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	  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list on Sri Lanka
                   Last update: November 16, 1995

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I would like to thank everyone who helped me in the compilation process.

Compilation (c) Copyright Prasad Dharmasena <>

	Administrative: <0 - 9>

	<0> What the heck is a FAQ?
	<1> How do I get the latest copy of this FAQ?
	<2> How do I make changes to the information in the FAQ?
	<3> Thank You!

	General Information on Sri Lanka: <10 - 19>

	<10> Where is Sri Lanka?  What are the general information?
	<11> How do I get tourist information on Sri Lanka?
	<12> So what's so great about Sri Lanka?
	<13> Tourist Hotel information?
	<14> What does Sri Lanka mean?
	<15> What is the Civil War in Sri Lanka?

	Passports/Visas/Immigration/etc: <20 - 29>

	<20> Where are the Embassies of Sri Lanka?
	<21> What/Where are the Embassies in Sri Lanka?
	<22> How do I get my Sri Lankan passport renewed?
	<23> What are the US Immigration announcement phone numbers?
	<24> Does Sri Lanka allow dual citizenship?

	Electronic/Computer/Network related: <30 - 39>

	<30> What are the electronic forums on Sri Lanka?
+	<31> Does Sri Lanka have e-mail?
+	<32> Are there Sri Lanka related FTP/Web/Gopher sites?
	<33> Are there any Sinhala fonts?
	<34> Are there any Tamil fonts?
	<35> Are there Sinhala/Tamil word/text processors?

	News: <40 - 49>

	<40> What are the Sri Lankan publications in my country?
+	<41> Can we get Sri Lankan newspapers outside of SL?
	<42> Are there any Sri Lankan radio programs outside of SL?
	<43> What are the SLBC shortwave frequencies?
+	<44> What are the BBC frequencies for North America?
	<45> What are the All India Radio frequencies?

	Services and general information <50 - 69>

	<50> Are there any Sri Lanka related organizations?
	<51> Who's the best airline ticket agent?
+	<52> From where do I get Sri Lankan Cookbooks and spices?
	<53> Are there any Sri Lankan restaurants outside of Sri Lanka?
	<54> How do I get my wedding tape converted from PAL to NTSC?
	<55> How do I send flowers to SL?
	<56> How do I send money to and from SL?
	<57> How do I send misc big items to and from SL?
	<58> What about parcels to SL?


	<70> Are there any quality books on Sri Lanka?
	<71> Where's the info about SL stock market?
	<72> Is there a "Study Abroad" program for Sri Lanka?


Subject: <0> What the heck is a FAQ?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.  This FAQ list tries to answer
some of the commonly questions about matters pertaining to Sri Lanka. 

You can find a multitude of FAQs on various subjects from the two
ftp and http sites listed in the answer to the next question.

Some newsreaders will allow you to go to the next subject with a ^G. 
Else, do a search on the string "<xy>" to go to the question numbered xy. 

Subject: <1> How do I get the latest copy of this FAQ?

I will try to post an updated copy of this on soc.culture.sri-lanka
newsgroup on or around every 13th of the month.

You may FTP a copy of this FAQ from the usual FAQ archive.

An up-to-date copy of this FAQ file can also be obtained by sending an 
e-mail to <> with the subject line containing the 
words "send sri-lanka-faq" (no quotes). (If you are in Thailand, you may
send the same e-mail request to <>) I will try
(try being the keyword here) to update the list once a month.  So, if 
your copy of the FAQ has a date which is within the last 30 days, 
chances are that you *are* reading the latest version.

This FAQ is also available on World Wide Web at the following URLs

This and other FAQs are also available on certain commercial CD-ROMs
that advertise as having the Internet FAQs. (ie: "Destination
Internet" [Phone: (800)835-5514] for the Mac)

Subject: <2> How do I make changes to the information in the FAQ?

If you find any errors, omissions, or otherwise incorrect information,
please point them out to me.  Your feedback is very important and will
be greatly appreciated.

Subject: <3> Thank You!

A lot of people have sent me information.  I tried to keep a note
on everyone who helped, but I may have forgotten some.  Please excuse
my aging mind.... "Dave, my mind is going.... I can feel it"

Here are the folks who have sent information for this FAQ.  My sincere
thanks to each and every one of you.  Without your help, this FAQ would
not have been possible.

Thushara Amaranayaka	<>
Cate Carroll            <>
Tom David		<>
Wijesuriya Dayawansa    <>
Ian "Jack" Dempsey      <>
Gamini Dharmasena       <>
Erik Futtrup            <>
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Kumudu Jayatilaka       <>
Klaus Kettner           <>
Tawnya Kumarakulasingam <>
Lal Kuruppu             <>
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Shahani Markus          <>
Sue Moro                <>
Mano Pallewatta         <>
Castus Peiris           <>
Vicumpriya Perara       <>
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Shantha Ranatunga       <>
Kavan Ratnatunga        <>
Harsha Ratnaweera	<>
L. Salgado              <>
Michael S. Samuel       <>
Rasika Suriyaarachchi   <>
Thiviyanathan Varatharasa <>
Wije Wathugala          <>
Lareef Zubair		<>


Subject: <10> Where is Sri Lanka?  What are the general information?

 More information can be found on CIA world fact book  (includes a map)

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean southeast of the Indian
sub-continent.  Sri Lanka belongs to the South Asia sub category.

  Location:  Latitude    5'55" -  9'51"
             Longitude  79'42" - 81'52"

             29 Km southeast of India

  Length:    432Km (270 miles)
  Width:     224Km (140 miles)
  Area:      65,610 Sq.Km. (25,332 sq.miles)
  Landarea:  65,610 Sq.Km.

  Full Name: Democratic Socialist Repubic of Sri Lanka.
  Short:     Sri Lanka
  Former:    Ceylon, Taprobane, Serendib (see below)
  Suggest:   Sri Lankan Union of Territories           :-)

  Capital:                Sri Jayawardenapura
  Commercial Center:      Colombo
  International Airport:  Colombo (Katunayake)
  Intl Seaport:           Colombo

  Literacy Rate:          87%+
  Total Population:       18 million
  Labor force:            6.6 million
  Population growth rate: 1.2%
  Life expectancy:        68 (male), 73 (Female)
  Infant Mortality:       22.8 deaths / 1000 live births

  Climate:                Tropical 
    Monsoon Seasons:      northeast monsoon (December to March)
                          southwest monsoon (June to October)

    Average temps   Max C(F)      Min C(F)       Elevation m(ft)
    Colombo         30.4(87.7)    24.0(75.2)     0(0)
    Kandy           28.7(83.7)    20.2(68.4)     305(1000)
    Nuwara Eliya    20.2(68.4)    11.4(52.5)     1890(6200)

  Languages:  Sinhala (74%),   Tamil (25%?), English (20%)
  Ethnic div: Sinhalese (74%), Tamil (18%),  Moor 7%,  Burgher, Malay, ...
  Religions:  Buddhists (69%), Hindu (15%),  Christian (8%), Muslim (8%)

  Currency :     Sri Lanakan Rupee (US$1 ~= Rs. 50), Rs.1 = 100 cents
    Banknotes:   2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 Rupees
    Coins    :   1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 Cents
                 1, 2, 5, 10 Rupees

    Executive:   Elected President (Mrs. Chandrika B. Kumaratunga) 
                 Prime Minister (Mrs. Sirima Bandaranayake, CBK's mother)
                 Cabinet - appointed by Prez from the Parliament
    Legislative: Elected Parliament
    Judicial:    Supreme Court

  GDP (1992):    $7.75 billion (est)
  per capita:    $440 (est)
  inflation:     10%
  unemployment:  15%

Telephone Country code for Sri Lanka: 94 (From US, Europe, Australia?)
Time Difference: GMT +0530 hrs

Subject: <11> How do I get tourist information on Sri Lanka?

Book: Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit, Sri Lanka
Language: English
5th Edition, 1993
ISBN: 0-86442-169-9

Book: Insight Guides - Sri Lanka
Language: English
APA Publications

Book: Sri Lanka Reise Know-How 
Language: German
Author: Rainer Krack
1st Edition, 11/93
ISBN: 3-89416-170-1

** Sri Lanka
Ceylon Tourist Board                     Travel Information Center
78 Steuart Place                         c/o Ceylon Tourist Board
Colombo 3                                72 Victoria Drive
Sri Lanka                                Kandy, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94(1)437059, 437060                Tel: +94(8)22661
           437952, 437954/5

Dept of Wildlife Conservation            Cultural Triangle Office
82 Rajamalwatte Road                     212/1 Bauddhaloka Mawatha
Battaramulla, Sri Lanka                  Colombo 7, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94(1)867086                        Tel: +94(1)587912, 500733

[Note: 94 is the country code for Sri Lanka]

** Australia                        
Ceylon Tourist Board W.Au office          F. P Leonard Advertising Pte Ltd.
439 Albany Highway                        241 Abercrombie Street
Victoria Park                             Chippendale
West Australia 6100                       NSW Australia 2008
Tel:(09)362-4579                          Tel: (02)698-5266

** Germany                                ** Denmark
Sri Lanka Tourist Board - Eu. Office      Ceylon Touristrad
Allerheiligentor 2-4                      Sollerodgardavej 38
60311 Frankfurt Main                      D K 2840 Holte
Kaiserstrasse 13                          
Tel: +49-69-287734, 288371

** Japan                                  ** Thailand
Tourist Board Representative              Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Tourist Board
AMO                                       1/18 Soi 10
2/1 Atago 1-chome                         Sukhumvit Road
Minato-ku, Tokyo                          Bangkok, Thailand
Tel:433-6377, 433-6378

** USA                                    ** UK
Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Tourist Board          Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Tourist Board
609 Fifth Avenue, Suite 308               52 High Holborn
New York, NY 10017, USA                   London WC1V 6RI
Tel:(212)935-0369                         Tel: 01-405-1194

Contact the nearest Sri Lankan embassy/high commission/consulate/
and/or Air Lanka office. (Addrs/phone are elsewhere in this FAQ)

Subject: <12> So what's so great about Sri Lanka?

