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[INFO] Anime/Manga Convention Guide

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Archive-name: anime/conventions

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 aspects of a con listed here, please set the followup appropriately.
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***Con Organizers: Please send me updates seperate from any other con
info submission to raai. Sending me the information in the same format
will greatly aid the editing process and get your info in the article

		     The Anime/Manga Convention Guide
			              Edited by
			             Steve Pearl
			             Sepptember, 1998

This FAQ, as well as the other anime/manga newsgroup FAQs and info
articles written by Steve Pearl, are always available from the Official
Anime/Manga FAQ page at
The FAQs on that page are always the most recent version (The monthly
posts are posted directly from that directory!)

This article is copyright (c) 1998 by Steve Pearl. This is a
monthly posting of upcoming Anime/Manga conventions &
conferences.  General SF/Comic Conventions with anime programming
will be listed if the space permits.  An edited version of this
list appears regularly in Animerica, Animeco & Protoculture
Addicts magazines and is available on the web at 

This article can be freely distributed for non-commercial use, as
long as all credits and notices remain intact. If this is used in
any non-commercial publication, including APAs & CD-Rom
Collections, a copy must be sent to:

Steve Pearl
PO Box 11044
New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1044

Please send all additions/corrections/comments to:

Steve Pearl
PO Box 11044
New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1044

For information on the various conventions as well as a forum to
discuss them, join the animecons mailing list at

Conventions listed:

Anime America
Anime Central
Anime Con
Anime East
Anime Expo
Anime Express
Anime Fest
Anime Iowa
Anime North
Anime USA
Anime Weekend Atlanta
Canadian National Anime Expo'98
ChibiCon Returns! (ICON)
ChibiCon Next
ComiCon International
Convention Anime
Generation Anime
Nan Desu Kon
Project A-kon
Project Z-Con
RoboCon 10


Animazement was held on March 20-22, 1998 at the Raleigh Hilton, Raleigh NC.
No information on next years convention is available.

Date: March 19 - 21, 1999 
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Last Year's Guests from Japan: Masakazu Katsura, Yasuhiro Imagawa, Toshihumi Inagawa, 
	Ms. Rurika Fuyuki, Ms. Yuu Kamijyou, Mr. Nov. Takahashi

Dealer's Room

Dealer tables:
1 for $TBA.
3 for $TBA.
(this included dealer memberships)

Room rates:

$TBA per night, 1-2 people
$TBA per night, 3-4 people

Reservations: TBA

Registration information:
$TBA until TBA
$TBA until TBA
TBA at the door.
$TBA one day (at the door only)

Make Checks payable to 
Animazement '99, 
P.O. Box 1383
Cary, NC 27512-1383

For information, send an SASE to the above address.

Anime America
Anime America is an annual full-featured Anime/Manga Convention held
near San Francisco, California during the summer months. 

Anime America 1997 has been cancelled.

For more information, please write:
Anime America
P.O. Box 360782
Milpitas, CA 95036


AnimeCon was the first International Anime Convention and was held at
the Red Lion Inn in San Jose CA on Labor Day weekend, 1991. The staff
of the original AnimeCon have since moved on to do other conventions.

Anime Central
Anime Central was held on March 20-22, 1998 at the Holiday Inn
O'Hare International, Rosemont, Illinois.  No information on next
years convention is available at this time.

Last Year's Guests from Japan: Kenichi Sonoda, Tsukasa Kotobuki, Fumio Iida 

                            Membership Fees

           until TBA               			        $TBA
           until TBA               			        $TBA
           at the door             			        $TBA
          Room Rates:
                          Per Room, Per Night
For more information, please write:
        Anime Central
        6829 N. Lincoln Ave., Suite 101
        Lincolnwood, Illinois 60646
or email:
or on the web:


Anime East
Anime East was an annual Anime/Manga Convention which had evolved
from the ChibiCon convention originally organized by the non-profit
organization, Atlantic Anime Alliance (AaA). Anime East was
managed by Radium Dynamix.

