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My chi is now almost 9 months old and looks very much like a...

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Question by tenkeyer@charter.net
Submitted on 8/12/2003
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My chi is now almost 9 months old and looks very much like a min pin--I thought chis were supposed to be short.  Abby stands about 12" and is over 8lbs.  Is this usual or did we get a mixed breed?

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 8/13/2003
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Your puppy is likely still a full chihuahua, 9 pounds is still OK, although between 3 and 6 pounds is the limit for show dogs.

My 5 pounder looks like a miniature pinscher, except she is shorter and more stockily built and has some white on her paws, tummy and neck.  Lots of people mistake her for a pinscher or doberman puppy.

There are lots of different colors of chihuahua, the combination of black and tan is popular in Mexico, the solid colors, especially fawn, are popular in the US.  I have one of each and couldn't care less what color they are.

There is a very good chihuahua website which I can't remember the URL for right now.  But if you enter chihuahua chicken and poo (yes, poo as in poo poo) into a search engine one of the first items to come up should be Chihuahua Friends.  They have lots of pictures, another source is The Chihuahua Handbook, best book on chihuahuas I own.  Beverly Pisano also has a book called Chihuahuas, it's great for pictures but after page 25 the text is worthless as far as chihuahuas go (you should be able to get either of these from your public library).


Answer by april
Submitted on 7/28/2005
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ok i have a chi and she looks a lot like a min. pin. she has long legs and a long neck her coat also looks a lot like a min pin. when we bought her we thought we were told that she was a full breed but the papers say that she is unregistered. how can we tell for sure what breed she is. please email me at babyape91@yahoo.com. thanks you.


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