Famous sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke, who resides in the island, once
wrote "It may well be that each of Sri Lanka's attractions is surpassed
somewhere on Earth; Cambodia may have more impressive ruins, Tahiti
lovelier beaches, Bali more beautiful landscapes (though I doubt it),
Thailand more charming people (ditto).  But I find it hard to believe
that there is any country which scores so highly in all departments -
which has so many advantages and so few disadvantages, especially for
the western visitor."

For a country of that size (about the size of West Virginia or
Ireland) things one can do are amazing: surfing, wind surfing, scuba 
diving, rock/mountain climbing, searching for ancient ruins, wildlife, 
corral reefs, gemstones, spices, rituals, ...

read: trip reports archived on

National Parks in Sri Lanka: 10 % of Sri Lanka's land is protected
as national parks. The most important parks are:

 * Bundala Bird Sanctuary (between Hambantota and Kataragama)
 * Gal Oya National Park (north of Yala)
 * Horton Plains Nature Reserve (in the southwestern mountains)
 * Lahugala National Park (west of Pottuvil)
 * Uda Walawe National Park (near Hambantota)
 * Udawattakele Wildlife Sanctuary (northeast of Kandy)
 * Peak Wilderness Man and Biosphere Reserve (at Adams Peak)
 * Singharaja Rain Forest Reserve (between Ratnapura and Matara)
 * Wilpattu National Park (northeast area of Sri Lanka)
 * Wirawila Bird Sanctuary (near Tissamaharama)
 * Yala National Park (near Tissamaharama)
 * Kumana Bird Sanctuary (part of Yala)

Colombo:  All the modern inconveniences such as fax machines, cellular
phones.  Arguably, the largest city in the country and home to the
richest and the poorest.  Most people speak a strange dialect of
English.  Not being from the area, my advise is this: "Leave
Immediately."  ;-) 

Kandy: Still has good spots.  But try and go see the country side.
Colombo-Kandy trip via the train is highly recommended. So is
Peradeniya Botanical gardens.  Peradeniya  campus, one of the best
looking campuses in the world, is nearby.  Try not to get ragged.  See

Kandy Parade: "Perahera" starts on Full Moon day of July and lasts for 11
days.  Elephants , traditonal dancers, drummers, "Gini Keli" (fireworks-
no, not the July 4th stuff), etc.

Mt. Piduruthalagala: Because it's there.  Highest mountain top. 8100+ft. 
May need hiking pass from Colombo Tourist Info.  (High Secutiry area
because radio/TV antennas at the top)

World's End: Near Horton Plains.  "Yo dude, sky diving off of this
cliff's gonna be super cool, man."  "A most excellent idea, dude."

Yala/Kumana: National Park/Bird Sanctuary.  Can stay overnight.  No Camping.
Guided tours on vehicles.  Chances of seeing wild elephants, leopards
are good.  (reservations: wildlife dept.)

Wilpatthu: Larger than Yala and has more leopards.  However, maybe a
security risk due to the fightings between LTTE and govt forces.

Katharagama: Religious place Buddhist/Hindu.  Crack a coconut on god's stone.
See fire walks, needles through the cheeks (face!).

Anuradhaputa, Polonnaruwa, etc: Religious/Cultural/Historical. See the ruins.
Excavate your own.  Ancient artwork in temples.  

Beaches: The beach is always less than 70 miles away.  No crowds, even on 
long weekends.  Plenty of free parking.

Adam's Peak: Religious/Adventurous.  Said to have a 6 feet long foot
print of Adam/Buddha/Allah/David Koresh.  At sun rise, you can see the
sun jumping up and down taking a bow or is it a bath?  Top is 7500+ feet. ??

Zoo: Dehiwala (suburb of Colombo) Zoo is one of the best in the world.

Pinnawala: Elephant orphanage.  How to catch a wild elephant in ....

Dambulla: `gala uding "coming water" thamba ha^liyata ta~ng ta~ng.'  
Ancient artwork on the walls of seven caves.  Buddhist temple.

Sigiriya: See the ancient erotica.  Gaffiti?  We invented it.
("King Kashyapa slept here"  "with ....?")

Subject: <13> Tourist Hotel information?

Here are some five star hotel addresses and phone numbers.  There are
many low cost accomodations available.  Please consult travel guides.

Colombo: (Telephone area code is 1 (01 if dialed within SL) 

Holiday Inn - 30 Sir Mohamed M. Marker Mawatha, Colombo 3
    Tel: 422001, Fax: 447977

Hotel Ceylon Intercontinental - 48 Janadhipathi mawatha, Colombo 1
    Tel: 421221, Fax: 447326

Oberoi- 77 Steuart place, Colomb 3

Ramada - 115 Sir Chitampalam Gardiner mawatha, Colombo 2

Taj Samudra - 25 Galle face Center Rd. Colombo 3
    Tel: 446622, Fax: 546348

Galle Face Hotel - 2 Kollupitiya Rd. Colomb 3

Taprobane - York st. Colombo 1

Colombo Marriott - 64 Echelon sq. Colombo 1

Colombo Renaissance  - 115 Sir Chittampalam A., Gardiner Mw. Col.2
    Tel. 544200, Fax. 449184

Hotel Galadari - 64 Lotus Road, Col.1
    Tel. 544544, Fax. 449875

Colombo Hilton       - Lotus Road, Echolon Square, Col.1
    Tel. 544644, Fax. 544657

Kandy: (area code is 8, or 08 if dialed in SL)

Queens Hotel - Dalada veediya, kandy (08) 22121
Casamara - 12 kotugodella veediya, kandy (08) 24051

See <32> for more info about this FTP site. 

<14> What does Sri Lanka mean?

Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon, Serendib, Taprobane, etc....

[ Following section was compiled by Lareef Zubair ]

Etymologies of Lanka, Serendib, Taprobane and Ceylon.

There is only one credible  theory for the origin of the name `Ceylon'.
One starts with the Pali for the `Place of Jewels', which is Sihalam 
goes thro Senendiva (diva for island) and Silandiva, becomes Serendib
in Arabic (which incidentally does not mean anything in colloquial
New England Arabic) and is contracted to Cilao by the Portuguese and to
Zeilan or Ceilan by the Dutch and to Ceylon by the British.
Admittedly, the reasoning and linkages are thin.  

 Horace Walpole wrote the fairy tale named the `three princes of 
serendib' in which the heroes have the faculty of making happy and 
unexpected discoveries by accident. Then a cabal of slnetters used 
serendipity for the name of their journal but their reports on the 
serendipitious discovery of the Vallipuram Buddha statue has
been anything but happy. 

Then there is the Taprobane used by Milton in Paradise Lost, borrowed 
from the accounts of Alexander the Great's officers who heard reports of 
the  island when in West Asia and from Greek and Ceylonese travellers.
Taprobane is supposed to have originated from the `copper colored' 
(Tamba Vanna in Sanskrit) soil of the place at which  Vijaya's 
retinue landed. They called their capital Tambapanni.    

The name (Sri) Lanka was first recorded  in the Ramayana and means 
`resplendent land' in sanskrit.  There are other names, including the 
Tamil Ilanare etc, the Arabic `Tenerisim' (the isle of delight), the 
Chinese `Pa-outchow' (the isle of gems), and the `salike' of Ptolemy.
Some theologians (Christian and Muslim) thought that Noahs ark came to
rest on Serendib.  Also when  Adam and Eve were thrown out off the 
garden of Eden for fornication, it was thought appropriate to banish 
them to this island. 

Then there is the Sinbad character in the Arabian nights supposed to be
based on early Arab travellers and there is a description in the Sixth 
Voyage of Sinbad (`the diamonds are in its rivers and the pearls are in 
its valleys and Adams peak contains rubies and spice trees' - This must 
explain the hordes who go there).  In 1250 AD, Marco Polo found both men 
and women of Zeilan nude except for a cloth around the middle part of 
their bodies and wrote  that they ate wine from trees - (must be ra, no?).

1) Zeylanicus, `Ceylon, between Orient and Occident'
2) J.R. Sinnatamby, `Ceylon in Ptolemy's Geography', Colombo 1968
3) H.A.J. Hulugalle, `Ceylon of the Early Travellers', Colombo 1965
4) A.J. Tresidder, `Ceylon; an introduction to the resplendent land'
		Van Nostrand, 1960

Subject: <15> What is the Civil War in Sri Lanka?