While the Atlantic Anime Alliance is not planning anymore Anime
East conventions, we are continuing to assist our SUNY at
Stoneybrook affiliate (Animated Perspectives) with the running of
future Anime Tracks at ICON.

	Anime East '95's Guests Of Honor were:
		Toshio Okada
		Hiroyuki Kitazume
For more information, please write:
 Anime East
 C/O Atlantic Anime Alliance
 PO Box 11044
 New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1044

Anime Expo
Anime Expo is an annual Anime/Manga Convention organized by the
non-profit organization, Society for the Promotion of Japanese
Animation (SPJA) and held in California during the Summer months.

The last AX was held in the Anaheim Hilton and Towers Hotel, July 3-5, 1998
No information on next years expo is available.
  Last Years Guests:
    Akira Kamiya
    Takahiro Yoshimatsu
    Yu Watase
    Junichi Hayama

  S.P.J.A Memberships
 (Includes a three-day pass to Anime Expo 99)
  Until June 1, 1999				$TBA
  At-the-door						$TBA
   Children ages 12 and under		$TBA
  * Assoc. Membership				$TBA
  * Assoc. Membership (Non U.S.)	$TBA

   Children ages 5 and under are admitted free, only if accompanied by an attending

  *Please note, purchasing an Associate Membership does not gain you entry into Anime Expo.
  Associate Members receive most S.P.J.A. (Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation)
  and Anime Expo publications and are allowed to enter a ballot into the S.P.J.A. Industry

  Exhibit Hall Booths

  (Now includes three memberships to Anime Expo 99)

  Until June 1, 1999	$TBA
   At-the-door			$TBA
Room Rates:
  Single	$TBA
  Double	$TBA
  Triple	$TBA
  Quad		$TBA

Hotel Information
To receive a copy of the most up-to-date information, mail to and one will be automatically emailed to you.

You can also call the Anime Expo Info line at (818) 441-3653
This line is for info purposes only, and you CANNOT leave messages.

For memberships and dealers' room orders please send your memberships to: 

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation
Anime Expo
530 Showers Dr, Suite 7-287
Mtn View, CA 94040

Please direct ALL other correspondence, inquiries, and information requests
concerning the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation and Anime
Expo to: 

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation
Anime Expo
7336 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 640
Hollywood, CA 90046

or check out their web page at: 

Unofficial Anime Expo mailing list: A Mailing List for people who have
questions or want to make arrangements before Anime Expo. While the list is
unofficial, there are people from SPJA (the people running the 'con) on the list
who are happy to answer questions. The list is very open to people who want to do
parties, share rooms, or make announcements.

To subscribe to the list, send email to with the words
"subscribe AX-L" as the first line of the post. The ML Web site is at:


Anime Express
Anime Express is an anime event held at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
University in Florida. The most recent convention was held March
27-29, 1998 at the Instructional Center, Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL. No information is
available for next year's convention.

Last Year's Guests: Steve Bennett, Scott Frazier


Three-day pass until TBA        		$TBA

Three-day pass at the door              $TBA

One-day pass                            $TBA

Children 6 & under                      Free!

Group Discount until March 20th         $TBA (three-day, 10 person min.)

Dealer Inqueries Invited

Hotel info:
There are plenty of hotels in the area, two nearby are the
Hampton Inn and Ramada Inn. Call 1-800-426-7866 (Hampton Inn), or
1-800-352-2722 (Ramada Inn) for reservations.

Pricing:        Ramada Inn $89 a night, two night minimum.

        Hampton Inn (closest to convention) $95 a night, three night minimum.

        Days Inn (approx. 1 mile from convention) $75 a night, no minimums.

For more information, please write:

Anything Goes Anime Club,  
Dept. of Student Activities, 
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 
600 S. Clyde Morris Blvd., 
Daytona Beach, FL  32114


AnimeFest is an anime festival held in the Dallas, TX area. They
skipped 1997 due to Worldcon conflicts but will be holding
their next con in 1998.

