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comp.lang.pascal.borland Mini-FAQ

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Archive-name: pascal/borland-minifaq
Posting-Frequency: Every Week
Last-modified: 1996/05/27
Version: 1.0

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*                   =======  WELCOME ALL USERS =======                   *
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*                      TO comp.lang.pascal.borland!                      *
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  This is the comp.lang.pascal.borland Mini-FAQ, maintained by Tom Wheeley

  What's New?  (New bits are marked with a '|' at the line beginning)

     + New version of interrupt list
     + Uploading TPUs to Garbo
     + Updated Simtel.Net mirrors / site / upload info

  FAQ of the moment [tm]

    The main site for Simtel is now:

    The old Coast to Coast Communications site is now becoming obsolete.

          1  What is comp.lang.pascal.borland?
            1.1  History of the Group
            1.2  Posting Guidelines
          2  Where can I find {more?} Information?
            2.1  FAQs (about pascal)
            2.2  FTP sites
            2.3  WWW sites
            2.4  Notable sources of information
            2.5  Uploading your masterpieces to an FTP site or SWAG
          3  Frequently Asked Questions (Not for the pascal language). 
             . How do I make EXE files with Turbo Pascal?
             . What is the difference between BP, TP and TP for Windows?
             . Are there any freeware Pascal compilers? 

          APPENDIX A - FTP site mirrors
          APPENDIX B - Credits
   1.  What is comp.lang.pascal.borland?

  This is the group for discussion on Borland Pascal, Turbo Pascal and
  Pascal for windows systems.  All users are welcome, and this group is
  not moderated.  In order to keep usenet confusion down, we request that
  you post only questions or discussions concerning pascal on the Borland
  Pascal compilers. Please note that the Delphi does not really belong in
  this group, seeing as there are many other groups for Delphi discussion:
  (Here is just a selection)
  There are also the following pascal groups:
  And the Turbovision group described as "Borland's text application
  libraries."  It is C-biased, but Pascal does get a look-in:
  Prof. Timo Salmi posts a FAQ regarding the newsgroup reorganization
  weekly.  It is also available from garbo (see 'FTP sites')
  Please do not post to the obsolete groups:
  * History of the Group
  This group was created by popular vote on June 12, 1995. 
  Information on the group is available from:
  * Posting Guidelines
    * "A problem well stated is a problem half solved"  Charles F. Kettering

    *  Put as much information as you can early in the subject line.
       Subjects like "help me" or "question about Pascal" are silly.  Please
       also note that some newsreaders truncate the subject line early.

    *  Usually, it will be sufficient to post to a single one of the Pascal
       groups.  But if you ever need to post to more than one group, be sure
       to use a single cross-posted article rather than multiple postings;
       the Newsgroups entry lists the groups, separated by commas.

    *  Please do not request the answer to your question solely via e-mail!
       Someone else will be interested, and it is only polite to the readers
    *  We will not do your homework for you!
       We will, however, give advice on specific topics.

    *  Be aware of limits. Many newsreaders have difficulty with subject
       lines over 40 characters (which get chopped up). Try to keep
       your posting text lines to 70 characters or LESS. If you use more,
       your posts will look messy when quoted.  My excuse is I use Dos Edit.
    *  Binaries should NOT be posted to this group.  Nor MIME Attachments.
       (Especially nasty are those mailers which convert '=' to '=3D', a very
       bad thing to do to some Pascal source code...)
       If you want to distribute binaries or large source files then you could
       upload it to one of the FTP sites. See the section 'Uploading your
       masterpieces to an FTP site'
       If you are wondering *why* binaries are banned, read this: 
        13. *****
         Q: May I just go ahead and post binaries to discussion newsgroups?

       Expressly forbidden is posting of any commercial material, for
       example Turbo Pascal 7, or even just GRAPH.TPU.  *This is illegal*
       Do not even ask for these.  Contact Borland if you have a problem.
   2.  Where can I find more information?
  * Pascal FAQs:
     - The infamous, ubiquitous, mandatory and downright useful
       Timo Salmi's 'Common Turbo Pascal Questions and Timo's answers'
       is available at

     - Jon Shemitz' comp.lang.pascal FAQ

     - Pascal Turbo Vision FAQ (see WWW section)

  * Learning Pascal

     - If you are beginning Pascal, or want to learn some new techniques,
       you could do far worse than take a look at Glenn Grotzinger's TP
       Tutorial, in section 2.4

   2.2   FTP sites: See Appendix A for mirrors
  'Garbo'   The primary Turbo Pascal source/unit site.
     {turbopa* directories}

  'Oulu'    Lots of files related to game (and demo?) programming.

