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What should i feed my 10 week old female? when i got her i...

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Question by Rmanduh
Submitted on 4/14/2004
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What should i feed my 10 week old female? when i got her i started giving her Eukanuba wet small breed puppy formula. i have also introducted to her the same brand but dry. she seems to like both. should i continue to give her wet or convert her to only eating the dry? i dont know what is best for her.

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 4/19/2004
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I personally feed only dry kibble.  Chihuahuas have tiny stomachs and large energy needs, especially puppies.  They can't eat much at a time, so they have to eat more often.  Wet food (canned) gives my girls the runs, so I avoid unless there's a reason they can't eat dry, such as having just had their teeth cleaned.  But even then, dry kibbles crushed and mixed with warm water does fine.  I highly recommend against moist (packet) foods, as they are kept moist by adding a lot of sugar, which a chihuahua doesn't need.

Both my females eat dry kibbles and have always had them available at all times, so they can eat when they're hungry.  Neither of them overate, in fact once they were full, they stopped by themselves and could barely be coaxed to take another bite.

Dry kibble is ideal for leaving out, but make sure that the bowl is emptied before putting more in, so that old stale kibble doesn't get left behind.  If it takes more than 2 days for her to empty her dish, put in less, and always each day rinse her water bowl and put in fresh water (wash both it and her food bowl weekly with warm soapy water).


Answer by Rmanduh
Submitted on 4/20/2004
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thanx for the advice regarding the dry food. i assume when i run out of the wet food i already have bought, i wont buy anymore. regarding leaving the food out continually. i was told (and also read in books and the internet) that chihuahuas have a tendency of gaining weight easily. to correct this i was told not to leave food out all the time, but rather to only feed several times a day. this was also suggested when i had questions about paper training my puppy. so i would know when she had a full belly and when she could be left to play freely. do you disagree with this idea of only feeding her three times a day? i do leave the water out for her all the time, but i pick it up about 7pm as to avoid accidents during the night. thanx in advance for your time.


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 4/21/2004
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It is true that chihuahuas can become overweight.  My experience is that this is usually due to too many treats given by owners and too much carrying around done by owners.  

Both my dogs do get a tiny taste a few times a week, but it's a piece of carrot or a raisin or peanut, not a slice of cheese or potato chips.  Commercial dog treats can be cut or broken up also, one Pupperoni stick is at least 10 treats, the same with biscuits or flavored morsels.  It's the quality of the treat that matters to the dog, not the quantity.

The same with exercise, chihuahuas need to burn off energy, especially puppies.  It's not good for them to be carried everywhere or to sit around for hours on end.  Both my girls play fetch, 'chase me chase me', find the hidden treat and etc.  They need to learn to walk on leash, just be careful not to make the walks too long, my larger starts to get a little tired after a mile or so.

Dry kibble has an advantage of being nutritious and tasty without being so yummy that they'll eat more just for the taste, as can be the case with wet food.  Think of kibbles as a healthy diet, wet or moist foods like fast food.  Which would most people eat more of if given the choice, a Big Mac and Fries followed by ice cream or a lean grilled patty, carrot sticks and a banana?  

I've found that letting them eat when they're hungry keeps them from gulping down as much as they can stuff in, they eat only until they're not hungry, because they know that if they want more later it will be there.  Since you feed several times a day, you can continue that, it's really your choice.  I do recommend that you continue multiple feedings daily even into adulthood, once a day just isn't sufficient when they burn so much energy, minimum twice a day please.

Since you are paper training, I suggest first thing in the morning, as soon as you get home, and about 1/2 hour before bedtime.  This gives them a chance to poop before you leave, again when you get home and lastly before bedtime.  If you can't always watch puppy, that's the safest, but you still might be surprised by liquid accidents without careful supervision.  You are right to keep the water dish available during the day, and do give her a chance for one last drink at the same time you give the last meal, about 1/2 hour before lights out.

I litter box trained, and found that they were very good about using their tray (of course they were in a confined bathroom so their options were limited).  They trained easily since they didn't have to hold it all day until I got home and could let them outside.  They stayed in the same room with me unless they were in their bathroom (when I was at work and at night), so I knew when they had eaten and could watch for accidents.  One of my favorite memories was playing chase the ball with Gremlin in the hallway, only to have her disappear into the bathroom and return a minute later.  She had suspended the game, done her business in the litter tray and returned to the game.  We had a party that night!


Answer by Katie
Submitted on 12/4/2004
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I have just bought a 10 week old puppy and am unsure on what breed of food to give her. The breeder has her dogs on Pedigree Chum, a local kennel who breeds labs has advised a dry food called burns and the vet has advised Hills. Am very confused and wonder if you have any suggestions??


Answer by New Owner
Submitted on 2/7/2005
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I have a question, is it a bad idea to potty train on wee-wee pads and out door?  Any advice on this subject?


Answer by FreeZeFreQ
Submitted on 1/18/2006
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"I highly recommend against moist (packet) foods, as they are kept moist by adding a lot of sugar, which a chihuahua doesn't need."

Oh really..We'll I was told that most Chihuahuas are hypoglycemic..a sugar deficiency. So I would highly recommend that if your going to give advice, give advice that's going to help. My local vet would flip on you. They tell me to give Paco a straight shot of honey a day! I mean you seem to know a lot, how could you not know something like that!


Answer by bambina
Submitted on 1/22/2007
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I HAVE A QUESTION. how much do you feed a chihuahua on a day. how many times? my female chihuahua is overweight and i need a good meal plan for her. please help


Answer by Rach C.
Submitted on 3/13/2007
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should i leave water for my 11 wk old puppy when i leave for work?


Answer by ladybluejeans
Submitted on 4/3/2007
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how old should a puppy be before beginning to feed puppy food?


Answer by bri
Submitted on 6/15/2007
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Raisins and grapes are toxic to dogs.


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