Date: Sept. 4-7, 1998
Location: Omni Dallas - Park West, Dallas TX

Membership Costs: $20 after January, 1 1998, $TBA (At the door)

Guests: TBA

For more information write AnimeFEST!
PO. Box 292094
Luisville, TX 75029-2094;
email address

You can join their email discussion list by sending an email to with the subject of "SUBSCRIBE"

Anime Iowa
Anime Iowa is an anime convention held in Iowa and is presented by SWAMP.

       Location:   Highlander Inn, Iowa City, Iowa
       Dates:      September 18-20, 1998

Announced Guests: Steve Bennett, Robert Dejesus, Kuni Kimura

Advance 3-day Memberships:
	$25 - Before July 31, $35 at the door
Room Rates $70 each night
For Hotel Reservation Information
	(319) 354-2000
	(800) 728-2000
For more information write to:
Anime IOWA
PO Box 5303
Coralville, IA 52241
email address:

Anime North
Anime North is a new annual anime convention held in Toronto,
Ontario, organized by several Ontario clubs. 
 Date: Aug. 22-23, 1998	
 Location: The Michener Institute - Toronto, Ontario

	Frederik L. Schodt, is one of the leading authorities on
		anime, manga and Japanese culture, will be coming to Anime
		North! Thanks to the Japan Foundation for arranging his appearance.
	Matthew K. Miller, acclaimed English voice actor known for his roles in
		TENCHI MUYO! and FINAL FANTASY OAVs will be participating at Anime North!
	Fred Perry - Manga Guest of Honor
        Fred Perry of Antarctic Comics is best known for the series 
        "Gold Digger", a sexy adventure comic about the adventure of
        Gina Diggers ( a female Indy Jones ) and her sidekick Cheeta,
        the half-cat jungle woman. He's also done artwork for "Ninja 
        High School"  and various "Robotech" books.

	 Mark C. MacKinnon - Gaming Guest of Honour
		President of Guardians Of Order, the adventure game publishing company
		from Guelph, Ontario. Author and designer of "Big Eyes, Small Mouth -- A
		Universal Japanese Anime Role-Playing Game". Mark will also be authoring
		the upcoming "Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book" to be
		published by Guardians Of Order in August 1998 and licensed by Kodansha
    Barb Scofield - Costuming Guest of Honor
        Barb Scofield is a costuming Master, and has been the Masquerade
        director at many conventions. She is also featured in the book
        "The Costume-Maker's Art".

     Christina Carr and Martin Hunger - Propmaking/Acting Guests of
     David Pulver - Gaming Guest
        Returning from last year is the author of "Bubblegum Crisis:
        Before and After". Since then he's also contributed to the
        Bubblegum Crisis RPG supplement Bubblegum EX.

 Weekend Membership Rates: 
       $25 after June 30 and at the door.

        One day memberships will be available at the door: $15 for
        Saturday and $10 for Sunday.

        Children under 13 may attend for half price and must be accompanied
        by an adult at all times.

 A limited number of rooms are available at the Michener Institute
 student residence. Rooms are $39.95 a night, and are first come first
 served. Please contact Velda McIntyre at (416) 596-3101 ext. 3141.

     Residence rooms are also available at nearby University of Toronto.
          New College: Contact (416) 978-2477 for reservations.

          Hart House: Contact (416) 978-7274 for reservations. 
          Accommodations include use of pool and gym.

 For more information write:
     Anime North 
     P..O. Box 24090
     Dufferin Mall Postal Outlet
     900 Dufferin St.
     Toronto, Ontario 
     M6H 4A0  

 We are on the web at 
 or via email: 
 And remember: Tonari no Toronto!

Anime USA

An anime convention planneed for either Spring '98 in VA or Fall '98 in NJ.