There is a long standing ethnic crisis in the country among
Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.  A Tamil militant group, Liberation
Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), is fighting with the government forces
in the north and east parts of the island.

It is beyond the scope of this FAQ to give details about the ethnic
crisis or how ethnic tensions have escallated into a civil war.  It is
suggested that information be obtained from multiple sources.

[Please suggest good reading material]

** Human rights and Civil War related issues around the world are archived
   as an independent effort by Martin Hogan <>

** Tamil Eelam Home page -- a view from the TE proponents.  Maintained
   by Rudrakodeswaran N. Janahan <>

** This list of publications suggested by Lal Kuruppu in Australia.

De Silva, K.M.  Managing ethnic tensions in multi-ethnic societies: Sri
Lanka 1880-1985. Lanham, MD:University Press of America, 1986.   

De Silva, K.M. Problems of governance. Delhi: Konark Publishers, 1993

De Silva, K.M. Traditional homelands of the tamils: separatist ideology in
Sri lanka, a historical appraisal. Revised 2nd edition. Kandy:
International Centrte for Ethnic Studies, 1994

Tambiah, Stanley J. Buddhism betrayed: religion, politics and violence in
Sri lanka. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1992

Tambiah, Stanley J. Sri Lanka: ethnic fratricide and the dismantling of
democracy. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1986

Spencer, jonathan (ed) Sri lanka: history and roots of conflict.
London:Routledge, 1990

Wilson, A.J. Break-up of Sri lanka: the Sinaha Tamil conflict. Lnodon:
Hurst, 1988

Abeysekera, Charles and Gunasinghe, Newton (ed) Facets of ethnicity in Sri
Lanka. Colombo: Sovial Scientists Association, 1987

McGowan, William. Only man is vile: the tragedy of Sri lanka.
London:Picador, 1994

For news, analysis and comments on the current developments I suggest
Lanka Guardian, Tamil Times, Far Eastern Economic Review, and India Today

Subject: <20> Where are the Embassies of Sri Lanka?

If you are visiting Sri Lanka, you may want to find out about the visa
requirements from the closest embassy.  If you are going to spend an
extended period in the island, you will need a visa.  [Penalties for
carrying of illegal narcotics into the country are severe]

** Australia
High Commission of Sri Lanka        Consulate of Sri Lanka
35 Empire Circuit                   191  Clarence St., 7th Fl.
Forrest, Canberra ACT 2603          Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel: (06)239-7041/2                 Tel: (2)262-5944
Fax: (6)239-6166                    Fax: (2)290-2335

** Canada                           ** Germany
Walter E. Fernando                  Embassy of Sri Lanka
High Commission of Sri Lanka        Rolandstrasse 52
333 Laurier Ave. West, #1204        53179 Bonn 
Ottawa, Ontario                     Tel: (0228)332055
Tel: (613)223-8440/9
Fax: (613)238-8448

** India
High Commission        Consulate                   Consulate
27 Kautilya Marg       9D Nawab Habibullah Ave     Sri Lanka House
Chanakyapuri           Anderson Road               34 Homi Mody Street
New Delhi 110021       Madras 600006               Bombay 400023
Tel: 3010201           Tel: 470831                 Tel: 2045861

** Singapore                        ** Thailand
Sri Lanka High Commission           Embassy of Sri Lanka
51 Goldhill Plaza                   89 Sukumvit Soi 15
1307-1312 Newton Road               Bangkok 10110
Singapore 1130                      Thailand
Tel: 2544595                        Tel: +66(2)251-2788,9

** UK
Sri Lanka High Commission
13 Hyde Park Gardens
London W2 2LU
Tel: 071-262 1841

** USA
Embassy of Sri Lanka                Sri Lanka Mission to the UN
2148 Wyoming Avenue, NW             630 Third Avenue, 20th Floor
Washington, DC 20008                New York, NY 10017

(202)483-4025                       (212)986-7040
(202)483-4028                       (212)986-1838 (Fax)
(202)232-7181 (Fax)
Passport Office: Ext. 120

** Sri Lanka
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Republic Building
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka
Tel: (1)325371
Fax: (1)446091

Subject: <21> What/Where are the Embassies in Sri Lanka?

Australian High Commission             Canadian High Commission
3 Cambridge Place                      6 Gregory's Road
Colombo 7                              Colombo 7
Tel: (1)698767 thru 69                 Tel: (1)694851 thru 53
Fax: (1)686453, 698332                 Fax: (1)687049

French Embassy                         German Embassy
89 Rosmead Place                       40 Alfred House Avenue
Colombo 7                              Colombo 3
Tel: (1)698815, 699750,1               Tel: (1)580431 thru 34
                                       Fax: (1)580440

Indian High Commission                Japanese Embassy
36-38 Galle Road                      20 Gregory's Road
Colombo 3                             Colombo 7
Tel: 421605, 422788,9                 Tel:(1)693831 thru 33, 698628
Fax: 446403                                   692154, 693015
                                      Fax: 698629

Norwegian Embassy                      Netherland, Embassy of
34 Ward Place                          25 Torrington Avenue
Colombo 7                              Colombo 7
Tel: (1)698936, 692263,                Tel: (1)589626 thru 28
        699457, 687534                 Fax: (1)502855
Fax: (1)695009

Switzerland Embassy                    Swedish Embassy
68 Gregory's Road                      315 Vauxhall Street
Colombo 7                              Colombo 2
Tel: (1)695117, 695127                 Tel: (1)328822, 329261
        695148, 695176

UK High Commission
190 Galle Road
Colombo 3
Tel: (1)437336 thru 43
Fax: (1)437344

Amb: Mrs. Teresita C. Schaffer   Sri Lanka Desk         US Info. Service
Embassy of the United States     Department of State    44 Galle Road
210 Galle Road                   21st and C streets     Colombo 3
Colombo 3                        Washignton, DC 20551   Tel (1)421271
Sri Lanka                        USA                    Fax (1)449070
Tel:(01)448007, 421271           Tel: (202)647-1450

Subject: <22> How do I get my Sri Lankan passport renewed?

There are two types of renewals.  

  (1) If your passport is less than 10 years old, you can simply renew 
      the existing one.
  (2) If the passport is more than 10 years old (ie. it has been renewed
      once before) OR it has run out of pages (stop traveling so much) 
      then you have to obtain a new passport.

Naturally, there are two types of forms that you have to fill out.  (I 
guess one form with two boxes to tick off makes too much sense.) So
when you call the embassy, (phone numbers are under <20>) be specific.
You may also need to give them the National ID number and the current 
passport number before they can send you the form.  Why?  Why ask why?

There is a $130 surcharge for getting a new passport through the SL embassy
in Washington DC as they have to send the paperwork to Sri Lanka.  As far
as I know, the five-year renewal doesn't cost this outrageous $130.  If
you get your passport renewed in Sri Lanka, there is no $130 surchage.
Your mileage may vary for SL embassies in other countries.

For emergencies, the embassy can issue an one-time temporary passport
which is good only to enter Sri Lanka.  You will have to obtain a regular
passport while in SL.  Moreover, you may have problems of getting visas
(ie: transit visa -- to have the privilage of sitting on a lousy chair at
Charles de Gaulle airport.) with this temporary passport.

To get a new passport for a lost/stolen passport, you are required to
send a police report, national ID and/or original birth certificate 
and/or citizenship certificate, documents to prove the legality of your
stay in the country (valid visa)... etc.

For more info, call the embassy. See <20>

It is possible to renew your passport directly from SL while you are
out of SL.  Cost Rs. 1000.00 (takes one week) or Rs. 2000.00 (same
day service).
	1. a letter stating why you need it so fast.
	2. Affidavit stating that the bearer will handle all the passport
	   related matters on your behalf. (state his national ID number)
	3. If you need to express mail (courier), need permission from
           Emmigration and Immigration dept.
	4. Will need National ID, birth certificate, etc, as per
	   application requirements.  
	5. May need certified proof of your identity. (AttornyAtLaw, JP)

[ Okay, can someone send his/her old passport to Sri Lanka and get a
  new one?  Can you send it to the passport office?  Is it cheaper to
  send it to a relative and ask him/her to take it and get it renewed?
  Or does the passport owner absolutely *has* to be in Sri Lanka before
  they can renew the passport? ]

I hear that all the Kachcheri's can do passport work now.  Please confirm.

Subject: <23> What are the US Immigration announcement phone numbers?

These are the numbers for Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
of the United States, Washington, DC office.  Toll calls.

Visa Cutoff Date Announcement   (202) 663-1541
Visa Information                (202) 663-1225
Immigration Lottery Info        (202) 663-1600 (DV-1 has been anounced)
Online Visa Information         (202) 647-9225 (Modem/Data)
Bureau of Consular Affairs      (202) 647-3000 (Touch Tone FAX only)

Also check with your local INS office.
-- FAQ "us-visa-faq" is available (along with many other FAQs) 
from  If you do 
not have access to FTP, send an e-mail to <> with 
"send usenet/news.answers/us-visa-faq" (without quotes) in the body.

Subject: <24> Does Sri Lanka allow dual citizenship?

[ under construction ]

Subject: <30> What are the electronic forums on Sri Lanka?

