarm
Middleton, WI  53562                        1627 Union Street
(608) 836-5033                              Bangor, ME 04401
Catalog full of sheltie items.              tel: 800-BIKE-K9s
                                            bike attachment for safely
                                            exercising dog, $49.95
Rover Vinyl-Tech Industries  (3/94)          Sound Dog Productions
20 Kiji Dava                                 PO Box 27488
Sundog Industrial Park                       Seattle, WA 98125-2488
Prescott, AZ 86301                           tel: 1-206-547-7877
tel: 800-658-5925
fax: 602-776-7001
safe barrier gates to block
doorways, etc, plus dog beds
free brochure

Tails X-press  (7/93)                        T.F.H. Publications, Inc.  (1/93)
974 Terminal Way                             P.O. Box 27
San Carlos, CA  94070                        Neptune, NJ  07753
tel: 1-415-347-0144 (service)                tel: 201-988-8400
wide variety of dog stuff, not               books
discounted, some unusual things

Tun-Dra Outfitters                           UPCO  (3/94)
16438-96th Ave.                              PO Box 969
Nunica, Michigan  49448                      St. Joseph, MO 64502
tel: 616-837-9726                            tel: 800-444-8651
     staffed: M-Sa 9-7, Su 1-5               fax: 816-233-9696?
sledding and etc. supplies                   free catalogue, pet care items

Valley Vet Supply  (11/97)
PO Box 504
Marysville, KS 66508
tel: 800-531-2390 catalog
     800-360-4838 orders
free catalog and variety of supplies

Wholesale Pet USA    (11/97)                Wooly Woofers  (5/94)
975 Ford Street                             53 Oakland St.
Colorado Springs, CO  80915-3760            Fall River, MA 02720
tel: 1-800-444-0404 orders,                 tel:
     staffed M-F 8-5 Sa 8-noon              notecards, prints, transfers
fax: 1-719-380-9730                         send SASE & breed for sample
general dog supplies; some cat
and small animal products
same as Ray Allen

A somewhat scholarly multidisciplinary
journal that focuses on the role of pet
animals in our lives and in our world.

AKC Hunting Test Herald  (8/92)              The Canine Chronicle  (9/92)
Robin Rolt, Editor                           Court Square Tower
372 Wildwood Ave.                            605 Second Avenue N. Suite 203
Worcester, MA 01603                          Columbus, MS 39701
508-798-2386                                 601-327-1124
A new magazine, free sample                  601-327-9750 fax
available on request. For retrievers,        $55 6 months, $80 1y, $135 2y
pointers and spaniels.                       monthly

Dog Fancy  (3/94)                            Dogsports  (3/94)
Subscription Department                      tel: 307-358-1000
PO Box 53264                                 opinionated editorials, otherwise
Boulder, Colorado  80323-3264                good articles on Schutzhund, ring
tel: 303-786-7306                            sport, police work, SAR, etc
general dog magazine.
$23 for 12 issues a year

Dog World                                    DSM PUBLISHING, INC.
PO Box 6500                                  (Dog Sports Magazine,
Chicago, IL 60680                            K-9 Product News,
tel: 1-800-247-8080                          Sea Meadow Products Co.)
dog magazine; overseas orders acceptable     940 Tyler Street, Studio 17
                                             Benicia, CA 94510-2916 / USA
                                             tel: 1-707-745-6897
                                             fax: 1-707-745-4581

Front and Finish  (3/94)                     Good Dog!    (1/96)
P.O. Box 333                                 PO Box 10069
Galesburg, IL  61402-0333                    Austin, TX 78766
tel: 309-344-1333                            tel: 1-800-968-1738
Obedience (all kinds) related info           fax: 512-454-3420
AKC-Obedience related information  
newspaper format                             $17.95/6 issues/year
                                             product reviews and topical
                                             columns.  free samples available
Gun Dog
PO Box 343
Mt. Morris, IL 61054-0343
tel: 1-800-435-0715