Date: TBA	

Location:  TBA

Guests: TBA

Weekend Membership Rates: 
For more information write 
Anime USA 
on the web at 
or via email:

Anime Weekend Atlanta
Anime Weekend Atlanta is an anime festival held in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

       Location:   Atlanta Marriott North Central in Atlanta, Georgia.
       Dates:      October 9-11 1998
       AWA will be holding future conventions in 
       1999 (Oct 8-10) and 2000 (Oct 6-8)

Japanese Guests: 
	Ippongi Bang -Singer and Manga Artist

	Hiroaki Yab -Magazine Writer and Composer

	Shinpei Itoh -Creator of Hyper Dolls

	Reijiro Kato -Manga Artist and Toy-Man

	Mio Odagi -Manga Artist

Confirmed American Guests:  Steve Bennett, Michael Brady, Juliet Cesario,
	Robby Dittmann, Tim Eldred, Robert W. Gibson, Ed Hill, Steve
	Harrison, Carl Gustav Horn, Scott Houle Amy Howard, Dan Kellaway,
	Kuni Kimura, Greg Lane. Bruce Lewis, Bill Mayo, Neil Nadelman,
	Rosarik Rikki Simons, Tavisha Wolfgarth Simons, Scott Simpson,
	Toren Smith, Jeff Tatarek, Robert  Woodhead, Don Yee

AWA 1998 Membership Rates
Advance Memberships
$25 until September 1, 1998
No Mail-in Advance Memberships will be accepted after September 1,1998.

At-Door Membership
$30 all three days
At-Door memberships can NOT be purchased by the mail!
Dealer's Tables
Room Rates $85/night up to 4 people
Hotel Reservation Information
	800-325-7224 or 404-325-0000 Be sure to mention AWA!
For more information write to:
Anime Weekend Atlanta
P.O. Box 13544
Atlanta, GA 30324-0544
email address:
Or call (404) 364-9773

AyaCon is an anime event held in 
Birmingham, England

Date: October 23-25, 1998

Location: Grand Hotel, Colmore Row, Central Birmingham, ENgland

Guests: Helen McCarthy - Editor of Manga Mania, Anime UK/FX and author. 
        Steve Kyte - Anime Artist 

       Booked Feb 98 to Jul 98 : 27 
       Booked Aug 98 to Oct 98 : 32 
       Booked on Friday 23rd Oct 98 : 37 
Hotel Information:
	Hotel room rates for the convention will be as follows:-
	Friday/Saturday nights:
		Single --- 40
		Double twin --- 36
	Sunday night:
		Any room --- 25

	To qualify for the special convention rates, rooms must be booked
	using booking cards provided to those who have registered.
	Contacting the hotel directly will not qualify for the above
Con Office Address:
AyaCon '98
Steve Lavelle
58 Silkmore Crescent
   General enquiries regarding the convention to:,
   Dealer enquiries only, please, to Duncan Law-Green:
BAKA!-Con is an anime event held in the 
Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area, Washington.

Date: April 25-27, 1999

Location: TBA

Guests: TBA

Last Years Industry Guests: Dr. Antonia Levi, Stuart Levy, Sam
Liebowietz, Neil Nadelman, Ron Scovill

$30 until TBA, $TBA at door

Dealer Info:
$TBA for an 8ft table
space for lots of dealers

Con Office Address:
	 BAKA!-Con '99
     P.O. Box 44976
     Tacoma, WA 98444
(206) 535-2395

Canadian National Anime Expo'98
This convention was held June 26-28 1998 at the  Metro Toronto
Convention Centre. No information on next yers event is

Date: TBA
Location: TBA

Japanese Guests: TBA

North American Guests: TBA

Membership Rates:$TBA;  
Hotel Prices: $TBA

For more information write  4 Varsity Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 4N4, CANADA
Phone: (416) 761-1760
Trade Show Coordinator, Hobby Star Marketing: Aman Gupta
Web Site:

C-Kon- "A Fashionable Anime Convention" is a regional anime con
held at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana

It has been postponed until 1999.

Date: TBA 
Location:  Muncie, Indiana, U.S.A. 

