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Last-modified: 23 Jul 1995

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      World Guide to Vegetarianism

The 20 parts of this guide contain a world list of vegetarian and
vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc.
Each part is posted on an independent schedule.

The guide is available on WWW in easy-to-use hypertext format on the
Vegetarian Pages at

        ** Please send us any new listings or corrections. **

The prefered way for you to send us updates is to use the forms on the
above mentioned WWW site. E-mail updates gladly accepted also, but
please format them in the same format as is used in this guide and
keep comments and reviews short, simple, and straight to the point.

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Canada part 1

This section has listings for the following:

  Restaurant Chains                 Vegetarian Magazines
  National Organizations            Mail-Order Companies

  New Brunswick    Nova Scotia      Ontario          Quebec


Restaurant Chains

Thanks to the Toronto Vegetarian Association for the following

These are by no means vegetarian, they are just listed here to make
you aware of what is, or what may soon be, available to you in fast
food restaurants, and also what is to be avoided.

You may also want to refer to the Fast Food Restaurants section at the
start of the USA listings for an idea of what to expect at the places
which are not listed below.

Baskin Robbins
- The Ices are vegan and they're excellent. The sugar cones, plain
  cones, and waffle cones are also all vegan.

Burger King
- At this moment Burger King is selling a vegetarian Whopper, which is
  just a regular Whopper with the meat pattie removed. Beware, the bun
  may contain lard, so ask at the restaurant you are at before
  ordering. Vegans hold the mayo. This whopper is not on the menu, but
  they have a button for it on their cash registers.
- French fries are vegan. However the onion rings may be fried
  alongside sausage patties.

Dairy Queen (Brazier)
- French fries are ok. Buns contain animal fat.

- You can get a burger without the meat pattie, but with all the
  works, for $0.85. This is the newly set official price. This
  'burger' is not on the menu, but they have a button for it on their
  cash registers. (This button is labelled 'bun'. Some employees may
  not know about it.) If these people need to be 'reminded' that such
  an offering exists, tell them to look at memorandum (or whatever)
  H13, dated February 19, 1992. It clearly states that such a burger
  is to be made available for $0.85.
- All frying is done in 100% vegetable oil.

- French fries are fried in the own vats in 100% vegetable oil.
- The breads, dressings, and desserts are vegetarian (but not vegan).
- Vegetarian soups are offered seasonally. Check ingredients.
- They are getting ready to launch a vegetarian battered product.
- Head office gets a 10 out of 10 for their interest in vegetarians.
  They are recognizing us a growing consumer force.

- Stay away from the french fries and hash browns. They are pre-fried
  in beef tallow before they reach the store where they are refried in
  vegetable oil.
- Their vegetarian pizza contains a derivative of hair and the sauce
  contains cheese.
- The head office will send you a complete guide to their products if
  you call. (416) 443-1000.

Mr. Submarine
- Buns are made with 100% vegetable oil. Salad dressings may contain
  hidden animal products. The ingredients list is available at all

Olive Garden
- Soups contain animal stock. Italian dressing contains cheese. Pasta
  is made with eggs.

- Stay away. They don't seem to want to answer our questions.

Swiss Chalet
- French fries are fried in beef tallow. Soups contain animal stock.
  Pie crust contains lard. Salad dressings may contain bacon and/or
- Gravy is vegetarian.

Taco Bell
- The soft burrito tortillas are not vegan, they contain non-fat dry
  milk. The corn tortillas however are vegan, as are their refried
- They don't use lard, tropical oils, MSG, sulfites, yellow dye #3.
- Vegan items: Bean Taco (order without cheese, lettuce and tomato
  can be added as an option), Nachos (order without cheese), Pintos
  'n Cheese with Red Sauce (order without cheese), Cinamon Twists.
- They have a "no meat" button on their cash registers which can be
  applied to any menu item.
- Their phone number is 1-800-TACO-BELL.

- The french fries are reportedly fried in beef tallow.
- Baked potatoes & salad are ok.

National Organizations

Canada EarthSave Society
Suite 103, 1093 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6H 1E2, (604) 731-5885
Mailing address: P.O. Box 34277, Station D, Vancouver, BC, V6J 4N8
- An educational non-profit organization that promotes awareness of
  the environmental and of the health consequences of our food

Canadian Vegans for Animal Rights
Suite 2504, 620 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2R8
(416) 924-1377

Vegetarian Magazines

The Canadian Vegetarian Magazine
552 Church Street, Box 79, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2E3
Tel: (416) 963-5057, Fax: (416) 532-8312
E-mail: Ann McQuillan <bs060@FreeNet.Carleton.CA>
- Published bi-monthly. Features information concerning vegetarianism,
  health, the environment, animal welfare, and issues that concern
  individuals interested in the betterment of themselves and the
  planet. Regular features include: beginners tips, book reviews, and
  recipes. Readers submissions are encouraged but not compensated.
  Available free at natural foods stores in Toronto. Subscriptions:
  $15/year, $25 for 2 years. To receive two sample copies, send a self
  addressed 8"x10" envelope with 2 regular stamps affixed.

U.S. Based Magazines:

Vegetarian Times, 1-800-435-9610

Vegetarian Journal, P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203, (410) 366-VEGE

Veggie Life, PO Box 57159, Boulder, CO 80322-7159

Vegetarian Gourmet, PO Box 7641, Riverton, NJ 08077-7641 (08077-9141?)

Good Medicine, PCRM, P.O. Box 6322, Washington, DC 20015
  (202) 686-2210

The Animal's Agenda, 3201 Elliott Street, Baltimore, MD 21224,
  (410) 675-4566

Vegetarian Newsletters

A Vegan's Journal
c/o Bill Maddex, P.O. Box 2552, Madison, WI 53701-2252.
- Billy Magic's gourmet vegan cooking newsletter. Contains original
  recipes, information on vegan cooking techniques not covered in
  other publications, information about vegan products, and Bill's own
  reflections on food and the fun of making it. The newsletter comes
  out once every six weeks and is about 15-20 pages per issue. It
  should include two 4-5 course dinners and 1 or 2 simple but elegant
  weekday evening dinners per issue. 1995 subscription rates are US:
  $20/yr, Canada: US$24/yr, and Europe US$29/yr. Don't miss your
  opportunity to subscribe to what promises to be a great vegan
  cooking newsletter.

Mail-Order Companies

Old Fashion Foods, Regina, Saskatchewan, 1-800-667-3334
- Mail-order natural foods.

Rainbow Natural Foods
1487 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 6R9, (613) 726-9200

The PAWS Store
8503 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone/FAX: (206) 782-1700
- Books, cookbooks, cruelty-free items, clothing, shoes, fake leather
  jackets, vegetarian pet food, household and personal care products,
  gift items, buttons, stickers, posters. Everything is vegan! Managed
  by Bob Chorush, previously of The Animal Rights Store/Catalog. Free
  catalog. Will ship to Canada.

Harvest Direct
P.O. Box 4514, Decateur, IL 62525, (800) 8-FLAVOR, (217) 422-3324
- Burgers, TVP, sauces, herbs, mixes, excellent vegan Worchestershire
  sauce. Ask for their excellent catalog. Will ship to Canada.

New Brunswick

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of New Brunswick
c/o Sue Giberson, 08 Edinburgh Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick,
E3B 2C9, (506) 457-0980


St. John's

Many thanks to Michael Clase <> for the following

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Stella's, 183 Duckworth Street, 753-9625
- Mostly vegetarian.

