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I just bought a 8 week old chi and the breeders told me that...

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Question by Holly
Submitted on 10/19/2003
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I just bought a 8 week old chi and the breeders told me that when they are teething that sometimes they might not hold one of thier ears up and then they will.  She is holding one up now but not the other one.  I was wondering if this is common when they are this age or if one of her ears is just broken down to stay?

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 10/20/2003
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It is true, sometimes a chihuahua will have one or both ears suddenly droop when they start losing their baby teeth.  My older chihuahua didn't do it, my younger one did, one day her right ear was flopped down.  A month later, it popped back up and has stayed that way ever since.  My advice is to take a few pictures, 'cause they're so cute when this happens.

Baby chihuahuas sometimes don't have both ears up, so I wouldn't worry about her just yet, it takes time for the muscles to get strong enough.  You can help her ears to perk up by gently massaging them.  Rub your hands up and down the side of her face (cup her head and do both at the same time) and back and forth.  If her eyebrows end up on her forehead or sh she looks like she's had a bad face lift, you're doing it too hard.

If her ear(s) are still flopped after 5 months, odds are they'll never stand up.  That doesn't matter unless you intended to show her.  She doesn't care about her ears and neither should you.  You can always tell people who ask "She's a rarity, a floppy eared chihuahua".  Most people will be impressed, and those of us who know better will just smile and wink.


Answer by Travis Bennett
Submitted on 12/8/2003
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Well, since the dog is a baby practically it starts to get muscels in the ears and some of them will get muscels faster than others like your dog. She/he is starting to get muscels in the one ear so eventually it'll get muscels in the other ears so massage the ears and it'll get both ears up!!! Your Welcome~


Answer by Naomiww
Submitted on 4/14/2004
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I have a 13 week old Chi and for the past three weeks only one of his ears stood up. Then this week the other one stood up too.


Answer by Chihuahualuver01
Submitted on 8/3/2004
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I saw an 7 week old chi too. But both of it's ears were up! I'm not really sure about one of the ears just down. I have another one that;s about 3 years old but Lady (My chi) didn't have problems like that. I got her when she was 7 weeks old.


Answer by chihuahuahappy
Submitted on 3/14/2006
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this is true my chihuahua thou is 5 years old and his started dropping when he was about 8-9 weeks old so its just perfectly normal


Answer by Katy
Submitted on 12/13/2006
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I am a new chihuahua owner. My puppy Tiko, is about 8 weeks old now. I would really like some advice on how he should normally be progressing, and what weight would be proportionate to his age. I live in Wyoming, so the veterinarians around here aren't that knowledgeable about little dogs. Any response would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is khoward_johndeere@yahoo.com



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