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I have another "PROBLEM" my 7 month old male chi has put 2...

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Question by Patti
Submitted on 11/6/2003
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I have another "PROBLEM" my 7 month old male chi has put 2 holes in my new carpet!!!
What can I do to stop him. He has lot's of TOYS! When he gets crazy he will tear up his stuffed animals! He is such a sweet dog loving playful active smart! And yes he likes POOH...I need eyes in the back of my head!!!

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 11/10/2003
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1) Make sure he isn't in a room with carpet.  Use a baby gate to keep him only where there is a hard surfaced floor, especially unless you are there and can keep an eye on him.  Sorry if that sounds glib, but if he can't get to the carpet, he can't chew it up.  

2) If you haven't gotten him neutered, please do so.  Maybe he's frustrated smelling female dogs and takes his frustration out on fuzzy things?

3) Please have him neutered anyway, it's kinder to him and will help keep marking behavior down.

4) Get him some hard rubber toys, a chewy rope, a tennis ball, etc.  Petco or Petsmart can help you find things he will like, even if you have to go to the cat toy aisle.

5) Keep those eyes open for poop, he will likely always eat it if he's been doing it for a while.  Sorry, that's a general dog thing, not just because he's a chihuahua.

I hope this gives you some help, chihuahuas can be such lovely dogs, but they have their challenges just like any other breed.


Answer by renee74
Submitted on 11/21/2003
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Becareful of the pooh eating dog. The Parvovirus is passed in the dogs stool. Make sure your dogs are current on those vaccinations. My Chi just got over the parvovirus even though she was current on her shots. My chi is so young the immunization didn't take because the mothers antibodies got in the way. We were lucky with her, but lost our big dog to the virus.


Answer by proud new owner
Submitted on 5/17/2004
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If your dog is eating poo, he must be de-wormed by your vet or he could get very ill!


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