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I really want to own a Pomeranian puppy.However if I do get...

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Question by Lilia
Submitted on 2/17/2004
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I really want to own a Pomeranian puppy.However if I do get one I can only spend 2 weeks with him without going to school( on my school break,I have to get him on the last 2 weeks of summer break) Since I am going to be in the 8th grade I will have to be at school about 7 hours a day and my mom works about 9 hours a day so the puppy will be alone at home for 7 hours a day starting when he is about 3 monthes old. Is this ok??? I was thinking to buy a play pen and leave the puppy in their when I am at school( of course he will have food,water, his puppy pad where he can eliminate, his crate, and toys). Please help me if you can

Answer by puppieslovablemom
Submitted on 12/19/2004
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i don't think this is a good idea due to your time with the puppy. your puppy may start to feel alone and find a way out of the play pen; then destroy your house. (trust me it happened to me, my puppy even broke the window to find a play mate) then when she was old enough to get pregnant she broke the window again and then came home pregnant one day) i was very unhappy. would hate for this to happen to you. sorry for the depressing news, but i don't tell people what they want to hear; i tell them the truth. well i hope you can find a better way to have a puppy>>>> GOOD LUCK!!!!!


Answer by AJkate
Submitted on 7/8/2005
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To answer your question I'd say no, in less you get him over the summer. The reason is puppies especially Pomeranian puppies need your time and Pomeranian hate to be alone!

I think you should get an older puppy, one that does need so much of your time. At that age it find to be left at home by itself. But it would make it easier on the dog if you had a cat or another dog he could play with. Do you own any cats or dogs?

I think though your decision to get a Pomeranian is a wise one. I own a Pomeranian, his name is Toby he's two and beautiful black and tan Pomeranian. I keep him well groomed for show and I'm always getting compliment on him.  Pomeranians are intelligent little dogs that love to please you. My Pom for example has gotten 1st plenty of time in obedience, and let me tell you that dumb dogs don't place first in obedience. Pomeranian are also loyal companion, and they love just to have your company. They are also a lot of fun, Toby my Pom loves to play tug-of-war, chase, and fetch.  

I wish you luck with your new Pomeranian. They are great dogs, and I think with some grooming,training, and a lot of love you'll find a perfect dog.


Answer by Samantha
Submitted on 7/12/2005
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Hello Lilia,

I am a recent owner of a 12 week old Pomeranian. I understand the desire for a Pom because I had one for years but its a huge responsibility. You have to be able to feed them 3 to 4 times a day every 3 to 4 hours and then allow them to eliminate which they do not like to do in the same area they sleep in. A playpen would not be large enough for all of this to take place. Because they are smaller breeds they tend to suffer from low sugar levels and you have to give them a sugar supplement as soon as you witness signs of a possible attack if not the results could be fatal. Your vet can tell you what to look for but one example is sudden slow movement. My fear for you is 7 to 8 hours unsupervised is way too long when an attack can occur in a moments notice. I do not want to discourage you from buying a Pom because it is one of the best joys in the world owning one but you really have to treat them like a newborn baby and dedicate all your time and energy into raising them. I think it might be to much of a responsibility so you might want to reconsider for now. Not to mention it is extremely expensive at times. I have only had my little girl for one month and have already spent $382 for emergency vet visit. This just might be too much for someone your age. If you do decide to go ahead and purchase your Pom maybe wait until next summer when you can be home all day for the first few months and get your puppy used to a routine. Try leaving your Pom in short increments working your way up to the normal amount of time that you will have to leave the puppy for longer once school starts. Remember puppies are just like us routine helps us function properly. Good Luck! and make sure to get your Pom from a well established breeder or pet shop to avoid any other complications. I wish you all the best.


Answer by sam
Submitted on 8/13/2005
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hi as the puppy will be on its own for such a long time i dont think it is fair or right to leave such a young small dog on its own i think if you got one its very wrong  


Answer by ljsmilf19
Submitted on 10/24/2005
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i think in my view thats it s a bad idea.... u only have 2 weeks with the dog... being lock up like that will only make him depressed and lonely. wait tell u have more time 2 spend with a dog... i don't think your ready


Answer by Mea
Submitted on 8/7/2006
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Ricky is right in some matter.
You could still get a puppy, but dont leave it in a pen all day. Maybe you could get a baby gate. (you know that ones that blocks off acsess to other rooms?) You couls buy one of those if u dont already have one and put the puppy in a bathroom or something and just block the door off. But you would need to leave a radio or something in there on a low volume. Because did you know that if dogs are without sound for to long they can develope era problems and possibly even go deph?
Yeah. Wow.
So you need to leave a radio and enough water for the day and some food, along with a variety of toys, Like a squeaky toy, and a stuffed animal, and maybe even a ball. This pup is gonn be home alone for a while so you can keep him entertained eith these things. and of course a puppy pad, dont want any accedents. haha
Good luck to you.


Answer by iwannnapuppy2
Submitted on 3/20/2007
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I want a pomeranian 2 but my parents don't aprove.  anyway you should buy one in the summer when you have time to train and spend time with it. try and see if it can make it a long time without attention. if it can't the best thing would be to send it to a day care thing 4 dogs. good luck.


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