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my dog has such bad allergies that she sneezes until her...

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Question by angela
Submitted on 8/16/2003
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my dog has such bad allergies that she sneezes until her nose bleeds.  i have taken her to the vet several times and he has given her steroid shots and steriod pills.  after several months of this process her breathing and sneezing became worse.  Does anyone have any ideas on what to do?  she weighs about 21 pounds and is a pound puppy so i don't know her exact breed...age approx. 9 years old.  thanks~puttputt's mommy

Answer by Diane
Submitted on 11/1/2003
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When your dog has her teeth cleaned, make sure that the vet checks for any spaces around the teeth. Sometimes something called an oral-nasal fistula can develop. This can lead to chronic sinus infections, and cause a bloody nose. Also, having the nasal passages checked for any growths, is a good idea. Unless you haven't told your vet that the dog isn't better, maybe it's time to change vets.


Answer by Carol
Submitted on 12/9/2003
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Look in your area for a dog dermatoligist.  I had ten vet vists, and over a thousand dollars in my dog before I was finally recomended to one.  In my case the steroids seem to help at first then he got much worse.  The dog dermitoligist told me the steroids were making him worse.  My dog didn't have a bleeding nose.  He was losing hair and scratching till he was bleeding.  Good luck.    


Answer by dulla
Submitted on 4/25/2005
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my dog too has allergies she has scrached herself to the point she has hardly any hair on her legs and her skin on her inner legs are black the vet. said it was from the allergies the vet. gave me some pills for her the only way i can get her to take them is to put it inside a small piece of cheese she has had them now for three days  and i don't see any difference yet i suppose it will take a week or so before i notice anything. she only weighs twevle pounds. she is a mix of terrier and chawowa (spelt wrong) and sixteen years old. can anyone tell me if their dog has any thing like it?


Answer by hoggerofthepattle
Submitted on 4/20/2006
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