SLNet: A moderated electronic mailing list which carries news and info.
This is not a discussion group.  To become a member of SLNet, send an
e-mail to <> with the following one-liner in
the body of your message. (Fill in your name)

subscribe your_first_name your_last_name

Serendipity: An electronic magazine published on a bi-monthly basis by the
Sri Lanka Academic Interest Group. Its primary audience is the expatriate
Sri Lankans.  It is aimed at increasing the awareness of Sri Lanka and the
artistic and scholarly activities of the Sri Lankan community spread all
over the world.  Electronic copies of Serendipity are available free of 
charge in ASCII (plain text) or TeX formats.  To obtain past issues,
please send an e-mail to <> with "help" in the subject
line.  An auto-mailer will reply with a directory listing.

Serendipity issues:  <>

[ Serendipity Electronic Journal has not been published since January
  of 1995.  We don't know when, if at all, it will be published again. ]

Sawnet: South Asian Women's NET is a forum for south asian women, and 
those interested in issues relevant to south asian women.  Membership
is limited to women only (not necessarily South Asian).  To subscribe
to Sawnet, send a message to <> with the 
subject "Sawnet subscription request."

Contact info: <> Susan Chacko

LaRC: Lanka Ribald Classics is an electronic magazine aimed at archiving
unwritten humor from Sri Lanka.  Rated R.  To become a member of the 
mailing list, send an e-mail to <>  Send contributions to
the same address.

[ This has not been published in a long while.  Have we exhausted all
  the "unwritten humor of Sri Lanka" already? ]

GASSHO: A bimonthly electronic journal seeking to promote communications 
and community amongst Buddhist scholars, laypractitioners, monks and nuns.
GASSHO is a non-sectarian publication and does not represent any particular 
school of Buddhism. <> or <GASSHO@f33.n125.z1.FIDONET.ORG>

Review Editor, GASSHO          [ This list and the following list are not
P.O. Box 4951                    directly related to Sri Lanka, but Buddhism
Berkeley, CA 94704-4951          is a major religion in the country ]

BUDDHA-L: Buddhist Academic Discussion Forum.  To subscribe send an e-mail 
to <LISTSERV@ULKYVM.BITNET> with "subscribe buddha-l your-name" in the 
message body.  Text archives maybe found via FTP/Gopher on
or its mirror sites under /coombspapers/otherarchives

CricInfo: This is a gopher.  [Cricket is the second religion for all.]
Path is: <Other Gophers/North America/USA/Oregon/CricInfo Gopher>

soc.culture.sri-lanka: A newsgroup on Usenet.  Other relevant news groups
include soc.culture.tamil, soc.culture.indian, soc.culture.asian.american,,,, alt., alt.buddha.short.fat.guy, alt.flame,

BBS': Your local BBS' might carry full Usenet and Internet mail, in which
case you can subscribe to any news group or a mailing list on the Internet.
Online services that do provide, at least, an e-mail link to Internet
include: Netcom, UUnet, PSInet, CompuServe, America Online, Genie, Prodigy,
Delphi, FidoNet, etc.  Prices vary depending on the services/times that
you access the service.  (more info: see books/publications on <32>  All
of them tell you how to "get online.")

WWW/Gopher/Veronica: see below

Subject: <31> Does Sri Lanka have e-mail?

Lanka Academic Network (LAcNet), a not for profit organization created by 
overseas Sri Lankans, provides an electronic mail service to the following 
institutions in Sri Lanka.  Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
operates the US end of the link.  This connects to the SL hub (LEARN mail)
at the University of Moratuwa.  This connection is NOT an internet link.  
One cannot telnet or FTP to Sri Lanka, yet.  Plans are underway to implement
a real-time internet connection ... real soon now. :-)

  Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 08:19:45 est
  From: Gihan Dias <>

	U. Moratuwa		Dept. of Computer Science and Eng.		Dept. of Electronics and Telecom Eng.		Dept. of Electrical Eng.		Dept. of Civil Eng.		Dept. of Mechanical Eng.		Dept. of Building Economics.

	U. Colombo		Pharmacology Dept.	Parasitology Dept.		Stat. & Comp. Sci. Dept.		Inst. of Computer Technology		Dean - Science Faculty

	Open of Sri Lanka		Open University		Physics Division		Chemistry Division		Math & Management Division		Education Division

	U. Peradeniya		Engineering Fac.		Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture		Science Fac.		Arts Fac.		Department of Agriculture

	U. Ruhuna		Science Faculty		Department of Paedatrics

	U. Kelaniya		University of Kelaniya

	U. Sri Jayawardenapura		University of Sri Jayawardenapura		University Grants Commission 
                        Eastern University		Inst. of Fundamental Studies		International Centre for Ethnic Studies - Kandy		International Center for Ethnic Studies -
			Colombo		Environmental Foundation		Ceylon Inst. of Scientific and Industrial Research		Rohan de Livera (private)		Lahmeyer Int. (company)		Inst. of Technological Studies		Royal Institute		Computer & Info. Tech. Council		CARE International - Sri Lanka		Natural Resources, Energy and Science Authority		Sri Lanka Institute of Development Admin.		NAREPP\IRG		S.L. Dept. of Agriculture		Computer Society of Sri Lanka		Institute of Policy Studies		Centre for Society and Religion		Computer Land		Department of Animal Production & Health		Informatics Institute of Computer Studies		Overseas Telecommunication Services		Regional Centre for Strategic Studies		Sugarcane Research Institute		Postgraduate Institute of Archeaology		Ministry of Environment, Transport and Womens
			Affairs		Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Last Updated -- 20th April 1995

If you need more information, you may contact the postmaster at the site.
For instance, to get more information on who's who at IFS you may send
an e-mail to <> 

Since e-mail to Sri Lanka goes over international telephone services, 
please do NOT send long, useless, frivolous (huh?) or test messages.
Lacnet pays the phone bills with the money from voluntary contributions
from people like you.

***** If you find e-mail services to Sri Lanka valuable, please make a   *****
***** small monetary contribution towards keeping the e-mail link alive. *****

  You may send your contribution (payable to LACNET) to:

    Vicum Perera, Treasurer
    64E, South Westmoor Av
    Newark, OH 43055

For more info on Lacnet, please check out their web page

Datanet                          X.25 Packet Switch connection
67 Dharmapala Mawatha            to Singapore and rest of the world
Colombo 7

Tel: +94(1)437545,6              For CompuServe accounts, contact 
Fax: +94(1)437547                Rohith Odalagama

Electrotek ???                    [please send info]
Going out of business sale?  :-)  [please send more info]

Information Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd.  
69/7A, Attidiya Road                  Phone:  +94(1)611061
Ratmalana                             E-mail: <>
Sri Lanka                             BBS:    +94(1)611160 (8N1, 14.4K baud)

This company provides e-mail facilities in Sri Lanka, to individuals,
companies, and organisations. Messages can be sent to/from any internet
address both within and outside Sri Lanka. They also provide a facility
for sending messages to people who don't have a telephone or a computer.

Infolabs also provides access to Usenet and ftp services, as well as a
computer bulletin board.

Lanka Internet Services, Ltd.         Phone:  +94(1)342974
5th floor, IBM Building               Fax:    +94(1)736605
48 Nawam Mawatha                      E-mail: <>
Colombo 2, Sri Lanka                  WWW:

This company provieds TCP/IP full internet connections to other companies
and organizations.  They also provide Colombo Stock Exchange information
via e-mail on a pay-per fee basis.

Toolnet Access Point (TAP) Sri Lanka
Arthur C. Clarke Centre for Modern Technologies
Prof. S. Karunaratne
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Tel. +94 1 446546 or 507461    Internet: <>
Fax. +94 1 647462

Toolnet of Netherland (<> (Jeroen Jonk)) provides FidoNet
e-mail connections to/within Sri Lanka.  Internet e-mail can be routed
to FidoNet e-mail system.

Places such as VOA (Voice of America), USAID (US Agency for Intl Develpoment)
etc offices in Sri Lanka have their own dedicated connections.  So, if your 
friends are working in those offices, you are in business.

Subject: <32> Are there Sri Lanka related FTP/Web/Gopher sites?

For more info on FTP, e-mail, Usenet, gopher, WWW, WAIS, etc. read:
(These are NOT about Sri Lanka)

   a) "The Whole Internet - User's Guide and Catalog" by Ed Krol
      Published as an O'Reilly Associates <> book.
      ISBN: 1-56592-025-2

   b) "Zen and the Art of Internet" by Brendon Kehoe <> (location not certain)
      Also available in paperback - ISBN: 0-13-010778-6

   c) "EFF's Guide to the Internet" by Electronic Frontier Foundation
      This guide is available free of charge from the EFF at
        ii  gopher://
        iv  EFF BBS (+1 202 638 6120)
         v  America OnLine (AOL) keyword EFF
        vi  CompuServe (CIS) GO EFFSIG

      Maintained by Jagath "Bandu" Samarabandu <>

  README  - Read this first
  doc/    - documents, reports, papers, etc.
  images/ - gif and tiff images from SL + space shuttle photos of SL
  info/   - information of all kinds
  misc/   - chicken curry recipe, guitar cords, sinhala mac font

  ***** Please restrict your FTPing to non-business hours          *****
  ***** (6:00pm -  7:00 am US Eastern Time).                       *****

  Those of you who cannot ftp directly can use a mail server.  Send the
  word "help" in the message body to <>

      Maintained by City Net. (Info -
      This page contains links the several of following pages

      Maintained by Saman Amarasinghe <>

      Maintained by Gihan Seneviratne <>

      Maintained by Castus Peiris <>
      on behalf of Sri Lanka Association of Manitoba, Canada.

