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why Australia became involved in the Vietnam conflict.

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Question by ravinesh
Submitted on 8/10/2003
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why Australia became involved in the Vietnam conflict.

Answer by Tas
Submitted on 8/21/2004
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Well, firstly the Menzies liberal government was very anti-communist in the 1950's and 1960's and used the line " Kick the communist can" to be re-elected in 1949 and that made Australia play an important role in the politics of the east Asian region.


Answer by Em
Submitted on 9/14/2004
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because our Prime Minister lied and we went for false reasons


Answer by MSC student
Submitted on 4/6/2005
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Well, from the political perspective,the menzies government believed that in order to keep the country free, they needed to prevent the spread of communism and to ensure freedom, they needed to make good strategic moves such as forward defence. They saw The Republic of Viet Nam as one of the many "precariously balanced dominoes subject to the expansion of Chinese communism". The fall of South Vietnam to communism could eventually result in all of Southeast Asia and Australia falling to communism.

Their decision to send out troops is not only based on their interest to protect Australia from the invasion of this communist threat, they were also interested in maintaining strong ties with countries such as the United States of America, because in the future, they believed that these ties would be of extreme benefit to Australia in both economic and political aspects. The commitment of troops to the Vietnam conflict was to ensure a continued American presence in an area vital to Australia’s security and by involving our forces, they believed that it would  ensure allied aid from the United States if Australia itself were to ever be attacked. Its said though, that another underlying reason Australia became involved was because there had always been a growing sense of tension about Asia taking over Australia- take the "white australia policy" and their beleifs at the time that the chinese would ruin their economy and everything.

Anyway, this is just what I've learned in my yr 12 History class concerning the vitenam "conflict", I'm not sure if it's very in depth but eh, yeah..


Answer by mick
Submitted on 8/28/2005
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The Australian government had many reasons to go to war, one of which was to show support for America. This is because, after World War II, Indonesia wanted to become independent and to get rid of Dutch influence in the nation. When Australia supported this push, Washington and London frowned upon this decision. They believed that the land above Australia should be kept in ‘friendly’, meaning allied hands.


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