Confirmed Guests: 
  Steve Pearl

Contact Info:
Japanese Animation Society
Ball State University
SC Box #234
Muncie, IN 47306
(765) 285-8609 

The original ChibiCon was organized by the Atlantic Anime
Alliance and hosted by I-Con XII.  Although the Atlantic Anime
Alliance gave permission for ICON to hold another ChibiCon with
their staff in 1996, (See ChibiCon Returns and ICON), ICON has
since incorporated ChibiCon in their Anime Track and the ICON
Anime Track is no longer called ChibiCon. In the meantime, the
AaA helped staff Anime East in 1994 & 1995 (See Anime East) and
is planning on assisting our Stonybrook affiliate with future
Anime Tracks at ICON starting in 1999.

For more information please write to:
C/O Atlantic Anime Alliance
PO Box 11044
New Brunswick, NJ 08906-1044


ChibiCon Returns!
ChibiCon Returns was held at ICON 15 April 12-14,1996. 
Permission was granted to the Anime Track of I-Con to adopt the
ChibiCon name and perpetuate the legacy which the Atlantic Anime
Alliance started and which Anime East continued. The advantage of
going to ChibiCon Returns! is that you got to attend a great
multi-track convention not limited to just anime.  ICON has
ceased doing ChibiCon as a seperate event and has integrated
ChibiCon into its regular programming (Anime track) See the
section on I-Con later in this document.


Comic Market (also referred to as "Comiket") is first and
foremost a direct-sales market for self-produced books
(mainly manga). In recent times, the scope of the event has
expanded to encompass not only original works, but also such
things as parodies of manga and games, as well as costume play.
Some 22,000 dealers (called "circles") attend over a two-day
period. These are met by some 250,000 buyers. Very few of these
are from overseas.

Date: Aug. 15-17, 1997
Location: Tokyo International Center in Ariake(Tokyo International
Exhibition Center).

How do I apply to attend?

Contact the Hotel Urashima Tokyo, and tell them that you wish to
make reservations for Comic Market. The hotel will send the
information to the Comic Market Organizing Committee, saving you
the trouble of having to contact us yourself. Next, purchase a
round-trip airline ticket to Narita International Airport, and
come to Japan. From Narita, take the Japan Railways Narita
Express to Tokyo Station (approx. 3000yen) or the Airport
Limousine Bus to the Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT) in Hakozaki
(also approx. 3000yen). If you have made arrangements with the
hotel, then they will send a tram to pick you up at either
location. If you do not wish to use the hotel tram, then you may
take a taxi (approx. 2500yen). When you check in, purchase your
Comiket Catalog (in Japanese, approx.1500yen), your advance entry
tickets for circles (free), and a copy of the regulations (in
English). Hotel trams will ferry passengers to and from the event
hall (together with the staff). When you arrive at the hall, use
your advance entry tickets to get inside, and go to the foreign
attendees' support staff area, where there will be a meeting.

For reservations, contact the Hotel Urashima Tokyo at:
Phone: +81-3-3533-3111 (03-3533-3111 within Japan)
FAX:+81-3-3533-5336 (03-3533-5336 within Japan)

Web page:

ComiCon International

ComiCon International (formerly the San Diego Comic Con) is the
Comic Book industry's largest trade show with all of the
Anime/Manga importers attending. Although not an anome/manga
converntion per se. they have had some very big name guests
including Takahashi Rumiko and Takeuchi Naoko. Next year's info
has yet to be announced.

Date: TBA
Location: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California.

Japanese Guests: TBA

Membership Rates: TBA.

Hotel Prices: TBA

For more information write: Comic-Con International, 
	311 Fourth Avenue #512, 
	San Diego, California, 92101


Web Site:



Con-ichiwa is an annual mini-con held 6 months from A-Kon. The name was
changed from Project Z-Kon, which was its name the first year.