India Gate, 286 Duckworth Street, 753-6006
- Good selection of vegetable dishes, friendly, and inexpensive.

The Taj Mahal, 203 Water Street
- Also a good selection of vegetable dishes including some vegetarian
  tandoori dishes.

Magic Wok Eatery, 402 Water Street, 753-6907
- Large menu with several vegetarian dishes hidden in it. Has an
  obliging cook who will create other vegetarian dishes on demand.

Zapata Ole, 10 Bates Hill, 753-6215
- Mexican with a couple of good vegetarian entrees.

Aaron's, 27 Cookstown Road, 754-8226 (754-TACO)
- Donairs and Tacos. El Vegetariano burrito is very good. Cheap!

Natural Foods Stores:

Mary Jane's Specialty Foods, 377 Duckworth Street, 753-8466
- Whole foods/specialty foods/deli. Also does lunches.

Get Real Natural Foods, 266 Duckworth Street, 754-0808
- Everything is vegan.

Nova Scotia


Sunflower Natural Foods Store, 194 Main Street, 863-1194
- Natural foods store. Sunshine Cafe located inside offers sandwiches,
  chili, salads, tabouleh, baked things, desserts, etc. Open Mon-Sat.


The HerringChoker Deli, in Nyanza (about 10k before Baddeck)
- Store that serves big veggie sandwiches on fresh home-made bread,
  interesting salads, soups, various bakery goodies, and other

The HighWheeler Cafe, on the main street in Baddeck.
- Also a store that serves big veggie sandwiches on fresh home-made
  bread, interesting salads, soups, various bakery goodies, and other


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Satisfaction Feast, 1581 Grafton Street, 422-3548 (422-3540?)
- Large selection of appetizers, entrees, sandwiches, salads. Really
  good soup! Vegan options. Full service. Open Mon-Sun.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Soho Kitchen, 1582 Granville Street, (902) 423-3049
- This is a funky little restaurant that is also a folk-art gallery
  with a pottery shop in back. Eclectic cooking. Excellent vegetables.
  They will accomodate any request. Not to be missed. One of the
  chefs, Kyle Jackson, is a renowned folk artist. Open Mon-Sat

King Spring Roll, on Barrington Street
- Vietnamese restaurants with some very good vegetarian offerings.

Saigon de la Nuit, on Argyle Street
- Vietnamese restaurants with some very good vegetarian offerings.

Curry Village, on Clyde Street
- An Indian restaurant (mentioned in Where to Eat in Canada, 1991 or
  1992) with a good selection of vegetarian things. Also, if you ask
  the waiter, you can get a vegetarian version of non-veg things.

The Granite Brewery, on Barrington Street
- Doesn't have very many veggie items, but if you are in the mood for
  vegetable chili, this place has the best I've ever had.

Samosa Plus, on Quinpool Road
- Has daily vegetarian specials and good, spicy samosas.

Natural Foods Stores:

Great Ocean, 6122 Quinpool Road, (902) 425-7400
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Great organic food. Homeopathic remedies.
  Open Mon-Wed 9am-6pm, Thu-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm.

Mary Jane's Alternative Tastes, on Hollis Street


Taj Mahal, Main Street, 542-1500
- East Indian vegetarian restaurant. Family owned & operated. Daily
  lunch special (a curry).

EOS Natural Foods (or something), Front Street



Almonte Natural Food Centre, 108 Queen, 256-1833
- Natural foods store.


Kardish, Barrhaven Town Centre, 825-5890
- Natural foods store.

Blackburn Hamlet

Apple & Spice, 110 Bearbrook, 830-2488
- Natural foods store.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Blackshop, 20 Hobson Street, (519) 621-4180
- European. Excellent food with quite a few options for vegetarians.
  The chef is always helpful and willing to modify dishes if asked.
  Nice ambiance (jazz trio on Sunday nights) and professional

Natural Foods Stores:

Sunrise Mills Natural Foods, 1025 King Street East, (519) 653-6661


Le Tournesol, 847 Notre-Dame, 443-2206
- Natural foods store.


Health Haven, 5555 Eglinton Avenue West (between Renforth and Dixie),
  (416) 621-3636
- Vegan. Terrific, excellent, amazing food. Among their menu items
  are: baked spring rolls, hot and sour soup, "steak" with noodles,
  and non-dairy cheesecake. The chef is quite an artist, so the
  presentation is beautiful. They also have take-out meal-in-a-box
  ($4 large, $3 small), among the selections being Tim Curry (soy
  nuggets in mildly hot curry sauce) and Suzy Peking (soy granules in
  spicy sweet Peking sauce). Both of these come with crunchy
  vegetables and fluffy fragrant mixed rice. You can even fax your
  order in ahead of time at 621-3636. Just provide your name,
  telephone or fax number, your order, and what time you plan to pick
  it up at. Also a natural foods store. Catering available. Open
  Mon-Wed 11am-7pm, Thu-Sat 11am-9pm. Closed Sundays.

Natural Foods Stores:

Health Haven, 5555 Eglinton Avenue West (between Renforth and Dixie),
- Oriental health foods, meat substitutes. Also a vegan restaurant.
  Open Mon-Wed 11am-7pm, Thu-Sat 11am-9pm. Closed Sundays.


Sheila's Natural Foods, Gloucester Centre, 1980 Ogilvie, 748-9147
- Natural foods store.

Spice Of Life, Beacon Hill Shopping Centre, 2339 Ogilvie, 745-1217
- Natural foods store.


- Latin American. Lots of vegetarian stuff. Great! No preservatives.
  Everything is home-made. Two of the cooks are apparently vegan.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Gate of India, 201 James Street North, (905) 528-5548
- Exotic Indian cuisine. Great tasting food!

Indian Palace, 191 James Street North, (905) 528-8807
- Authentic Indian cuisine. Great food, generous-sized servings, and
  prompt service.

Le Ganges, 234 King Street East, (905) 523-8812
- East Indian. Very good food and service, nice atmosphere.

Amigos, 115 George Street, (905) 522-3838
- Mexican. Great food and upbeat atmosphere. Try the Spicy Potatoes!
  Most (all?) food selections can be ordered as vegetarian.

Lion of Judah, 184 King Street East, (905) 523-4995
- Ethiopian. Vegan-friendly. Great food and reasonable prices. Buffet
  ($10, 1995) is half vegetarian. Wonderful Ethiopian coffee roasted
  before your eyes. Closed Sun.

Falafel Bite, 1335 Main Street West, right across from McMaster
  University, (905) 522-3855
- Middle-Eastern. Falafel. Very popular with students. Food is fresh
  and good. Opens around noon.

Natural Foods Stores:

Horn of Plenty, 24 King Street West, (905) 6327-9980
- A fantastic, well-stocked store. Small deli with a great selection
  of juices, muffins, and some sandwiches.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Hamilton Vegetarian Association
74 Alpine Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario, N2J 2T5 (?), (416) 575-4818


Granny's Natural Foods, Hazeldean Mall, Kanata, 592-4558
- Natural foods store.


Many of the restaurants in the area are vegetarian-friendly, often
serving veggie burgers and pasta dishes.

Vegetarian Restaurant, 722 Belmont West, Kitchener, (519) 570-9049
- Lacto-ovo vegetarian restaurant. Vegan friendly. Home-style
  cooking. Food ok. Very small. Inexpensive.

Natural Foods Stores:

Full Circle Natural Foods, 68 Queen Street South, (519) 744-5331
- Excellent bulk food selection with plenty of organic items. Good
  cold food section. A few organic fruits and veggies. Food
  supplements and some magazines also available. Open Mon-Wed
  9am-6pm, Thu-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm. Closed Sun.