  'Simtel'  Enormous MS-DOS archive
  'Borland' Borland's Web site

  TV site   Turbovision source/applications ?
  These may be referred to by the name in the left hand column, both in
  this FAQ, and on the newsgroup.  For Simtel and Garbo at least, please
  try to use a closer, faster, mirror site. (In Appendix A)
   2.3   WWW sites

  If you have a Web site concentrating on Pascal (esp. Borland), then why
  not get it added to the list in the FAQ.  Just send the URL and a short
  description to me, <>.
  * Turbo Pascal Programmers Page
  This page is supposed to give a quick overview of what is available
  on the net for programmers in Turbo/Borland Pascal.
  The page covers:
     BGI drivers, Book descriptions, Compilers, Delphi, FAQ's,
     FTP sites, Game programming, Genetic programming, Graphics programming,
     Information, Manuals, Newsgroups, Numeric programming, Sources,
     Sound programming, Turbo Vision, Websearching, Windows programming,
     Winsock programming, WWW sites, ZZZ attic
  {Jeroen Prins}
  * Scott's Cool Programming Page
  This page is mainly devoted to the cooler aspects of programming
  including sound blaster, cd-rom and graphics. I have articles which are
  articles I've either found or written on certain topics and I have a file
  formats section and a newgroups section (only has one newgroup in it
  right now). Its not entirely pascal, there is some C code in one or two
  of the articles but I program in pascal and my articles all have pascal
  code in it.
  {Scott Serven}
  * TVPlus: Home Page

  This is mainly C-biased, but the Pascal section is accessible from
  This page contains frequently (and not so frequently) asked Pascal
  TurboVision questions with Berend's and other users's answers. Comments,
  corrections, and additions are solicited.

  * Rex K. Perkins Pascal Page

  This page provides current information on BugSlay, The Pascal Postmortem
  Debugger, as well as links to other Pascal related information. 
  Initially I am focusing on the Borland compilers. If sufficient interest
  is shown, along with information on WWW/ftp sites, I will expand this
  page to cover other flavors of Pascal.
  If your favorite online source of Pascal information/code is not listed
  here, email me, Rex Perkins.  Many thanks to those who have already done
  {Rex K. Perkins}
  * Tims Pascal FAQ
  Tims Pascal FAQ
  Note: This is primarily oriented toward Borland's dialects of Pascal
  since the original Pascal was an intentionally crippled programming
  language. Borland and many other software companies brought Pascal into
  the world of productive languages.
  With the recent introduction of Delphi, Pascal has gained a strong foot-
  hold in the business field again.
  This is a work in progress; albeit, said progress has slowed to a
  veritable sub-crawl phase, as lately I have been swamped with work.
  However this page is continually being modified and added to.
  {Tim Little}
  * Pascal Central
  Pascal Central is a collection of Pascal-related content all in one
  location to make it easier for the many Pascal developers out there to
  cope in a world crowded with C and C++. 
  If you have any pascal-related articles, documented source code or book
  reviews you think would be of benefit to the Pascal community, let me
  know.  I'm always looking to the Pascal community to help mature the
  contents of Pascal Central.
  {Bill Catambay}
  * Borland Pascal Petition
    Add your name to the petitions to try to persuade borland to create
    new versions of Turbo/Borland Pascal:
        Borland Pascal 8 (for Dos)
        Borland Pascal / Turbo Pascal for Linux
        Borland Pascal for other platforms
  * Turbo Pascal for Windows Page
  I finally collected together a few gripes, bugs, answers (to
  not-so-frequently asked questions) for TPW 1.5.  It could use some more
  work and links to other pages...but I'm busy enough as is.  ;)
  What I would like to see (and maybe work on with others) is a centralized
  index (as opposed to a repository) to the numerous TPW sources and packages
  available on different sites via http and/or ftp.  As it is, some packages
  are mirrored, some aren't, some are found on some sites and not others,
  {Anthon Pang}
   2.4   Notable sources of information
  * SWAG.
  . See
  . Available from Garbo and Simtel directory turbopas/
  . 1st time: get +
  . Updating: get the latest only.
    A free archive of Turbo Pascal code, updated quarterly, produced by
    the 'Source Ware Archival Group'. Note that the inital download is ~5Mb
    Many people would consider SWAG essential before posting here!
  * Ralf Brown's Interrupt List
  . Simtel in the msdos/info/
| . ->  (Remember, the number will increase)
| . contains a viewer
| . contains utils to convert to Windows Help files.
    A comprehensive list of all the interrupts, their functions and
    subfunctions.  You will need this if you want to do any serious asm
    programming.  This is also quite large to download...
  * The PCGPE 'PC Games Programmers Encyclopaedia'