The last convention's guests included: Ben Dunn, Ted Nomura, Tim Eldred, Fred 
	Perry, Bruce Lewis, Joe Wight, Pat Duke, Al Zequeira

Convention Anime
Date: TBA
Location: TBA
Last year's Guests: Ken Lashley (X-men, Tiyu, and Dead Pool)
Membership Rates: $TBA
Hotel Prices:  $TBA

For more information write:
Convention Anime' 
c/o Cris Amiano 
Suite 350 
6-295 Queen St. E. 
Brampton, Ont. 
or email:
on the web at


Fanime Con
Fanime Con, The Anime Festival for the Fans.

Fanime Con is sponsored by the following local anime societies. Its 
purpose is to help people learn about and share their interest in Japanese

Associated Clubs: Bay Area Animation Society, Eastern Entertainment Association, 
	Foothill A.N.I.M.E and No-Name Anime. TK Anime, Cal Animage Gamma, 
	Cal Animage Alpha, CA West 

Sponsored by: Anime Resource Group, Inc, Foothill Japanese Cultural Association,
	KFJC (89.7fm), Foothill Public Access Television

	Location: Foothill College
	Date:     February 14-15,1998
	Guests:	  Steve Bennett, Allen Hastings, Carl Horn, Kuni Kimura, Scott McNeil, Fred Schodt
	Last Year's Guests Of Honor were:
		Hiroyuki Yamaga, director of Wings of Honneamise 

        Membership Rates (Adult/Student): 
		$20 for both days (until Oct 1st)
		$TBA per person ($15 for one day) at the door

We have a special arrangement with the Sheraton Four Points Hotel
to provide cheap lodging and late night activities. The special
con price is just $75 a night (1-4 people) tax included! This
rate applies for friday and saturday nights only. Normally these
rooms go for over $200 a night. To get this special rate, call
the Sheraton at 408-745-6000 or 800-836-8686 and tell them you
are with Fanime Con 98.

The hotel is located close by the convention and the San Jose
International Airport. A free shuttle service is available for
pickup and delivery to the airport (a modest wait (10-30mins) may
be necessary, so plan ahead). The shuttle may be called from the
airport from one of the special hotel phones available in both
bagge pickup areas (ask for directions if you don't see them).
          For more info write to:

 Fanime Con
 P.O. Box 8068, 
 San Jose, CA 95155-8068
 FAX: (408) 972-5654

Generation Anime

Generation Anime has been cancelled. Go to FanimeCon instead! ^_^

For more information please write to:
Generation Anime Convention
33048 Lake Michigan Street
Fremont, CA  94555


I-Con, one of the largest Science Fiction & Fantasy Media conventions
in the United States, has expanded their Anime related programming
tracks. The last I-Con was held April March 27-29, 1998 at the Stony Brook
campus of the State University of New York.  It is located about 1.5
hours away from New York City.

Why is I-CON listed in a Anime/Manga Convention list?  Because it is one
of the largest conventions on the East Coast, and the anime track of
I-CON draws a considerable amount of people.  Although it is primarily a
science fiction, fact and fantasy convention, expect plenty of guests
from anime fandom and the industry.

      * Location: SUNY at Stony Brook, NY
      * Dates:    TBA
Last Year's Anime Guests:
	Steve Pearl, Jeff Thompson, John Sirabella
	Toshifumi Yoshida, CB Cebulski, Matt Lunsford.

Membership prices: 

     3 day (Postmarked by: TBA)
     Child (6-12)-$TBA

     3 day at the Door (cash only)
     Child (6-12)-$TBA

     ONE DAY (Available at the door - cash only!)

	3 day group rate: (Groups of 10+ call for info...)

**NOTE: A xerox of a valid student ID must accompany each student
        membership ordered!

Address all correspondence to the I-Con PO Box:
	PO Box 550
	Stony Brook, NY 11790

		 email: icon@ic
	     Phone: (516) 632-6045
		 FAX:   (516) 632-6355

Questions about the Anime Track should be sent to:



Kame Hame Con

Kame Hame Con has been postponed until either Fall '97 or Spring '98 and will be
held in the Las Vegas area.

For more information please write to:
Kame Hame Con

KatsuCon is an annual Anime/Manga Convention held in the Virginia area and is
produced by the Katsu Inc. 

