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[sci.engr.chem] FAQ: Internet resources for ChemE's

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Archive-name: engineering/cheme-faq
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Version: $Revision: 1.33 $
Date: $Date: 1998/07/01 19:12:23 $

== Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Resources for ChemE's ==
An HTML version of this document can be found at:

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
    This document attempts to provide information about Internet Resources
available for Chemical Engineers. Posted every first day of the month. (and
irregularly in between, depending on updates)


        Though every attempt has been made to ensure the veracity of the
        following material, no responsibility is assumed for any use, or
        for any consequences resulting from any use, of the information
        contained herein.  No guarantee of suitability for any purpose
        is offered or implied.  Nothing in this document may be assumed
        to represent the employers of its contributors.

    This document is far from complete. Send questions and answers (along
with additions to, subtractions from, and divisions of existing information
 -- no multiplications, square roots, or transcendental functions, my 
cabinet is full of them) to

    Though this is a FAQ, it is presented as a list of available information,
rather than questions and answers style. Also, it assumes that you are
familiar with the common netsurfing tools, like mosaic, netscape, gopher, ftp

    You may redistribute this as long as you don't take statements out
of context.  Keep it together along with the revision number.

== Index == 

  Section 1 : Databases
  Section 2 : Simulators and Packages
  Section 3 : Directory Information
  Section 4 : Jobsearch Services
  Section 5 : Journals, articals etc.
  Section 6 : Home pages of organizations, institutions etc.
  Section 7 : Home pages of companies.
  Section 8 : Other information sources

==  Section 1 === DATABASES

=o= DeChema Database:

	VLE/LLE database. Available from STN (or CAS). The database is under
the name DETHERM. Contains reference as well as experimental values. Also
contains regressed parameters for various vapor pressure equations, activity 
coefficient models and equations of state. There is a charge for accessing 
the database at STN. But, One can look to see if the given compound is
stored in DETHERM without any charge. The URL is

	DECHEMA also offers CHEMSAFE, a database of safety characteristics
of about 2000 compounds. To see if a compound is available in CHEMSAFE, look

=o= Engineering Citation Databases:

=o= Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

gopher://ecosys.drdr.Virginaia.EDU/The Library/General/EPA Chemical factsh.
gopher:// Substance Factsheets

=o= DIPPR (AIChE) and assorted NIST databases

Available from STN, for a fee. DIPPR is the well-known source for pure 
component properties.

=o= Supplier database for chemicals, instruments, materials and services
	Searchable Database, also includes dailiy news in biotechnology,
medical device/pharmaceutical industry, updates of FDA approvals etc.

=o= NIST Chemistry WebBook
	Ability to search chemical data based on name, formula, CAS
registry number, molecular weight, ionization energy or proton affinity
Over 5000 organic and inorganic compounds included.
	August 97 Release available.


=o= Aspen:

	A set of engineering tools that can be used for offline process
analysis as well as on-line optimization throughout the lifecycle of a 

	The integrated technology suite includes:

Steady-State Process Simulation Tools:
	ASPEN PLUS  	 : Steady-state process modeling system
	MAX         	 : PC-based process modeling system
	PROPERTIES PLUS  : Physical property system
	RATEFRAC         : Rate-based, non-equilibrium distillation
	BPS 	         : Bioprocess process modeling system
	BATCHFRAC        : Batch modeling system

Dynamics and Plant Optimization:
	SPEEDUP  : Dynamic modeling and optimization system
	RT-OPT   : On-line optimization tool
	ADSIM/SU : Adsorption process modeling system

Process Integration and Synthesis:
	ADVENT   : Process synthesis and design tool
	SPLIT    : Distillation synthesis tool

A demo version can be downloaded by anonymous ftp from

For more information, send mail to

	An unmoderated e-mail list exists for aspen-users to discuss use of
to subscribe to this list, send mail to
leave the subject line blank, put a line like this, in the message
subscribe aspen-use <your name> - <your organization>

=o= Aqueous Chemistry Simulation Software (OLI Systems)
	Commercial computer software which simulates aqueous-based chemical
systems. handles multicomponent systems including aqueous liquid, vapor, 
organic liquid, and multiple solid phases over the general range of 0 to 30
molal, -50 to 300 C, and 0 to 1500 Bar. Thermodynamic properties such as pH,
ionic strength, enthalpy, osmotic pressure are computed automatically.
The aqueous model includes redox chemistry, coprecipitation and reaction 
kinetics. Surface phenomena such as ion exchange, surface complexation and 
molecular adsorption (carbon adsorption) and transport properties such as 
electrical conductivity, viscosity and diffusivity are also available

=o= Chemical Reaction Network Toolbox:

=o= Heat transfer and fluid flow design analysis software
    SINDA/FLUINT CFD solver and SINAPS preprocessor (

=o= Hyprotech
	Chemical Engineering Process simulator 
  Hyprotech is in the business of helping the Process Industries improve 
their Profitability and Operating Performance through Process Understanding. 
With powerful capabilities to address design, operability, training, and 
optimization issues, Hyprotech serves more than 1500 customers in 80
countries around the world. 
HYSYS:  An Integrated Engineering Environment for Windows 
  HYSYS Conceptual Design:   Advanced distillation and separation technology 
  HYSYS Steady State:        The first and only true 32-bit Windows process 
  HYSYS Dynamics:            One-click access from steady state to dynamics 
                             and back again 
  HYSYS Operator Training:   Advanced operator training for shutdowns and 
                             emergency situations* 
  HYSYS.RTO+:                Advanced on-line optimization with powerful 
                             "what-if" capabilities** 
  HYSYS Empirical Modeling:  Model non-linear operations using neural 
  HYSYS DCS Checkout/SCADA:  Design, evaluate and optimize a DCS system 

*Technical Alliance with CAE Electronics Inc. 
**Technical Alliance with MDC Technology Ltd. 
***Technical Alliance with Pavilion Technologies 
HYSIM:  A history of innovation for chemical/hydrocarbon steady state 
        simulation since 1980 HYSIM was the first completely interactive
        simulator and the first simulator for the PC.  The current version
        of HYSIM, refined by more than a decade of modeling the toughest 
        applications found in the chemical and hydrocarbon processing 
        industries, provides a comprehensive selection of capabilities: a 
        complete Hyprotech thermodynamic library, oil characterization, a 
        wide range of unit operations and utilities including Tower design
        and rating. Interfaces are available to sizing packages such as STX,
        HTFS, BJAC, Supertarget, Column Target, and OLGAS. 
POLYSIM:  Windows polymer simulation based on POLYRED, the world's leading 
        polymer simulator POLYSIM, a modular, open-ended package for the
        computer-aided analysis and design of polymerization systems, is 
        based on POLYRED, already the world's foremost polymer process 
        simulator.  POLYSIM is a cooperative effort with Prof. Harmon Ray
        of the University of Wisconsin Polymerization Research Laboratory to
        develop a commercial PC version of POLYRED. This version features the 
        effortless yet powerful HYSYS graphical user interface under Windows. 
FLARENET:  Windows flare header network design and optimization FLARENET 
        facilitates the design and optimization of flare header networks and
        vent systems based on user specified limits for noise, back pressure 
        or mach number. Complex piping networks, with any number of relieving
        sources can be modeled. Pressure drop calculations are made using 
        single and two phase pressure drop calculations. Robust multiphase 
        thermodynamic models back up the physical property predictions used 
        by the pressure drop models. Sizing calculations determine either the 
        minimum size for a new vent system or sizing to relieve bottlenecks.
        Extensive internal databases, integration with external programs and 
        direct interfaces with HYSIM and HYSYS allow FLARENET to speed and 
        improve model development. 
Third-party:  Products which seamlessly interface with HYSIM or HYSYS 
        STXW/ACX: Thermal design/analysis of shell and tube (STX) and air
        cooled (ACX) heat exchangers 
HTFS:   Thermal design/analysis of shell and tube (STX) and air cooled (ACX) 
        heat exchangers 

OLGAS:     Calculates the pressure gradient, liquid holdup, and flow regime 
        at a given point in a pipeline or wellbore 

AMSIM:     Used to evaluate the removal of CO2 and H2S from hydrocarbon 
        streams in alkanolamine based process systems 

=o= Multivariate Data Analysis (CAMO)

=o= PROSIM   slideshow demo

	General purpose simulator used to design and optimize plants in
the oil, gas, chemical and refining industries. 

=o= SimSci   (More info: send e-mail to

        PROVISION : Open, graphical computing environment for process
                    engineering software.
        PRO/II    : General-purpose flowsheeting and optimization program.
        ROM       : Rigorous, on-line modeling and optimization technology.
        INPLANT   : Multiphase, fluid-flow simulator for plant piping
        PIPEPHASE : Simulator for pipelines, gathering networks, and
                    production systems.
        HEXTRAN   : Heat transfer simulation and pinch-analysis program.
        DATACON   : Data reconciliation program.
        PROTISS   : Integrated environment for performing dynamic and
                    steady-state simulations.
        YIELDSTATION : Integrated plant performance and yield accounting
        VISUAL FLARE : Simulator for graphical design and modeling of 
                       flare relief system.