      Maintained by Rudrakodeswaran N. Janahan" <>
      This is mostly about Tamil Eelam and LTTE.

      Martin Hogan <> maintains a page for war
      and human rights issues. (slow connection from US)

      Maintained by Thomas Savundranayagam <>
      Future announcements, past photos, etc of special events
      organized by the York Sri Lanka Student Association.

      Maintained by Sri Lanka High Commission in Singapore
      Investment opportunities for companies in Sri Lanka
      (folks, how about expanding to news/info/etc also)

      Maintained by Peter Bitter <>
      Technical papers, studies, proposals on Land Use etc.

      United Nations University/University of Ulster
      Links/Pointers to most of the other SL stuff on the Net.

File Server - SLnet related file archive is <>
      To get a listing of available files, please send an e-mail to the
      above address with "help" (no quotes) in the Subject line.

Many other Sri Lankans (Shahani, ...) have Web pages with
Sri Lanka related stuff.  Please let each other (and me) know so
links can be made from one to the other.

Subject: <33> Are there any Sinhala fonts?

Sunil Koswatta <> has created a bitmapped Sinhala
font for the Macintosh computers.

Vasantha Saparamadu <> has sucessfully converted the 
above to a LaTex font.

No Sinhala Metafonts that I know of (yet).  If you are interested in 
developing a sinhala Metafont, you may want to contact Wijesuriya  
Dayawansa <> at University of Maryland.

Ecological Linguistics       Sinhala Font for Mac and PCs.
P.O Box 15156                Price: US$80.00
Washington, DC 20003

Ethno Multimedia             They sell five Sinhala PostScript fonts for 
2055 Dundas Street West      PCs, Macs, Amiga and NeXT. Price US$300/font.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6R 1W8

S.T. Nandasara               Fonts for Xerox Ventura (Rs. 30,000)
Institute of Comp Studies    WadanTharuwa SP (Rs. 20,000)
University of Colombo        E-mail:
Tel: (1)581245

S.P. Mahanama                Fonts for Aldes Page Maker (PC)
145/1 Gramasanwardena Rd     Four styles (Rs. 50,000)
Polwatte, Pannipitiya
Sri Lanka
Tel: (72)46918

Gate Seven Computers Ltd     Chitralekha, SHree Lipi
6A Gwendwr Road              Word (windows) fonts
London W14 9BG
Tel/Fax: +44(0)71-602-5186

Lingua Language Services
63b Woodhead Road
Holmfirth Huddersfield
Yorkshire HD7 1PR, UK
Tel +44 (0)484 686396
Fax +44 (0)484 687320

Gamma Productions Inc
710 Wilshire Blvd,  Suite 609
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310)395-4214 Fax

OpenArc Systems Management (Pvt) Ltd.
57C S De S. Jayasinghe Mawatha
Kohuwala, Nugegoda
Sri Lanka
Tel: (94)(1)823551-2 or (94)(078)64707
Fax: (94)(1)823552

It is possible to make new Mac fonts with the package Fontographer
on the Mac.  The package costs about $250.00 <hint><hint>

[ Here is a recent update from Rasika Suriyaarachchi ]

1.   'Sinhala for Windows Fonts'

     Kandy, Lnkanata, Lankathilaka three true type font sets.
     These fonts can be used in almost all windows based software
     including WordPerfect, Word for Windows, Pagemaker, Power Point,
     Visual Basic, Visual C++ and many more.

     (they say these fonts can be used in more than 300 windows programs;
     Multimedia and Graphics applications.  I have not used this as yet
     but would be in a position to give my comments in around two weeks time.
     I also do not know whether they are scalable)

     Special '95 offer : Rs. 1,650/-

     Available from:

     a. Open Arc Systems Management Ltd., 57C, Kalubowila Rd, Kohuwala
        Nugegoda. Tel: 823551,823552  Fax: 823552
     b. Asia Pac Sri Lanka, 48 A, Dickmans Rd., Colombo 5. Tel: 502688
        Fax: 686990

     c. EPSI Software, Majestic City, COlombo 4. Tel: 580754

     d. Electonotion Systems, 91, Galle Rd., Colombo 4.
        Tel: 585095, 590803  Fax: 585095

     e. Business Micro Systems, 14/15, Vajira Road, Colombo 4. Tel 581283

     f. COmsoft, 88, Rodrigo Place, Colombo 15. Tel: 522765

2.   'Micromage' Sinhala Fonts

     Marketed by: Multicomp, 690, 2nd floor, Galle Rd., Colombo 4.
     Tel: 502924, 590535

     We have these fonts at University of Kelaniya on trial.  Appears
     to be very good, scalabel and can be used in almost all windows
     based software such as Word, Excell, SPSS etc.  We have not tried
     lengthy documents so far.  Price seems high.

     Selling price: Rs. 22,000
     (15% discount on educational uses)

3.   There are 'Sri Krishna Thulasi' fonts too,
     both Sinhala and Tamil fonts are available.
     for windows applications and own word processing.

     Price now known, contact:
     Sri Krishna Thulasi, 127, New Chetty Street, Colombo 13.
     Tel: 434688, 335540  Fax: 434351

I will have more detaild information on some of the above very soon,


Subject: <34> Are there any Tamil fonts?

[ There is a "Tamil Software Information FAQ" prepared by Ravi Sundaram
  <> being posted to soc.culture.tamil and  Please check that FAQ for more (detailed)
  information on Tamil fonts and Tamil WP software. ]

[ Also see previous section for vendor info ]

ITRANS package made by Avinash Chopde comes bundled with wntml Tamil meta
font made by the Humanities and Arts Computing Center of the University of 
Washington.  Latest version I fould was 3.20.  It comes with instructions
to install on PC or Unix.  The package is available for anonymous FTP from:

Macintosh fonts for Devanagari and Tamil are available for FTP at

Palladam Tamil Font, Version 2.1 - made by T. Govindaraj
<>  He also has a mailing list about the font. 
(Send mail to <>  
if you would like to get on/off the mailing list)

umich archive has a few mirror sites. (for the two previous fonts){apple2,mac,atari,ibmpc,next}/

Please use the one closest to you.

K Sanchayan
InXyte Incorporated           True Type Tamil Fonts (KS_ouvai, KS_kampan)
15, Mt. Vernon Street         Free; write to the address
Malden MA 02148               Send $2.50+ for shipping + other costs

"Ranjani Mathy" - TrueType font.  Info came from SL.  (need info about
availability, contact address/phone/FTP site/etc)

Adami Tamil font - I don't have any info on this.  Supposedly a very
nice font.

Ethno Multimedia (see above for address) also sells PostScript Tamil fonts.
Price: US$???? per font.

Subject: <35> Are there Sinhala/Tamil word/text processors?

[ See note under <34> ]

With the Mac fonts, any Mac word/text processor can become a Sinhala/
Tamil word processor, instantly. See <23> and <24>. {same is true of
PCs and TrueType fonts???}

WadanTharuwa                         Contact: S.T. Nandasara
Computing Services Center            Dot Matrix - 24pin (Rs. 20,000)
Inst. Comp. Studies, U of Colombo    Laser (Being developed)
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Tel: (1)581245                       E-mail: <>

WordPower                  Laser version: Rs. 20,000
S.P. Mahanama              Tel: (72)46918
145/1 Gramasanwardena Rd
Polwatte, Pannipitiya
Sri Lanka

Thibasa                       Developed by IFS (?)
Dynamic Ramy, Haylese Group   Laser: Rs. 25,000
Poster Lane, Deans Road       Dot Matrix: Rs. 18,000
Colombo 10, Sri Lanka         Tel: (1)699087, 699100

Super Bits                    Created by:
IFS (e-mail       Sampath Godamunne
Hantana Road                  Vipula Jayampathi
Kandy, Sri Lanka              Rohan Manamudali
Tel: +94(08)32002             Dhammika Wijeratne

ADAMI94.ZIP - Tamil word processer for MSDOS (IBMPC)
The package is shareware requiring a registration fee.  It is available 
on the following site as well as other Simtel mirror sites.
For a list of Simtel mirror sites, check MSDOS FTP documents.

Pulavan - For PCs 386 and up. Developed by Dr. Vasu Renganathan 
( at U Washington. It is a Tamil Teaching, 
Learning, Translating software. There is a translation software 
which translates a restricted number of sentence types from English 
to Tamil.  Source is available.

PCTAMIL - Transliteration tool for PCs.   PC based programs in this 
package can beused for reading Romanized Tamil text in Tamil script.

Thiru 1.0 - A WYSWYG DOS editor in Romanized Tamil.  Use this program to
create, edit and print texts in Tamil script. The tamil words are entered
in the Romanized Tamil convention.  [K. Srinivasan <>]

Visual Tamil - Learn Tamil and Tamil culture of TamilNadu.  graphics,
animation and sound.  Windows 3.1 product. $35.