  Date: February 12-14, 1999
  Location: Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA
  Last Year's Guests Of Honor:
  			Haruka Takachiho, Ippongi Bang

  Guests of Honor (confirmed so far): TBA
  Other Announced Guests
  			Steve Pearl
  			Jeff Thompson
	$25 postmarked by August 28th, 1998, $30 postmarked by January
	15th, 1999, $40 thereafter and "at the door"

	Make checks and money orders payable to "Katsu, Inc."

	"Club rates" and sundries will be in the Net.Flyer.

  Hotel Room Rates:
	$92/night for up to four people a room.(1-703-418-1234) 
  Exhibitors Tables
	$TBA each, and each table includes two three-day memberships.
For more information please write:
	Katsucon (or Katsu, Inc.)
	P.O. Box 8151
	Reston, Virginia 20195-2051
Internet mailing list:
Web Page:

Nan Desu Kon II

The last Nan Desu Kon was held  July 17-19, 1998 at the Stapleton
Plaza Hotel and Fitness Center. No information on the next event
is available.

Date: TBA
Location: TBA

Guests: TBA


Tickets are TBA

Rooms are $TBA

Snail mail to the con goes to:  Dionne LeBeau, 772 Chambers Rd #J206,
Aurora, CO  80017
        Email goes to:
Neko-Con Ichi
Brought to you by the same crazy crew that spawned Katsucon, and
by popular demand anime con-going returns for yet another Bash at
the Beach! So come on down by the sea, and wave the end of the
summer blahs good-bye at the place where it all began. What kind
of con is Neko-con? It's a weekend of Fun, Thrills, Chills and an
assortment of the strangest things you will see, do and hear.
This is a party con folks, plain and simple

Dates: October 2-4, 1998
Location: Holiday Inn Executive Center, Virginia Beach, VA

  Japanese Guest Of Honor
	 Hiroyuki Kitazume - Reknown Character Designer and creator. (Moldiver, 
	 	Megazone 23 III, Armitage III, etc.
  Other Guests
	Steve Bennett
		* American Veteran of Japanese Anime Industry
		* Animator whose works include:
			Urusei Yatsura - Cat's Eye - Pro Wrestler Sanshiro
			U.Y. Movie "Only You" and Final Yamato
		* The Alimighty Sensei of Cel Painting!
	Jessica Calvello
		* Voice Actress, ADV Films
	Robert DeJesus
		* Fomerly of Antarctic Press as artist for, 
		  	Ninja High School, Ninja High School Year Book, Ninja High School
		  	Swim Suit Annual and Ninja High School Spotlight on Bob DeJesus. 
		* Inker for Adam Warren's Bubble Gum Crisis comic, published by Dark Horse
		  	Comics and Studio Proteus. 
		* Founder and Head of Studio Capsule 
	Colleen Doran
		* Founder of Aria Press 
		* Publisher of "A Distant Soil" 
		* Guest Artist for Robotech: Art 2, Xxxenophile comic series, and CCG. 
		* The hardest working woman in the American Comics Industry 
	Kuni Kimura
		* Executive Producer of IronKat Studios
		* Translator
		* Publisher
	Tristan MaCavery
		* Voice Actress, ADV Films
	Steve Pearl
		* Moderator and keeper of the online anime lists 
		* Oversee-er of the FAQ's 
	Fred Perry
	    * Creator, Writer, and Artist for Antarctic Press' Gold Digger comic series. 
  		* Frequent guest artist for Antarctic Press' Ninja High School series and crossover series. 
	Jeff Thompson
		* Right Stuf International
	Elin Winkler and Pat Duke
		* The Genius' behind Radio Comix
		* Publishers of, Genus, Furrlough and other fine Anthropomorphic titles. 
	Toshifumi Yoshida
		* Viz Communications
		$30 until September 14, 1998
		$35 at the door
		The One Day Rate has yet to be determined.