    Version 1 contains lots of information on interfacing with games
    related hardware - Mouse, joystick, Sound Cards, VGA specs.
    Useful software techniques include BSP trees, 3d algorithms, a
    starfield sim and fire effects.  gfx file formats included too.
    Includes Assembly and VGA tutorials by Asphyxia and VLA.
    Thankfully, the author is a Pascal afficionado, and so most of the code
    is in Pascal or Pascal-style pseudocode.  It also focusses on
    techniques, rather than doling out code or units, aiding understanding.

  * Glenn Grotzinger's Turbo Pascal Tutor

    Now virtually complete, this tutor was recently written and posted to
    the comp.lang.pascal.borland newsgroup.  It contains tutorials,
    exercises and answers for all the major areas in Turbo Pascal, and most
    of the niches too.

  * Bug Lists
  Believe it or not, your favourite Borland products are not 100% perfect.
  + Borland Pascal 7 (also includes an old Turbovision bug-list)
  + Turbo Pascal 6
  + TurboVision (possibly newer versions of Brad Williams's TV bug list)

   2.5   Uploading your masterpieces to an FTP site
  If you upload your splendid TPU, program or source code, then it doesn't
  clutter up the newsgroup and will be publicly available for longer.
  * Garbo
    Make sure you get these files:   (Info on uploading)   (Questionnaire to fill in)
    And remember to send an e-mailed anouncement!

|   If you upload a unit, then you *must* also send a small demonstration
|   source program which uses your unit.  You do not have to send the
|   actual source to your unit if you do not wish to

  * Simtel
    Can authors of ShareWare, FreeWare and Public Domain programs upload
    their programs to Simtel?
    Yes. For details send e-mail to listserv@Simtel.Net with this
|   command in the body of the message: get

  * SWAG  (from Gayle Davis <>)

    Do you have neat, slick code that you have collected over the years
    that you would like to share with the PASCAL community?  Why not 
    contribute to SWAG !! We would love to have your contribution. We
    need material covering any interesting area of PASCAL programming.

    1. Send via e-mail to:

    If the material is very large, and in multiple pieces, please UUENCODE 
    the material, and leave a message describing it use and purpose.

    2. Post to any of the Pascal UseNet groups

    This method if fine for material of one or two messages. Place a note
    somewhere in the message that the material is for SWAG.  Not recommeded
    for large packets, as everyone in the group will receive it.

  More could well follow.  There are {nearly!} always helpful pointers at
  other ftp sites saying what you should do.  If in doubt, there may be a
  .message in an incoming directory, or you could politely mail the site.
  3) Frequently Asked Questions.
  * How do I make EXE files with Turbo Pascal?
  In Turbo Pascal, in the compile menu, select COMPILE TO MEMORY. Open the menu
  again, and it should say COMPILE TO DISK. Then select COMPILE, and it will 
  create the file XXX.EXE, where XXX is the name of your .PAS file.
  * Will Delphi32 do DOS programs as well as Windows?
    Delphi32 is for Windows 95 and Windows NT.  It is not a DOS product. It
    will create 32-bit console mode apps, but it will not create DOS apps.
         -Steve Teixeira  <>
  * Is there a Borland Pascal Mailing list?
    No, there is not.
  * Is it possible to 'decompile' pascal EXEs or TPUs?

    No.  Too much information is lost in the compiling process.  For a more
    detailed explanation see Prof. Timo Salmi's FAQ.
  * What are the Borland Pascal Products
    In essence, Borland Pascal is the 'professional' product, whilst the
    Turbo Pascals are 'hobbyist' products.