The Old Kitchen Cupboard, 710 Belmont Avenue West, (519) 745-7765
- Organic vegetables and vegetarian food. Good selection of
  allergen-free food (gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, drug-free,
  etc). Natural cosmetics and health care products. Open Mon-Wed
  9am-6pm, Thu-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm. Closed Sun.

The Natural Food Market, 75 Bridgeport Road East, (519) 884-1811
- Good selection of allergen-free food (gluten-free, sugar-free,
  dairy-free, drug-free, etc). In-store bakery. Lots of vitamins,
  herbal remedies, supplements, etc. Some cold & fresh food. Open
  Mon-Wed 9am-6pm, Thu-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm. Closed Sun.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Kitchener-Waterloo Vegetarian Association
103 Marshall Street, Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 2T5 (?), (519) 746-5275

Univeristy of Waterloo Vegetarian Club
Contact: Eric Davies, 886-9519, e-mail:

E-mail Mailing List:

Southern Ontario Vegetarian Mailing List
- A list to discuss issues local to Southern Ontario and to arrange
  get-togethers, restaurant outings, potlucks, etc. To subscribe, send
  your request to


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Mexicali Rosa, 215 Piccadilly, 434-7672
- "South Californian dining" with many vegetarian dishes on the menu.

T.J. Baxters, 660 Richmond
- Vegetarian burgers (Yves'), fries in vegatable oil, vegetarian

Lal Qila, 748 Richmond (at Oxford)
- Indian Tandoori

Waldo's, 215 Picadilly
- Not a vegetarian restaurant, but they are more than able to whip up
  something that is vegetarian or vegan. If you want vegetarian "fine
  dining" then this is the place.

Mistros, north side of Dundas, between Wellington and Waterloo
- Upscale restaurant that will modify dishes to make them vegetarian
  or vegan. Lovely meal with great quality.

Hellas, east side of Richmond just north of Dundas
- Greek restaurant with some vegetartian appetizers and a vegetarian
  meal. Filling.

The East & West African Restaurant, 934 Dundas Street E, 433-5079
  (East London)
- Ethiopian/Eritrean. At least 3 vegetarian and one special each day.
  The eating utensil is injera a tasty soft flat bread. "The veggie
  stuff is GREAT!"

The Abyssinia, 640 Dundas Street E, 432-8897 (East London)
- Ethiopian dishes. Usually 3 vegetarian items on the menu. Ethiopian

Say Cheese, 246 Dundas, 434-0341 (Downtown)
- Probably not suitable for vegan, but usually a number of selections
  for the ovo-lacto vegetarian. Excellent cheese soup.

Strange Angels, 129 Albert Street, 432-8484 (near downtown)
- Usually a few (good) items that you have never heard of on the menu.
  Vegan friendly. Great (but strange) atmosphere! Strange food, good
  prices, strange hours (Closed Monday and Tuesday I think -- we tried
  to visit 3 times before finding it open!)

Mykonos, 572 Adelaide Street N, 434-6736
- Greek. For the lacto-vegetarian an excellent spanokopito and
  eggplant/zuccinni in phylo pastry. Good service, small dining area
  decorated with posters and prints, with patio seating in the summer.

Natural Foods Stores:

Grains Beans and Things, 268 Piccadilly
Field Fare Co-operative, 577 Hamilton
Foot for Thought, Wetown Plaza
London Co-Op Store, 621 Princess Avenue
Quarter Masters, 176 Wortley

There is a farmer's market near Richmond and Dundas. Ask someone for
directions when you get to this corner. The market is somewhat

Vegetarian Organizations:

Forest City Vegetarian Association
30 Buttermere Road, London, Ontario, N4G 4L1, (519) 434-1552

University of Western Ontario Vegetarian Society
University Community Centre, University of Western Ontario, London


Manotick Tea Room, 5536 Main Street, 692-3747
- 11 vegetarian entrees plus additional daily vegetarian specials.
  Owners are vegetarian. Victorian era decor. Vegetarian catering
  service. 10% discount to Ottawa Vegetarian Society members.

Alexandra's Food Shop, 5542 Ann, 692-3580
- Natural foods store.


Mississauga Vegetarian Association
3150 Ridgeway Drive, Suite 25, Mississauga, Ontario, L9L 2W1
Tel: (905) 569-9076


Natural Foods Stores:

Kardish, Merivale Fair, 1568 Merivale, 226-7317
Kardish, Ikea Centre, 10 Stafford, corner Robertson, Bells Corners,
Mother Hubbard's, Greenbank Square Shopping Centre, 820-3178
Natural Food Basket, 150 Robertson Road, Bells Corners, 820-3178

Niagara Falls

Coming soon (1994) - Maharishi Veda Land
- A $1.5 billion vegetarian theme park, built within audio range of
  the Falls, by vegetarian magician Doug Henning. Featuring 33
  "wonderous" hi-tech attractions including the world's only
  levitating building, floating 15 feet over water. Will also contain
  a business conference centre, health centre, 1000 unit residential
  complex, Tower of Peace for reconciling international conflicts,
  even a proposed university able to accomodate 7000 students of
  yogic flying. The theme park will be "completely climatized" to
  provide a veritable heaven on earth year-round. Henning expects
  20,000 visitors per day at Veda Land. Plans are also now in the
  works for similar facilities in Florida, Holland, and Japan.
- ** Does anyone have any news on this place? Please let the Guide
  coordinators know.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Niagara Vegetarian Association
94 Autumn Place, St. Catherines, Ontario, L2P 3W8


Kardish, Place D'Orleans, 837-8266
- Natural foods store.

Pantry Plus, 2451 St Joseph, corner Orleans, 830-5790
- Largest bulk food store in Eastern Ontario.


See also: Almonte, Barrhaven, Blackburn Hamlet, Embrun, Gloucester,
          Kanata, Manotick, Nepean, Orleans, Stittsville, Vanier.

See also in Quebec: Hull, Aylmer, Gatineau, Wakefield.

Many thanks to the Ottawa Vegetarian Society for some of the
information in the Ottawa area listings.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Green Door, 198 Main Street, 234-9597
- Pay by weight buffet, about $1.50 per 100 grams. Vegan and
  macrobiotic options. Organic items used when possible. Sugar and
  honey free baked goods. Very popular. Open Tue-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun

The Pantry Vegetarian Tea Room, Glebe Community Centre, 690 Lyon
- Food is organic where possible. Open Mon-Fri noon-3pm.

Govinda's, 212 Somerset E. (near U of Ottawa), 565-6544
- Run by Hare Krishnas. All-you-can-eat buffet, $7, students, $5.
  Vegan-friendly. 10% discount for OVS members. Open Tue-Sat 5pm-8pm.

Peace Garden Cafe, 47 Clarence Street, Times Square, Byward Market,
- Vegetarian gourmet coffee house and juice bar with international
  vegetarian cuisine. Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-8:00pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

SuperNatural Cafe, L'Esplande Laurier, 171 Bank Street, 567-1002
- Natural "fast" foods. Burgers, tofu dogs, soyabean ice cream.
  10% discount for OVS members. Open for lunch only.

The Roses Cafe, 523 Gladstone, 233-5574
- Mostly Indian food. Most of menu is vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Have
  South Indian specialties like masala dosa. Vegan nan bread! Good
  food. The owner is always trying new dishes. Reasonably priced.
  Small. Cozy atmosphere. Open Mon-Sat 8am-2pm & 5pm-10pm.

