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I enjoy punk and while I do not consider myself a straight...

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Question by jabele
Submitted on 1/29/2004
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I enjoy punk and while I do not consider myself a straight edger I highly support the basic idea of sxe, which, as far as I can tell, is the preservation of mind and body.  My question is:  How does "hardcore dancing" support sxe?  Does it?  I see this form of self-expression almost dangerous to one's health.  Fear of injury is the main reason I do not attend very many shows.  How can being injured or injuring others contribute to a philosophy of keeping oneself healthy?  Or have I got the philosophy wrong?  How far is too far when it comes to plowing people over at concerts?

Answer by Jo
Submitted on 2/4/2004
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Punk is one of my favorites, although I'm not a sXe i respect all who are. sXe or straight edge is mainly saying no to drugs and alcohol. I don't think joining a mosh-pit or crowd surfing at a concert really supports sxe. I have never really thought about it that way but avoiding concerts isn't part of the Sxe commitment. I have been to many concerts and i have never been really injured. The crowd may look like a death pit from the stands but truly it really isn't that crazy. Concerts are just so we can have fun even if you're a sXe.


Answer by Straight Edge boi
Submitted on 5/19/2004
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hey, sXe is about being "pure" or "clean".injuring your self a little is nothing.the thing is tat u have to be clean on the inside. anyway hardcore dancing releases stress and is fun. releasing stress is healthy. but dun over do it......


Answer by sXeJunk
Submitted on 7/6/2004
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hi, hardcore dancing is not all about injuring people. its all about the art of the dance. lots of people don't understand that, they think pits are all about knocking people down and stuff.


Answer by Cerebralinfection
Submitted on 2/17/2005
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i live in a town where punk and hardcore kids are pretty well segragated, i hang out on both sides because i refuse to circle pit but im sick of gettin hit in the face. Ive heard every possible question about being sXe and yours is a very common one. bottem line is most of these hardcore kids dont even know what it is anymore when it came out as a song it wasnt even about sex drugs and alcohol, and im sure yoiu knew that. but most of these kids who say thier sXe and have the xXx on thier jackets dont even really know it anymore, they bash eachothers faces in because they dont care that straight edge is about respecting your body. im not bagging on the hardcore kids and i hate people who do i dance i fight im in there with the rest of the guys at the hardcore shows but really most of them dont know what it means.


Answer by Frin
Submitted on 5/10/2005
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Straight edge is a very dedicated way of life that involves for the most part the choice to abstain. The movement started way back when, but it's hard to say exactly when it was started. Some say that it was started in the early days when Ian McKay and his minor threat cohorts were touring and the bouncers at clubs used to put "x" on the underage kids’ hands because couldn't drink, when you went up to the bar at the all ages gigs you had to show them you hand to prove you were old enough. So when they went out they'd put the "x" on themselves as a kind of statement that they didn't need to drink to enjoy themselves. It's a topic of hot debate in many circles, and I dare say that without reading a great deal on it you're never really going to know where it originated. People will always label themselves as something because everyone - like it or not - wants to fit in somewhere in life. I don't drink, do drugs, smoke or any such thing, and I am not straight edge. I stand by anyone who wants to make ANY choice regarding their own life: as long as your choices aren't effecting those around you, that is fine. As far as I am concerned discrimination is a condemnable offence under any circumstances, and just because someone else decides that they want to 'party' so to speak, and drink, smoke, do whatever, that is their choice and you should leave them to it. I have friends that do all these things; it doesn't make them any less human than I am. Everyone deserves a fair chance in life; just remember you're not here to make decisions for other people, if they fall, help them up. If they screw up, help them to learn where they went wrong and how they can avoid it in the future. I used to be a heavy drinker, so I'm speaking from experience. It is better when someone who is firm in their beliefs helps you to get back on your feet than telling you how wrong you are for your decisions. Drinking was ruining my life and some of my closest straight edge friends HELPED me out of it, they didn't guilt trip me into quitting. As for all my other friends, 80% of them have been supportive, and the other 20% weren't worth keeping. The same goes for anyone, if you aren't willing to be there for people, you're not worth listening to when you're commenting on their life choices.

Whatever you do, stay true to your beliefs, because when friends fail they're all you have to keep you alive.


Answer by Frin
Submitted on 5/10/2005
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Ooops, I didn't answer your question and I also missed some stuff out. Basically Minor Threat ect saw how destructive the ‘punk scene’ was and that was also a contributing factor in their decision to ‘pioneer sXe’. Because sXe was developed in the punk/hardcore scene it stayed there. So by being sXe no there is no requirement to go to gigs and ‘hardcore dance’ but that’s where it came from and that where it is... Hardcore dancing is not about hurting other people, as “sXeJunk” said, it’s about venting anger and sadness ect. If you don’t want to get hurt in the pit, don’t go into it. You can enjoy the music in anyway you want if that’s hardcore dancing, moshing (slam dancing), stage diving, in the front singing along, or standing up the back in a corner, it’s up to you. Just have fun and hold tight to your beliefs.


Answer by imsohxcevenmycarbreaksdown
Submitted on 1/3/2006
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Hardcore Dancing is more about show and not so much about hitting people. It sort of is an art I suppose.. but I wouldnt go that far. Push Moshing is the deadly kind. Hardcore Dancing just looks flashy


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