=o= TSWEET   slideshow demo

	Process simulator for amine sweetening units, sulfur recovery plants,
tailgas cleanup units or combination of these.

=o= Chempute Software

        Full catalogue at the Web Site.

=o= Peng-Robinson EOS: properties:

	This web site takes input using html forms and does property
calculations using Peng-Robinson Equation of State. Max. of 10 components
are allowed. Mostly experimental site.

=o= MINEQL+ : Chemical Equillibrium Software
	Uses asme numerical engine and database as EPA's MINETEQA2. Much
easier to use and understand. Designed as a research tool. But, has been
primarily used in teaching. DOS-based Freeware for aqueous systems.

=o= LNG Safety Software programs

	Several programs relating to LNG safety, developed by Risk and
Industrial Safety Consultants Inc., under sponsorship of Gas Research
Institute (GRI). Freeware, DOS based, User's guide available as text 
and MSWord/WordPerfect format.

=o= Steam Properties
	Shareware for MS-Windows. The DLL version can be integrated with
other applications, such as spreadsheets etc.

=o= ChemSage, ChemGeo, ChemApp
	Software for calculation of complex thermochemical equilibrium. 
Based on data and code developed at Lehrstuhl fuer Theoretische Huettenkunde
(Institute of Theoretical Metallurgy). ChemApp is the programmer's library,
which can be linked to third-party simulation packages.

=o= WinSim (DESIGN II, ChemTran)
 	General-purpose chemical process simulation package. Windows-
based. For more information, look up the web page.

=o= EngrSoft
	Binary Distillation Simulator, Orifice sizing, Packed Tower sizing
and Pressure drop calculations.

=o= EQS4WIN: Chemical Reaction Equilibrium Software
	Solves wide range of equilibrium problems from many fields. Based
on Smith-Missen computational kernel, with a PC-Windows interface.
Incorporates built-in JANAF database.  Free Lite Version available. Used for
teaching and research. 

=o= Dynamic Simulation (Fluor Daniel)
	The Applied Computer Solutions group at Fluor Daniel offers dynamic 
simulation services to enhance process design and improve existing plant 
operations. testing of control strategies and tune controllers, simulation 
transient events to set design parameters etc.

=o= Property Calculator
	calculates transport properties, isothermal, isenthalpic, isentropic,
liquid fraction, mixer, separator operations on streams of up to 50 comp's. 
The DLLs allow You to use the functions as if they were built-in to 
Microsoft EXCEL, LOTUS 1-2-3, Corel Quattro Pro, Visual Basic, C, C++ etc.

=o= ASCEND process modeling environment
	ASCEND IV is both a large-scale object-oriented mathematical modeling
environment and a strongly typed mathematical modeling language. 
Although ASCEND has primarily been developed by Chemical Engineers, great 
care has been exercised to assure that it is domain independent. ASCEND can 
support modeling activities in fields from Architecture to (computational) 
Zoology. One can download and install ASCEND for free from the website. The
advantage is that all manuals and reports are available online.


=o= ChE Faculty directory: 

Still in implementional stage
To get: send a one line message "send addresses for faculty" to Send updates to:
Should be available soon at:

==  Section 4 === JOBSEARCH SERVICES

=o= MedSearch America Inc. (HealthCare Employers) 9001

=o= Online Career Center

=o= Polymers: Poly-links

=o= Supplier Database, also includes Jobsearch/postings

==  Section 5 === JOURNALS, ARTICLES ETC.

=o= NASA Langley 1993 Research and Technology Highlights

=o= Journal articles

=o= P.E. Registration Act

=o= Technical conferences, societies, publications etc.

=o= SPECNet: The Semiconductor Process Equipment and Materials Network
	Published in a Magazine format

=o= Adsorption: Journal of the International Adsorption Society.
	Information on adsorption and Table-of-Contents


=o= University of Karlsruhe: Faculty Home page

=o= Society of Analytical Spectroscopy Home Page

=o= University of North Dakota's Energy & Environmental Research Center

=o= The US Environmental Protection Agency

=o= US House of Representatives Law Library
      For full text Code of Federal Regulations

=o= School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of
    Oklahoma, Norman. Research and Graduate program

=o= The Institute for Gas Utilization and Processing Technologies.
	research towards natural gas as an alternative fuel.

=o= International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer.
	Abstracts of papers and pointers to sources related to 
Heat and Mass Transfer

=o= Association for Process Safety Research. (IPF)   
	Swedish organization for information in safety.

=o= Missouri Society of Professional Engineers, St. Louis chapter
    Home Page

=o= ETS International Training Institute
	Includes catalogue of tutorials, textbooks and current seminar

=o= Mine Environment Neutral Drainage Program
	About Acidic drainage related to mining industry. Provided by
the Canadian Mining Industry and the Governent of Canada.