Addis Cafe, 1093 Wellington, 725-5127
- Ethiopian food. Half of the menu is vegan, and they even state this
  in their Yellow Pages listing. Reasonably priced. Highly
  recommended. Food is excellent. Very friendly owner who is sensitive
  to vegetarian/vegan requirements. Flexible with menu items. Live
  jazz Friday & Saturday evenings. Live music other evenings? Open
  evenings & weekdays for lunch.

The Horn of Africa, 364 Rideau Street, 789-0025
- Ethiopian. Vegetarian section on menu. Located in someone's house.

Madras Cafe, 66 Wylie Avenue, across from Brittania 6 movie theatre,
- South Indian. Half menu vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Fairly cheap.
  "Get the Masala Dosa lunch special." Open daily 11:30am-2pm &

Mahal restaurant, 292 Albert Street, downtown, 563-1500
- Excellent Indian restaurant with plenty of vegetarian choices

Chahaya Malaysia, 749 Bank Street, 237-4304
- Fabulous Malaysian/Thai food. Lots of vegetarian dishes. They are
  willing to make vegetarian substitutions in non-vegetarian dishes.
  Ask for their spring rolls without the crab meat... phenomenal,
  though not on the menu.
- 'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

Dar Tajine, 256 Preston, 232-4300
- North African, Morrocan. Try the veggie couscous.

Silk Roads, 300 Sparks Street Mall, 236-4340
- Afghan. Full service. Expensive. Open Mon-Sun.

Sam's Falafel/Tabouleh Garden, 464 Rideau Street, 241-6192
- Authentic Lebanese food. Part of the menu is vegan, part vegetarian,
  and they will prepare a special vegan dinner with dishes not on the
  menu, for a large group, with 24-hour notice. 10% discount for OVS

The Falafel House, 169 Charlotte (corner Rideau), 789-2235
- Small cafe style place with low priced Lebanese haute cuisine.

Haveli's, 87 George Street, Market Mall, Byward Market, 230-3104
- Indian. Excellent $9 lunch buffet Mon-Fri, $11 on Sun. Good service.
  Nice decor.

Sitar restaurant, 417 Rideau Street, downtown, 230-2222
- Indian.

New Delhi, 417 Bank Street (corner Frank), 237-4041
- Indian. They use less fat, more herbs, and less spices than at most
  Indian restaurants, resulting in much more exotic tasting dishes.
  Each dish is unique and different. They use butter in the pulao rice
  though, but they won't use any if you can call in ahead of time. Can
  prepare dishes to request. Reasonable prices. "I did notice they are
  not very busy. I wouldn't want them to go bankrupt. So take a friend
  there for dinner tonight!"

Passage to India, on Rideau between Charlotte and Cobourg
- Indian. Very friendly staff. "I recommend the three complete
  vegetarian dinners." Take-out.

Domus Cafe, 269 Dalhousie Street, 235-4586
- Natural foods cafe in the back of a kitchen-wares/cookbook store.
  Eclectic gourmet foods prepared with fresh local produce. Menu
  changes daily. Full service/take-out. Open Mon-Sun for breakfast &

Cafe Bohemian, 89 Clarence Street, in the market
- Daily vegetarian specials.

Elgin Street Diner, 374 Elgin Street, 235-3063
- Not vegan-friendly. Has a very good lentil burger and a passable
  vegetarian club sandwich. Dinner specials often include vegetarian
  options. Always have a vegetarian soup on the menu. Fries cooked
  in vegetable oil. Also delicious pancakes for non-vegans. Their
  genuine maple syrup is produced without the use of pork fat. Have
  not inquired whether the cheese is rennet-free. Owners are very
  friendly and accommodating. Highly recommended, especially for
  those late night cravings. Open 24 hours.

Hacienda Dos Gringos, 594 Rideau Street, 230-1185
- Separate vegetarian menu. Small and pleasant.

Yangtze, 700 Somerset W. (in Chinatown), 236-0555
- Vegetarian selection better than most oriental restaurants.

Yan's, 222 Besserer, 236-4166
- Malaysian & Chinese. Buffet with good vegetarian selection on
  Wednesday nights, $9.50.

Glebe Cafe, 840 Bank Street (corner 4th Avenue), 235-1289

Singapore Restaurant, 2280 Carling Avenue, in the west end, 820-4119

Salvatore Restaurant, 388 Booth Street, Little Italy, 233-4731
- Italian. Vegetarian dishes include Linguine Prima Vera, Gnocchi,
  and Penne Arrabiate. 10% discount for OVS members.

Mamma Teresa, 300 Somerset W. (at O'Connor), downtown, 236-3023
- Italian.

Fida's Pizzeria, on Seneca Street
- Good pizza, even when ordered without cheese.

Andrew Lay's Hotdog Cart, intersection of Bank Street and Sparks
- Really big tofu dogs, $2. He cooks the tofu dogs away from the other
  hotdogs. Whole-wheat buns. Fresh toppings and condiments. Seasonal?

William Street Cafe, in the market
- "The yummiest, garliciest, veggie-est veggie burger I have ever
  had. Fantastic! Costs over $8 though."

The New Mill
- They have an excellent vegetarian plate, but it's not on the menu.

The Manx Pub, on Elgin
- Amazing soup and veggie burgers.

Natural Foods Stores:

  Green Village Fine Foods, 860 Bank, 232-5147
  Herb and Spice, 375 Bank, 232-4087
  Herb and Spice, 1310 Wellington, 722-5747
  Kardish, 47 Clarence, Times Square, Byward Market, 236-6937
  Karla's, 37 William, Byward Market, 236-2706
  Natural Food Pantry, 87 George, Market Mall, Byward Market, 232-6629
  Sante Natural Foods, 121 O'Connor, 233-9972
  Vogel, Rideau Centre, 230-0034
  Wheat Berry, 206 Main, 235-7580 (Organic produce year-round)

:Ottawa South:
  Kardish, Herongate Mall, 1670 Heron, 523-5797
  Kardish, 2515 Bank, corner Hunt Club, 737-0305
  Natural Food Pantry, Billings Bridge Plaza, 737-9330

:Ottawa West:
  Rainbow Nat.Foods, Britania Shopping Plaza, 1487 Richmond, 726-9200
  - Well stocked. Make their own soya milk with a natural process,
    dubbed "Soya Cow", which makes is taste non-beany. Also have a
    vegetarian deli-bar.
  Kardish Specialty Foods, Carlingwood Mall, 2121 Carling, 722-8251
  Natural Food Pantry, Westgate Mall, 728-1255
  Peter's Health Foods, 2525 Carling, 829-1122

What the Supermarket Chains have to offer:

Loblaws - An ever growing small selection of their own President's
  Choice vegetarian products.
Your Independant Grocer - Same company as Loblaws, so same selection.
LOEB IGA - Some have impressive stock of health foods, including
  Tofutti fake ice cream.


The Ottawa Organic Farmer's Market, in Kingsway United Church,
  630 Island Park Drive, info: Sue Baily 241-4167
- Open Sat from 10am-2pm.

Ottawa Organic Food Alternative, 730-0740
- A not-for-profit organization that supplies organically grown food
  and various minimally processed products. This organization works
  with local farmers to provide organically grown vegetables. Also
  distributes various dry goods (grains to cleaning products) from
  suppliers that have demonstrated a commitment to organic farming,
  minimal packaging, and fair trading. Orders are placed and fulfilled
  every 3 months.

Bailey's Savoury Entrees Catering, 241-4167
- Vegetarian catering. 10% discount for OVS members.