Mushing                                      Northeast Canine Companion
P.O. Box 149                                 P.O. Box 357
Ester, AK  99725-0149                        Sudbury,MA 01776
This is an all season international          canine club and magazine for
magazine for dog driving sports.             folks in the NE US area

The Pointing Dog Journal                     Purebred Dogs/American
PO Box 936                                   Kennel Gazette  (1/93)
Manitowoc, WI 54221-0936                     5580 Centerview Dr., Suite 200
tel: 1-800-333-POINT                         Raleigh NC 27606-0643
overseas subscriptions accepted              tel: 1-919-233-9780
all pointing breeds                          official AKC publication, lists
                                             all AKC-approved shows & contains
                                             variety of articles
the Shepherd's Dogge
Quarterly Journal of the Border Collie
Box 843
Ithaca, NY 14851-0843
tel 607-659-5868
$15/year, 4 issues
sheepdog culture & lore,
historic & contemporary

The Ranch Dog Trainer  (7/93)                TNT  (1/93)
P.O. Box 599                                 D-McG Publications
Ellendale, TN 38029                          8848 Beverly Hills
(901) 383-7371                               Lakeland, FL 33809
herding issues, etc                          tel: 813-858-3839
                                             magazine devoted to dogs in the
                                             Toy Group

SHEEP! Magazine                              Today's Breeder
Rt. 1                                        PO Box 3427
Helenville WI 53137                          Cincinatti, OH 45201
sheep herding

The Working Border Collie, Inc.
14933 Kirkwood Road
Sidney, Ohio 45365
tel: 513-492-2215
bimonthly on herding issues

American Boarding Kennel Association         American Dog Owners Association
4575 Galley Rd., Suite 400A                  1654 Columbia Turnpike
Colorado Springs, CO 80915                   Castleton, New York 12033
tel: 719-591-1113                            bimonthly newsletter; works to
                                             promote responsible dog-ownership
                                             and fights anti-dog legislation

American Humane Association                  American Kennel Association
5351 S. Roslyn Street                        American Kennel Towers
Englewood, Colorado 80111.                   PO Box 992
tel: 303-779-1400                            Wilmington, DE 19889
                                             an all breed canine registry

Americans for Medical Progress               American Mixed Breed
421 King Street,  Suite 401                    Obedience Registry
Alexandria, VA 22314-3121                    205 1st Street, S.W.
join the resistance against animal rights    New Prague, MN 56071
extremism -- lots of information             parent breed club for mixed breeds
email:                   in the United Kennel club

American Rare Breed Association              Canine Defense Fund
PO Box 76426                                 contributions used strictly to
Washington, DC 20013                         fund legal battles against anti
202-722-1232                                 dog legislation

Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)    Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America
South Campus Courts C                        c/o Chris Dane
Purdue University                            100 Acacia Ave.
West Lafayette, IN  47906                    San Bruno, CA 94066
United States                                offers obedience titles of their
                                             own (registered dogs must be
                                             neutered), plus
                                             conformation and agility.

National Association of Dog                  National Association of
Obedience Instructors (NADOI, Inc.)          Pet Sitters
Peggy Prudden, Sec'y                         632 Holly Ave.
PO Box 432                                   Winston Salem, NC 27101
Landing, NJ 07850                            tel: 919-723-PETS

National Dog Registry (NDR)                  New England Obedience News
PO Box 116                                   70 Medford Street
Woodstock NY 12498                           Chicopee, MA 01020
tel: 1-800-NDR-DOGS                          offers All American Obedience
                                             titles; similar to AKC rules;
                                             open to mixed breeds

Tattoo-A-Pet (TAP)                           The Wolf Society of Great Britain
1625 Emmons Ave.                             Prospect House
Brooklyn, NY 11235                           Charlton
tel: 1-800-TATTOOS                           Kilmersdon. Bath. BA3 5TN
    Resources FAQ
    Cindy Tittle Moore,
                                 Hosted by
                                  K9 WEB 

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