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i have a 9 month old female pug whos very playful and...

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Question by gaby
Submitted on 11/21/2003
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i have a 9 month old female pug  whos very playful and friendly. im considering buying a male chi to be her companion. are pug and chi compatible? just need everyones 2 cents...Thanks@

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 12/1/2003
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the best way to make sure you get a compatible chi is to take the pug with you to visit breeders and see puppies.  I strongly recommend that people adding any animal to a household with existing pets take the existing pet with.

My experience has been that the existing pet can actually help you pick out the new pet, and when you take the new pet home the old pet thinks it was his/her idea and actually thinks they own the new pet.

Since you have a female and want a male, please have one or both of them sterilized, if only one than please make it the female.  I don't know what kind of problems might crop up when breeding a pug and a chi, but the costs of proper veterinary care will be much more than you could ever recoup by selling the pups.


Answer by Shayna
Submitted on 3/14/2005
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Chi's do very well with other Chi's on average.  But when it comes to other breeds, it all depends on the situation.  Usually a Chi puppy being brought into a home with a dog of another breed will be ok.  In most cases (but probably not all) the Chi will do fine as long and the other dog does ok.  Bringing a dog of a different breed into a home with an adult Chi is a different story though.  
I would suggest being very careful bringing your pug on your search for a Chi though.  Not all breeders, especially those who only breed Chihuahuas will welcome an outside dog, no matter what kind it is, into their kennel.  This is strictly a matter of safety for the puppies and also for the "pack" mentality of the group.  
But I can tell you...I have chi's and I had a friend who had 2 pugs, and they did well together.  They weren't together all the time, but when they were, they did fine.  
I think you would do fine to bring a chi puppy into your home.  Be careful though...remember your Pug, while not a big dog, will be much bigger than a Chi puppy, at least for a while.  Monitor their interaction carefully to ensure that nobody gets hurt.  And you will want a Chi puppy...I would say no older than 3 or 4 months old, before his "puberty" phase starts.  That's when trouble tends to arise when they are introduced to other dogs.  


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