The Bagel Shop, opposite the Herb & Spice at 1310 Wellington
- Sometimes has all the different flavours of Toffuti cream cheese.

Carleton University Vegetarian Club's Radio Show
Contact: Edward Jurewicz, 236-7950
- Airs for 15 minutes each Thursday at 7:35am on CKCU 93.1 FM.

Vegetarian SIG on the National Capital FreeNet
  300-2400 bps lines: 564-3600
  9600-14400 bps lines: 564-0808
- Type 'go veg' from the main menu to access the vegetarian SIG.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Ottawa Vegetarian Society (OVS)
P.O. Box 4477, Station E, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B4
Contact: Andrew Tidman (613) 230-1798
- Holds potlucks the third Sunday of each month at the Sandy Hill
  Community Centre, 250 Somerset Street East, 6pm-9pm. Bring a dish
  of vegetarian (vegan if possible) food, your own plate and utensils,
  and a donation of $1 or $2 towards the rental of the facilities.

Carleton University Vegetarian Club
c/o CUSA, 401 Unicenter Building, Carleton University, Ottawa,
Ontario, K1S 5B6

Coronary Health Improvement Project Association (CHIP)
Contact: Don Stewart 749-8561
- Holds a vegan potluck on the second Sunday of each month at the
  Seventh Day Adventist Church, 2200 Benjamin Street, 6pm-10pm. Bring
  a vegan dish that will feed 8 to 10 people.

Ottawa Vegetarian Dining Club
Contact: Amin Kabani, 729-7282, e-mail:
- Meets at local restaurants on the second Friday of each month. The
  objectives of this club are to: explore what is available in area
  restaurants for vegetarians; encourage and help restaurants and
  institutions to increase their vegan offerings; make traditionally
  non-vegetarian restaurants become vegan-friendly; educate the public
  about the delights of fine vegan dining; provide a forum where
  vegetarians and non-vegetarians can meet. Non-vegetarians are
  particularly welcome.

Owen Sound

Vegetarian Organizations:

Grey-Bruce Vegetarian Association
545 1st Street West, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 5Y2, (519) 371-4684
or c/o Whole Foods, 941 2nd Avenue, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 2H5,
(519) 371-1172

Richmond Hill

Vegi Garden, 328 Highway 7 East, 881-2388
- Chinese vegetarian restaurant.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Lotus Pond Vegetarian Restaurant, 3838 Midland, 412-3140
- Excellent Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Large restaurant. Large
  variety of gluten dishes.

The Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen, 3290 Midland, 292-7095
- Buddhist Chinese vegetarian. Also sell assorted gluten (mmm...
  delicious) for take-out.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Madras Palace, 1249 Ellesmere Road 759-5400
- An excellent South Indian restaurant. Vegan-friendly. You should
  definitely try their Masala Dosa, Madras Thali, Poori, Buriyani etc.
  Their other speciality includes "Madras Coffee", a special blend of
  coffee which is available only in this restaurant in Norh America.
  Open Sun-Thu noon-11:30pm, Fri-Sat noon-midnight.

Natural Foods Stores:

Green Vegetarian Mart, 23 Milliken Blvd, B-21, 609-0443
- Oriental vegetarian store. Mostly oriental vegetarian goods of the
  variety not found in oriental groceries. Also sell TVP chunks and
  Worthington food products.

St. Catharines

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Bansaree Indian Restaurant, 342 St. Paul, 684-3411
- Excellent food, moderately priced and pleasant atmosphere. Vegans
  need to request that they omit the butter from some dishes.

Talk of the Town, 165 King Street, 685-1442
- Lebanese. Moderately priced, nice setting. Vegetarian section on
  menu. I lunch here at least once a week.

Samara, 165 King Street, 687-3427
- Middle Eastern. Inexpensive. Rather plain surroundings.

Cellar Bench, 101 King Street
- Delightfully eccentric chef offers a unique menu. Vegan friendly.
  Wine bar.

North-Central, just south of the QEW (the main highway between
  Buffalo, N.Y. and Toronto, Ontario)


Kardish, Stittsville Mall, 831-4084
- Natural foods store.

Nature's Basics Bulk Foods, 1488 Main, 831-2695
- Natural foods store.



Zoglo's Vegetarian Choice, 42 Prince Edward Blvd, (416) 414-6004
Contact: Yael Elnakave
- A wide variety of vegetarian (not vegan) entrees made from soya. The
  products are manufactured in Israel and are kosher. They are
  currently distributed in many health food stores and some
  supermarkets. They are also marketed in Europe under the Greenfields
  brand name. More information may be obtained by contacting the above
  or emailing David Collinson at


See also: Etobicoke, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough,

Thanks to the Toronto Vegetarian Association and their Toronto
Vegetarian Handbook for much of the following information.

Vegan Restaurants:

Juice for Life, 238 Queen Street West (in the Market), 408-3581
- Juice bar with food counter. Natural fruit juices, including wheat
  grass juice. Typical, average food which is sometimes good sometimes
  not. Burgers, sandwiches, baked samosas, Thai spring rolls, soup,
  salads. Staff is very laid back, be prepared to wait. Some groceries
  available. Discount for TVA members. Open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat
  9am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm.

Smart Bar & Eatery, 754 Queen Street West, 504-0653
- "Toronto's first all-natural smart drink bar. Healthy herbal drinks
  for energy, mental acuity, etc." Menu includes pasta, various
  vegi-burgers, burritos, samosas, soups etc. Excellent deserts (tofu
  cheesecakes). Open Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 2pm-8pm.

Vegetarian Restaurants:


  Buddha's Vegetarian Foods, 666 Dundas Street West, 867-1020
  - Buddhist Chinese vegan. 8 types of gluten, spring rolls, vegetable
    filled dumplings and buns. Limited seating. Catering available.

  Bo De Duyen, 254 Spadina Avenue, 601-1247
  - Chinese vegetarian. Over 40 main dishes. Clean and spacious.
    Discount for TVA members.

  Tinh Tam Trai, 1702 St. Clair Avenue West (near Caledonia), 653-9327
  - Vietnamese. Noodles, rice, soups. No MSG. Spicy & non-spicy.
    Catering available. Discount for TVA members.


  Annapurna, 1085 Bathurst Street, 537-8513
  - Primarily South Indian but also have international and macrobiotic
    dishes. Toronto's oldest vegetarian restaurant (since 1974).
    Excellent masala dosa. Fresh salads. Daily specials. Indian food
    not available from 3pm-5pm. Catering available. Open
    Mon,Tue,Thu-Sat noon-9pm, Wed noon-6:30pm.

  Chowpatty, 1541 Victoria Park (just off Eglinton)
  - Indian lacto-vegetarian. Small but friendly environment.
    Delicious, mostly vegan food. Run by a very affable Jain.

  Govinda's Dining Lounge, Hare Krishna Centre, 243 Avenue Road (at
    Dupont), 922-5415
  - Lacto-vegetarian Indian and international cuisine. All you can eat
    for $6. Good Indian food, if you don't mind the rather unpleasant
    smell of their incense. (At least I think it's incense!) Catering
    available. Open Mon-Sat noon-8pm.


  Cafe A Deux, 2839 Bathurst Street (near Glencairn), 784-4388
  - Pizza, pasta, salads. Catering available. Closed Friday nights and

  My Zaidy's Bagel, 3456 Bathurst Street (near Lawrence), 789-0785
  - Lasagna, pasta, salads, knishes, blintzes. Catering available.