=o= Science and Technology Centre of Ukraine (STCU)
	Abstract of ~30 projects approved for funding

=o= American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

=o= American Chemical Society (ACS)

=o= Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)
    IChemE Education Subject Group resources

=o= Association of Brewers
	Also has links to American Homebrewers Association, Institute 
for Brewing Studies, Great American Beer Festival and Brewer's Publications

=o= European Federation of Chemical Engineering


=o= Ausimont USA, Inc.
	Specific info on PVDF, ECTFE, PTFE, MFA/PFA, Elastomers, Lubricants,
Fluids etc.

=o= Valmet Corporation
        Supplier of paper machines, automation and measurement systems.

=o= Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc.
	Designer and manufacturers of Near Infrared Analyzers (NIR) used in
rapid on-line process tuning. The web site contains product information, 
application notes and links to related sites

=o= Chempute Equipment
	Manufacturers of engineering teaching equipments for use in Chemical
and Mechanical engineering departments. A description of equipments, along
with photographs is available at the Web Site.

=o= Liquid Engineering
	An Australian company specializing in petroleum/gasoline
contamination problems and solutions.

=o= Alitea USA
	Leading manufacturer of Flow Injection Analysis instruments. FIA is
an analytical technique based on injection of a liquid sample into a nonseg
mented carrier stream. 

=o= ChemLogic Corporation
	A management and technology consulting firm, troubleshooting 
operational problems and conducting market research for Chemical Process
Industries. Also developes custom software tools.

=o= Process Associates of America
	A confederation of US based engineering, management and computer 
applications consultants. Mostly modern refinaries and petrochemical 

=o= Eka Nobel (unit of Akzo Nobel)
	Major operations in bleaching and paper chemistry. Head office based
in Sweden. Information about Bleaching chemicals, paper chemicals, recycled

=o= CLI International
	Corrosion testing and research organization


=o= Chemical Engineering Virtual Library

=o= Chemistry Virtual Library

=o= Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library (EEVL)
	Includes EEVL Engineering Newsgroup Archive and Offshore Engineering
Information Service. Provides a searchable database of networked engineering

=o= Engineering and Science information
Telnet (

=o= Computational Fluid Dynamics.

=o= Industrial Engineering
	for reference books. 

=o= Wastewater Engineering Virtual Library

=o= Groundwater/Porous Media, Environmental modeling
	In the near future these URL's will be accessible as and, respectively.

=o= listing of US Government gopher servers 

=o= BioMedical Engineering

=o= Petroleum hydrocarbon bioremediation

=o=  Patents information

=o=  Information of C60 (fullerenes)

=o= University of Karlsruhe: pointers to other information sources

=o= Materials research and semiconductors information 

=o= Center for Electrochemical Engineering, Univ. of South Carolina

=o= Powder/granular flow material related information

=o= Thermal Connections
	Thermal data, tips and techniques for thermal modeling and 
links to other thermal-related sites.

=o= Product and services information (Thomas Register)
	Information about products and services offered by U. S. 

=o= Refining On-line
	Information about Refining Industry, Engineering and Consultancy
Services etc. (Created and maintained by Astron International, Inc.)

=o= Corrosion On-line
	Protective Coatings, Linings, painting and sources related to corrosion
industry. Includes some on-line tutorials for corrosion.

=o= Drinking water consultation
	A listing of analytical methods for testing drinking water, and the 
chemicals these methods test for. Information presented in hierarchial system
of hypertext documents.

=o= The Engineering Software Information Exchange
	Peer reviews, live chats, newsletters, directory. Perception of 
professionals of softwares they use. Articles, reviews and technical questions
and answers.

=o= Oil-Link Petroleum Software Showcase
	Oil-Link  is  an  Internet  directory  for oil and gas with over 
3,000 petroleum websites listed in 47 different categories. In addition, 
Oil-Link has become a significant employment resource for oil and gas 
professionals with more than 350 jobs and resumes listed on average. Also 
listed on the system are Rig Counts, Daily Headlines, a Bookstore, Well 
Listings and a Rig Spotter. Oil-Link receives approximately 12,000 visitors 
each month and traffic has grown 400% over the past year. Visitors represent 
a Who's Who of oil and gas including Amoco, Apache, ARCO, BP, Chevron, Conoco, 
Enron, Fina, Halliburton, Koch, Norcen, Oryx, Oxy, PetroCanada, Phillips, 
Saga Norway, Schlumberger, Shell, Statoil, Texaco, Union Texas and Unocal.

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