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M*A*S*H FAQ: Character List

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Archive-name: tv/mash/characters
Last-modified: 1996/03/04
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M*A*S*H FAQ:  Character List
This is a list of major (and some minor) characters from "M*A*S*H"
and the actors who portrayed them.  In general I only want to add
characters that have appeared more than once.

Actor                   Character
-----                   ---------
Adiarte, Patrick        Ho-Jon
Alda, Alan              Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce ("Hawkeye")
Arbus, Allan            Major Sidney Theodore? Freedman [also called Milton]
Bailey, G.W.            Sergeant Luther Rizzo
Brown, Timothy          Captain Oliver (Wendell|Harmon) Jones ("Spearchucker")
Brownell, Barbara       Nurse (Lt.) Jones
Bryant, Josh            Private <-> Sergeant Jack Scully
Burghoff, Gary          Corporal Walter Eugene O'Reilly ("Radar")
Carroll, Beeson         Colonel Donald Penobscot 1
Catlett, Mary Jo        Nurse Mary Jo Walsh
Chao, Rosalind          Soon Lee Hahn
Christopher, William    1st Lt./Captain Father John Francis Patrick Mulcahy
Cleveland, Odessa       Nurse (Lt.) Ginger Bayliss
Farr, Jamie             Corporal/Sergeant Maxwell Q. Klinger
Farrell, Judy           Nurse Abel
Farrell, Gwen           Nurse Butler
Farrell, Gwen           Nurse Wilson
Farrell, Mike           Captain B.J. Hunnicut
Harmon, Deborah         Various Nurses
Haymer, Johnny          Sergeant Zelmo Zale
Henry, Mike             Colonel Donald Penobscot 2
Himself                 Captain Jonathan S. Tuttle
Kusatsu, Clyde          Kwang Duk
Kelsey, Linda           Nurse Baker
Kent, Enid              Nurse Bigelow
Linville, Larry         Major Franklin D./Marion Burns ("Ferret Face")
Locatell, Carol         Nurse Gaynor
Long, Shelly            Nurse Mendenhal
Masur, Richard          Lt. "Digger" Detmuller
Maxwell, Jeff           Igor Straminsky
Meiklejohn, Linda       Nurse (Lt.) Leslie Scorch
Mettey, Lynnette        Lt. Nancy Griffin
Mettey, Lynnette        Lt. Sheila Anderson
Mettey, Lynnette        Nurse Baker
Morgan, George          Father Mulcahy ("Dago Red")  [first episode]
Morgan, Harry           Colonel Sherman T. Potter
Morgan, Harry           General Bartford Hamilton Steele
Morita, Pat             Captain Sam Pak
Nakahara, Kellye        Nurse Kellye
Nakahara, Kellye        Nurse Able  [in "A Full Rich Day"]
Orchard, John           M.P. Muldoon
Orchard, John           Ugly John
Peters, Kelly Jean      Nurse Louise Anderson
Philipp, Karen          Nurse Dish
Powell, Jean            Nurse Baker
Quick, Eldon            Captain Pratt
Rogers, Wayne           Captain John Francis Xavier McIntyre ("Trapper")
Saki, Eileen            Rosie
Simon, Robert F.        General Mitchell
Steffens, Sherry        Nurse Able  [in "The Late Captain Pierce"]
Stevenson, McLean       Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake
Stewart, Lynne Marie    Nurse Baker
Stiers, David Ogden     Major Charles Emerson Winchester III
Strassman, Marcia       Nurse Margie Cutler
Sturges, Patricia       Nurse Preston
Sun, Leland             Mr. Kwang (officers club bartender)
Susman, Todd            Voice of the P.A. system
Swit, Loretta           Major Margaret Houlihan ("Hot Lips")
Viscuso, Sal            Voice of the P.A. system
Voland, Herb            General Crandell Clayton
Wainwright III, Loudon  Captain Calvin Spalding
Winter, Edward          Colonel Sam Flagg
Winter, Edward          Captain Halloran  [in "Deal Me Out"]
Wood, Gene              General Hamilton Hammond

Thanks to:
  The cast and crew of "M*A*S*H"
  Robert E George <>
  Mark Rosteck <>
  Dean A. Dunn <>
  Chris <>
  Thomas R. Kettler <KETTLER@IRENE.MIT.EDU>
  Dale W. King <>
  Scott Mermelstein <>
  Thomas Kettenring <>
  Scott Barvian <>
  Brian Spollen <>
  Jonathan Sadow <JSadow@UH.EDU>
  Robert Nelson <>
  Eric Zomer <>
  Eugene N. Miya <>
  Michael Donnelly <>
  Scott Bilder <>
  Vic Kamhi <>
  Christopher Taloff <>
  Robert Gross <>
  Eric L Miller <>
  Mark Coen <>
  Patrick Bahns <>

Special big thanks to:
  The Internet Movie Database:

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       Doug Krause
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