  Milk 'n Honey, 3457 Bathurst Street (near Lawrence), 789-7651
  - Pizza, vegetable cutlets, blintzes, crepes. Salad bar. Catering

  Mati's Pizza & Falafel, 3430 Bathurst Street (near Wilson), 783-9505
  - Closed Fri nights and Saturdays.


  The Vegetarian, 2 locations:
    Downtown: 4 Dundonald (near Yonge), 961-9522
    Westend: 2849 Dundas Street W (at Keele), 762-1204
  - Interesting food that tastes good!! Cafeteria style. Hearty
    entrees. Burgers, salads, desserts. Very friendly & courteous
    staff. Relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. All-you-can-eat buffet on
    Tuesday nights. Soft entertainment Thursdays after 7:30pm.
    Downtown location has a patio. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-9:30pm,
    Fri-Sat 11:30am-10pm, Sun 4:30pm-9pm.

  Earth Tones, 357 Queen Street West (near Spadina), 977-8044
  - Pretty good fast-food type place. Fairly cheap. Daily specials.
    Interesting salads. Soups. Juice bar. Catering available. Discount
    for TVA members. Closed Sunday.

  Hey Good Cooking, 238 Dupont Street (near Spadina), 929-9149/9140?
  - Asian and European. Spicy and non-spicy dishes. Burgers,
    casseroles, curries, rotis. Catering available. Discount for TVA

  Kensington Natural Bakery & Cafe, 460 Bloor Street West, 534-1294
  - Pay by weight buffet. Burgers. Great range of vegan desserts.
    Catering available. Discount for TVA members.

  Lennie's Deli, 489 Parliament Street (at Carleton), 967-5196
  - Take-out deli. Outdoor eating counter. Sandwiches, burritos, baked
    spring rolls, pasta, salads, hummus. Catering available.

  Naturally Yours, 44 Elington Avenue West (near Yonge), 485-5545
  - Eating conter inside a natural foods store. Burgers, tofu-dogs.
    Juice bar.

  Dandelion Deli & Juice Bar, 70 Yorkville Avenue, 922-1093
  - Juice bar and restaurant. Bright space overlooking Yorkville.
    Discount for TVA members. Open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 10am-8pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:


  Garlic Pepper, on Front Street, about a block west of the
    St. Lawrence Market
  - Has an excellent vegetarian section in its regular dinner menu. If
    you go for lunch, ask for the dinner menu instead. Favorites are
    the steamed vegetable dumplings with peanut sauce, the crispy tofu
    dices with honey garlic sauce, and the curry rice noodles (ask
    them to omit the eggs).


  Garam Masala, 100 Adelaide West
  - Vegan-friendly. No-frills family-run restaurant which serves a
    very good low-price buffet with many vegetarian/vegan choices.
    Located right in the financial district. Open 11:30am-8pm.

  Siddhartha, 207 Dundas Street West, downtown, 597-9440
  - Vegan-friendly. Excellent, elegant restaurant. Inform server that
    you need to avoid dairy if you are vegan, as some dishes contain
    dairy that is not explained on the menu. Licensed. Daily
    all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Open Sun-Sat.

  The Moghal, 3 locations:
    33 Elm Street between Yonge & Bay Streets, 597-0522
    563 Bloor Street W, 535-3315
    1190 Eglinton Avenue W, 782-0494
  - Good Indian food. Plenty of vegetarian dishes.

  Woodland's, 2 Locations:
    177 College, 593-7700
    505A Yonge, 967-4563
  - Not vegan-friendly. Although not primarily vegetarian, serves a
    Vegetarian Thali that is excellent. 2 different vegetarian dishes
    (1-cup servings), rice, raita and dessert along with bread.

  Darul Kabab, at Yonge and Maitland
  - Mentioned here only because it's Indian and open 24-hours a day.
    Excellent reviews by non-vegetarians.


  Enzo's Wood Oven Pizzeria, on Yonge Street
  - Excellent pizza. The best pizza in the city takes about 90 seconds
    to bake in a _HOT_ wood-fired oven, right next to the fire.


  Yofi's Restaurant & Cafe, 19 Baldwin Street, 977-1145
  - Salads, pita sandwiches, falafels, veggie lasagna. Fresh frozen-
    fruit yoghurt and fresh carrot juice. Across from Baldwin Natural

  Yerushalym of Gold, on Bathurst just north of Finch
  - Great falafels.


  Kensington Kitchen Cafe, 124 Harbord Street (near Spadina), 961-3404
  - Primarily vegan, no eggs, some dairy. Daily specials with mostly a
    Middle Eastern influence. Falafel, tabouli, hummus, couscous,
    pasta. Nice outdoor patio in summer.

  Falafel Hut, in York Lanes, on York University campus


  Ouzeri, 500-A Danforth Avenue (at Logan), 778-0500
  - Several vegetarian items. Tight seating. Relaxing atmosphere.
    Open daily 11:30am-4:30am.


  Arax, 1966 Queen East, (416) 693-5707
  - "This place immediately jumped up to my favorite restaurant. Very
    highly recommended." Expensive. Price for two including
    tip/tax/liquor was $70 to $80.


  Gojo, 785 Danforth Avenue (east of Pape), downstairs, 778-9454
  - Vegetarian Platter $6. Serve their food on a platter of injera.


  The Papaya Hut, 514 Yonge Street
  - Vegan-friendly. This store specializes in fruit and vegetable
    juices, such as papaya, mango, or coconut juice. They also have
    veggie burgers, fruit salads, and smoothies. "You will definitely
    enjoy what they have to offer."

  Tora, 492 Queen Street
  - Eccletic menu. Half the dishes were vegetarian (very big into goat
    cheese). Busy, but worth the wait. This seemed to be a very
    popular spot, especially with arts people.

  The Rivoli, 332 Queen Street West, 597-0794
  - Trendy Queen Street crowd occupies one of Toronto's busiest
    sidewalk patios. Closed Sunday.

  The Queen Mother Cafe, 208 Queen Street West, 598-4719
  - Excellent food. Nice backyard patio in summer. Closed Sunday.

  Blueberry Hill, on York University campus
  - Have some vegetarian fair.

Natural Foods Stores:

Noah's Natural Foods, 322 Bloor Street West (at Spadina), 968-7930
- Good selection of bulk products and frozen food, small selection of
  organic fruits & veggies. Great sesame seed bagels. TVA memebers
  receive 10% discount.

Baldwin Natural Foods, 20.5 Baldwin Street, 979-1777.
- Complete selection of organic fruits & vegetables, vitamins &
  mineral supplements, bulk foods, etc.

The Big Carrot, 348 Danforth Avenue, 466-2129.
- Best organic produce in Toronto, also the priciest. Fresh,
  unprocessed oils available, along with all other 'health' foods.
  Salad bar in back makes an excellent quinoa salad with fresh

Field Of Greens, Yorkville North Plaza, 100 Steeles Avenue West,
  (905) 771-6028
- Organic produce, juice bar, vegetarian deli, books. Open Mon-Wed
  10am-7pm, Thu-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun noon-5pm.

Vegetable Kingdom, 309 Augusta, Kensington Market, 927-1028
- Ontario's only organic fruit and vegetable market. Also has a wide
  selection of organic whole grains, beans, and grocery items. Open
  Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun noon-5pm.