Indus Valley
591 Albion Court
San Jose, CA 95136

Subject: <40> What are the Sri Lankan publications in my country?

** Australia

Thorathuru: Newsletter-SL Assoc. of NSW     Serendib/Hela Handa
Ed: Dr. Harold Gunatillaka                  PO Box 163
2 Liffey Place                              North Balwyn
Woronara                                    Victoria 3104
NSW 2232

Light of Buddhism
21 Rich Street
Noble Park
Victoria 3174

** UK

Newslanka                                   Silvarrow
97 Ivy Road                                 101 Churchfield Road
London NW2 6XL                              London W3 6AH

Weekly; Free circulation                    Monthly; Free Circulation
Yearly Subscription (S/H):                  Yearly Subscription (S/H):
       UK     #15.00                               UK:  #6.00
       Europe #40.00
       USA    #60.00

Voice of Lanka
No. 35 Dale Walk
Dartford, Kent DA2 6JA

Monthly; Free circulation
Yearly subscription 6.00 UK Pounds

Tamil Times
ISSN 0266-4488
Publisher: Tamil Times Ltd.
PO Box 121, Sutton
Surrey SM1 3TD
United Kingdom
Phone: 0181 644 0972
Fax  : 0181 241 4557

Monthly Publication; available in most SL
Stores in UK. Subscription rates:
  UK/India/Sri Lanka US$ 25
  Australia         AUS$ 45
  Canada            CAN$ 40
  USA                US$ 35
  All Other Countries US$ 35


** USA

Serendipity - a free electronic journal of scholarly articles.
See <30> for more details.

Sri Lanka Express        news; ads; marriage proposals;
12922 Osborne Street     English; Bi-weekly; $24.00/year;
Arleta, CA 91331

Ed: Mr. Deeptha Lelaratne   [ This  here is  the  pillar of ] 
Tel: (818)897-7035          [ journalistic integrity.  Not! ]
Fax: (818)834-0659

The Lankan  - Newsletter of SLANY (See <50>)

Sri Lanka Newsletter - News according to the government.
Published by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washigton DC.  (see <20>)

Subject: <41> Can we get Sri Lankan newspapers outside of SL?

** Australia -- Most SL newspapers are available.  Check with local

** Canada: Toronto -- Most SL newspapers are available in Sri Lankan stores

** UK: Lihiniya, No 70 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 3EP
   There are quite a few SL stores in London area:
      Southall, Wembly, Eastham, Wimbledon, Hounslow. (address?)

** USA: NY, DC -- people get the Sunday SL newspapers by Tuesday.  Check
   with local contacts. (address/phone?)

Sunday Observer and Ceylon Daily News
Now available on the web

Selected articles from Sunday Times

Selected articles from The Island

Lake House International Edition        Upali Group Intn'l Editions
Sri Lanka News                          ?? Island
The Circulation Manager                 Circulation
Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, Ltd.   Upali Newspapers, Ltd.
P. O. Box 1198, Colombo                 223 Bloemendhal Road, Colomb 13
Sri Lanka                               Sri Lanka
news;English; Bi-weekly?? Monthly??;    news; English; Bi-weekly;
air:$58.75/yr; sea:$29.50/yr;           price ??

*** These two are highly recommended. (Now more than ever!  The two
    editors are said to be very close to the current President of SL :-))

Counterpoint (A Ravaya publication)     Pravada (Pravada Publications)
P. O. Box 66                            129/6A Nawala Rd
Mount Lavinia                           Colombo 5
Sri Lanka                               Sri Lanka  Tel:(1)501339
political analyses; news;               political analyses; news;
English; monthly mag; $24.00/yr;        English; monthly mag; $38/yr

Lanka Guardian
Lanka Guardian Publishing Co.
246 Union Place
Colombo 2, Sri Lanka

Lanka Guardian is a leading english-language magazine of
politics & current affairs published in Sri Lanka.

Subject: <42> Are there any SL radio programs outside of Sri Lanka?

** Canada

Voice of Taprobane
CKDU 97.5 FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Every Sunday 2.00p.m to 3.30p.m
News; music; local events;

Wimal Rankaduwa <>

Asian Vibrations
CJAM 91.5 FM
401 Sunset Ave
Windsor, Ontario
Canada N9B 3P4
Community radio; SL & Indian prog.

** UK

Sunrise Radio
1458 AM
Sri Lankan and Indian programs.
10:00pm - 11:00pm Tamil progs.
South Asian new every hour on the hour

** USA

KPSK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles
news; music; interviews;
for programming information
call Deeptha Leelaratne (see <40>)


Subject: <43> What are the SLBC shortwave frequencies?

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Radio Broadcasts
2000-2130 UTC 11835, 15120, 17805 KHz
0600-1000 UTC  6005,  9720, 17805 KHz

SLBC North American Service
2330-0000 UTC - 15425 KHz Monday  
0445-0515 UTC - 15425, 9720 KHz Tuesday 

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
P.O. Box 574 Torrington Square
Sri Lanka
news???; music????;

Subject: <44> What are the BBC frequencies for North America?

{try these and let me know if they work}

Eastern US/Canada		Central, Mountain, Pacific US/Canada
Time (GMT) Freq. (MHz)
1400-1615  17.84		1400-1615  17.84
1400-1745  15.26		1400-1745  15.26
1100-1400  15.22		1100-1400  15.22
2100-0030  9.59			1300-1400  11.82
1300-1745  9.515		1400-1500  11.82, 9.74 (Sat/Sun)
2200-0430  7.325		1200-1400  9.74
1100-1200  6.195		0500-0815  9.64
2300-0430  6.175		2300-0230  9.59
1100-1400  5.965		2300-0430  7.325
2300-0430  5.975		0000-0730  5.975

world news;

London Calling,
PO Box 76, Bush House, Strand,
London, England, WC2B 4PH
monthly magazine; program journal of the BBC World Service; 12pounds/year;
For a free copy of London Calling  call/write
630 5th Avenue
N.Y, N.Y 10111-0002 
(212) 581-7100

Check the following anonymous FTP site for radio frequency listings

Subject: <45> What are the All India Radio frequencies?

0000-0115  9910		English
0130-0250  15120, 11830	News in various languages
1300-1500  15020, 9700	Sinhalese
1300-1610  11620	News in various languages
1330-1500  9565		English
1330-1450  10030, 9950	News in various languages
2030-2230  11620	English

Subject: <50> Are there any Sri Lanka related organizations?

** Australia
Sri Lanka Association of NSW         Sri Lankan Youth Club
President - Freeda Karunaratne       Contact - Ranjeeva Perera
Tel: 874-2313                        Tel: 02 670-6063

Buddhist Vihara Victoria              Melbourne Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara
21 Rich Street                        Regent Street
Noble Park Vic 3174                   Springvale
Tel : 548 4525                        Tel : 547 0872

Lanakarama Buddhist Vihara
27 Asquith Street
Auburn (Sydney?)

** Canada

Sri Lanka-Canada Association of Montreal
P O Box 261
Pointe-Claire, Quebec  H9R 4N9

For info: Anton Eric Perera <>

Sri Lanka Association of Manitoba (SLAM)
26 Saphire Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada  R2V 4N4
E-Mail: <>

** UK

London Buddhist Vihara               Thames Buddhist Vihara 
5, Heathfield Gardens                Dulverton Road
Chiswick                             Selsdon
London W4                            Surrey
Tel: 081 - 995 9493                  Tel: 081 - 657 7120

London Murugan Temple                Sri Lanka Association??
78, Church Road
London E12
Tel: 081 - 478 8433

Sri Lankan Students Society
c/o University Union Ca rdiff
University of Wales College of Cardiff
Park Place
Cardiff CF1 3QN
World Wide Web: /">

Movement to Prevent Child Prostitution (MPCP)
5 Mount Drive
Wembley Park
Middlesex  HA9  9ED
United Kingdom

Tel: 081-904 1727
Fax: 081-550 9224
E-mail: <>
        or <>

** USA

SL Assoc of New York (SLANY)          SL Assoc of Washington DC (SLAW)
755 Webster Ave                       PO Box 65380
New Rochelle, NY 10804                Washington, DC 20035-5398

Sri Lanka Ranga Kala Kavaya
P. O. Box 18029 
Washington, DC 20036-8029
To promote the Sri Lankan Culture

Sri Lanka Association of Los Angeles
Take your pick.  Many divisions and factions.  (Evidently, LA's
Sri Lankan population has exceeded the "critical mass.")

Royal College Old Boy's Association of North America (R-COBANA)
Call Raj Gowrinathan (310) 271-9678 (Los Angeles)
There's a NY Branch ...

Trinity Old Boy's Association
Call Samy Thirunavukarasu (213) 874-8030 (Los Angeles)
There's a DC branch -- Contact Pradeep Liyanamana or Dasarath Kiridena

Following is a list of religious organizations.  Temporary accomodations
maybe available at some of these places.

