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I have a spunky male Dachshund, he is now a year and a half...

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Question by annie
Submitted on 7/29/2003
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I have a  spunky male Dachshund, he is now a year and a half old. I was wondering should I have him fixed. So many people that I talk to say that it will be good for him health wise. But then others say that he will gain weight, and won't be himself afterward. I want to do what it is best and safe for him but I am so unsure. And how can I find a place that I can trust to perform the procedure. And one last Q: will this help him with leaving his mark all over the place? Thank you so much for taking the time and having such a great web site!

Answer by Lost Feather
Submitted on 9/10/2003
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Dachshund are such great little dogs! Do the little guy a favor, though, and do get him fixed. It won't change him. And since dachshunds usually live to eat, you're probably going to need monitor his waistline throughout his life anyway. I just heard about a new procedure for neutering that is accomplished with a direct injection to the...uhm, area in question. No surgery or clinic stay involved. And apparently the cost is the same. As far as finding a vet you like and trust... that's advisable at any rate. All I can suggest is ask people you know for recommendations, and then interview the vets until you find one you like. It's an important relationship that is worth taking the time for. As far as the little guy 'going' in the house... it's been my personal experience with dachshies that you never really do housebreak them. I've also known people who haven't had a problem with it. But if the habit is established by now I'm not so sure neutering would help in that department... but never say never! Good Luck,   Lost Feather


Answer by sara
Submitted on 10/9/2003
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Dear Annie:
I know exactly how you feel because I
also did not know what to do with my
older dog, Zeke, who is a Jack Russell.
When he was two, which was last
summer, my veterinarian encouraged me
to get him fixed. I didn't really want to
because I liked his temperament, he
wasn't marking territory, or any of the other reasons people always mention
when they are considering fixing their
The veterinarian convinced me on one
count alone and that was that neutering
the dog would prevent things like testicular cancer and the sort.  
Well, I had Zeke fixed and I don't think
that there is anything that I regret as much
as this and I'll tell you why.  First, I find
that the dog simply doesn't trust me any-
more since I left him there, at the vets.
Jack Russell's simply do not have any
sense of humour and they do hold
grudges.  He definitely knows that he's
missing those two testicles, and I was the culprit that was responsible.
Something probably worst that this is the
fact that every since his operation, Zeke
has taken on considerable weight and his appetite is ravenous.  This is a health
concern for sure and the vet never even
mentioned the posibility of weight gain.
If I had it to do aqain, I'd say no.  In fact,
we now have a miniature dachsel whose
the apple of our eyes, and I am not going
to get him fixed ever because for this dog
to gain weight after neutering would be
a disaster and our 'new' and wonderful
vet says that this is clearly a likelihood.
He's happy and healthy and is he lives a
few years less  because he's got his balls, well so be it.
The best thing you can do for any dog, no
matter the breed, is to give them good
nutrition, good healthcare, and lots of love.  We all have to go someday from this life. It's inevitable. The important point
is how we choose to live our lives in the
interim.  For me, dogs left in tact, are de-
finitely happier.
Good luck to you Annie. Sincerely yours,



Answer by grrrrr
Submitted on 12/12/2003
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Sarah, you have no idea what you are talking about.  The only way your dog would be holding a grudge is if you are continually throwing it against a wall.  The reason your dog is gaining weight is because you are feeding it too much.  Since he no longer has testosterone surging through his veins, he requires fewer calories to keep him going.  Yes, it is true that we all go eventually, but I bet your dog would rather die peacefully in his sleep then from a horribly painful disease that robs him from the ability to enjoy his life, causes incontinence, requires him to go to the vet even more often, makes him throw up all the time, have virtually no energy and be pumped full of chemotherapeutic drugs.  Also, you are probably now responsible for the euthanization of quite a few puppies that couldn't find homes just because you think your dog actually knows what his balls are.  


Answer by Connie
Submitted on 10/18/2004
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Sara, you are absolutely right about everything!  Our friend's Scottish terrier
was the happiest dog in the world and just
as cute as a bug.  He got deballed and turned
into a real b*astard that can't even stand to
be touched.

Grrr is a piece of work.  I wouldn't listen
to that kind of advice from anyone who
blanketed so much hostility in such a weird

So Grrr, are you a have or have not?
If you're a have, maybe you need the fix.
If you're a have not, it figures.


Answer by Ha Ha
Submitted on 11/14/2006
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That is so true grrrrr... but funny as heck! Annie, my dachie is also missing his mistle toes, but could really care less they are gone! As a matter of fact when I take him walking people compliment on how well groom and handsome he looks! A major plus is that I don't half to stop and wait for him to lick beneath himself because he starts to run they dangle all over the place. It most definatley does not take away from his puppy hood, because like any dachshund he still tries to pump whatever is near and available when the mood strikes him. I have two more male dachies and in a couple more months they will also be short their mistle toes. They all try to be top dog and be the last one to pee in any spot. Annie, best of luck in whatever you decide for your puppy, he luvs you now and trust me... whatever you decide to do, he will luv aftewards.


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