7th Day Adventist vegetarian store, in the complex next to Branson
  Hospital on Finch W just west of Bathurst

Taste of Nature, 380 Bloor Street West, 925-8102

Unicorn Health Foods, 5021 Yonge Street, (416) 512-9016

Vegetarian Organizations:

Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA)
736 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2R4
Tel: (416) 533-3897
- Canada's oldest & North America's largest vegetarian organization.
  Members get the benefit of a bi-monthly newsletter, regular social
  events and lectures, special interest groups, and discounts at many
  Toronto area restaurants. The TVA publish the Vegetarian Handbook
  for Toronto & Canada which lists general information on
  vegetarianism and over 250 restaurants and other vegetarian
  resources. To get it send them $6(?). They also publish their own
  cookbook, "Vegetarian Tastes of Toronto".

Jewish Vegetarian Society of Toronto
113 Balliol Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1C2, (416) 485-9164

Canadian Vegans for Animal Rights
620 Jarvis Street, Suite 2504, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2R8
(416) 924-1377

The Toronto Vegetarian Association presents an Annual Vegetarian Food
Fair. In 1994, an estimated 10000 people attended! In 1995, it will
be held on September 8-10. The fair will feature over 70 exhibits,
free food samples, cooking demonstrations, a vegetarian marketplace,
an organic food market, an international vegetarian cafe, health and
nutritional information, informative talks, musical entertainment,
educational videos, children's activities, and more. Admission is
free! The fair be at the York Quay Centre, Harbourfront Centre,
235 Queen's Quay West. The hours will be Fri 4pm-8pm, Sat 11am-8pm,
and Sun 11am-6:30pm.


Eatmor Natural Foods, 64 Beechwood, Vanier, 741-1572
- Natural foods store.


See Kitchener-Waterloo.


Armenian Kitchen, on Victoria Park between Eglinton and Lawrence
- "Best falafels in Toronto area. *All* of the food there is great.
  Nice staff as well."


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Vegetarian Delight
- Indian. Offers an all-you-care-to-eat buffet for $4.99 (1995).
  Excellent and very cheap.



Sol Natural Foods, 195 rue Principale, 684-0512
- Natural foods store.


Natural Foods Stores:

Gagne Au Kilo, Les Promenades De L'Outaouais, 1100 Boul Maloney O,

La Mere Nature, 920 Boul Maloney O, 561-5036

Cuisine Soleil

Vogel, Les Promenades De L'Outaouais, 568-1830


See also: Aylmer, Gatineau, Wakefield.

See also in Ontario: Ottawa, Almonte, Barrhaven, Blackburn Hamlet,
                     Embrun, Gloucester, Kanata, Manotick, Nepean,
                     Orleans, Stittsville, Vanier.

Natural Foods Stores:

Fringale Nature, 50-1 rue Fortier, 770-7726
- Take-out counter. Catering.

La Boite A Grains, 581 Boul St Joseph, 771-3000

La Pain d'Alain

Vogel, Le Village Place Cartier, 595-9349


Au Grand Bois, c/o Lenny & Arleen Prost, Ladysmith, Quebec, J0X 2A0
  (819) 647-3522
- A non-profit vegetarian camp located on 565 acres of rolling hills,
  woods, fields, streams, and ponds. Meals are mostly vegan with some
  dairy used. Fully vegan and macrobiotic meals are available. An
  organic garden supplies fresh greens and vegetables. The camp
  accomodates children between the ages of 8 and 16. It is a small
  camp with about 50 children per session. Camp activites try to
  encourage friendships, respect for others, and an understanding of
  our natural environment.


Vegies Story Land, 169 St. Jean D'Arc, (514) 738-9062
- Vegetarian. Reservation appreciated (may be closed otherwise).
  Cafeteria style. Inexpensive. Is also a bed & breakfast place. Open
  on weekends during the summer.


Thanks to McGill for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (META), the
vegetarian student organization at McGill University, and especially
Steve Leckie for the bulk of the information on Montreal.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Bouffe Nature Resto-Vegetarien, 4571 St. Denis, 982-0049
- Small. Uses only high quality ingredients. Daily specials. Homemade
  tofu ice cream and desserts. Catering available.

Manbo, 81 La Gauchetiere W, Chinatown, 392-7778
- Buddhist Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Supposedly vegan but the
  fortune cookies contain eggs.

International Vegetarian House, 7245 St-Hubert Street, 272-0170
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. International food, including
  Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, French, etc. Tofu specialties.
  Run by a religious organization. Also known as The International
  Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Associations Vegetarian House.
  Open Tue-Sun 10am-10pm.

Bimbo, 58 Fairmount W, 495-4543
- Large menu. Pizza. Macrobiotic dishes. Courtyard in back.

Cafe Gigi, 6922 Sherbrooke W, east of Loyola campus, 485-3924
- Delicious food and a homey atmosphere. Outdoor terrace in front.
  Closed Sunday. Catering. Personal cooking instructions available on

Bouffe Nature - Le Comptoir, 1212 St. Denis, 844-8049
- Counter-style. Open Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm.

Cafe Kaballah, Galerie Fokus, 68 Duluth E, 284-7731
- Combination art gallery and inexpensive cafe that offers soup,
  sandwiches, tofu hot-dogs, and daily specials. No eggs used.

Kumar, 705 Beaumont, 272-7730
- Traditional Indian cuisine at reasonable prices. Masala Dosas
  offered on weekends. No eggs used. Catering available.

Pushap's, 2 locations:
  5195 Pare near Namur metro station, 737-4527 (small)
  11999 Gouin W, Pierrefonds, 683-0556 (larger)
- Excellent Indian vegetarian food. Family-run. Catering available.
  Full service. Open Mon-Sun.

Pheonix Cafe, St. Laurent close to Pine, upstairs
- Vegetarian co-op. Cheap and good.

Take-Out Only (all vegetarian):

La Boulange du Commensal, 5043 St. Denis, 843-7741
- Bakery. Take-out meals. Catering available.

La Chaudron Magique, 5702 St. Laurent, 279-2028
- Vegan. Lunch-time take-out. Macrobiotic dinner & lecture Friday at
  6:30pm. Closed Saturday.

Mission Sante Thuy, 1138 Bernard W, 272-9386
- Hot and cold buffet for take-out during the day.

Vegecuisine, 1048 Van Horne, 495-3439
- Bakery, take-out, and small natural foods store. No eggs used.
  Catering available.

Chloe Fox, Snowdon, 484-0338
- Vegan. Weekly meal service: main courses, salads, desserts. Catering

Vegetarian Caterers:

Sri Ganesh, 499-0752
- Vegan. Fine, authentic Indian cuisine for catering.

Vege-Traiteur (Ferme A.B.C.), 1243 Rte Ste-Genevieve, Roxton-Falls,
  (514) 548-2752

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Basha, 3 locations:
  930 St. Catherine Steet W, near Peel, 866-4272
  2140 Guy, 932-6682
  Carrefour Angrignon, 364-5243
- Middle Eastern. Cafeteria style. Falafel. Good Middle-Eastern
  vegetarian combo (may include hummus, taboule, foul moudamas,
  mjeddra, baba ganouj, moussaka, salads, pickled turnip, and much
  more... what you get depends on what is available and you can
  usually talk the staff into "customizing" your plate). The St.
  Catherine Street location serves better food, can usually provide
  whole wheat pita instead of white pita, and has friendlier staff.

Mesob D'Or, 5690 Monkland, 488-8620
- Ethiopian. Several vegan entrees. Vegetarian/vegan combo plates
  which provide a sampler of each vegetarian/vegan selection on the
  menu (split peas, spicy mixed vegetables, spinach, lentils, etc).
  Served with delicious Injera bread. Delicious and inexpensive ($9 in
  Nov 1994), but not for the extra low-fat conscious. Open Tue-Sun

Nil Bleu, 5690 Monkland, 488-8620
- Ethiopian. Vegan combo plate, served with delicious Injera bread.
  All you can eat lunch buffet ($5.95 in Nov 1994) offers many vegan
  choices. Open Mon 6pm-11:30pm, Tue-Sun 11:30am-11:30pm.

