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My 91/2 yr. old female Dachshound is totally paper ...

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Question by lily
Submitted on 7/22/2003
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My 91/2 yr. old female
Dachshound is totally paper
trained, I thought.  In one
week  she wet on the carpet
twice.  Is she just geting lazy
or is her age affecting her
thinking ability?

Answer by betty
Submitted on 8/4/2003
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my doxie, molly is seven months old and making me crazy i love her to death but she will eat anything she can get in her mouth i try to give her plenty of exercize but she is so very active any suggestions?


Answer by Joy
Submitted on 2/17/2004
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My female dachshound is Suki. I bought her because she has short legs and I didn't want the exercise.    But, thank God, she needs her walks and I need the exercise and people think she is lovely.  She needs and loves her ball.
So she walks me and she makes me kick the ball about. She then comes home happy. She will eat and then sleep.
She is a very bossy little dog and likes her routine.  I moved home with her recently and created a ramp from the door into the garden which she has taken to, but sometimes in the night she might not be bothered to use it and use the carpet instead.  In the morning she will avoid me because she knows what she has done.
She is a marvellous guard dog against anybody she doesn't know.  But once she has sniffed their boots and dropped the ball at their feet, they are ok with her.
All about Suki for now. Please get in touch if this means something to you.
Joy in London UK


Answer by Pat P
Submitted on 6/4/2004
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Your doxie may be trying to train you. Our Heidi (almost 7)has begun to "spite pee". If she is not getting her usual amount of  attention, she will jump up on the couch or bed, even if  someone is on it, squat and urinate right there right there, as if to say, "Now  you'll pay attention to me!" This has happened on moving day, holidays, and other times her family is very busy.
Pat P.


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