    Current Versions are (excluding fixes):
      Borland Pascal 7 (Dos/Win/Prot)
      Turbo Pascal 7 (Dos)
      Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5 (Win)
    There is an update to TP and BP to v7.01.  This can be obtained by
    contacting Borland.  These still have VER70 defined.
    Borland Pascal can do everything that both Turbo Pascals can do, plus:
|   .  Compile for 16 bit DOS Protected mode (less memory constraints)
    .  Full Run Time Library Source code
    .  Lots of assorted debugging and programming tools
  * Are there any freeware Pascal compilers? 
    Certainly.  One of the most recent and active is FPK Pascal, a 32 bit
  Turbo Pascal compatible compiler system for DOS and OS/2.  Comes with
  full Pascal source, and compiles itself.  The author intends to extend it
  to work under Linux too.  Note that currently the documentation is in
  German only, but there is a patch for English compiler messages.
  * How should I unsubscribe from the INFO-PASCAL mailing list?

  Send the message "unsubscribe INFO-PASCAL" to

  Please do not send such requests (or others) to

   Appendix A - Ftp Mirror sites (Choose the closest to you)

* Public, authorized Garbo mirror sites:

    Chemnitz, Germany:
    Erlangen, Germany:
      London, England:
          Pisa, Italy:
         Riga, Latvia:
   InfoMagic, AZ, USA:
Walnut Creek, CA, USA:
      Urbana, IL, USA:
   St. Louis, MO, USA:
   Austin, Texas, USA:
 Melbourne, Australia:
 Melbourne, Australia:
      Hong Kong, Asia:
         Taiwan, Asia:
   Seoul, Korea, Asia:
   Seoul, Korea, Asia:
  Natal, South Africa:

* Simtel.Net
  The following sites are authorized mirrors of Simtel.Net as of the time
  of this FAQ update.  Several new sites are added each day.
  For a more accurate list, send mail to listserv@Simtel.Net with body:


Country         Host                     Directory
---------       ----------------------   -------------------
Australia           /pub/simtelnet
Belgium           /pub/simtelnet
Brazil           /pub/simtelnet
Canada            /pub/simtelnet
Canada          /pub/simtelnet
Czech Republic               /pub/simtelnet
China            /pub/simtelnet
England       /pub/simtelnet
England          /pub/simtelnet
England     /packages/simtelnet
Finland             /mirrors/
France           /pub/simtelnet
France               /pub/simtelnet
Germany       /pub/simtelnet
Germany     /pub/simtelnet
Hong Kong           /pub/simtelnet
Hong Kong           /pub/simtelnet
Italy             /simtelnet
Italy              /pub/simtelnet
Japan             /pub/simtelnet
Japan           /pub/simtelnet
Japan       /pub/simtelnet
Mexico         /pub/simtelnet
Netherlands      /mirror-archive/software/simtelnet
New Zealand            /pub/simtelnet
Poland       /pub/simtelnet
Portugal                /pub/simtelnet
Portugal                /pub/simtelnet
Slovenia             /software/simtelnet
South Africa             /pub/simtelnet
South Africa            /pub/simtelnet
South Korea             /pub/simtelnet
South Korea         /pub/simtelnet
Sweden             /pub/simtelnet
Switzerland            /mirror/simtelnet
Taiwan           /Packages/simtelnet
Taiwan          /PC/simtelnet
Thailand         /pub/mirrors/simtelnet
US, California          /pub/micro/pc/simtelnet
US, Illinois   /pub/systems/pc/simtelnet
US, Mass.               /pub/mirrors/simtelnet
US, Michigan          /pub/simtelnet
US, Oklahoma           /pub/simtelnet
US, Oregon             /pub/simtelnet
US, Virginia          /pub/simtelnet

   Appendix B - Credits
  Scott A. Moore <>        - Original posting guidelines
  Dr John Stockton <> - WWW sites, many corrections/tips
  Prof. Timo Salmi <>        - Garbo mirrors, corrections
  Anthon Pang <>    - Beta testing WWW sites
  Keith Petersen <w8sdz@Simtel.Net>     - Simtel.Net information
  Thankyou for reading the c.l.p.borland mini-FAQ   <>

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