Restaurant Nataraj, 1639 St. Catherine W, across from Faubourg
  Ste-Catherine, 938-1395
- Indian. Many vegan choices. All you can eat buffet which includes a
  large vegetarian section. No eggs or dairy used in the vegetable and
  lentil dishes (vegetable oil is used). Butter used for nan bread and
  dairy used in some of the deserts. Buffet runs noon-3pm for lunch
  ($6.95 in Nov 1994) and 4pm-6pm for dinner ($9.95). Open Mon-Sun

Pizza Pita, 5710 Victoria Avenue, 731-PITA
- Kosher. Totally amazing falafel. $3.10 gets you a huge ball shaped
  falafel with great stuff inside, not your usual lettuce, etc. Also
  spaghetti and lasagna. Take-out or eat-in. Closed Friday nights &

Foxy's Kosher Pizza and Falafel, 5987 Victoria Avenue, 739-8777
- Kosher. Also lasagna, hummus, soup. Take-out or eat-in. Covered
  outdoor area in front. Closed Friday nights & Saturdays.

La Salsa, 4306 St. Laurent, 982-9462
- Mexican restaurant. Vegan tacos and vegetarian burritos. Salsa bar
  with a variety of salsas. Nice decor.

A Novo, 4135 St. Denis, 844-4575
- Chic St. Denis restaurant with a sunny outdoor terrace.

Cafe Les Entretiens, 1577 Laurier E, 521-2934
- Lively cafe with high ceilings.

Cafe Santropol, 3990 St. Urbain, 842-3110
- Cosy atmosphere & beautiful outdoor garden.

Paragraph Bookstore Cafe, 2065 Mansfield, 845-5811
- Popular spot for nearby McGill University students.

Woodlands, Guy below St. Catherine
- South Indian. Ghee tends to appear in everything, so vegans should
  ask to omit it.

Faubourg Ste-Catherine, 1616 St. Catherine W, 939-3663
- Restaurant complex. International food court featuring small
  cafeteria style stalls of varied ethnicities (Chinese, Japanese,
  Middle-Eastern, Indian, Italian, Thai, etc). Many offer vegetarian
  choices and some offer vegan choices. Vegan choices include
  vegetable sushi (Japanese stall), pasta (Italian stall), stir fries
  (several Chinese stalls and Thai stall), Middle Eastern vegetarian
  combo, falafel plate. Hours vary depending on stall, but are usually
  Sun-Wed 10:30am-8pm, Thu-Sat 10:30am-10pm.

Eaton Center food court, 705 St. Catherine W, 1st level, 288-3708
- Shopping center food court. International food court featuring small
  cafeteria style stalls of varied ethnicities (Chinese, Spanish,
  Middle-Eastern, Indian, Italian, etc). Many offer vegetarian choices
  and some offer some vegan choices. Vegan choices include pasta
  (Italian stall), stir fries (several Chinese stalls), Middle Eastern
  combo, falafel plate. Vegetarian choices include Spanish Paella,
  delicious Indian combo plate (Bombay Maharaj). Also has a health
  foods counter which features several salad selections. Hours vary
  depending on the stall, but are usually Sun-Wed 10:30am-6pm, Thu-Sat

Le Commensal, 4 locations:
  2115 St. Denis, 845-2627
  680 Ste. Catherine W, across from Eatons, 871-1480
  5122 Cote des Neiges, The Old Wax Museum, 733-9755
  141 St. Charles, Ste. Therese, Autoroute 15, exit 23, 433-0505
- Mostly vegetarian but many deserts are made with gelatin. Pay by
  weight buffet. Moderately expensive. Note: Twice I got severe food
  poisoning (stomache ache for nearly a week) after eating there (2
  different locations), and I rarely get sick otherwise. Bit into a
  pebble in the salad once. I never eat here anymore. Open daily.

Natural Foods Stores:

  Optima, on Sherbrooke Street across from McGill University
  - Large, 2 floors. Good selection, deli counter with take-out items.
    Also have books, bath stuff, magazines, music, etc.

  Aliment Natura, 1451 Gilford, 529-6328
  Bio et Cetera, 4660 St. Laurent, 849-4118
  Frenco, 3985 St. Laurent, 285-1319
  Homa, 3685 St. Laurent, 842-4571
  Kilo-Vrac, 1366 Ontario E, 525-2215
  Le Plateau, 4487 de la Roche, 523-4272
  Mission Sante, 1138 Bernard W, 272-9386
  Rachelle-Bery, 505 Rachel E, 524-0725 (semi-large)
  Rachelle-Bery, 2510 Beaubien E, 727-2327
  Tau, 4238 St. Denis, 843-4420 (very good)
  Vrac en Vrac, 3974 Ontario E, 524-5135

  A La Source, 3537 Lacombe, 342-0726
  A Votre Sante, 5122 Sherbrooke W, 482-8233
  Harvest, 1695 de Maisonneuve E, 932-1844
  Nature et Sante, 6929 Sherbrooke W, 482-0262
  Sesame, 5550 Sherbrooke W, 488-9886
  La Fleur Sauvage, 5561 Monkland, 482-5193
  Teva, 5209 Decarie Blvd, 486-5542

  L'Aube, 7901 St. Denis, 382-2917
  La Grosse Carotte, 311 Henri Bourassa E, 385-3028
  IHA, 1332 Fleury E, 388-5793
  Pural, 7494 St. Hubert, 274-7079

  La Butinerie, Marche de l'Ouest, D.D.O., 683-0346
  Pura, 908 Decarie, St-Laurent, 744-6148
  Source de la Sante, 103a Concorde W, Laval, 667-9729
  Tau, 6845 Taschereau, Brossard, 433-9922


Kosher Quality Bakery, 5855 Victoria Ave., 731-7883
- Sells Tofutti Better Than Creamcheese. Sometimes sell Tofutti
  dairy-free sour cream and an assortment of fruit ices and other hard
  to find items.

Pita Royal, 5897 Victoria Avenue, 341-9486
- Kosher pita bakery with totally amazing pita and an assortment of
  baked take-out foods. Closed Friday night & Saturday.

Vegetarian Organizations:

McGill for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (META)
c/o SSMU, 3480 McTavish, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1M8
Tel: (514) 345-5679, Fax: (514) 398-7490
- A McGill University student organization.

Animal Lib Collective
5295 Westmore, Montreal, Quebec, H4V 1Z6

For More Information:

META (see above) publishes a pamphlet titled "Montreal's Guide
to Vegetarian Eating". Send them a dollar and a SASE to get it.
It contains non-food related info too.


Natural Foods Stores:

La Rosalie, 1646-c chemin St-Louis, (418) 683-1936
- Has a vegan-friendly deli.

Quebec City

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Le Mille Feuville
- Very good food, and the prices very reasonable.

Le Commensal, 860 rue St-Jean, (418) 647-3733
- Good vegetarian food. Vegan-friendly. Service at the table or at the

Natural Foods Stores:

Le CRAC, 690, rue St-Jean, (418) 647-6881
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. "In Quebec City you can't ask for a more
  complete store for buying your vegetarian food." Open daily


See also: Aylmer, Gatineau, Hull.

Natural Foods Stores:

O Naturel, 224 Chemin Riverside, La Peche, 459-3518


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