  Hotel Room Rates:
	$98/night for single, double, triple or quad per room per night.
	Please mention Katsucon when making reservations.
	Hotel guest parking is $4 a day flat fee, 
	others are $1.50 an hour to a $6 max.

  Exhibitors Tables
	$200 each, and each table includes two three-day memberships.

  Hotel Information
	Holiday Inn Executive Center
	5655 Greenwich Road
	Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
	(757) 499-4400

	$80 per room per night for Single to Quad Occupany
	Please mention Neko-Con when making reservations

Mail questions, comments or reg info to:
P.O.Box 11582
Blacksburg, Virginia 24062-1582

Make all cheques or money orders out to: Neko-Con

Internet mailing list: Send a email message to
	In the SUBJECT header of the message write, "subscribe"



OTAKON is the oldest and largest East Coast anime/manga convention, organized
by the non-profit organization OTAKORP.  Now in its fifth year, OTAKON is 
held annually in the North Eastern US.  OTAKON'95 won the Tezuka award for 
Best Fan Project!  This year's Otakon was held August 7-8-9, 1998 at the 
Hyatt Regency-Crystal City, Arlington, VA. No new info is available for next year's con.

Dates: TBA
Location: TBA

visit for the latest info

    STEVE PEARL - Veteran net.personality. 
       - Visit Steve's web page at
    JEFF THOMPSON (The Right Stuf International)
       - Former Editor of Animenominous, and all-around industry insider


 LAST YEAR'S GUESTS: Shoji Kawamori, Hiro, many others


    OTAKON 1998                          phone:  (814) 867-3478
    661A Waupelani Drive                 email:
    State College, PA  16801             www:

Project: A-Kon
Project A-Kon was the very first National Anime-Based convention, is an
annual event, and has been run for 8 continuous years!  Run
professionally, by fans who believe 'professional' doesn't have to mean
'unapproachable' or 'cold'. Gaining reputation as the best party con
around, A-Kon draws folks from other areas of fandom to make for a HUGE
3-day fannish party with lots to do and lots of people to meet!


Last year's GOH:  Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Scott Frazier, Bang Ippongi, Michi Yamato

Guests: Steve Bennett, Will Allison & David Hsieh, Pat Duke



For more information:
write:  Project: A-Kon 3352 Broadway Blvd., Suite 470, Garland, TX 75043
Phone: 214-278-6850,  Fax: 214-278-6935

Project Z-Kon

Project Z-Kon is an annual mini-con held 6 months from A-Kon. The name
has since changed to Con-ichiwa. (See Con-ichiwa)

RoboCon 10
On the Anniversary year of the SDF-1's landing, RoboCon 1999 is here!

Date: October 15-17 1999
Location: Doubletree Hotel Anaheim/Orange County, CA

American Guests: Richard Epcar, Alexandra Kenworthy, Carl Macek,
Arlon Ober, Tony Oliver, Greg Snegoff, Dan Woren

Membership Rates:  (3-Day) $30 Before January 1st, 1999, $35
Before June 1st, 1999, $40 Before October 1st, 1999

Hotel Prices: 95/night (714) 634-4500 

For more information write ROBOCON 1999, P.O. Box 53651, Irvine, CA 92619 


Web Site:

[Information for 1999 not yet available]

Shinnenkai, the European Anime Convention.  
DATE:    January 2-4, 1998
PLACE:   Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, England

Guests:  Chisa Yokoyama, the voice of Sasami in Tenchi Muyo! (and a pop singer in her own right)
		 Fred Perry (creator of GoldDigger)
		 Helen McCarthy, Editor of Anime FX, author of two authoritative books on anime.
		 Steve Kyte, Highly respected artist and designer of Anime FX

	The Price for the con is 35 for 3 days, or 15/day at the door

For more information, please write:
PO Box 3038
Wokingham, Berkshire,
RG40 3JT, England.

--------------------------------Cut Here--------------------------------------

The OEM of raai
Stephen Pearl (Starbuck)
"If we get the transient FAQs, then we'll feel the info-high" 
  -Sharon Apple, _Information High_

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