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How can we find a solution or material or instrument to...

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Question by Alexandre Daccache
Submitted on 5/14/2004
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How can we find a solution or material or instrument to discover a small quantity of diesel or kerosene in the gasoline, because in my country the cost of kerosene and diesel is the half of gasoline, so the gas stations mix these products to the gasoline to make more money. how can we catch them. thank you

Answer by JGMagoo
Submitted on 1/19/2005
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I wouldn't worry about it in the U.S.A. The composition of gasoline is regulated quite strictly due to emissions requirements. Besides, you will notice that in most locations in the US diesel fuel and kerosene cost about as much or more than gasoline, so there is no incentive to mix them.
Diesel fuel SHOULD cost much less than gasoline, but due to market conditions caused mostly by emissions laws in the US, diesel is higher (or at least as high) as gasoline!
The emission laws have restricted the use of coal by power-generating facilities and home heating. Therefore, oil (which is basically diesel)is the next-cleanest, and next-cheapest fuel, so it is used instead of coal to produce electricity and heat homes. Diesel fuel, boiler fuel, jet fuel and heating oil, is therefore in high demand and the production of gasoline cannot be cut back completely as long as diesel and boiler fuel oil are being produced, because gasoline is an inevitable by-product of oil refining. Therefore in the US they are selling the gasoline at near, or below cost to stimulate gasoline sales because they have no place to store the tremendous excess of gasoline being produced. Therefore, the natural price differential between gasoline and diesel is destroyed, and as you can observe, they are selling at almost the same price in this country. Most foreign countries do not have the restrictions on coal that we have, so that diesel and heating oil are not in such high demand. Also, most foreign countries do not consume the jet fuel (basically kerosene) that we do.  


Answer by Ekaterina Shatokhina
Submitted on 5/16/2006
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The Express-analysis laboratory produce devices for this goal. Their web-site: http://www.shatox.com


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