Buddhist Vihara                          Buddhist Information Center
Ven. Maharagama Dharmasiri               Ven. Katugastota Uparathana
5017 16th Street NW                      P. O. Box 13504
Washington, DC 20011                     Silver Spring, MD 20911
(202)723-0773                            (202)832-9393

America-Sri Lanka Buddhist Assoc.        Bhawana Society
Ven K. Piyatissa                         Ven. Henepola Gunarathana
84-32  124th Street                      Rt. 1.  Box 218-3
Kew Gardens, NY 11415                    High View, WV 26808
(718)???-????                            (303)856-3241

Houston Buddhist Vihara                  Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara
8727 Radio Road                          Ven. Dhammarama
Houston, TX 77075                        ??? Beachwood Drive
(713) 944-1334                           Los Angeles, CA 90027 ??

Hindu Temple (in Malibu)                 Dharmapala Institute
1600 Las Virgenes Cyn Rd                 110 West Latimar Avenue
Calabasa,  CA 91302                      Campbell, CA 95008

Subject: <51> Who's the best airline ticket agent?

There are way too many ticket agents (just like lawyers) and they all 
give competitive prices (just like lawyers??).  Make sure that *all*
your flights are confirmed.  You may have to call the airlines yourself.

There is a file containing comments from people who have bought
tickets from travel agents.  To get a copy, send an e-mail to
<> or look in the FTP site

Some European countries such as UK, France, etc require transit visas
if you carry a Sri Lankan passport.  Some autorities/airlines may take
your passport.  If they do take, insist on an official receipt for it.

You might want to consult the net.wisdom in air travels.  Net.wisdom 
is archived in directory.
There are two FAQs.  One is called "Air Traveler's Handbook" and the
other is "How to get cheap air tickets."  Both are multi-part postings
to the usenet news groups and news.answers.
[If you find any interesting tidbits in these files, please share 
them with us.  I have not read all of them.]

Listed below are some of the airlines which fly to Colombo.

Air Lanka 		NY office (phone ????)
Air Lanka - London: 071 - 930 2099  Heathrow: 081 - 745 6647/8
Gulf Air		
KLM			(800)374-7747
Kuwait Airways
Middle Eastern Airlines
OAM French Airlines
Omani Air
Qatari Airways
Royal Jordanian 	(800)223-0470
Soudi Air
Singapore Airlines	(800)742-3333
Thai Air Lines

Service from other Asian Countries:

India     : (Dehli, Bombay, Madras, Trivamdrum, Trichy) by Air Lanka and IA
Pakistan  : (Karachi) by Air Lanka and PIA
Maledives : (Male) by Air Lanka
Thailand  : (Bangkok) by Air Lanka and Thai Airways
Malaysia  : (Kuala Lumpur) by Air Lanka and MAS
Hongkong  : (Hongkong) by Air Lanka and Cathay Pacific
Singapore : (Singapore) by Air Lanka, Singapore Airlines and Emirates

Travel Agents with e-mail access.

Upul Dharmadasa          <>
Hanif Kasmani            <>
Lasantha Wijesiriwardena <>
Bandula Somaweera        <>

Subject: <52> From where do I get Sri Lankan Cookbooks and spices?

** Cookbooks - Heather Jansz, "Fire and Spice: Cuisine of Sri Lanka"
               Book may be out of print.

[Researched and Compiled by Tawnya Kumarakulasingam]

Call Number:    TX724.5.S72 P37 1990
Author:         Patmini Carkunaraja
Title:          Cuvaiyana Ilankaic camaiyal / Patmini Carkunaraja
Published:      Cennai:  Kannatacan Patippakam, 1990
Edition:        1.  Patippu
Description:    150 pages; 19 cm.
Note:           In Tamil.
Note:           Sri Lankan cookery book.
Subject:        Cookery, Sri Lankan.
Card Number:    91-904229 (US Library of Congress)

Call Number:    TX724.5.I4 S52 1981
Author:         Singhan, E.V.
Title:          Tamil recipes / E.V. Singhan
Published:      [Singapore] :  EVS, 1981.
Edition:        1st Edition.
Description:    xv, 144 pages; illustrated; 20 cm.
Subject:        Cookery, Sri Lankan.
ISBN Number:    9971900246
Card Number:    83-940107 (US Library of Congress)

Call Number:    TX724.5.S72 W52
Author:         Wickramasinghe, Priya
Title:          Spicy and delicious:  Exotic and Tasty Recipes from India
                and Sri Lanka / Priya Wickramasinghe
Published:      London:  J.M. Dent, 1979
Description:    166 pages; 23 cm.
Note:           Includes Index.
Subject:        Cookery, Sri Lankan.
ISBN Number:    0460043900
Card Number:    80-477672 (US Library of Congress)

Call Number:    TX724.5.S72 G8
Title:          Gunasena Cookery Book.
Published:      Colombo:  M.D. Gunasena, 1970.
Description:    xv, 237 pages; 19 cm.
Note:           Compiled by Juliet Fernando
Subject:        Cookery, Sri Lankan.
Other Name:     Fernando, Juliet.
Card Number:    77-922266 (US Library of Congress)

Call Number:    TX724.5.C4 D5
Author:         Dissanayake, Chandra
Title:          Ceylon Cookery.
Published:      Colombo.  Printed at Metro Printers [1968]
Description:    471 pages; illustrated [part colored] 22 cm.
Note:           Pages 468-471 are blank for "notes on recipes"
Note:           Bibliography: Page 455.
Subject:        Cookery, Sri Lankan.

Call Number:    TX724.5.C4 D4 1968 
Author:         Deutrom, Hilda
Title:          Ceylon Daily News Cookery Book.  Edited by Hilda Deutrom.
Published:      Colombo, Lake House Investments [1968]
Edition:        Revised 5th Edition

Call Number:    TX724.5.C4 F3
Title:          Favourite Recipes.  Compiled by past pupils of Good
                Shepherd Convent, Kotahena.
Published:      [Colombo, Arasan Printers, 1968]
Description:    151 pages, 22 cm.
Note:           Cover Title.
Subject:        Cookery, Sri Lankan.
Card Number:    73-902798 (US Library of Congress)

Call Number:    TX724.5.I4 D4
Author:         Silva-Vigier, Anil De
Title:          Indian and Ceylon Cooking Made Easy [by] Anil De Silva-Vigier
Published:      London, Corgi, 1972
Description:    95 pages, 14 cm.
Series:         Corgi mini-books

Call Number:    TX724.5.C4 P4 1967
Author:         Peiris, Doreen
Title:          A Ceylon Cookery Book:  Over 200 Simple and Easy Tested
                Recipes for Daily Cooking
Published:      Colombo, Lanka Trading Co. [1967?]
Edition:        Revised 2nd Edition
Description:    x, 135, xv p. 21 cm.
Subject:        Cookery, Sri Lankan
Card Number:    sa68-14747 (US Library of Congress)

Call Number:    TX724.5.S72 B35 1989
Author:         Balasuriya, Heather Jansz; and Karin Winegar
Title:          Fire & Spice:  The Cuisine of Sri Lanka / by 
 	        Heather Jansz Balasuriya and Karin Winegar; illustrated by
 		Susan Friesen.
Published:      New York:  McGraw-Hill, c1989
Description:    xi, 227 pages; illustrated; 24 cm.
Note:           Includes Index
Note:           Bibliography:  Page 219
Note:           Includes adaptations for US readers
ISBN:           0-07-003549-0

*Mail order places* (hence not geographically challenged) will be listed
here.  Please help fill this void.  Here's a chance to advertise your
booming home business... and it's free.

** Canada
   [ Apparently there are *many* places in Toronto that sell
     Sri Lankan stuff ]

Shankar & Co.
720 Kennedy Road
Ontario MIK 2B7
Tel: (416)261-9287
CDs, canned food?

** USA

Lanka Link                          India Emporium
18613 Pioneer Blvd                  6848 New Hampshire Ave
Artesia, CA 90701                   Takoma Park, MD 20912
(310)860-2840 (Los Angeles)         (301)270-3322 (Wash DC Local area)
spices, groceries, arts,            SL Marketing Dept canned food, spices
crafts, jewelries                   Sinhala/Tamil movies/CDs

Paradise Imports, Inc               Sailon, Inc. 
10438 Paradise Court                44 Arcadia Court
Manassas, VA 22110                  Harrington Park, NJ 07640
(703)330-8645 (Voice/Fax)           (201)768-4327
(703)968-5524 (Wash DC area)        Fax: (201)768-4882
Canned goods, spices, shipped       Canned goods; Shipped via UPS.
via UPS. Any import needs, large    Orders below $25 add $5 handling fee.
or small, maybe included in the 
shipment from Sri Lanka.

Vijaya Imports and Exports          Sri Lankan Delight
36 Hamilton Ave                     7455 Reseda Blvd, #A
Staten Island, NY 10301             Reseda, CA 91335
(718)720-7538                       (818)774-1237
(718)883-1092                       (818)774-1536 Fax
Whole-sale; SL Marketing Dept       shipped via US Mail, CD's cassettes
canned goods, their own brand;      large stock

Lanka Spice
3649 Anchorage St.
Hemet, CA 92545
(909)766-6271 Fax

Subject: <53> Are there any Sri Lankan restaurants outside of SL?

Please send info for this section.  Give general comments as well.

