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Our male Jack Russell is 9 months old. A few months ago he...

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Question by Chandler
Submitted on 11/21/2003
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Our male Jack Russell is 9 months old.  A few months ago he started getting viciously protective over any natural bones we give him to the point where we are scared.  He's also done this with other food he's gotten off the counter (as you know, they can jump).  He turns into a dog we don't recognize, charges us with teeth barred and growling, but hasn't bitten.  We grab him by the scruff of the neck and give him a time out in the kennel (he hates this becuase he's so social).  The behavior disappears for a while then returns.  We can never predict when the bahavior will return and aren't sure if he will start acting this way over favorite toys, etc.  Otherwise he is very loving/playful toward the family.  He's not the alpha, hasn't been to formal training, but obeys the sit and no bark command and drop(toys only, not food).  Any ideas how to stop this behavior for good.  

Answer by Olson
Submitted on 11/22/2003
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  Try "grounding" your dog for awhile. He gets absolutely NO attention until he earns it. That means before he's fed, walked, shown affection, or any type of attention he must work for it by sitting, lying down, etc...  It is great reinforcement for training and gives quite an adjustment to a dogs perception of their place in the "pack".  My cocker spaniel turned into a different dog every time my husband left to go out of town, he actually bit me twice before I tried grounding him.  It worked like a charm.


Answer by bumcheek
Submitted on 3/9/2005
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u should take a poop and let your dog sniff it until he can sniff no more then he will realize that he is being wierd and stop when you yell POOOOOOOO!he will listen right away and he will stay like that for the rest of his life.


Answer by Schwartz's Mom
Submitted on 11/14/2005
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The reason he hasn't bitten, is because he knows better. He's not being vicious, he's being a Male Jack Russell, your first error is in letting him know you are scared of him when he does this. YOU CAN NEVER LET THE JACK RUSSELL THINK HE'S GOT THE UPPER HAND!! Jack Russell's are like no other breed of dog. They reason like humans, and once he's past a year old his behavior will mellow, providing you don't let him have the upper hand. Important too, is to not use the crate as a punishment but rather a place for him to feel is his own, and a comfort zone, where he can go to chill. I have a 2 year old male, that I rescued when he was 6 months old, his first 6 months weren't easy ones, and he's a rough and tumble kind of guy, I can invoke the same behaviour you're describing with just a gesture of the hand, or a word whispered in his ear.......and he turns into the Tasmanian Devil.........it's not that we encourage the behavior, but he knows when it's time to play, and when it's time to listen. Oh yeah, and now would be a good time to develop a very stern voice, don't beg him to do anything, demand it, and make him listen to you.....Jack Russell's are sooooo smart, they pick up on things really quickly.....they need plenty to keep them busy, toys, running around, hunting lizards, etc.......Don't let the rough exterior fool you, it's all fluff underneath. Make the Jack Russell respect you, and you'll have a funny, charming, loving companion for life........


Answer by Kokilin
Submitted on 5/17/2007
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Our Jack Russell is 7 years old and he is very social and loving, but as soon as he sees a Toy, or anything that has a shape of a toy (shoes, towels, socks, pretty much everything on the floor) he transforms into a rebellious dog and ignores any command given and we cannot control him and if we get near he starts showing his tees and growl.  We don't know what to do?


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