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Hi I have a 10 Wk old Border Collie Mix. the mother is a...

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Question by Vicki
Submitted on 6/26/2004
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Hi I have a 10 Wk old Border Collie Mix.  the mother is a Golden Retriever.  How much of the pure Border collie behavior can i expect?  I also have 3 cats all over the age of 3yrs.  the puppy keeps her distance from the cats but barks and looks like she wants to play with them.  They will probably never be friends will they?  After reading the FAQs on Border Collies I am a bit afraid.  She is delightful and yes very smart.  she starts in Puppy kindergarten in a wk and i have tried to socialize her with people she will come in contact w/ on a regular basis.
Someone is usually home. so she will not be left alone for any great length of time.  I am hoping that the mixing with the golden retriever will have mellowed out some of the Border Collie behaviors.

thanks for the website and for allowing my question.

Answer by Autumn_Girl
Submitted on 10/31/2004
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Congratulations, it sounds like you've got a great dog!  We have a 5 yr old Golden-BC mix named Otis Jasper McDougal.  (OK, just Otis to him.)  As an adult dog, he is very affectionate, usually calm, and great with kids and cats.  He definitely exhibits border collie behaviors, like running in circles and trying to herd people, especially to the dinner table.  He has some annoying obsessive-compulsive personality quirks.  BCs are very task-driven and if they don't have "work" to do, they'll create tasks for themselves.  Otis's favorite job is to find all of the shoes in the house and separate and hide them.  It's funny because he never chews or destroys the shoes--just hides them.  He takes his work very seriously.  

Just be sure to give your dog lots of attention and enough exercise.  Also, they're very trainable, so be sure to teach him lots of tricks.  Otis's favorites are high five and army crawl.  

Good luck!


Answer by MissGAPgrl
Submitted on 1/17/2005
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I don't know if this will be read considering the date of the post, but I have a Golden Retriever/Border Collie cross, maybe I can help. E-mail me at Missgapgrl@aol.com I would love to see pictures as my dog is the only cross of this type I have ever seen and I love her!!! Thanks, Amanda


Answer by beckybear
Submitted on 1/28/2005
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We have a border collie/golden retriever mix that we got as a puppy.  I was worried like you are.  But he is the sweetest, most intelligent dog I've ever seen.  He was a bit of a handful as a puppy, but he's mellowed a lot as he's gotten older (now 6 years old).  He's got the disposition of a golden retriever and the intelligence of the border collie, they love brain games.  He is not a working dog and does just fine with walks and running in my 1.5 acre yard with the other dogs.  In fact lately, we've been accusing him of being quite the couch potato.  I also have a rabbit and they are best buddies.  He's great with kids.  Best dog I've ever had and probably ever will have.


Answer by ashley
Submitted on 4/17/2005
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I have the same mix and she is very much a border collie, but definitely nothing to fear with the cats.  My dog and cat love each other very much.  They snuggle at night and my cat follows my dog around endlessly.  The fact that the puppy is growing up with kitties is good.  I would definitely socialize your puppy.  I did and my dog is a dream with other dogs.  She is very friendly and loves to meet new dogs.  Overall, I could not have asked for a better dog.  Make sure you are ready for some chewing and barking and that you are SURE you can exercise this dog EVERY day for at least 45 minutes or it will go CRAZY. This particular mix will not have a happy life without something to do.  Keep chew toys around and enjoy these smart and beautiful creatures..  They are something special!!!


Answer by Dawn
Submitted on 6/24/2005
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Hello, I also have a golden retriever border collie mix.  He is the most wonderful dog!  I would say that the border collie definitely comes out, but more when he was a puppy.  He was very restless always needing to have a "job" like border collies typically do.  Now that he's gotten older, he's much more laid back like the golden retriever.  He's also the smartest dog I've ever met.  He's almost too smart for his own good.  Very easy to train, he was potty trained in a week.  We also have a cat and they are best friends.  It may be a little different with your cats, because we had the dog first and we adopted the kitten at a very young age.  The only aggression I see in my dog is when is being protective of my fiance or me.  He gets along with every dog he meets, pit bulls, rottweilers, you name it.  I hope this feedback helps and I know you have a great pet.


Answer by britt
Submitted on 8/6/2005
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dont worry about your dog you are very very lucky to have such an amazing mix i have a border collie and a golden and have met a few of the cross breeds its a really good combination becasue borders can be high strung and even too intelegent at times. the golden will make her more docile and friendly towards others. although its the goldens whom have very bad behavior when they are younger so its not the border in her that is potentially biting, and destroying things. make sure you keep her busy and well socialized because the border is a very high maintenence breed they are also the most loving and sensitive i'veever expirienced. your dog will very likely turn out to be lovely so dont be concerned.


Answer by Dog and agility lover
Submitted on 8/9/2005
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    We adopted a border collie in a small golden retriever's body...We rescued this female dog for my husband's 40th birthday--she was an adolecent at the time, very timid and shy--her foster family said possibly abused! The vet said her organs looked to be about one year old.
     Not knowing her past, we hoped she would assimilate into our family of one other mature Huskey/Golden mix --she did in about a week.  She has the wonderful, gentle, Golden loving, attitude--sleeps with you, snuggles, etc.  She is also, an eager and quick learner--She housebroke immediatly and instantly learns new tricks and delights in doing them.
     Like most  Golden's her favorite game is fetching a tennis ball--HOWEVER--we soon found out that she is as fast and agile as lighting!  I have since joined a dog agility club where she absolutely accels! She loves it, I have fun "playing" with my dog ---- she often wins.
    We got the best of both worlds--I hope you enjoy your dog as much as we do ours.  And, we hope this perspective helps.
J and A
(We have been so delighted with this pet that when the time comes for us to adopt another dog we will look for another Golden/Border mix that need a home!)


Answer by James Murgolo
Submitted on 4/7/2006
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I know this question is a bit outdated but I found it and I would like to address the mix.  We acquired a border collie/golden mix about 18 months ago and are true fans.  He is loyal, very smart, friendly to our cats (even managed to come up with a play routine with one of them), other dogs, and people.  He is very well behaved and doesn't bark unless we tell him to.  I would highly recommend this mix to anyone, especially someone with kids.  Everything my wife and I have found on this mix seems to say the same thing.  Basically, what we have to say about ours.  


Answer by cin,
Submitted on 5/7/2006
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I also would love to have knowledge of this thought, I have no other pets however I am wondering about the expetancy of behaviors. My 10 wk old boarder/golden-picked me to adopt.Now ive searched for the perfect health concerning this mix of breeds. Help!
Cin65lou@aol.com Thankyou Vicki.


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