** Canada

Ceylonta Restaurant
403 Sommerset W. (on the corner of Bank and Sommerset)
Ottwa, Canada

** Germany

Restaurant Mount Lavina
Owner Shane Samson
Jakobsplatz 22
90402 Nuremberg/Germany
Tel. +49-911-227009
Only for non-smokers

Very good, but relatively high prices

** UK

Sigiri, Sri Lankan Cuisine   Prince of Ceylon
161 Northfield Avenue        39 Watford Way
London W13  9QT              London NW4  3JH
Tel: 081-579-8000            Tel: 081-202-5967

Chithaara Restaurant(s)
18 The Avenue,               211 The Broadway,
West Ealing, London W13      West Hendon, London NW9   
Tel: 081-810-6606            Tel: 081-202-3486

Sahaana, Sri Lankan Cuisine
80 South Road, Southall, Middlesex.
Tel: 081-574-9209

** USA

  ** Los Angeles, CA

Roma's Kitchen  (Made to order + Restaurant)
3520 Overland Ave
Los Angeles,  CA 90034
  ** New York, NY

Lakruwana - A Taste of Sri Lanka      Taprobane Sri Lankan Restaurant
303 West 42nd Street                  234 West 56th Street
6th Floor, Suite 606                  New York, NY 10019
New York, NY 10036.                   Tel: (212)333-4203
Tel: (212)397-2089

Call ahead for daily menu             Relatively expensive

  ** Saint Paul-Minniapolis, MN, USA

Sri Lanka Curry House                 Curry Leaf Deli
2821 Hennepin Ave.                    1278 Grand Ave.
Minneapolis, MN                       St. Paul, MN 55104
Tel: (612)871-2400                    Tel: (612)699-9330

First in the US.                      Food, SL spices & groceries
                                      Reasonable prices

Subject: <54> How do I get my wedding tape converted from PAL to NTSC?

Sri Lankan TV format is called PAL whereas that of US is called NTSC.  
These are not compatible with each other.  Hence, PAL video tapes need 
to be converted to NTSC before you can play them on a normal VCR in the 
US.  (Vice versa for US tapes taken to Sri Lanka)  Conversions can be 
done in numerous ways (analog, digital, studio quality (super-VHS), low 
quality, etc)  Quality of the converted tape may depend on how much you 
are willing to shell out.

There are way too many video places which can do this.

Check with your school's video/broadcasting/television/ department.  They
might be able to do it for free.

Multi-system VCR/TV combinations can play all tapes.  Following VCR is
a special case as it doesn't need a multi-system TV.  See input/output.

AIWA HV-MG360 VCR will do the conversions on the fly.  
Input format: PAL, NTSC, Secam, Mesecam 
Output: PAL or NTSC (i.e can hook upto Sri Lankan or US TV sets)
Tuner: NTSC tuner (will record off the air from US broadcasts)
Operating Voltage: 110-240V (50 -60 hz)

Subject: <55> How do I send flowers to SL?

No one actually sends flowers from here.  A florist or a company would
call up a florist in Sri Lanka and place an order on your behalf.  So, 
if you know of a florist in Sri Lanka, it would be cheaper to call them 
directly rather than going through these middlemen. 
{let me know of any florists in Colombo, Kandy, etc who will accept credit
 card/money order/ COD/ etc payments.}

Order + $26.99 surcharge. [Price check:8/24/93]  Takes 2 - 3 days

An FTD Flower shop (most florists are members of FTD) quoted $56.80 
[Price check: 8/24/93] for an arrangement or a bouquet delivered in 
Colombo.  Look in your local yellow pages under florists for an FTD 
member.  Takes 1 - 2 days

Subject: <56> How do I send money to and from SL?

International Money Orders - you can get them from any bank.

Personal Checks;  I believe most banks in SL accept personal checks
in US Dollars.  It might take a while to clear the check.

Western Union (USA) can do wire transfers.  Ask them where to pick up
the money in Sri Lanka.

** UK
Bank of Ceylon
22-24 City Road
London EC1Y 2AJ 
Tel: 071 - 839 7555

Subject: <57> How do I send misc big items to and from SL?

Also see <52>.  A 20ft. container costs about $2,000 - $2,500 from a US
sea port to Colombo

Ceylon Shipping Corporation (CSC)         CSC - Katunayake Office
6 Sir Baron Jayatileke Mawatha            Unit 6, Upper Fl, Plaza Building
Colombo 1, Sri Lanka                      Investment Promotion Zone
Tel:(1)328772, 328773, 326194, 423214     Katunayake, Sri Lanka
Fax:(1)447547, 449486 (Fax)               Tel:(1)452907, 453672

CSC - CA Office                           CSC - NY Office
Ceylon Shipping, Inc.                     Ceylon Shipping Inc.
Circle Business Center                    2 World Trade Center #2228
4500E Pacific Coast Highway, #290         New York, NY 10048
Long Beach, CA 90804                      (212)514-8780
(213)493-1450 (Area code maybe 310)       (212)514-8908 (Fax)

CSC Subsidiaries:
Ceylon Shipping Lines, Ltd.
Colombo Dockyard, Ltd.
Ceylon Port Services, Ltd.
Amalgamated Lines

Blue Star Shipping in NY
(800)532-4320 or (718)297-4320
$5.50/cu.ft from Newark, NJ to Colombo, SL 
$1.50/cu.ft from local home to Newark, NJ [Price check: early 1993]

Forwardair Clearing & Forwarding (pvt) Ltd.
24 Rotunda Gardens
Colombo 3 
Sri Lanka
Phone (1)27373, (1)430067

Subject: <58> What about parcels to SL?

Following prices are for a 1 pound letter/document from Washington, DC
to Colombo, SL.  Prices for boxes may vary depending on the size as well
as the weight.  (They also asked for my zipcode)

US Mail (Express Delivery)            UPS
Go to a local post office             (800)247-4747
$14.00, takes about 4 days            $39.00, takes about 4 days
[Price check: 02/01/94]               [Price check: 8/24/93]

Federal Express                       DHL
(800)247-4747                         (800)225-5345
$52.50, takes about 7 days            $71.00, takes about 3 days
[Price check: 8/24/93]                [Price check: 8/24/93]

If you use a FedEx account  the rates to Sri Lanka are much cheaper
than the regular rates ( write a check to the employer and use their
fedex account):
FedEx Letter (upto 8 oz): $22.50
FedEx Pak    (upto 1 lb): $26.95
		   2 lb : $31.00

It can take from 3-7 days to get there depending on the day you send
the package off (call 800-247-4747).
 [From: nihal@rs6000.houston.wireline.SLB.COM]

Subject: <70> Are there any quality books on Sri Lanka?

This will be archived in a different file.  More info later.

Subject: <71> Where's the info about the SL stock market?

Sri Lankan stock market, as are most other developing country stock
markets, is very volatile.  Very high risk investments.  As such,
rewards and losses are big.  I'm hardly a stock analyst, so you'd
better do your homework before you plunge into Sri Lankan stock market.

Daily Stock closing prices of Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) can be
found under "Financia News" in Asia, Inc. Web page.

Thilaka Sumanaweera has compiled some info about the Sri Lankan stock
market.  It is available for anonymous FTP at

There is an Investment section (ask them to add info about what you
need to know) in a web page maintained by Sri Lanka High Commission in

Daily Colombo Stock Market prices can be requested via e-mail from
Lanka Internet Services, Ltd.  Contact LISL for pricing and availability
information. See "<31> Does Sri Lanka have e-mail?"

If you are looking for stock brokers in Sri Lankan market:

	* John Keels (phone?)
	* Asia Stockbrokers (phone?)
	* [ send me info about *reputable* stock brokerage firms ]

Subject: <72> Is there a "Study Abroad" program for Sri Lanka?

Fullbright Scholarship program ??

[ Senator Fullbright, who started the Fullbright scholarshop program
  passed away last week.  May his legacy, the scholarship program,
  continue to help the students world over better understand other


Cornell University in Ithaca, NY has a Sinhala linguistic program. 
This is the only of its kind in the US.  Tapes and other material
is available for purchase. 

South Asia Program at Cornell (607) 255-8493,
email: (Susan Campbell)

  From: tadams@polar.Bowdoin.EDU (Ted Adams)
  Date: Wed, 6 Jul 1994 10:02:35 -0500 (EDT)

The Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education (ISLE) Program is a consortium-
based study-abroad program centered in Kandy and affiliated with the U.
of Peradeniya.  ISLE began operating in 1982 as a fall-semester program
offering a broad range of courses structured specifically for American
liberal arts undergraduate students.  ISLE Consortium members include:
Bates, Bowdoin, Carleton, Hobart & William Smith, and Swarthmore Colleges,
Cornell U. and the U. of Pennsylvania.

The ISLE Program accepts 12-18 students each year from member schools. 
(Non-member students are accepted only under special conditions.)  The
program runs from early August to mid-December, incorporating two tours
of Sri Lanka - one of the Cultural Triangle and the other around the south
coast.  Required courses include Sinhala language, a Sri Lanka Studies
Seminar (presenting a broad spectrum of cultural, social and political
issues), and an Independent Study.  Optional courses cover a range of
disciplines, including religion, history, literature, politics, gender
studies, economics, and folklore.

ISLE is administered from Bowdoin College by Dr. Ted Adams - an anthropolo-
gist specializing in S. Asia, who also administers the South India Term
Abroad (SITA) Program.
======================== End of Sri Lanka FAQ =========================
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#  an e-mail to <> with "help" in the Subject line.        #


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